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LauraReeves-300x350Laura brings a comprehensive understanding of corporate strategy, non-profit compliance, and legal insights to the Gate Way Group. She has a law degree from St. Louis University and an accounting degree from University of Missouri-Columbia. Laura previously worked at Anheuser- Busch Companies for over 23 years and was an executive officer of the company as well as Vice Chairman of Charitable Contributions. Under her guidance, Anheuser-Busch made investments of $36 MM annually in communities across the country. In addition, she was responsible for SEC , NYSE and corporate compliance, executive compensation, corporate governance, and beverage licensing. Laura has served on the Board of over 16 non-profit organizations and has extensive experience in non-profit governance and management. After leaving Anheuser-Busch and prior to joining Pelopidas, LLC in 2013, she handled the start- up and operation of a non-profit for over two years as its Chief Operating Officer.