Secretary Clinton: Oppose Amendment 69, The “Leave Work in Colorado” Plan

Last week, Secretary Hillary Clinton detailed her economic plans for America. Part of that speech included that she will defend and improve the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Hillary said that for her, “that includes giving Americans, in every state, a choice of a public option health insurance plan that will help everybody afford coverage, it will strengthen competition, and drive down costs.” Given her past experience and history with how the Affordable Care Act has played out in states, America has a right to expect her leadership before one of her most important battlegrounds state votes this fall: Colorado.

This November, Amendment 69 will be on the Colorado ballot during the same day as Secretary Clinton. Last year, Hillary implied in a speech in Boulder, CO that “states can help lead the way [on some kind of affordable health plan].” However, Colorado Amendment 69 (often called ColoradoCare) contains none of the goals now in her “Make It in America” proposal. That is precisely why she should speak out clearly against Amendment 69 now before the rest of Americans learn about this job killing idea.

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Source: Forbes