Missouri Registered Lobbyists Tweets

The Gate Way Group is the lobbying as association management division of Pelopidas, LLC. All lobbyist and campaign finance updates are identical to those previously displayed on @pelopidas and www.pelopidas.com.

Changes on: 12/05/2019

Cara AlexanderAddedOsborn Wind Energy, LLC
Cara AlexanderAddedBlueScope Steel North America
Cara AlexanderAddedPolsinelli Healthcare Solutions
Cara AlexanderAddedH&R Block
Cara AlexanderAddedTransystems
Cara AlexanderAddedNextera Energy Resources, LLC
Cara AlexanderAddedPolsinelli PC
Cara AlexanderAddedHy-Vee, Inc.
Cara AlexanderAddedFriendship Village Senior Services
Cara AlexanderAddedMitchell International
Cara AlexanderAddedRonald McDonald House Charities of Mid Missouri
Cara AlexanderAddedDesign-Build Institute of America/Mid-America Region
Cara AlexanderAddedThe Cordish Company
Cara AlexanderAddedLockton Inc.
Cara AlexanderAddedScientific Games Corporation
Cara AlexanderAddedGeneral Motors
Cara AlexanderAddedSheriff's Retirement System
Cara AlexanderAddedMaritz Family Development III LLC
Cara AlexanderAddedNola Education, LLC
Cara AlexanderAddedCity of Columbia
Cara AlexanderAddedSSM Health Care
Cara AlexanderAddedJE Dunn Construction
Cara AlexanderAddedPiper Jaffray
Cara AlexanderAddedAmerican Cancer Society Cancer Action Network
Cara AlexanderAddedThe Heavy Constructors Association of Greater Kansas City
Cara AlexanderAddedKC Tech Council
Cara AlexanderAddedThe University of Kansas Hospital Authority
Rodney D GrayAddedFriendship Village Senior Services
Joan GummelsAddedMitchell International
Joan GummelsAddedScientific Games Corporation
Joan GummelsAddedGeneral Motors
Joan GummelsAddedSheriff's Retirement System
Joan GummelsAddedLockton Inc.
Joan GummelsAddedPiper Jaffray
Joan GummelsAddedDesign-Build Institute of America/Mid-America Region
Joan GummelsAddedThe Cordish Company
Joan GummelsAddedKC Tech Council
Joan GummelsAddedFriendship Village Senior Services
Joan GummelsAddedNextera Energy Resources, LLC
Joan GummelsAddedCity of Columbia
Joan GummelsAddedRonald McDonald House Charities of Mid Missouri
Joan GummelsAddedHy-Vee, Inc.
Joan GummelsAddedThe University of Kansas Hospital Authority
Joan GummelsAddedOsborn Wind Energy, LLC
Joan GummelsAddedAmerican Cancer Society Cancer Action Network
Joan GummelsAddedPolsinelli Healthcare Solutions
Joan GummelsAddedH&R Block
Joan GummelsAddedTransystems
Joan GummelsAddedNola Education, LLC
Joan GummelsAddedPolsinelli PC
Joan GummelsAddedJE Dunn Construction
Joan GummelsAddedThe Heavy Constructors Association of Greater Kansas City
Joan GummelsAddedMaritz Family Development III LLC
Joan GummelsAddedBlueScope Steel North America
Joan GummelsAddedSSM Health Care
Susan Henderson MooreAddedFriendship Village Senior Services
Tyler 'Tyler' SchwartzeAddedConservation Federation of Missouri
Michael SternAddedChubb INA Holdings, Inc.
Greta Bassett-SeymourDeletedMissouri Department of Transportation and Highway Patrol Employees' Retirement System (MPERS)
Greg BeckDeletedMissouri Department of Transportation and Highway Patrol Employees' Retirement System (MPERS)
Douglas W DavisDeletedLon Jackson II
Scott L SimonDeletedMissouri Department of Transportation and Highway Patrol Employees' Retirement System (MPERS)
Keith Arnold WenzelDeletedSHI International Corporation
Keith Arnold WenzelDeletedCity of Riverside
Keith Arnold WenzelDeletedMid-America Regional Development Institute
Keith Arnold WenzelDeletedSpencer Fane LLP
Keith Arnold WenzelDeletedTyler Technologies
Keith Arnold WenzelDeletedOrange EV LLC

Changes on: 12/04/2019

William Joseph KuehlingAddedTKFC LC
Andrew 'Andy' BluntDeletedGeorge K Baum
William Joseph KuehlingDeletedFoPa LLC
William Joseph KuehlingDeletedDiscovery Pier Land Holdings LLC
William Joseph KuehlingDeletedGCFC LLC
Christopher 'Chris' MoodyDeletedGeorge K Baum
James 'Jim' R MoodyDeletedGeorge K Baum

Changes on: 12/02/2019

Susan D. ZalenskiDeletedJohnson & Johnson Services, Inc.

Changes on: 12/01/2019

Jake Wayne BuxtonAddedMissouri Department of Conservation
Sherry L. DoctorianAddedCMOY, LLC
James 'Jim' R MoodyAddedStifel, Nicolaus & Company, Inc.
Salvatore PanettiereAddedNorthland Regional Chamber of Commerce
Jasmine Elizabeth WellsAddedUber Technologies, Inc.
Jasmine Elizabeth WellsAddedFanDuel, Inc.
Jasmine Elizabeth WellsAddedAggregate Industries Management, Inc.
Jasmine Elizabeth WellsAddedNGW II, LLC
Jasmine Elizabeth WellsAddedLaunchcode
Jasmine Elizabeth WellsAddedCurador Holdings Inc.
Jasmine Elizabeth WellsAddedSHI International Corporation
Jasmine Elizabeth WellsAddedMissouri Care (AKA Wellcare Healthplans Inc)
Jasmine Elizabeth WellsAddedTuro, Inc.
Jasmine Elizabeth WellsAddedACLU of Missouri
Jasmine Elizabeth WellsAddedNational Collegiate Players Association (NCPA)
Jasmine Elizabeth WellsAddedYgrene Energy Fund
Jasmine Elizabeth WellsAddedLafarge North America, Inc.
Jasmine Elizabeth WellsAddedCoinbase
Jasmine Elizabeth WellsAddedSeven Points Cultivation
Jasmine Elizabeth WellsAddedMissouri Cable Telecommunications Association
Jasmine Elizabeth WellsAddedFairway Management Company
Ron 'Ronald' BerryDeletedNew Venture Fund
Ron 'Ronald' BerryDeletedCenter For Secure and Modern Elections
Sherry L. DoctorianDeletedPlanthaven Farms