REGULATORY UPDATE: Department of Public Safety

Posted by Dave Berry

Subject: Application Period and Fees for Class A and Class B Licenses 

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Gate Way Group Contact: Deanna Hemphill
STATE DEPARTMENT:  Missouri Department of Public Safety  
Division: 45Missouri Gaming Commission
Chapter: 4-Licenses
Action:  Proposed Amendment

11 CSR 45-4.055 Application Period and Fees for Class A and Class B Licenses

11 CSR 45-4.055 updates the terminology for “key business entity.”

(1) The one (1)-time nonrefundable application fee for a Class A license shall be the greater of a) fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) or b) fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000) per key person/key [person] business entity not licensed as a key person/key [person] business entity or under investigation for a license as a key person/key [person] business entity at the time of application, or a greater amount as determined by the commission.  The applicant or licensee shall be assessed fees, if any, to cover the additional costs of the investigation.  The proposed regulation was filed December 5, 2013. 

PUBLIC COST: This proposed amendment will not cost state agencies or political subdivisions more than five hundred dollars ($500) in the aggregate.

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING AND NOTICE TO SUBMIT COMMENTS:  Anyone may file a statement in support of or in opposition to this proposed amendment with the Missouri Gaming Commission, PO Box 1847, Jefferson City, MO 65102. To be considered, comments must be received within thirty (30) days after publication of this notice in the Missouri Register. A public hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, March 12, 2014, at 10:00 a.m., in the Missouri Gaming Commission’s Hearing Room, 3417 Knipp Drive, Jefferson City, Missouri.