REGULATORY UPDATE: Department of Public Safety

Posted by Dave Berry

Subject: Identification Badge Requirement 

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Gate Way Group Contact: Deanna Hemphill
STATE DEPARTMENT:  Missouri Department of Public Safety  
Division: 45Missouri Gaming Commission
Chapter: 4-Licenses
Action:  Proposed Amendment

11 CSR 45-4.410 Identification Badge Requirements

11 CSR 45-4.410 is amended to clarify the requirement for the badge to be surrendered to the property that issued the identification badge, updates the classification designation in section (3), and updates terminology for Class B licensees.  The language being proposed is as follows with new language in bold and deleted language in brackets:

(1) All employees and occupational licensees [other than key person/ key person business entity licensees] shall at all times while performing the functions of their positions display on their person in a clearly visible manner a valid, riverboat-issued, casino access badge, unless a waiver has been granted in writing for a particular job function.  No casino access badge granting access to any riverboat gaming operation may be held by any person unless that person is an employee of the Class B licensee and has been authorized for such access by the [Class A or] Class B applicant or licensee of the riverboat gaming operation for which the badge is to be issued.  Each [Class A or] Class B applicant or licensee must notify the commission that such authorization has been granted before any identification badge may be issued to the person.  Each [Class A or] Class B applicant or licensee must notify the commission within ten (10) days if any such authorization has been revoked.  General Managers, other key person licensees, and internal auditors who are employees of the Class A licensee may also be granted casino access badges.     All other employees of the Class A licensee must obtain and display a visitor badge while performing the functions of their positions at the riverboat gaming operation.

(3) Casino access badges are not transferable and upon resignation or termination of employment, [an identification] the access badge must be returned by the occupational licensee to the holder of a Class [A] B license [or to the commission.  If returned to the holder of a Class A license, the holder must then return the badge to the commission]. 

PUBLIC COST:  This proposed amendment will not cost state agencies or political subdivisions more than five hundred dollars ($500) in the aggregate. 

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING AND NOTICE TO SUBMIT COMMENTS:  Anyone may file a statement in support of or in opposition to this proposed amendment with the Missouri Gaming Commission, PO Box 1847, Jefferson City, MO 65102.  To be considered, comments must be received within thirty (30) days after publication of this notice in the Missouri Register.  A public hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, March 12, 2014, at 10:00 a.m., in the Missouri Gaming Commission’s Hearing Room, 3417 Knipp Drive, Jefferson City, Missouri.