David Jackson Discusses Transportation Issues in Missouri on KMOX

Earlier this week, David Jackson, Managing Partner of the Gate Way Group, is featured on KMOX with host Mark Reardon. Jackson highlights the problems facing Missour’s infrastructure and the status of Missouri’s roads and bridges. Among possible solutions, Jackson mentions a Public-Private Partnership and points to conservative states predominately on the east coast that have[…]

Mo. House backs income tax cut plan

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — The Missouri House has endorsed legislation cutting income taxes for businesses.

The bill given initial approval Wednesday in the Republican-led chamber would phase in a 50 percent deduction for business income reported on individual tax returns. It also would gradually cut Missouri’s corporate income tax rate to 3.125 percent from the current 6.25 percent.

Republican supporters contend that a tax cut for businesses could help spur the economy.
But Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon objects to the proposed business tax cut. He says he only would support an individual income tax cut, and then only if various conditions are met to protect funding for public schools.

The House gave first-round approval to the bill on a 104-48 party-line vote. A second vote is needed to send it to the Senate.

Dispute on taxes looms again in Jefferson City

Rep. T.J. Berry cut to the chase: Gov. Jay Nixon is a hypocrite.

A snowstorm had sent staff home from the Capitol this past Tuesday, but Berry remained in his office. The real storm — the one between him and the governor over taxes — is still coming.

The Kearney Republican sponsored House Bill 253 last year. The divisive tax-cut legislation was passed by the General Assembly in the spring but vetoed by Nixon, sparki