Missouri Registered Lobbyists Tweets

The Gate Way Group is the lobbying as association management division of Pelopidas, LLC. All lobbyist and campaign finance updates are identical to those previously displayed on @pelopidas and www.pelopidas.com.

Changes on: 05/24/2019

Aaron BakerDeletedIndependent Colleges & Universities of Missouri
Aaron BakerDeletedMissouri Physical Therapy Assoc
Aaron BakerDeletedJared Enterprises
Aaron BakerDeletedKirksville Regional Economic Development, Inc.
Hannah BeersDeletedIndependent Colleges & Universities of Missouri
Hannah BeersDeletedMissouri Physical Therapy Assoc
Hannah BeersDeletedJared Enterprises
Hannah BeersDeletedKirksville Regional Economic Development, Inc.
Kelvin SimmonsDeletedMotacann Holdings LLC

Changes on: 05/23/2019

Rodney BoydAddedMotacann Holdings LLC
Kate CasasAddedMotacann Holdings LLC
Brian GraceAddedMotacann Holdings LLC
Lisa ChristieDeletedNational Eating Disorders Association
Jeff RainfordDeletedSTL Aviation Group LLC

Changes on: 05/22/2019

Shannon CooperDeletedIndependent Colleges & Universities of Missouri
Jeremy LaFaverDeletedIndependent Colleges & Universities of Missouri
Jeremy LaFaverDeletedMissouri Pork Association
Jeremy LaFaverDeletedEmpower Missouri (formerly Mo Association For Social Welfare)
Jeremy LaFaverDeletedFoster Care Technologies

Changes on: 05/21/2019

Thomas RobbinsAddedBootheel CannaCare, LLC
Steven TilleyAddedBootheel CannaCare, LLC
Richard Michael AuBuchonDeletedIndependent Colleges & Universities of Missouri
Richard Michael AuBuchonDeletedMissouri Rising
Jeffery BrooksDeletedMacquarie Infrastructure & Real Assets Inc.
Kathryn GambleDeletedMacquarie Infrastructure & Real Assets Inc.
William GambleDeletedMacquarie Infrastructure & Real Assets Inc.
Cynthia GambleDeletedMacquarie Infrastructure & Real Assets Inc.
David JacksonDeletedMacquarie Infrastructure & Real Assets Inc.
Sonette T MagnusDeletedMacquarie Infrastructure & Real Assets Inc.
Jorgen SchlemeierDeletedMacquarie Infrastructure & Real Assets Inc.
Sarah SchlemeierDeletedMacquarie Infrastructure & Real Assets Inc.
David W SweeneyDeletedMacquarie Infrastructure & Real Assets Inc.
Sarah ToppDeletedMacquarie Infrastructure & Real Assets Inc.
Olivia WilsonDeletedMacquarie Infrastructure & Real Assets Inc.

Changes on: 05/20/2019

Eric CowanAddedBofA Securities, Inc.
Eric CowanDeletedMerrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith, Incorporated
Brent HemphillDeletedIndependent Colleges & Universities of Missouri
Brent HemphillDeletedUS Term Limits
Brent HemphillDeletedFarm Equipment Manufacturers Association
Brent HemphillDeletedMissouri Disaster Response System, Inc.
Jack ToddDeletedTrinity Industries Inc
Casey Allen WasserDeletedProperty Assessment Review c/o Strategic Capitol Consulting
Casey Allen WasserDeletedMissouri Association of License Offices c/o Strategic Capitol Consulting LLC

Changes on: 05/19/2019

Salvatore PanettiereDeletedTactical Medical Solutions, Inc.
Salvatore PanettiereDeletedMissouri Pork Association
Salvatore PanettiereDeletedEmpower Missouri (formerly Mo Association For Social Welfare)
Salvatore PanettiereDeletedUtility Associates, Inc.

Changes on: 05/18/2019

Lisa ChristieDeletedVernon County Ambulance District
Shanon M HawkDeletedKingdom Principles, Inc.
Shanon M HawkDeletedSpecial Administrative Board of The Transitional School District of The City of St. Louis
Shanon M HawkDeletedMissouri United School Insurance Council
Jeremy LaFaverDeletedMissouri Workforce Housing Association

Changes on: 05/17/2019

Doug StoneAddedJPL Development, LLC
David W SweeneyAddedSTL Land Development, LLC
Charles Andy ArnoldDeletedSteven R Carroll & Associates
Harry HillDeletedJohn Hayes
Lynne SchlosserDeletedKingdom Principles, Inc.

Changes on: 05/15/2019

John William PayneAddedElavera Partnership, LLC
John William PayneAddedEvolve Wellness, LLC
John William PayneAddedThe Dispensary, LLC
John William PayneAddedAmendment 2 Consultants, LLC
Thomas RobbinsAddedAM Medical Marketing LLC
Steven TilleyAddedAM Medical Marketing LLC

Changes on: 05/13/2019

John William PayneAddedNext Gen Natures Releaf, LLC

Changes on: 05/11/2019

Eapen ThampyAddedMo Cann Pharma LLC

Changes on: 05/10/2019

Courtney MertensAddedCuro Group LLC
Courtney MertensAddedMertens Ventures LLC
Mark J RhoadsAddedAppriss Safety
Phillip P. ScagliaDeletedSenworth

Changes on: 05/09/2019

Jeffrey AltmannAddedCDB Kratom
Jacqueline BardgettAddedLavvan, Inc.
John E BardgettAddedFB Farming Co.
Jacqueline BardgettAddedFB Farming Co.
John E BardgettAddedAbundant Holdings, LLC
Jacqueline BardgettAddedAbundant Holdings, LLC
John E BardgettAddedLavvan, Inc.
James HarrisAddedNavigant Consulting, Inc.
James HarrisAddedFWD.us
Erika LeonardAddedFB Farming Co.
Erika LeonardAddedAbundant Holdings, LLC
Erika LeonardAddedLavvan, Inc.
John William PayneAddedTerraMa Holdings, LLC
Mark J RhoadsAddedBioKyowa
Christopher 'Chris' RoepeAddedFB Farming Co.
Christopher 'Chris' RoepeAddedAbundant Holdings, LLC
Christopher 'Chris' RoepeAddedLavvan, Inc.

Changes on: 05/07/2019

Aaron BakerAddedCity of Clarksville
Jeffery BrooksAddedAmerican Prison Data Systems
William GambleAddedAmerican Prison Data Systems
Kathryn GambleAddedAmerican Prison Data Systems
Cynthia GambleAddedAmerican Prison Data Systems
David LintonAddedLake Perry Lot Owners Association
Jeff RainfordAddedMC District Cooling
Sarah SchlemeierAddedAmerican Prison Data Systems
Jorgen SchlemeierAddedAmerican Prison Data Systems
Sarah ToppAddedAmerican Prison Data Systems
Olivia WilsonAddedAmerican Prison Data Systems

Changes on: 05/06/2019

Heath ClarkstonAddedNavigant Consulting, Inc.
Francis 'Franc' E. FlotronAddedCertified Alternative Medicine Providers, LLC
Doug NelsonAddedNavigant Consulting, Inc.