Missouri Registered Lobbyists Tweets

The Gate Way Group is the lobbying as association management division of Pelopidas, LLC. All lobbyist and campaign finance updates are identical to those previously displayed on @pelopidas and www.pelopidas.com.

Changes on: 09/17/2020

David JacksonAddedBluebird Network, LLC
Jorgen SchlemeierAddedBluebird Network, LLC
Jorgen SchlemeierAddedFortinet
John E BardgettDeletedBNH LLC
John E BardgettDeletedSangita Capital Partners
Jacqueline BardgettDeletedAbundant Holdings, LLC
Jacqueline BardgettDeletedBNH LLC
Jacqueline BardgettDeletedTreehouse LLC
John E BardgettDeletedAbundant Holdings, LLC
John E BardgettDeletedTreehouse LLC
Mark HabbasDeletedSangita Capital Partners
Mark HabbasDeletedAbundant Holdings, LLC
Erika LeonardDeletedTreehouse LLC
Erika LeonardDeletedBNH LLC
Erika LeonardDeletedAbundant Holdings, LLC
Christopher 'Chris' RoepeDeletedTreehouse LLC
Christopher 'Chris' RoepeDeletedSangita Capital Partners
Christopher 'Chris' RoepeDeletedBNH LLC
Christopher 'Chris' RoepeDeletedAbundant Holdings, LLC

Changes on: 09/16/2020

Michael R GibbonsAddedDan Hinkle
Tricia A WorkmanAddedDan Hinkle

Changes on: 09/15/2020

Sonette T MagnusAddedCentral West End Neighborhood Security Initiative (NSI)
David W SweeneyAddedCentral West End Neighborhood Security Initiative (NSI)
Dave BerryDeleted7 Point Farms LLC
Dave BerryDeletedRAI Services Company
Dave BerryDeletedHHS Technology Group LLC
Dave BerryDeleted9 Points LLC
Dave BerryDeletedKoch Industries, Inc.
Dave BerryDeletedBlack Fox Manufacturing, LLC
Dave BerryDeletedAmazon
Dave BerryDeletedAmerican Concrete Paving Association
Dave BerryDeletedSRG Global
Dave BerryDeletedGeorgia-Pacific, LLC
Dave BerryDeletedFair Trade Missouri
Dave BerryDeletedFlint Hills Resources
Dave BerryDeletedFirst Rule Media
Dave BerryDeletedPublic Consulting Group c/o MultiState Associates Inc.
Dave BerryDeletedPelopidas, LLC
Dave BerryDeletedGate Way Group
Dave BerryDeletedACCEL Entertainment Gaming LLC
Dave BerryDeletedSt. Louis Science Center Foundation
Dave BerryDeletedSouthwestern Bell Telephone Company DBA AT&T Missouri and its Affiliates
Thomas D DempseyDeletedAmazon
Thomas D DempseyDeletedK12
Thomas D DempseyDeletedACCEL Entertainment Gaming LLC
Deanna Lynn HemphillDeletedFlint Hills Resources
Deanna Lynn HemphillDeletedFirst Rule Media
Deanna Lynn HemphillDeletedPelopidas, LLC
Deanna Lynn HemphillDeletedGate Way Group
Deanna Lynn HemphillDeletedSouthwestern Bell Telephone Company DBA AT&T Missouri and its Affiliates
Deanna Lynn HemphillDeletedHHS Technology Group LLC
Deanna Lynn HemphillDeletedBlack Fox Manufacturing, LLC
Deanna Lynn HemphillDeletedAmazon
Deanna Lynn HemphillDeletedRAI Services Company
Deanna Lynn HemphillDeleted7 Point Farms LLC
Deanna Lynn HemphillDeletedKoch Industries, Inc.
Deanna Lynn HemphillDeleted9 Points LLC
Deanna Lynn HemphillDeletedSRG Global
Deanna Lynn HemphillDeletedAmerican Concrete Paving Association
Deanna Lynn HemphillDeletedPublic Consulting Group c/o MultiState Associates Inc.
Deanna Lynn HemphillDeletedGeorgia-Pacific, LLC
Deanna Lynn HemphillDeletedFair Trade Missouri

Changes on: 09/14/2020

John E BardgettAddedMissourians for Healthcare
Jacqueline BardgettAddedMissourians for Healthcare
Mark HabbasAddedMissourians for Healthcare
Christopher 'Chris' RoepeAddedMissourians for Healthcare

Changes on: 09/11/2020

Mary LeFebvreAddedACT Inc.
Thomas D DempseyDeletedBlack Fox Manufacturing, LLC
Thomas D DempseyDeletedSouthwestern Bell Telephone Company DBA AT&T Missouri and its Affiliates
Thomas D DempseyDeletedFirst Rule Media
Thomas D DempseyDeletedHHS Technology Group LLC
Thomas D DempseyDeletedRAI Services Company
Thomas D DempseyDeletedGate Way Group
Thomas D DempseyDeletedFlint Hills Resources
Thomas D DempseyDeletedKoch Industries, Inc.
Thomas D DempseyDeletedSRG Global
Thomas D DempseyDeletedGeorgia-Pacific, LLC
Thomas D DempseyDeleted7 Point Farms LLC
Thomas D DempseyDeleted9 Points LLC
Julie RiddleDeletedUnited Way of Greater Kansas City

Changes on: 09/10/2020

James 'Jim' R MoodyAddedGreat Circle
Ryan C RowdenAddedQuantify Health LLC
Jeff Ryan SmithAddedMissouri Appleseed
Tom DempseyDeletedSt. Louis Science Center Foundation
Thomas D DempseyDeletedSt. Louis Science Center Foundation
James 'Jim' R MoodyDeletedBoys & Girls Club Alliance
James 'Jim' R MoodyDeletedTri County Lodging Association

Changes on: 09/09/2020

Larry Dale CrowderAddedMissouri National Guard Association
Dave BerryDeletedA Safer Missouri
Dave BerryDeletedLet Voters Decide
Dave BerryDeletedMissourians For A Better Economy (MBE)
Dave BerryDeletedRex And Jeanne Sinquefield
Dave BerryDeletedHeartland Hyperloop, Inc
Travis Howard BrownDeletedRex And Jeanne Sinquefield
Travis Howard BrownDeletedA Safer Missouri
Travis Howard BrownDeletedGreat Saint Louis
Travis Howard BrownDeletedGrow Missouri
Travis Howard BrownDeletedLet Voters Decide
Travis Howard BrownDeletedMissourians For A Better Economy (MBE)
Gary BurtonDeletedHome State Health Plan