Legislative Update: Oral Chemotherapy Bill signed by the Governor

A coalition of health care providers, pharmaceutical companies, and patient organizations picked up momentum this week in an attempt to make Missouri the 28th state to require insurance coverage parity of both oral and intravenous cancer treatments. The American Legislative Exchange Council hosted members of the Missouri General Assembly, special guests, and other key stakeholders at the Capitol on Tuesday to discuss national

#goMO: This Week’s Top 10 Social Media Posts in Missouri Politics

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As a result of rapid advancements in technology, everyone and everything is on the go around the clock. Issues are moving faster and opposition is always powered on, ultimately changing the way state and federal legislators, lobbyists, and special interest groups advocate on a daily basis.

As you may know, Wednesday is often times the busiest day in the state legislature and a pivotal point when momentum can be either gained or lost. Each Wednesday during the 2014 legislative session, the Gate Way Group (@GWLobbyist) will list the top #goMO social media posts for a quick look at who and what is on the move in Missouri.

Missouri Debates Rules Covering Pill-Based Chemo

JEFFERSON CITY — There’s little debate over the advantages of treating cancer with a pill compared to intravenously.

Conventional IV chemotherapy comes with a litany of side effects, often kills healthy cells along with cancer and must be administered in a medical facility. Oral chemotherapy, by contrast, has fewer and less severe side effects and can be taken at home.

How much that pill should cost is a different matter altogether.

Lawmakers are considering legislation making Missouri the 28th state to bar insurance companies from charging higher co-payments and deductibles for chemotherapy medication taken in pill form.