STL Gazelle Magazine Recognizes Pelopidas Communications Director as one of the St. Louis Women Who Inspire


Communication requires a lot of things. You need to be able to write, know your target audience and project goals, and you have to be personable and know how media works in your proposed market.

As someone whose training and experience includes a master’s of fine arts fiction from the prestigious Iowa Writers Workshop and running her own media organization for eight years – not to mention stints in publishing and print news – Brooke Foster is schooled in a myriad of media mediums. The 36-year-old is the director of communications at Pelopidas, a communications and political advocacy company, and also directs communications for Pelopidas client, Better Together, an organization focused on how the many local governments in St. Louis City and County function – and how things can be improved.

“It’s not a nine to five, it’s an all-the-time,” Brooke said of managing the company’s corporate communications, which includes creating strategic media plans for political campaigns, producing a weekly public affairs television show, and most recently, acting as editor for Pelopidas’ two news-style magazine websites. After recent national news events in Ferguson, Missouri, her work with Better Together also ramped up. “We received calls from The New York Times, CNN, The Atlantic, and the BBC, looking for additional data and information about St. Louis,” she said. “My day is never the same, but that’s part of why I love it, part of why I would never thing of leaving because I get to have a different day every day.”

The Dallas native and Rhodes College alum came to St. Louis on a whim about a decade ago. Her then-boyfriend received a fellowship that allowed them to live anywhere in the country – and, having come to town for a few visits during their grad school days (and liking it), decided to move to St. Louis. She worked as an editor with The Riverfront Times, and later moved to account executive with Common Ground Public Relations in Chesterfield, and from there, landed with Pelopidas – all while running her own media firm, Illumine Communications, until 2009.

“It definitely has been quite a path. I started out wanting to be a novelist, and then I realized that I also wanted to have the ability to put food on the table, so I got more into the editing side and then I really liked the PR side,” Brooke said. “Writing creatively has taken a backseat, but it’s not something that I am upset or resentful about because I find that in my own career, I’m able to do a lot of writing.”

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Source: Gazelle Magazine