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timjonesDirector of Political Communications, First Rule

Tim Jones led the Missouri House of Representatives as Speaker of the House, having been unanimously elected twice to that role. He has a unique combination of experience as an accomplished manager and legislator with national connections, as an attorney with an active law practice, as a longstanding Board Member and Chair of the Government Affairs Committee for the Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce, as former President of the Board of Aldermen for the City of Eureka, and as a former Prosecuting Attorney for the State of New York.

As Speaker, Tim led the way for passage of major pro-business, pro-jobs reforms including the state’s first income tax reform and reduction in nearly one hundred years. Tim marshalled through historic reforms that salvaged the state’s workers’ compensation and unemployment compensation systems and overhauled the state’s criminal code for the first time in over 40 years.

Tim sponsored, co-sponsored, and spearheaded significant judicial system and tort reforms through the House as well as historic reforms in the areas of health care, insurance, telecom, labor law, intellectual property/patent law, and privacy rights. Tim strengthened laws in support of governmental transparency and accountability, streamlined and simplified major processes in the judiciary, reduced taxation across the board for multiple industries, and expanded scrutiny and oversight of the state’s $27 billion budget.

As a practicing attorney of over 17 years, Tim has distinguished himself as a fearless and successful litigator as a prosecuting attorney; he also further established his legal credentials in private practice, representing individuals and businesses in a variety of matters including business law and litigation, real estate, employment law, tax appeals, government/municipal law, and regulatory matters. At his firm, Tim has taken on ever-increasing management roles and responsibilities in the areas of human resources, marketing, technology, and major financial decisions.