Telecom bills moving quickly with broad support

Posted by Dave Berry
By Ben Kleine

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Two weeks ago, Ewell Lawson, Manager of Government Operations for the Missouri Association of Municipal Utilities was the most vocal opponent of SB 650 and 653, sponsored by Sen. Brad Lager, R-Savannah. He was singing a different tune in the House Utilities hearing for the bills on Thursday.

“653 has come a long way,” Lawson said.

“I’m glad to hear the Kumbaya,” Committee Chair Rep. Doug Funderburk said.

SB 649, 650, 651, 652, and 653 passed out of the House Utilities Committee on Monday. SB 653 received an amendment proposed by Rep. Holly Rehder, R-Sikeston, which added in prior and exclusively to one section. Ewell said the addition of that language allowed attachments to proceed during a rate dispute. The only bill that received a no vote on Monday was SB 650.

Source: The Missouri Times

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