Poll: NYC Voters Oppose Move to Limit Uber

A new poll shows New York City voters generally oppose a proposal to cap the number of cars Uber can operate, with a wide majority believing elected officials were motivated by donations from the rival taxi industry, not the city’s best interests.

Sixty-five percent of voters surveyed for a new Quinnipiac University poll said that they believed that large donations from the yellow cab industry had led elected officials to propose the cap. Eighteen percent said they believed the officials had done so because they thought it was in the best interest of the city.

The poll indicates that a majority of voters agreed with Uber, who argued during a recent dust-up over the proposal that campaign donations were motivating Mayor Bill de Blasio’s support for the cap. His administration ultimately decided to abandon the cap proposal after Uber mobilized users and drivers against the plan.
The Quinnipiac Poll found that voters are generally opposed to the cap and doubtful of de Blasio’s argument that it would reduce traffic. Forty-seven percent of voters were opposed to the cap, while 40 percent favored it. A majority — 53 percent — said they believed it would not reduce traffic. Thirty-four percent said they thought it would.

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Source: The Hill