As required by Missouri law, every recipient of a political contribution in excess of $5,000 ($500 for candidate committees) must report it to the Missouri Ethics Commission within 48 hours. Anytime a contribution is made we twitter about it, labeling it 'CFtweet'. This page shows an archive of the last 90 days of CFtweets - we report all contributions at or exceeding $500. To keep track of the latest campaign finance contributions, follow us on twitter at @GWLobbyist.

The Gate Way Group is the lobbying as association management division of Pelopidas, LLC. All lobbyist and campaign finance updates are identical to those previously displayed on @pelopidas and www.pelopidas.com.

$9,334,052 - total CFTweets, last 90 days

All transactions below are sorted by the contribution date. The contribution date is often different from the reported date. By law committees have up to 48 hours to report a contribution. All the information below is solely for informational purposes. Please refer to the Missouri Ethics Committee for official information.

Contribution Date: 09/20/2019

09/20/2019MO Opportunity PACRex A. Sinquefield$250,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/19/2019

09/19/2019American Property Casualty Insurance Association Political AccountAmerican Property Casualty Insurance Association$39,125.00
09/19/2019Table Rock Conservative PACCL PAC$100,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/18/2019

09/18/2019MO Opportunity PACClinical Reference Laboratory$10,000.00
09/18/2019Uniting Missouri PACAnheuser-Busch Companies$25,000.00
09/18/2019Team Robert PACCL PAC$10,000.00
09/18/2019Missourians for a Responsible BudgetCL PAC$35,000.00
09/18/2019JOHNSON & JOHNSON PAC MISSOURI (affiliated with Johnson & Johnson Federal PAC)JOHNSON & JOHNSON POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE$10,000.00
09/18/2019Ozark Gateway Leadership PACMissouri Growth PAC$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/17/2019

09/17/2019Believe in Life and Liberty - BILL PACLaredo Hospitality Management LLC a subsidiary of Illinois Cafe & Service Company$10,000.00
09/17/2019MO Opportunity PACCL PAC$25,000.00
09/17/2019MO Opportunity PACCheyenne International, LLC$15,000.00
09/17/2019MO Opportunity PACAmeren Missouri$15,000.00
09/17/2019Old Drum Conservative PACCL PAC$25,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/16/2019

09/16/2019MISSOURI SENATE CAMPAIGN COMMITTEESpire Missouri Inc.$10,000.00
09/16/2019MISSOURI SENATE CAMPAIGN COMMITTEECharter Communications$12,500.00
09/16/2019Missourians for Effective Leadership PACBurns & McDonnell Inc.$42,000.00
09/16/2019Conservative Citizens CoalitionCL PAK$10,000.00
09/16/2019CL PACDavid Steward$50,000.00
09/16/2019Brattin Brigade PACCL PAC$100,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/15/2019

09/15/2019Megan Green For St LouisVince Schoemehl$500.00

Contribution Date: 09/14/2019

09/14/2019Mighty Missouri PACAmerican Federation For Children$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/13/2019

09/13/2019Mighty Missouri PACMissouri C PAC$10,000.00
09/13/2019American Property Casualty Insurance Association Political AccountAmerican Property Casualty Insurance Association$74,579.00
09/13/2019Uniting Missouri PACAmerican Federation For Children$10,000.00
09/13/2019Uniting Missouri PACBuild St Louis PAC INC$6,500.00
09/13/2019Uniting Missouri PACJH Berra Construction Co Inc$10,000.00
09/13/2019Uniting Missouri PACMcBride & Son Management LLC$10,000.00
09/13/2019Uniting Missouri PACDrury Development Corporation$25,000.00
09/13/2019Uniting Missouri PACBurns McDonnell$25,000.00
09/13/2019Midwest Region Laborers' Political League Education FundLaborers Supplemental Dues Fund$8,177.93
09/13/2019Committee for LibertyCL PAC$25,000.00
09/13/2019Freedom's Promise PACCL PAC$25,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/12/2019

09/12/2019House Victory CommitteeCharter Communiciations$7,000.00
09/12/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMISSOURI SOYBEAN ASSOCIATION$10,000.00
09/12/2019Physician Led Anesthesia Care PACWestern Anesthesiology Associates, Inc.$25,000.00
09/12/2019BHA PACHemphill and Associates Inc.$5,001.00

Contribution Date: 09/11/2019

09/11/2019MISSOURI SENATE CAMPAIGN COMMITTEEHallmark Cards Inc.$10,000.00
09/11/2019American Dream PACProfessional Fire Fighters of Eastern Missouri Local 2665 PAC$5,001.00
09/11/2019Uniting Missouri PACBLACKFORD AND SUZANNE BRAUER$10,000.00
09/11/2019MO Opportunity PACSpire Missouri Inc.$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/10/2019

09/10/2019IAFF FIREPAC VIC MissouriInternational Association of Fire Fighters Interested in Registration and Education PAC$10,000.00
09/10/2019Missourians for HealthcareNorth Fund$500,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/09/2019

09/09/2019Missourians for HealthcareThe Fairness Project$9,249.94
09/09/2019Uniting Missouri PACHerzog Contracting Corp$250,000.00
09/09/2019Uniting Missouri PACCL PAC$75,000.00
09/09/2019Uniting Missouri PACMissouri Senior PAC$10,000.00
09/09/2019Uniting Missouri PACMOSFA PAC INC$5,001.00
09/09/2019Uniting Missouri PACSPIRE MISSOURI INC$10,000.00
09/09/2019Uniting Missouri PACRivertown Enterprises INC$25,000.00
09/09/2019Uniting Missouri PACRightCHOICE Managed Care Inc$25,000.00
09/09/2019Uniting Missouri PACWilliam Darr$50,000.00
09/09/2019UFCW Local 655 Elect ClubUFCW Local 655$5,911.08
09/09/2019MAJORITY FORWARDAmeren Missouri$10,000.00
09/09/2019Missouri Leadership ForumWarrenton Oil Company$15,000.00
09/09/2019WPG PACWinton Policy Group LLC$7,000.00
09/09/2019Operating Engineers Local 101 Political FundOperating Engineers Local 101 Kansas Political Action Committee$60,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/08/2019

09/08/2019Megan Green For St LouisAnn Konzen$500.00

Contribution Date: 09/07/2019

09/07/2019Uniting Missouri PACW K GMC$5,100.00

Contribution Date: 09/06/2019

09/06/2019American Property Casualty Insurance Association Political AccountAmerican Property Casualty Insurance Association$121,952.00
09/06/2019POL PACJ.E. Dunn Construction Company$10,000.00
09/06/2019Keep Government AccountableVolunteer Political Fund Pipe Fitters Local Union 533$30,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/05/2019

09/05/2019Uniting Missouri PACSupporters of Health Research & Treatments$37,500.00
09/05/2019Uniting Missouri PACSUMMIT VIEW FARMS$6,000.00
09/05/2019Uniting Missouri PACKansas City Power & Light$15,000.00
09/05/2019Uniting Missouri PACPenn National Gaming Inc$15,000.00
09/05/2019Uniting Missouri PACKetchmark & McCreight PC$50,000.00
09/05/2019Missourians for HealthcareMissouri Hospital Association$250,000.00
09/05/2019American Dream PACSpire Missouri Inc.$10,000.00
09/05/2019Friends Of Jeff ShawanJeff Shawan$50,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/04/2019

09/04/2019Missourians for HealthcareHealth Forward Foundation$750,000.00
09/04/2019Missourians for HealthcareBJC Healthcare$250,000.00
09/04/2019CL PACDavid Steward$735,000.00
09/04/2019Missouri FirstQC Holdings Inc.$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/03/2019

09/03/2019Missourians for HealthcareProspects for Missouri$396,465.64
09/03/2019Spirit of MissouriMISSOURI SOYBEAN ASSOCIATION$7,500.00
09/03/2019Vote 2020Missouri NEA$10,000.00
09/03/2019Nexus PACMcCormack Baron Salazar, Inc.$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/01/2019

09/01/2019Megan Green For St LouisSommer Property Investments$900.00
09/01/2019CL PACDavid Steward$100,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/30/2019

08/30/2019Megan Green For St LouisJacob Lyonfields$1,500.00
08/30/2019Megan Green For St LouisSharayln Saks$1,000.00
08/30/2019Citizens 4 Dr. Lisa ThomasLisa Thomas$9,000.00
08/30/2019HealthPACQuality Healthcare Committee for$7,300.00
08/30/2019HealthPACCommittee for Quality Healthcare$7,300.00
08/30/2019Missouri Leadership ForumCraftsmen Management, LLC$15,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/29/2019

08/29/2019HealthPACAlan Greimann$700.00
08/29/2019Midwest Region Laborers' Political League Education FundLaborers Supplemental Dues Fund$8,377.46

Contribution Date: 08/28/2019

08/28/2019Nexus PACMotacann Corporation$4,000.00
08/28/2019Missouri AG PACPhoenix Home Care$5,500.00
08/28/2019theLOUpacAnheuser Busch Companes$15,000.00
08/28/2019American Property Casualty Insurance Association Political AccountAmerican Property Casualty Insurance Association$126,332.00
08/28/2019Nexus PACInvenergy LLC$20,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/27/2019

08/27/2019Missouri Democratic State CommitteeEnterprise Holdings, Inc. Political Action Committee$10,000.00
08/27/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncBurns & McDonnell$30,000.00
08/27/2019Missouri Senior PACPhoenix Home Care$5,500.00
08/27/2019Missouri C PACPhoenix Home Care$5,500.00
08/27/2019House Victory CommitteeHCA MISSOURI GOOD GOVERNMENT FUND$7,500.00
08/27/2019MO Majority PAC LLCPhoenix Home Care$5,500.00
08/27/2019American Dream PACMISSOURI SOYBEAN ASSOCIATION$10,000.00
08/27/2019Missouri Growth PACPhoenix Home Care$5,500.00
08/27/2019Missouri Leadership ForumThe Larson Group, Inc.$15,000.00
08/27/2019BOLD PACDrury Development Corporation$7,400.00
08/27/2019BOLD PACViceroy PAC$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/26/2019

08/26/2019CWA-COPE Political Contributions Federal CommitteeCommunications Workers of America- COPE PCC$2,660.00
08/26/2019No Bans on ChoiceACLU of Missouri$10,208.38
08/26/2019Viceroy PACGolden Entertainment$10,000.00
08/26/2019Viceroy PACGolden Entertainment$20,000.00
08/26/2019Keep Government AccountableThompson Coburn LLP$7,500.00

Contribution Date: 08/23/2019

08/23/2019CWA-COPE Political Contributions Federal CommitteeCommunications Workers of America- COPE PCC$2,250.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACKelly Hunt$555.56
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACDaniel Artone$714.29
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACAndrew Dolloph$500.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACERIN BARNHOUSE$500.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACDaniel Roth$1,000.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACCHRISTOPHER WEIMER$1,300.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACPAUL EVON$555.56
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACJoseph Cardello$714.29
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMichelle Kay$500.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACJEFFREY KROGEN$625.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACDAVID SHOOP$625.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACPHILLIP LAY$555.56
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACAlan Kahn$555.56
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMARK MCDARIS$555.56
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACScott Skarstad$555.56
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACBRYAN CALLOWAY$714.29
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACBrett Frazee$500.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACKevin Morrissey$500.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMICHAEL GERGES$500.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACSTEPHEN MCNAIR$625.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACNATONYA DEMULLING$500.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACJOSEPH PESANSKY$714.29
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACEric Schonhoff$625.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACNATHAN NEES$500.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACRichard Russell$500.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACPETER FREY$500.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACJohn Wyatt$714.29
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACSusan Best$500.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACHoward Puterman$500.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACSCOTT LERCH$555.56
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACDOUGLAS COUGHLAN$625.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACCHARLES MASLIN$500.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACJeffrey Haughey$675.01
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACD. TURNER$555.56
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACDAVID LAMONTE$714.29
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMichael Humphrey$500.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACDavid Litzau$555.56
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMICHAEL FILOMENA$625.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACSHAUN SHERMAN$625.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACCASEY BARNES$500.00
08/23/2019Mighty Missouri PACReal Missouri PAC$17,801.29

Contribution Date: 08/22/2019

08/22/2019HealthPACGenette Nicholas$500.00

Contribution Date: 08/21/2019

08/21/2019Hy-Vee Employees PAC Federal Committee - MissouriHy-Vee, Inc. Employees PAC (I.D. 6282)$17,550.00
08/21/2019American Property Casualty Insurance Association Political AccountAmerican Property Casualty Insurance Association$80,510.00
08/21/2019Vote 2020Missouri Win$25,000.00
08/21/2019Believe in Life and Liberty - BILL PACRex A. Sinquefield$75,000.00
08/21/2019Keep Government AccountableIRON WORKERS LOCAL NO 10 POLITICAL ACTION FUND$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/20/2019

08/20/2019Megan Green For St LouisArthur Lieber$500.00
08/20/2019CWA-COPE Political Contributions Federal CommitteeCommunications Workers of America- COPE PCC$750.00
08/20/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncFriends of Nick Schroer$16,800.00
08/20/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncBlue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City$10,000.00
08/20/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncQC Holdings Inc.$10,000.00
08/20/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncAnheuser-Busch Companies$15,000.00
08/20/2019Missourians for a Responsible BudgetNexus PAC$5,200.00
08/20/2019Nexus PACParic Corporation$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/19/2019

08/19/2019Ozark Gateway Leadership PACMO Majority PAC$8,000.00
08/19/2019Ozark Gateway Leadership PACMissouri Amusement Machine Operators LLC$10,000.00
08/19/2019Missourians for HealthcareSixteen Thirty Fund$24,050.00
08/19/2019Lathrop Gage Consulting Political Action CommitteeKum & Go$15,000.00
08/19/2019Missouri Leadership ForumRoden's Landscaping, Inc.$15,000.00
08/19/2019Missouri Leadership ForumSellenriek Construction, Inc.$15,000.00
08/19/2019Missouri Leadership ForumT and N, Inc.$15,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/16/2019

08/16/2019Keep Government AccountableCynthia Metcalfe$7,500.00

Contribution Date: 08/15/2019

08/15/2019Chouteau PACAmerican Democracy Alliance - Ridgely PAC$15,000.00
08/15/2019American Democracy Alliance - Ridgely PACChouteau PAC$15,000.00
08/15/2019Keep Government AccountableRobb & Robb LLC$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/14/2019

08/14/2019Nexus PACNexus Group$5,000.00
08/14/2019HealthPACPaul Kempinski$1,000.00
08/14/2019St Louis Association of Realtors-PACMissouri Realtors PAC, Inc$1,907.50
08/14/2019Missouri Club for Growth Political Action CommitteeRex A. Sinquefield$150,000.00
08/14/2019MO ARCHITECTS-PACAmerican Institute of Architects of Missouri$8,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/13/2019

08/13/2019International Union of Painters & Allied Trades PAT Federal PACIUPAT Political Action Together Political Committe$2,500.00
08/13/2019HCA MISSOURI GOOD GOVERNMENT FUNDMidAmerica Division Office$50,000.00
08/13/2019Spirit of MissouriRightCHOICE Managed Care, Inc.$25,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/12/2019

08/12/2019HealthPACPeggy Schmitt$2,000.00
08/12/2019HealthPACNPHSS LLC$1,000.00
08/12/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncThe Doe Run Company$15,000.00
08/12/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncKansas City Power & Light$10,000.00
08/12/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCommittee To Elect Rebecca Roeber To The 34Th$13,661.82
08/12/2019Healthcare For MissouriThe Fairness Project$23,522.14
08/12/2019Uniting Missouri PACCharter Communications$12,500.00
08/12/2019MILA PACWorld Acceptance Corporation$9,240.00
08/12/2019Missouri Democratic State CommitteeMissouri Realtors Pac, Inc.$10,000.00
08/12/2019Keep Government AccountableUNITED AUTO WORKERS V CAP$50,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/09/2019

08/09/2019HealthPACBryan Bateman$1,000.00
08/09/2019HealthPACJeffrey Kurcab$500.00
08/09/2019Credit Union Political Action Committee of MissouriCommunityAmerica Credit Union$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/08/2019

08/08/2019Sierra Club Missouri Political CommitteeRoss Hunt$500.00
08/08/2019HealthPACCHARLIE SHIELDS$1,000.00
08/08/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCheyenne International LLC$10,000.00
08/08/2019MO Opportunity PACDan D Cobb$10,000.00
08/08/2019PT-PAC OF MISSOURIPeak Sport & Spine$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/07/2019

08/07/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACFenton Fitzpatrick$500.00
08/07/2019Sharpe For RepGreg Sharpe$20,000.00
08/07/2019Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilIUPAT Political Action Together Political Committee$2,600.00
08/07/2019Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilUFCW LOCAL 655 ELECT POLITICAL FUND$500.00
08/07/2019Missouri Democratic State CommitteeU.A.W. Region 5 Midwest States C.A.P. Council$12,500.00

Contribution Date: 08/06/2019

08/06/2019WPG PACWinton Policy Group$4,000.00
08/06/2019MO Opportunity PACAnheuser-Busch Companies$10,000.00
08/06/2019Lincoln PACBobby Allison$10,000.00
08/06/2019Missouri Leadership ForumWitte Bros. Exchange Inc.$15,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/05/2019

08/05/2019HealthPACChristina Gillespie$700.00
08/05/2019Merck & Co., Inc. Employees Missouri PAC Federal CommitteeMerck & Co., Inc. Employees Political Action Committee$7,000.00
08/05/2019MO Energy Dev Association State Line Political CommitteeAmeren Missouri$16,665.00
08/05/2019Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilLaborers' International Union of North American Local No. 42 PAC Fund$1,000.00
08/05/2019Supporters of Better GovernmentCORNERSTONE 1791$14,060.55
08/05/2019MO Energy Dev Association Gateway Political Action CommitteeAmeren Missouri$16,668.00
08/05/2019Keep Government AccountableRobert Henkel$10,000.00
08/05/2019Keep Government AccountableDollar, Burns, & Becker, LC$25,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/03/2019

08/03/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncFEAPAC of Missouri$10,000.00
08/03/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMOSFA PAC INC$10,000.00
08/03/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncAGC of MO Pac$10,000.00
08/03/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncDealers Interested in Government$15,000.00
08/03/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCFM Insurance, Inc.$15,000.00
08/03/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncHCA MISSOURI GOOD GOVERNMENT FUND$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/02/2019

08/02/2019Sierra Club Missouri Political CommitteeJohn Feldmann$500.00
08/02/2019HealthPACKirk Isenhour$500.00
08/02/2019Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilEnterprise Holdings, Inc. Political Action Committee$1,000.00
08/02/2019Committee to Elect Rita Heard DaysLaborers' International Union of North America Local No. 42 PAC Fund$1,000.00
08/02/2019Committee to Elect Rita Heard DaysCWA - COPE MISSOURI CHECKING$750.00

Contribution Date: 08/01/2019

08/01/2019RQC PACMissouri Health Care Association$53,782.00
08/01/2019MO-DSV PACMissouri Health Care Association$48,355.00
08/01/2019A Better Missouri Political Action CommitteeAnheuser-Busch Cos, Inc.$44,300.00

Contribution Date: 07/30/2019

07/30/2019Mims For AldermanHeavy Construction Labororers #663 PAC$500.00
07/30/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncXcaliber International LTD LLC$15,000.00
07/30/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncSpire$10,000.00
07/30/2019Missouri FirstAltria Client Services LLC$25,000.00
07/30/2019Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilRobert Newmark$1,000.00
07/30/2019PT-PAC OF MISSOURISSM Select Rehab St. Louis LLC$10,000.00
07/30/2019American Dream PACHallmark Cards Inc.$10,000.00
07/30/2019Committee to Elect Rita Heard DaysMissouri American Water Employees PAC$500.00
07/30/2019Committee to Elect Rita Heard DaysLIUNA Local 110 PAC Fund$1,000.00
07/30/2019Missouri Leadership ForumDrury Development Corporation$15,000.00
07/30/2019Keep Government AccountableARLINGTON HOMES LLC$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 07/29/2019

07/29/2019Citizens for Amy PoelkerRepublican Central Committee of St. Louis County$2,800.00
07/29/2019Ford Motor Company Civic Action Fund - MOFord Motor Company Civic Action Fund$50,000.00
07/29/2019Missouri Democratic State CommitteeOperating Engineers Local 101 Political Action Committee$25,000.00
07/29/2019UFCW Local 655 Elect ClubUFCW Local 655$5,950.14

Contribution Date: 07/26/2019

07/26/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACAnne Leavens$2,500.00
07/26/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACEric Schonhoff$625.00
07/26/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACPETER FREY$500.00
07/26/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACJohn Wyatt$714.29
07/26/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACSusan Best$500.00
07/26/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACHoward Puterman$500.00
07/26/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACJOSEPH PESANSKY$714.29
07/26/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACSCOTT LERCH$555.56
07/26/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACDOUGLAS COUGHLAN$625.00
07/26/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACCHARLES MASLIN$500.00
07/26/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACD. TURNER$555.56
07/26/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACDAVID LAMONTE$714.29
07/26/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMichael Humphrey$500.00
07/26/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACDavid Litzau$555.56
07/26/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMICHAEL FILOMENA$625.00
07/26/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACSHAUN SHERMAN$625.00
07/26/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACCASEY BARNES$500.00
07/26/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACERIN RIVERS$500.00
07/26/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACKelly Hunt$555.56
07/26/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACDaniel Artone$714.29
07/26/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACPAUL EVON$555.56
07/26/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACJoseph Cardello$714.29
07/26/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMichelle Kay$500.00
07/26/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACJEFFREY KROGEN$625.00
07/26/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACDAVID SHOOP$625.00
07/26/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACPHILLIP LAY$555.56
07/26/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACAlan Kahn$555.56
07/26/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMARK MCDARIS$555.56
07/26/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACScott Skarstad$555.56
07/26/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACBRYAN CALLOWAY$714.29
07/26/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACBrett Frazee$500.00
07/26/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACKevin Morrissey$500.00
07/26/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMICHAEL GERGES$500.00
07/26/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACSTEPHEN MCNAIR$625.00
07/26/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACNATONYA DEMULLING$500.00
07/26/2019International Union of Painters & Allied Trades PAT Federal PACIUPAT Political Action Together Political Committe$10,000.00
07/26/2019Uniting Missouri PACGARY J GREWE$10,000.00
07/26/2019International Union of Painters & Allied Trades PAT Federal PACIUPAT Political Action Together Political Committee$10,000.00
07/26/2019XCALIBER MOPACLee Levinson$10,000.00
07/26/2019XCALIBER MOPACBruce Taylor$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 07/25/2019

07/25/2019Uniting Missouri PACBlue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City$25,000.00
07/25/2019MO Republican PartyMisourians for a Responsible Budget$7,500.00
07/25/2019Midwest Region Laborers' Political League Education FundLaborers Supplemental Dues Fund$7,969.25
07/25/2019Clay County Democratic Central CommitteeU.A.W. Region 5 Midwest States C.A.P. Council$6,000.00

Contribution Date: 07/24/2019

07/24/2019Support the SavagesHillyard, Inc.$2,000.00
07/24/2019CWA-COPE Political Contributions Federal CommitteeCommunications Workers of America- COPE PCC$2,185.00
07/24/2019Uniting Missouri PACCFM Insurance$10,000.00
07/24/2019Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilGateway Clippers Holding LLC$500.00
07/24/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACBrian Sohalski$5,000.00
07/24/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACBrian Mogauro$5,000.00
07/24/2019Committee to Elect Rita Heard DaysSheet Metal Workers International Association Local Union No. 36$1,500.00
07/24/2019Committee to Elect Rita Heard DaysEastern Missouri Laborers' Educational & Benevolent Fund$2,000.00
07/24/2019Keep Government AccountableThe Simon Law Firm, P.C.$25,000.00
07/24/2019Keep Government AccountableUnited Steelworkers District 11$10,000.00
07/24/2019Keep Government AccountableSheet Metal Workers Local 36 Political Education Account$18,350.00

Contribution Date: 07/23/2019

07/23/2019Healthcare For MissouriThe Fairness Project$7,500.66
07/23/2019St Louis Association of Realtors-PACMissouri Realtors Pac, Inc.$4,200.00
07/23/2019St Louis Association of Realtors-PACMissouri Realtors Pac, Inc.$3,500.00
07/23/2019St Louis Association of Realtors-PACMissouri Realtors Pac, Inc.$3,440.50
07/23/2019Committee to Elect Rita Heard DaysPlumbers & Pipefitters Local 562 Political Education Fund$1,000.00

Contribution Date: 07/22/2019

07/22/2019HBS MO State PACAltria Client Services LLC$25,000.00
07/22/2019Van Kelly For MissouriVAN KELLY$100,000.00
07/22/2019International Union of Painters & Allied Trades PAT Federal PACIUPAT Political Action Together Political Committe$2,000.00
07/22/2019POL PACH&R Block$11,000.00
07/22/2019Committee to Elect Rita Heard DaysPine Lawn Phillips LLC$500.00
07/22/2019Citizens for Amy PoelkerChuck Thal$1,000.00

Contribution Date: 07/19/2019

07/19/2019IAFF FIREPAC VIC MissouriInternational Association of Fire Fighters Interested in Registration and Education PAC$10,000.00
07/19/2019SEIU MISSOURI STATE COUNCIL PACSEIU MO/KS State Council$5,000.00
07/19/2019Lincoln PACBryan Magers$7,500.00
07/19/2019HealthPACJohn Lang$650.00

Contribution Date: 07/18/2019

07/18/2019Nexus PACMcCormack Baron Salazar, Inc.$5,000.00
07/18/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncAmeren Missouri$15,000.00
07/18/2019Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilAsim Raza$1,000.00
07/18/2019American Property Casualty Insurance Association Political AccountAmerican Property Casualty Insurance Association Political Account$5,805.00
07/18/2019Committee to Elect Rita Heard DaysUFCW LOCAL 655 ELECT POLITICAL FUND$500.00
07/18/2019Committee to Elect Rita Heard DaysJeff Tegethoff$500.00

Contribution Date: 07/17/2019

07/17/2019No Bans on ChoiceKaren Elbert$1,000.00
07/17/2019No Bans on ChoiceJoseph Pereles$1,000.00
07/17/2019Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilLatigo LC$1,000.00
07/17/2019Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilSEIU LOCAL 1 MISSOURI DIVISION PAC$500.00
07/17/2019Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilNexus PAC$500.00
07/17/2019Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilIron Workers Local No. 396 Voluntary Fund$2,600.00
07/17/2019Committee to Elect Rita Heard DaysSEIU LOCAL 1 MISSOURI DIVISION PAC$500.00
07/17/2019Committee to Elect Rita Heard DaysDARLENE DAVIS$500.00
07/17/2019Committee to Elect Rita Heard DaysGateway Clippers Holding LLC$500.00
07/17/2019Committee to Elect Rita Heard DaysNorth County Labor Legislative Club$500.00
07/17/2019Committee to Elect Rita Heard DaysEnterprise Holdings Inc. Political Action Committee$1,000.00
07/17/2019Committee to Elect Rita Heard DaysGlen Tope$2,599.05
07/17/2019Committee to Elect Rita Heard DaysKevin Gunn$500.00
07/17/2019Keep Government AccountableJohn Ferring$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 07/16/2019

07/16/2019No Bans on ChoiceRita B Freed$500.00
07/16/2019No Bans on ChoiceLinda L Zazove$500.00
07/16/2019Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilSaint Louis Association of Realtors Political Action Committee$500.00
07/16/2019Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilCHIPP Political Account$2,600.00
07/16/2019American Dream PACTimothy Drury - PRIMARY$12,500.00
07/16/2019Committee to Elect Rita Heard DaysCHIPP Political Account$2,600.00
07/16/2019Committee to Elect Rita Heard DaysJoyce Aboussie$500.00

Contribution Date: 07/15/2019

07/15/2019Megan Green For St LouisIUPAT$500.00
07/15/2019Catalyst PACEmerson Electric Co$17,400.00
07/15/2019Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilThe LouPAC$2,600.00
07/15/2019Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilMaxine Clark$1,000.00
07/15/2019Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilBabu Dandamudi$500.00
07/15/2019Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilJill Garlich$500.00
07/15/2019Committee to Elect Rita Heard DaysNexus PAC$1,500.00
07/15/2019Committee to Elect Rita Heard DaysUAW Region 5 Midwest States PAC$1,000.00
07/15/2019Committee to Elect Rita Heard DaysAGC of Missouri PAC$500.00
07/15/2019Committee to Elect Rita Heard DaysSt. Louis Associations of Realtors Political Action Committee$500.00
07/15/2019Committee to Elect Rita Heard DaysThe LouPAC$2,600.00

Contribution Date: 07/13/2019

07/13/2019No Bans on ChoiceNARAL Pro-Choice Missouri$7,500.00

Contribution Date: 07/12/2019

07/12/2019BUILD St. Louis PAC, Inc.ABC Supply Company$2,500.00
07/12/2019Citizens for Good GovernmentLINCOLN COUNTY PROFESSIONAL EMS ASSOCIATION$6,200.00
07/12/2019Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilCarol Rossfeld$500.00
07/12/2019HealthPACVicky Mieseler$500.00
07/12/2019The Madison PACBlue Cross and Blue Shield Kansas City$20,000.00
07/12/2019Committee to Elect Rita Heard DaysCLAIRE MCCASKILL$500.00

Contribution Date: 07/11/2019

07/11/2019Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilMANDEL & MANDEL LLP$1,000.00
07/11/2019Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilPatricia Brasher$500.00
07/11/2019Unite STLPelopidas, LLC$66,265.07
07/11/2019Vote Yes For Rolling Hills LibraryFriends of the Rolling Hills Library$7,500.00
07/11/2019Lathrop Gage Consulting Political Action CommitteeSouthern Glazer's Wine and Spirits, LLC$17,500.00

Contribution Date: 07/10/2019

07/10/2019Citizens for Good GovernmentLINCOLN COUNTY PROFESSIONAL EMS ASSOCIATION$7,000.00
07/10/2019Missouri Senior PACMACO Development Company L.L.C.$6,000.00
07/10/2019Missouri C PACMACO Development Company L.L.C.$6,000.00
07/10/2019Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilPlumbers & Pipefitters Local 562 Political Education Fund$1,000.00
07/10/2019Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilLee Kling$500.00
07/10/2019MO Majority PAC LLCMACO Development Company L.L.C.$6,000.00
07/10/2019HealthPACLori Wightman$500.00
07/10/2019Missouri Growth PACMACO Development Company L.L.C.$6,000.00
07/10/2019Missouri AG PACMACO Development Company L.L.C.$6,000.00
07/10/2019No Bans on ChoiceDiane Gershman Levine$1,000.00
07/10/2019No Bans on ChoiceACLU of Missouri$7,525.12
07/10/2019Keep Government AccountableELLIOTT DENNISTON$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 07/09/2019

07/09/2019MO Opportunity PACBRAD BEDELL$10,000.00
07/09/2019A Better Missouri Political Action CommitteeAnheuser-Busch Cos, Inc.$42,500.00
07/09/2019Living Well PACMARF$24,500.00
07/09/2019Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilNorth County Labor Legislative Club$1,000.00
07/09/2019Unite STLRex A. Sinquefield$180,366.34
07/09/2019CenturyLink Missouri Federal Employees Political Action CommitteeCenturyLink Inc. Employees Political Action Committee$10,610.00
07/09/2019Citizens for Amy PoelkerMilton Rudi$500.00

Contribution Date: 07/08/2019

07/08/2019MO Opportunity PACDrury Development Corporation$10,000.00
07/08/2019MO Opportunity PACJerald L Kent$10,000.00
07/08/2019Professional Fire Fighters of Eastern Missouri 2665 PAC FundProfessional Firefighters of Eastern Missouri$7,282.00
07/08/2019Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilUAW Region 5 Midwest States PAC$1,000.00
07/08/2019Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilNoemi Neidorff$500.00
07/08/2019Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilRuss Burns$500.00
07/08/2019Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilThomas Irwin$500.00
07/08/2019Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilNina Needleman$500.00
07/08/2019Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilMichael Staenberg$720.00
07/08/2019Vote 2020SEIU MISSOURI/KANSAS STATE COUNCIL$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 07/05/2019

07/05/2019BUILD St. Louis PAC, Inc.STRATEGIC ADVISORS LLC$1,000.00
07/05/2019Citizens for Megan ThompsonTK Thompson$25,000.00
07/05/2019Howell For JudgeJason Howell$10,000.00
07/05/2019Keep Government AccountableSue Fischlowitz$10,000.00
07/05/2019Keep Government Accountabledavid roberts$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 07/03/2019

07/03/2019Megan Green For St LouisCHIPP Political Account$750.00
07/03/2019Teamsters Local Union No 688 Political Action CommitteeDRIVE Committee - FEC ID#C00032979$10,612.12
07/03/2019Teamsters Local Union No 688 Political Action CommitteeInternational Brotherhood of Teamsters DRIVE$10,612.12
07/03/2019Fair MissouriMissouri Alliance for Freedom$40,978.36
07/03/2019Justus For KCGreg Porter$500.00
07/03/2019Justus For KCSmart Solutions Continuing Committee$1,420.63
07/03/2019CWA-COPE Political Contributions Federal CommitteeCommunications Workers of America- COPE PCC$1,000.00
07/03/2019UFCW Local 655 Elect ClubUFCW Local 655$5,950.14

Contribution Date: 07/02/2019

07/02/2019WPG PACWinton Policy Group$4,000.00
07/02/2019Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilCWA - COPE MISSOURI CHECKING$750.00
07/02/2019Kelli Dunaway for County Councildavid roberts$1,000.00
07/02/2019HEATHER HALL FOR CITY COUNCILRosana Biondo$500.00
07/02/2019HEATHER HALL FOR CITY COUNCILMissourians for Effective Leadership PAC$1,500.00
07/02/2019CWA-COPE Political Contributions Federal CommitteeCommunications Workers of America- COPE PCC$3,750.00

Contribution Date: 07/01/2019

07/01/2019Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilSheet Metal Workers International Association Local Union No. 36$1,500.00
07/01/2019HealthPACDENNIS ESTEP$500.00
07/01/2019Show Me Growth PACCL PAC$25,000.00
07/01/2019Justus For KCCHIPP$2,000.00
07/01/2019UFCW Local 655 Elect ClubUFCW Local 655$5,950.14

Contribution Date: 06/30/2019

06/30/2019Peter Merideth For Mo ProgressHamilton Callison$500.00
06/30/2019Page For MissouriMissouri Society of Anesthesiologists PAC$1,000.00
06/30/2019Page For MissouriColleen Millstone$500.00
06/30/2019Page For MissouriWilliam Bolster$2,000.00
06/30/2019Citizens for Good GovernmentProfessional Firefighters of Eastern Missouri PAC$700.00
06/30/2019Citizens for Good GovernmentFirefighters Of North County Pac$500.00
06/30/2019Professional Firefighters of North St Louis County PACCitizens for Good Government PAC$1,500.00
06/30/2019Beck For MissouriProfessional Fire Fighters Of Eastern Missouri 2665 Pac Fund$2,500.00
06/30/2019Beck For MissouriProfessional Fire Fighters of Central St. Louis County PAC$2,500.00
06/30/2019Beck For MissouriTeamsters Local Union 688$500.00
06/30/2019Roberts For St LouisSteven Roberts II$50,000.00
06/30/2019Friends Of Alan GreenDarryl Jones$1,000.00
06/30/2019Friends Of Alan GreenCitizens for Good Government PAC$500.00
06/30/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateAmerican Democracy Alliance Ridgely PAC$2,500.00
06/30/2019SCOTT SIFTON FOR MISSOURIKevin Gunn$500.00
06/30/2019SCOTT SIFTON FOR MISSOURIRonald Danna$500.00
06/30/2019Citizens For HoskinsSt. Louis County Police Association Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 111$2,000.00
06/30/2019Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilHeat & Frost Insulators & Allied Workers Local No. 1 Political Fund Account No. 1$1,000.00
06/30/2019Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilLee Marshall$500.00
06/30/2019Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilProfessional Fire Fighters of Central St. Louis County PAC$1,500.00
06/30/2019Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilProfessional Fire Fighters Of Eastern Missouri 2665 Pac Fund$500.00
06/30/2019Gannon For Jefferson CountyClifford Gannon$600.00
06/30/2019Missourians For Mike CierpiotCoalition for Advanced Learning$1,000.00
06/30/2019Friends Of Kathy SwanWestern MO Leadership Fund$2,000.00
06/30/2019Friends Of Kathy SwanDonald Rosenbarger$500.00
06/30/2019Teamsters Local Union 541 Political Action FundTeamsters Local Union 541$2,272.73
06/30/2019Lincoln PACPhoenix Home Care$10,000.00
06/30/2019American Dream PACDealers Interested in Government$10,000.00
06/30/2019Friends Of Jeff ShawanWestern Missouri Leadership Fund$2,000.00
06/30/2019Committee To Elect ReedJeff Rainford$1,000.00
06/30/2019Lavender For State SenateLaura Shea$500.00
06/30/2019Lavender For State SenateLaurie Ford$500.00
06/30/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurPOL PAC$1,000.00
06/30/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurRural Telecommunications Committee PAC$500.00
06/30/2019Fitzpatrick For MissouriValarie Hutchens$2,650.00
06/30/2019Fitzpatrick For MissouriPhil Hutchens$2,650.00
06/30/2019Fitzpatrick For MissouriTracy Hamilton$2,650.00
06/30/2019Fitzpatrick For MissouriRyan Hamilton$2,650.00
06/30/2019Fitzpatrick For MissouriRandy Swanson$2,650.00
06/30/2019Fitzpatrick For MissouriMO Alliance for Freedom Grace River PAC$2,600.00
06/30/2019Fitzpatrick For MissouriAmerican Democracy Alliance-Ridgley PAC$2,600.00
06/30/2019Fitzpatrick For MissouriRICHARD EBERSOLD$2,600.00
06/30/2019Fitzpatrick For MissouriRobert Crawford$2,600.00
06/30/2019Fitzpatrick For MissouriAlan Landes$2,600.00
06/30/2019Fitzpatrick For MissouriBRAD LAGER$2,600.00
06/30/2019Fitzpatrick For MissouriRandy Herzog$2,600.00
06/30/2019Fitzpatrick For MissouriMark Hamilton$2,600.00
06/30/2019Fitzpatrick For MissouriJIM JACKSON$2,000.00
06/30/2019Fitzpatrick For MissouriFord Motor Company Civic Action Fund-MO$1,000.00
06/30/2019Committee to Elect Rita Heard DaysProfessional Fire Fighters of Central St. Louis County PAC$500.00
06/30/2019Committee to Elect Rita Heard DaysProfessional Fire Fighters of North St. Louis County PAC$500.00
06/30/2019Committee to Elect Rita Heard DaysProfessional Fire Fighters Of Eastern Missouri 2665 Pac Fund$500.00
06/30/2019Missouri Democratic State CommitteeLadonna Appelbaum For MO$500.00
06/30/2019Missouri Democratic State CommitteePeter Merideth for MO Progress$500.00
06/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriNancy Langworthy$2,500.00
06/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriJay Baumohl$500.00
06/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriSally Silvers$500.00
06/30/2019Committee To Elect Pam BoydInt Assoc of Fire Fighters Local 73$500.00
06/30/2019Home Builders Assc of Greater KC Missouri S PACHOME BUILDERS ASSOC OF GREATER KC-PAC$2,000.00
06/30/2019Professional Firefighters of Tri-County PACEureka Fire Shop Flower Fund$500.00

Contribution Date: 06/29/2019

06/29/2019Committee To Elect Jon CarpenterCHIPP Political Account$10,000.00
06/29/2019Uniting Missouri PACKetchmark & McCreight PC$50,000.00
06/29/2019Uniting Missouri PACKETCHMARCK & MCCREIGHT PC$50,000.00
06/29/2019Families For Kimberly-Ann CollinsEd Shalabi$1,000.00
06/29/2019Missourians for Tina GoodrickDavid Martin$500.00
06/29/2019Missourians For Cody SmithSt. Louis Co Police Association PAC$2,000.00
06/29/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeSandra Farmer$2,600.00
06/29/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeKathy Farmer$2,600.00
06/29/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeShawn Burcham$500.00
06/29/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeJohnson & Johnson - Missouri PAC$1,000.00
06/29/2019Friends For Travis FitzwaterMissouri Realtors PAC Inc$500.00
06/29/2019SCOTT SIFTON FOR MISSOURIShelter Insurance State PAC$1,000.00
06/29/2019FRIENDS OF HOLLY REHDERJosh Haynes$1,000.00
06/29/2019Schmitt For MissouriDavid Hogan$2,650.00
06/29/2019Schmitt For MissouriPat McAtee$1,000.00
06/29/2019Schmitt For MissouriJim McAtee$1,000.00
06/29/2019Schmitt For MissouriLindsay Trulaske$2,600.00
06/29/2019Friends For Chris Dodson DinkinsMo Association of Nurse Anesthetists Political Action Committee$500.00
06/29/2019MO DENTAL HYGIENISTS PACAmber Riley$1,000.00
06/29/2019Wright For MissouriMHA PAC$2,000.00
06/29/2019Wright For MissouriMO Majority PAC$500.00
06/29/2019Wright For MissouriA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
06/29/2019Friends Of Jeff ShawanMHA PAC$2,000.00
06/29/2019Friends Of Jeff ShawanWPG PAC$750.00
06/29/2019Friends Of Jeff ShawanSt. Louis County Police Association PAC$1,000.00
06/29/2019Committee To Elect ReedCharles Brown$1,000.00
06/29/2019Friends Of Mary Elizabeth ColemanMissouri Realtors PAC, Inc$500.00
06/29/2019PROGRESSWOMENLynn Kipnis$500.00
06/29/2019FRIENDS OF ERNIE TRAKASMartin Davis$600.00
06/29/2019Committee To Elect Pierson JrHeat & Frost Insulators & Allied Workers Local PAC #1$500.00
06/29/2019Team ButlerATU COPE Voluntary$500.00
06/29/2019Team ButlerCWA COPE Missouri$500.00
06/29/2019Team ButlerInt'l Assoc of Fire Fighters Local #73$1,000.00
06/29/2019Committee To Elect Becky RuthMO ASSOCIATION OF NURSE ANESTHETISTS PAC$500.00
06/29/2019Friends Of Rory RowlandRory Rowland$100,000.00
06/29/2019RAZER FOR MISSOURISteve Butz$500.00
06/29/2019Sarah Unsicker For State RepresentativeAmy Peters$500.00

Contribution Date: 06/28/2019

06/28/2019Lyda Krewson for MayorHamilton Callison$500.00
06/28/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncJ&J Ventures Gaming of MO, LLC$1,000.00
06/28/2019Good Government for MissouriWinton Policy Group$500.00
06/28/2019Committee to Elect Carl Rose SheriffCarl Rose$700.00
06/28/2019Page For MissouriAsim Raza$1,000.00
06/28/2019Page For MissouriMichael Barton$550.00
06/28/2019Friends of Trish GunbyDr. Stanley Vriezelaar$1,000.00
06/28/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeJulie Burcham$2,600.00
06/28/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeShawn Burcham$2,600.00
06/28/2019Freedom's Promise PACCL PAC$10,000.00
06/28/2019Missouri A/C and Mechanical ContractorsFix MO HVAC-R$669.22
06/28/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateAlan Landes$2,500.00
06/28/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateMO Alliance for Freedom Grace River PAC$2,500.00
06/28/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateEnterprise Holdings Inc Political Action Committee$2,600.00
06/28/2019SCOTT SIFTON FOR MISSOURIGeneral Motors Company PAC$1,000.00
06/28/2019Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilCLAIRE MCCASKILL$500.00
06/28/2019Bondon For MissouriSOUTHERN GLAZER'S MISSOURI PAC$1,500.00
06/28/2019Bondon For MissouriLathrop Gage Consulting PAC$2,500.00
06/28/2019Heat & Frost Insulators Local 27 Political Education CommitteeHeat & Frost Insulators Local 27$2,090.94
06/28/2019Friends Of JusticeEnterprise Holding PAC$2,600.00
06/28/2019Jamison for MissouriMark Ferguson$500.00
06/28/2019Friends of Kari L ChesneyKelsey Raymond$500.00
06/28/2019Friends Of Jeff ShawanResponsible Building PAC$2,000.00
06/28/2019Committee To Elect ReedCLAUDE BROWN JR$1,000.00
06/28/2019Committee To Elect ReedGary Pohrer$1,000.00
06/28/2019Lavender For State SenateCHUCK HATFIELD$1,000.00
06/28/2019Lavender For State SenateMichael Antoine$500.00
06/28/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurGreater Kansas City AFL-CIO$1,000.00
06/28/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurMissouri Senior PAC$1,000.00
06/28/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurPHYSICIAN LED ANESTHESIA CARE PAC$500.00
06/28/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurMO Society of Anesthesiologists PAC$500.00
06/28/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurPhil Scaglia$500.00
06/28/2019Rogers for ProgressJeff Morris$500.00
06/28/2019Friends For MuntzelMissouri Insurance Coalition PAC$750.00
06/28/2019BUILD St. Louis PAC, Inc.Great Central Lumber Co.$500.00
06/28/2019Summit Democratic ClubJAMES GIOKARIS$700.00
06/28/2019Voters for Patty LewisBeth Nay$1,000.00
06/28/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACREED LUDLOW$700.00
06/28/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACPAUL EVON$555.56
06/28/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACJOSEPH PESANSKY$714.29
06/28/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACJoseph Cardello$714.29
06/28/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMichelle Kay$500.00
06/28/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACScott Skarstad$555.56
06/28/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACDAVID SHOOP$625.00
06/28/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACJEFFREY SCHUCHARDT$1,000.00
06/28/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMARK MCDARIS$555.56
06/28/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACPHILLIP LAY$555.56
06/28/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACJEFFREY KROGEN$625.00
06/28/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACAlan Kahn$555.56
06/28/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACBRYAN CALLOWAY$714.29
06/28/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACJOHN MURPHY$5,000.00
06/28/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACBrett Frazee$500.00
06/28/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACKevin Morrissey$500.00
06/28/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMICHAEL GERGES$500.00
06/28/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACEric Schonhoff$625.00
06/28/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACSTEPHEN MCNAIR$625.00
06/28/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACNATONYA DEMULLING$500.00
06/28/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACJohn Wyatt$714.29
06/28/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACPETER FREY$500.00
06/28/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACCHASE CARROLL$1,000.00
06/28/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACHoward Puterman$500.00
06/28/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACSusan Best$500.00
06/28/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACSCOTT LERCH$555.56
06/28/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACDOUGLAS COUGHLAN$625.00
06/28/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACCHARLES MASLIN$500.00
06/28/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACD. TURNER$555.56
06/28/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACDAVID LAMONTE$714.29
06/28/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMichael Humphrey$500.00
06/28/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACDavid Litzau$555.56
06/28/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMICHAEL FILOMENA$625.00
06/28/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACSHAUN SHERMAN$625.00
06/28/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACCASEY BARNES$500.00
06/28/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACKelly Hunt$555.56
06/28/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACDaniel Artone$714.29
06/28/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACAndrew Dolloph$500.00
06/28/2019MO CHAMBER PACHolcim$1,000.00
06/28/2019Team ButlerAnthony Thompson$500.00
06/28/2019Eigel For MissouriFranklin County Leadership PAC$2,500.00
06/28/2019MO COALITION FOR FAIR COMPETITIONCrescent Parts & Equip Co Inc$975.00
06/28/2019Citizens for Doug ErvinPatek & Associates, LLC$2,500.00
06/28/2019RAZER FOR MISSOURIDonald Flora$500.00
06/28/2019MO Soybean Association State PAC (MO SoyPAC)Thompson Coburn, LLP$2,500.00
06/28/2019WIELAND NOWMissoutri Land Title PAC$500.00

Contribution Date: 06/27/2019

06/27/2019MISSOURI SENATE CAMPAIGN COMMITTEEMissouri Realtors PAC$5,000.00
06/27/2019Holly PACMAVERICK CONSULTING LLC$1,000.00
06/27/2019Holly PACCL PAC$5,000.00
06/27/2019Uniting Missouri PACBNSF Railway Company$10,000.00
06/27/2019Page For MissouriCarolyn Pryor$500.00
06/27/2019Page For MissouriDavid Dobmeyer$500.00
06/27/2019Friends of Trish GunbyScott Stern$500.00
06/27/2019Show Me Leadership PACOnder Law$1,000.00
06/27/2019Friends For Travis FitzwaterAmeren Missouri PAC$500.00
06/27/2019Friends For Travis FitzwaterMissouri Senior PAC$1,000.00
06/27/2019Friends For Travis FitzwaterPharmacist Political Action Committee of Missouri$1,000.00
06/27/2019Friends For Travis FitzwaterAMECPAC$1,000.00
06/27/2019Friends For Travis FitzwaterAMECPAC$500.00
06/27/2019Friends For Travis FitzwaterLathrop Gage Consulting PAC$1,000.00
06/27/2019Friends For Travis FitzwaterSouthern Glazers Missouri PAC$1,000.00
06/27/2019Friends For Travis FitzwaterHBS MO State PAC$500.00
06/27/2019Missouri Senior PACTorch Electronics$8,000.00
06/27/2019Missouri Senior PACTorch Electronics$6,250.00
06/27/2019Roberts For St LouisMissouri Senior PAC$1,000.00
06/27/2019Western Missouri Leadership FundHealthPAC$9,000.00
06/27/2019Friends Of Alan GreenSteven Lechner$500.00
06/27/2019Citizens for Megan ThompsonMegan Thompson$75,000.00
06/27/2019LOCAL 41 POLITICAL ACTION FUNDDRIVE Committee$16,976.00
06/27/2019Missouri C PACTORCH ELECTRONICS LLC$6,250.00
06/27/2019Missouri C PACTORCH ELECTRONICS LLC$8,000.00
06/27/2019Missouri C PACTorch Electronics$6,250.00
06/27/2019Missouri C PACTorch Electronics$8,000.00
06/27/2019AGC of MO PACKozeny-Wagner, Inc.$1,054.00
06/27/2019AGC of MO PACARCO Construction Co.$1,054.00
06/27/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateTaxpayers Unlimited, Inc.$2,500.00
06/27/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateMissouri State Council of Fire Fighters PAC$2,500.00
06/27/2019SCOTT SIFTON FOR MISSOURIMissouri Senior PAC$1,000.00
06/27/2019SCOTT SIFTON FOR MISSOURIMissouri Independent Bankers Association PAC$500.00
06/27/2019SCOTT SIFTON FOR MISSOURIDale Lindhorst$500.00
06/27/2019Schmitt For MissouriRandy Herzog$2,600.00
06/27/2019Schmitt For MissouriBRAD LAGER$2,600.00
06/27/2019Schmitt For MissouriAlan Landes, LLC$2,600.00
06/27/2019Schmitt For MissouriRobert Crawford$2,600.00
06/27/2019Schmitt For MissouriTimothy Sotos$2,650.00
06/27/2019Schmitt For MissouriMarybeth Sotos$2,650.00
06/27/2019Schmitt For MissouriEllen Merriman$2,650.00
06/27/2019Schmitt For MissouriMichael Merriman$2,650.00
06/27/2019Schmitt For MissouriRICHARD EBERSOLD$2,600.00
06/27/2019Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilRobert Clark$500.00
06/27/2019Bondon For MissouriResponsible Building PAC$1,000.00
06/27/2019MO Majority PAC LLCTORCH ELECTRONICS LLC$8,000.00
06/27/2019MO Majority PAC LLCTorch Electronics$8,000.00
06/27/2019Friends of David ColeLloyd Smith$1,000.00
06/27/2019Friends Of JusticeAshley Mosier$1,050.00
06/27/2019American Dream PACAssociated Memorials Inc.$1,000.00
06/27/2019Missouri Growth PACTORCH ELECTRONICS LLC$8,000.00
06/27/2019Missouri Growth PACTorch Electronics$8,000.00
06/27/2019Lavender For State SenateDana Sandweiss$500.00
06/27/2019Missouri AG PACTORCH ELECTRONICS LLC$6,250.00
06/27/2019Missouri AG PACTORCH ELECTRONICS LLC$8,000.00
06/27/2019Missouri AG PACTorch Electronics$6,250.00
06/27/2019Missouri AG PACTorch Electronics$8,000.00
06/27/2019Friends Of Andrew KoenigFRIENDS OF TERRY BOOKER$1,000.00
06/27/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCJack Langley$880.00
06/27/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurJoyce Aboussie$2,500.00
06/27/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurMary Neal$1,500.00
06/27/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurMaxine Clark$500.00
06/27/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurJeremy Lafaver$500.00
06/27/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurTODD PATTERSON$500.00
06/27/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurSarah Rowland$500.00
06/27/2019CL PACNexus PAC$10,000.00
06/27/2019St Louis County Police Association PACSt. Louis County Police Association, FOP Lodge 111$3,500.00
06/27/2019Mike Moon For MissouriConservative Citizens Coalition$2,500.00
06/27/2019Fitzpatrick For MissouriCaleb Arthur$2,000.00
06/27/2019Vote 2020Missouri Organizing and Voter Engagement Collaborative$5,000.00
06/27/2019TEAMSTERS LOCAL 600 DRIVE PACInternational Brotherhood of Teamsters DRIVE$4,283.00
06/27/2019Nexus PACMcCormack Baron Salazar, Inc.$5,000.00
06/27/2019Missouri American Water Company Employees Political Action CommitteeINP Inspection Services LLC$2,500.00
06/27/2019Missouri American Water Company Employees Political Action CommitteeStockman Construction Corp.$1,000.00
06/27/2019FRIENDS FOR FRANCISMO Majority PAC$500.00
06/27/2019Keep Government AccountableDon Lents$2,500.00

Contribution Date: 06/26/2019

06/26/2019Support the SavagesMichael Kozminski$500.00
06/26/2019SE Missouri Building Trades CouncilBridge And Structural Iron Workers Local 396$600.00
06/26/2019New Approach MissouriLLC$2,000.00
06/26/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCommittee To Elect Houx$500.00
06/26/2019MO Opportunity PACMissouri State Council of Fire Fighters PAC$10,000.00
06/26/2019MO Republican PartySchmitt for Missouri$5,000.00
06/26/2019MO Republican PartyParson For Missouri$5,000.00
06/26/2019Page For MissouriAlan Wild$500.00
06/26/2019Missouri Forward PACMissouri Society Of Anestesiologists PAC$2,500.00
06/26/2019Friends of Trish GunbyMaureen Jordan$500.00
06/26/2019Manlove For MissouriDealers Interested in Government$500.00
06/26/2019Beck For MissouriSt. Louis County Police Association PAC$1,000.00
06/26/2019Roberts For St LouisSt Louis County Police Association PAC$1,000.00
06/26/2019Friends Of Curtis TrentSt. Louis County Police Association PAC$1,000.00
06/26/2019Friends Of Curtis TrentHealthPAC$2,000.00
06/26/2019Alex Riley for State RepresentativeMichelle Schauer$500.00
06/26/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrHome PAC$1,000.00
06/26/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrZACHARY WALLACE$500.00
06/26/2019LaDonna Appelbaum For MissouriMissouri Realtors PAC$500.00
06/26/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateSt. Louis County Police Association PAC$2,000.00
06/26/2019SCOTT SIFTON FOR MISSOURIStanley Vriezelaar$1,000.00
06/26/2019SCOTT SIFTON FOR MISSOURIMissouri Realtors PAC$500.00
06/26/2019SCOTT SIFTON FOR MISSOURISean Gagen$500.00
06/26/2019Friends Of Lincoln HoughLeland Gannaway$500.00
06/26/2019Friends Of Lincoln HoughAlan Rosen$500.00
06/26/2019Friends Of Lincoln HoughHEAL PAC$750.00
06/26/2019Friends Of Lincoln HoughAndrew Schultz$1,000.00
06/26/2019Friends Of Lincoln HoughEmergency Medicine PAC$1,000.00
06/26/2019Friends Of Lincoln HoughMissouri Dental PAC$1,000.00
06/26/2019Friends Of Lincoln HoughMORESPAC$1,000.00
06/26/2019Friends Of Lincoln HoughRyan DeBoef$1,000.00
06/26/2019Friends Of Lincoln HoughDavid Litherland$2,000.00
06/26/2019Friends Of Lincoln HoughCHEYENNE$2,500.00
06/26/2019Friends Of Lincoln HoughPOL PAC$2,500.00
06/26/2019Friends Of Lincoln HoughAbigal Rose$2,500.00
06/26/2019Friends Of Lincoln HoughGM PAC$2,500.00
06/26/2019Friends Of Lincoln HoughHEALTH PAC$2,500.00
06/26/2019Friends Of Lincoln HoughAlison McQueary$2,500.00
06/26/2019Friends Of Lincoln HoughWilliam McQueary$2,500.00
06/26/2019Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilEastern Missouri Laborers' Educational & Benevolent Fund$2,000.00
06/26/2019Friends For Chris Dodson DinkinsA BETTER MISSOURI$500.00
06/26/2019MO PORK-PACPIC$500.00
06/26/2019Friends Of Kathy SwanXcaliber MO PAC$500.00
06/26/2019Friends Of Kathy SwanMO PODIATRY PAC$500.00
06/26/2019Friends Of Kathy SwanJerry Stone$500.00
06/26/2019Lincoln PACCURO GROUP LLC$500.00
06/26/2019Lincoln PACHealthPAC$5,000.00
06/26/2019Friends of David ColeMO Majority PAC$1,500.00
06/26/2019Friends Of Hannah KellyGREG HORTON$1,000.00
06/26/2019Pfizer Missouri Political Action Committee - Federal CommitteePFIZER INC. PAC$2,600.00
06/26/2019Patterson For MissouriMissouri Osteopathic PAC$2,000.00
06/26/2019Citizens For WiemannMO Realtors PAC$500.00
06/26/2019Citizens For WiemannSt Louis County Police Assoc PAC$1,000.00
06/26/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurAMECPAC$1,500.00
06/26/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurNancy Grove$1,000.00
06/26/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurSPIRE Political Action Committee$1,000.00
06/26/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurAmy Dubman$500.00
06/26/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurDale Lindhorst$500.00
06/26/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurAnna Forder$500.00
06/26/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurJennifer Scissors$500.00
06/26/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurInternational Union of Elevator Constructors Local No. 3 PAC Fund$500.00
06/26/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurTracy Downing$500.00
06/26/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurBank of America Political Action Committee$500.00
06/26/2019Friends For MuntzelMissouri Realtors PAC Inc$500.00
06/26/2019Friends For MuntzelMissouri Hospital for Health PAC$2,000.00
06/26/2019Citizens For Jake ZimmermanLaborers International Union Of N.A. Local No. 42$500.00
06/26/2019Citizens For Rocky MillerMHA PAC$2,000.00
06/26/2019Citizens For Rocky MillerAMECPAC$500.00
06/26/2019Citizens For Rocky MillerRQC PAC$1,500.00
06/26/2019Henderson For MissouriAMEC Pac$500.00
06/26/2019Citizens for OwenThomas W and Suandra B Lynch$1,000.00
06/26/2019Old Drum Conservative PACCL PAC$10,000.00
06/26/2019Eigel For MissouriMissouri Realtors PAC$500.00
06/26/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriMary Neal$1,650.00
06/26/2019Committee To Elect Becky RuthBNSF Railway Co RAILPAC Missouri$2,000.00
06/26/2019Committee To Elect Becky RuthDealers Interested in Government$2,000.00
06/26/2019Committee To Elect Becky RuthMAPAC$500.00
06/26/2019Committee To Elect Becky RuthAMECPAC$500.00
06/26/2019Committee To Elect Becky RuthPOL PAC$500.00
06/26/2019Citizens for Doug ErvinNorthland KC Leadership PAC$500.00
06/26/2019Central to Good Government PACCentral Bank of Jefferson City$5,000.00
06/26/2019Central to Good Government PACCentral Bancompany$5,000.00
06/26/2019Central to Good Government PACCentral Bank of St. Louis$3,000.00
06/26/2019Central to Good Government PACCentral Bank of the Ozarks$3,000.00
06/26/2019Central to Good Government PACCentral Bank of Boone County$3,000.00
06/26/2019CITIZENS FOR EGGLESTONMissouri Soybean Assn PAC$500.00
06/26/2019Keep Government AccountableMaxine Clark$5,000.00

Contribution Date: 06/25/2019

06/25/2019H-PACCURO GROUP LLC$500.00
06/25/2019Friends for FunkJohn Lovell$1,000.00
06/25/2019Onder For MissouriSondra Miltenberger$1,000.00
06/25/2019Onder For MissouriSouthern Glazers Missouri PAC$1,000.00
06/25/2019Onder For MissouriMO Republican Attorneys for Civil Justice PAC$1,000.00
06/25/2019Onder For MissouriMissouri Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Assn PAC$500.00
06/25/2019Onder For MissouriLathrop Gage Consulting PAC$1,000.00
06/25/2019Good Government for MissouriDawn Sandweiss$1,000.00
06/25/2019Committee to Elect Carl Rose SheriffCarl Rose$500.00
06/25/2019Citizens for Barry GlantzBuild St. Louis PAC$1,500.00
06/25/2019Citizens for Barry GlantzDavid Wright$500.00
06/25/2019Page For MissouriKaylea Boutwell$2,700.00
06/25/2019JEFF HARRIS FOR CIRCUIT JUDGEGreg Wendt$1,000.00
06/25/2019Citizens For Jeff ColemanMarc Taormina$1,000.00
06/25/2019Citizens For Jeff ColemanCoalition for Advanced Learning PAC$500.00
06/25/2019Beck For MissouriAmeren Missouri PAC$500.00
06/25/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeWPG PAC$2,600.00
06/25/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeTerry Rehma$1,000.00
06/25/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeCourtney Mertens$500.00
06/25/2019Friends Of Curtis TrentCoalition For Disability Rights$1,000.00
06/25/2019Missouri A/C and Mechanical ContractorsHoffmann Brothers Heating Air Conditioning Plumbing$10,000.00
06/25/2019Friends of Jamilah NasheedCheyenne International$2,500.00
06/25/2019Friends of Jamilah NasheedSusan McCollum$1,000.00
06/25/2019Friends of Jamilah NasheedNexus PAC$2,600.00
06/25/2019SCOTT SIFTON FOR MISSOURINexus PAC$2,500.00
06/25/2019SCOTT SIFTON FOR MISSOURISusan McCollum$1,000.00
06/25/2019Schmitt For MissouriTONY FEATHER$1,650.00
06/25/2019Schmitt For MissouriJane Middendorf$2,650.00
06/25/2019Bondon For MissouriDealers Interested in Government$1,000.00
06/25/2019Missourians For Mike CierpiotKansas City Southern Employee PAC$1,000.00
06/25/2019Missourians For Mike CierpiotPOL PAC$2,500.00
06/25/2019Missourians For Mike CierpiotMissouri Medical Pac 1077$500.00
06/25/2019Missourians For Mike CierpiotMarc Taormina$500.00
06/25/2019Missourians For Mike CierpiotKansas City Regional Assoc of Realtors MO RPAC$1,000.00
06/25/2019Missourians For Mike CierpiotDealers Interested in Government$2,500.00
06/25/2019Friends Of Kathy SwanDan Driskell$800.00
06/25/2019Maggie Nurrenbern for MissouriDebra Ahern$1,000.00
06/25/2019Friends Of Jeff ShawanRoy Pfautch$1,000.00
06/25/2019Friends Of Jeff ShawanButler County Landlord Association$500.00
06/25/2019Lavender For State SenateJoyce Aboussie$2,500.00
06/25/2019Lavender For State SenateDave Roberts$2,500.00
06/25/2019Lavender For State SenateJason Lane$500.00
06/25/2019Citizens For WiemannMO STATE TROOPERS ASSOC PAC$500.00
06/25/2019Citizens For WiemannMissouri Insurance Coalition PAC$1,000.00
06/25/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurDealers Interested in Government$2,500.00
06/25/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurChristopher Dandurand$2,500.00
06/25/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurBart Baumstark$1,000.00
06/25/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurJamie Boock$1,000.00
06/25/2019SPRINKLER FITTERS LOCAL #314 POLITICAL FUNDSprinkler Fitters Local 314$1,264.71
06/25/2019Citizens For Jake ZimmermanNick Niknejadi$752.00
06/25/2019Washington4MO23Dealers Interested in Government$500.00
06/25/2019Vote 2020Missouri Organizing and Voter Engagement Collaborative$5,000.00
06/25/2019Ashcroft For MissouriBenny Thomas$500.00
06/25/2019MO CHAMBER PACCrawford, Murphy & Tilly, Inc.$1,000.00
06/25/2019MO Osteopathic PACJeffr Davis$540.00
06/25/2019MO Rental Dealers Association PACAll American Rental$500.00
06/25/2019Missouri American Water Company Employees Political Action CommitteeAccurate Pump Repair$1,000.00
06/25/2019Friends Of Eric BurlisonMICHAEL GIBBONS$500.00
06/25/2019JOHNSON & JOHNSON PAC MISSOURI (affiliated with Johnson & Johnson Federal PAC)Johnson & Johnson Federal Employee PAC$2,000.00
06/25/2019RAZER FOR MISSOURIDealers Interested in Government$1,000.00
06/25/2019RAZER FOR MISSOURITricia Workman$1,000.00

Contribution Date: 06/24/2019

06/24/2019Pitman For MissouriYoung Guns Missouri PAC$2,000.00
06/24/2019Schnelting For MissouriBNSF Railway Company Rail PAC Missouri$500.00
06/24/2019Schnelting For MissouriSaint Charles County Association of Realtors PAC$500.00
06/24/2019Uniting Missouri PACThompson Coburn LLP$5,000.00
06/24/2019Page For MissouriShawn Clark$500.00
06/24/2019JEFF HARRIS FOR CIRCUIT JUDGEDon Walsworth$500.00
06/24/2019FRIENDS OF SHAULSsouthern Glazers Missouri PAC$500.00
06/24/2019FRIENDS OF SHAULLathrop Gage Consulting PAC$500.00
06/24/2019FRIENDS OF SHAULDealers in Government$500.00
06/24/2019FRIENDS OF SHAULJ & J Ventures Gaming Of MO LLC$500.00
06/24/2019FRIENDS OF SHAULMissouri First$500.00
06/24/2019MOTruck PACWitte Brothers Exchange Inc.$2,000.00
06/24/2019MOTruck PACTransport Distribution Company$500.00
06/24/2019MOTruck PACTransland$2,000.00
06/24/2019MOTruck PACScheppers International Truck Center$2,000.00
06/24/2019MOTruck PACSandberg, Phoenix, and Von Gontard$1,500.00
06/24/2019MOTruck PACPilot-Flying J$800.00
06/24/2019MOTruck PACPeterbilt of Springfield$2,000.00
06/24/2019MOTruck PACOpies Transport$500.00
06/24/2019MOTruck PACMid-America Peterbilt$3,000.00
06/24/2019MOTruck PACMHC Kenworth$750.00
06/24/2019MOTruck PACKraft Tank Corporation$1,000.00
06/24/2019MOTruck PACKenworth Truck Company$1,750.00
06/24/2019MOTruck PACGateway Truck & Refrigeration$2,000.00
06/24/2019MOTruck PACG C Potterfield Trucking Inc$1,000.00
06/24/2019MOTruck PACD & D Sexton$750.00
06/24/2019MOTruck PACCummins Sales and Service$1,250.00
06/24/2019MOTruck PACCraftsmen Utility Trailer$1,000.00
06/24/2019MOTruck PACCorporate Billing$550.00
06/24/2019MOTruck PACClimate Express$2,000.00
06/24/2019MOTruck PACCIT Trucks LLC$1,500.00
06/24/2019MOTruck PACChristenson Transportation Inc.$1,000.00
06/24/2019MOTruck PACBMO Transportation Finance$2,250.00
06/24/2019MOTruck PACBlyth Trailer Sales$1,000.00
06/24/2019MOTruck PACGully Transportation Inc.$800.00
06/24/2019MOTruck PACBarlow Truck Lines Inc.$500.00
06/24/2019MOTruck PACAllied Oil & Supply Inc$500.00
06/24/2019Citizens For Jeff ColemanMissouri Medical Pac 1077$500.00
06/24/2019Citizens For Jeff ColemanAssociation of Realtors Missouri PAC$500.00
06/24/2019Kansas City Southern Employees PAC (Federal Committee)KCS Employees PAC$2,000.00
06/24/2019Missourians For Cody SmithWGP PAC$1,500.00
06/24/2019Beck For MissouriGeneral Motors Company - PAC Missouri$1,000.00
06/24/2019Show Me Leadership PACNexus PAC$2,500.00
06/24/2019Friends Of Curtis TrentPOL PAC$1,000.00
06/24/2019Friends Of Curtis TrentMissouri Chamber PAC$2,000.00
06/24/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrGeneral Motors Company PAC$2,000.00
06/24/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrSteven Stull$750.00
06/24/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateBRAD LAGER$2,500.00
06/24/2019Haden For State RepresentativeMissouri Realtors PAC$500.00
06/24/2019Haden For State RepresentativeMHA Political Action Committee for Health$500.00
06/24/2019Haden For State RepresentativeKenny and Lori Twillman$500.00
06/24/2019Haden For State RepresentativeKenny and Susan Brinker$500.00
06/24/2019Haden For State RepresentativeMissouri Veterinary Medical PAC$1,000.00
06/24/2019Friends of Terry ThompsonMBA TRUMAN REGION PAC$1,000.00
06/24/2019IBEW Local 1464 CopeKansas City Power & Light Company$1,104.50
06/24/2019Friends For Chuck BasyeMissouri Insurance Coalition PAC$500.00
06/24/2019Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilBuilding Trades Political Education Fund$500.00
06/24/2019Bondon For MissouriMO Majority PAC$2,500.00
06/24/2019Bondon For MissouriMBA TRUMAN REGION PAC$1,000.00
06/24/2019MO PORK-PACSioux Nation AG$500.00
06/24/2019MO PORK-PACPurina$1,000.00
06/24/2019MO PORK-PACRabo AgriFinance$500.00
06/24/2019MO PORK-PACADM$1,160.00
06/24/2019MO PORK-PACClimate Corp$750.00
06/24/2019MO PORK-PACS&C Resale-JBS$500.00
06/24/2019MO PORK-PACFirst State Insurance$500.00
06/24/2019MO PORK-PACRoeslin Alternative Energy$500.00
06/24/2019MO PORK-PACHarrison Creek Farms$900.00
06/24/2019MO PORK-PACMurphy Family Ventures$900.00
06/24/2019MO PORK-PACCFM Insurance$500.00
06/24/2019MO PORK-PACMt. Zion Homestead$500.00
06/24/2019Friends of David ColePolitical Action Committee for Health (HealthPAC)$2,500.00
06/24/2019Friends Of JusticeDoug Russell$1,000.00
06/24/2019Jamison for MissouriKevin Jamison$1,000.00
06/24/2019Friends Of Hannah KellyWestgate Trailers Sales & Repairs Special Account$500.00
06/24/2019Hirth for JudgeStephen Goldman$500.00
06/24/2019Patterson For MissouriMissouri RPAC$500.00
06/24/2019Lavender For State SenateJill Schupp$500.00
06/24/2019Lavender For State SenateAllison Burgess$500.00
06/24/2019Lavender For State SenateZoe Perkins$500.00
06/24/2019CITIZENS FOR ELAINE GANNONA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
06/24/2019Committee To Elect Paula BrownBenjamin Sandler$500.00
06/24/2019Citizens For WiemannShamrock PAC$2,000.00
06/24/2019Citizens For WiemannMO Majority PAC$2,000.00
06/24/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurAndrea McNairy$2,500.00
06/24/2019Kevin O'Neill For City Council Kansas City MissouriKansas City Regional Association of Realtors$500.00
06/24/2019HEATHER HALL FOR CITY COUNCILKansas City Regional Association of Realtors$500.00
06/24/2019HEATHER HALL FOR CITY COUNCILBuilders Association Political Action Committee, KC Chapter$500.00
06/24/2019Citizens for OwenSteve Jennifer Edwards$1,000.00
06/24/2019Missouri American Water Company Employees Political Action CommitteeFred M. Luth & Sons, Inc.$500.00
06/24/2019Missouri American Water Company Employees Political Action CommitteeRoss & Baruzzini, Inc.$1,000.00
06/24/2019FRIENDS FOR FRANCISAmeren Missouri PAC$500.00
06/24/2019Keep Government AccountableConnie Burkhardt$1,500.00