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All information on this page has been obtained from the Missouri Ethics Commission.
Pelopidas cannot provide any additonal information about the people or companies listed on this page.

Changes in the last 90 days

Missouri Registered Lobbyists Tweets

The Gate Way Group is the lobbying as association management division of Pelopidas, LLC. All lobbyist and campaign finance updates are identical to those previously displayed on @pelopidas and www.pelopidas.com.

Changes on: 04/22/2019
Jeremy LaFaverAddedMissouri Pork Association
Salvatore PanettiereAddedMissouri Pork Association
Changes on: 04/19/2019
Jacqueline ClarkAddedHolcim, Inc.
Jacqueline ClarkAddedAggregate Industries Management, Inc.
Candice DoengesAddedLance Griffith
Tony DuggerAddedMissouri Cattlemens Association
James FoleyAddedMissouri Cattlemens Association
Andrew FoleyAddedMissouri Cattlemens Association
Changes on: 04/17/2019
George 'Cannevangelist TM' Everett BiswellAddedGeorge E Biswell
Rodney D GrayAddedNola Education, LLC
Tami J HollidayAddedNola Education, LLC
Nicole LuckeyAddedInvenergy
Susan Henderson MooreAddedNola Education, LLC
Ian WrobelAddedIan Wrobel
Changes on: 04/16/2019
Rodney BoydAddedUS Capital Development
Kate CasasAddedUS Capital Development
Brian GraceAddedUS Capital Development
Kelvin SimmonsAddedUS Capital Development
Changes on: 04/15/2019
John E BardgettAddedTellus Health Corp.
John E BardgettAddedGregory Germano
Jacqueline BardgettAddedTellus Health Corp.
Jacqueline BardgettAddedGregory Germano
Michael GroteAddedIndependent Colleges & Universities of Missouri
Erika LeonardAddedTellus Health Corp.
Erika LeonardAddedGregory Germano
Christopher 'Chris' RoepeAddedTellus Health Corp.
Christopher 'Chris' RoepeAddedGregory Germano
Henrio ThelemaqueAddedIndependent Colleges & Universities of Missouri
Michael G WinterAddedIndependent Colleges & Universities of Missouri
Michael G WinterAddedIndependent Colleges and Universities of Missouri
Changes on: 04/14/2019
Eapen ThampyAddedStudents for Cannabis Agriculture
Changes on: 04/13/2019
Elizabeth LauberAddedWings of Hope
Eapen ThampyAddedUMKC Young Americans for Freedom
Changes on: 04/12/2019
Jeff DanielsonAddedAmerican Wind Energy Association
Shane KinneDeletedMissouri Corn Growers Association
Changes on: 04/11/2019
Christopher Scott HammannAddedGreat State Strategies, LLC
Dane Aaron HenningAddedLori Porter
Changes on: 04/10/2019
Aaron BakerAddedWinter Group
Hannah BeersAddedWinter Group
Alex Thomas EatonAddedShow Me Spin Gaming
Rebecca LohmannAddedShow Me Spin Gaming
Tom McMahonAddedAssociation for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International
Daniel PfeiferAddedShow Me Spin Gaming
Gregory 'Greg' D PorterAddedShow Me Spin Gaming
Thomas RobbinsAddedProtection Plus, LLC
Steven TilleyAddedProtection Plus, LLC
Trent WatsonAddedEDF Renewables
David WillisAddedShow Me Spin Gaming
Steven TilleyDeletedProtect Pluc, LLC
Kurt Spencer WittenauerDeletedRockwood Asset Management
Changes on: 04/09/2019
Tony DuggerAddedUnited Surety Agents of Missouri
John H. KilperAddedMastercard Incorporated
Megan McBrideAddedThe Kelley Group
Thomas RobbinsAddedGaming and Leisure Properties, Inc.
Steven TilleyAddedGaming and Leisure Properties, Inc.
Randy ScherrDeletedTradewind Energy, LLC
Changes on: 04/08/2019
Heath ClarkstonAddedAB46 Investments LLC
Kristin CzubkowskiAddedHigh Aspirations, Inc.
Doug NelsonAddedAB46 Investments LLC
Brian Todd RabineauAddedPort KC (Port Authority of Kansas City, Missouri)
Thomas RobbinsAddedRoot Weaver Missouri, LLC
Kurt SchaeferAddedAB46 Investments LLC
Steven TilleyAddedRoot Weaver Missouri, LLC
Changes on: 04/04/2019
Jim 'Jim' CooperAddedCasey's General Stores
Changes on: 04/03/2019
James FoleyAddedStrategic Compliance Solutions, LLC
Chris LieseAddedStrategic Compliance Solutions, LLC
Changes on: 04/02/2019
Jessica PetrieAddedDentaQuest, LLC
David WintonAddedDentaQuest, LLC
Changes on: 04/01/2019
Patrick R BrownAddedUnion Electric Co. DBA Amerenue, Ameren Services, Ameren Corp.
Jerry BurchAddedDonald Hermann on behalf of Missouri Son Inc
Jerry BurchAddedDonald Herman on behalf of Cryptic River Management
Lisa ChristieAddedDonald Hermann on behalf of Missouri Son Inc
Lisa ChristieAddedDonald Herman on behalf of Cryptic River Management
Trent FordAddedVSA Holdings
Caroline HooverAddedMissouri Association of Municipal Utilities
Caroline HooverAddedJackson County Legislature
Laurence JohnsonAddedCVS Health
John William PayneAddedMissouri Medical Marijuana Collective
Marco A TiptonAddedUnion Electric Co. DBA Amerenue, Ameren Services, Ameren Corp.
Paul D WagnerAddedCouncil on Public Higher Education
Tracey HannahDeletedCommunityAmerica Credit Union
Changes on: 03/31/2019
Charles Andy ArnoldAddedInvenergy
Charles Andy ArnoldDeletedMIssouri Licensed Beverage Retailers Association
Charles Andy ArnoldDeletedMissouri Beverage Retailers Association
Changes on: 03/29/2019
Aaron BakerAddedInvenergy
Hannah BeersAddedInvenergy
Jeffery BrooksAddedAutism Speaks, Inc.
Shannon CooperAddedIndependent Colleges & Universities of Missouri
William GambleAddedAutism Speaks, Inc.
Kathryn GambleAddedAutism Speaks, Inc.
Cynthia GambleAddedAutism Speaks, Inc.
David JacksonAddedAutism Speaks, Inc.
Samuel G. LickliderAddedMissouri Automobile Dealers Association
Jorgen SchlemeierAddedAutism Speaks, Inc.
Sarah SchlemeierAddedAutism Speaks, Inc.
Sarah ToppAddedAutism Speaks, Inc.
Olivia WilsonAddedAutism Speaks, Inc.
Jacqueline ClarkDeletedAsh Grove Cement Company, a CRH Company
Changes on: 03/28/2019
Eapen ThampyAddedGreat State Strategies LLC
Eapen ThampyDeletedHemp Haven
Eapen ThampyDeletedHemp Life
Changes on: 03/27/2019
Andrew 'Andy' BluntAddedProfessional Certification Coalition
Andrew 'Andy' BluntAddedMTC Truck Driver Training
Jonathan F. DaltonAddedPace-O-Matic
Jonathan F. DaltonAddedHealthy Crops, LLC
Jay ReichardAddedProfessional Certification Coalition
Jay ReichardAddedMTC Truck Driver Training
Robert 'Rob' Benjamin SchaafAddedShow Me Integrity
Alice Patricia ShoresAddedAAUW MO
Ginger SteinmetzAddedProfessional Certification Coalition
Ginger SteinmetzAddedMTC Truck Driver Training
Changes on: 03/26/2019
Jeffrey AltmannAddedThe Elster Law Office
Jacqueline BardgettAddedIndependent Colleges & Universities of Missouri
James HarrisAddedMissouri Alliance of Professional Bail Bond Agents
David LintonAddedJefferson County Public Sewer District
Changes on: 03/25/2019
Aaron BakerAddedMissouri Physical Therapy Assoc
Hannah BeersAddedMissouri Physical Therapy Assoc
Adam SachsAddedAccenture LLP
Adam SachsAddedWorkday
Changes on: 03/21/2019
Brad GalbraithAddedExcellence In Education National, Inc., DBA Excellence In Education In Action
Changes on: 03/20/2019
Aaron BakerAddedRegulatory Consulting Group
Jacqueline BardgettAddedTreehouse LLC
John E BardgettAddedTreehouse LLC
Hannah BeersAddedRegulatory Consulting Group
Erika LeonardAddedTreehouse LLC
Christopher 'Chris' RoepeAddedTreehouse LLC
Jacqueline BardgettDeletedMcBride & Son Homes, Inc.
Changes on: 03/19/2019
Hannah BeersAddedIndependent Colleges & Universities of Missouri
Brent HemphillAddedIndependent Colleges & Universities of Missouri
Nikki StrongAddedIndependent Colleges & Universities of Missouri
Changes on: 03/18/2019
Richard Michael AuBuchonAddedIndependent Colleges & Universities of Missouri
Aaron BakerAddedIndependent Colleges & Universities of Missouri
Joseph 'Chip' D. SheppardAddedJoseph D. "Chip" Sheppard, III
Changes on: 03/15/2019
Thomas RobbinsAddedSwamp East Growers
Steven TilleyAddedSwamp East Growers
Changes on: 03/14/2019
Andrew 'Andy' BluntAddedAccenture LLP
Rodney R HubbardAddedKingdom Principles, Inc.
Jeremy LaFaverAddedIndependent Colleges & Universities of Missouri
David WintonAddedHome Dock Cities Association
David WintonDeletedCity of Riverside
Changes on: 03/13/2019
Jeffrey AltmannAddedKingdom Principles, Inc.
Jane E DuekerAddedKingdom Principles, Inc.
Alex Thomas EatonAddedAxis Medical
Michael R GibbonsAddedMunicipal League of Metro St. Louis
Shanon M HawkAddedKingdom Principles, Inc.
Ryan JohnsonAddedPeople United for Privacy
Samuel G. LickliderAddedKingdom Principles, Inc.
Rebecca LohmannAddedAxis Medical
Daniel PfeiferAddedAxis Medical
Gregory 'Greg' D PorterAddedAxis Medical
Virginia 'Virginia' Koenig ScattergoodAddedNorthrop Grumman
Mandy Elizabeth ScottAddedCharter Communications, Inc.
Tricia A WorkmanAddedMunicipal League of Metro St. Louis
Aaron BakerDeletedBeyond Organics, LLC
Hannah BeersDeletedBeyond Organics, LLC
Thomas RobbinsDeletedTriad Bank
David A. ShorrDeletedUniversity of Missouri - Columbia
Steven TilleyDeletedTriad Bank
Ann Monaco WarrenDeletedFuneral Directors Life Insurance Company
Mark Gilmer Rhodes WarrenDeletedFuneral Directors Life Insurance Company
Changes on: 03/12/2019
Brian BernskoetterAddedKingdom Principles, Inc.
Jeffery BrooksAddedAmerican Subcontractor Association of Greater Kansas City
Alex Thomas EatonAddedThe Parking Spot
Kathryn GambleAddedAmerican Subcontractor Association of Greater Kansas City
Cynthia GambleAddedAmerican Subcontractor Association of Greater Kansas City
William GambleAddedAmerican Subcontractor Association of Greater Kansas City
Tom HallAddedOrscheln Management Co.
David JacksonAddedAmerican Subcontractor Association of Greater Kansas City
Michael Sean KelleyAddedThe Kelley Group
Rebecca LohmannAddedThe Parking Spot
Daniel PfeiferAddedThe Parking Spot
Gregory 'Greg' D PorterAddedThe Parking Spot
Thomas RobbinsAddedThe Trinity Company, LLC
Thomas RobbinsAddedKingdom Principles, Inc.
Sarah SchlemeierAddedAmerican Subcontractor Association of Greater Kansas City
Jorgen SchlemeierAddedAmerican Subcontractor Association of Greater Kansas City
W 'Wes' Scott SwainAddedKingdom Principles, Inc.
Steven TilleyAddedThe Trinity Company, LLC
Sarah ToppAddedAmerican Subcontractor Association of Greater Kansas City
David WillisAddedThe Parking Spot
Olivia WilsonAddedAmerican Subcontractor Association of Greater Kansas City
Changes on: 03/11/2019
Alex Thomas EatonAddedGreen Clinics
Molly GillAddedFamilies Against Mandatory Minimums
Rebecca LohmannAddedGreen Clinics
Daniel PfeiferAddedGreen Clinics
Gregory 'Greg' D PorterAddedGreen Clinics
Changes on: 03/10/2019
Joe LakinAddedKingdom Principles, Inc.
Changes on: 03/08/2019
Dave BerryAddedKingdom Principles, Inc.
Travis Howard BrownAddedKingdom Principles, Inc.
Tom DempseyAddedKingdom Principles, Inc.
Brianne DouraAddedNational Council on Problem Gambling
Deanna Lynn HemphillAddedKingdom Principles, Inc.
Tracy KingAddedKingdom Principles, Inc.
Linda M MustoeAddedLinda M. Mustoe
Lynne SchlosserAddedKingdom Principles, Inc.
Kyna ImanDeletedKingdom Principles, Inc.
Kelvin SimmonsDeletedHickman Mills School District
Changes on: 03/07/2019
Zachary 'Zach' BrunnertAddedKingdom Principles, Inc.
Zachary 'Zach' BrunnertAddedInVivo Reclamation BioServices, Inc.
Mary ByrneAddedCooper Governmental Services
Shannon CooperAddedMunicipal League of Metro St. Louis
Cheryl Lynne DozierAddedKingdom Principles, Inc.
Francis 'Franc' E. FlotronAddedKingdom Principles, Inc.
Francis 'Franc' E. FlotronAddedInVivo Reclamation BioServices, Inc.
Nancy Lane GiddensAddedMunicipal League of Metro St. Louis
Kathryn HarnessAddedKingdom Principles, Inc.
James HarrisAddedKingdom Principles, Inc.
Janet HirschmanAddedKingdom Principles, Inc.
David McCrackenAddedKingdom Principles, Inc.
David McCrackenAddedInVivo Reclamation BioServices, Inc.
Richard McIntoshAddedInVivo Reclamation BioServices, Inc.
Charles PierceAddedMissouri Transportation & Development Council
Bill StoufferAddedInVivo Reclamation BioServices, Inc.
Bill StoufferAddedKingdom Principles, Inc.
Eapen ThampyAddedMissouri Hemp Association
Jason Matthew ZamkusAddedKingdom Principles, Inc.
Changes on: 03/06/2019
Cheryl Lynne DozierAddedFlotron & McIntosh
K. Andrew 'Drew' WeberDeletedWalls Street Realty, Inc. DBA Ancob Construction Inc.
K. Andrew 'Drew' WeberDeletedStone Chapel, LLC
K. Andrew 'Drew' WeberDeletedJRB Investments LLC
K. Andrew 'Drew' WeberDeleted1960 II, LLC
Changes on: 03/05/2019
Jeffrey AltmannAddedSteven R Carroll & Associates
Jeffrey AltmannAddedMissouri Grape and Wine Alliance
Jeffrey AltmannAddedXcaliber International, Ltd., LLC
Aaron BakerAddedCassville Chamber of Commerce
Hannah BeersAddedCassville Chamber of Commerce
Jeffery BrooksAddedFoster Care & Adoptive Care Coalition
Steven R CarrollAddedUniversal Gaming Group
Heath ClarkstonAddedKingdom Principles, Inc.
Kathryn GambleAddedFoster Care & Adoptive Care Coalition
Cynthia GambleAddedFoster Care & Adoptive Care Coalition
William GambleAddedFoster Care & Adoptive Care Coalition
David JacksonAddedFoster Care & Adoptive Care Coalition
Doug NelsonAddedKingdom Principles, Inc.
Thomas 'Tom' RaffetyAddedThomas Raffety
Kurt SchaeferAddedKingdom Principles, Inc.
Jorgen SchlemeierAddedFoster Care & Adoptive Care Coalition
Sarah SchlemeierAddedFoster Care & Adoptive Care Coalition
Steven TilleyAddedFair MO
Sarah ToppAddedFoster Care & Adoptive Care Coalition
Olivia WilsonAddedFoster Care & Adoptive Care Coalition
Changes on: 03/04/2019
Charles PierceAddedMissouri Workforce Housing Association
Thomas RobbinsAddedTBPKM, LLC
Thomas RobbinsAddedConcordance Academy of Leadership
Steven TilleyAddedTBPKM, LLC
Steven TilleyAddedConcordance Academy of Leadership
Changes on: 03/02/2019
David W SweeneyAddedAdvantes Development
David JacksonDeletedCity of Chesterfield
David JacksonDeletedCity of St. Charles
Changes on: 03/01/2019
Jeffrey AltmannAddedVicente Sederberg LLC
Dave BerryAddedAmazon
Andrew 'Andy' BluntAddedAutoreturn
Jeffery BrooksAddedConcordance Academy of Leadership
Travis Howard BrownAddedAmazon
Zachary 'Zach' BrunnertAddedFiltered, Inc.
Jonathan F. DaltonAddedNational Hockey League Players Association
Jonathan F. DaltonAddedMajor League Baseball Players Association
Jonathan F. DaltonAddedNational Basketball Association Players Association
Jonathan F. DaltonAddedMajor League Soccer Players Association
Jonathan F. DaltonAddedNational Football League Players Association
Tom DempseyAddedAmazon
Scott DieckhausAddedShow-Me Gaming, LLC
William GambleAddedConcordance Academy of Leadership
William GambleAddedCity of Chesterfield
Kathryn GambleAddedConcordance Academy of Leadership
William GambleAddedCity of St. Charles
Cynthia GambleAddedConcordance Academy of Leadership
Kathryn GambleAddedCity of Chesterfield
Cynthia GambleAddedCity of Chesterfield
Kathryn GambleAddedCity of St. Charles
Cynthia GambleAddedCity of St. Charles
Michael GroteAddedGateway Foundation
Michael GroteAddedMissouri Association of Rural Health Clinics
Michael GroteAddedPage Minder
Shanon M HawkAddedNational Hockey League Players Association
Shanon M HawkAddedMajor League Baseball Players Association
Shanon M HawkAddedNational Basketball Association Players Association
Shanon M HawkAddedMajor League Soccer Players Association
Shanon M HawkAddedNational Football League Players Association
Deanna Lynn HemphillAddedAmazon
David JacksonAddedAir Evac
David JacksonAddedConcordance Academy of Leadership
Scott Richard JensenAddedAmerican Federation For Children
Tracy KingAddedAmazon
Sonette T MagnusAddedJustice Grown
Jorgen SchlemeierAddedConcordance Academy of Leadership
Jorgen SchlemeierAddedEducation Direction
Sarah SchlemeierAddedConcordance Academy of Leadership
Sarah SchlemeierAddedCity of Chesterfield
Sarah SchlemeierAddedCity of St. Charles
Sarah SchlemeierAddedEducation Direction
David W SweeneyAddedJustice Grown
Sarah ToppAddedConcordance Academy of Leadership
Sarah ToppAddedEducation Direction
Casey Allen WasserAddedMissouri Hemp Producers Association
Olivia WilsonAddedConcordance Academy of Leadership
Olivia WilsonAddedCity of Chesterfield
Olivia WilsonAddedCity of St. Charles
William GambleDeletedMissouri Workforce Housing Association
Cynthia GambleDeletedMissouri Workforce Housing Association
Jeremy LaFaverDeletedBird Rides, Inc.
Sonette T MagnusDeletedBird Rides, Inc.
David W SweeneyDeletedBird Rides, Inc.
David W SweeneyDeletedAxon
Changes on: 02/28/2019
Jeffery BrooksAddedNRDC Action Fund, Inc.
Jeffery BrooksAddedEducation Direction
Jeffery BrooksAddedSaint Louis Zoo Association
James HarrisAddedKings Garden Midwest, LLC
Jewell PatekAddedMissouri Gaming Partners LLC
Jewell PatekAddedMissouri Alliance For Freedom
Jewell PatekAddedNIC Inc.
Bryan RoosaAddedGeneral Motors
Guy William BlackDeletedFiserv Solutions, Inc.
Guy William BlackDeletedSt. Charles Tower, Inc.
Jeffery BrooksDeletedMissouri Motion Media Association
Carol HudspethDeletedKansas City Regional Home Care Association
Carol HudspethDeletedMissouri Adult Day Services Association
Jewell PatekDeletedMissouri Republican Party
Jewell PatekDeletedGaming Partners International
Changes on: 02/27/2019
Matthew Dennis AlsagerAddedKinetic Solutions LLC
Richard McIntoshAddedKingdom Principles, Inc.
Dawn 'Dawn' NicklasAddedRobbins Consulting, LLC
Thomas RobbinsAddedG.J. Grewe Brokerage & Development
Steven TilleyAddedG.J. Grewe Brokerage & Development
Changes on: 02/26/2019
Colleen DaleyAddedInternet Association
Annette G DriverAddedDriver and Associates
Rodney HuckleberryAddedConvention of States Action
Changes on: 02/25/2019
Aaron BakerAddedEDF Renewables
Hannah BeersAddedEDF Renewables
Jeffery BrooksAddedRx Outreach
Jeffery BrooksAddedPaul Callicoat
Jeffery BrooksAddedEssentials In Education
Samantha DickeyAddedMissouri Department of Higher Education
Cynthia GambleAddedRx Outreach
Kathryn GambleAddedEssentials In Education
Cynthia GambleAddedPaul Callicoat
Kathryn GambleAddedMacquarie Infrastructure & Real Assets Inc.
William GambleAddedRx Outreach
Cynthia GambleAddedMacquarie Infrastructure & Real Assets Inc.
William GambleAddedPaul Callicoat
Kathryn GambleAddedRx Outreach
William GambleAddedEssentials In Education
Kathryn GambleAddedPaul Callicoat
William GambleAddedMacquarie Infrastructure & Real Assets Inc.
Charles PierceAddedCapital Sand Company Inc
Sarah SchlemeierAddedEssentials In Education
Jorgen SchlemeierAddedRx Outreach
Sarah SchlemeierAddedMacquarie Infrastructure & Real Assets Inc.
Jorgen SchlemeierAddedEssentials In Education
Sarah ToppAddedMacquarie Infrastructure & Real Assets Inc.
Sarah ToppAddedRx Outreach
Sarah ToppAddedPaul Callicoat
Sarah ToppAddedEssentials In Education
Olivia WilsonAddedPaul Callicoat
Olivia WilsonAddedEssentials In Education
Olivia WilsonAddedMacquarie Infrastructure & Real Assets Inc.
Olivia WilsonAddedRx Outreach
Changes on: 02/22/2019
Jonathon G.W. CallicoatAddedMoFarma21
Jonathon G.W. CallicoatAddedSarcoxie Nursery
Paul CallicoatAddedMoFarma21
Paul CallicoatAddedSarcoxie Nursery
Douglas W DavisAddedLon Jackson II
Benjamin W JonesAddedUnion Pacific Railroad
Ginger SteinmetzAddedClay County
Changes on: 02/21/2019
Ron 'Ronald' BerryAddedPrestige Transportation
Jeffery BrooksAddedNetflix c/o MultiState Associates Inc.
Wendy Lynn CallicoatAddedMoFarma21
Wendy Lynn CallicoatAddedSarcoxie Nursery
Marsha FischerAddedUniversity of Missouri System
William GambleAddedNetflix c/o MultiState Associates Inc.
Kathryn GambleAddedNetflix c/o MultiState Associates Inc.
Cynthia GambleAddedNetflix c/o MultiState Associates Inc.
James HarrisAddedAffordable Homes Development Inc.
Michael D HarroldAddedCigna Corporate Services LLC
David JacksonAddedNetflix c/o MultiState Associates Inc.
Sarah SchlemeierAddedNetflix c/o MultiState Associates Inc.
Jorgen SchlemeierAddedNetflix c/o MultiState Associates Inc.
Sarah ToppAddedNetflix c/o MultiState Associates Inc.
Olivia WilsonAddedNetflix c/o MultiState Associates Inc.
Jeffery BrooksDeletedAir Evac
Cynthia GambleDeletedAir Evac
Kathryn GambleDeletedAir Evac
William GambleDeletedAir Evac
James HarrisDeletedCarmichael & Neal, PC
Jorgen SchlemeierDeletedAir Evac
Sarah SchlemeierDeletedAir Evac
Sarah ToppDeletedAir Evac
Olivia WilsonDeletedAir Evac
Changes on: 02/20/2019
Brandon AlexanderAddedMissouri State Treasurer's Office
Ginger SteinmetzAddedAutoreturn
Ginger SteinmetzAddedCredit Acceptance Corporation
Changes on: 02/19/2019
Zachary 'Zach' BrunnertAddedCenter For Diagnostic Imaging
John BurchettAddedGoogle LLC and Its Affiliates
Francis 'Franc' E. FlotronAddedCenter For Diagnostic Imaging
David McCrackenAddedCenter For Diagnostic Imaging
Richard McIntoshAddedCenter For Diagnostic Imaging
Allyssa Marie MigetAddedMissouri Department of Economic Development
Allyssa Marie MigetAddedMissouri Department of Higher Education
Stephen NittlerAddedAmerican Heart Association
Colin WeaverAddedSecure Democracy
Merri BerryDeletedKenneth R Menges
Sonette T MagnusDeletedSt. Louis Circuit Attorney's Office
David W SweeneyDeletedSt. Louis Circuit Attorney's Office
Changes on: 02/18/2019
Austin WalkerAddedSt. Louis Regional Chamber
Changes on: 02/15/2019
Dale Richard LudwigAddedMissouri Hemp Association
Thomas RobbinsAddedFiltered, Inc.
Dwight ScharnhorstAddedThe Cavalry Group
Dwight ScharnhorstAddedMTTA
Sarah SchlemeierAddedRx Outreach
Sarah SchlemeierAddedPaul Callicoat
Steven TilleyAddedFiltered, Inc.
Casey Allen WasserAddedProperty Assessment Review c/o Strategic Capitol Consulting
Changes on: 02/14/2019
Cynthia GambleAddedEssentials In Education
Cynthia GambleAddedEducation Direction
Richard McIntoshAddedFiltered, Inc.
Ragan SappingtonAddedCognosante LLC
Gary WheelerAddedPaseo Cargill Energy LLC
Gary WheelerAddedBioFuels LLC
Gary WheelerAddedMissouri Soybean Association
Gary WheelerAddedBiodiesel Coalition of Missouri
Changes on: 02/13/2019
Ron BarnesAddedGoogle LLC and Its Affiliates
Guy William BlackAddedKings Garden Midwest, LLC
Heather Elizabeth CoilAddedAssociated Builders and Contractors
Christopher CrancerAddedCenter For Diagnostic Imaging
Thomas RobbinsAddedOPES Commercial Real Estate
Thomas RobbinsAddedRivian
Steven TilleyAddedOPES Commercial Real Estate
Changes on: 02/12/2019
Matthew Dennis AlsagerAddedCole County
Ron 'Ronald' BerryAddedJobs with Justice
Adam PeshekAddedExcellence In Education National, Inc., DBA Excellence In Education In Action
Liesl SheehanAddedProlacta Bioscience Inc
Elizabeth 'Liza' WeissAddedMissouri Appleseed
Changes on: 02/11/2019
Samuel 'Sam' HallemeierAddedCigna Corporate Services LLC
Changes on: 02/10/2019
Michael GroteAddedMissouri School Boards' Association
Nathan M. NickolausAddedCity of Peculiar
Changes on: 02/08/2019
Cliff DeGrootAddedBurton-Liese LLC
Changes on: 02/07/2019
Ron 'Ronald' BerryAddedSEIU Healthcare Missouri
John Arthur YoungAddedFischer & Frichtel Custom Homes LLC
Changes on: 02/06/2019
Dave BerryAddedSRG Global
Travis Howard BrownAddedSRG Global
Tom DempseyAddedSRG Global
Deanna Lynn HemphillAddedSRG Global
Tracy KingAddedSRG Global
Changes on: 02/05/2019
Richard Michael AuBuchonAddedAmerican Property Casualty Insurance Association (APCIA)
Richard S. BrownleeAddedRainbow Trout and Game Ranch, Inc.
Changes on: 02/02/2019
Thomas RobbinsAddedLSL Management, LLC
Steven TilleyAddedLSL Management, LLC
Changes on: 02/01/2019
Zachary 'Zach' BrunnertAddedWellSky Corporation
Dale Richard LudwigAddedMissouri Organic Assn.
Richard McIntoshAddedWellSky Corporation
Eapen ThampyAddedLinn County Seed and Flower, LLC
K. Andrew 'Drew' WeberAddedRobert and Kim Brinkmann
Changes on: 01/21/2019
K. Andrew 'Drew' WeberAddedImperial Catering Company, Inc
Changes on: 01/11/2019
David WillisAddedGreen Clinics
Changes on: 01/08/2019
Peter BarnesAddedAmerican Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers
Changes on: 01/01/2019
Richard S. BrownleeAddedCable ONE
Sherry L. DoctorianAddedMidwest Transplant Network
Cheryl Lynne DozierAddedGreater Kansas City Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Cruz Giovanni GaribayAddedFirst American Title Insurance Company, a Nebraska Corporation
William MarrsAddedNHC Reliant LLC
Noel TorpeyAddedPleasant Hill Fire Protection District
K. Andrew 'Drew' WeberDeletedPurpose Investments LLC
Changes on: 11/14/2018
David W SweeneyAddedGCFC LLC
Changes on: 08/01/2018
Charles 'Charlie' F. MillerAddedStreets of West Pryor, LLC
Changes on: 04/25/2018
Rodney R HubbardAddedColonial Management Group, LP
Changes on: 02/27/2018
Matthew Dennis AlsagerAddedKingdom Principles, Inc.
Changes on: 11/06/2017
Guy William BlackAddedNorthrop Grumman
Changes on: 02/16/2017
Jonathan F. DaltonAddedCastle Partners
Changes on: 01/05/2017
Rodney R HubbardAddedPolicy Solutions, LLC
Changes on: 02/12/2016
Rodney R HubbardAddedHarris-Stowe State University
Changes on: 01/01/2015
Dale Richard LudwigAddedProtect The Harvest
Changes on: 03/20/2014
George L. OestreichAddedRelias