As required by Missouri law, every recipient of a political contribution in excess of $5,000 ($500 for candidate committees) must report it to the Missouri Ethics Commission within 48 hours. Anytime a contribution is made we twitter about it, labeling it 'CFtweet'. This page shows an archive of the last 90 days of CFtweets - we report all contributions at or exceeding $500. To keep track of the latest campaign finance contributions, follow us on twitter at @GWLobbyist.

The Gate Way Group is the lobbying as association management division of Pelopidas, LLC. All lobbyist and campaign finance updates are identical to those previously displayed on @pelopidas and www.pelopidas.com.

$47,034,547 - total CFTweets, last 90 days

All transactions below are sorted by the contribution date. The contribution date is often different from the reported date. By law committees have up to 48 hours to report a contribution. All the information below is solely for informational purposes. Please refer to the Missouri Ethics Committee for official information.

Contribution Date: 09/18/2020

09/18/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncRepublic Services Inc$10,000.00
09/18/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncRex A. Sinquefield$50,000.00
09/18/2020Mighty Missouri PACRex A. Sinquefield$50,000.00
09/18/2020MBA River Heritage Region PACFIRST STATE COMMUNITY BANK$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/17/2020

09/17/2020American Dream PACHealth Systems Inc.$25,000.00
09/17/2020Missouri Democratic State CommitteeFinneran for Missouri$15,000.00
09/17/2020American Property Casualty Insurance Association Political AccountAmerican Property Casualty Insurance Association$33,267.00
09/17/2020Make Liberty Win-Federal CommitteeMake Liberty Win$15,885.07
09/17/2020Uniting Missouri PACBlue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City$20,000.00
09/17/2020DougPacSheet Metal Workers Local No 36 Voluntary Political Fund$100,036.00
09/17/2020Protect Missouri FreedomMissouri Win$125,000.00
09/17/2020Protect Missouri FreedomCHIPP Political Account$400,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/16/2020

09/16/2020MO Leadership CommitteeKEVIN KNASEL$20,000.00
09/16/2020Missouri Senate Campaign CommitteeSouthern Glazer's Wine & Spirits of Missouri$10,000.00
09/16/2020Missouri Senate Campaign CommitteeAT&T$25,000.00
09/16/2020Missouri Senate Campaign CommitteeCentene Management Company LLC$25,000.00
09/16/2020Missouri Senate Campaign CommitteeAnheuser-Busch Companies$20,000.00
09/16/2020Missouri Gaming PACBoyd Gaming Corporation$10,000.00
09/16/2020Majority ForwardCentene Management Company LLC$15,000.00
09/16/2020CLEAN MissouriDavis, Bethune & Jones, LLC$15,000.00
09/16/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncFriends of Rusty Black$5,250.00
09/16/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncSpirit of Missouri$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/15/2020

09/15/2020Uniting Missouri PACRepublican Governors Association - Missouri 2020$2,000,000.00
09/15/2020Uniting Missouri PACRex A. Sinquefield$240,000.00
09/15/2020Protect Missouri Workers PACSimmons Hanly Conroy, LLC$20,000.00
09/15/2020Missouri American Water Company Employees Political Action CommitteeG & S Construction and Farms, Inc.$10,000.00
09/15/2020Missouri Health Plan Association PACCentene Management Company LLC$25,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/14/2020

09/14/2020Rural Missouri Healthcare PACWilliam Solomon$6,000.00
09/14/2020DougPacPlumbers & Pipefitters Local 562 Political Education Fund$10,000.00
09/14/2020Keep Government AccountableDavis, Bethune & Jones, LLC$60,000.00
09/14/2020Keep Government AccountableANDREW GELBACH PC$7,500.00
09/14/2020Keep Government AccountableBrown and Crouppen PC$12,500.00
09/14/2020Truth in CampaignsGregory N Johnston$20,000.00
09/14/2020Missouri Democratic State CommitteeOperating Engineers Local 101 Political Fund$25,550.00
09/14/2020Citizens to Elect Charles Blair for SheriffCharles Blair$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/11/2020

09/11/2020Together KCKC Forward Progress$61,000.00
09/11/2020A Stronger MissouriDemocratic Governors Association - Missouri$50,000.00
09/11/2020A Stronger MissouriMissouri Women Vote$750,000.00
09/11/2020Democratic Governors Association - MissouriDemocratic Governors Association$50,000.00
09/11/2020Keep Government Accountabledavid roberts$10,000.00
09/11/2020Keep Government AccountableEDWARD SNOWDON JR$10,000.00
09/11/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCitizens to Elect Bruce DeGroot$7,100.00
09/11/2020MO Opportunity PACCheyenne International, LLC$15,000.00
09/11/2020Catalyst PACEmerson Electric Co$20,000.00
09/11/2020CLEAN MissouriSWMW Law$10,000.00
09/11/2020CLEAN MissouriBrown and Crouppen PC$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/10/2020

09/10/2020Magellan Midstream Holdings Federal PAC MissouriMAGELLAN MIDSTREAM HOLDINGS GP, LLC POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE$11,000.00
09/10/2020American Property Casualty Insurance Association Political AccountAmerican Property Casualty Insurance Association$28,323.00
09/10/2020Midwest Region Laborers' Political League Education FundLaborers Supplemental Dues Fund$7,574.06

Contribution Date: 09/09/2020

09/09/2020Democratic Association of Secretaries of StateDemocratic Association of Secretaries of State$25,000.00
09/09/2020Missouri Leadership ForumThe Larson Group, Inc.$15,000.00
09/09/2020Protect Missouri Workers PACIBEW Local 1$10,000.00
09/09/2020Missouri Leadership ForumWitte Bros. Exchange Inc.$15,000.00
09/09/2020Missouri Leadership ForumWarrenton Oil Company$15,000.00
09/09/2020Missouri Leadership ForumFlynn Drilling Company$15,000.00
09/09/2020Missouri Leadership ForumCraftsmen Management, LLC$15,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/08/2020

09/08/2020Missourians for HealthcareThe Fairness Project$10,998.59
09/08/2020Citizens for a Better District 1MISSOURI SENATE CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE$24,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/06/2020

09/06/2020Majority ForwardInvenergy Transmission LLC$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/04/2020

09/04/2020Page PACAnheuser-Busch Companies$7,500.00
09/04/2020Keep Government AccountableDollar, Burns, & Becker, LC$20,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/03/2020

09/03/2020American Property Casualty Insurance Association Political AccountAmerican Property Casualty Insurance Association$29,920.00
09/03/2020Machinists District No. 9 PACMachinists Non-Partisan Political League$10,407.59

Contribution Date: 09/02/2020

09/02/2020A Stronger MissouriKeep Government Accountable$1,600,000.00
09/02/2020Keep Government AccountableInternational Association of Fire Fighters Local 42 PAC$10,000.00
09/02/2020HealthPACCommittee for Quality Healthcare$7,300.00
09/02/2020Safer Families for MissouriStrong, Garner & Bauer, PC$15,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/01/2020

09/01/2020Kansas City Regional Association Of Realtors Missouri RPACMissouri Realtors PAC, Inc$8,654.45
09/01/2020Scism For SenateWilliam K Scism$14,000.00
09/01/2020Uniting Missouri PACBARBARA B TAYLOR$20,000.00
09/01/2020Uniting Missouri PACAndrew C Taylor$20,000.00
09/01/2020Clay County Democratic Central CommitteeU.A.W. Regtion 5 Midwest States C.A.P. Council$25,000.00
09/01/2020Keep Government AccountableStrong, Garner & Bauer, PC$25,000.00
09/01/2020Keep Government AccountableSWMW Law$25,000.00
09/01/2020Keep Government AccountableRobb & Robb LLC$25,000.00
09/01/2020Keep Government AccountableLangdon Emison$25,000.00
09/01/2020Keep Government AccountableShamberg, Johnson & Bergman$10,000.00
09/01/2020Keep Government AccountableOLEARY SHELTON CORRIGAN PETERSON DALTON QUILLIN$10,000.00
09/01/2020Keep Government AccountableHenry, Henry, Engelbrecht & Williams, P.C.$10,000.00
09/01/2020Keep Government AccountableGorny Law Firm LC$7,000.00
09/01/2020Keep Government Accountable5,001.00 Zevan & Davidson Law Firm$6,000.00
09/01/2020JOHNSON & JOHNSON PAC MISSOURI (affiliated with Johnson & Johnson Federal PAC)Johnson & Johnson Political Action Committee (Federal)$20,000.00
09/01/2020MO Insurance Coalition PACThe Travelers Indemnity Company$25,000.00
09/01/2020Missouri SMART TD PACMissouri SMART TD PAC$11,500.00

Contribution Date: 08/31/2020

08/31/2020A Stronger MissouriDemocratic Governors Association - Missouri$525,000.00
08/31/2020Republican Governors Association - Missouri 2020Republican Governors Association$2,500,000.00
08/31/2020Democratic Governors Association - MissouriDemocratic Governors Association$525,000.00
08/31/2020St Louis Association of Realtors-PACMissouri Realtors PAC, Inc$8,865.11
08/31/2020Missourians for HealthcareOrganization for Black Struggle$100,053.80

Contribution Date: 08/29/2020

08/29/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriRoger Johnson$2,500.00
08/29/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriRep. Steve Butz$2,107.93
08/29/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriKen Dubinsky$1,000.00
08/29/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDaniel Blegen$1,000.00
08/29/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriPaul Richards$1,000.00
08/29/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMarie Carlie$1,000.00
08/29/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriFox & Vuylsteke LLP$1,000.00
08/29/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriNeal Harwood$500.00
08/29/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDeborah OBrien$500.00
08/29/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriB PAC$500.00
08/29/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriStephen Scott$500.00
08/29/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriSuzanne McGill$500.00
08/29/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriAudrey Danner$500.00
08/29/2020Citizens For Derek GrierMO Criminal Defense Lawyers PAC$500.00
08/29/2020Missouri Democratic State CommitteeCitizens for Gretchen Bangert$1,000.00
08/29/2020Missouri Democratic State CommitteeCitizens For Donna Baringer$1,000.00
08/29/2020Missouri Democratic State CommitteeFriends Of Gregory F X Daly$1,000.00
08/29/2020Missouri Democratic State CommitteeRazer for Missouri$500.00
08/29/2020House Democratic Campaign CommitteeMISSOURI DEMOCRACTIC PARTY$954.52
08/29/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenClarius$2,500.00
08/29/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenFord Motor Company Civic Action Fund - MO$2,500.00
08/29/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenMissouri Petroleum Marketers Association PAC$1,000.00
08/29/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenLiving Well PAC$2,500.00
08/29/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenMissouri First PAC$2,500.00
08/29/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenPT-PAC of Missouri$2,500.00
08/29/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenA Better Missouri PAC$2,500.00
08/29/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenMO ASSOCIATION OF NURSE ANESTHETISTS PAC$2,500.00
08/29/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenMissouri Hospital Association PAC$2,559.00
08/29/2020Missourians for a Responsible BudgetEmery Sapp & Sons Inc$2,750.00
08/29/2020Beck For MissouriOrthwerth Law LLC$1,500.00
08/29/2020Beck For MissouriJames Hoffmann$500.00
08/29/2020Baker For MissouriChester Edwards$500.00
08/29/2020Baker For MissouriSteve Zweig$500.00
08/29/2020Baker For MissouriBarry Aycock$2,500.00
08/29/2020Baker For MissouriInternational Union of Elevator Constructors Local No. 3 PAC Fund$500.00
08/29/2020Baker For MissouriAmerican Federation of Teachers Local 691$500.00
08/29/2020Baker For MissouriTeamsters local 541$1,000.00
08/29/2020Baker For MissouriMajority Forward$2,500.00
08/29/2020Baker For MissouriWomens Political Caucus EMPAC$2,559.00
08/29/2020Baker For MissouriInternational Union of Operating Engineers Local 513 Political Fund$1,500.00
08/29/2020Baker For MissouriUnited Food & Commercial Workers Local 655$2,500.00
08/29/2020Mighty Missouri PACFrank Leta Mitsubishi$500.00
08/29/2020Lavender For State SenateStanley Schechter$500.00
08/29/2020Faleti For MissouriCindy Fulton$500.00
08/29/2020Faleti For MissouriAaron Hankel$500.00
08/29/2020Faleti For MissouriBenjamin Akande$500.00
08/29/2020Faleti For MissouriDavid Mehr$500.00
08/29/2020Faleti For MissouriTimothy Stern$500.00
08/29/2020Finneran for MissouriCHARLIE O'REILLY$500.00
08/29/2020Finneran for MissouriMatthew Mullins$500.00
08/29/2020Finneran for MissouriHonoria Fitzgerald$500.00
08/29/2020Finneran for MissouriKevin Curran$500.00
08/29/2020Finneran for MissouriWilliam Cotner$1,000.00
08/29/2020Finneran for MissouriChristine Cesare$500.00
08/29/2020Finneran for MissouriElizabeth Bozicevic$500.00
08/29/2020Fogle for MissouriTeamsters Local 6 PAC$1,000.00
08/29/2020Fogle for MissouriTeamsters Local Union No 541$1,000.00
08/29/2020Majority ForwardMO Realtors PAC$5,000.00
08/29/2020Majority ForwardCigna Holding Company$5,000.00
08/29/2020Majority ForwardCredit Union Political Action Committee$1,500.00
08/29/2020Craig Fishel For State RepresentativeMO Criminal Defense Lawyers PAC$500.00
08/29/2020Committee to Elect Ann ZimpferWomens Political Caucas EMPAC$1,000.00
08/29/2020Committee to Elect Ann ZimpferTim Zimpfer$515.05
08/29/2020Devine for JudgeKeep Judge Devine$1,525.00
08/29/2020Friends for Tristan AsburyScott Atkins$500.00
08/29/2020Friends For Chuck BasyeStewart R Basye$500.00
08/29/2020Friends For Chuck BasyeOJ Stone$600.00
08/29/2020Missouri Forward PACRAI Services Company$10,000.00
08/29/2020Missouri Forward PACRichard Miller$7,500.00
08/29/2020Razer For MissouriMerck Co Inc Employees Missouri PAC$500.00
08/29/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncAmeren Missouri$15,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/28/2020

08/28/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncSt. Louis association of Realtors$10,000.00
08/28/2020Committee To Elect Cindy Berne 2020Womens Political Caucus EMPAC$2,046.00
08/28/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMark Gaertner$2,650.00
08/28/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriTeamsters 245 PAF$2,650.00
08/28/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriTeamsters Local 6 Political Action Fund$2,650.00
08/28/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriFranklin Co Democratic Central Committee$2,650.00
08/28/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriIrma Lou Hirsch$2,650.00
08/28/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriBill Hirsch$2,650.00
08/28/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriChad Troutwine$2,600.00
08/28/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriHITE, CHRISTOPHER$2,500.00
08/28/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMichael Staenberg$1,800.00
08/28/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriLafayette County Democratic Central Committee$1,500.00
08/28/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriPaul Langston$1,000.00
08/28/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriSchuyler Metlis$1,000.00
08/28/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDenise Herrington$1,000.00
08/28/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriBert Berkley$1,000.00
08/28/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDemocratic Club of Phelps County$700.00
08/28/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriNicole Adewale$500.00
08/28/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMargaret Adams$500.00
08/28/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriWilliam Siedhoff$500.00
08/28/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriCindy Fulton$500.00
08/28/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriNeil Goodwin$500.00
08/28/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriGlenn Esser$500.00
08/28/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJoel Glassman$500.00
08/28/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJennifer Scissors$500.00
08/28/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriTim Stuckmeyer$500.00
08/28/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDavid Everson$500.00
08/28/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriSidney and Jean Johnson$500.00
08/28/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJase Carter$500.00
08/28/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriBuchanan County Democratic Central Committee$500.00
08/28/2020Josh Dennis 2020 Coroner CampaignRita Jacobs$1,000.00
08/28/2020Fitzpatrick For MissouriRudolph Farber$2,650.00
08/28/2020Fitzpatrick For MissouriTracy Hamilton$2,650.00
08/28/2020Fitzpatrick For MissouriRyan Hamilton$2,650.00
08/28/2020Fitzpatrick For MissouriRandy Swanson$2,650.00
08/28/2020Fitzpatrick For MissouriCooper County Republican Committee$500.00
08/28/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeCooper County Republicans$500.00
08/28/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeHBS MO State PAC$2,500.00
08/28/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMO Cable PAC$1,000.00
08/28/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeWright County Republicans Central Committee$1,600.00
08/28/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeGasconade County Republican Central Committee$500.00
08/28/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeJulia Kampeter$2,650.00
08/28/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeThomas Kampeter$2,650.00
08/28/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeAnn Bax$500.00
08/28/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeSTEVE ERDEL$500.00
08/28/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenAmeren Missouri PAC$1,000.00
08/28/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenGARY THOMPSON$1,000.00
08/28/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncST LOUIS ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS$10,000.00
08/28/2020Citizens for Bridget Walsh MooreStephen F.$500.00
08/28/2020Friends of Trish GunbyMelanie Schmickle$500.00
08/28/2020Friends of Trish GunbyMO Criminal Defense Lawyers PAC$500.00
08/28/2020McDonough for JudgeCHRISTOPHER GRAVILLE$2,600.00
08/28/2020McDonough for JudgeLisa Fredrick$2,650.00
08/28/2020McDonough for JudgeJohn Fredrick$2,650.00
08/28/2020Ashley Aune for MissouriEvergy Power PAC - Missouri$500.00
08/28/2020Beck For MissouriSWMW Law$2,500.00
08/28/2020Beck For MissouriMissouri American Water Employees PAC$1,000.00
08/28/2020Beck For MissouriMajority Forward$2,500.00
08/28/2020Schmitt For MissouriBrian Beeler$1,000.00
08/28/2020Schmitt For MissouriSteven Craig$2,500.00
08/28/2020Baker For MissouriCAROLYN HENRY$500.00
08/28/2020Baker For MissouriKay Cafer$500.00
08/28/2020Baker For MissouriShelley Nelson$500.00
08/28/2020Baker For MissouriBarbara Williamson$500.00
08/28/2020Baker For MissouriJUDY BAKER$500.00
08/28/2020Baker For MissouriBegonya Klumb$1,000.00
08/28/2020Baker For MissouriSteve Garner$1,500.00
08/28/2020Baker For MissouriJohn Wilbers$1,000.00
08/28/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigDavid Overfelt$500.00
08/28/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCommittee To Elect Houx$2,500.00
08/28/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMLPA Legislative Fund$2,500.00
08/28/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCitizens for Gary Cross$2,000.00
08/28/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncFriends of Barry Hovis$1,300.00
08/28/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMISSOURI SOYBEAN ASSOCIATION$750.00
08/28/2020Citizens For HoskinsJohnson County Republican Party$1,000.00
08/28/2020Citizens For HoskinsSPIRE Political Action Committee$500.00
08/28/2020Citizens for Vicki Lorenz EnglundMissouri Black Political Forum$500.00
08/28/2020Citizens for Vicki Lorenz EnglundWomens Political Caucus EMPAC$2,650.00
08/28/2020Citizens for Vicki Lorenz EnglundTimothy Stern$500.00
08/28/2020Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurMERCK & Co. Inc. Employees Missouri PAC$500.00
08/28/2020Lavender For State SenateCraig Hollander$500.00
08/28/2020Lavender For State SenateWomens Political Caucus EMPAC$2,559.00
08/28/2020Canady for MissouriDavid Mehr$500.00
08/28/2020Committee to Elect Jean PrettoIUOE Local 513$500.00
08/28/2020Committee to Elect Jean PrettoWomens Political Caucus EMPAC$2,046.00
08/28/2020Finneran for MissouriJennifer Lynch$2,650.00
08/28/2020Finneran for MissouriEdmond Fitzgerald$2,650.00
08/28/2020Finneran for MissouriEthan Brown$2,650.00
08/28/2020Committee To Elect Paula BrownWomens Political Caucus EMPAC$2,046.00
08/28/2020MoCannTrade PACSwamp East Group$800.00
08/28/2020Freedom's Promise PACDISH Network Corporation$2,500.00
08/28/2020Friends Of Jeff ShawanConservative Future Fund$768.29
08/28/2020KarlaEslingerForSenate.comBRUCE SASSMAN$500.00
08/28/2020KarlaEslingerForSenate.comCommerce Bancshares Inc PAC$500.00
08/28/2020KarlaEslingerForSenate.comHBS MO State PAC$1,000.00
08/28/2020Committee to Elect Elizabeth MitchellCarol Jackson$790.04
08/28/2020Parson For MissouriJoan Wilson$500.00
08/28/2020Parson For MissouriDelmar Sutton$1,000.00
08/28/2020Parson For MissouriDennis Shramek$1,500.00
08/28/2020Parson For MissouriRodge Riney$2,650.00
08/28/2020Parson For MissouriJerry Pyatt$2,650.00
08/28/2020Parson For MissouriTom Naught$500.00
08/28/2020Parson For MissouriRobert Melson$2,650.00
08/28/2020Parson For MissouriWalter Malmstrom III$2,650.00
08/28/2020Parson For MissouriJulie Malmstrom$2,650.00
08/28/2020Parson For MissouriMary Sue Lear$1,500.00
08/28/2020Parson For MissouriCLYDE LEAR$1,500.00
08/28/2020Parson For MissouriLarry Gurian$2,650.00
08/28/2020Parson For MissouriLB Eckelkamp$2,650.00
08/28/2020Parson For MissouriBonnie Eckelkamp$2,650.00
08/28/2020Parson For MissouriG Keith Deimund$500.00
08/28/2020Parson For MissouriJ. Michael Conoyer$1,000.00
08/28/2020Parson For MissouriALAN BLAIR$1,000.00
08/28/2020Parson For MissouriKatherine Begemann$2,650.00
08/28/2020Parson For MissouriBrett Begemann$2,650.00
08/28/2020Parson For MissouriStephanie Anderson$500.00
08/28/2020Eigel For MissouriGreg Johnston$2,559.00
08/28/2020Eigel For MissouriAMEC Pac$2,500.00
08/28/2020Eigel For MissouriLathrop Gage Consulting PAC$1,000.00
08/28/2020Eigel For MissouriMO Independent Bankers Association PAC$500.00
08/28/2020MO Opportunity PACJulia Kauffman$20,000.00
08/28/2020MO Opportunity PACRobert D. Blitz$4,000.00
08/28/2020Friends For Hardy BillingtonGreg West$636.00
08/28/2020Friends of Christine Hyman for MissouriWomens Political Caucus EMPAC$500.00
08/28/2020Friends of Christine Hyman for MissouriIUOE Local 513$500.00
08/28/2020Lincoln PACFrank Leta Acura$500.00
08/28/2020Lincoln PACFrank Leta Mitsubishi$500.00
08/28/2020Hirth for JudgeJoe Dandurand$500.00
08/28/2020North Missouri Leadership PACDish$2,500.00
08/28/2020St. Louis ProgressSCD Investments 6$750.00
08/28/2020St. Louis ProgressMBE Healthcare Solutions$1,000.00
08/28/2020Bill Kidd For MissouriUnited Steelworkers Dist 11$500.00
08/28/2020Clay County Democratic Central CommitteeJohn Shipp$500.00
08/28/2020Committee to Elect Bill GoellnerUNITED MARION COUNTY DEMOCRAT CLUB$800.00
08/28/2020Missouri Democratic State CommitteeMissouri Realtors PAC Inc$10,000.00
08/28/2020MO Opportunity PACJulia I Kauffman$20,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/27/2020

08/27/2020Committee To Elect Cindy Berne 2020Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen$500.00
08/27/2020Friends Of Estes For AssessorCole County Republican Central Committee$500.00
08/27/2020JCDC Truman PACSWMO Democrats$900.00
08/27/2020Scism For SenateKeep Missouri Great$2,559.00
08/27/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJeffrey Karp$1,000.00
08/27/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriBrian Schafer$1,000.00
08/27/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriCharles Van Dyke$1,000.00
08/27/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriLaura Kipnis Sid Goldstein$700.00
08/27/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriNicolas Kemper$500.00
08/27/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriRep. Doug Beck$500.00
08/27/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriLisa Bertke$500.00
08/27/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJohn Marlow$500.00
08/27/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriRandy Tindall$500.00
08/27/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriKay Cafer$500.00
08/27/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriRichard Grant$500.00
08/27/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJoseph Connolly$500.00
08/27/2020Citizens For Derek GrierGeorge Capps$1,000.00
08/27/2020Hannegan For State RepresentativeLathrop Gage Consulting PAC$1,000.00
08/27/2020MO State Council of Fire Fighters PACMissouri State Council of Fire Fighters$4,000.00
08/27/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMLPA Legislative Fund$2,650.00
08/27/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeAMECPAC$2,650.00
08/27/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMike Dempsey$1,000.00
08/27/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMike Basnett$500.00
08/27/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenShelter Insurance MO State PAC$2,559.00
08/27/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenMissouri Insurance Coalition PAC$2,559.00
08/27/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenFEAPAC of Missouri$1,000.00
08/27/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenMOSFA PAC$2,559.00
08/27/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncMichelle Walker$645.00
08/27/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncEvren Senol$560.00
08/27/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncNate Johnson$635.00
08/27/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncBOBBI HOWE$1,600.00
08/27/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncANTHONY CONANT$2,080.00
08/27/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncBradley Korn$1,470.00
08/27/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncGregory Koons$1,100.00
08/27/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncLinda Cone$1,630.00
08/27/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncJulie Horseman$940.00
08/27/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncMary Edwards$965.00
08/27/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncSherrie Rickel$820.00
08/27/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncLinda Van Meter$1,200.00
08/27/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncJennifer Langston Justus$590.00
08/27/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncDANIEL ONEILL$500.00
08/27/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncAndrea Sheridan$915.00
08/27/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncDEREK RAMSAY$595.00
08/27/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncJames Gamble$1,700.00
08/27/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncZack Brown$550.00
08/27/2020Kiehne For MissouriBrotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen$500.00
08/27/2020Citizens For Cheri Toalson ReischJennifer Bukowsky$750.00
08/27/2020Committee to Elect Sarah OertherSarah Oerther$2,500.00
08/27/2020Friends Of Steve HelmsFEAPAC of Missouri$500.00
08/27/2020Beck For MissouriDavid Skeens$500.00
08/27/2020Beck For MissouriThe Gorny Law Firm, LLC$2,000.00
08/27/2020Beck For MissouriHenry & Williams, P.C. Attorney at Law$2,500.00
08/27/2020Beck For MissouriPipefitters Local Union 533 Volunteer Political Fund$2,559.00
08/27/2020Beck For MissouriLocal 148 International Union of Operating Engineers MO PAC$2,559.00
08/27/2020Better Schools for MissouriSodexo Inc$1,500.00
08/27/2020Dottie Bailey For MissouriDealers Interested in Government$2,000.00
08/27/2020Dottie Bailey For MissouriMissouri Realtors PAC Inc$1,000.00
08/27/2020Dottie Bailey For MissouriJoseph Bosse$500.00
08/27/2020Dottie Bailey For MissouriMO Criminal Defense Lawyers PAC$500.00
08/27/2020Dottie Bailey For MissouriMissouri Independent Bankers Assoc PAC$500.00
08/27/2020Committee To Elect Keri IngleUnited Steelworkers District 11$500.00
08/27/2020Committee To Elect Keri IngleBrotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen Missouri$500.00
08/27/2020Baker For MissouriNancie Hawke$1,000.00
08/27/2020Baker For MissouriMARK WILLIAMS$500.00
08/27/2020Baker For MissouriMarjorie Sable$500.00
08/27/2020Baker For MissouriBrotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen$1,000.00
08/27/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMCM Law LLC$1,000.00
08/27/2020Citizens for PhiferSt. Louis Association of Realtors Pac$500.00
08/27/2020Friends of John C RussellGene McKeen$500.00
08/27/2020Friends of John C RussellBill Reed$1,000.00
08/27/2020McDaniel For State RepresentativeAMECPAC$1,000.00
08/27/2020Citizens for Vicki Lorenz EnglundLawrence Holmes$500.00
08/27/2020Nexus PACMcCormack Baron Salazar, Inc.$2,000.00
08/27/2020Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurIST-MO NOMINEE PAC NUMBER ONE$2,198.95
08/27/2020Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurIST-MO Nominee PAC Number Two$1,467.25
08/27/2020Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurBrotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen Missouri PAC$1,000.00
08/27/2020Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurUnited Steelworkers District 11$1,000.00
08/27/2020Page PACSaint Louis Association of Realtors Political Action Committee$10,000.00
08/27/2020Hill For MissouriCIGNA Corp Missouri PAC$1,000.00
08/27/2020Hill For MissouriSpirit of Missouri$1,000.00
08/27/2020Hill For MissouriShelter Insurance MO State PAC$500.00
08/27/2020Hill For MissouriPremier Design Group LLC$500.00
08/27/2020Finneran for MissouriMichael Silverman$1,000.00
08/27/2020Finneran for MissouriAnne Bader$500.00
08/27/2020Missourians for HealthcareMissouri Rural Action$2,469.48
08/27/2020Burgess 4 MissouriSheet metal workers Int. association Local no 36 st louis MO 63103$500.00
08/27/2020Parson For MissouriHarvey Tettlebaum$1,000.00
08/27/2020Parson For MissouriJames Stuever$500.00
08/27/2020Parson For MissouriBelle Schmidt$5,000.00
08/27/2020Parson For MissouriMark Schell$2,650.00
08/27/2020Parson For MissouriJill Schell$2,650.00
08/27/2020Parson For MissouriJohn Pratt$2,650.00
08/27/2020Parson For MissouriDavid Moss$1,000.00
08/27/2020Parson For MissouriVICKY HARTZLER$1,000.00
08/27/2020Parson For MissouriPaul Findlay$1,000.00
08/27/2020Parson For MissouriGerald Burmeister$500.00
08/27/2020Parson For MissouriClarence Barksdale$1,000.00
08/27/2020Parson For MissouriBHA Properties LLC$1,000.00
08/27/2020Parson For MissouriMissouri Limestone Producers Assoc PAC$2,650.00
08/27/2020Parson For MissouriCooper County Republican Committee$1,000.00
08/27/2020Riggs For MissouriAGC of Missouri PAC$500.00
08/27/2020Riggs For MissouriCheyenne International LLC$500.00
08/27/2020Citizens For EgglestonDealers Interested in Government$500.00
08/27/2020Friends for Tristan AsburyVICKY HARTZLER$500.00
08/27/2020Friends Of Adrian PlankDONALD BAKER$500.00
08/27/2020Friends For Hardy BillingtonHARDY BILLINGTON$637.50
08/27/2020The Committee to Elect James ShackelfordTeamsters 245 Political Action Fund$1,000.00
08/27/2020The Committee to Elect James ShackelfordUnited Steel Workers District 11 Missouri$500.00
08/27/2020The Committee to Elect James ShackelfordTeamsters Local 6 Political Action Fund$1,000.00
08/27/2020Friends of Christine Hyman for MissouriBrotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen Missouri$500.00
08/27/2020Committee To Elect David EvansMissouri Forest Products$500.00
08/27/2020Ozark Gateway Leadership PACSouthern Glazer's Wine and Spirits of Missouri$1,500.00
08/27/2020Ozark Gateway Leadership PACRAI Services Company$2,500.00
08/27/2020Civic Progress Action CommitteeAmeren Missouri$7,500.00
08/27/2020Friends For Chuck BasyeJeffrey Donfeld$970.70
08/27/2020Committee to Elect Megan Stickley Public AdministratorBuchanan County Women's Democratic Club$500.00
08/27/2020Committee To Elect Jason ChipmanMO Criminal Defense Lawyers PAC$500.00
08/27/2020Page PACSt. Louis Association of Realtors Political Action Committee$10,000.00
08/27/2020House Democratic Campaign CommitteeSheet Metal Workers Local No 36 Voluntary Political Fund$100,000.00
08/27/2020Terry Dotson for Cass County SheriffRobert Cutler$9,500.00
08/27/2020American Property Casualty Insurance Association Political AccountAmerican Property Casualty Insurance Association$36,860.00
08/27/2020Missourians for HealthcareMissouri Rural Crisis Center$5,473.24
08/27/2020Uniting Missouri PACRoy Pfautch$15,000.00
08/27/2020A Better Missouri Political Action CommitteeAnheuser-Busch Cos, Inc.$45,000.00
08/27/2020The 1821 PACGamma Healthcare Inc.$7,500.00
08/27/2020The 1821 PACRightCHOICE Managed Care, Inc.$25,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/26/2020

08/26/2020MO Soybean Association State PAC (MO SoyPAC)David Stone$650.00
08/26/2020Committee To Elect Cindy Berne 2020Electrical Workers Voluntary$1,000.00
08/26/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDeanna Ronchetti$2,650.00
08/26/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriKevin Rowe$2,650.00
08/26/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriBegonya Klumb$2,650.00
08/26/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJohn Koza$2,650.00
08/26/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDennis Marker$2,650.00
08/26/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJulie Defeo$2,500.00
08/26/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDan DeFeo$2,500.00
08/26/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriArlan DeKock$2,250.00
08/26/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriLinda Carr$2,250.00
08/26/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriEric Holland$1,000.00
08/26/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriScott Smith$1,000.00
08/26/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriWilma Schopp$1,000.00
08/26/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriCarolyn Gunn$1,000.00
08/26/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriKurt Wolfgram$500.00
08/26/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriStanley Birge$500.00
08/26/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriAleta Hubbard$500.00
08/26/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJenee Lowe$500.00
08/26/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriEdward Ellerbeck$500.00
08/26/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriWilliam Hibdon$500.00
08/26/2020Missouri Forward PACJeffery E Smith$2,500.00
08/26/2020Missouri Forward PACThe Doctors Management Company$2,000.00
08/26/2020Missouri Forward PACBNSF Raliway Company$5,000.00
08/26/2020Missouri Forward PACUnited Healthcare Svs Inc$2,500.00
08/26/2020Missouri Forward PACInvenergy Transmission LLC$5,000.00
08/26/2020Missouri Forward PACAMEC Pac$5,000.00
08/26/2020Missouri Forward PACAmeren Missouri PAC$1,000.00
08/26/2020Missouri Forward PACMissouri Corn Growers Association State PAC$1,000.00
08/26/2020Missouri Forward PACCigna Corporaton Missouri PAC$5,000.00
08/26/2020Missouri Forward PACMissouri Realtors PAC, Inc$5,000.00
08/26/2020Missouri Forward PACBuild St. Louis PAC, Inc$2,000.00
08/26/2020Missouri Forward PACA Better Missouri PAC$2,500.00
08/26/2020Missouri Forward PACDealers Interested in Government$5,000.00
08/26/2020Missouri Forward PACAT&T Missouri PAC$5,000.00
08/26/2020Missouri Forward PACCharter Communication Inc MO PAC$5,000.00
08/26/2020Missouri Forward PACSupporters of Health Research and Treatment$2,000.00
08/26/2020Missouri Forward PACMO DSV PAC$5,000.00
08/26/2020Missouri Forward PACEntertainment Software Association$1,500.00
08/26/2020Missouri Forward PACARDA Resort Owners Coalition$2,500.00
08/26/2020Missouri Forward PACSt. Louis County Police Association PAC$2,000.00
08/26/2020McDonough for JudgeJeffrey Wilson$500.00
08/26/2020Ashley Aune for MissouriCommittee for Quality Healthcare$500.00
08/26/2020Ashley Aune for MissouriUnited Steelworkers District 11$500.00
08/26/2020Beck For MissouriMark Bronson - PRIMARY$1,000.00
08/26/2020Beck For MissouriAFT Local 691 State & Local COPE$500.00
08/26/2020Beck For MissouriUFCW LOCAL 655 ELECT POLITICAL FUND$2,500.00
08/26/2020Committee to Elect Brad Daniels for SheriffNolan Fogle$500.00
08/26/2020Citizens For WiemannMO Concrete Assoc PAC$500.00
08/26/2020Citizens For WiemannMissouri Organization of Defense Lawyers Political Action Committee$500.00
08/26/2020Citizens For WiemannMO Criminal Defense Lawyers PAC$500.00
08/26/2020Baker For MissouriCHARLIE OREILLY$1,000.00
08/26/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigCURTIS JARED$1,000.00
08/26/2020Boone Countians For Fred ParryJohn Zimmer$1,500.00
08/26/2020Boone Countians For Fred ParryDon Zimmer$1,500.00
08/26/2020Boone Countians For Fred ParryCarla Leible$1,500.00
08/26/2020Ashcroft For MissouriCooper County Republican Committee$500.00
08/26/2020Lavender For State SenateMARTHA HOGAN$500.00
08/26/2020Lavender For State SenateTracy Downing$500.00
08/26/2020Lavender For State SenateCynthia Metcalfe$2,559.00
08/26/2020Page PACNew Planet Energy Development LLC$1,000.00
08/26/2020Faleti For MissouriGerald Hazelbauer$2,650.00
08/26/2020Faleti For MissouriRichard Weil$2,650.00
08/26/2020Faleti For MissouriKeith Williamson$2,650.00
08/26/2020Faleti For MissouriLinda Randall Hazelbauer$2,650.00
08/26/2020Faleti For MissouriJoyce Aboussie$2,650.00
08/26/2020Faleti For MissouriJosephine Weil$2,650.00
08/26/2020Faleti For MissouriSusan Warshaw$2,500.00
08/26/2020Faleti For MissouriHenry Warshaw$1,500.00
08/26/2020Faleti For MissouriTahnee Jackson$1,500.00
08/26/2020Faleti For MissouriKarla Jurvetson$1,000.00
08/26/2020Faleti For MissouriYomi Oke$1,000.00
08/26/2020Faleti For MissouriAdrienne Davis$500.00
08/26/2020Faleti For MissouriSean Joe$500.00
08/26/2020Faleti For MissouriVop Osili$500.00
08/26/2020Faleti For MissouriTimothy Eberlein$500.00
08/26/2020Faleti For MissouriWill Ross$500.00
08/26/2020Faleti For MissouriMark Merlotti$500.00
08/26/2020Jackson County Democratic CommitteeOPERATING ENGINEERS 101 PAC$5,000.00
08/26/2020Citizens For Tishaura O JonesBob Fox$1,000.00
08/26/2020Finneran for MissouriSharalyn Saks$1,000.00
08/26/2020Finneran for MissouriEmily Pulitzer$500.00
08/26/2020Majority ForwardBayer$2,000.00
08/26/2020Majority ForwardAMECPAC$2,000.00
08/26/2020Majority ForwardAGC of MO Pac$5,000.00
08/26/2020Citizens for Tim TaylorCooper County Republican Committee$2,000.00
08/26/2020KarlaEslingerForSenate.comKansas City Southern Employee PAC$2,500.00
08/26/2020Devine for JudgeNoah Devine$750.00
08/26/2020Devine for JudgeJennifer Bukowsky$750.00
08/26/2020Parson For MissouriMarkham Zobrist$500.00
08/26/2020Parson For MissouriSuzie Spence$2,650.00
08/26/2020Parson For MissouriDave Spence$2,650.00
08/26/2020Parson For MissouriLarry Snyder$650.00
08/26/2020Parson For MissouriGreg Love$2,500.00
08/26/2020Parson For MissouriThelbert Gott$500.00
08/26/2020Parson For MissouriRobert Fox$750.00
08/26/2020Parson For MissouriWilla Farmer$675.00
08/26/2020Parson For MissouriMike Egan$2,650.00
08/26/2020Parson For MissouriDonna Egan$2,650.00
08/26/2020Parson For MissouriWarren Davis$1,000.00
08/26/2020Parson For MissouriRobert D. Blitz$2,650.00
08/26/2020Parson For Missourimichael basnett$500.00
08/26/2020Parson For MissouriGasconade County Republican Central Committee$1,000.00
08/26/2020Friends Of Sara WalshJennerfer Bukowsky$1,000.00
08/26/2020Friends Of Sara WalshCooper County Republican Committee$1,834.00
08/26/2020MO Opportunity PACSpire Missouri Inc.$5,000.00
08/26/2020Citizens For GriesheimerMissouri REALTORS PAC Inc.$1,000.00
08/26/2020Heavy Constructors Association Local PACSuperior Bowen$1,958.94
08/26/2020Heavy Constructors Association Local PACJM Fahey$500.00
08/26/2020Heavy Constructors Association Local PACCLARKSON$1,063.20
08/26/2020MO Insurance Coalition PACLiberty Mutual Insurance Co. Political Action Committee Multi Candidate Committee$1,500.00
08/26/2020Citizens To Elect Alan GrayIUOE LOCAL513$500.00
08/26/2020Clay County Democratic Central CommitteeNancy Leiker$2,000.00
08/26/2020Evergy Employee PowerPAC - MissouriEvergy Employee PowerPAC - Missouri$15,000.00
08/26/2020Friends Of Jeff ShawanJeff Shawan$17,500.00
08/26/2020Freedom's Promise PACMISSOURI SENATE CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE$24,000.00
08/26/2020The Committee to Elect Richelle Christensen Grosvenor as Judge, Teddy Sue Allen, TreasurerRichelle Grosvenor$6,192.48
08/26/2020UFCW Local 655 Elect ClubUFCW Local 655$5,025.60

Contribution Date: 08/25/2020

08/25/2020Committee To Elect Cindy Berne 2020Teamsters 245 PAC$1,000.00
08/25/2020Committee To Elect Cindy Berne 2020IUOE Local 513 Political and Education Fund$500.00
08/25/2020Uniting Missouri PACJim Trenary Chevrolet$500.00
08/25/2020Uniting Missouri PACPearl Motor Company$500.00
08/25/2020Uniting Missouri PACCABLE-DAHMER BUICK GMC$500.00
08/25/2020Uniting Missouri PACCABLE-DAHMER BUICK GMC OF KANSAS CITY$500.00
08/25/2020Uniting Missouri PACCable Dahmer Cadillac of Kansas City$500.00
08/25/2020Uniting Missouri PACCABLE-DAHMER KIA$500.00
08/25/2020Uniting Missouri PACCABLE-DAHMER CHEVROLET INC$500.00
08/25/2020Uniting Missouri PACCity Chevrolet LLC$500.00
08/25/2020Uniting Missouri PACMCCARTHY CBG INC$500.00
08/25/2020Uniting Missouri PACREPUBLIC FORD INC$500.00
08/25/2020Uniting Missouri PACCARTHAGE CHRYLSER DODGE JEEP RAM$500.00
08/25/2020Uniting Missouri PACCarthage Ford$500.00
08/25/2020Uniting Missouri PACMCCARTHY CHEVROLET LEES SUMMIT$500.00
08/25/2020Uniting Missouri PACMCCARTHY AUTO GROUP OF BLUE SPRINGS INC$500.00
08/25/2020Uniting Missouri PACMcCarthy Toyota Of Sedalia$500.00
08/25/2020Uniting Missouri PACJIM FALK MOTORS INC$500.00
08/25/2020Uniting Missouri PACTri State Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram$500.00
08/25/2020Uniting Missouri PACTRI STATE FORD$500.00
08/25/2020Uniting Missouri PACFord Groves$500.00
08/25/2020Uniting Missouri PACRob Sight Ford$1,000.00
08/25/2020Uniting Missouri PACCENTURY MOTOR CORP$1,000.00
08/25/2020Uniting Missouri PACThoroughbred Ford$1,000.00
08/25/2020Uniting Missouri PACCOAD PARK WEST INC$1,000.00
08/25/2020Uniting Missouri PACPLE ENTERPRISES INC$1,000.00
08/25/2020Uniting Missouri PACJohnny Londoff Chevrolet$1,000.00
08/25/2020Uniting Missouri PACSNEED FORD$1,000.00
08/25/2020Uniting Missouri PACCHUCK ANDERSON FORD INC$1,000.00
08/25/2020Uniting Missouri PACHulett Chevrolet Buick GMC$1,000.00
08/25/2020Uniting Missouri PACThompson Sales Company$1,000.00
08/25/2020Uniting Missouri PACWK GMC$1,500.00
08/25/2020Uniting Missouri PACREED AUTOMOTIVE GROUP INC$1,500.00
08/25/2020Uniting Missouri PACLANDMARK DODGE CHRYSLER JEEP RAM$5,000.00
08/25/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDavid Bunge$1,000.00
08/25/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriRaymond Crespo$500.00
08/25/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriSt. Louis Labor Council AFL-CIO Project 2000$500.00
08/25/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriCATHERINE DOBSON$500.00
08/25/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriRodney Rodenbaugh$500.00
08/25/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriKathleen Kunkler$500.00
08/25/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriBob & Prue Johnson$500.00
08/25/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriFred Wessels$500.00
08/25/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenJennifer Bukowsky$2,559.00
08/25/2020Dolan for MissouriTEAMSTERS LOCAL 245$1,000.00
08/25/2020Friends of Trish GunbyInternational Union of Elevator Constructors Local 3 PAC$500.00
08/25/2020Friends of Trish GunbyTEAMSTERS LOCAL 245 PAC$1,000.00
08/25/2020Ashley Aune for MissouriNew Horizons Enterprises LLC$1,000.00
08/25/2020Beck For MissouriJason Ludwig$2,500.00
08/25/2020Beck For MissouriMark E. Moreland Attorney At Law LLC$1,000.00
08/25/2020Beck For MissouriThe Hines & Wilson Law Firm$1,500.00
08/25/2020Beck For MissouriVan Zanten & Onik, LLC$2,500.00
08/25/2020Beck For MissouriI.U.O.E. Local 513 Political & Educational Fund$2,500.00
08/25/2020Beck For MissouriGreg Smith$500.00
08/25/2020Beck For MissouriTeamsters 245 PAF$2,500.00
08/25/2020Beck For MissouriSteven Groves$750.00
08/25/2020Plocher For MissouriMatthew Rossiter$1,000.00
08/25/2020Plocher For MissouriSt. Louis association of Realtors$2,046.00
08/25/2020Plocher For MissouriJamie Boock$1,000.00
08/25/2020Schmitt For MissouriChris Weber$1,000.00
08/25/2020Schmitt For MissouriJohn Kemper$1,000.00
08/25/2020Schmitt For MissouriGreg Overschmidt$500.00
08/25/2020Baker For MissouriChris Finney$500.00
08/25/2020Baker For MissouriTruman Allen$500.00
08/25/2020Baker For MissouriBill Turley$2,559.00
08/25/2020Leighton For MOCape Girardeau Democratic Central Committee$500.00
08/25/2020Mighty Missouri PACMO Majority PAC$5,000.00
08/25/2020Citizens for Vicki Lorenz EnglundVictoria Crouppen$500.00
08/25/2020Lavender For State SenateInternational Union of Elevator Constructors$500.00
08/25/2020Lavender For State SenateSteven Groves$750.00
08/25/2020Lavender For State SenateTeamsters 245$2,500.00
08/25/2020Committee to Elect Jean PrettoTeamsters Local 6 Political Action Fund$1,000.00
08/25/2020Citizens For Tishaura O JonesSTERLING MILLER$500.00
08/25/2020Citizens For Tishaura O JonesStephen Lenivy$500.00
08/25/2020MoCannTrade PACFresh Karma KC$500.00
08/25/2020Go West For MissouriRichard Daleen$1,000.00
08/25/2020Parson For MissouriWarren Wood$1,000.00
08/25/2020Parson For MissouriMarilyn Wood$2,650.00
08/25/2020Parson For MissouriHoward Wood$2,650.00
08/25/2020Parson For MissouriA WAYNE WALLINGFORD JR$500.00
08/25/2020Parson For MissouriDave Strader$500.00
08/25/2020Parson For MissouriJohn Rentschler$750.00
08/25/2020Parson For MissouriJane Rayle$2,000.00
08/25/2020Parson For MissouriJEANETTE PRENGER$2,650.00
08/25/2020Parson For MissouriMartin Porter$1,000.00
08/25/2020Parson For MissouriWilliam Orscheln$2,650.00
08/25/2020Parson For MissouriRobert Orscheln$2,650.00
08/25/2020Parson For MissouriMary Orscheln$2,650.00
08/25/2020Parson For MissouriBeth Orscheln$2,650.00
08/25/2020Parson For MissouriSTEVEN OBERMANN$500.00
08/25/2020Parson For MissouriFred McQueary$1,000.00
08/25/2020Parson For MissouriFredna Mahaffey$2,650.00
08/25/2020Parson For MissouriJohnelle Little$2,650.00
08/25/2020Parson For MissouriC Randy Little$2,650.00
08/25/2020Parson For MissouriTruman Lemons$500.00
08/25/2020Parson For MissouriKaren Krittenbrink$2,650.00
08/25/2020Parson For MissouriSusan Knasel$2,650.00
08/25/2020Parson For MissouriKEVIN KNASEL$2,650.00
08/25/2020Parson For MissouriGarrett Knasel$2,650.00
08/25/2020Parson For MissouriJudith Kent$2,500.00
08/25/2020Parson For MissouriJerald Kent$2,500.00
08/25/2020Parson For MissouriJoseph Hamilton$1,000.00
08/25/2020Parson For MissouriJ Douglas Hamilton$1,000.00
08/25/2020Parson For MissouriDavid Glaus$2,650.00
08/25/2020Parson For MissouriW THOMAS FOWLER JR$1,000.00
08/25/2020Parson For MissouriDanny Dumey$1,000.00
08/25/2020Parson For MissouriLloyd Downard$2,600.00
08/25/2020Parson For MissouriJane Campbell$500.00
08/25/2020Parson For Missouriscott buerge$2,600.00
08/25/2020Parson For MissouriRandy Brown$2,500.00
08/25/2020Parson For MissouriGlenn Brown$2,500.00
08/25/2020Parson For MissouriNoel Boyd$1,500.00
08/25/2020Parson For MissouriRonald Ashworth$2,650.00
08/25/2020Parson For MissouriNucor Missouri PAC$1,000.00
08/25/2020MO Opportunity PACWilliam Holekamp$5,000.00
08/25/2020A Better Missouri Political Action CommitteeAnheuser-Busch Cos, Inc.$45,000.00
08/25/2020Citizens For Jeff HoelscherCole County Republican Committee$500.00
08/25/2020Committee to Elect Megan Stickley Public AdministratorBuchanan County Democratic Central Committee$500.00
08/25/2020Friends Of Kip KendrickMO & KS LABORERS PAC$500.00
08/25/2020Semple For State AssemblyMO 7th District Chapter MRA$1,000.00
08/25/2020Robertson for Southern CommissionerMelinda Robertson$500.00
08/25/2020Friends Of Martha StevensUniv of MO Flagship Council PAC Inc$500.00
08/25/2020Supporters of Rick MesserliKaren Messerli$540.00
08/25/2020Missouri Senate Campaign CommitteeBayer$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/24/2020

08/24/2020Committee To Elect Cindy Berne 2020Teamsters Local 6$1,000.00
08/24/2020Committee To Elect Cindy Berne 2020Gerald Axelbaum$1,000.00
08/24/2020Committee To Elect Cindy Berne 2020Leisa Stevens$500.00
08/24/2020Uniting Missouri PACBayer$3,500.00
08/24/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriAshley Kemper$2,650.00
08/24/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriSchuchat, Cook & Werner$2,650.00
08/24/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriTrina Cotner$2,500.00
08/24/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriRichard Gund$2,000.00
08/24/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMary Strauss$1,000.00
08/24/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriGeoffrey Peters$1,000.00
08/24/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriCaroline Tinsley$1,000.00
08/24/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriCraig Barratt$714.29
08/24/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMarcia McCormick$500.00
08/24/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMaha Libdeh$500.00
08/24/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriBill Biedenstein$500.00
08/24/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriChris Haas$500.00
08/24/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriAngela Standish$500.00
08/24/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJim Wyrsch$500.00
08/24/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDavid Crafts$500.00
08/24/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriROBERT HUGHES$500.00
08/24/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDr. Carl and Kathy Price$500.00
08/24/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriElissa Schauman$500.00
08/24/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriWilliam Dalton$500.00
08/24/2020Fitzpatrick For MissouriSteven Mathews$500.00
08/24/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeSandra Willard$2,650.00
08/24/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeBradley Willard$2,650.00
08/24/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeThomas Goodin$500.00
08/24/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeLarry Lindsay$500.00
08/24/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeDarrell Lindsay$500.00
08/24/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMO Optometric PAC$2,500.00
08/24/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeJohn Bommarito$2,650.00
08/24/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeDon Vanderfeltz$500.00
08/24/2020Citizens for Bridget Walsh MooreEllen$500.00
08/24/2020Committee to Elect Sarah OertherSarah Oerther$2,500.00
08/24/2020Dolan for MissouriTeamsters local 541$1,000.00
08/24/2020Rizzo For MissouriMLPA Legislative Fund$500.00
08/24/2020Friends of Trish GunbyTeamsters Local 6 PAF$1,000.00
08/24/2020Ashley Aune for MissouriTeamsters Local Union No 541$1,000.00
08/24/2020David Lenihan for Senate.comSteven Stone$2,559.00
08/24/2020David Lenihan for Senate.com100th District Republicans$500.00
08/24/2020David Lenihan for Senate.comUniversity Square Company$2,559.00
08/24/2020Beck For MissouriRobert T. Beezley, P.C.$1,000.00
08/24/2020Beck For Missouri5,001.00 Zevan & Davidson Law Firm$2,500.00
08/24/2020Beck For MissouriO'Leary, Shelton, Corrigan, Peterson, Dalton & Quillin LLC$2,500.00
08/24/2020Beck For MissouriMISSOURI AND KANSAS LABORERS PAC$2,500.00
08/24/2020Beck For MissouriElectrical Workers Voluntary Political Fund$2,500.00
08/24/2020Beck For MissouriTeamsters Local 6 Political Action Fund$2,500.00
08/24/2020Maggie Nurrenbern for MissouriTrent Skaggs$500.00
08/24/2020Committee To Elect Robert SaulsTeamsters Local Union No. 541$1,000.00
08/24/2020Schmitt For MissouriEDWARD GRIESEDIECK$500.00
08/24/2020Schmitt For MissouriJamey Edgerton$500.00
08/24/2020Baker For MissouriTracy Barnes$1,000.00
08/24/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncEnterprise Holdings Inc PAC$15,000.00
08/24/2020Citizens for Vicki Lorenz EnglundTeamsters Local 6$500.00
08/24/2020Citizens for Vicki Lorenz EnglundEllen Schapiro$1,000.00
08/24/2020Lavender For State SenateBill Biedenstein$500.00
08/24/2020Lavender For State SenateLeadingAge Missouri$1,000.00
08/24/2020Lavender For State SenateHighlinder Political Strategies$1,284.44
08/24/2020Lavender For State SenateTeamsters Local 6 PAC$2,500.00
08/24/2020Faleti For MissouriINGRID BURNETT$500.00
08/24/2020Citizens For Tishaura O JonesNancy Cross$500.00
08/24/2020Citizens For Tishaura O JonesDavid Sweeney$500.00
08/24/2020Citizens For Tishaura O JonesDonna Moog$500.00
08/24/2020Finneran for MissouriTeamsters Local 6$500.00
08/24/2020Finneran for MissouriEllen J. Schapiro Revocable Trust$1,000.00
08/24/2020Citizens To Elect Jay Mosley LLCMISSOURI AND KANSAS LABORERS DISTRICT COUNCIL$1,000.00
08/24/2020Majority ForwardHITE, CHRISTOPHER$500.00
08/24/2020Citizens To Elect Bruce DegrootDealers Interested in Government$1,000.00
08/24/2020American Dream PACBAYER CORPORATION$2,500.00
08/24/2020MBA River Heritage Region PACKevin Cook$1,144.00
08/24/2020Park4PlatteCarl Hughes$500.00
08/24/2020Committee To Elect John BlackAT&T Missouri Employee Political Action Committee$500.00
08/24/2020Committee To Elect John BlackAGC of MO Pac$500.00
08/24/2020Parson For MissouriThomas Peterffy$2,800.00
08/24/2020Parson For MissouriWilliam Loesch$1,000.00
08/24/2020Parson For MissouriMichael Haverty$1,000.00
08/24/2020Parson For MissouriMarlys Haverty$1,000.00
08/24/2020Parson For MissouriKevin Anders$500.00
08/24/2020Gregory For MissouriShelter Ins MO State PAC$500.00
08/24/2020Friends for Tristan AsburyDarrel Asbury$500.00
08/24/2020Citizens For GriesheimerMissouri Forest Products Political Action Committee$500.00
08/24/2020Friends For Chuck BasyeCooper Co Republican Committee$2,000.00
08/24/2020Friends of Terry ThompsonJohnson County Republican Central Committee$2,000.00
08/24/2020Committee To Elect HouxChad Davis$1,000.00
08/24/2020Committee To Elect HouxJohnson County Republican Party$1,000.00
08/24/2020Committee To Elect HouxSpire PAC$500.00
08/24/2020Committee To Elect HouxMissouri Independent Bankers Assoc PAC$500.00
08/24/2020Friends for Ed LewisViceroy PAC$500.00
08/24/2020Citizens For MitchellMacy Mitchell$1,109.39
08/24/2020CLEAN MissouriDorianna Blitt$20,000.00
08/24/2020CLEAN MissouriNational Education Association$500,000.00
08/24/2020Your Vote Matters MOThe Simon Law Firm, P.C.$10,000.00
08/24/2020Uniting Missouri PACCigna$10,000.00
08/24/2020Uniting Missouri PACJAMES RUSSELL HORNSBY$10,000.00
08/24/2020Missourians for BowenNathan Bowen$5,185.20
08/24/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncEnterprise Holdings Inc Political Action Committee$15,000.00
08/24/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncBAYER CORPORATION$10,000.00
08/24/2020CLEAN MissouriAction Now Initiative$100,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/23/2020

08/23/2020Missourians for a Responsible BudgetGraves Garrett LLC PAC$1,500.00
08/23/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriGerald Hazelbauer$2,650.00
08/23/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriStanley Vriezelaar$2,600.00
08/23/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriAllen Parmet$1,500.00
08/23/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriStanford Stewart$1,000.00
08/23/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJeff Johnson$500.00
08/23/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriBruce Fleissig$500.00
08/23/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriNathan Brown$500.00
08/23/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncRoe McCabe$500.00
08/23/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncCarole McCabe$1,000.00
08/23/2020Schmitt For MissouriGary Vivian$500.00
08/23/2020Citizens for Vicki Lorenz EnglundIrma Hirsch$500.00
08/23/2020Lavender For State SenateStonewall LLC$1,000.00
08/23/2020Lavender For State SenateStanley Vriezelaar$1,000.00
08/23/2020Lavender For State SenateDana Sandweiss$1,000.00
08/23/2020Lavender For State SenateNicola Stern$1,040.00
08/23/2020Faleti For MissouriMichael Silverman$2,650.00
08/23/2020Faleti For MissouriMaury and Lorrie Poscover$1,000.00
08/23/2020Faleti For MissouriHenry Warshaw$1,000.00
08/23/2020Faleti For MissouriAnne Frahn$1,000.00
08/23/2020Finneran for MissouriBill Hirsch$500.00
08/23/2020Parson For MissouriAdina Tracy$2,650.00
08/23/2020Parson For MissouriStephen Slawson$2,650.00
08/23/2020Parson For MissouriMichele Slawson$2,650.00
08/23/2020Committee to Elect Beverly Thomas CommissionerBeverly Thomas$9,162.49

Contribution Date: 08/22/2020

08/22/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJennifer Shylanski$2,650.00
08/22/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriKarl Koster$500.00
08/22/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriHoward Cavner$500.00
08/22/2020Fitzpatrick For MissouriKim Melugin$2,650.00
08/22/2020Fitzpatrick For MissouriPhil Melugin$2,650.00
08/22/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenAT Government Strategies LLC$1,000.00
08/22/2020Missourians for a Responsible BudgetBayer$2,500.00
08/22/2020Schmitt For MissouriJason Reinberg$500.00
08/22/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigOld Drum Conservative PAC$2,559.00
08/22/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigDAVID SATER$500.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncWilliam Chevalier Jr$2,200.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncXcaliber International LTD LLC$15,000.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncRemington Research Group LLC$5,000.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncHealthPAC$5,000.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMISSOURI SOYBEAN ASSOCIATION$5,000.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncRiggs for Missouri$5,000.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMOSFA PAC Inc$5,000.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncFriends of Suzie Pollock$5,000.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCLCP PAC$5,000.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncHaden for State Representative$5,000.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncQC Holdings INC$5,000.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMissouri Insurance Coalition PAC$5,000.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncAMECPAC$5,000.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMissouri Optometric Association PAC$5,000.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMissouri Cable Telecommunications Association$5,000.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCitizens For Jeff Coleman$5,000.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncHENDERSON FOR MISSOURI$4,750.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCitizens for Nathan Tate$4,750.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncFriends of Rob Vescovo$4,482.97
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncFriends of Jeff Knight$4,250.18
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncHaffner For Missouri$4,250.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncDEAN PLOCHER$4,200.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCitizens to elect Kurtis Gregory$4,200.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncFriends of Mary Elizabeth Coleman$4,000.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncFriends of Shaul$3,500.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncFriends of Elijah Haahr$3,500.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncRiggs for Missouri$3,400.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCitzens for Murphy$3,100.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCupps for House$2,950.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMISSOURIANS FOR CODY SMITH$2,949.79
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCitizens For Jeff Coleman$2,808.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMISSOURI SOYBEAN ASSOCIATION$2,500.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncWinton Policy Group LLC$2,500.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCOMMITTEE TO ELECT BEN BAKER$2,500.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncFriends of Rusty Black$2,400.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncFriends of Mary Elizabeth Coleman$2,356.56
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncFriends of Rodger L Reedy$2,250.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncBoggs for Missouri$2,200.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncJohn Black$2,000.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMissourians for Shields$2,000.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncSharpe for Rep$1,700.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncRobert Bromley$1,700.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncPatrons Of Jeff Porter$1,500.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCitizens to elect Kurtis Gregory$1,488.10
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncFriends for Chuck Basye$1,450.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncHARDY BILLINGTON$1,350.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncSuzie Pollock$1,300.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncNate Tate$1,281.63
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCitizens for Falkner$1,250.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncAndrew McDaniel$1,200.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncFriends for Chuck Basye$1,080.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncJohn Black$1,000.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncDan Shaul$1,000.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncGreg Sharpe$1,000.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMISSOURI SOYBEAN ASSOCIATION$1,000.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCommittee to Elect David Evans$1,000.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMissouri State Troopers Association Inc PAC$1,000.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCatalyst PAC$1,000.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncW.E. Shoehigh LLC$1,000.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncWright For Missouri$900.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCOMMITTEE TO ELECT BECKY RUTH$845.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncDIRK DEATON FOR MISSOURI$843.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncRudy Veit$825.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCommittee to Elect Ann Kelley$790.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncJohn Black$750.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncPollitt for House of Representatives$750.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMISSOURI SOYBEAN ASSOCIATION$750.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCitizens for Griesheimer$750.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncGo West for Missouri$725.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncFriends For Hardy Billington$650.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncFriends of Jered Taylor$650.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncHARDY BILLINGTON$636.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMissourians for Shields$600.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncBill Kidd for Missouri$600.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMichael Haffner$600.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncFranklin Atchison$600.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncJeff Porter$567.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncFriends of Hannah Kelly$556.92
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncLee Ann Pitman$550.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCurtis Trent$500.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMISSOURI SOYBEAN ASSOCIATION$500.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCommittee to Elect Ann Kelley$500.00
08/22/2020Finneran for MissouriLinda Randall$1,000.00
08/22/2020Devine for JudgeJim Howard$500.00
08/22/2020Parson For MissouriJason Logsdon$2,650.00
08/22/2020Parson For MissouriCarrie Logsdon$2,650.00
08/22/2020Parson For MissouriJames Hornsby$2,650.00
08/22/2020Parson For MissouriTracy Hamilton$2,650.00
08/22/2020Parson For MissouriJoseph Hamilton$2,650.00
08/22/2020Citizens for Dean VanSchoiackAndrew County Republican PAC$1,500.00
08/22/2020Citizens for Dean VanSchoiackViceroy PAC$500.00
08/22/2020Committee to Elect Rick Roeber to the 34thCheyenne International LLC$500.00
08/22/2020Razer For MissouriIST MO Nominee PAC Number Two$1,467.25
08/22/2020Razer For MissouriIST MO Nominee PAC Number One$2,198.95
08/22/2020Razer For MissouriMissouri Independent Bankers Association PAC$500.00
08/22/2020Razer For MissouriMLPA Legislative Fund$500.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncFriends for Francis$5,600.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCOMMITTEE TO ELECT BEN BAKER$6,000.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCommittee To Elect Houx$6,198.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncPatrons Of Jeff Porter$11,850.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncPollitt for House of Representatives$7,400.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCOMMITTEE TO ELECT BOB BROMLEY$8,300.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncFriends of Rob Vescovo$30,000.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncStephens Pharmacy Inc$6,400.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCOMMITTEE TO ELECT BEN BAKER$5,100.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncFriends for Muntzel$6,000.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncDIRK DEATON FOR MISSOURI$5,500.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCitizens to Elect Doug Richey$13,000.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCommittee To Elect Houx$17,500.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncDealers Interested in Government$15,000.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncAnheuser-Busch Companies$15,000.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncRAI Services Company$15,000.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCigna$10,000.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncSchnelting for Missouri$7,000.00
08/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncXcalibur International LTD LLC$15,000.00
08/22/2020Jack Bates for State RepresentativeJack Bates$2,690.71

Contribution Date: 08/21/2020

08/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriLinda Werner$2,650.00
08/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriSelina Lo$2,650.00
08/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriLaura Katz$2,000.00
08/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDr. Charles and Jan Foland$1,000.00
08/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDon Lents$1,000.00
08/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriHeat & Frost Insulators & Allied Workers Local #1 Political Fund Account No. 1$1,000.00
08/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriGracia and Mike Backer$1,000.00
08/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDouglas Dowd$1,000.00
08/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriLinda Honigfort$1,000.00
08/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriCHRISTOPHER J FINNEY LLC$1,000.00
08/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJim and Cindy Butler$1,000.00
08/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriWilliam Atkinson$1,000.00
08/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriTed Groshong$1,000.00
08/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriCarlyle Parish LLC$750.00
08/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriC. Mike McFatrich$500.00
08/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMary Ostdiek$500.00
08/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriChristine Pennell$500.00
08/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJohn and Marcy Rosenkoetter$500.00
08/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriPamela Ash$500.00
08/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJohn Handly$500.00
08/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriPatricia Harvey$500.00
08/21/2020Citizens For Derek GrierRoy Lenardson$500.00
08/21/2020Fitzpatrick For MissouriLouis Griesemer$500.00
08/21/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeBill Corrigan$1,000.00
08/21/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncSandy Hancock$505.00
08/21/2020Citizens for Bridget Walsh MooreRuss Riggan$500.00
08/21/2020Friends of Trish GunbySharalyn Saks$1,000.00
08/21/2020Beck For MissouriGallagher Davis$1,500.00
08/21/2020Beck For MissouriTRUE NORTH PAC$2,500.00
08/21/2020Beck For MissouriEric Hensic$500.00
08/21/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanHEARTLAND ACTION PAC$2,600.00
08/21/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanSt. Louis County Police Association PAC$1,300.00
08/21/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanThomas Stern$1,000.00
08/21/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanLiving Well PAC$1,000.00
08/21/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanStephen Wolff$1,000.00
08/21/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanGloss, LLC$750.00
08/21/2020Baker For MissouriDavid Mehr$1,000.00
08/21/2020Baker For MissouriPeter Mueser$500.00
08/21/2020Baker For MissouriTonya Page$2,559.00
08/21/2020Baker For MissouriJohn Page$2,559.00
08/21/2020Friends of John C RussellDouglas Neff$500.00
08/21/2020Ashcroft For MissouriBill Corrigan$1,000.00
08/21/2020Citizens for Vicki Lorenz EnglundJoyce Aboussie$1,000.00
08/21/2020Lavender For State SenateLinda Honigfort$500.00
08/21/2020Lavender For State SenateJennifer McDonnell$500.00
08/21/2020Lavender For State SenateMissouri Democratic State Committee$1,025.81
08/21/2020Buchheit-Courtway for MissouriViceroy PAC$500.00
08/21/2020Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACJohn Wyatt$500.00
08/21/2020Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACHoward Puterman$500.00
08/21/2020Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACSean Devlin$500.00
08/21/2020Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACKEVIN BASS$500.00
08/21/2020Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMatthew Brady$714.29
08/21/2020Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACTHOMAS WALLING$500.00
08/21/2020Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACTHOMAS BERUTTI$500.00
08/21/2020Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMichelle Kay$500.00
08/21/2020Finneran for MissouriLynne Kipnis$500.00
08/21/2020Finneran for MissouriLaura Giokas$500.00
08/21/2020Hurlbert for MissouriViceroy PAC$500.00
08/21/2020Fogle for MissouriTeamsters 245 PAF$2,000.00
08/21/2020Citizens For Gretchen BangertLIUNA PAC$1,000.00
08/21/2020Voters for Patty LewisUnited Steelworkers District 11$500.00
08/21/2020Credit Union Political Action Committee of MissouriCentral Missouri Community Credit Union$1,000.00
08/21/2020Citizens For StumpeCole County Republican Committee$2,000.00
08/21/2020Parson For MissouriGregory Sharpe$500.00
08/21/2020Parson For MissouriKarla Richmond$500.00
08/21/2020Parson For MissouriDavid Oreilly$2,650.00
08/21/2020Parson For MissouriSara North$500.00
08/21/2020Parson For MissouriFrank Miller$1,000.00
08/21/2020Parson For MissouriRed Oak Properties LLc$1,000.00
08/21/2020Committee to Elect Teresa Sykes for Collector/Treasurer Livingston CountyTeresa Sykes$500.00
08/21/2020Citizens For Raymond LampertResa Amos$600.00
08/21/2020Citizens For Raymond LampertIST-MO NOMINEE PAC NUMBER ONE$555.98
08/21/2020Hirth for JudgeCHRIS KELLY$500.00
08/21/2020HealthPACTravis Capers$1,350.00
08/21/2020Friends of Chad Farrow For AssessorBuchanan Co Democratic Central Committee$500.00
08/21/2020Citizens For Erick BillupsChariton County Republican Political Action Committee$1,200.00
08/21/2020Local 610 Political Action Committee FundIBT Drive Committee$836.55
08/21/2020Committee to Elect Harry OttoCole County Republican Central Committee$500.00
08/21/2020Bob Burns For MissouriJOSEPH TREADWAY$2,600.00
08/21/2020Committee To Elect Bob BromleyAT&T Missouri Employee PAC$500.00
08/21/2020Purple PACLaborers' International Union of North America Local 110$10,000.00
08/21/2020Missouri Democratic State CommitteeMO State Council of Machinists PAC$25,000.00
08/21/2020Campaign for Clean Water STLCentene Management Company LLC$50,000.00
08/21/2020MO Drive FundIBT Drive Committee$100,000.00
08/21/2020Graves Garrett, LLC PACChouteau PAC$20,000.00
08/21/2020Missourians for a New ApproachNew Approach PAC$15,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/20/2020

08/20/2020Bill Hardwick For MissouriViceroy PAC$500.00
08/20/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriROBERT CLAYTON$2,650.00
08/20/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriTerrence Stewart$1,200.00
08/20/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJulie Schuster$1,000.00
08/20/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJames Birchler$1,000.00
08/20/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriGeorge Helmkamp$500.00
08/20/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriEmily Shepard$500.00
08/20/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriVanja Pejovic$500.00
08/20/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDana Sandweiss$500.00
08/20/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMelissa Klukvin$500.00
08/20/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriEllen Eye$500.00
08/20/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJames Cates$500.00
08/20/2020Fitzpatrick For MissouriRandy Stockton$2,500.00
08/20/2020Missouri UnitedSt. Louis association of Realtors$1,000.00
08/20/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenMissouri Cattlemans Association PAC$2,500.00
08/20/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenMO Soybean Association - State PAC$2,500.00
08/20/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenPhysicians Led Anesthesia Care PAC$2,500.00
08/20/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenThe PAC$2,500.00
08/20/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenGrote Group LLC$2,500.00
08/20/2020Friends Of Steve HelmsMissouri Alliance PAC$500.00
08/20/2020Dolan for MissouriBLET$500.00
08/20/2020Missourians For ShieldsDealers Interested in Government$500.00
08/20/2020Rizzo For MissouriIST-MO Nominee PAC Number Two$1,467.25
08/20/2020Rizzo For MissouriIST-MO NOMINEE PAC NUMBER ONE$2,198.95
08/20/2020Dirk Deaton For MissouriDealers Interested in Government$500.00
08/20/2020Ashley Aune for MissouriTeamsters 245 PAF$1,000.00
08/20/2020Committee to Elect Bill OttoBrotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen Missouri PAC$500.00
08/20/2020Beck For MissouriMissouri Democratic State Committee$1,025.81
08/20/2020Plocher For MissouriMissouri Independent Bankers Association Political Action Committee$500.00
08/20/2020Committee To Elect Keri IngleMissouri and Kansas Laborers$2,000.00
08/20/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigPHYSICIAN LED ANESTHESIA CARE PAC$2,000.00
08/20/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncFriends of Mary Elizabeth Coleman$4,000.00
08/20/2020Leighton For MOSEMO Democrat Rally Committee PAC$1,000.00
08/20/2020Citizens for Vicki Lorenz EnglundSelden Trimble$2,650.00
08/20/2020Citizens for Vicki Lorenz EnglundPHILLIP PAGE$500.00
08/20/2020Lavender For State SenateAnn Bauer$500.00
08/20/2020Lavender For State SenateDaw Properties$1,000.00
08/20/2020Lavender For State SenateLaura Griesedieck$1,000.00
08/20/2020Faleti For MissouriMissouri and Kansas Laborers' PAC$2,500.00
08/20/2020Faleti For MissouriLinda Honigfort$500.00
08/20/2020Citizens For MurphySandy Henson$500.00
08/20/2020BHA PACHemphill and Associates$7,500.00
08/20/2020Page For MissouriCWA - COPE MISSOURI CHECKING$2,500.00
08/20/2020Fogle for MissouriMissouri Women's Political Caucus PAC$500.00
08/20/2020Spirit of MissouriMO Corn Growers Association$3,300.00
08/20/2020Spirit of MissouriMISSOURI SOYBEAN ASSOCIATION$2,648.00
08/20/2020Elect Luke BarberBrotherhood of Locomative Engineers and Trainmen PAC$500.00
08/20/2020Missourians for HealthcareAmerican Heart Association$1,000.00
08/20/2020Friends Of Erica HoffmanBrotherhood of Locomotive Train Engineers & Trainmen Missouri PAC$500.00
08/20/2020Parson For MissouriDebbie Jo White$2,500.00
08/20/2020Parson For MissouriGREG STEINHOFF$1,000.00
08/20/2020Parson For MissouriMildred Schell$2,650.00
08/20/2020Parson For MissouriGary Schell$2,650.00
08/20/2020Parson For MissouriJohn OConnell$2,650.00
08/20/2020Parson For MissouriAnita OConnell$2,650.00
08/20/2020Parson For MissouriJim Carr$2,650.00
08/20/2020Committee To Elect Becky RuthDealers Interested in Government$2,000.00
08/20/2020CWA-COPE Political Contributions Federal CommitteeCommunications Workers of America- COPE PCC$2,500.00
08/20/2020Citizens For GriesheimerMissouri and Kansas Labors' PAC$500.00
08/20/2020Citizens For GriesheimerMissouri Asphalt Pavement Assn. Political Action Committee$500.00
08/20/2020John TracyDonna Tracy$1,000.00
08/20/2020Keep Government AccountableTHE KELLY GROUP INC$1,000.00
08/20/2020Committee to Elect Jonathan Borges Northern CommissionerJonathan Borges$739.26
08/20/2020Committee to Elect Randy Strong Sheriff of Nodaway CountyGary Weese$500.00
08/20/2020Clay County Democratic Central CommitteeJonathan Baker$750.00
08/20/2020A Stronger MissouriKeep Government Accountable$500,000.00
08/20/2020BHA PACHemphill and Associaties Inc$7,500.00
08/20/2020Protect Missouri FreedomMissouri DRIVE Fund$100,000.00
08/20/2020House Democratic Campaign CommitteeInternational Union of Painters and Allied Trades PAT federal PAC$50,000.00
08/20/2020Sheet Metal Workers Local No 36 Voluntary Political FundSMART PAL$100,000.00
08/20/2020Keep Government AccountableIUOE Local 513 Political and Education Fund$10,000.00
08/20/2020American Property Casualty Insurance Association Political AccountAmerican Property Casualty Insurance Association$140,264.00

Contribution Date: 08/19/2020

08/19/2020Wright County Republican Central CommitteeTarget committee(Dan Friend)$6,600.00
08/19/2020Families For Kimberly-Ann CollinsSt. Louis association of Realtors$750.00
08/19/2020Citizens for Colby MurphyBuchanan County Democratic Central Committee$500.00
08/19/2020Uniting Missouri PACHOWARD & MARILYN WOOD$25,000.00
08/19/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriShereen Fischer$2,650.00
08/19/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMary Gadbois$2,650.00
08/19/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMichael Fischer$2,650.00
08/19/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriGreg Johnston$2,650.00
08/19/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJohn Mandelker$1,000.00
08/19/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriThomas Limbrick$508.25
08/19/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriNeva Goodwin$500.00
08/19/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriWendy Zerega$500.00
08/19/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriEllen Isaacs$500.00
08/19/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriOscar Tshibanda$500.00
08/19/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJanet Hunt$500.00
08/19/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeKathy Farmer$2,650.00
08/19/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMichael Farmer$2,650.00
08/19/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeJay Foster$1,000.00
08/19/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMichael DeCola$1,000.00
08/19/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenAMECPAC$2,500.00
08/19/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenAmerican Family PAC$2,500.00
08/19/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenHBS MO State PAC$2,500.00
08/19/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenMO Cable PAC$2,500.00
08/19/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenMissouri Asphalt Pavement Association PAC$1,500.00
08/19/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenCooper County Republican Committee$2,000.00
08/19/2020Citizens For Donna BaringerSt Louis Assoc of Realtors PAC$500.00
08/19/2020Friends of Trish GunbyRockwood Labor Club$500.00
08/19/2020David Lenihan for Senate.comMichael Barnelll$500.00
08/19/2020Beck For MissouriBrotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen Missouri PAC$1,000.00
08/19/2020Maggie Nurrenbern for MissouriBrotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen Missouri PAC$500.00
08/19/2020Committee To Elect Robert SaulsMissouri State Council of Fire Fighters PAC$1,000.00
08/19/2020Committee to Elect Karen PlanalpBuchanan County Democratic Central Committee$500.00
08/19/2020Baker For MissouriCHRIS KELLY$500.00
08/19/2020Baker For MissouriIt Starts Today Missouri$1,467.25
08/19/2020Baker For MissouriIt Starts Today Missouri$2,198.95
08/19/2020Baker For MissouriMissouri Womens Political Caucus PAC$500.00
08/19/2020Lavender For State SenateMO Brotherhood Of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen$1,000.00
08/19/2020Lavender For State SenateJennifer Lohman$1,000.00
08/19/2020Friends Of Rusty BlackDealers Interested in Government$500.00
08/19/2020Roberts For St LouisST LOUIS ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS$2,559.00
08/19/2020Faleti For MissouriSelden Trimble$2,650.00
08/19/2020Faleti For MissouriJohn Beuerlein$2,000.00
08/19/2020Faleti For MissouriRichard White$1,000.00
08/19/2020Faleti For MissouriMark O'Connell$1,000.00
08/19/2020Faleti For MissouriOscar Tshibanda$500.00
08/19/2020Faleti For MissouriDavid Murphy$500.00
08/19/2020Faleti For MissouriMary McKay$500.00
08/19/2020Citizens For MurphyST LOUIS ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS$2,046.00
08/19/2020Citizens For Tishaura O JonesSaint Louis Association of Realtors PAC$750.00
08/19/2020Finneran for MissouriRaymond W Peters$1,000.00
08/19/2020Page For MissouriSaint Louis Association of Realtors Political Action Committee$2,600.00
08/19/2020MoCannTrade PACCAMP Cannabis$2,500.00
08/19/2020Citizens For Crystal QuadeMo Women's Political Caucus Pac$500.00
08/19/2020Burgess 4 MissouriLIUNA Local 110$2,046.00
08/19/2020Parson For MissouriClifford Talbert Jr$1,000.00
08/19/2020Parson For MissouriLonnie Ponder$1,000.00
08/19/2020Parson For MissouriThomas Nunnelee Sr$500.00
08/19/2020Parson For MissouriRoger Moser$2,500.00
08/19/2020Parson For MissouriJeanie Moser$2,500.00
08/19/2020Parson For MissouriBRUCE DAWSON$2,650.00
08/19/2020Committee to Elect James P. "Jimmy" NashDemocratic Central Committee$500.00
08/19/2020Wright County Republican Central CommitteeTarget committee (Dan Friend)$6,600.00
08/19/2020The Committee to Elect James ShackelfordJesse Burwell$500.00
08/19/2020Manlove For MissouriMO State Council of Fire Fighters PAC$500.00
08/19/2020Committee to Elect Neal BarnesOperating Engineers 101$1,000.00
08/19/2020Clay County Democratic Central CommitteePlumbers Local Union No. 8 PAC$1,000.00
08/19/2020New Approach PACNew Approach PAC$15,000.00
08/19/2020UAW Region 5 Midwest States Political Action Committee (PAC) (MO)UAW Region 4 Exchange Account$6,000.00
08/19/2020Uniting Missouri PACHoward and Marilyn Wood$25,000.00
08/19/2020Central to Good Government PACCentral Bank of Jefferson City$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/18/2020

08/18/2020Citizens to Elect Kurtis GregoryJohnson County Republican Party$1,000.00
08/18/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriBarbara Lee$2,650.00
08/18/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriSue Fischlowitz$2,650.00
08/18/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriAnne Frahn$2,650.00
08/18/2020Nicole Galloway For Missouridavid roberts$2,650.00
08/18/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriFight for Reform - Missouri$2,650.00
08/18/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriNancy Grove$2,650.00
08/18/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriCharlie and Mary Beth O'Reilly$2,650.00
08/18/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriSheila Greenbaum$2,650.00
08/18/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriStacey Karlovic$2,600.00
08/18/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriEric Karlovic$2,600.00
08/18/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriSEMO Democrat Rally Committee PAC$1,800.00
08/18/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJoseph Castellano$1,500.00
08/18/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriTerry and Beth Neff$1,500.00
08/18/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMissouri Women's Political Caucus PAC$1,000.00
08/18/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJulie and Mike Holley$1,000.00
08/18/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDavid Schlossman$1,000.00
08/18/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriCarolyn Landry$1,000.00
08/18/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDaniel Schesch$500.00
08/18/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJames Mathewson$500.00
08/18/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriPeter Abromowitz$500.00
08/18/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriGregg Dorshorst$500.00
08/18/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriKendall Hunt$500.00
08/18/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriChester Edwards Jr$500.00
08/18/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJohn Campbell$500.00
08/18/2020House Democratic Campaign CommitteeShamrock PAC$1,000.00
08/18/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenScott Carter$500.00
08/18/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenRichard Miller$2,500.00
08/18/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncBrian Russell$640.00
08/18/2020Dolan for MissouriUnited Steelworks District 11$500.00
08/18/2020Friends of Trish GunbyChuck Turco$500.00
08/18/2020Friends of Trish GunbyUnited Steelworkers District 11 MO Non-Federal Acct$500.00
08/18/2020Beck For MissouriUnited Steelworkers District 11 Missouri Non-Federal Account$500.00
08/18/2020Beck For MissouriSheet Metal Workers International Association Local Union No. 36$2,000.00
08/18/2020Better Schools for MissouriLawrence E Smith & Associates$4,000.00
08/18/2020Better Schools for MissouriParagon Architecture$1,500.00
08/18/2020Maggie Nurrenbern for MissouriUnited Steelworkers District 11 Missouri Non-Federal Account$500.00
08/18/2020Schmitt For MissouriJ M Medart$2,650.00
08/18/2020Schmitt For MissouriBrian Baker$500.00
08/18/2020Baker For MissouriLaura Cohen$1,000.00
08/18/2020Baker For MissouriSelden Trimble$2,500.00
08/18/2020Baker For MissouriMary Shaw$500.00
08/18/2020Baker For MissouriJoyce Aboussie$2,000.00
08/18/2020Baker For MissouriFranklin County Democrat Club$2,559.00
08/18/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigFranklin County Leadership PAC$2,559.00
08/18/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncSummit Natural Gas Of Missouri Inc$2,500.00
08/18/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCURO GROUP LLC$1,000.00
08/18/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMISSOURI SOYBEAN ASSOCIATION$750.00
08/18/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncRudy Veit$500.00
08/18/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncRandall Kammerdiener$500.00
08/18/2020Pitman For MissouriMike Dalpini$500.00
08/18/2020Lavender For State SenateChuck Turco$500.00
08/18/2020Lavender For State SenateUnited Steelworkers District 11 MO non-federal account$2,000.00
08/18/2020Friends Of Hannah KellyDealers Interested in Government$500.00
08/18/2020Faleti For MissouriSue Fischlowitz$2,650.00
08/18/2020Faleti For Missouridavid roberts$2,650.00
08/18/2020Faleti For MissouriFranklin County Democrat Club$1,000.00
08/18/2020Faleti For MissouriFight for Reform - Missouri$500.00
08/18/2020Faleti For MissouriJACK HEMBREE$500.00
08/18/2020Finneran for MissouriUnited Steelworkers District 11$2,650.00
08/18/2020Citizens For DoganMO Criminal Defense Lawyers PAC$1,000.00
08/18/2020Fogle for MissouriBryan Fisher$500.00
08/18/2020Committee To Elect Paula BrownBrotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen Missouri PAC$500.00
08/18/2020MO Chamber PACHolcim$1,000.00
08/18/2020Majority ForwardJeremy LeFaver$1,000.00
08/18/2020American Dream PACJeffco Now$500.00
08/18/2020Committee for Quality HealthcareLockton Companies LLC$1,000.00
08/18/2020Committee for Quality HealthcareDebra Wilson$500.00
08/18/2020Committee for Quality HealthcareDiane Trimble$1,000.00
08/18/2020Committee for Quality HealthcareBetty Preston Steele$1,000.00
08/18/2020Committee for Quality HealthcareSteve Schieber$1,000.00
08/18/2020Committee for Quality HealthcareJulie Quirin$500.00
08/18/2020Committee for Quality HealthcareJane Peck$500.00
08/18/2020Committee for Quality HealthcareRobert Olm-Shipman$500.00
08/18/2020Committee for Quality HealthcareHarold Morris III$1,000.00
08/18/2020Committee for Quality HealthcarePatricia Martin$750.00
08/18/2020Committee for Quality HealthcareDonna Kunz$500.00
08/18/2020Committee for Quality HealthcareJani Johnson$750.00
08/18/2020Committee for Quality HealthcareMichael Ausmus$1,000.00
08/18/2020Missourians for HealthcareAdvocates of Planned Parenthood of the St Louis Region & SW MO$1,069.11
08/18/2020Missourians for HealthcareAmerican Heart Association$4,227.36
08/18/2020Friends Of Erica HoffmanUnited Steelworkers District 11 Missouri Non-Federal Account$500.00
08/18/2020Committee to Elect Elizabeth MitchellCarol Jackson$1,407.74
08/18/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanMissouri Nursing & Rehab LLC$2,500.00
08/18/2020Committee to Elect James P. "Jimmy" NashDaniel and Michelle Conard$500.00
08/18/2020Webb For House RepTeamsters 245 PAF$500.00
08/18/2020Ozark Gateway Leadership PACAmerican Federation For Children$10,000.00
08/18/2020Danny Busick 4 Rural MOBNSF Railway Company PAC Missouri$500.00
08/18/2020Danny Busick 4 Rural MOMissouri Truck PAC$500.00
08/18/2020Elect Raymond KinneyIt Starts Today MO Nominee Pac Number one$2,198.95
08/18/2020Elect Raymond KinneyIt Starts Today MO Nominee Pac Number two$1,467.25
08/18/2020Cerner PAC MO Federal CommitteeCerner PAC$5,000.00
08/18/2020Rudy Veit For State RepresentativeBrenda Popp$800.00
08/18/2020Clay County Democratic Central CommitteePlatte County MO Democratic Central Committee$600.00
08/18/2020Semple For State AssemblyLawrence County Central Committee$500.00
08/18/2020Bob Burns For MissouriArtco Fabricating USA,LLC$500.00
08/18/2020Citizens For Judge KoeppenAARON KOEPPEN$900.00
08/18/2020Pollitt For House Of RepresentativesNucor Missouri PAC$500.00
08/18/2020Friends For Al SkalickyPolk County Democratic Committee$500.00
08/18/2020Citizens 4 Dr. Lisa ThomasDr Lisa Thomas$9,900.00
08/18/2020Doll for MissouriJo Doll$11,000.00
08/18/2020Saint Charles Organization of RepublicansAmerican Federation of Children$10,000.00
08/18/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncArcher Daniels Midland Company$10,000.00
08/18/2020Missouri Democratic State CommitteeEric Schmidt$21,812.00
08/18/2020Keep Government AccountableMidwest Region Laborers Political League Education Fund$100,000.00
08/18/2020Keep Government AccountableMISSOURI AND KANSAS LABORERS PAC$150,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/17/2020

08/17/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriSteven Groves$2,650.00
08/17/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJoan Markow$2,650.00
08/17/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMitchell Markow$2,650.00
08/17/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriCatherine Marek$1,000.00
08/17/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDianne O?Connell$500.00
08/17/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJean Rosenthal$500.00
08/17/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMichael Slusher$500.00
08/17/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJohn Oster$500.00
08/17/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriBarbara Feiner$500.00
08/17/2020Missouri Democratic State CommitteeMary Neal$500.00
08/17/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeDANNY OPIE$1,000.00
08/17/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeJay Knudston$1,000.00
08/17/2020Citizens For Cheri Toalson ReischMISSOURI SOYBEAN ASSOCIATION$500.00
08/17/2020Committee to Elect Bill OttoLinda Honigfort$500.00
08/17/2020Beck For MissouriChristopher J Finney, LLC$1,000.00
08/17/2020Schmitt For MissouriNancy Arnoldy$2,650.00
08/17/2020Schmitt For MissouriDick Arnoldy$2,650.00
08/17/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigLathrop Gage Consulting PAC$500.00
08/17/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigQuality Building PAC$500.00
08/17/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigMissouri Growth PAC$2,000.00
08/17/2020Friends of Michael BurtonAndrew Mundwiller$500.00
08/17/2020Lavender For State SenateS Lee Patton$2,559.00
08/17/2020Lavender For State SenateChris Finney$1,000.00
08/17/2020Canady for MissouriMissouri Womens Political Caucus PAC$500.00
08/17/2020Canady for MissouriFranklin Co Democrat Club$1,000.00
08/17/2020Canady for MissouriIrene Bettinger$500.00
08/17/2020Finneran for MissouriLinda Honigfort$500.00
08/17/2020Finneran for MissouriMary Kate Hogan$500.00
08/17/2020No on 2 in AugustPelopidas, LLC$888.00
08/17/2020Fogle for MissouriPatricia Miller$500.00
08/17/2020MO Chamber PACKansas City Southern Railway Co.$5,000.00
08/17/2020The PACGrote and Associates$2,500.00
08/17/2020Jacque Sample for MissouriMissouri Democratic State Committee$500.00
08/17/2020Citizens to Elect Angela Mosley, LLCCWA COPE Missouri$1,250.00
08/17/2020Citizens to Elect Angela Mosley, LLC1ST MO NOMINEE PAC NUMBER TWO$1,467.25
08/17/2020Citizens to Elect Angela Mosley, LLC1st Mo Nominee PAC Number One$2,198.95
08/17/2020Parson For MissouriMichael Tomlin$1,000.00
08/17/2020Parson For MissouriSteve Schulte$2,650.00
08/17/2020Parson For MissouriCheryl Schulte$2,650.00
08/17/2020Parson For MissouriForrest Lucas$2,650.00
08/17/2020Parson For MissouriCharlotte Lucas$2,650.00
08/17/2020Parson For MissouriDana Hockensmith$1,000.00
08/17/2020Parson For MissouriRobin Fugate$1,000.00
08/17/2020Parson For MissouriHarold Fugate$1,000.00
08/17/2020Parson For MissouriScott Atkins$2,650.00
08/17/2020Parson For MissouriFran Atkins$2,650.00
08/17/2020Gregory For MissouriMissouri Organization of Defense Lawyers Political Action Committee$1,500.00
08/17/2020Gregory For MissouriMO Criminal Defense Lawyers Political Action Committee$1,000.00
08/17/2020Committee to Elect Teresa Sykes for Collector/Treasurer Livingston CountyTeresa Sykes$1,000.00
08/17/2020Committee to Elect Steve Foster, Western District CommissionerSteven Foster$500.00
08/17/2020MO Opportunity PACEvergy Metro Inc.$10,000.00
08/17/2020Friends of Angie SchaeferKatie Peveler$500.00
08/17/2020Friends of Christine Hyman for MissouriLynn Calpeter$2,000.00
08/17/2020Committee to Elect Rick Roeber to the 34thGene Brumbelow$1,000.00
08/17/2020Committee to Elect Rick Roeber to the 34thJohn Wilson Brumbelow Rev Liv Trust$1,000.00
08/17/2020Janet Thompson for Boone CountyRebecca Fahrendorf$500.00
08/17/2020Teamsters Local 618 Drive FundTeamstesr Local 618 Drive Fund$500.00
08/17/2020Citizens For LovascoMO Criminal Defense Lawyers Political Action Committee$500.00
08/17/2020AGC of MO PACVibra-Tech$1,280.00
08/17/2020AGC of MO PACDrilling Service Company$600.00
08/17/2020Believe in Life and Liberty - BILL PACCigna$5,000.00
08/17/2020Friends Of Wayne WallingfordSEMO CENTRAL LABOR COUNCIL PAC$500.00
08/17/2020Bruce Sassmann Election CommitteeBrice Luetkemeyer$1,000.00
08/17/2020Western Missouri Leadership Fundamericare$2,500.00
08/17/2020Western Missouri Leadership FundDelmar Gardens Management Services$2,500.00
08/17/2020Western Missouri Leadership FundAT Government Strategies, LLC$1,000.00
08/17/2020Midwest Region Laborers' Political League Education FundLaborers Supplemental Dues Fund$7,494.39
08/17/2020International Union of Painters & Allied Trades PAT Federal PACIUPAT Political Action Together Political Committee$50,000.00
08/17/2020CLEAN MissouriBrianne Garcia Ziff$25,000.00
08/17/2020CLEAN MissouriNational Redistricting Action Fund$50,000.00
08/17/2020Uniting Missouri PACCheyenne International LLC$50,000.00
08/17/2020Teamsters Local 6 Political Action FundInternational Brotherhood of Teamsters DRIVE$10,000.00
08/17/2020Ozark Gateway Leadership PACAmerican Federation For Children$10,000.00
08/17/2020MO State Council of Machinists PACMachinist Non-Partisan Political League$25,000.00
08/17/2020Greater KC Bldg & Construction Trades-PECGreater Kansas City Building Trades Council - Member Dues$2,890.82
08/17/2020MO Opportunity PACEvergy Metro, Inc.$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/16/2020

08/16/2020Manring4MO128Polk Co Democratic Committee$500.00
08/16/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriClayton Harper$2,650.00
08/16/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriGerald Greiman$2,000.00
08/16/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriRobert Bogard$1,500.00
08/16/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriTODD PATTERSON$1,000.00
08/16/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriPeter Hoffman$1,000.00
08/16/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriSandy Evans$500.00
08/16/2020Schmitt For MissouriJoseph Elliott$500.00
08/16/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigMissouri Realtors PAC$2,559.00
08/16/2020Faleti For MissouriJames Miller$2,650.00
08/16/2020Faleti For MissouriMilton Wilkins$2,650.00
08/16/2020Faleti For MissouriDeanna Ronchetti$2,650.00
08/16/2020Faleti For MissouriJoyce McInerney$2,500.00
08/16/2020Faleti For MissouriMark Wrighton$2,000.00
08/16/2020Faleti For MissouriRisa Zwerling$2,000.00
08/16/2020Faleti For MissouriDAVID JOHNSON$1,000.00
08/16/2020Faleti For MissouriGerald Early$500.00
08/16/2020Faleti For MissouriRebecca Pruett$500.00
08/16/2020Committee to Elect Tracy FosterRepublicans of Pike County$750.00

Contribution Date: 08/15/2020

08/15/2020Patterson For MissouriGood Government for Missouri PAC$500.00
08/15/2020Patterson For MissouriMissouri Organization of Defense Lawyers PAC$500.00
08/15/2020Patterson For MissouriMAFP Political Action Committee$1,500.00
08/15/2020Patterson For MissouriA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
08/15/2020Patterson For MissouriMissouri First$500.00
08/15/2020Patterson For MissouriLiving Well PAC$500.00
08/15/2020Patterson For MissouriEnterprise Holdings Inc. PAC$1,546.00
08/15/2020Patterson For MissouriCharter Communication Inc MO PAC$1,046.00
08/15/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJohn Bedwinek$1,000.00
08/15/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriCindy Suter-Crayne$1,000.00
08/15/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMorton Singer$1,000.00
08/15/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriGreg Linden$500.00
08/15/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriLisa Etzwiler$500.00
08/15/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncRoe McCabe$500.00
08/15/2020Citizens for Bridget Walsh MooreEric Schmitz$500.00
08/15/2020Beck For MissouriMarianne Pepper$1,000.00
08/15/2020Lavender For State SenateAnne Bedwinek$1,000.00
08/15/2020Citizens For MurphyMO Alliance PAC$500.00
08/15/2020Finneran for MissouriSharalyn Saks$500.00
08/15/2020Friends Of Mary Elizabeth ColemanSPIRE Political Action Committee$1,000.00
08/15/2020Friends Of Mary Elizabeth ColemanAT&T Missouri Employee Political Action Committee$500.00
08/15/2020Friends For Travis FitzwaterLiving Well PAC$500.00
08/15/2020Friends For Travis FitzwaterWPG PAC$1,000.00
08/15/2020Friends For Travis FitzwaterEnterprise Holdings Inc Political Action Committee$500.00
08/15/2020Friends For Travis FitzwaterMissouri American Water Employees PAC$500.00
08/15/2020Devine for JudgeJames Yankee$500.00
08/15/2020Friends Of Adrian PlankKay Cafer$500.00
08/15/2020Tony PACUnited Healthcare Svs Inc$2,000.00
08/15/2020Tony PACRAI Services Company$2,500.00
08/15/2020Tony PACCatalyst PAC$3,500.00
08/15/2020Friends for Ed LewisRandolph County Republican Central Committee$750.00
08/15/2020Believe in Life and Liberty - BILL PACRichard McIntosh$25,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/14/2020

08/14/2020Friends Of Mark EllebrachtHeavy Construction Laborers LU #663 PAC$1,000.00
08/14/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriAnne Mcdonnell$2,650.00
08/14/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMIKE SILVERMAN$2,650.00
08/14/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriCyrus (Russ) White$2,650.00
08/14/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriKarlie Kloss$2,650.00
08/14/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriBrendan Donelon$1,500.00
08/14/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriSusan Brands$1,000.00
08/14/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriTheodore Macdonald$1,000.00
08/14/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriURSULA TERRASI$1,000.00
08/14/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriEvan Goldberg$1,000.00
08/14/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriKimberly Wood$500.00
08/14/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDavid Fischhoff$500.00
08/14/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriKathleen Fischhoff$500.00
08/14/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriScott Peper$500.00
08/14/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriRoy and Susan Hendin$500.00
08/14/2020Committee to Elect Bishop DavidsonElton Fay$1,000.00
08/14/2020Fitzpatrick For MissouriValarie Hutchens$2,650.00
08/14/2020Fitzpatrick For MissouriPhil Hutchens$2,650.00
08/14/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncFranklin County Board Of REALTORS$500.00
08/14/2020Citizens For Cheri Toalson ReischRandolph County Republican Central Committee$750.00
08/14/2020Beck For MissouriMerck & Company Inc. Employees Missouri PAC Fed Committee$500.00
08/14/2020Beck For MissouriHeat & Frost Insulators & Allied Workers Local No. 1 Political Fund Account No. 1$2,559.00
08/14/2020Beck For MissouriTesson Ferry Democratic Organization$500.00
08/14/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanDavid Bohm$1,000.00
08/14/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanZachary Deutsch$1,000.00
08/14/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanPaula Segal$500.00
08/14/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanDaniel Cox$500.00
08/14/2020Committee To Elect Robert SaulsMissouri Insurance Coalition PAC$500.00
08/14/2020Committee To Elect Robert SaulsShelter Ins MO State PAC$500.00
08/14/2020Friends of John C RussellEdwin Rice$500.00
08/14/2020Citizens For HoskinsMissouri Independent Bankers Association Political Action Committee$500.00
08/14/2020Citizens For HoskinsAT&T Missouri Employee Political Action Committee$750.00
08/14/2020Citizens for Vicki Lorenz EnglundFranklin County Democratic Club$1,000.00
08/14/2020Citizens for Vicki Lorenz EnglundJudith Vokac$500.00
08/14/2020Lavender For State SenateMerck & Co. INC PAC$500.00
08/14/2020Lavender For State SenateAndrew Mundwiller$500.00
08/14/2020Lavender For State SenateTesson Ferry Democratic Organization$720.00
08/14/2020Citizens For Elaine GannonPROFESSIONAL FIREFIGHTERS OF TRI-CO PAC$1,000.00
08/14/2020Finneran for MissouriScott Peper$500.00
08/14/2020Finneran for MissouriHonoria Fitzgerald$1,000.00
08/14/2020POL PACJ.E. Dunn Construction Company$20,000.00
08/14/2020MO Chamber PACGateway Technology Solutions, LLC$500.00
08/14/2020MO Chamber PACEvans & Dixon, LLC$1,000.00
08/14/2020MO Cattlemens Association PACCallaway Montgomery Cattlemen's$1,035.00
08/14/2020MO Cattlemens Association PACMissouri Cattlemen's Association$6,050.00
08/14/2020MO Cattlemens Association PACMissouri Cattlemen's Association$5,000.00
08/14/2020Friends Of Mary Elizabeth ColemanMO Independent Bankers Association PAC$500.00
08/14/2020Missourians for HealthcareAmerican Cancer Society Cancer Action Network Inc$8,510.56
08/14/2020Missouri Senate Campaign CommitteeBNSF Railway Company$2,500.00
08/14/2020Missouri Senate Campaign CommitteeShelter Mutual Insurance Company$2,500.00
08/14/2020Freedom's Promise PACHoffmann Brothers$5,000.00
08/14/2020Friends Of Erica HoffmanTesson Ferry Democratic Organization$600.00
08/14/2020Mike Moon For MissouriRandy Pietzman$1,000.00
08/14/2020Parson For MissouriThomas Suntrup$2,650.00
08/14/2020Parson For MissouriKevin Sprouse$2,650.00
08/14/2020Parson For MissouriAmy Sprouse$2,650.00
08/14/2020Parson For MissouriShirley Lowe$2,650.00
08/14/2020Parson For MissouriBARBARA HAYDEN$2,650.00
08/14/2020Parson For MissouriTimothy Gamma$1,000.00
08/14/2020Parson For MissouriCameron Dunafon$2,650.00
08/14/2020Parson For MissouriDavid Cribbs$2,650.00
08/14/2020Parson For MissouriBetty Cribbs$2,650.00
08/14/2020Citizens For EgglestonMissouri Soybean Assn PAC$750.00
08/14/2020Citizens For EgglestonCharter Communications MO PAC$2,046.00
08/14/2020Friends Of Adrian PlankShannon Devlin$500.00
08/14/2020HealthPACGenny Nicholas$500.00
08/14/2020John TracyRandolph County Republican Central Committee$500.00
08/14/2020AGC of MO PACWright Construction$1,200.00
08/14/2020AGC of MO PACTarlton Corporation$1,200.00
08/14/2020AGC of MO PACRSU Insurance Brokerage$1,000.00
08/14/2020AGC of MO PACRoland Machinery Company$1,580.00
08/14/2020AGC of MO PACPyramid Contractors$500.00
08/14/2020AGC of MO PACP & A Drywall Supply$750.00
08/14/2020AGC of MO PACMissouri Petroleum Products$600.00
08/14/2020AGC of MO PACMississippi Valley Equipment$980.00
08/14/2020AGC of MO PACMcCarthy Building Companies$1,200.00
08/14/2020AGC of MO PACHM Risk$1,200.00
08/14/2020AGC of MO PACGuarantee Electrical$600.00
08/14/2020AGC of MO PACFred Weber, Inc.$2,160.00
08/14/2020AGC of MO PACErb Equipment$1,700.00
08/14/2020AGC of MO PACEmery Sapp & Sons, Inc.$1,500.00
08/14/2020AGC of MO PACCRB$1,200.00
08/14/2020AGC of MO PACCollins & Hermann, Inc.$1,200.00
08/14/2020AGC of MO PACBam Contracting, LLC$1,500.00
08/14/2020AGC of MO PACArco Construction$1,200.00
08/14/2020AGC of MO PACACME Constructors$2,410.00
08/14/2020AGC of MO PACAlberici Constructors, Inc.$600.00
08/14/2020MO Petroleum Marketers + Convenience Store Assoc PACWallis Companies$1,325.00
08/14/2020MO Petroleum Marketers + Convenience Store Assoc PACNaegler Oil Company$1,325.00
08/14/2020MO Petroleum Marketers + Convenience Store Assoc PACMFA Oil Company$1,325.00
08/14/2020MO Petroleum Marketers + Convenience Store Assoc PACJD Street & Company, Inc$1,325.00
08/14/2020MO Petroleum Marketers + Convenience Store Assoc PACHUB Inc$1,325.00
08/14/2020MO Petroleum Marketers + Convenience Store Assoc PACHOME SERVICE OIL COMPANY INC$1,325.00
08/14/2020MO Petroleum Marketers + Convenience Store Assoc PACFRAZIER OIL & LP GAS COMPANY$1,325.00
08/14/2020MO Petroleum Marketers + Convenience Store Assoc PACFUEL MARKETERS INSURANCE TRUST$1,325.00
08/14/2020MO Petroleum Marketers + Convenience Store Assoc PACAyers Oil Company$1,325.00
08/14/2020Local 682 Teamsters PACIBT D.R.I.V.E.$847.00
08/14/2020Clay County Democratic Central CommitteeBuchanan County Democratic Central Committee$600.00
08/14/2020Haffner For MissouriCharter Comm PAC$1,000.00
08/14/2020John N. Castellano III for SheriffJerome Jacobsmeyer$500.00
08/14/2020Pollitt For House Of RepresentativesDavid Furnell$2,000.00
08/14/2020The Committee to Elect Richelle Christensen Grosvenor as Judge, Teddy Sue Allen, TreasurerRichelle Grosvenor$4,500.00
08/14/2020Planned Parenthood Votes-St Louis and Southwest MissouriPlanned Parenthood Action Fund$100,000.00
08/14/2020Missouri Democratic State CommitteeDemocratic Governors Association Missouri$25,500.00
08/14/2020Missouri Senate Campaign CommitteeHEALTH PAC$10,000.00
08/14/2020Missouri Senate Campaign CommitteeCigna Holding Company$10,000.00
08/14/2020Missourians for HealthcareAmerican Cancer Society Cancer Action Network Inc.$8,510.56
08/14/2020SEIU Local 1 Missouri Division PACSEIU Local 1$20,000.00
08/14/2020Uniting Missouri PACBryan Magers$5,300.00
08/14/2020Uniting Missouri PACRosalie OReilly Wooten$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/13/2020

08/13/2020Committee to Elect Josh SpeakmanStoddard County Republican Club Inc.$500.00
08/13/2020Scott Childers for Ray County SheriffDeborah Willis$500.00
08/13/2020LaDonna Appelbaum For MissouriRockwood Labor Club$500.00
08/13/2020BUILD St. Louis PAC, Inc.McBride Homes$100,000.00
08/13/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriLee Kling$2,650.00
08/13/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJanet Frane$2,000.00
08/13/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriRichard Lombardo$1,500.00
08/13/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriKATHERINE MYERS$1,000.00
08/13/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriAnne Renfro$1,000.00
08/13/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriLinda Lyle$1,000.00
08/13/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJames Lammert$1,000.00
08/13/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJudy Freeman$500.00
08/13/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJudy Putzel$500.00
08/13/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJoseph and Patty Gilmour$500.00
08/13/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriChrystine Sullivan$500.00
08/13/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriElaine Majerus$500.00
08/13/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriAndy Wood$500.00
08/13/2020Committee to Elect Bishop DavidsonSue Lear$2,000.00
08/13/2020Committee to Elect Bishop DavidsonCLYDE LEAR$2,000.00
08/13/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeKaren Kampeter$2,650.00
08/13/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeAndy Kampeter$2,650.00
08/13/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeDorothy Farber$2,650.00
08/13/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeRudolph Farber$2,650.00
08/13/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeTONY FEATHER$2,000.00
08/13/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeCLYDE LEAR$2,000.00
08/13/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeRichard Popp$1,000.00
08/13/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeKevin Riley$1,000.00
08/13/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeJoesph Davis$500.00
08/13/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncCort Dietz$500.00
08/13/2020Friends Of Barry HovisMissouri REALTORS PAC Inc.$500.00
08/13/2020Schmitt For MissouriFredna Mahaffey$1,000.00
08/13/2020Schmitt For MissouriSandra Willard$2,650.00
08/13/2020Schmitt For MissouriBrad Willard$2,650.00
08/13/2020Schmitt For MissouriRon Ashworth$2,650.00
08/13/2020Baker For MissouriRobert Churchill$2,559.00
08/13/2020Baker For MissouriJames Lyonfields$500.00
08/13/2020Baker For MissouriLinda Randall$2,559.00
08/13/2020Baker For MissouriKarl Kruse$500.00
08/13/2020Baker For MissouriZane Cagle$500.00
08/13/2020Baker For MissouriCharles Thomas$1,000.00
08/13/2020Baker For MissouriAndrew Mundwiller$500.00
08/13/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigRobert Hoffmann$1,000.00
08/13/2020Lavender For State SenateWesley Rogers$500.00
08/13/2020Lavender For State SenateMissouri NEA$2,500.00
08/13/2020Lavender For State SenateL.I.U.N.A. Local 110$2,559.00
08/13/2020Finneran for MissouriRuss Riggan$500.00
08/13/2020Finneran for MissouriLinda Randall$1,000.00
08/13/2020Finneran for MissouriPHILLIP PAGE$500.00
08/13/2020Greater Kansas City Woman's Political Caucus Segregated FundGreater Kansas City Women's Political Caucus$2,700.00
08/13/2020Committee To Elect Paula BrownHOUSE VICTORY COMMITTEE$1,000.00
08/13/2020Citizens For Gretchen BangertProfessional Firefighters of North St. Louis County PAC$500.00
08/13/2020Citizens For Gretchen BangertAGC of MO Pac$500.00
08/13/2020Citizens For Gretchen BangertUAW Region 4 Midwest States PAC$500.00
08/13/2020Citizens For Gretchen BangertMissouri State Council of Fire Fighters PAC$500.00
08/13/2020Majority ForwardSpire Missouri$2,500.00
08/13/2020Missourians for HealthcareMOVE Action$74,890.00
08/13/2020Missourians for HealthcareMOVE$45,000.00
08/13/2020Citizens For Crystal QuadeMissouri State Council of Fire Fighters$500.00
08/13/2020Citizens For Crystal Quadeat & t employee pac$1,046.00
08/13/2020Citizens For Crystal QuadeCIGNA Corp Missouri PAC$500.00
08/13/2020Citizens For Crystal QuadeSpire PAC$1,500.00
08/13/2020Park4PlattePlatte County Federated Womens Democratic Club$500.00
08/13/2020Park4PlatteKen Hunt$500.00
08/13/2020UFCW Active Ballot Club-Missouri Federal CommitteeUnited Food and Commercial Workers International Union Active Ballot Club$1,000.00
08/13/2020Parson For MissouriLarry Potterfield$2,650.00
08/13/2020Parson For MissouriBrenda Potterfield$2,650.00
08/13/2020Parson For MissouriDeborah Popp$1,000.00
08/13/2020Riggs For MissouriNexus PAC$500.00
08/13/2020Vern Cherry for Jeffco 111MO Dental PAC$500.00
08/13/2020Janet Thompson for Boone CountyJudith LaRose$1,000.00
08/13/2020Teamsters 245 PAFDRIVE Committee$10,544.74
08/13/2020Pollitt For House Of RepresentativesRobert Hayden$500.00
08/13/2020POL PACJ.E. Dunn Construction Company$20,000.00
08/13/2020BUILD St. Louis PAC, Inc.McBride & Son Properties LLC$100,000.00
08/13/2020American Property Casualty Insurance Association Political AccountAmerican Property Casualty Insurance Association$141,884.00
08/13/2020CLEAN MissouriMissouri and Kansas Laborers' PAC$250,000.00
08/13/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanKathryn Swan$15,000.00
08/13/2020Hy-Vee Employees PAC Federal Committee - MissouriHy-Vee Inc. Employees PAC (ID 6282)$18,000.00
08/13/2020Missourians for HealthcareMissouri Organizing and Voter Engagement Action (MOVE Action)$74,890.00
08/13/2020Missourians for HealthcareMissouri Organizing and Voter Engagement (MOVE)$45,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/12/2020

08/12/2020Tammy Harty for 33 District MO SenateIt Starts Today PAC$1,467.25
08/12/2020Tammy Harty for 33 District MO SenateIt Starts Today PAC$2,198.95
08/12/2020Tammy Harty for 33 District MO SenateJennifer Dier$500.00
08/12/2020Patterson For MissouriCigna$500.00
08/12/2020Patterson For MissouriPHYSICIAN LED ANESTHESIA CARE PAC$500.00
08/12/2020Cotton Walker For JudgeMark Kempker$500.00
08/12/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriSelden Trimble$2,650.00
08/12/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriRich Waidmann$2,650.00
08/12/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriLaura Cohen$2,550.00
08/12/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriBill Cotner$2,500.00
08/12/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMike Lyon$1,000.00
08/12/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriScott Lincoln$500.00
08/12/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriAshley Osborne$500.00
08/12/2020Citizens For Derek GrierTed Federer$1,000.00
08/12/2020Citizens For Derek GrierKimberly Brinkmann$2,000.00
08/12/2020Josh Dennis 2020 Coroner CampaignBlackwater Restuarant$500.00
08/12/2020Hannegan For State RepresentativeMO Majority PAC$1,000.00
08/12/2020House Democratic Campaign CommitteeInvenergy Transmission LLC$5,000.00
08/12/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncAlex Radman$725.00
08/12/2020Friends of Trish GunbyNancy Grove$1,000.00
08/12/2020Friends of Trish GunbyLaura T Cohen$500.00
08/12/2020Committee to Elect Bill OttoAsim Raza$500.00
08/12/2020Beck For MissouriIST - MO Nominee PAC Number One$2,198.95
08/12/2020Beck For MissouriIST - MO Nominee PAC Number Two$1,467.25
08/12/2020Schmitt For MissouriMildred Schell$2,650.00
08/12/2020Schmitt For MissouriGary Schell$2,650.00
08/12/2020Schmitt For MissouriKathryn Smith$2,500.00
08/12/2020Schmitt For MissouriMenlo Smith$2,500.00
08/12/2020Baker For MissouriLaura Cohen$1,000.00
08/12/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigMissouri Independent Bankers Association PAC$500.00
08/12/2020Friends of Michael BurtonUAW Region 5 PAC$2,000.00
08/12/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncFord Motor Company Civic Action Fund - MO$5,000.00
08/12/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncH&R Block$2,500.00
08/12/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMissouri Independent Bankers Association PAC$1,500.00
08/12/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMcGirl for State Rep$500.00
08/12/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncSharpe for Rep$500.00
08/12/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncPollitt for House of Representatives$500.00
08/12/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncFriends of Barry Hovis$500.00
08/12/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCitizens For Murphy$500.00
08/12/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncWright For Missouri$500.00
08/12/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncStephens Pharmacy Inc$500.00
08/12/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncDave Griffith for State Representative$500.00
08/12/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCitizens for Simmons$500.00
08/12/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncHaffner For Missouri$500.00
08/12/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncPatrons Of Jeff Porter$500.00
08/12/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCitizens for Falkner$500.00
08/12/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCitizens For Wiemann$500.00
08/12/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncODonnellforMissouri.com$500.00
08/12/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncFriends for Francis$500.00
08/12/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCitizens for Griesheimer$500.00
08/12/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncHENDERSON FOR MISSOURI$500.00
08/12/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncRelax PAC$500.00
08/12/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncHUB Employees PAC$500.00
08/12/2020Richard Orr for Missouri Senate District 23Nominee Pac$1,467.25
08/12/2020Richard Orr for Missouri Senate District 23Nominee Pac$2,198.95
08/12/2020Ashcroft For MissouriHelen Adams$1,325.00
08/12/2020Ashcroft For MissouriJanet Ashcroft$2,650.00
08/12/2020Ashcroft For MissouriJohn Ashcroft$2,650.00
08/12/2020Ashcroft For MissouriJAMES ADAMS$1,325.00
08/12/2020Citizens for Vicki Lorenz EnglundBranch 343 Letter Carriers$500.00
08/12/2020Citizens for Vicki Lorenz EnglundMissouri Women's Political Caucus PAC$500.00
08/12/2020Citizens for Vicki Lorenz Englunddavid roberts$2,650.00
08/12/2020Citizens for Vicki Lorenz EnglundSue Fischlowitz$2,650.00
08/12/2020Citizens for Vicki Lorenz EnglundByron Delear$2,650.00
08/12/2020Citizens for Vicki Lorenz EnglundLaura T Cohen$1,000.00
08/12/2020Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurFord Motor Company Civic Action Fund - MO$500.00
08/12/2020Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurSalvatore Panettiere$500.00
08/12/2020Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurMissouri Independent Bankers PAC$500.00
08/12/2020Lavender For State SenateMissouri Womens Political Caucus$500.00
08/12/2020Lavender For State SenatePatricia Whitaker$500.00
08/12/2020Lavender For State SenateBarbara Natoli$500.00
08/12/2020Lavender For State SenateLaura T Cohen$1,000.00
08/12/2020Lavender For State SenateIt Starts Today MO Nominee # Two$1,467.25
08/12/2020Lavender For State SenateIt Starts Today MO # One$2,198.95
08/12/2020Roberts For St LouisIt Starts Today Missouri 1st-MO Nominee PAC Number One$2,198.95
08/12/2020Roberts For St LouisIt Starts Today Missouri 1st-MO Nominee PAC Number Two$1,467.25
08/12/2020Committee to Elect Ian MackeyUAW Region 4 Midwest States PAC$500.00
08/12/2020Committee to Elect Ian MackeyRenée Michelson$500.00
08/12/2020Canady for MissouriTrimble 11830 State Route$2,650.00
08/12/2020Canady for MissouriBrian McInerney$1,000.00
08/12/2020Faleti For MissouriLyn Griswold$2,650.00
08/12/2020Faleti For MissouriCharlie Felker$2,650.00
08/12/2020Faleti For MissouriRick Shang$1,500.00
08/12/2020Faleti For MissouriRobert N Fox$1,000.00
08/12/2020Faleti For MissouriDavid Brinkerhoff$1,000.00
08/12/2020Faleti For MissouriKarla Jurvetson$1,000.00
08/12/2020Faleti For MissouriTerry Anderson$1,000.00
08/12/2020Faleti For MissouriMaxine Clark$1,000.00
08/12/2020Finneran for MissouriS.Y Trimble$2,650.00
08/12/2020Finneran for Missouridavid roberts$2,650.00
08/12/2020Finneran for MissouriSue Fischlowitz$2,650.00
08/12/2020Make Liberty Win-Federal CommitteeTable Rock Conservative PAC$5,000.00
08/12/2020Committee To Elect Paula BrownLaura Cohen$1,000.00
08/12/2020Majority ForwardMissouri Independent Bankers Assn PAC$1,250.00
08/12/2020Friends Of Ron HicksSpire PAC$2,000.00
08/12/2020Friends Of Ron HicksProfessional Firefighters of Tri-County PAC$1,250.00
08/12/2020Friends Of Ron HicksMissouri State Council of Fire Fighters PAC$500.00
08/12/2020Friends Of Ron HicksMissouri Organization of Defense Lawyers PAC$500.00
08/12/2020Friends Of Ron HicksIAFF Firefighters & Paramedics of St Charles and Lincoln County$500.00
08/12/2020Friends Of Ron HicksA BETTER MISSOURI$500.00
08/12/2020UAW Region 5 Midwest States Political Action Committee (PAC) (MO)UAW Region 4 Exchange Account$6,000.00
08/12/2020Jacque Sample for MissouriMissouri Womens Political Caucus PAC$500.00
08/12/2020Citizens for Tim TaylorRandolph County Republican Central Committee$750.00
08/12/2020Devine for JudgeRobert Tomaso$500.00
08/12/2020Parson For MissouriBruce Williams$850.00
08/12/2020Parson For MissouriJulianna Wilder$2,650.00
08/12/2020Parson For MissouriThomas Ward$2,650.00
08/12/2020Parson For MissouriDebbie Ward$2,650.00
08/12/2020Parson For MissouriGary Vivian$1,000.00
08/12/2020Parson For MissouriRichard Tracy$2,650.00
08/12/2020Parson For MissouriMary Ellen Schneider$1,020.00
08/12/2020Parson For MissouriJohn Duchardt$2,650.00
08/12/2020Eigel For MissouriRichard McIntosh$5,000.00
08/12/2020Friends Of Sara WalshShelter Insurance MO State PAC$500.00
08/12/2020Friends of Angie SchaeferKatie Peveler$500.00
08/12/2020Friends Of Adrian PlankBrotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen Missouri PAC$500.00
08/12/2020Webb For House RepLaura Cohen$1,000.00
08/12/2020Janet Thompson for Boone CountyGreg Mermelstein$1,000.00
08/12/2020Citizens For FalknerJohn Reese$500.00
08/12/2020Friends Of Martha StevensShelter Ins MO State PAC$500.00
08/12/2020PT-PAC of MissouriST. LOUIS HOME HEALTH INC.$1,000.00
08/12/2020Merck & Co., Inc. Employees Missouri PAC Federal CommitteeMerck & Co., Inc. Employees Missouri PAC Federal Committee C00097485$15,000.00
08/12/2020House Democratic Campaign CommitteeMissouri DRIVE Fund$50,000.00
08/12/2020House Democratic Campaign CommitteeSue Fischlowitz$10,000.00
08/12/2020Keep Government AccountableMissouri DRIVE Fund$100,000.00
08/12/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncEvergy Metro Inc$10,000.00
08/12/2020Keep Government AccountableCWA COPE Missouri$50,000.00
08/12/2020Missouri AFL-CIO Committee on Political EducationMissouri State AFL-CIO$5,811.72
08/12/2020Teamsters Local Union No 688 Political Action CommitteeDRIVE Committee - FEC ID#C00032979$9,703.25

Contribution Date: 08/11/2020

08/11/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriEd and Jill Dowd$2,650.00
08/11/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDemocratic Governors Association - Missouri$2,650.00
08/11/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriRobert (Bob) Henkel$2,650.00
08/11/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriInternational Union of Operating Engineers & Cement Masons Local 518$2,650.00
08/11/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriRoseanne Henkel$2,650.00
08/11/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriInternational Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 257 Voluntary Political Fund$2,600.00
08/11/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriRichard Jones$2,500.00
08/11/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriLinda Wallace Jones$2,500.00
08/11/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriUnited Steelworkers of America Local 169-G PAC$1,000.00
08/11/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriEric Holland$1,000.00
08/11/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriEdith Allen$1,000.00
08/11/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriCharles Fanning$500.00
08/11/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriGrant Boyd$500.00
08/11/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJames Epstein$500.00
08/11/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJanice Weil$500.00
08/11/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriBartholomew Baumstark$500.00
08/11/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJane Miller$500.00
08/11/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriLeon Steinberg$500.00
08/11/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMargie Sable$500.00
08/11/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriSusan Crump$500.00
08/11/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJIM AND KATHY RITTER$500.00
08/11/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDan Fahnestock$500.00
08/11/2020Fitzpatrick For MissouriMissouri Independent Bankers Association PAC$2,650.00
08/11/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeJohn Londoff$1,000.00
08/11/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoePatrick Dean$1,000.00
08/11/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoePatricia Kehoe$2,650.00
08/11/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeJOHN KEHOE$2,650.00
08/11/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMillie Schell$2,650.00
08/11/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeGary Schell$2,650.00
08/11/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeKathryn Smith$2,500.00
08/11/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMenlo Smith$2,500.00
08/11/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMary Detwiler$2,000.00
08/11/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMike Detwiler$2,000.00
08/11/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeJeanie Moser$2,500.00
08/11/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeRoger Moser$2,500.00
08/11/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeJacob Vogel$1,000.00
08/11/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeSam Hamra$500.00
08/11/2020House Democratic Campaign CommitteeSPIRE MISSOURI INC$2,500.00
08/11/2020House Democratic Campaign CommitteeScott Intagliata$500.00
08/11/2020Citizens For Shane RodenPlumbers and Pipefitters Local 562$500.00
08/11/2020Citizens For Shane RodenMissouri State Council Of Firefighters$500.00
08/11/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenMIBA PAC$2,500.00
08/11/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenHEALTH CARE LEADERSHIP COMMITTEE PAC$1,000.00
08/11/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncDaniel Hancock$500.00
08/11/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncRobert Shanks$911.00
08/11/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncTraci Palmero$850.00
08/11/2020Rogers For MissouriEvergy Power PAC - Missouri$500.00
08/11/2020Rogers For MissouriCerner PAC MO-Federal Committee$500.00
08/11/2020Friends For FrancisBuild St Louis PAC INC$700.00
08/11/2020Friends For FrancisMissouri First$500.00
08/11/2020Friends For FrancisA BETTER MISSOURI$500.00
08/11/2020Friends For FrancisAT&T Missouri PAC$500.00
08/11/2020Friends For FrancisMissouri Forest Products$500.00
08/11/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigForest Miller$1,365.00
08/11/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigRed Oak Resorts LLC$1,000.00
08/11/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigTable Rock Conservative PAC$2,500.00
08/11/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigMartin Bennet$2,000.00
08/11/2020Citizens for PhiferSt. Louis Association of Realtors Pac$1,000.00
08/11/2020Citizens For HoskinsBNSF Railway Company RailPAC Missouri$500.00
08/11/2020Citizens For HoskinsSAINT LOUIS COUNTY POLICE ASSOCIATION PAC$500.00
08/11/2020Citizens For HoskinsMissouri Realtors Pac, Inc.$633.72
08/11/2020Citizens For HoskinsKansas City Regional Association of Realtors Missouri RPAC$1,000.00
08/11/2020Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurEvergy Power PAC$1,000.00
08/11/2020Lavender For State SenateRick Shang$1,500.00
08/11/2020Tracey Chappell for Jackson County ProsecutorBrian Johnson$500.00
08/11/2020Jackson County Democratic CommitteeJerome Barnes$500.00
08/11/2020Citizens For MurphyForest Miller$1,065.00
08/11/2020Citizens For MurphyRed Oak Resorts$1,000.00
08/11/2020Citizens For Murphy100th District Repubicans$600.00
08/11/2020Finneran for MissouriMichelle Parthum$500.00
08/11/2020Friends Of Mary Elizabeth ColemanAlliance for Business and Technical Education$500.00
08/11/2020Patrons Of Jeff PorterCigna$500.00
08/11/2020Patrons Of Jeff PorterShelter Ins MO State PAC$500.00
08/11/2020KarlaEslingerForSenate.comHELEN HASS$1,250.00
08/11/2020KarlaEslingerForSenate.comCHRISTINA SILVEY$1,000.00
08/11/2020KarlaEslingerForSenate.comDARRELL TYREE$500.00
08/11/2020Citizens For StumpeSangita Capital Partners$1,000.00
08/11/2020Parson For MissouriBrian Keath$2,650.00
08/11/2020Committee to Elect Donnie Kiefer Scott County Commissioner District 2Donald Kiefer$1,739.00
08/11/2020MO Opportunity PACPeter F. Herschend$2,500.00
08/11/2020The Committee to Elect James ShackelfordBrotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen Missouri PAC$500.00
08/11/2020Paulus for Positive Change 2020Stephen Paulus$1,000.00
08/11/2020Laborers Local 660-PACLaborers Local 660$1,167.00
08/11/2020Friends Of Kip KendrickUAW Region 4 Midwest States PAC (MO)$500.00
08/11/2020Friends Of Wayne WallingfordMissouri State Council of Fire Fighters PAC$500.00
08/11/2020Forte' For Jackson County Sheriff Committeehca-political action committee$2,000.00
08/11/2020Forte' For Jackson County Sheriff CommitteeGreater Kansas City Building and Construction Trades Council$500.00
08/11/2020MO Cattlemens Association PACMissouri Cattlemen's Association$6,050.00
08/11/2020Janet Thompson for Boone CountyIan Thompson$10,000.00
08/11/2020Local 41 Political Action FundDRIVE Committee$17,964.51
08/11/2020Democratic Governors Association - MissouriDemocratic Governors Association (non-corporate)$30,000.00
08/11/2020Uniting Missouri PACForrest Lucas$19,700.00

Contribution Date: 08/10/2020

08/10/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriCynthia Metcalfe$2,650.00
08/10/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriCarlos Perez$2,650.00
08/10/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMilton Wilkins$2,650.00
08/10/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriPhil and Mary Page$2,650.00
08/10/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriGenevieve Nichols$1,500.00
08/10/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriPaul Kalsbeek$1,000.00
08/10/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriLinda Aboussie$1,000.00
08/10/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriTOM SMITH$1,000.00
08/10/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriLinda Burke$1,000.00
08/10/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriHelen Kornblum$500.00
08/10/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDonna Harper$500.00
08/10/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJerry and Sue Schlichter$500.00
08/10/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMarvin Singleton$500.00
08/10/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriAmy Gunn$500.00
08/10/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriSamuel And Emily Hall$500.00
08/10/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriColeman Burton$500.00
08/10/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriSarah Swatosh$500.00
08/10/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriRaymond Peters$500.00
08/10/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriCarla Pace$500.00
08/10/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMary Sinclair$2,650.00
08/10/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeDavid Sinclair$2,650.00
08/10/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeBarbara Sheehan$2,650.00
08/10/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeJOHN SHEEHAN$2,650.00
08/10/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeJulie Malmstrom$2,650.00
08/10/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeWalter Malmstrom$2,650.00
08/10/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeJulie Burcham$2,625.00
08/10/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeShawn Burcham$2,625.00
08/10/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeJoesph McCormick$2,650.00
08/10/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeCharles Kruse$2,650.00
08/10/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeRyan Arrowood$2,400.00
08/10/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeTom Naught$1,000.00
08/10/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeDAVID TURNER$1,000.00
08/10/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeChandra Prasad$1,000.00
08/10/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeSteve Rasche$750.00
08/10/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMissouri Farm Bureau Federation State PAC$2,650.00
08/10/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncCarl Day$1,000.00
08/10/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncGerald Lawlor$1,000.00
08/10/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncSandra Grassmuck$1,170.00
08/10/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncPaul Sager$3,795.00
08/10/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncMarc Levinson$615.00
08/10/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncRichard Capelli$765.00
08/10/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncNate Johnson$930.00
08/10/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncJames Dohr$1,000.00
08/10/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncRobert Bax$520.00
08/10/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncSusan Torbeck$1,187.00
08/10/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncSonny Brockman$1,442.00
08/10/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncRebecca Klein$800.00
08/10/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncJohn Abuzeide$520.00
08/10/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncSherry Hatton$510.00
08/10/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncDebra Campbell$1,000.00
08/10/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncEdward Rippee$584.00
08/10/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncDANIEL SALE$651.00
08/10/2020Citizens For Cheri Toalson ReischShelter Ins. MO State PAC$500.00
08/10/2020Missourians For ShieldsEvergy Power PAC Missouri$500.00
08/10/2020Rogers For MissouriMissouri State Council of Fire Fighters PAC$500.00
08/10/2020Ashley Aune for MissouriKendall Hunt$650.00
08/10/2020Ashley Aune for MissouriMichael Burke$500.00
08/10/2020Bondon For MissouriMissouri Soybean Association State PAC$1,359.00
08/10/2020Bondon For MissouriHealth Care Leadership Committee$500.00
08/10/2020Committee to Elect Bill OttoHOUSE VICTORY COMMITTEE$1,000.00
08/10/2020Baker For MissouriAdam Clapper$500.00
08/10/2020Baker For MissouriIBEW Local 257$1,000.00
08/10/2020Baker For MissouriGreater Kansas City Building & Construction Trades Council$500.00
08/10/2020Baker For MissouriRockwood Labor Club$500.00
08/10/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigThe Koenig Family Revocable Trust$500.00
08/10/2020Citizens for PhiferBrotherhood Of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen MO PAC$500.00
08/10/2020Southern Missouri Conservative FundPolitical Action Committee for Health (HealthPAC)$5,000.00
08/10/2020Ashcroft For MissouriDavid Ayres$2,650.00
08/10/2020Lavender For State SenateHeat & Frost Insulators & Allied Workers Local #1$2,559.00
08/10/2020Page PACRestaurant Group Consulting, LLC$2,500.00
08/10/2020Committee to Elect Jean PrettoRockwood Labor Club$500.00
08/10/2020Citizens For MurphyMissouri Realtors PAC Inc$2,046.00
08/10/2020Finneran for MissouriStephen Strum$500.00
08/10/2020Fogle for MissouriCHARLIE OREILLY$1,000.00
08/10/2020Fogle for MissouriSam Hamra$500.00
08/10/2020MO Chamber PACH&R Block$1,000.00
08/10/2020Friends Of Rob VescovoMissouri Independent Bankers Association PAC$2,000.00
08/10/2020Friends Of Rob VescovoSpirit of Missouri$2,000.00
08/10/2020The Committee To Keep Up With JonesFrederic Sauer$1,000.00
08/10/2020Old Drum Conservative PACMissouri REALTORS PAC Inc.$1,250.00
08/10/2020Friends Of Mary Elizabeth ColemanShelter Insurance Missouri Pac$1,000.00
08/10/2020Friends Of Mary Elizabeth ColemanEvergy Power PAC - Missouri$500.00
08/10/2020Friends Of Mary Elizabeth ColemanR J Scherr & Associates$500.00
08/10/2020Friends Of Mary Elizabeth ColemanMissouri Organization of Defense Lawyers PAC$500.00
08/10/2020Friends Of Mary Elizabeth ColemanMO Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers PAC$500.00
08/10/2020Friends Of Mary Elizabeth ColemanNO MO Flooding$1,000.00
08/10/2020Crump 2020Jerome Jacobsmeyer$1,000.00
08/10/2020Health Care Leadership CommitteeRJ Liekweg$5,000.00
08/10/2020Friends Of Jeff KnightMissouri Forest Products PAC$1,000.00
08/10/2020Parson For MissouriMatthew Mills$2,650.00
08/10/2020Parson For MissouriMarissa Mills$2,650.00
08/10/2020Parson For MissouriWilliam Darr$2,650.00
08/10/2020Parson For MissouriVirginia Darr$2,650.00
08/10/2020Parson For MissouriDAVID APPLEBY$1,000.00
08/10/2020Eigel For MissouriMechancial Contractors Association of Kansas City Continuation PAC$1,000.00
08/10/2020Eigel For MissouriValero PAC$1,000.00
08/10/2020Eigel For MissouriRussell OLaughlin$2,500.00
08/10/2020Eigel For MissouriCINDY OLAUGHLIN$2,500.00
08/10/2020Eigel For MissouriIAFF PAC VIC Missouri$2,500.00
08/10/2020Friends Of Jeff KnightMO WOOD PRODUCTS PAC$1,000.00
08/10/2020Friends Of Jeff KnightPT PAC of Missouri$500.00
08/10/2020Friends Of Jeff KnightBuild St Louis PAC$700.00
08/10/2020Friends Of Jeff KnightA Better Missouri PAC$700.00
08/10/2020Friends Of Jeff KnightMissouri First PAC$500.00
08/10/2020Friends Of Jeff KnightMO ASSOCIATION OF NURSE ANESTHETISTS PAC$500.00
08/10/2020MO Opportunity PACSamuel Coryell$10,000.00
08/10/2020Webb For House RepBenjamin Sandler$2,046.00
08/10/2020Webb For House RepCatherine Marek$1,000.00
08/10/2020HealthPACCHARLIE SHIELDS$1,000.00
08/10/2020Citizens For Nathan TateMissouri Realtors PAC Inc$500.00
08/10/2020Wright For MissouriMissouri Forest Products PAC$1,000.00
08/10/2020MO Insurance Coalition PACSafety National$500.00
08/10/2020Friends For Chuck BasyeRandolph Co Republican Committee$750.00
08/10/2020Janet Thompson for Boone CountyDavid Leuthold$500.00
08/10/2020Vicke Kepling For MO 135Vicke Kepling$1,000.00
08/10/2020Committee To Elect Jason ChipmanMO Assn of Nurse Anesthetists PAC$750.00
08/10/2020Bob Burns For MissouriRockwood Labor Club$500.00
08/10/2020Friends For Chris Dodson DinkinsAGC of MO Pac$500.00
08/10/2020Committee to Elect Kerri MessnerKerri Messner$838.50
08/10/2020Missourians for HealthcareThe Fairness Project$31,548.59
08/10/2020Missourians for HealthcareAmerican Heart Association$18,460.00
08/10/2020Uniting Missouri PACWilliam H Darr$40,000.00
08/10/2020MO Opportunity PACSamuel M Coryell$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/09/2020

08/09/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriCraig and Abby Hollander$2,650.00
08/09/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriChristopher Quinn$1,000.00
08/09/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJane Hoeltzel$1,000.00
08/09/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriNanci Bobrow$500.00
08/09/2020Friends Of Suzie PollockJohn and Abbey Beckett$500.00
08/09/2020Friends Of Suzie PollockMHA PAC$1,000.00
08/09/2020Friends of Michael BurtonAndrew Mundwiller$500.00
08/09/2020Boone Countians For Fred ParryMark Adams$500.00
08/09/2020Lavender For State SenateJames Lyonfields$500.00
08/09/2020Lavender For State SenateCraig Hollander$500.00
08/09/2020Faleti For MissouriLaura Rosenbury$2,650.00
08/09/2020Faleti For MissouriSandy Castetter$2,650.00
08/09/2020Faleti For MissouriDana Sandweiss$2,650.00
08/09/2020Faleti For MissouriPete Werner$1,000.00
08/09/2020Faleti For MissouriLee & Zane Cagle$1,000.00
08/09/2020Faleti For MissouriOluwafunmilola Okuyemi$883.33
08/09/2020Faleti For MissouriMont Levy$500.00
08/09/2020Faleti For MissouriRebecca Pruett$500.00
08/09/2020Faleti For MissouriTj Matthens$500.00
08/09/2020Finneran for MissouriPeter Werner$1,000.00
08/09/2020Finneran for MissouriSharalyn Saks$500.00
08/09/2020Finneran for MissouriCHARLIE O'REILLY$1,000.00
08/09/2020Finneran for MissouriAlva Lytton$500.00
08/09/2020Finneran for MissouriJennifer Lohman$500.00
08/09/2020Finneran for MissouriHonoria Fitzgerald$500.00
08/09/2020Committee to Elect Elizabeth MitchellCarol Jackson$500.00
08/09/2020Parson For MissouriGary Cansler$1,000.00
08/09/2020Hirth for JudgeCHRIS KOSTER$1,250.00
08/09/2020Elect Luke BarberPowell Miller$1,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/08/2020

08/08/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriLinda Randall$2,650.00
08/08/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriCynthia Walker$2,650.00
08/08/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriPatricia Anderson$2,500.00
08/08/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriSal Hernandez$1,000.00
08/08/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriArnie Sair$750.00
08/08/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJonathan Flescher$500.00
08/08/2020Alex Riley for State RepresentativeDAVID CORT$1,000.00
08/08/2020Friends of Trish GunbyProfessional Firefighters of N St. Louis Co. PAC$500.00
08/08/2020Friends of Trish GunbyAT&T Missouri PAC$500.00
08/08/2020McDonough for JudgeBurke, Wulff, Luber, Crosby & Briscoe LLP$500.00
08/08/2020Southland ProgressMissourians for Healthcare$1,000.00
08/08/2020Beck For MissouriCharles Nester$500.00
08/08/2020Sierra Club Missouri Political CommitteeJohn and Sarah Kissel$1,000.00
08/08/2020Lavender For State SenateRobert Thomure$500.00
08/08/2020Lavender For State SenateSal Hernandez$500.00
08/08/2020Lavender For State SenateBARBARA FRASER$500.00
08/08/2020Citizens For RossOBrien Law Firm - PRIMARY$2,500.00
08/08/2020Citizens For RossMO REPUBLICAN ATTORNEYS PAC$2,000.00
08/08/2020Citizens For RossRoger Johnson$2,500.00
08/08/2020Citizens For RossM Blake Heath Trial Attorney$2,500.00
08/08/2020Citizens For RossDollar, Burns, & Becker, LC$2,500.00
08/08/2020Page For MissouriMarc Bernstein$500.00
08/08/2020Friends Of ShaulMissouri Independent Bankers Association PAC$500.00
08/08/2020Friends Of ShaulGianino's Pasta LLC$500.00
08/08/2020Committee to re-elect Dennis Ziegenhorn CommissionerPhillip Barkett$500.00
08/08/2020Parson For MissouriJacob Vogel$500.00
08/08/2020Parson For MissouriJefferson Tynes$2,650.00
08/08/2020Parson For MissouriJohnson & Johnson PAC - Missouri$1,000.00
08/08/2020The Committee to Elect James ShackelfordHOUSE VICTORY COMMITTEE$1,000.00
08/08/2020The Committee to Elect James ShackelfordAmy Peters$500.00
08/08/2020Razer For MissouriMo TRUCK PAC$1,000.00
08/08/2020Haffner For MissouriNeal Bredehoeft$500.00
08/08/2020Haffner For MissouriAT&T PAC$500.00
08/08/2020Forte' For Jackson County Sheriff CommitteePipe Fitters Local Union 533$500.00
08/08/2020Michelle Sherod for St. LouisMichelle Sherod$12,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/07/2020

08/07/2020Change STL PACTim Murch$5,000.00
08/07/2020Friends Of Don RoneAGC of MO Pac$500.00
08/07/2020Friends Of Don RoneMO Corn PAC$500.00
08/07/2020Citizens For SimmonsBrett Mehringer$500.00
08/07/2020Lindley for CoronerDeborah Lindley$4,500.00
08/07/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriTony Thomas$2,650.00
08/07/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriCindy Brinkley$2,650.00
08/07/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriELLIOTT DENNISTON$2,650.00
08/07/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriTom and Lisa Carnahan$2,500.00
08/07/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriRobert (Sandy) and Susan Rothschild$2,000.00
08/07/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJoseph Pereles$1,000.00
08/07/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJanet Williams$1,000.00
08/07/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriLisa Orden Zarin and Larry Zarin$1,000.00
08/07/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriHoward Cavner$500.00
08/07/2020Hannegan For State RepresentativeMissouri Realtors PAC$2,046.00
08/07/2020Hannegan For State RepresentativeMary Clark$2,000.00
08/07/2020Hannegan For State RepresentativeGrow Missouri$1,000.00
08/07/2020Hannegan For State RepresentativeSupporters of Health Research and Treatments$1,000.00
08/07/2020Hannegan For State RepresentativeBNSF Railway Company RailPAC MO$1,000.00
08/07/2020Hannegan For State RepresentativeA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
08/07/2020Hannegan For State RepresentativeMissouri First$500.00
08/07/2020Hannegan For State RepresentativeRural Telecommunications Committee PAC$500.00
08/07/2020Hannegan For State RepresentativeMo Soybean Assoc State PAC$500.00
08/07/2020Hannegan For State RepresentativeMissouri State Council of Fire Fighters PAC$500.00
08/07/2020Missouri UnitedMISSOURI SOYBEAN ASSOCIATION$2,500.00
08/07/2020Kiehne For MissouriRockwood Labor Club$500.00
08/07/2020Matthew Thornhill for JudgeRon Brockmeyer$500.00
08/07/2020Missourians For ShieldsSally Reid$500.00
08/07/2020Missourians For ShieldsMissouri State Council of Fire Fighters PAC$500.00
08/07/2020Friends of Trish GunbyRosalyn Kling$500.00
08/07/2020Beck For MissouriRockwood Labor Club$2,500.00
08/07/2020Beck For MissouriGerald Greiman$500.00
08/07/2020Citizens for PhiferRockwood Labor Club$500.00
08/07/2020Ashcroft For MissouriFord Motor Company Civic Action Fund - MO$1,500.00
08/07/2020Lavender For State SenateRockwood Labor Club$1,000.00
08/07/2020Citizens For MurphyQuality Building PAC$500.00
08/07/2020Citizens For MurphyLathrop Gage Consulting PAC$500.00
08/07/2020No on 2 in AugustPelopidas, LLC$695.41
08/07/2020POL PACH&R Block$14,000.00
08/07/2020Majority ForwardDealers Interested in Government$4,000.00
08/07/2020Majority ForwardHealthPAC$2,500.00
08/07/2020Friends Of ShaulGary Aggus$500.00
08/07/2020MO Cattlemens Association PACMissouri Livestock Marketing Association$750.00
08/07/2020MO Cattlemens Association PACBoone County Cattlemen's Association$500.00
08/07/2020Friends Of Mary Elizabeth ColemanMissouri State Council of Fire Fighters$500.00
08/07/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comBen Jacob Robertson$2,500.00
08/07/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comWolf Bayou Farms$1,000.00
08/07/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comTravis Slayton$2,500.00
08/07/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comMaverick Equity Partners$2,500.00
08/07/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comCarla Robertson$2,500.00
08/07/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comColby Robertson$2,500.00
08/07/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comTrent Haggard$2,100.00
08/07/2020Friends Of Erica HoffmanRockwood Labor Club$500.00
08/07/2020Parson For MissouriRichard Winter$2,150.00
08/07/2020Parson For MissouriKathryn Winter$2,150.00
08/07/2020Parson For MissouriWill Shaffner$1,325.00
08/07/2020Parson For MissouriJane Schmidt$2,500.00
08/07/2020Parson For MissouriLarry OReilly$1,000.00
08/07/2020Parson For MissouriMark Lehenbauer$500.00
08/07/2020Parson For MissouriSARA HARGIS$2,650.00
08/07/2020Parson For MissouriJames Hargis$2,650.00
08/07/2020Parson For MissouriSamuel Coryell$2,650.00
08/07/2020Parson For MissouriJennifer Bukowsky$2,650.00
08/07/2020Parson For MissouriRaymon Bayer$2,650.00
08/07/2020Parson For MissouriRachel Andreasson$2,650.00
08/07/2020Parson For MissouriEnterprise Holdings Inc PAC$2,650.00
08/07/2020Barnes For State Representative - Dist 28thMissouri State Council of Fire Fighters$500.00
08/07/2020Barnes For State Representative - Dist 28thMidwest States UAW Council$500.00
08/07/2020Friends Of Adrian PlankHOUSE VICTORY COMMITTEE$1,000.00
08/07/2020Lincoln PACRural Telecommunications Committee PAC$1,000.00
08/07/2020Lincoln PACBHA PAC$1,000.00
08/07/2020Lincoln PACMissouri Beverage PAC$1,000.00
08/07/2020Lincoln PACMLPA Legislative Fund$1,000.00
08/07/2020Lincoln PACUnited Healthcare Svs Inc$2,000.00
08/07/2020Lincoln PACMO Society of Anesthesiologists PAC$2,500.00
08/07/2020Lincoln PACEnterprise Holdings Inc PAC$2,500.00
08/07/2020Lincoln PACSupporters of Health Research & Treatments$5,000.00
08/07/2020Webb For House RepRockwood Labor Club$500.00
08/07/2020Citizens For Jeff HoelscherJeff Hoelscher$1,000.00
08/07/2020Janet Thompson for Boone CountyStephen Matthews$500.00
08/07/2020Friends Of Wayne WallingfordMissouri Beer Wholesalers Association PAC$750.00
08/07/2020Friends of Alan CookNewt Sharp$500.00
08/07/2020Friends of Alan CookSteve and Jann Burnett$500.00
08/07/2020Friends of Alan CookMichael and Bre LaFerla$1,000.00
08/07/2020Bob Burns For MissouriSt. Louis County Police Association PAC$2,100.00
08/07/2020The Committee to Elect Richelle Christensen Grosvenor as Judge, Teddy Sue Allen, TreasurerRichelle Grosvenor$850.00
08/07/2020Together KCChamber of Commerce of Greater Kansas City$25,000.00
08/07/2020Together KCThe Civic Council of Greater Kansas City$50,000.00
08/07/2020Missourians for HealthcareThe Washington University$12,396.36
08/07/2020POL PACH & R Block$14,000.00
08/07/2020Missouri Senate Campaign CommitteeSieve Contractors Inc.$10,000.00
08/07/2020Lincoln PACBobby Allison$10,000.00
08/07/2020Friends Of JusticeEDDY JUSTICE$5,700.00

Contribution Date: 08/06/2020

08/06/2020BUILD St. Louis PAC, Inc.Plocher for Misouri$1,500.00
08/06/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMaxine Clark$2,650.00
08/06/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriAnil Kapoor$2,650.00
08/06/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriThomas Irwin$2,650.00
08/06/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriCathy Ruggeri-Rea$2,650.00
08/06/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMont Levy$2,500.00
08/06/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriTom and Lisa Carnahan$2,500.00
08/06/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJim and Nancy Ceaser$2,500.00
08/06/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDana Sandweiss$1,000.00
08/06/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJane Arnold$1,000.00
08/06/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriEsther Cohen$500.00
08/06/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMARK ABELS$500.00
08/06/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJohn Hulston$500.00
08/06/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriWilliam Hibdon$500.00
08/06/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDavid Mehr$500.00
08/06/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriCarol York$500.00
08/06/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriTom and Melanie Litz$500.00
08/06/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriCheryl Galimberti$500.00
08/06/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriRose Stuckey$500.00
08/06/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDAVID SMITH$500.00
08/06/2020Committee to Elect Bishop DavidsonBob Propst$500.00
08/06/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeThomas Stegeman$1,000.00
08/06/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeKerry Holekamp$2,650.00
08/06/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeWilliam Holekamp$2,650.00
08/06/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoePaige Kampeter$2,650.00
08/06/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMike Kampeter$2,650.00
08/06/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeLloyd Carmichael$2,650.00
08/06/2020House Democratic Campaign CommitteeLaDonna Appelbaum$500.00
08/06/2020McKelvey for JudgeVICKI SCHNEIDER$1,000.00
08/06/2020Beck For MissouriDana Sandweiss$1,000.00
08/06/2020Baker For MissouriSheridan Wood$1,000.00
08/06/2020Baker For MissouriDrew Schauffler$500.00
08/06/2020Baker For MissouriJeff Keevil$1,000.00
08/06/2020Ashcroft For MissouriRosemarie Buntrock$1,000.00
08/06/2020Ashcroft For MissouriSpirit of Missouri$2,500.00
08/06/2020Ashcroft For MissouriDean Buntrock$1,000.00
08/06/2020Citizens for Vicki Lorenz EnglundPeter Werner$500.00
08/06/2020Lavender For State SenateBill Biedenstein$500.00
08/06/2020Lavender For State SenateBenjamin Sandler$2,559.00
08/06/2020Citizens For MurphyMO Independent Bankers PAC$500.00
08/06/2020Friends Of Holly RehderBootheel Conservative Republicans$500.00
08/06/2020Citizens To Elect Bruce DegrootMO Criminal Defense Lawyers PAC$500.00
08/06/2020Citizens For Dan StacyRay and Beverly Worth$600.00
08/06/2020Friends Of Curtis TrentMissouri Independent Bankers Association PAC$500.00
08/06/2020Good Government for MissouriDana Sandweiss$1,000.00
08/06/2020Voters for Patty LewisTodd Kennedy$2,046.00
08/06/2020Freedom's Promise PACA BETTER MISSOURI$500.00
08/06/2020Freedom's Promise PACPurple Suits, Inc.$2,500.00
08/06/2020Freedom's Promise PACSouthern Glazer's Wine and Spirits of Missouri$2,000.00
08/06/2020Freedom's Promise PACSt. Louis Area Hotel Association PAC$1,000.00
08/06/2020KarlaEslingerForSenate.comCharles Shields$500.00
08/06/2020Parson For MissouriStephen Waltman$2,650.00
08/06/2020Parson For MissouriMarty Marler$2,650.00
08/06/2020Parson For MissouriJohn Lewis$2,650.00
08/06/2020Parson For MissouriANN KONECNY$2,650.00
08/06/2020Parson For MissouriPaige Kampeter$2,650.00
08/06/2020Parson For MissouriMike Kampeter$2,650.00
08/06/2020Parson For MissouriIvan Crossland$2,650.00
08/06/2020Parson For MissouriCurt Crossland$2,500.00
08/06/2020Parson For MissouriBetty Lou Crossland$2,650.00
08/06/2020Parson For MissouriSuzy Brauer$2,650.00
08/06/2020Riggs For MissouriBNSF Railway Co RAILPAC MO$500.00
08/06/2020MO Opportunity PACChapman Ventures LLC$10,000.00
08/06/2020HealthPACPeggy Schmitt$1,000.00
08/06/2020Tony PACARDA$1,500.00
08/06/2020Tony PACMissouri Growth PAC$2,500.00
08/06/2020Tony PACSt Louis Co Police Association PAC$1,500.00
08/06/2020Citizens for Aaron WilsonRandolph County Republican Central$500.00
08/06/2020Citizens For GriesheimerEnterprise Holdings, Inc. Political Action Committee$500.00
08/06/2020Citizens For GriesheimerMO Soybean Association State PAC (MO SoyPAC)$500.00
08/06/2020Friends Of Rory RowlandMissouri Independent Bankers Association PAC$500.00
08/06/2020Alvin R Thompson Committee to Elect; Rita Jacobs TreasurerAlvin Thompson$500.00
08/06/2020Greater KC Bldg & Construction Trades-PECGreater Kansas City Building Trades Council -Member Dues$2,890.82
08/06/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncPatterson for Missouri$12,000.00
08/06/2020Missourians for HealthcareMissouri Hospital Association$18,906.50
08/06/2020MO Opportunity PACChapman Ventures, L.L.C.$10,000.00
08/06/2020American Property Casualty Insurance Association Political AccountAmerican Property Casualty Insurance Association$98,465.00

Contribution Date: 08/05/2020

08/05/2020Change STL PACCarpenters Help in the Political Process$4,160.00
08/05/2020MO Soybean Association State PAC (MO SoyPAC)Jason Bahr$650.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMICHAEL MARTIN$2,650.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMarie Mckellar$2,650.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMary Neal$2,650.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJeffrey Byrne$2,650.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMIKE KORTE$2,650.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDana Plonka$2,650.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriChristopher Gahagan$2,650.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriCathy Steele$2,600.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriCharles Nester$2,600.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriCarol Klein$2,500.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriWard Klein$2,500.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriColleen Haas$2,400.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDavid Skeens$1,800.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriSteve & Miriam Singer$1,600.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJulie VanLue$1,500.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriScott Vorhees$1,500.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDoris Littrell$1,000.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriShad Hilton$1,000.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriLisa Berger$1,000.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriKenneth Mares$1,000.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriBill Rohlf$1,000.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDick Warder$1,000.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriArin Liberman$1,000.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDavid and Sheryl Harper$1,000.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriKenneth Schaffer$1,000.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriPamela Gulley$1,000.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriSheri Ewing and Susan Davis$1,000.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJennifer Williamson$1,000.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJennifer Hardester$750.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriKyle Torres$575.70
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriChristopher Royer$500.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriAnn Ruwitch$500.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriYvonne Baker$500.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriLynn McIntosh$500.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDavid Patterson Silver Wolf$500.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriCheryl Kowalczyk$500.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriRonald Parker$500.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJoan and Gary Sr. Burger$500.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriGreg Doak$500.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriBill Weaver$500.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriTony and Melanie Fathman$500.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriTerence Carlson$500.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriIan Turley$500.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriLucinda Santiago$500.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJane Atteberry$500.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriGerald Singleton$500.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriBrandi Russell$500.00
08/05/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDan DeFeo$500.00
08/05/2020Citizens For Derek GrierWilliam Logan$500.00
08/05/2020Fitzpatrick For MissouriSteven Craig$2,500.00
08/05/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeLoren Cook$2,650.00
08/05/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeElaine Cook$2,650.00
08/05/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenClarius$2,500.00
08/05/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenMissouri Concrete Association PAC$1,500.00
08/05/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenMissouri Organization of Defense Lawyers Political Action Committee$1,500.00
08/05/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenMO Criminal Defense Lawyers PAC$1,500.00
08/05/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenMGA PAC$1,000.00
08/05/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenCredit Union Pac$850.00
08/05/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenMissouri Corn Growers Association State PAC$1,000.00
08/05/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenCentral to Good Government PAC$2,500.00
08/05/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenMo TRUCK PAC$500.00
08/05/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenMAFP Political Committee$1,500.00
08/05/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenShamrock PAC$2,500.00
08/05/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenMO Soybean Association - State PAC$500.00
08/05/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenEvergy Power PAC MO$1,000.00
08/05/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenRelax PAC$1,000.00
08/05/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenHUB Employees PAC$1,500.00
08/05/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenDAVID KELLER$1,000.00
08/05/2020St Louis Labor Council AFL-CIO Project 2000Building and Construction Trades Council$1,000.00
08/05/2020Rogers For MissouriAGC of MO Pac$500.00
08/05/2020Citizens For Donna BaringerMissouri and Kansas Laborers' PAC$1,000.00
08/05/2020Friends of Trish GunbyB Michael Korte$500.00
08/05/2020Southland ProgressJohn Sharp$550.00
08/05/2020Committee to Elect Bill OttoEllen Shapiro$1,000.00
08/05/2020Beck For MissouriDoug Beck$1,318.48
08/05/2020Beck For MissouriMGA PAC$1,000.00
08/05/2020Beck For MissouriMissouri State Council of Fire Fighters PAC$2,500.00
08/05/2020Beck For MissouriHealth Care Leadership Committee$500.00
08/05/2020Beck For MissouriHCA Political Action Committee Industry Advancement Fund$1,000.00
08/05/2020Maggie Nurrenbern for MissouriMissouri and Kansas Laborers' PAC$1,000.00
08/05/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanCarol Schneider$1,000.00
08/05/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanChristopher & Laura Leonard$1,000.00
08/05/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanMichael And Debbie Doyle$1,000.00
08/05/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanRobert Leonard$1,000.00
08/05/2020Friends of Jeffrey BoydSt Louis Police Association PAC$1,000.00
08/05/2020Schmitt For MissouriSARA HARGIS$1,325.00
08/05/2020Schmitt For MissouriJames Hargis$1,325.00
08/05/2020Schmitt For MissouriSuzanne Brauer$2,650.00
08/05/2020Schmitt For MissouriBeau Brauer$2,650.00
08/05/2020Committee to Elect Karen PlanalpKaren Planalp$1,356.00
08/05/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigCerner PAC MO$500.00
08/05/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigMissouri Forest Products$1,000.00
08/05/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigCatalyst PAC$1,000.00
08/05/2020Citizens for PhiferMISSOURI AND KANSAS LABORERS PAC$2,000.00
08/05/2020Citizens for PhiferB Michael Korte$500.00
08/05/2020Missourians For Cody SmithNexus PAC$1,000.00
08/05/2020Missourians For Cody SmithCigna Corporation MO PAC$1,000.00
08/05/2020Nexus PACMcCormack Baron Salazar, Inc.$1,500.00
08/05/2020Lavender For State SenateMary Susan Carlson$500.00
08/05/2020Lavender For State SenateIBEW Voluntary Political Fund$1,000.00
08/05/2020Lavender For State SenateB Michael Korte$1,000.00
08/05/2020Lavender For State SenateNancy Grove$2,559.00
08/05/2020Lavender For State SenateMary Neal$2,559.00
08/05/2020Page PACVafa Foroughi$5,000.00
08/05/2020Page PACEbrahim Moshiri$5,000.00
08/05/2020Page PACEnterprise Holdings, Inc. Political Action Committee$5,000.00
08/05/2020Tracey Chappell for Jackson County ProsecutorMark Muller$1,000.00
08/05/2020Faleti For MissouriJohn Simon$2,650.00
08/05/2020Faleti For MissouriMargaret Simon$2,650.00
08/05/2020Faleti For MissouriJohnny Simon$2,500.00
08/05/2020Daniel Zdrodowski for Circuit AttorneyGary Burger$500.00
08/05/2020Citizens For Tishaura O JonesAmalgamated Transit Union Local 1287$1,000.00
08/05/2020Friends Of Holly RehderKeith Davidson$2,500.00
08/05/2020Finneran for MissouriGary Burger$500.00
08/05/2020Page For MissouriJORGEN SCHLEMEIER$500.00
08/05/2020Page For MissouriHealth Care Leadership Committee$2,000.00
08/05/2020Page For MissouriBruno Schmitter$500.00
08/05/2020No on 2 in AugustPelopidas, LLC$3,825.00
08/05/2020Fogle for MissouriHOUSE VICTORY COMMITTEE$1,000.00
08/05/2020WPG PACWinton Policy Group LLC$4,000.00
08/05/2020O'DonnellForMissouri.com100th District Republicans$1,300.00
08/05/2020American Dream PACMary Heger$1,000.00
08/05/2020MoCannTrade PACGreen Orchard Labs$500.00
08/05/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comLloyd Carmichael$500.00
08/05/2020Committee to Elect Elizabeth MitchellCarol Jackson$610.20
08/05/2020Committee to re-elect Dennis Ziegenhorn CommissionerStephen Taylor$1,000.00
08/05/2020Parson For MissouriEdwin Rice$2,650.00
08/05/2020Parson For MissouriIra Rennert$2,650.00
08/05/2020Parson For MissouriIngeborg Rennert$2,650.00
08/05/2020Parson For MissouriEdward Mullins$1,000.00
08/05/2020Parson For MissouriRichard Miller$2,650.00
08/05/2020Parson For MissouriChad Fullerton$1,000.00
08/05/2020Parson For MissouriBeau Brauer$2,650.00
08/05/2020Parson For MissouriMissouri Asphalt Pavement Assoc PAC$2,650.00
08/05/2020Friends Of Jeff KnightAGC of MO Pac$500.00
08/05/2020Jean Peters Baker For ProsecutorPipefitters Local 553$500.00
08/05/2020CWA-COPE Political Contributions Federal CommitteeCommunications Workers of America- COPE PCC$50,000.00
08/05/2020Lincoln PACSt Louis County Police Asso PAC$1,500.00
08/05/2020Webb For House RepMISSOURI & KANSAS LABORERS' PAC$1,000.00
08/05/2020Hirth for JudgeAaron Smith$2,650.00
08/05/2020MADA Dealers Interested In GovernmentByerly RV$950.00
08/05/2020MADA Dealers Interested In GovernmentMoberly Motor Company Inc.$950.00
08/05/2020Clay County Democratic Central CommitteeCommittee to Elect Lauren Arthur$1,000.00
08/05/2020Clay County Democratic Central CommitteeRogers for Missouri$1,000.00
08/05/2020#NorthCountyExcellenceT-Mobile USA, INC.$500.00
08/05/2020Uniting Missouri PACRepublican Governors Association - Missouri 2020$2,000,000.00
08/05/2020Missouri Senate Campaign CommitteeSpirit of Missouri$10,000.00
08/05/2020Missouri Senate Campaign CommitteeUnited Healthcare Services Inc.$10,000.00
08/05/2020Professional Firefighters of Tri-County PACIAFF FIREPAC VIC MISSOURI$15,000.00
08/05/2020Jean Peters Baker For ProsecutorCHIPP$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/04/2020

08/04/2020Citizens For Theresa SchmittSY Trimble$2,000.00
08/04/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJohn Simon$2,650.00
08/04/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMargaret Simon$2,650.00
08/04/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriElizabeth (Beth) Nay$2,500.00
08/04/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriRosie Kling$1,650.00
08/04/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriRoger Brown$1,000.00
08/04/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriColm O'Comartun$1,000.00
08/04/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMegan Hull$1,000.00
08/04/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriKevin Dunaway$650.00
08/04/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMartha Trail$500.00
08/04/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriSusan Everson$500.00
08/04/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriIngrid Van Eckert$500.00
08/04/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriStephen And Marta Williamson$500.00
08/04/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriSidney and Jean Johnson$500.00
08/04/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriKarleen Hoerr$500.00
08/04/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJessica Barclay-Strobel$500.00
08/04/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDeborah Gilula$500.00
08/04/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriAmy Gunn$500.00
08/04/2020Citizens For NeelyRepeal 18th$500.00
08/04/2020Missouri Democratic State CommitteePipe Fitters Local Union 533 Volunteer Pol Fund$25,500.00
08/04/2020Missouri Democratic State CommitteeLloyd Carmichael$5,000.00
08/04/2020Missouri Democratic State CommitteeMarianne Lindsey$5,000.00
08/04/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeProfessional Firefighters of North St. Louis County PAC$2,500.00
08/04/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeSteven Craig$2,500.00
08/04/2020Friends of Annette Bertelsen for Buchanan County Public AdministratorTama Wagner$500.00
08/04/2020Friends of Trish GunbyCynthia Metcalfe$500.00
08/04/2020Ashley Aune for MissouriHOUSE VICTORY COMMITTEE$1,000.00
08/04/2020Friends Of Rick BrattinMenlo and Kathryn Smith$3,000.00
08/04/2020Committee to Elect Bill OttoUAW Region 5 Midwest States PAC$2,000.00
08/04/2020Plocher For MissouriLathrop Gage Consulting PAC$1,000.00
08/04/2020Plocher For MissouriWGA PAC$1,000.00
08/04/2020Plocher For MissouriMissouri State Council of Fire Fighters PAC$500.00
08/04/2020Plocher For MissouriCigna Corporation Missouri PAC$500.00
08/04/2020Plocher For MissouriMissouri Concrete Association Political Action Committee$500.00
08/04/2020Plocher For MissouriMissouri Organization of Defense Lawyers PAC$500.00
08/04/2020Plocher For MissouriMissouri Criminal Defense Lawyers PAC$500.00
08/04/2020Plocher For MissouriDaw Properties LLC$1,000.00
08/04/2020Elad Gross For MissouriDaniel Kreis$500.00
08/04/2020Maggie Nurrenbern for MissouriUTU- PAC$500.00
08/04/2020Schmitt For MissouriEnterprise Holdings Inc. PAC$1,650.00
08/04/2020Committee To Elect Keri IngleMO Criminal Defense Lawyers$500.00
08/04/2020Committee To Elect Keri IngleHouse Democratic Campaign Committee$1,000.00
08/04/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisPaul Chesterton$2,600.00
08/04/2020Friends of John C RussellThomas Fowler Jr$500.00
08/04/2020Ashcroft For MissouriEnterprise Holdings PAC$1,650.00
08/04/2020Ashcroft For MissouriHoward Wood$1,000.00
08/04/2020Ashcroft For MissouriRodger Riney$2,650.00
08/04/2020Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurMissouri Realtors PAC$1,500.00
08/04/2020Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurCerner Corporation PAC$1,000.00
08/04/2020Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurMissouri State Council of Machinist PAC$500.00
08/04/2020Roberts For St LouisSTEVEN TILLEY$1,000.00
08/04/2020Roberts For St LouisHealth Care Leadership Committee$500.00
08/04/2020Friends Of Hannah KellyEnterprise Holdings, INC, PAC$750.00
08/04/2020Page PACRoy Pfautch$5,000.00
08/04/2020Citizens For Elaine GannonLloyd Carmichael$500.00
08/04/2020Faleti For MissouriMike Lundgren$2,300.00
08/04/2020Faleti For MissouriCharles Hatfield$1,000.00
08/04/2020Faleti For MissouriCynthia Metcalfe$900.00
08/04/2020Faleti For MissouriDavid Westbrook$750.00
08/04/2020Faleti For MissouriAlexander Rajis$500.00
08/04/2020Faleti For MissouriKarlynnta Oredugba$500.00
08/04/2020Citizens For MurphySt Louis Police Officers Assoc PAC$500.00
08/04/2020Page For MissouriEnterprise Holdings, Inc. Political Action Committee$2,600.00
08/04/2020Page For MissouriHartnett, Reyes, Jones, LLC$1,000.00
08/04/2020Page For MissouriSharad Parikh$1,000.00
08/04/2020Page For MissouriFred Howell$2,600.00
08/04/2020Justin Aldred For BooneDavid Mehr$500.00
08/04/2020Friends Of Alan GreenDestiny PAC$768.08
08/04/2020Majority ForwardMissouri Cable Telecommunications Association$1,000.00
08/04/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlEmerson MO Responsible Gov Fund$1,000.00
08/04/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlEvans & Dixon$1,000.00
08/04/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlBrowm & Brown$500.00
08/04/2020KarlaEslingerForSenate.comDavid Murphy$2,500.00
08/04/2020KarlaEslingerForSenate.comMissouri Ambulatory Surgery Center Association$500.00
08/04/2020Wood For CommissionerEric Wood$510.83
08/04/2020Committee to Elect Doug Rader for SheriffALAN KRAM$800.00
08/04/2020Parson For MissouriPatricia Weier$2,150.00
08/04/2020Parson For MissouriG William Weier$2,150.00
08/04/2020Parson For MissouriSteven Craig$2,500.00
08/04/2020Parson For MissouriBHA Properties LLC$1,000.00
08/04/2020Committee To Elect Becky RuthHCA Political Action Committee$500.00
08/04/2020Normandy Township Regular Democratic ClubPage For Missouri$1,000.00
08/04/2020Webb For House RepCynthia Metcalfe$500.00
08/04/2020Friends To Elect Dawn Kuster Eastern District CommissionerBrett Cooper$500.00
08/04/2020Friends Of Ernie Trakas100th District Republicans$2,600.00
08/04/2020Missouri Association of Nurse Anesthetists Political Action CommitteeJean Covillo$2,912.70
08/04/2020Citizens For Donna BaringerUAW Region 4 Midwest States PAC$500.00
08/04/2020Citizens For Donna BaringerEnterprise Holdings PAC$500.00
08/04/2020Citizens To Elect Alan GrayUAW MW STATES PAC$500.00
08/04/2020St. Louis ProgressMissouri Growth PAC$2,500.00
08/04/2020St. Louis ProgressDierburgs Markets$500.00
08/04/2020Razer For MissouriMOCANNTRADE$2,000.00
08/04/2020Citizens for Sheriff HarrellBL Holdings$3,500.00
08/04/2020La Raza Political Club IncCitizens for Mike Sharp$600.00
08/04/2020La Raza Political Club IncJCDC Truman Political Action Committee$1,000.00
08/04/2020Alvin R Thompson Committee to Elect; Rita Jacobs TreasurerJohn Quinn$500.00
08/04/2020Elect Ron Huber CommitteeRON HUBER$500.00
08/04/2020Missourians for HealthcareHighlander Political Strategies LLC$14,742.41
08/04/2020MO Opportunity PACAugust A. Busch III$75,000.00
08/04/2020Missouri Democratic State CommitteePipe Fitters Local Union 533 Volunteer Political Fund$25,500.00
08/04/2020Conservative Leadership of the OzarksExpand Missouri PAC$7,500.00
08/04/2020No on 2 in AugustPelopidas, LLC$6,300.00
08/04/2020Majority ForwardAmeren Missouri$15,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/03/2020

08/03/2020Sharp for HouseUAW Region 4 Midwest States Political Action Committee (PAC) (MO)$500.00
08/03/2020Sharp for HouseCARL RICHIE$1,500.00
08/03/2020Sharp for HouseCurtis Byrd$500.00
08/03/2020Scism For SenateMO Pork PAC$500.00
08/03/2020Scism For SenateMissouri Forrest Products PAC$500.00
08/03/2020Scism For SenateEnterprise Holdings PAC$500.00
08/03/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriRichard Gephardt$2,650.00
08/03/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJeff Krum$2,650.00
08/03/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriTrudy Busch Valentine$2,650.00
08/03/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriVirginia McDowell$2,650.00
08/03/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMelanie and Ben Schmickle$1,350.00
08/03/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJean Daniel-Gentry$1,000.00
08/03/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMichael Spiegelman$1,000.00
08/03/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriCorey Platt$1,000.00
08/03/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriAmy Gunn$500.00
08/03/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriRichard Barohn$500.00
08/03/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriYvette Liebesman$500.00
08/03/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeQuality Building PAC$2,500.00
08/03/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeBrian Gelner$500.00
08/03/2020House Democratic Campaign CommitteeNicole Galloway for Missouri$2,000.00
08/03/2020Missourians For Vic AllredMissouri Beverage PAC$500.00
08/03/2020Southwest Missouri Conservative Values PACSupporters of Health Research & Treatments$2,500.00
08/03/2020Southwest Missouri Conservative Values PACT Mobile USA, Inc.$500.00
08/03/2020Southwest Missouri Conservative Values PACA BETTER MISSOURI$700.00
08/03/2020Southwest Missouri Conservative Values PACMAVERICK CONSULTING LLC$5,000.00
08/03/2020Southwest Missouri Conservative Values PACDr. Lance Beshore$5,000.00
08/03/2020Committee to Elect Wade KieferMidwest State UAW Community Action Council$500.00
08/03/2020Bondon For MissouriMissouri Farm Bureau State PAC$1,000.00
08/03/2020Beck For MissouriTruth In Campaigns$1,000.00
08/03/2020Beck For Missouridavid roberts$1,000.00
08/03/2020Schmitt For MissouriProfessional Firefighters & Paramedics of Franklin County PAC$2,500.00
08/03/2020Schmitt For MissouriProfessional Firefighters of Tri-County PAC$2,500.00
08/03/2020Schmitt For MissouriProfessional Firefighters of North St Louis County PAC$2,500.00
08/03/2020Schmitt For MissouriCitizens for Good Government PAC$2,500.00
08/03/2020Schmitt For MissouriHerbert Baumann$1,000.00
08/03/2020Sierra Club Missouri Political CommitteeRoss Hunt$500.00
08/03/2020Sierra Club Missouri Political CommitteeMaris Berg$1,000.00
08/03/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigCigna Corporation Missouri PAC$1,000.00
08/03/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigWILLIAM SHOEHIGH$500.00
08/03/2020Friends of Michael BurtonDiane Burton$500.00
08/03/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisLaura Shaughnessy$1,500.00
08/03/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisBeau Reinberg$500.00
08/03/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisPatricia Hessel$500.00
08/03/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisWayne Turley$500.00
08/03/2020Missourians For Cody SmithGrow Missouri$1,000.00
08/03/2020Missourians For Cody SmithSharon Beshore$2,045.00
08/03/2020Missourians For Cody SmithDr. Lance Beshore$2,045.00
08/03/2020Mighty Missouri PACCigna Corporation Missouri PAC - Federal Committee$2,000.00
08/03/2020Mighty Missouri PACMO Majority PAC$2,500.00
08/03/2020Mighty Missouri PACBuild St Louis PAC INC$500.00
08/03/2020McDaniel For State RepresentativeMO DSV PAC$1,000.00
08/03/2020Ashcroft For MissouriMO Soybean Association State PAC (MO SoyPAC)$2,000.00
08/03/2020Ashcroft For MissouriSteven Craig$2,500.00
08/03/2020Ashcroft For MissouriDenise Quatman$1,250.00
08/03/2020Ashcroft For MissouriWILLIAM QUATMAN$1,250.00
08/03/2020Friends of Ruth Ann Dickerson for SheriffRobert Hartle$500.00
08/03/2020Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurMAFP Political Action Committee$500.00
08/03/2020Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurClay County Democrats Central Committee$500.00
08/03/2020Roberts For St LouisThomas Robbins$1,000.00
08/03/2020Citizens For RossThe PAC$500.00
08/03/2020Citizens for Rasheen AldridgeNexus PAC$750.00
08/03/2020Page PACDaniel Grass$2,500.00
08/03/2020Tracey Chappell for Jackson County ProsecutorRebecca Rivers$600.00
08/03/2020Canady for MissouriInternational Union of Elevator Constructors$500.00
08/03/2020Canady for Missouridavid roberts$2,600.00
08/03/2020Canady for MissouriSue Fischlowitz$2,600.00
08/03/2020Citizens For Elaine GannonEnterprise Holdings Inc PAC$500.00
08/03/2020Franklin County Leadership PACMAPAC$1,000.00
08/03/2020Faleti For MissouriUAW Region 5 Midwest States PAC$2,650.00
08/03/2020Faleti For MissouriPipe Fitters Local Union 533 Volunteer Political Fund$1,000.00
08/03/2020Faleti For MissouriMissouri State Council of Machinist PAC$500.00
08/03/2020Faleti For MissouriAmy Gunn$500.00
08/03/2020Committee to Elect Jean PrettoHouse Democratic Campaign Committee$1,000.00
08/03/2020Citizens To Elect Jay Mosley LLCUAW REGION 4 MIDWEST STATES$500.00
08/03/2020Fogle for MissouriMichael Zimmer$500.00
08/03/2020Fogle for MissouriPATRICIA MOORE$1,000.00
08/03/2020Fogle for MissouriUAW Region 4 Midwest States Political Action Committee$2,000.00
08/03/2020Megan Green for St. LouisCeleste Vossmeyer$500.00
08/03/2020Friends Of Rob VescovoPHYSICIAN LED ANESTHESIA CARE PAC$2,046.00
08/03/2020Friends Of Rob VescovoMAFP PAC$1,500.00
08/03/2020Friends Of Rob VescovoNexus PAC$1,000.00
08/03/2020Citizens for VanoverHome Builders Association of Kansas City PAC$500.00
08/03/2020Friends Of Mary Elizabeth ColemanPOL PAC$750.00
08/03/2020Friends Of Mary Elizabeth ColemanBNSF Railway Company RailPAC Missouri$500.00
08/03/2020Friends Of Mary Elizabeth ColemanST LOUIS ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS$1,000.00
08/03/2020Friends Of Curtis TrentJohnson & Johnson PAC - Missouri$1,000.00
08/03/2020Friends Of Curtis TrentBUILD St. Louis PAC, Inc.$1,500.00
08/03/2020Friends Of Curtis TrentMissouri Criminal Defense Lawyers PAC$500.00
08/03/2020Friends Of Curtis TrentSt. Louis Country Police Association PAC$500.00
08/03/2020Friends Of Curtis TrentMissouri Medical Political Action Committee$500.00
08/03/2020Friends Of Curtis TrentMissouri Association of Municipal Utilities$500.00
08/03/2020Friends Of Curtis TrentRural Telecommunications Committee PAC$1,000.00
08/03/2020Friends Of Curtis TrentCerner PAC MO-Federal Committee$1,000.00
08/03/2020Friends Of Curtis TrentLarry Hart$1,000.00
08/03/2020Citizens For Crystal QuadeA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
08/03/2020Expand MissouriMidwest Long Term Care Services LLC$2,500.00
08/03/2020Expand MissouriByrd and Barrell LLC$2,500.00
08/03/2020Ingrid Burnett For MissouriUAW Refion 4 Midwest States PAC$500.00
08/03/2020Women For Justice PACIBEW Local Union 1439$500.00
08/03/2020Go West For MissouriMOSFA PAC Inc$1,000.00
08/03/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanIAFF FIREPAC VIC MO$2,500.00
08/03/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanMarjorie Swan$500.00
08/03/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanCR Talbert$500.00
08/03/2020Patricia Pike For State Representative-126BSNF Railway Company Railpac Missouri$500.00
08/03/2020Parson For MissouriCarl Tiedt$1,000.00
08/03/2020Parson For MissouriMartha Teeter$500.00
08/03/2020Parson For MissouriSusan Sivewright$1,000.00
08/03/2020Parson For MissouriLaura Shaughnessy$1,500.00
08/03/2020Parson For MissouriDavid Oetting$1,000.00
08/03/2020Parson For MissouriBRENDA MYERS$1,000.00
08/03/2020Parson For MissouriO BRUCE MILLS$1,000.00
08/03/2020Parson For MissouriMarty Marler$1,000.00
08/03/2020Parson For MissouriJeffrey Lottmann$2,650.00
08/03/2020Parson For MissouriMelany Kniffen$2,650.00
08/03/2020Parson For MissouriArthur Kniffen$2,650.00
08/03/2020Parson For MissouriRichard Holton Jr$2,650.00
08/03/2020Parson For MissouriDaniel Hegeman$500.00
08/03/2020Parson For MissouriRobert Fechser$1,200.00
08/03/2020Parson For MissouriMarcine Corlew$2,600.00
08/03/2020Parson For MissouriJames Corlew$2,600.00
08/03/2020Parson For MissouriLarry Chapman$2,650.00
08/03/2020Parson For MissouriChristy Chapman$2,650.00
08/03/2020Parson For MissouriRachel Arthur$2,650.00
08/03/2020Parson For MissouriRichard Arnoldy$2,650.00
08/03/2020Parson For MissouriNancy Arnoldy$2,650.00
08/03/2020Parson For MissouriVictorian Homes LLC$500.00
08/03/2020Parson For MissouriPayne Family Homes LLC$2,650.00
08/03/2020Parson For MissouriNemo Seed & Grain LLC$500.00
08/03/2020Parson For MissouriMissouri Farm Bureau Federation State PAC$650.00
08/03/2020Committee To Elect Becky RuthUAW Region 4 Midwest States PAC MO$500.00
08/03/2020Gregory For MissouriSt. Louis Association of Realtors Political Action Committee$1,000.00
08/03/2020Friends Of Adrian PlankBrian McInerney$1,000.00
08/03/2020Friends Of Adrian PlankUAW Region 4 Midwest States Political Action Committee (PAC) (MO)$500.00
08/03/2020Norwood Township Democratic ClubHEARTLAND ACTION PAC$1,000.00
08/03/2020Wright For MissouriSupporters of Health Research and Treatments$2,150.00
08/03/2020Joe Adams For MissouriUAW Region 4 Midwest States PAC MO$500.00
08/03/2020Friends Of Steve FarmerSt. Joe Manor$500.00
08/03/2020Committee to Elect Roger Fischer Western Dist. CommissionerJanet Fischer$2,500.00
08/03/2020Friends Of Kip KendrickAGC of MO Pac$1,000.00
08/03/2020Friends Of Kip KendrickCheyenne International LLC$500.00
08/03/2020Bill Kidd For MissouriMissouri State Council Of Firefighters$500.00
08/03/2020Bill Kidd For MissouriUAW Region 4 PAC$500.00
08/03/2020Friends Of Wayne WallingfordGary Rust$1,000.00
08/03/2020Friends Of Wayne WallingfordElectrical Workers Voluntary Political$500.00
08/03/2020Friends Of Wayne WallingfordMO DSV PAC$500.00
08/03/2020Razer For MissouriATT MO EMPLOYEE PAC$1,000.00
08/03/2020Friends Of Charles GroetekeLinda Schrorder$1,000.00
08/03/2020Friends Of Charles GroetekeApril Bareck$2,000.00
08/03/2020Friends Of Martha StevensUAW Region 4 Midwest States PAC$500.00
08/03/2020#NorthCountyExcellenceDierbergs Markets$1,000.00
08/03/2020Western Missouri Leadership FundGreat Outdoors PAC$1,000.00
08/03/2020Western Missouri Leadership FundSupporters of Health Research & Treatments$5,000.00
08/03/2020Western Missouri Leadership FundA BETTER MISSOURI$1,000.00
08/03/2020Western Missouri Leadership FundCPSK Insurance Services, INC$500.00
08/03/2020Citizens for Sheriff HarrellLori Toth$500.00
08/03/2020Committee to Elect Jama M. Berry, Ozark County AssessorJAMA BERRY$591.00
08/03/2020Republican Governors Association - Missouri 2020Republican Governors Association$2,500,000.00
08/03/2020Mighty Missouri PACAmerican Federation For Children$15,000.00
08/03/2020Missourians for HealthcareHighlander Political Strategies LLC$6,844.53
08/03/2020Taxpayers in Support of Public EducationCHIPP Political Account$37,000.00
08/03/2020Show Me Growth PACBUILD St. Louis PAC, Inc.$1,500.00
08/03/2020No on 2 in AugustPelopidas, LLC$14,646.83
08/03/2020Western Missouri Leadership FundThe Madison PAC$8,000.00
08/03/2020Missouri Health Plan Association PACUnited Healthcare Sys Inc$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/02/2020

08/02/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMartin Jayne$500.00
08/02/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerLinda Lipsett$500.00
08/02/2020Beck For MissouriMajority Forward$2,500.00
08/02/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanKathleen Dunne$500.00
08/02/2020Friends of Jeffrey BoydChris Gorrell$2,000.00
08/02/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigSouthern Missouri Conservative Fund$1,250.00
08/02/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisRichard Riney$1,500.00
08/02/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisLouis Hamilton$1,000.00
08/02/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisThomas Hayek$750.00
08/02/2020Missourians For Cody SmithMO Associaton of Municipal Utilities$500.00
08/02/2020Citizens For Tishaura O JonesJack Thomas$500.00
08/02/2020Finneran for MissouriSean Tomlins$500.00
08/02/2020No on 2 in AugustPelopidas, LLC$4,500.00
08/02/2020Citizens For StumpePatrick Dubbert$1,000.00
08/02/2020Jean Peters Baker For ProsecutorJohn May$500.00
08/02/2020Jean Peters Baker For ProsecutorJason Holmes$5,000.00
08/02/2020Jean Peters Baker For ProsecutorKevin Westrope$5,000.00
08/02/2020Webb For House RepMichael Webb$1,500.00
08/02/2020Citizens For Jeff HoelscherTroy Hake$500.00
08/02/2020Citizens For Jeff HoelscherTravis Rackers$500.00
08/02/2020Western Missouri Leadership FundTaxpayers in Support of Public Education$25,000.00
08/02/2020Raytown Democratic AssociationJCDC Truman PAC$600.00
08/02/2020Mechanical Contractors Association of Kansas City Continuation CommitteeMCA of Eastern Missouri$1,000.00
08/02/2020Western Missouri Leadership FundTaxpayer in Support of Public Education$25,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/01/2020

08/01/2020Patterson For MissouriSpirit of Missouri$500.00
08/01/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriSusan Mlynarczyk$525.00
08/01/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriBenjamin Varone$500.00
08/01/2020Missouri Democratic State CommitteeDennis Marker$5,000.00
08/01/2020Alex Riley for State RepresentativeShelter Ins MO State PAC$1,000.00
08/01/2020House Democratic Campaign CommitteeLavender for State Senate$2,500.00
08/01/2020St Louis Labor Council AFL-CIO Project 2000Communication Workers of America #6300$1,000.00
08/01/2020Rizzo For MissouriAT&T Missouri Employee PAC$750.00
08/01/2020Rizzo For MissouriMissouri Independent Bankers PAC$500.00
08/01/2020Rizzo For MissouriCerner PAC$500.00
08/01/2020Rizzo For MissouriHCA Political Action Committee$1,500.00
08/01/2020Friends of Trish GunbyMissouri State Council of Fire Fighters PAC$500.00
08/01/2020Michelle Sherod for St. LouisCharles Stewart$500.00
08/01/2020Bondon For MissouriAGC of MO Pac$1,000.00
08/01/2020Elad Gross For MissouriSue Fischlowitz$2,600.00
08/01/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanAndrew Adams$500.00
08/01/2020Baker For MissouriJudy Stallmann$500.00
08/01/2020Baker For MissouriBrian McInerney$1,000.00
08/01/2020Baker For MissouriSheet Metal Workers Local 36$1,000.00
08/01/2020Baker For MissouriMajority Forward$2,500.00
08/01/2020Baker For MissouriMissouri State Council of Machinist PAC$500.00
08/01/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigJames Prater$1,000.00
08/01/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisCarl Hogan Jr$2,600.00
08/01/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisCatherine Hogan$2,600.00
08/01/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisRich Ledbetter$1,000.00
08/01/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisJames Sanders$1,000.00
08/01/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisSudheer Atluri$500.00
08/01/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisDavid Schlafly$500.00
08/01/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisCarrie Pittenger$500.00
08/01/2020Missourians For Cody SmithPHYSICIAN LED ANESTHESIA CARE PAC$546.00
08/01/2020Citizens for Vicki Lorenz EnglundSue Fischlowitz$2,600.00
08/01/2020Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurMissouri State Council of Machinist PAC$500.00
08/01/2020Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurInternational Union of Elevator Constructors Local No. 3 PAC Fund$500.00
08/01/2020Lavender For State SenateThomas Feiner$500.00
08/01/2020Friends Of Hannah KellyAMECPAC$1,000.00
08/01/2020Citizens For RossMissouri State Council of Fire Fighters PAC$1,000.00
08/01/2020Citizens For RossViceroy PAC$2,000.00
08/01/2020Canady for MissouriVolunteer Political Fund$1,000.00
08/01/2020Canady for MissouriInternational Union of Elevator Constructors$500.00
08/01/2020Faleti For MissouriOlubayo Idowu$500.00
08/01/2020Citizens For Tishaura O JonesSteve Cousins$1,000.00
08/01/2020Friends Of Holly RehderDaw Properties LLC$1,000.00
08/01/2020Friends Of Holly RehderMHA$1,000.00
08/01/2020Friends Of Holly RehderMissouri Forest Products$1,000.00
08/01/2020Friends Of Holly RehderDavid Palatnik$1,000.00
08/01/2020Friends Of Holly RehderRICK THOMPSON$500.00
08/01/2020Friends Of Holly RehderEvergy Power PAC - Missouri$1,500.00
08/01/2020Friends Of Holly RehderWPG PAC$1,000.00
08/01/2020Friends Of Holly RehderSt Louis Police Officers Assoc PAC$500.00
08/01/2020Friends Of Holly RehderSPIRE Political Action Committee$1,500.00
08/01/2020Committee To Elect Pierson JrGood Government for Missouri PAC$1,000.00
08/01/2020O'DonnellForMissouri.comEnterprise Holdings PAC$500.00
08/01/2020Voters for Patty LewisMissouri Nurses Association PAC$500.00
08/01/2020KarlaEslingerForSenate.comMO Society of Anesthesiologist PAC$2,500.00
08/01/2020KarlaEslingerForSenate.comTaxpayers in Support of Public Education$2,500.00
08/01/2020KarlaEslingerForSenate.comTheresa Spaedy$1,000.00
08/01/2020KarlaEslingerForSenate.comJOhn Foglesong$1,000.00
08/01/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanMO Dermatology Society$500.00
08/01/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanMO State Council of Fire Fighters PAC$2,000.00
08/01/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanMO Independent Bankers Assoc PAC$500.00
08/01/2020Parson For MissouriEric Jackson$2,650.00
08/01/2020Parson For MissouriAmanda Jackson$2,650.00
08/01/2020Parson For MissouriShow Me Growth PAC$2,650.00
08/01/2020Committee to Elect Jamie Burger HD # 148Bryan and Sonya Nickell$2,000.00
08/01/2020Manlove For MissouriSafer Families for Missouri$500.00
08/01/2020Manlove For MissouriMissouri NEA$500.00
08/01/2020Manlove For MissouriAGC of MO Pac$500.00
08/01/2020Manlove For MissouriGKCWPC Seperate Seg Fund$520.00
08/01/2020Committee to Elect Neal BarnesMary Ellen Barnes$1,000.00
08/01/2020Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilProfessional Firefighters of North St. Louis County PAC$2,600.00
08/01/2020Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilU.A.W. Region 5 Midwest States Political Action Committee$2,600.00
08/01/2020Rick Walter for SheriffCarl Rose$800.00
08/01/2020AGC of MO PACJF Electric$1,580.00
08/01/2020Razer For MissouriRelax PAC$500.00
08/01/2020Pollitt For House Of RepresentativesBuild St Louis PAC$700.00
08/01/2020Conservative Leadership of the OzarksGreat Outdoors PAC$2,500.00
08/01/2020Conservative Leadership of the OzarksExpand Missouri PAC$3,500.00
08/01/2020Missouri Club for Growth Political Action CommitteeGrow Missouri$10,000.00
08/01/2020No on 2 in AugustPelopidas, LLC$5,400.00
08/01/2020Heartland Action PACCrestwood Square Associates$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 07/31/2020

07/31/2020LaDonna Appelbaum For MissouriProfessional Firefighters of North St. Louis County PAC$500.00
07/31/2020Terry Cole for Scott County CommissionerONE THIRTY NINE GROUP INC$500.00
07/31/2020Citizens for Colby Murphyhouse victory commitee$1,000.00
07/31/2020Committee To Elect Cindy Berne 2020HOUSE VICTORY COMMITTEE$1,000.00
07/31/2020Sharp for HouseVirginia Davis$1,000.00
07/31/2020Holden for MissouriMOSFA PAC Inc$1,000.00
07/31/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriKathleen Miceli$2,650.00
07/31/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriSEIU Local 1 Missouri Division PAC$2,500.00
07/31/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriPiper Scholfield$2,150.00
07/31/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMissouri AFL-CIO COPE$1,300.00
07/31/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriAshley Kemper$1,000.00
07/31/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJoseph Falk$1,000.00
07/31/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriTahnee Jackson$1,000.00
07/31/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMary Linna Woods$500.00
07/31/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMarshall Abney$500.00
07/31/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriRockwood Labor Club$500.00
07/31/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriAshleigh Johnson$500.00
07/31/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriD MATTHEW EDWARDS$500.00
07/31/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJANE SCHWEITZER$500.00
07/31/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriSam Hamra$500.00
07/31/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriKelly Simon$500.00
07/31/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriSue McGraugh$500.00
07/31/2020Fitzpatrick For MissouriGary Grewe$650.00
07/31/2020Fitzpatrick For MissouriRQC PAC$2,650.00
07/31/2020Fitzpatrick For MissouriWarren K. Erdman$500.00
07/31/2020Fitzpatrick For MissouriMissouri Dental PAC$500.00
07/31/2020Fitzpatrick For MissouriJORGEN SCHLEMEIER$500.00
07/31/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMike Kehoe$500.00
07/31/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeProfessional Firefighters and Paramedics of Franklin County PAC$2,500.00
07/31/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeCitizens for Good Government PAC$2,500.00
07/31/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeProfessional Firefighters of Tri-County PAC$2,500.00
07/31/2020Friends Of Nick SchroerKCFOP PAC$1,000.00
07/31/2020Friends Of Nick SchroerSt Louis County Police Officers Assoc PAC$1,000.00
07/31/2020Friends Of Nick SchroerBuild St Louis PAC$700.00
07/31/2020Friends Of Nick SchroerA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
07/31/2020Friends Of Steve HelmsBNSF Railway Company RAILPAC$1,000.00
07/31/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerDarryl Piggee$500.00
07/31/2020Friends of Trish GunbyHOUSE VICTORY COMMITTEE$1,000.00
07/31/2020Friends Of Rick BrattinGreat Outdoors PAC$2,000.00
07/31/2020Friends Of Rick BrattinPlaczek Winget & Placzek$2,500.00
07/31/2020Bondon For MissouriCatalyst PAC$1,000.00
07/31/2020Bondon For MissouriMissouri Cattleman's Association PAC$1,000.00
07/31/2020Beck For MissouriMissouri State Council of Machinists PAC$500.00
07/31/2020Elad Gross For MissouriDarian Wigfall$1,000.00
07/31/2020Elad Gross For MissouriCharles Purnell$2,000.00
07/31/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanMary Steward$1,000.00
07/31/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanDiana Beckman$1,000.00
07/31/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanStephen Bezdek$1,000.00
07/31/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanJohn Gianoulakis$500.00
07/31/2020Friends of Jeffrey Boyd3300 S Kingshighway$500.00
07/31/2020Friends of Jeffrey BoydJohn Schicker$500.00
07/31/2020Schmitt For MissouriTimothy Trout$1,000.00
07/31/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigGary Gwewe$2,500.00
07/31/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisDAVID DOBBS$2,600.00
07/31/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisSteve Smith$1,000.00
07/31/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisMary Steward$1,000.00
07/31/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisWilliam McMahon$500.00
07/31/2020Friends for Rusty MacLachlanJACK STACK$1,500.00
07/31/2020Missourians For Cody SmithCerner PAC MO-Federal Committee$1,000.00
07/31/2020Mighty Missouri PACUnited Healthcare Services Inc$2,500.00
07/31/2020Citizens for Vicki Lorenz EnglundU.A.W. Region 5 Midwest States Political Action Committee$2,650.00
07/31/2020Alex Lange STLU.A.W. Region 5 Midwest States Political Action Committee$2,600.00
07/31/2020Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurHCA-Political Action Committee Industry Advancement Fund$2,500.00
07/31/2020Lavender For State SenateGreater Kansas City Building & Construction Trades Council$500.00
07/31/2020Roberts For St LouisEdward Dowd$500.00
07/31/2020Canady for MissouriThe Collective Political Action Committee$2,650.00
07/31/2020Citizens For Elaine GannonInternational Union of Elevator Constructors Local No 3 PAC$500.00
07/31/2020Citizens For Tishaura O JonesCommerce Bancshares Inc. PAC$1,500.00
07/31/2020Citizens For Tishaura O JonesScott Intagliata$1,000.00
07/31/2020Finneran for MissouriRick Shang$500.00
07/31/2020Finneran for MissouriJennifer Lynch$2,650.00
07/31/2020No on 2 in AugustSCOTT FITZPATRICK$3,060.00
07/31/2020Committee To Elect Paula BrownMissouri State Council of Firefighters PAC$500.00
07/31/2020CL PACRichard McIntosh$5,000.00
07/31/2020Rogers for ProgressFirefighters State Council$2,046.00
07/31/2020MoCannTrade PACHeya LLC$1,000.00
07/31/2020Expand MissouriMissouri Independent Bankers Assoc. PAC$2,500.00
07/31/2020Friends of KimbrowMOSFA PAC INC.$1,000.00
07/31/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comDonald Rone III$1,000.00
07/31/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comDONALD RONE$2,000.00
07/31/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comMike Rone$1,000.00
07/31/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comBarry Richardson Sr$500.00
07/31/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comMissouri Dermatological Society$500.00
07/31/2020KarlaEslingerForSenate.comVallie Hoerning$500.00
07/31/2020Mike Moon For MissouriJohn Cozad$1,000.00
07/31/2020Mike Moon For MissouriPreston Knapp$500.00
07/31/2020Parson For MissouriMichael Walden$2,650.00
07/31/2020Parson For MissouriChasitie Walden$2,650.00
07/31/2020Parson For MissouriJoseph Stewart Jr$2,298.99
07/31/2020Parson For MissouriKathleen Stewart$2,650.00
07/31/2020Parson For MissouriSteven Rasche$1,000.00
07/31/2020Parson For MissouriSherrie Burgess$2,650.00
07/31/2020Parson For MissouriLindsay Burgess$2,650.00
07/31/2020Parson For MissouriKENNETH BURGESS$2,650.00
07/31/2020Parson For MissouriJerrit Burgess$2,650.00
07/31/2020Parson For MissouriLisa Block$2,650.00
07/31/2020Parson For MissouriKenneth Block$2,650.00
07/31/2020Emerson's Missouri Responsible Government FundThe Emerson Electric Co. PAC$1,100.00
07/31/2020Committee to Elect James P. "Jimmy" NashSidney Johnson$500.00
07/31/2020Jean Peters Baker For ProsecutorMichael Ketchmark$5,000.00
07/31/2020Friends Of JusticeChris Masters$500.00
07/31/2020Committee To Elect David EvansPhysician Anesthesia Care PAC$2,046.00
07/31/2020Committee to Elect Stephen KorteStacey Bibb$650.00
07/31/2020Citizens For Nathan TateA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
07/31/2020Citizens For Nathan TateMo TRUCK PAC$1,000.00
07/31/2020Citizens For Brad HudsonCatalyst PAC$1,000.00
07/31/2020KC Neighbors for ProgressT Mobile USA Inc$500.00
07/31/2020KC Neighbors for ProgressMissouri Senior PAC$5,000.00
07/31/2020Ozark Mountain Leadership PACLaw Office of Mark A. Webb, LLC$500.00
07/31/2020Ozark Mountain Leadership PACCole Bradbury$500.00
07/31/2020Razer For MissouriNexus PAC$1,500.00
07/31/2020Razer For MissouriEnterprise Holdings Inc PAC$1,000.00
07/31/2020Razer For MissouriMissouri State Council of Fire Fighters PAC$1,000.00
07/31/2020Razer For MissouriHCA PAC$1,000.00
07/31/2020Razer For MissouriMissouri Dermatological Society$500.00
07/31/2020Razer For MissouriCommerce Bancshares Inc. PAC$500.00
07/31/2020Razer For MissouriCerner PAC MO$500.00
07/31/2020Citizens For PalmJAMES CLAYBORNE$750.00
07/31/2020Forte' For Jackson County Sheriff CommitteeKatheryn Sheilds$850.00
07/31/2020Committee to Elect Scott McAdamsBranson Premiere Property Management, LLC$500.00
07/31/2020Committee to Elect Scott McAdamsPreferred Properties of Branson LLC$500.00
07/31/2020Citizens for Sheriff HarrellJay Davidson$500.00
07/31/2020Change STL PACPierce Powers Jr$1,000.00
07/31/2020Voters for Good GovernmentTaxpayer in Support of Public Education$5,000.00
07/31/2020Freedom IncorporatedJCDC Truman Political Action Committee$6,000.00
07/31/2020Believe in Life and Liberty - BILL PACInvenergy Transmission LLC$10,000.00
07/31/2020Page PACMilan Patel$2,500.00
07/31/2020Page PACN-Power$2,500.00
07/31/2020Florissant Township Open Democratic ClubElectrical Workers Voluntary Political Fund$1,000.00
07/31/2020Brattin Brigade PACRichard McIntosh$5,000.00
07/31/2020Brattin Brigade PACBILL PAC$25,000.00
07/31/2020Brattin Brigade PACOld Drum Conservative PAC$10,000.00
07/31/2020Table Rock Conservative PACRichard McIntosh$5,000.00
07/31/2020Table Rock Conservative PACBILL PAC$25,000.00
07/31/2020Freedom IncorporatedJackson County Democratic Committee TPAC$6,000.00
07/31/2020No on 2 in AugustPelopidas, LLC$6,300.00
07/31/2020Missourians for HealthcareThe Washington University$50,000.00
07/31/2020Missourians for HealthcareMissouri Hospital Association$15,530.86
07/31/2020Justice for All PACVoters for Good Government$27,000.00
07/31/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncUnited Healthcare Services Inc$10,000.00
07/31/2020American Property Casualty Insurance Association Political AccountAmerican Property Casualty Insurance Association$102,789.00

Contribution Date: 07/30/2020

07/30/2020Committee to Elect Karen Cunningham for AssessorDonnie Cunningham$1,400.00
07/30/2020LaDonna Appelbaum For MissouriUnited Autoworkers PAC$500.00
07/30/2020Committee to Elect Caroline MooreCommittee to Elect Caroline Moore$800.00
07/30/2020Sharp for HouseRenee Honeycutt$1,425.00
07/30/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriRobert Clark$2,650.00
07/30/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriCarol Rossfeld$2,650.00
07/30/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriKelly Layton$2,650.00
07/30/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriPatricia Brasher$2,650.00
07/30/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriRichard Sullivan$2,650.00
07/30/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriRoger Johnson$1,300.00
07/30/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriE. Hamilton Callison$1,000.00
07/30/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJohn Hulston$500.00
07/30/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriGarrett White$500.00
07/30/2020Committee to Elect Bishop DavidsonDAVID CORT$1,038.73
07/30/2020Missouri Democratic State CommitteeDemocratic Governors Association Missouri$25,500.00
07/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeDubart Neidert$500.00
07/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeEdward Storey$1,000.00
07/30/2020Missourians for Sporting PursuitsMighty Missouri PAC$3,300.00
07/30/2020Committee to Elect Tyler WheelerJames Chinn Trucking$500.00
07/30/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerCatherine Coates$500.00
07/30/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerAllison Hawk$500.00
07/30/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerJermaine Whooten$1,000.00
07/30/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerBobby Bailey$1,000.00
07/30/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerLorenzo Hester$1,000.00
07/30/2020Friends Of Rick BrattinOld Drum Conservative PAC$1,500.00
07/30/2020Friends Of Rick BrattinTheodore D. Barnes,Attorney at Law$2,500.00
07/30/2020Bondon For MissouriJim Hebenstreit$2,500.00
07/30/2020Bondon For MissouriTaxpayers Unlimited$2,059.00
07/30/2020Bondon For MissouriMissouri State Council of Firefighters PAC$1,000.00
07/30/2020David Lenihan for Senate.comRuss Klenet$500.00
07/30/2020Beck For MissouriBond Staffing Solutions, LLC$500.00
07/30/2020Beck For MissouriAll American Painting Company, LLC$500.00
07/30/2020Beck For MissouriUnited Union of Roofers Waterproofers and Allied Trades Political Education & Legislative Fund$1,000.00
07/30/2020Beck For MissouriGreg Rhomberg$500.00
07/30/2020Beck For MissouriEric Kirberg$500.00
07/30/2020Beck For MissouriWilliam Vierling$1,000.00
07/30/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanDaniel McCuaig$1,000.00
07/30/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanRichard Woolf$500.00
07/30/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanFrancis Intagliata$500.00
07/30/2020Friends of Jeffrey BoydMilos$500.00
07/30/2020Friends of Jeffrey BoydCitizens To Elect Jeffrey L Boyd$20,000.00
07/30/2020Citizens For WiemannAmerican Family PAC$1,000.00
07/30/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigLarry Hart$1,000.00
07/30/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigDarin Kassebaum$1,000.00
07/30/2020Friends of Michael BurtonDiane Burton$500.00
07/30/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisKristen Hogan$2,600.00
07/30/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisAmy Francois$2,600.00
07/30/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisTodd Schnuck$2,600.00
07/30/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisJohn Poppell$1,500.00
07/30/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisGARY PARKER$1,000.00
07/30/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisBrick Storts$500.00
07/30/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisROGER DENNY$500.00
07/30/2020Phyllis Hardwick for MissouriThe Collective PAC$1,000.00
07/30/2020Boone Countians For Fred ParryPhil Smith$1,000.00
07/30/2020Ashcroft For MissouriAT&T Missouri Employee PAC$1,150.00
07/30/2020Ashcroft For MissouriJeff Shawan$1,500.00
07/30/2020Ashcroft For MissouriJohn Cozad$1,000.00
07/30/2020Citizens for Vicki Lorenz EnglundElevator Constructors Local 3$500.00
07/30/2020Citizens for Vicki Lorenz EnglundMissouri State Council of Machinists$500.00
07/30/2020Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurAT&T Missouri Employee Political Action Commitee$1,250.00
07/30/2020Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurEnterprise Holdings, Inc. PAC$1,000.00
07/30/2020Citizens For RossDavid Palatnik$1,000.00
07/30/2020Citizens For RossKane Roth$1,000.00
07/30/2020Citizens For Elaine GannonMissouri Hospital Association$2,500.00
07/30/2020Citizens For Elaine GannonST LOUIS POLICE OFFICERS ASSOCIATION PAC$500.00
07/30/2020Citizens For Elaine GannonTaxpayers in Support of Public Education$2,500.00
07/30/2020Citizens For Elaine GannonEducators In Support of Public Education$2,500.00
07/30/2020Citizens For Elaine GannonMissouri Forest Products PAC$500.00
07/30/2020Faleti For MissouriSTEVE JOHNS$500.00
07/30/2020Faleti For MissouriSteven Player$500.00
07/30/2020Friends Of Holly RehderDr John Kendig$500.00
07/30/2020Friends Of Holly RehderJohn Cozad$1,000.00
07/30/2020Friends Of Holly RehderMOFOP PAC$500.00
07/30/2020Friends Of Holly RehderPT-PAC of Missouri$1,500.00
07/30/2020Finneran for MissouriVicki Peace$1,000.00
07/30/2020Friends Of Rob VescovoPOL PAC$2,000.00
07/30/2020Friends Of Rob VescovoMLPA Legislative Fund$1,000.00
07/30/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlTom Brouster$1,000.00
07/30/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlAndrew Love$1,000.00
07/30/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlMark Gaertner$1,000.00
07/30/2020Committee for Quality HealthcareThomas Wagstaff$1,000.00
07/30/2020Committee for Quality HealthcareRebecca Sesler$500.00
07/30/2020Committee for Quality HealthcareRobert Bonney$1,000.00
07/30/2020Good Government for MissouriMaury Poscover$500.00
07/30/2020Missourians for HealthcareMissouri Hospital Association$2,187.39
07/30/2020Ingrid Burnett For MissouriCECIL WILLIAMS$1,000.00
07/30/2020Conservative Leadership of the OzarksSDH INVESTMENTS$500.00
07/30/2020Conservative Leadership of the OzarksBetter Schools For Missouri PAC$1,500.00
07/30/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comKevin Mainord$500.00
07/30/2020KarlaEslingerForSenate.comWILLIAM McGEEHAN$2,500.00
07/30/2020KarlaEslingerForSenate.comBruce Bradley$500.00
07/30/2020KarlaEslingerForSenate.comJeff Schrag$1,000.00
07/30/2020KarlaEslingerForSenate.comTeresa McGeehan$2,500.00
07/30/2020Mike Moon For MissouriMerre Putnam$2,000.00
07/30/2020Citizens For StumpeVIRGINIA SHETLER$500.00
07/30/2020Committee to Elect Doug Rader for SheriffKENNETH BOWLING REVOCABLE TRUST$500.00
07/30/2020Devine for JudgeDrew Schauffler$500.00
07/30/2020Parson For MissouriMerlyn Vandervort$500.00
07/30/2020Parson For MissouriSally Kriegel$500.00
07/30/2020Gregory For MissouriAGC of MO Pac$500.00
07/30/2020Gregory For MissouriBUILD St. Louis PAC, Inc.$500.00
07/30/2020Citizens For EgglestonBNSF RAILPAC$500.00
07/30/2020Committee to Elect Teresa Sykes for Collector/Treasurer Livingston CountyTeresa Sykes$1,000.00
07/30/2020Chris Brown for Missouri HouseMissouri Realtors PAC$2,046.00
07/30/2020Committee to Elect Yolanda YoungNutter & Associates$500.00
07/30/2020Committee to Elect Mosher for SheriffCyndia Haggard$600.00
07/30/2020Committee to Elect Mosher for Sheriffscott buerge$600.00
07/30/2020Missouri Association of Nurse Anesthetists Political Action CommitteeMedpros, LLC$500.00
07/30/2020Missouri Association of Nurse Anesthetists Political Action CommitteeMary Kay Bader$1,000.00
07/30/2020Heavy Constructors Association Local PACJM Fahey$500.00
07/30/2020Janet Thompson for Boone CountyJan Zembles$500.00
07/30/2020Committee to Elect Nick AllisonEl Dorado Springs SUN- Newspaper$623.35
07/30/2020Committee to Elect Nick AllisonDavin Allison$700.00
07/30/2020Committee to Elect Nick AllisonNick Allison$529.00
07/30/2020Bill Kidd For MissouriAT&T Employee PAC$500.00
07/30/2020Pharmacist Political Action Committee of MissouriBryan Kiefer$500.00
07/30/2020Committee to Elect Jamie Tolliver St. Louis County ExecutiveJamie Gilley$500.00
07/30/2020PT-PAC of MissouriSSM Select Rehab St. Louis LLC$5,000.00
07/30/2020Voters for Good GovernmentBetter Schools for Missouri$1,000.00
07/30/2020Western Missouri Leadership FundSouthern Glazer's Wine and Spirits of Missouri$2,500.00
07/30/2020Western Missouri Leadership FundMaverick Consulting, LLC$5,000.00
07/30/2020South County ForwardHighlander Political Strategies, LLC$2,500.20
07/30/2020JCDC Truman PACCleaver For Congress$9,500.00
07/30/2020Justice for All PACAaron Baker$500.00
07/30/2020Six County PACDIERBERGS MARKETS INC$1,000.00
07/30/2020Six County PACHealthPAC$2,500.00
07/30/2020Table Rock Conservative PACVoters for Good Government$15,000.00
07/30/2020Missouri Democratic State CommitteeDemocratic Governors Association - Missouri$25,500.00
07/30/2020Holly PACMissouri Senate Conservatives Fund$16,750.00
07/30/2020Friends of Jeffrey BoydCitizens to Elect Jeffrey LBoyd$20,000.00
07/30/2020Eastside Forward PACMissouri Growth PAC$5,000.00
07/30/2020Page PACSteven Stogel$2,500.00
07/30/2020Page PACPatrick Murphy Jr$5,000.00
07/30/2020Page PACAnna McKelvey$5,000.00
07/30/2020Page PACCentene Management Company$20,000.00
07/30/2020No on 2 in AugustPelopidas, LLC$7,250.00
07/30/2020Southwest Missouri Conservative Values PACMissouri Senate Conservatives Fund$42,000.00
07/30/2020Six County PACKetchmark & McCreight PC$15,000.00

Contribution Date: 07/29/2020

07/29/2020Vote ShegogCivic PAC$600.00
07/29/2020MO Soybean Association State PAC (MO SoyPAC)Timothy Temples$800.00
07/29/2020MO Soybean Association State PAC (MO SoyPAC)John Klueppel$650.00
07/29/2020MO Soybean Association State PAC (MO SoyPAC)Farmer Credit Southeast Missouri$900.00
07/29/2020"Together With Schaper"Projects MO Workers PAC$1,000.00
07/29/2020"Together With Schaper"Rufkahr Limited$1,000.00
07/29/2020Sharp for HouseOlufemi Sharp$1,300.00
07/29/2020Sharp for HouseMark Sharp$1,000.00
07/29/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriRichard Katz$2,650.00
07/29/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJulie Stern$2,650.00
07/29/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriTim Stern$2,650.00
07/29/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriLinda Marks Katz$2,650.00
07/29/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDavid Kemper$2,600.00
07/29/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriChris Varvares$2,500.00
07/29/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriRobert Sheehy$500.00
07/29/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriKerry Ryan$500.00
07/29/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJohn Hulston$500.00
07/29/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDon Dagenais$500.00
07/29/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMatthew Theriac$500.00
07/29/2020Missouri Democratic State CommitteeMDP Federal Account 4$5,000.00
07/29/2020Alex Riley for State RepresentativeNexus PAC$500.00
07/29/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeTommy Williams$2,650.00
07/29/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMARY SCHRAG$1,000.00
07/29/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeLaura Kinne$1,000.00
07/29/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeJeffrey McConville$1,000.00
07/29/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeJeff Schrag$500.00
07/29/2020House Democratic Campaign CommitteeBayer US LLC$2,000.00
07/29/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncGeorge Brockman$560.00
07/29/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncStephanie Biggs$640.00
07/29/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncHank Vogt$500.00
07/29/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncEmily Laurie$510.00
07/29/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncJack Langley$610.00
07/29/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncBrian Russell$920.00
07/29/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncRobert Bell$720.00
07/29/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncAngela Mullings$510.00
07/29/2020St Louis Labor Council AFL-CIO Project 2000Electrical Workers$500.00
07/29/2020Dolan for MissouriUAW Region 5 Midwest States PAC$2,000.00
07/29/2020Rizzo For MissouriHealth Care Leadership Committee$500.00
07/29/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerReginald Johnson$500.00
07/29/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerGail Gaskin$500.00
07/29/2020Friends of Trish GunbyHealth Care Leadership Committee$500.00
07/29/2020Ashley Aune for MissouriUAW Region 5 Midwest States PAC (MO)$2,000.00
07/29/2020Friends Of Rick BrattinWoody Cozad$1,000.00
07/29/2020Bondon For MissouriSouthern Missouri Conservative Fund$2,500.00
07/29/2020Bondon For MissouriEnterprise Holdings Inc PAC$1,059.00
07/29/2020Bondon For MissouriHAC-PAC$1,000.00
07/29/2020Bondon For MissouriMissouri Dermatological Society$500.00
07/29/2020Bondon For MissouriGreat Outdoors PAC$1,000.00
07/29/2020Bondon For MissouriMissouri Pork PAC$1,000.00
07/29/2020Bondon For MissouriCerner PAC MO$500.00
07/29/2020Beck For MissouriMHA Political Action Committee$1,500.00
07/29/2020Beck For MissouriGreat Outdoors PAC$1,000.00
07/29/2020Beck For MissouriSteven Groves$500.00
07/29/2020Plocher For MissouriLarry Hart$500.00
07/29/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanAmalgamated Transit Union Local 1287$1,500.00
07/29/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanRobin And Dan Wald$1,000.00
07/29/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanMARK MORELAND$500.00
07/29/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanJonathan Rose$500.00
07/29/2020Friends of Jeffrey BoydAmos Harris$1,000.00
07/29/2020Schmitt For MissouriCatherine Sanders$2,650.00
07/29/2020Schmitt For MissouriDonald Sanders$2,650.00
07/29/2020Schmitt For MissouriBeau Reinberg$1,000.00
07/29/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigPHYSICIAN LED ANESTHESIA CARE PAC$2,559.00
07/29/2020Citizens for PhiferUAW Region 5 Midwest States PAC$2,000.00
07/29/2020Friends of John C RussellJared Commercial Real Estate LLC$1,000.00
07/29/2020Friends of John C RussellMAA Company LLC$2,000.00
07/29/2020Friends of John C RussellWilliam Killian$1,000.00
07/29/2020Friends of John C RussellCASPER WYNN$1,000.00
07/29/2020Friends of John C RussellLarry Childress$1,000.00
07/29/2020Southern Missouri Conservative FundARDA$750.00
07/29/2020Missourians For Cody SmithMAFP Political Action Committee$1,000.00
07/29/2020Citizens for Vicki Lorenz EnglundJason Holmes$500.00
07/29/2020Citizens for Vicki Lorenz EnglundTruman Allen$500.00
07/29/2020Lavender For State SenateAmy Gunn$500.00
07/29/2020Lavender For State SenateSheri McCann$500.00
07/29/2020Lavender For State SenateElectrical Workers Voluntary Political$1,000.00
07/29/2020Lavender For State SenateCharles Nester$500.00
07/29/2020Lavender For State SenateMajority Forward$2,500.00
07/29/2020Citizens For RossJ & J Ventures Gaming of MO$1,000.00
07/29/2020Citizens For RossRelax PAC$500.00
07/29/2020Citizens For RossNexus PAC$500.00
07/29/2020Citizens For Elaine GannonNexus PAC$1,000.00
07/29/2020Faleti For MissouriPatrick O'Basuyi$2,650.00
07/29/2020Faleti For MissouriPaul Matz$500.00
07/29/2020Faleti For MissouriLynn Chipperfield$500.00
07/29/2020Hill For MissouriRichard Hodapp$500.00
07/29/2020Page For MissouriChris McKee$1,000.00
07/29/2020No on 2 in AugustPelopidas, LLC$5,000.00
07/29/2020Committee To Elect Paula BrownPattonville Professional Firefighters$500.00
07/29/2020Committee To Elect Paula BrownUnited Transportation Union Political Action Committee (UTU-PAC)$500.00
07/29/2020Friends Of Alan GreenHeartland PAC$1,600.00
07/29/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlSchlichter, Bogard & Denton$2,500.00
07/29/2020Citizens for Megan ThompsonUAW Region 5$2,500.00
07/29/2020Taxpayers in Support of Public EducationMissouri State Teachers Association Legislative$2,500.00
07/29/2020Committee for Quality HealthcareWilliam Gilbirds II$500.00
07/29/2020Rogers for ProgressBeth Noble$500.00
07/29/2020Voters for Patty LewisMissouri Architects Political Action Committee$500.00
07/29/2020Friends For Travis FitzwaterCharter Communications Inc MO PAC$1,046.00
07/29/2020Women For Justice PACSt. Louis Building Trades PAC$1,000.00
07/29/2020Committee To Elect John BlackPHYSICIAN LED ANESTHESIA CARE PAC$500.00
07/29/2020Mike Moon For MissouriTheodore D. Barnes,Attorney at Law$1,250.00
07/29/2020Mike Moon For MissouriJason Haymes$1,000.00
07/29/2020Mike Moon For MissouriJohn Beckett$500.00
07/29/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanCommerce Bankshares PAC$500.00
07/29/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanDaniel Drury$1,000.00
07/29/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanRick Crites$500.00
07/29/2020Citizens For StumpeHarvey Tettlebaum$500.00
07/29/2020Citizens For StumpeMissouri Growth PAC$1,500.00
07/29/2020Citizens For StumpeReese Thompson$500.00
07/29/2020Citizens For StumpeMANDA RILEY$500.00
07/29/2020Citizens For StumpeCLYDE LEAR$1,000.00
07/29/2020Parson For MissouriGene Wilson$2,150.00
07/29/2020Parson For MissouriMichael Trueblood$500.00
07/29/2020Parson For MissouriLinda Moen$500.00
07/29/2020Parson For MissouriRobert Melson$2,650.00
07/29/2020Parson For MissouriJohn Cozad$1,000.00
07/29/2020Parson For MissouriMartha Boswell$2,650.00
07/29/2020The Committee to Elect James ShackelfordUAW Region 5 Midwest States PAC$2,000.00
07/29/2020Lincoln PACMedPay$1,000.00
07/29/2020Webb For House RepMilton Duckworth$1,000.00
07/29/2020North Missouri Leadership PACMark and Peggy Simpson$500.00
07/29/2020Committee to Elect Neal BarnesIRONWORKERS LOCAL 10$1,000.00
07/29/2020Truth in CampaignsEntertainment Software Association$1,000.00
07/29/2020Committee To Elect Jon Carpentermissouri state uaw pac$4,000.00
07/29/2020Railsback for MissouriGregory Sharpe$500.00
07/29/2020Keep Government AccountableST LOUIS MAILERS UNION NO 3 CWA LOCAL 14620$500.00
07/29/2020Keep Government AccountablePALADIN ENERGY STRATEGIES LLC$5,000.00
07/29/2020Catalyst PACLarry Ohern$3,000.00
07/29/2020Citizens to Re-Elect Sheriff Steve CoxJackie Woodworth$500.00
07/29/2020Razer For MissouriMissouri Architects PAC$750.00
07/29/2020Razer For MissouriMissouri Beer Wholesalers Association PAC$750.00
07/29/2020Committee to Elect Harry OttoDubert J Neidert$500.00
07/29/2020Committee To Elect Bob BromleyMissouri Trucking Association$500.00
07/29/2020Friends For Al SkalickyAlbert Skalicky$1,148.63
07/29/2020Committee to Elect Cathy RinehartJohn Ferguson$1,000.00
07/29/2020Conservative Leadership of the OzarksBetter Schools for Missouri$1,500.00
07/29/2020Conservative Leadership of the OzarksSDH INVESTMENTS$500.00
07/29/2020Conservative Leadership of the OzarksDavid Montgomery$1,250.00
07/29/2020Conservative Leadership of the OzarksEric Montgomery$1,250.00
07/29/2020Ecumenical Leadership Council of MO Political Action CommitteeHEARTLAND ACTION PAC$9,700.00
07/29/2020Missouri Right to Life Political Action CommitteeGlenn Rolf$899.70
07/29/2020MO Pork-PACHam Hill Farms$500.00
07/29/2020MO Pork-PACGibbs Technology$2,000.00
07/29/2020MO Pork-PACPassion for Pigs$900.00
07/29/2020MO Pork-PACWiechman Pig Co$500.00
07/29/2020Change STL PACRed Oaks Resorts LLC$2,600.00
07/29/2020Change STL PACThe Light Bulb Express Inc$2,600.00
07/29/2020Change STL PACMike Owens$3,000.00
07/29/2020Change STL PACChase McKeague$5,000.00
07/29/2020Change STL PACChris Garlich$5,000.00
07/29/2020Change STL PACJohn Garlich$5,000.00
07/29/2020Women For Justice PACIron Workers Local #396 Voluntary Fund$5,000.00
07/29/2020Women For Justice PACRockwood Labor Club$1,500.00
07/29/2020Voters for Good GovernmentKetchmark & McCreight, P.C.$15,000.00
07/29/2020Missouri Justice & Public Safety PACGeorge Soros$116,000.00
07/29/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisMARK MANTOVANI$50,000.00
07/29/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerEddie Randle and Sons$10,000.00
07/29/2020Holly PACOld Drum Conservatives PAC$2,500.00
07/29/2020Justice for All PACOld Drum Conservatives PAC$1,000.00
07/29/2020Missourians for HealthcareNorth Fund$205,000.00
07/29/2020Missourians for HealthcareThe Fairness Project$50,000.00
07/29/2020Justice for All PACNorth Missouri Leadership PAC$8,000.00
07/29/2020Page PACWinton Policy Group, LLC$2,000.00
07/29/2020Page PACSara Weaver$1,500.00
07/29/2020Page PACTomislav Zigo$500.00
07/29/2020Page PACKevin Gunn$1,000.00
07/29/2020Page PACIron Workers Local 396 Voluntary Fund$10,000.00
07/29/2020Page PACMichael Neidorff$6,000.00
07/29/2020Page PACIron Workers Local No. 396 Voluntary Fund$10,000.00
07/29/2020Teamsters 245 PAFDRIVE Committee$10,000.00
07/29/2020Southwest Missouri Conservative Values PACMissouri Forward PAC$60,000.00
07/29/2020Ecumenical Leadership Council of MO Political Action CommitteeJake Zimmerman for County Executive$9,700.00
07/29/2020Uniting Missouri PACEvergy Metro Inc$25,000.00
07/29/2020Uniting Missouri PACSteven L Trulaske Sr$25,000.00

Contribution Date: 07/28/2020

07/28/2020Citizens to Elect Kurtis GregoryNexus PAC$500.00
07/28/2020Cotton Walker For JudgeEmily Fretwell Renn$500.00
07/28/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriPatricia 'Pat' Rich$1,000.00
07/28/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriThe Benson Law Firm, LLC$1,000.00
07/28/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMissouri Black Political Forum$1,000.00
07/28/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJackie Martin$1,000.00
07/28/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriWilliam Turner$1,000.00
07/28/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriGretchen Myers$1,000.00
07/28/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJohn Lussky$500.00
07/28/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriElaine Bridges$500.00
07/28/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJeanne Roberts$500.00
07/28/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriAerospace Lodge 837 IAMAW PAC State$500.00
07/28/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriTruman Allen$500.00
07/28/2020Citizens to Elect Mike PersonAGC of MO Pac$500.00
07/28/2020Citizens to Elect Mike PersonUAW Region 5 Midwest States PAC$500.00
07/28/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeSt. Louis Polce Officers Assoc.$2,650.00
07/28/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeKCFOP Poltical Action Committee$2,500.00
07/28/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMissouri State Troopers Assoc$1,000.00
07/28/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeRebecca Welsh$2,650.00
07/28/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeEdward Welsh$2,650.00
07/28/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeShawn Schukar$1,000.00
07/28/2020Citizens For Cheri Toalson ReischPaul Scheetz$750.00
07/28/2020Friends to Elect Brent JohnsonChandria Johnson$625.00
07/28/2020Matthew Thornhill for JudgeColeen Bailey$1,000.00
07/28/2020Matthew Thornhill for JudgeANTHONY LINSON$500.00
07/28/2020Matthew Thornhill for JudgeGlen Gammill$500.00
07/28/2020Rizzo For MissouriRelax PAC$500.00
07/28/2020Rizzo For MissouriHUB Employees PAC$500.00
07/28/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerMilla Jovovich$5,000.00
07/28/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerMara Brock Akil$1,000.00
07/28/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerAnthony Armenise$500.00
07/28/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerCaron Veazey$500.00
07/28/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerAnna Moller$500.00
07/28/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerChris Davis$500.00
07/28/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerMary Bills$500.00
07/28/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerShamika Madison$1,000.00
07/28/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerDavid Goldberg$500.00
07/28/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerJodi Letterman$500.00
07/28/2020Bondon For MissouriChuck Cuda$1,000.00
07/28/2020Bondon For MissouriLiving Well PAC$1,000.00
07/28/2020Bondon For MissouriGus Wetzel$500.00
07/28/2020Bondon For MissouriMissouri First$1,000.00
07/28/2020Bondon For MissouriLarry Malcom$1,000.00
07/28/2020Beck For MissouriKevin Gunn$500.00
07/28/2020Plocher For MissouriSt. Louis County Police Association PAC$500.00
07/28/2020Plocher For MissouriEnterprise Holdings PAC$1,046.00
07/28/2020Better Schools for MissouriPeter F. Herschend$1,000.00
07/28/2020Dottie Bailey For MissouriCheyenne International LLC$500.00
07/28/2020Dottie Bailey For MissouriMHA PAC for Health$500.00
07/28/2020Committee to Elect Brad Daniels for SheriffTim Connell$500.00
07/28/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanMO ASSOCIATION OF NURSE ANESTHETISTS PAC$1,500.00
07/28/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanSean Elsbernd$500.00
07/28/2020Friends of Jeffrey BoydBates Utility$500.00
07/28/2020Friends of Jeffrey BoydSkylink Wireless$1,000.00
07/28/2020Friends of Jeffrey BoydLouis Tallarini$1,000.00
07/28/2020Friends of Jeffrey BoydSpire Poltical Action Committee$500.00
07/28/2020Committee To Elect Keri IngleCharter Communications PAC$1,046.00
07/28/2020Baker For MissouriBruce Odle$500.00
07/28/2020Baker For MissouriUnited Transportation Union PAC$500.00
07/28/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigDafna Revah$1,000.00
07/28/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigSt. Louis Police Officer's Assoc PAC$500.00
07/28/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigHoffmann Brothers$1,000.00
07/28/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigRobert Keller$1,000.00
07/28/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigMo TRUCK PAC$1,000.00
07/28/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigWilliam Scharf$1,500.00
07/28/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigEnterprise Holdings PAC$1,559.00
07/28/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigFire Service Alliance$500.00
07/28/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigBNSF Railway Company Rail PAC Missouri$2,500.00
07/28/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigMo AC & Mechanical Contractors PAC$1,000.00
07/28/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigAir Comfort Service, Inc.$1,000.00
07/28/2020Ashcroft For MissouriV Wieneke$1,000.00
07/28/2020Ashcroft For MissouriP Wieneke$1,500.00
07/28/2020Ashcroft For MissouriJonathan Gathman$1,000.00
07/28/2020Ashcroft For MissouriHUSCH BLACKWELL$2,650.00
07/28/2020Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurKevin Westrope$1,000.00
07/28/2020Lavender For State SenateGary Burger$500.00
07/28/2020Lavender For State SenateGretchen Myers$1,000.00
07/28/2020Lavender For State SenateDan Godar$1,000.00
07/28/2020Friends Of Rusty BlackCheyenne International LLC$500.00
07/28/2020Friends Of Rusty BlackAGC of MO Pac$500.00
07/28/2020Friends Of Rusty BlackLiving Well PAC$500.00
07/28/2020Friends Of Rusty BlackMO Acte PAC$500.00
07/28/2020Roberts For St LouisAngela Gualdoni$500.00
07/28/2020Roberts For St LouisWilliam Hediger$515.00
07/28/2020Roberts For St LouisDafna Revah$1,000.00
07/28/2020Canady for MissouriKevin Gunn$500.00
07/28/2020Citizens For Elaine GannonMissouri AFL-CIO Committee on Political Education$2,000.00
07/28/2020Faleti For MissouriKATHERYN SHIELDS$1,000.00
07/28/2020Faleti For MissouriCrawford County Democratic Central Committee$500.00
07/28/2020Faleti For MissouriAwanatu Koroma$500.00
07/28/2020Committee to Elect Jean PrettoU.A.W. REGION 5 MIDWEST STATES PAC MO$2,000.00
07/28/2020Citizens For MurphyEnterprise Holdings PAC$500.00
07/28/2020Finneran for MissouriSam Hamra$500.00
07/28/2020No on 2 in AugustCornerstone1791$105,985.00
07/28/2020Friends Of Phil ChristofanelliEnterprise Holdings PAC$500.00
07/28/2020Committee To Elect Paula BrownAmalgamated Transit Union Local 1287$1,000.00
07/28/2020Majority ForwardNexus PAC$5,000.00
07/28/2020Citizens To Elect Bruce DegrootJohnson & Johnson PAc$750.00
07/28/2020Citizens To Elect Bruce DegrootEnterprise Holdings PAC$2,046.00
07/28/2020Citizens To Elect Bruce DegrootAMERICAN FAMILY INSURANCE MISSOURI PAC$1,000.00
07/28/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlTerence Niehoff$500.00
07/28/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlDennis Mertz$500.00
07/28/2020Good Government for MissouriKenneth Kranzberg$1,000.00
07/28/2020Citizens for Ron CopelandRonald Inman$500.00
07/28/2020Conservative Leadership of the OzarksDavid Montgomery$1,250.00
07/28/2020Conservative Leadership of the OzarksErik Montgomery$1,250.00
07/28/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comCarolyn Medlin$500.00
07/28/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comJames Bernard II$1,000.00
07/28/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comCoppage Farm Service$1,000.00
07/28/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comReid Farms$1,000.00
07/28/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comGreat Outdoors PAC$1,000.00
07/28/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comBetter Schools for MO School Admin PAC$2,500.00
07/28/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comMissouri Cattlemens Assn PAC$1,500.00
07/28/2020KarlaEslingerForSenate.comMissouri Patient Advocacy Council PAC$2,500.00
07/28/2020Mike Moon For MissouriJordan Schrandt$1,000.00
07/28/2020Mike Moon For MissouriDoug Schrandt$2,500.00
07/28/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanShannon Davis$1,000.00
07/28/2020Citizens For StumpeThomas Robbins$500.00
07/28/2020Citizens For StumpeRichard McIntosh$1,000.00
07/28/2020Parson For MissouriElise Trulaske$2,650.00
07/28/2020Friends Of Sara WalshPaul Scheetz$750.00
07/28/2020Chris Brown for Missouri HouseKCFOP PAC$2,500.00
07/28/2020Committee to Elect Jamie Burger HD # 148Burleson Heating and Air, LLC$500.00
07/28/2020Friends Of JusticeJack Spooner$500.00
07/28/2020Friends Of JusticeMissourians for Effective Leadership PAC$1,000.00
07/28/2020Friends Of JusticePhysician Led Anesthesia PAC$500.00
07/28/2020Henderson For MissouriMissouri Forest Products PAC$500.00
07/28/2020Committee To Elect HouxBNSF Railway Company RailPAC MO$500.00
07/28/2020Committee To Elect HouxCharter Communication Inc. MO PAC$1,046.00
07/28/2020Committee To Elect HouxWGP PAC$750.00
07/28/2020Bill Kidd For MissouriCharter Communications MO PAC$1,046.00
07/28/2020Bill Kidd For MissouriMo TRUCK PAC$500.00
07/28/2020Frank S DeVenuto Committee to ElectFrank DeVenuto$2,700.00
07/28/2020Haffner For MissouriMO Corn Growers$750.00
07/28/2020Citizens For MitchellTodd Wright$500.00
07/28/2020Citizens For MitchellFred Husted$500.00
07/28/2020Vote for MihalevichEd Storey$500.00
07/28/2020Committee to Elect Cathy RinehartJane Rinehart$1,500.00
07/28/2020Committee to Elect Tim McCoy, SheriffGinger McCoy$700.32
07/28/2020American Dream PACFord Motor Company Civic Action Fund - MO$2,500.00
07/28/2020American Dream PACAnheuser-Busch Companies$5,000.00
07/28/2020American Dream PACDavid Mason + Associates$1,000.00
07/28/2020American Dream PACPlocher Construction Co$2,000.00
07/28/2020American Dream PACFirst State Bancshares Inc.$500.00
07/28/2020CL PACRichard McIntosh$5,000.00
07/28/2020No on 2 in AugustCORNERSTONE 1791$105,985.00
07/28/2020Heartland Action PACMartin Green$1,500.00
07/28/2020Western Missouri Leadership FundTI Carnegie Village, LLC$750.00
07/28/2020Western Missouri Leadership FundCarnegie Village Rehabilitation & Health Care Center$750.00
07/28/2020Western Missouri Leadership FundLincoln PAC$2,500.00
07/28/2020Democratic Governors Association - MissouriDemocratic Governors Association (non-corporate)$40,000.00
07/28/2020KC Neighbors for ProgressCRAFT BEER COMPANY$500.00
07/28/2020Southwest Missouri Conservative Values PACRudolph Farber$2,500.00
07/28/2020MO Drive FundIBT Drive Committee$320,000.00
07/28/2020American Dream PACSieve Contractors Inc.$10,000.00
07/28/2020Missouri Senate Conservatives FundKetchmark & McCreight PC$55,000.00
07/28/2020Holly PACKetchmark & McCreight PC$15,000.00
07/28/2020Justice for All PACVoters for Good Government$20,000.00
07/28/2020Patriot PACCL PAC$5,600.00
07/28/2020Travis Smith for Representative.comTravis Smith$10,000.00
07/28/2020Western Missouri Leadership FundThe Madison PAC$39,000.00
07/28/2020Heartland Action PACEdward Monser$10,000.00
07/28/2020Conservative Leadership of the OzarksWestern Anesthesiology Associates Inc$1,000.00
07/28/2020Conservative Leadership of the OzarksCBH Services$3,035.00
07/28/2020No on 2 in AugustPelopidas, LLC$5,580.00
07/28/2020No on 2 in AugustCorner Stone 1791$105,985.00
07/28/2020UAW Region 5 Midwest States Political Action Committee (PAC) (MO)UAW Region 4 Exchange Account$6,000.00
07/28/2020417 PACOzark Gateway Leadership PAC$10,000.00
07/28/2020Local 610 Political Action Committee FundIBT Drive Committee$10,000.00
07/28/2020Missourians for a Responsible BudgetAmerican Federation of Children$10,000.00
07/28/2020Southwest Missouri Conservative Values PACMISSOURI SOYBEAN ASSOCIATION$7,500.00

Contribution Date: 07/27/2020

07/27/2020Friends Of Peggy McGaughAGCMO$500.00
07/27/2020Friends Of Peggy McGaughCheyenne International$500.00
07/27/2020Friends Of Peggy McGaughMissouri First$500.00
07/27/2020Friends Of Peggy McGaughA BETTER MISSOURI$500.00
07/27/2020Naral Pro-Choice Missouri PACNARAL Pro-Choice Missouri$3,455.00
07/27/2020MO Soybean Association State PAC (MO SoyPAC)Jason Mayer$650.00
07/27/2020MO Soybean Association State PAC (MO SoyPAC)NATIONAL BIODIESEL BOARD$1,000.00
07/27/2020Citizens For Theresa SchmittUAW Region 4 Midwest States Political Action Committee- MO$500.00
07/27/2020Committee To Elect Cindy Berne 2020UAW Region 4 Midwest States PAC$2,000.00
07/27/2020"Together With Schaper"Rockwood Labor Club$1,000.00
07/27/2020Missouri A/C and Mechanical ContractorsHoffmann Brothers$4,900.00
07/27/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriTom and Becky Minogue$1,000.00
07/27/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriSonya Bahar$1,000.00
07/27/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriGerry Greiman and Susan Carlson$1,000.00
07/27/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMarcia Weber$750.00
07/27/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriAlice Leeper$700.00
07/27/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriNancie Hawke$500.00
07/27/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriChris Lingle$500.00
07/27/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriSandra/Gary Hopkins$500.00
07/27/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJoseph And Sandra Lehrer$500.00
07/27/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDeborah Dolgin$500.00
07/27/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriRobert & Prue Johnson$500.00
07/27/2020Committee to Elect Edward McFowlandEDWARD MCFOWLAND$2,000.00
07/27/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMissouri Energy Development Assoc.$2,650.00
07/27/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeScott Carter$1,000.00
07/27/2020Sharpe For RepMo TRUCK PAC$500.00
07/27/2020North County Alive PACRoy Pfautch$5,000.00
07/27/2020Kiehne For MissouriUAW Region 4 Midwest States PAC$500.00
07/27/2020MissouriValuesBrian Elsesser$500.00
07/27/2020Citizens for Bridget Walsh MooreJason Holmes$1,000.00
07/27/2020Citizens for Bridget Walsh MooreUAW Region 4 Midwest States PAC$500.00
07/27/2020Friends to Elect Brent JohnsonBARBARA JOHNSON$1,000.00
07/27/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerJaren Merrell$1,000.00
07/27/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerDuane Martin$500.00
07/27/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerAllison Gay$500.00
07/27/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerHeidi DeCoux$500.00
07/27/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerJason Flom$5,000.00
07/27/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerCameron Storay$500.00
07/27/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerSusan Sarandon$500.00
07/27/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerDeneen Lee$500.00
07/27/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerSusan Talve$500.00
07/27/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerRachael Chevalier$500.00
07/27/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerColleen Loftus$500.00
07/27/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerHeather Miller$500.00
07/27/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerLorenz Redlefsen$500.00
07/27/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerMeagan Nye$500.00
07/27/2020Friends of Trish GunbyUAW Region 5$2,000.00
07/27/2020Friends of Trish GunbyB Michael Korte$500.00
07/27/2020Supporters of Health Research and TreatmentsHENDERSON FOR MISSOURI$604.00
07/27/2020Dirk Deaton For MissouriMissouri Growth PAC$1,000.00
07/27/2020Friends Of Rick BrattinFreedoms Promise PAC$2,550.00
07/27/2020Friends Of Rick BrattinMO Alliance for Freedom Grace River PAC$2,500.00
07/27/2020Friends Of Rick BrattinAmerican Democracy Alliance Ridgely PAC$2,500.00
07/27/2020Friends Of Rick BrattinMike Town$2,500.00
07/27/2020Friends Of Rick BrattinLilah Town$2,500.00
07/27/2020Friends Of Rick Brattinjosiah and chelsea town$4,700.00
07/27/2020Friends Of Rick BrattinJane Thomas$2,400.00
07/27/2020Bondon For MissouriMissouri Forward PAC$2,559.00
07/27/2020Bondon For MissouriMissouri Growth PAC$2,500.00
07/27/2020Bondon For MissouriConservative Leaders of Missouri LLC$2,500.00
07/27/2020Bondon For MissouriMissouri Architects PAC$1,000.00
07/27/2020Bondon For MissouriMissouri Beer Wholesalers Association$1,000.00
07/27/2020Bondon For MissouriSamantha Davis$500.00
07/27/2020Bondon For MissouriMike Keith$500.00
07/27/2020Beck For MissouriJames Jim Brennan$500.00
07/27/2020Better Schools for MissouriSGC Foodservice$1,500.00
07/27/2020Committee to Elect Brad Daniels for SheriffLarry Schmitt$500.00
07/27/2020Committee to Elect Brad Daniels for SheriffJames Kilroy$500.00
07/27/2020Committee to Elect Brad Daniels for SheriffSteve Creedon$500.00
07/27/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanDiana Baumohl$1,300.00
07/27/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanCary Mogerman$500.00
07/27/2020Citizens for PhiferB Michael Korte$500.00
07/27/2020Friends of John C RussellSam Coryell$1,500.00
07/27/2020Friends for Rusty MacLachlanDoug Howell$1,000.00
07/27/2020Nexus PACMcCormack Baron Salazar, Inc.$750.00
07/27/2020Lavender For State SenateCarol Matschiner$500.00
07/27/2020Lavender For State SenateDeanna Ronchetti$500.00
07/27/2020Lavender For State SenateRockwood Labor Club$500.00
07/27/2020Lavender For State SenateB Michael Korte$900.00
07/27/2020Friends Of Hannah KellyMissouri Forest Products Association$1,500.00
07/27/2020Citizens For RossMissouri Forest Products PAC$1,000.00
07/27/2020Citizens For RossMissouri Cattlemens Association PAC$1,500.00
07/27/2020Citizens for Rasheen AldridgeUAW Region 4 Midwest States Political Action Committee$500.00
07/27/2020Citizens For Elaine GannonXcaliber MO PAC$500.00
07/27/2020Citizens For Elaine GannonPHYSICIAN LED ANESTHESIA CARE PAC$1,000.00
07/27/2020Citizens For Elaine GannonSoutheast Missouri Building Trades Council$750.00
07/27/2020Faleti For MissouriMissouri SMART TD PAC$1,000.00
07/27/2020Faleti For MissouriMarsha Brady$500.00
07/27/2020Faleti For MissouriPaul Miller$500.00
07/27/2020MO Chamber PACAnheuser-Busch Companies$1,500.00
07/27/2020Majority ForwardDealers Interested in Government$1,000.00
07/27/2020Majority ForwardHealthPAC$5,000.00
07/27/2020Friends Of Rob VescovoMissouri Concrete Association PAC$1,000.00
07/27/2020Friends Of Rob VescovoStrategic Compliance Solutions LLC$500.00
07/27/2020Friends Of Rob VescovoMO Criminal Defense Lawyers PAC$1,000.00
07/27/2020Friends Of Rob VescovoMissouri Organization of Defense Lawyers PAC$2,000.00
07/27/2020Friends Of Rob VescovoMissouri Association of Municipal Utilities$1,000.00
07/27/2020Friends Of Rob VescovoBuild St Louis PAC INC$1,500.00
07/27/2020Old Drum Conservative PACMissouri Growth PAC$2,500.00
07/27/2020Old Drum Conservative PACMissouri CPA PAC$1,000.00
07/27/2020Old Drum Conservative PACBUILD St. Louis PAC Inc.$500.00
07/27/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlJim Monafo$1,000.00
07/27/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlAndrew Krueger$500.00
07/27/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlBeau Brauer$600.00
07/27/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlRoy Pfautch$2,650.00
07/27/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlAndrew Wegman$500.00
07/27/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlHamilton Callison$1,500.00
07/27/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlAndrew Foley$5,000.00
07/27/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlTimothy McGowan$2,000.00
07/27/2020Patrons Of Jeff PorterMo TRUCK PAC$500.00
07/27/2020Patrons Of Jeff PorterHealthPAC$1,000.00
07/27/2020Friends of Gwen ReedHEARTLAND ACTION PAC$1,000.00
07/27/2020Friends Of Jeff ShawanAudrey McIntosh$2,500.00
07/27/2020Friends Of Jeff ShawanRichard McIntosh$2,500.00
07/27/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comBlake Gerard$1,000.00
07/27/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comMissouri Ambulatory Surgery Center Assn PAC$500.00
07/27/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comPhysicians Led Anesthesia Care PAC$2,500.00
07/27/2020KarlaEslingerForSenate.comKenneth Joplin$896.29
07/27/2020KarlaEslingerForSenate.comGARY FRAKER$500.00
07/27/2020Friends Of Erica HoffmanUAW Region 4 Midwest States PAC$500.00
07/27/2020Mike Moon For MissouriAudrey McIntosh$2,500.00
07/27/2020Mike Moon For MissouriRichard McIntosh$2,500.00
07/27/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanLathrop Gage Consulting PAC$1,000.00
07/27/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanFrank Robinson$500.00
07/27/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanMissouri Growth PAC$2,500.00
07/27/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanXcaliber MO PAC$500.00
07/27/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanBeer Wholesalers Assoc PAC$750.00
07/27/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanWilliam Kapp$1,000.00
07/27/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanAndrew Moore$600.00
07/27/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanHUB Employees PAC$500.00
07/27/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanRelax PAC$500.00
07/27/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanCape Girardeau Fire Fighters PAC$1,000.00
07/27/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanMOFOP PAC$500.00
07/27/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanSt Louis Police Officers Assoc PAC$500.00
07/27/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanHallmark MO PAC$1,000.00
07/27/2020Parson For MissouriKevin Thomas$500.00
07/27/2020Parson For MissouriMICHAEL JOSEPH$500.00
07/27/2020Parson For MissouriShirley Davis$500.00
07/27/2020Parson For MissouriJennifer Carr$500.00
07/27/2020Parson For MissouriFrank Burch$500.00
07/27/2020Parson For MissouriFord Motor Company Civic Action Fund MO$2,500.00
07/27/2020Friends of Christine Hyman for MissouriUAW$500.00
07/27/2020Webb For House RepUAW Region 4 Midwest States PAC$500.00
07/27/2020Sarah Unsicker For State RepresentativeMissouri Hospital Association PAC for Health$500.00
07/27/2020Wright For MissouriMO DSV PAC$1,000.00
07/27/2020Wright For MissouriMissouri Dental PAC$1,000.00
07/27/2020Wright For MissouriBNSF Railway Company RailPAC Missouri$1,000.00
07/27/2020Wright For MissouriTeamsters Local 688 PAC$1,000.00
07/27/2020Wright For MissouriBuild StL PAC$700.00
07/27/2020Wright For MissouriA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
07/27/2020Wright For MissouriSTEPHEN GREEN$500.00
07/27/2020Wright For MissouriMo TRUCK PAC$500.00
07/27/2020Wright For MissouriMissouri Architects PAC$500.00
07/27/2020Wright For MissouriSteelworkers USW Local 169G PAC$500.00
07/27/2020Wright For MissouriJohn Bohn$500.00
07/27/2020Wright For MissouriShamrock PAC$500.00
07/27/2020Citizens For GriesheimerMissouri Political Action Committee For Health (HEALTHPAC)$1,000.00
07/27/2020Morrison For SheriffThe Marking Bunch$742.25
07/27/2020Missouri Energy Development Association Political Action CommitteeCitizens To Elect Mike Kehoe$2,600.00
07/27/2020Citizens For Donna BaringerAGC of MO Pac$500.00
07/27/2020Citizens For Donna BaringerCheyenne International PAC$500.00
07/27/2020Citizens For Brad HudsonAGC of MO Pac$500.00
07/27/2020Rick Walter for SheriffSEMO BUILDING TRADES$500.00
07/27/2020Committee to Elect Nick AllisonNick Allison$500.00
07/27/2020Tracy Grundy for MissouriUAW Region 4 Midwest States PAC$500.00
07/27/2020Friends Of Wayne WallingfordMissouri Dental PAC$1,000.00
07/27/2020Friends Of Wayne WallingfordALLEN MOSS$500.00
07/27/2020Friends Of Wayne Wallingfordse missouri building trades council$750.00
07/27/2020Friends Of Wayne WallingfordGary Rust$500.00
07/27/2020Friends Of Wayne WallingfordPlumbers & Pipefitters Local 562 Political Education Fund$500.00
07/27/2020Razer For MissouriBNSF Railway Company RAILPAC$500.00
07/27/2020Razer For MissouriSite Improvement Association of MO-PAC$500.00
07/27/2020Razer For MissouriMissouri Corn Growers Association State PAC$500.00
07/27/2020John Mitchell for Texas CountyJohn Mitchell$992.66
07/27/2020Haffner For MissouriCatalyst PAC$500.00
07/27/2020Citizens For MitchellMissouri Forest Products Association$500.00
07/27/2020Committee to Elect Tim McCoy, SheriffTom Hampton$500.00
07/27/2020Citizens for MacLaughlinBrad MacLaughlin$582.38
07/27/2020Committee to Re-Elect Michael Hall SheriffMichael Hall$1,847.59
07/27/2020South County ForwardUnited Food and Commercial Workers International Union AFL-CIO CLC$1,000.00
07/27/2020Limited Government PACBrattin Brigade PAC$2,500.00
07/27/2020Believe in Life and Liberty - BILL PACMissouri American Water Employee PAC$500.00
07/27/2020Believe in Life and Liberty - BILL PACCheyenne International$2,000.00
07/27/2020Believe in Life and Liberty - BILL PACShamrock PAC$2,000.00
07/27/2020Believe in Life and Liberty - BILL PACSouthern Glazer's Wine and Spirit, LLC$2,000.00
07/27/2020Believe in Life and Liberty - BILL PACXcaliber International LTD LLC$2,500.00
07/27/2020Believe in Life and Liberty - BILL PACThe Madison PAC$3,500.00
07/27/2020Believe in Life and Liberty - BILL PACCody Computer Services, Inc$2,500.00
07/27/2020Women For Justice PACHeat And Frost Insulators And Allied Workers Political Fund Account No. 1$500.00
07/27/2020Team Robert PACMissouri Growth PAC$2,500.00
07/27/2020No on 2 in AugustCORNERSTONE 1791$132,704.00
07/27/2020Southwest Missouri Conservative Values PACEnterprise Holding Inc. PAC$2,500.00
07/27/2020Paul Berry III for St. Louis CountyPaul Berry III for St. Louis County Executive$12,000.00
07/27/2020No on 2 in AugustCorner Stone 1791$132,704.00
07/27/2020Heartland Action PACTom Milum$12,000.00
07/27/2020Missourians for HealthcareCerner Corporation$25,000.00
07/27/2020Holly PACWestern Anesthesiology Associates, Inc.$2,500.00
07/27/2020Supporters of Health Research and TreatmentsGeorge Paz$25,000.00
07/27/2020Page PACMark Goode$500.00
07/27/2020Paulus for Positive Change 2020Stephen Paulus$6,446.25
07/27/2020MissouriValuesScott Intagliata$3,363.00
07/27/2020Committee for Economic LibertyDonald Bedell$10,000.00
07/27/2020#NorthCountyExcellenceCarpenters Help in the Political Process (CHIPP)$10,000.00
07/27/2020Nexus PACNexus Group$10,000.00
07/27/2020Conservative Leadership for Southeast MissouriMISSOURI SOYBEAN ASSOCIATION$10,000.00
07/27/2020Todd Smith for JudgeTODD SMITH$15,000.00
07/27/2020MO Society of Anesthesiologists Political Action CommitteeWestern Anesthesiology Associates, Inc.$14,000.00
07/27/2020Physician Led Anesthesia Care PACWestern Anesthesiology Associates, Inc.$10,000.00
07/27/2020No on 2 in AugustPelopidas, LLC$15,150.00
07/27/2020Teamsters Local 600 Drive PACDRIVE Committee$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 07/26/2020

07/26/2020Committee To Elect Cindy Berne 2020Robert Frahm$500.00
07/26/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJennifer Haro$1,000.00
07/26/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriReggie Govan$500.00
07/26/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriPaul Hmiel$500.00
07/26/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerAbe Adewale$500.00
07/26/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerThompson Coburn LLP$1,000.00
07/26/2020Beck For MissouriBNSF Railway Company RAILPAC Missouri Federal Committee$500.00
07/26/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanJennifer Haro$500.00
07/26/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisJennifer Negwer$2,600.00
07/26/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisJohn Lemkemeier$500.00
07/26/2020Lavender For State SenateTruth In Campaigns$1,000.00
07/26/2020Faleti For MissouriKathleen Goodman$500.00
07/26/2020Finneran for MissouriKim Freter$500.00
07/26/2020Page For MissouriJames Faul$500.00
07/26/2020Megan Green for St. LouisMICHAEL BENNETT$500.00
07/26/2020Good Government for MissouriJeff Sparks$500.00
07/26/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comJacob Garrett$750.00
07/26/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanTerri Tomlin$1,000.00
07/26/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanLyle Randolph$500.00
07/26/2020Committee To Elect Becky RuthMo TRUCK PAC$1,500.00
07/26/2020Friends Of JusticeAustin Tinsley$1,000.00
07/26/2020Friends Of JusticeConservative Citizens Coalition$1,000.00

Contribution Date: 07/25/2020

07/25/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriEvans Witt$1,000.00
07/25/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriSusan Mlynarczyk$500.00
07/25/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJames Elliott$500.00
07/25/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriSteven Saeger$500.00
07/25/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJames Caccamo$500.00
07/25/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriAnthony Angel$500.00
07/25/2020Matthew Thornhill for JudgePat Coyne$2,600.00
07/25/2020Friends For FrancisMissouri Realtors PAC$1,000.00
07/25/2020Friends For FrancisMSA State PAC$500.00
07/25/2020Friends For FrancisCredit Union Political Action Committee$750.00
07/25/2020Friends For FrancisMissouri American Water$500.00
07/25/2020Friends For FrancisSPIRE POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTE$1,000.00
07/25/2020Friends Of Rick BrattinRussell OLaughlin$2,000.00
07/25/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisLynn McKeague$2,600.00
07/25/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisJohn Kemper$1,100.00
07/25/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisPat McAtee$500.00
07/25/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisJOHN MCDONALD$500.00
07/25/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisPeter Bettonville$500.00
07/25/2020Phyllis Hardwick for MissouriDeborah Mann$1,000.00
07/25/2020Citizens for PhiferSheet Metal Workers Local No 36 PAC Fund$500.00
07/25/2020Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurIUPAT Political Action Together Political Committee$1,000.00
07/25/2020Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurMissouri SMART TD PAC$559.00
07/25/2020Lavender For State SenateKathryn Ellis$500.00
07/25/2020Citizens For Elaine GannonElectrical Workers Voluntary PAC$2,500.00
07/25/2020Citizens For MurphyMissouri Dental PAC$500.00
07/25/2020Citizens For MurphyBNSF Railway Company RailPAC Missouri$500.00
07/25/2020Page For MissouriElliot Korn$500.00
07/25/2020Fogle for MissouriUnited Transportation Union Political Action Committee (UTU-PAC)$500.00
07/25/2020Parson For MissouriScott Carter$650.00
07/25/2020Ryan Johnson for Cass CountyLinda Kumbar$1,000.00
07/25/2020Friends Of JusticeMissouri Senate Leadership PAC$1,000.00
07/25/2020Citizens For GriesheimerA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
07/25/2020Citizens For GriesheimerMo TRUCK PAC$500.00
07/25/2020Henderson For MissouriBNSF Company RAILPAC$1,000.00
07/25/2020Razer For MissouriMO Dental PAC$500.00
07/25/2020Razer For MissouriMissouri SMART TD PAC$500.00
07/25/2020Forte' For Jackson County Sheriff CommitteeCharles Cacioppo Jr$1,000.00
07/25/2020Committee To Elect Kris ScheperleMark Schell$1,000.00
07/25/2020Friends of Dennis Turner for CoronerDennis Turner$1,125.00
07/25/2020Committee to Elect Tim McCoy, SheriffTom Hampton$500.00
07/25/2020Committee for Economic LibertyMissouri Senate Conservatives Fund$14,250.00
07/25/2020Missouri Club for Growth Political Action CommitteeRex A. Sinquefield$100,000.00

Contribution Date: 07/24/2020

07/24/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriColin Masson$1,325.00
07/24/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriCharlotte Crumm$1,000.00
07/24/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJoan McKerrow$500.00
07/24/2020House Democratic Campaign CommitteeSPIRE MISSOURI INC$2,500.00
07/24/2020House Democratic Campaign CommitteeFriend of Martha Stevens$2,500.00
07/24/2020St Louis Labor Council AFL-CIO Project 2000BAC ADC of Eastern MO PAC Fund$1,000.00
07/24/2020Ashley Aune for MissouriMichael Burke$500.00
07/24/2020Bondon For MissouriDealers Interested in Government$1,500.00
07/24/2020Bondon For MissouriMissouri Dental PAC$559.00
07/24/2020David Lenihan for Senate.comPark & K Public Affairs LLC$1,000.00
07/24/2020David Lenihan for Senate.comAmerican Family PAC - MO$500.00
07/24/2020David Lenihan for Senate.comMBA River Heritage Region PAC$500.00
07/24/2020David Lenihan for Senate.comMBA Gateway Region PAC$500.00
07/24/2020David Lenihan for Senate.comMISSOURI ENERGY DEVELOPMENT ASSN PAC$2,000.00
07/24/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanRichard Hart$1,000.00
07/24/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigMISSOURI ACADEMY OF FAMILY PHYSICIANS PAC$500.00
07/24/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisMichael Leigh$500.00
07/24/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisCynthia Prost$500.00
07/24/2020HNTB Missouri PAC - Federal CommitteeHNTB Corporation$3,000.00
07/24/2020Friends for Rusty MacLachlanStephanie Montgomery$1,000.00
07/24/2020Committee to Elect Vicky Fish Gentry County Public Administrator, Mary Noble TreasurerJohn Richmond$500.00
07/24/2020Mighty Missouri PACEntertainment Software Association$500.00
07/24/2020Ashcroft For MissouriBeau Brauer$2,650.00
07/24/2020Lavender For State SenateUnited Union of Roofers$500.00
07/24/2020Lavender For State SenateUnited Transportation Union$1,000.00
07/24/2020Lavender For State SenateMandel & Mandel L.L.P.$1,000.00
07/24/2020Lavender For State SenateMissouri State Council of Machinist$500.00
07/24/2020Lavender For State SenateChristopher Kelly$500.00
07/24/2020Lavender For State SenateAnna Conn Forder$500.00
07/24/2020Lavender For State SenateBEVERLY WHITE$500.00
07/24/2020Lavender For State SenateSharalyn Saks$500.00
07/24/2020Faleti For MissouriAbe Adewale$1,000.00
07/24/2020Faleti For MissouriKellie Hynes$500.00
07/24/2020Citizens For MurphySupporters of Health Research and Treatments$500.00
07/24/2020Citizens For Tishaura O JonesStephen Symsack$1,000.00
07/24/2020Citizens For Tishaura O JonesCharles Hatfield$750.00
07/24/2020Citizens For Tishaura O JonesWilliam Burns$500.00
07/24/2020Citizens For Tishaura O JonesLouis Boyd$500.00
07/24/2020Finneran for MissouriTodd Richheimer$500.00
07/24/2020Friends Of Phil ChristofanelliPHYSICIAN LED ANESTHESIA CARE PAC$500.00
07/24/2020Friends Of Phil ChristofanelliBNSF Railway Company RailPAC Missouri$1,000.00
07/24/2020Friends Of Phil ChristofanelliMissouri Criminal Defense Lawyers PAC$500.00
07/24/2020Friends Of Phil ChristofanelliMissouri Organization of Defense Lawyers PAC$500.00
07/24/2020Friends Of Phil ChristofanelliShelter Insurance MO State PAC$500.00
07/24/2020Fogle for MissouriTeamsters Local Union 600 Drive Political Action Committee$2,000.00
07/24/2020Fogle for MissouriTeamsters 245 PAF$1,500.00
07/24/2020Committee To Elect Paula BrownUAW Region 5 Midwest States Political Action Committee (PAC) (MO)$1,000.00
07/24/2020Citizens To Elect Doug RicheyDealers Interested in Government$1,000.00
07/24/2020Missourians for HealthcareAmerican Cancer Society Cancer Action Network Inc$19,359.68
07/24/2020Missourians for HealthcareHannibal Regional Healthcare System$1,691.00
07/24/2020Missourians for HealthcareMO Coalition for Community Behavioral Healthcare$50,000.00
07/24/2020KarlaEslingerForSenate.comMO Acte PAC$500.00
07/24/2020KarlaEslingerForSenate.comHallmark Missouri PAC$1,000.00
07/24/2020KarlaEslingerForSenate.comJo Hubner$2,000.00
07/24/2020KarlaEslingerForSenate.comShamrock PAC$1,000.00
07/24/2020KarlaEslingerForSenate.comMissouri Beer Wholesalers Association$750.00
07/24/2020KarlaEslingerForSenate.comCourtney Beykirch$500.00
07/24/2020KarlaEslingerForSenate.comDiana Pace$500.00
07/24/2020Mike Moon For MissouriMidwest Construction$1,000.00
07/24/2020Mike Moon For MissouriLinda Reutzel$500.00
07/24/2020Citizens For StumpeROGER DENNY$500.00
07/24/2020Chris Brown for Missouri HousePhysician Led Anasthesia Care PAC$500.00
07/24/2020MO Opportunity PACBNSF Railway Company$5,000.00
07/24/2020Ryan Johnson for Cass CountyDaniel Pfeifer$500.00
07/24/2020Ozark Gateway Leadership PACSt. Louis County Police Association PAC$500.00
07/24/2020Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilMissourians for Effective Leadership PAC$1,000.00
07/24/2020Citizens to Re-Elect Drury Sheriff, Doug Dirnberger TreasurerDoris Ressel$500.00
07/24/2020Citizens to Re-Elect Drury Sheriff, Doug Dirnberger TreasurerDavid Russell$2,500.00
07/24/2020Sander for MissouriChris Hankins$500.00
07/24/2020SteveWest4MissouriSteve West$1,500.00
07/24/2020Razer For MissouriDealers Interested in Government$1,000.00
07/24/2020Associated Industries of Missouri Political Action CommitteeAnheuser-Busch Companies$1,000.00
07/24/2020Rudy Veit For State RepresentativeMO Assoc of Criminal Defense Lawyers PAC$500.00
07/24/2020Friends of Dennis Turner for CoronerDennis Turner$1,425.00
07/24/2020Campaign to Re-Elect Gary W. Hicks Phelps County CommissionerCampaign to Re-Elect Gary W Hicks Phelps County Commissioner$500.00
07/24/2020Table Rock Conservative PACJohn Brunner$4,500.00
07/24/2020Franklin County Leadership PACSAINT LOUIS COUNTY POLICE ASSOCIATION PAC$1,500.00
07/24/2020Women For Justice PACSt. Louis Building Trades PAC$1,000.00
07/24/2020Women For Justice PACIBEW Local 4$1,500.00
07/24/2020Women For Justice PACPlumbers & Pipefitters Local 562 Political Education Fund$2,000.00
07/24/2020Women For Justice PACSheet Metal Workers Local No 36 Voluntary Political Fund$4,000.00
07/24/2020HealthPACLori Wightman$500.00
07/24/2020Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACJohn Wyatt$500.00
07/24/2020Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACHoward Puterman$500.00
07/24/2020Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACSean Devlin$500.00
07/24/2020Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACKEVIN BASS$500.00
07/24/2020Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMatthew Brady$714.29
07/24/2020Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACTHOMAS WALLING$500.00
07/24/2020Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACTHOMAS BERUTTI$500.00
07/24/2020Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMichelle Kay$500.00
07/24/2020Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACCHRISTOPHER SENICA$555.56
07/24/2020Missourians for HealthcareMissouri Coalition for Community Behavioral Healthcare$50,000.00
07/24/2020Van Kelly For MissouriVAN KELLY$10,000.00
07/24/2020No on 2 in AugustPelopidas, LLC$34,225.39
07/24/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comJason Bean$20,000.00
07/24/2020Page PACSeneca CRE LLC$10,000.00
07/24/2020Missourians for HealthcareAmerican Cancer Society Cancer Action Network Inc.$19,359.68
07/24/2020Holly PACMissouri Senate Conservatives Fund$30,000.00
07/24/2020Missourians for HealthcareMissouri Hospital Association$14,041.50
07/24/2020Missourians for HealthcarePioneer Outdoor LLC$10,588.08
07/24/2020Missourians for HealthcareMissouri Coalition for Commuity Behavioral Healthcare$50,000.00
07/24/2020Change STL PACJeffrey Cook$10,000.00
07/24/2020Justice for All PACVoters for Good Government$20,000.00
07/24/2020MO Opportunity PACAnheuser-Busch Companies$20,000.00
07/24/2020Forte' For Jackson County Sheriff CommitteeDarryl Forte$12,500.00

Contribution Date: 07/23/2020

07/23/2020Patterson For MissouriBuild St. Louis PAC$700.00
07/23/2020Patterson For MissouriSam Panettiere$500.00
07/23/2020Patterson For MissouriRebecca Case$500.00
07/23/2020Patterson For MissouriBNSF Railway Company RAILPAC$1,500.00
07/23/2020Patterson For MissouriGregory Porter$1,000.00
07/23/2020Missouri UnitedPHYSICIAN LED ANESTHESIA CARE PAC$1,000.00
07/23/2020Friends Of Rick BrattinRichard and Audrey McIntosh$5,000.00
07/23/2020UAW Region 5 Midwest States Political Action Committee (PAC) (MO)UAW NATIONAL PAC$150,000.00
07/23/2020Jasper County Republican Central CommitteeDIANE VOLK$7,300.00
07/23/2020Citizens To Elect GrayPage PAC$2,600.00
07/23/2020Ameren Missouri Political Action CommitteeAmeren FED PAC$4,673.56
07/23/2020Mike Moon For MissouriPhilip Melugin$1,000.00
07/23/2020Committee to Elect Scott McAdamsSteve Wyrick Film Productions$10,000.00
07/23/2020Scott Evans for JudgeTimothy Evans$500.00
07/23/2020Committee to Elect Daniel RomineKathy Romine$500.00
07/23/2020Committee to Elect Daniel RomineSMART TD PAC$500.00
07/23/2020Committee to Elect Daniel RomineUnited Transportation Union PAC$1,950.00
07/23/2020Citizens For Derek GrierEdward Shaheen Jr$500.00
07/23/2020Citizens For Derek GrierA BETTER MO PAC$500.00
07/23/2020Keep Government AccountableB KLUMB$5,000.00
07/23/2020Beck For MissouriDoug Beck$1,318.48
07/23/2020Beck For MissouriDiane Beck$1,500.00
07/23/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comWm L Barry Orscheln$1,250.00
07/23/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comRobert Orscheln$1,250.00
07/23/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comMissouri Corn Growers Assn PAC$1,000.00
07/23/2020Finneran for MissouriSteve & Miriam Singer$500.00
07/23/2020Finneran for MissouriChris Schmidt$500.00
07/23/2020Finneran for MissouriRobert Ebert$500.00
07/23/2020Citizens For Crystal QuadeMissouri NEA$1,000.00
07/23/2020Citizens For Crystal QuadeAGC of MO Pac$500.00
07/23/2020Committee to Elect Keith WhitesideMark Whisnant$2,600.00
07/23/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriTHOMAS CARLSON$2,650.00
07/23/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriAnne Lowell$1,500.00
07/23/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJohn Sabourin$1,000.00
07/23/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriRichard Marx$1,000.00
07/23/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriElizabeth English$500.00
07/23/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriRichard Grant$500.00
07/23/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriSidney and Jean Johnson$500.00
07/23/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriGas Workers Local 11-6 Voluntary PAC$500.00
07/23/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriLisa Herbst$500.00
07/23/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDave Knight$500.00
07/23/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriAndrzej Krezel$500.00
07/23/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDavid Weiss$500.00
07/23/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMargaret Price$500.00
07/23/2020Citizens For WiemannCharter Communication Inc PAC$1,046.00
07/23/2020Citizens For WiemannJames Owen$1,000.00
07/23/2020Citizens For WiemannEnterprise Holdings Inc PAC$1,546.00
07/23/2020Citizens For WiemannSt. Louis County Police Association PAC$500.00
07/23/2020Citizens For WiemannConservative Leaders of Missouri LLC$2,000.00
07/23/2020Citizens For WiemannMissouri Chamber PAC$1,000.00
07/23/2020Michelle Sherod for St. LouisPadda Gurpreet$2,500.00
07/23/2020Bondon For MissouriLincoln PAC$2,500.00
07/23/2020Bondon For MissouriHallmark MO PAC$1,000.00
07/23/2020Bondon For MissouriJoe Timmons$500.00
07/23/2020Friends Of Jeff ShawanSt. Louis Co Police Asso$500.00
07/23/2020Dirk Deaton For MissouriBUILD St. Louis PAC, Inc.$700.00
07/23/2020Southland ProgressEastside Forward PAC$1,000.00
07/23/2020Southland ProgressGuardian Angels, LLC$600.00
07/23/2020Southland ProgressMark Sharp$1,000.00
07/23/2020Missourians For Cody SmithBuild St Louis PAC INC$700.00
07/23/2020Holly PACMissouri Senate Conservatives Fund$5,000.00
07/23/2020Friends of David ColeS J Davis$500.00
07/23/2020Page For MissouriShamrock PAC$1,000.00
07/23/2020Page For MissouriThomas Winter$2,000.00
07/23/2020Citizens for NanceJERRY NOLTE$500.00
07/23/2020Jeffco Vision PACARDA Resort Owners Coalition$750.00
07/23/2020Faleti For MissouriJoseph Sommers$1,000.00
07/23/2020Faleti For MissouriNathalie Pettus$500.00
07/23/2020Faleti For MissouriPaul Faleti$500.00
07/23/2020Committee to Elect Jean PrettoOakville Democratic Organization$1,000.00
07/23/2020Citizens For HoskinsAGC of MO Pac$1,000.00
07/23/2020Citizens For HoskinsMO BEV PAC$500.00
07/23/2020Citizens For HoskinsRural Telecommunications Committee Political Action Committee$500.00
07/23/2020Citizens For HoskinsShamrock PAC$1,000.00
07/23/2020Citizens For HoskinsCredit Union Political Action Commitee$1,500.00
07/23/2020Committee To Elect Robert SaulsMissouri NEA$1,000.00
07/23/2020Committee To Elect Robert SaulsMissouri First$500.00
07/23/2020Committee To Elect Robert SaulsA BETTER MISSOURI$500.00
07/23/2020Committee To Elect Robert SaulsBUILD St. Louis PAC Inc.$700.00
07/23/2020Committee To Elect Robert SaulsAGC of MO Pac$500.00
07/23/2020Committee to Elect Roger Fischer Western Dist. CommissionerJay Foster$500.00
07/23/2020Schnelting For MissouriBuild St Louis PAC$700.00
07/23/2020Schnelting For MissouriAT&T Missouri Employee PAC$500.00
07/23/2020Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurMO BEV PAC$500.00
07/23/2020Patrons Of Jeff PorterPT-PAC of Missouri$500.00
07/23/2020Patrons Of Jeff PorterMO Association of Nurse Anesthetists$500.00
07/23/2020Patrons Of Jeff PorterA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
07/23/2020Patrons Of Jeff PorterBuild St. Louis PAC Inc$700.00
07/23/2020Sierra Club Missouri Political CommitteeCHARLIE OREILLY$500.00
07/23/2020Donald B Mayhew FSRMissouri Realtors Pac, Inc.$500.00
07/23/2020KC Neighbors for ProgressARDA Resort Owners Coalition$750.00
07/23/2020Citizens for Dean VanSchoiackEvergy Power PAC - Missouri$500.00
07/23/2020Friends Of ShaulRene Creed$500.00
07/23/2020Friends Of ShaulJeffco Now$500.00
07/23/2020Friends Of ShaulDon Rone$1,000.00
07/23/2020Citizens to Elect Kurtis GregoryEvergy Power PAC$500.00
07/23/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerMegan Hull$1,000.00
07/23/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerDavid Menschel$1,000.00
07/23/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeKimberly Brinkman$1,000.00
07/23/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeBob Asahl$500.00
07/23/2020Freedom IncorporatedMissourians for Healthcare$27,301.00
07/23/2020Freedom IncorporatedLafaver and Associates LLC$1,000.00
07/23/2020Freedom IncorporatedYoung Alan$800.00
07/23/2020Freedom IncorporatedYoung Yolanda$500.00
07/23/2020Freedom IncorporatedPeters-Baker Jean$1,000.00
07/23/2020H-PACMO Majority PAC$1,500.00
07/23/2020Citizens For MorrisOzarks Body Works$500.00
07/23/2020Citizens To Elect Doug RicheyEvery Power PAC - Missouri$500.00
07/23/2020Riggs For MissouriMissouri Telecommunications Committee PAC$750.00
07/23/2020WulffForMissouri.comRudy Beck$1,000.00
07/23/2020True North PACARDA Resort Owners Coalition$750.00
07/23/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlRocco Erker$750.00
07/23/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlNancy Glynn$500.00
07/23/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlLaura Shaughnessy$1,000.00
07/23/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlCHIPP Political Account$5,000.00
07/23/2020LaDonna Appelbaum For MissouriAGC of MO Pac$500.00
07/23/2020Citizens For DoganMissouri Realtors PAC$500.00
07/23/2020The Downtown Council Political Action CommitteeStinson LLP$1,000.00
07/23/2020The Downtown Council Political Action CommitteeAndrews McMeel Universal$1,000.00
07/23/2020The Downtown Council Political Action CommitteeJE Dunn Construction$1,000.00
07/23/2020The Downtown Council Political Action CommitteeTravois$1,000.00
07/23/2020Friends Of Holly RehderLiving Well PAC$1,000.00
07/23/2020Friends Of Holly RehderLathrop Gage Consulting PAC$1,000.00
07/23/2020Friends Of Holly RehderAT&T Missouri$500.00
07/23/2020Friends Of Holly RehderDavid Glaus$1,000.00
07/23/2020Friends Of Holly RehderMissouri Beer Wholesalers Association$750.00
07/23/2020Friends Of Holly RehderJamie Ralph$500.00
07/23/2020Show Me Growth PACSt. Louis County Police Association PAC$1,000.00
07/23/2020KarlaEslingerForSenate.comMBA OZARKS REGIONAL PAC$1,000.00
07/23/2020KarlaEslingerForSenate.comHOLLY MEYER$719.70
07/23/2020Citizens For Elaine GannonWPG PAC$1,500.00
07/23/2020Sonya Murray Anderson For MissouriMike Frieze$500.00
07/23/2020Sonya Murray Anderson For MissouriJanet Ashcroft$2,000.00
07/23/2020Page PACSLC Holdings, LLC$1,000.00
07/23/2020Page PACScott Rozier$2,500.00
07/23/2020Missouri UnitedARDA Resort Owners Coalition$1,500.00
07/23/2020Washington For Senate 9Holliday Law Firm$500.00
07/23/2020Washington For Senate 9Supporters of Research and Health Treatments$2,550.00
07/23/2020Citizens For Tishaura O JonesJohnny Wang$500.00
07/23/2020Citizens For Tishaura O JonesNeal Richardson$500.00
07/23/2020Citizens For Tishaura O JonesAnton Gunn$500.00
07/23/2020Citizens For Tishaura O JonesANNE GRICE$500.00
07/23/2020Citizens For Tishaura O JonesJohn Beuerlein$2,500.00
07/23/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanWarson Garden Apartments$1,000.00
07/23/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanStuart Block$1,000.00
07/23/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanMel Brown$750.00
07/23/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanRosalyn Kling$500.00
07/23/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanJonathan Kilman$500.00
07/23/2020Baker For MissouriDoug W Burnett$500.00
07/23/2020Ashcroft For MissouriKaren Thompson$2,650.00
07/23/2020Ashcroft For MissouriLynn Thompson$1,650.00
07/23/2020Parson For MissouriBryan Cok$1,000.00
07/23/2020Parson For MissouriJohn Bender$500.00
07/23/2020HBS MO State PACThe St Louis Apartment Association$2,500.00
07/23/2020Friends Of Rob VescovoRural Telecommunications Committee PAC$1,000.00
07/23/2020Friends Of Rob VescovoMissouri Beverage PAC$500.00
07/23/2020Friends Of Rob VescovoSpire PAC$2,000.00
07/23/2020Friends Of Rob VescovoMBA Gateway Region PAC$1,000.00
07/23/2020Friends Of Rob VescovoMBA River Heritage Region PAC$1,000.00
07/23/2020Friends Of Rob VescovoWILLIAM SHOEHIGH$500.00
07/23/2020Friends Of Rob VescovoShamrock PAC$2,000.00
07/23/2020Friends Of Rob VescovoMissouri Medial PAC 1077$1,000.00
07/23/2020Friends Of Rob VescovoAGC of MO Pac$1,000.00
07/23/2020Friends for Rusty MacLachlanTitus Williams$1,000.00
07/23/2020Friends for Rusty MacLachlanSam Coryell$1,000.00
07/23/2020Missourians For ShieldsLiving Well PAC$500.00
07/23/2020Missourians For ShieldsA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
07/23/2020Missourians For ShieldsBuild St. Louis PAC$700.00
07/23/2020Missourians For ShieldsAGC of MO Pac$500.00
07/23/2020Saundra McDowell for MissouriLaura Tipton$2,000.00
07/23/2020Phyllis Hardwick for MissouriLeadership for Educational Equity$1,046.00
07/23/2020Conservative Leadership for Southeast MissouriHoggard Farms$5,000.00
07/23/2020McGirl For State RepPaul Waldt$500.00
07/23/2020McGirl For State RepFRIENDS OF TERRY BOOKER$500.00
07/23/2020Committee to Elect Martha Robertsmartha roberts$1,000.00
07/23/2020Teamsters Local Union No. 541 PACTeamsters Local Union 541$1,083.00
07/23/2020McDaniel For State RepresentativeAT&T Missouri Employee PAC$500.00
07/23/2020Southwest Missouri Conservative Values PACARDA Resort Owners Coalition$500.00
07/23/2020Relax PACGet Right Management Company$1,500.00
07/23/2020Frank S DeVenuto Committee to ElectFrank DeVenuto$3,000.00
07/23/2020Friends Of Kip KendrickBuild St Louis PAC$700.00
07/23/2020Friends Of Kip KendrickA BETTER MO PAC$500.00
07/23/2020Friends of Ruth Ann Dickerson for SheriffGlyn Ferrell$2,500.00
07/23/2020Hurlbert for MissouriEvergy Power PAC$500.00
07/23/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigMissouri Organization of Defense Lawyers PAC$500.00
07/23/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigMissouri Pork PAC$2,500.00
07/23/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigAMECPAC$1,000.00
07/23/2020Citizens For GriesheimerMissouri First$500.00
07/23/2020Citizens For GriesheimerMissouri Association of Nurse Anethetists PAC$500.00
07/23/2020Citizens For GriesheimerBUILD St. Louis PAC, Inc.$700.00
07/23/2020Citizens For GriesheimerCharter Communication Inc. MO PAC$1,046.00
07/23/2020Tri-County PACEnvironmental Consulting and operations, Inc.$3,500.00
07/23/2020Committee To Elect John BlackBUILD St Louis PAC, Inc$700.00
07/23/2020Committee To Elect John BlackLiving Well PAC$500.00
07/23/2020Hill For MissouriMissouri Organization of Defense Lawyers PAC$500.00
07/23/2020Citizens for Megan ThompsonCarey Crossley$1,000.00
07/23/2020Friends Of Nick SchroerSpirit of Missouri$1,000.00
07/23/2020Friends Of Nick SchroerIAFF Firefighters and Paramedics of St Charles and Lincoln County$500.00
07/23/2020Committee To Elect HouxKANSAS CITY REGIONAL ASSOC OF REALTORS$500.00
07/23/2020Committee To Elect HouxRural Telecommunications Committee PAC$500.00
07/23/2020Committee To Elect HouxBUILD St. Louis PAC, Inc.$500.00
07/23/2020Committee To Elect HouxAMECPAC$1,000.00
07/23/2020Jessica DeVoto For MissouriJessica DeVoto$1,000.00
07/23/2020Haffner For MissouriACG of MO PAC$500.00
07/23/2020Haffner For MissouriCheyenne Intl$500.00
07/23/2020Haffner For MissouriBuild St Louis PAC$700.00
07/23/2020Haffner For MissouriA BETTER MO PAC$500.00
07/23/2020Committee to Elect CampbellJohn Campbell$500.00
07/23/2020Rogers For MissouriBHA PAC$500.00
07/23/2020Citizens For EgglestonRural Telecommunications PAC$500.00
07/23/2020Brown's Brigade for State RepresentativeSt Charles Organization of Republicans$1,000.00
07/23/2020Fogle for MissouriPIONEER OUTDOOR, LLC$1,020.00
07/23/2020Railsback for MissouriBrotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen$500.00
07/23/2020Uniting Missouri PACRobert D. Blitz$4,000.00
07/23/2020Finneran for MissouriRich Finneran$20,000.00
07/23/2020Committee to Elect John TrenshawFairground Apartments LLC$600.00
07/23/2020MO Society of Anesthesiologists Political Action CommitteeAnesthesia Associates of Kansas City PC$5,000.00
07/23/2020Missouri Leadership Fund417 Pac$25,000.00
07/23/2020The Good Government Committee417 Pac$25,000.00
07/23/2020Site Improvement Association Of Missouri-PAC (SITE PAC)John Fabick Tractor Company$7,500.00
07/23/2020Committee to Elect Justin HeadrickJustin Headrick$500.00
07/23/2020Western Missouri Leadership FundThe Madison PAC$30,000.00
07/23/2020Page PACASAPAC MO Federal Committee$25,000.00
07/23/2020Believe in Life and Liberty - BILL PACAmerican Federation For Children$25,000.00
07/23/2020Believe in Life and Liberty - BILL PACOld Drum Conservative PAC$5,001.00
07/23/2020American Dream PACMidwest Cement Company Inc.$25,000.00
07/23/2020Citizens For Elaine GannonDENNIS AND ELAINE GANNON$22,000.00
07/23/2020UAW Region 5 Midwest States Political Action Committee (PAC) (MO)UAW V-CAP$150,000.00
07/23/2020STL JusticeJoseph Wingate Folk Society$88,000.00
07/23/2020Barry County Republican CommitteeSater for Senate$10,000.00
07/23/2020Health Care Issues Committee of the Missouri Hospital AssociationOzarks Medical Center$7,207.50
07/23/2020Sater For SenateSouthwest Missouri Conservative Values PAC$10,000.00
07/23/2020Southwest Missouri Conservative Values PACMissouri Cattlemens Association PAC$7,500.00

Contribution Date: 07/22/2020

07/22/2020Citizens for Colby MurphyUAW Region 5 Midwest States PAC$2,000.00
07/22/2020St Louis Labor Council AFL-CIO Project 2000UFCW Local 655$4,785.55
07/22/2020Committee for Quality HealthcareTimothy Van Zandt$692.85
07/22/2020Friends Of Raychel ProudieU.A.W Region 5 Midwest States PAC MO$2,000.00
07/22/2020Committee to Elect Ann ZimpferOakville Democratic Organization$1,000.00
07/22/2020Mike Moon For MissouriVirginia Becker$2,500.00
07/22/2020Mike Moon For MissouriConservatives United for MO$2,100.00
07/22/2020Mike Moon For MissouriOBrien Law Firm - PRIMARY$2,500.00
07/22/2020Mike Moon For MissouriGorny Law Firm LC$2,500.00
07/22/2020Mike Moon For MissouriPresley and Presley$2,500.00
07/22/2020Mike Moon For MissouriTIM RICE$500.00
07/22/2020Plocher For MissouriBuild St. Louis PAC$500.00
07/22/2020Kiehne For MissouriBRENDA WOEMMEL$500.00
07/22/2020Ashley Aune for MissouriDanny Bowersox$1,040.00
07/22/2020Ashley Aune for MissouriTyler Bachert$1,040.00
07/22/2020Canady for MissouriMissouri Black Political$500.00
07/22/2020Canady for MissouriMaurice Watson$500.00
07/22/2020Citizens for Ron CopelandDavid Gray$1,000.00
07/22/2020Beck For MissouriOakville Democratic Organization$1,000.00
07/22/2020Finneran for MissouriTom Lynch$500.00
07/22/2020Finneran for MissouriLenny Kagan$500.00
07/22/2020Friends Of Mary Elizabeth ColemanMADA Dealers Interested In Government$1,000.00
07/22/2020Friends Of Mary Elizabeth ColemanAGC of MO Pac$1,000.00
07/22/2020Friends Of Mary Elizabeth ColemanCheyenne International LLC$500.00
07/22/2020Lauderdale for the LakePerla Lauderdale$1,100.00
07/22/2020Lauderdale for the LakePatricia Reinwald$1,500.00
07/22/2020HUB Employees PACGet Right Management Company$3,500.00
07/22/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDAVID JOHNSON$2,650.00
07/22/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriSandra Mellinger$1,000.00
07/22/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriBarry Boothe$1,000.00
07/22/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDonald Blum$1,000.00
07/22/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriKeith W. Mason$1,000.00
07/22/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDan Godar$1,000.00
07/22/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDEAN HUBBARD$500.00
07/22/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriKathleen Bibbins$500.00
07/22/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriAnabeth Weil$500.00
07/22/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriRachel Moyer$500.00
07/22/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriAngela Standish$500.00
07/22/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriBennet Yee$500.00
07/22/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriBill Siedhoff$500.00
07/22/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriClaude Bernard$500.00
07/22/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJOHN WEIL$500.00
07/22/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMichael Shmerling$500.00
07/22/2020House Democratic Campaign CommitteeCHARLIE OREILLY$2,500.00
07/22/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisDavid Price$2,600.00
07/22/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisSpencer Burke$1,000.00
07/22/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisFritz Clifford$1,000.00
07/22/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisRichard Lahr$500.00
07/22/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisJames Whalen$500.00
07/22/2020Conservative Leadership of the OzarksBetter Schools for Missouri$5,000.00
07/22/2020Rizzo For MissouriSt Louis County Police Association PAC$500.00
07/22/2020Rizzo For MissouriConservative Leaders of Missouri$2,500.00
07/22/2020Southland ProgressKC Neighbors for Progress$1,500.00
07/22/2020Franklin County Leadership PACAT&T Employee PAC$5,000.00
07/22/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanAT&T Missouri Employee PAC$500.00
07/22/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanMMF Properties$500.00
07/22/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanSE BUILDING TRADES COUNCIL$750.00
07/22/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanGaeta Gastroenterology LLC$500.00
07/22/2020Missouri Right to Life Political Action CommitteePauline Kienath$500.00
07/22/2020Friends of David ColeMO SoyPAC$2,500.00
07/22/2020Friends of David ColeMissouri Energy Development Association$2,500.00
07/22/2020Friends of David ColePOL PAC$2,500.00
07/22/2020Page For MissouriJeff Johnston$600.00
07/22/2020Friends of Trish GunbyMissouri NEA$1,000.00
07/22/2020Faleti For MissouriGregg And Beth Lombardi$1,000.00
07/22/2020Faleti For MissouriAmy S. Cordes$1,000.00
07/22/2020Faleti For MissouriRandy Lipton$1,000.00
07/22/2020Faleti For MissouriMeghan Devereaux Baumstark$500.00
07/22/2020Faleti For MissouriGabriel Millien$500.00
07/22/2020Faleti For MissouriSean Devereaux$500.00
07/22/2020Faleti For MissouriMaurice Watson$500.00
07/22/2020Faleti For MissouriMark Merlotti$500.00
07/22/2020Faleti For MissouriMary Anne Sedey$500.00
07/22/2020Faleti For MissouriMargaret Oreilly Culver$500.00
07/22/2020Faleti For MissouriRichard Nemanick$500.00
07/22/2020Faleti For MissouriWillis Hoyt$500.00
07/22/2020Firefighters of North County PACHazelwood Firefighters Association$765.00
07/22/2020Firefighters of North County PACBlack Jack Union Firefighters Fund$2,040.00
07/22/2020ChadPerkins4MissouriDouglas Sisco$500.00
07/22/2020Fitzpatrick For MissouriAT&T Missouri Employee Political Action Committee$2,150.00
07/22/2020Fitzpatrick For MissouriHBS MO State PAC$1,000.00
07/22/2020Fitzpatrick For MissouriTerrence Dunn$500.00
07/22/2020Voters for Good GovernmentBetter Schools for Missouri$5,000.00
07/22/2020Schmitt For MissouriStephen Dunn$500.00
07/22/2020Schmitt For MissouriKaren Barton$2,650.00
07/22/2020Schmitt For MissouriLarry Potterfield$2,650.00
07/22/2020Schmitt For MissouriBrenda Potterfield$2,650.00
07/22/2020Michael L Johnson for State RepJames Tinsley$500.00
07/22/2020Mighty Missouri PACAT&T Employee PAC$5,000.00
07/22/2020MissouriValuesScott Intagliata$2,000.00
07/22/2020Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurSandra Mellinger$1,000.00
07/22/2020Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurHallmark Missouri PAC$1,000.00
07/22/2020Gregory For MissouriDealers Interested in Government$1,000.00
07/22/2020Citizens For RossMissouri Beer Wholesalers Association PAC$1,000.00
07/22/2020Citizens For RossMissouri Architects PAC$1,000.00
07/22/2020Friends Of Phil ChristofanelliMissouri Growth PAC$1,000.00
07/22/2020Committee To Elect Paula BrownTeamsters Local 600 Drive PAC$2,000.00
07/22/2020Josie Grillas for St LouisDavid Boger$1,000.00
07/22/2020Citizens to Elect Kurtis GregoryMonte Adkisson$500.00
07/22/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerHarley Brown$500.00
07/22/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerEileen Farbman$500.00
07/22/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerM. Quinn Delaney$500.00
07/22/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerMicky McKinley$500.00
07/22/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerChristopher Hinckley$500.00
07/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMBA Pony Express Region PAC$2,000.00
07/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMBA State PAC$1,500.00
07/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMBA Truman Region PAC$500.00
07/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMBA Mark Twain Region PAC$2,000.00
07/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMBA Capitol Region PAC$2,000.00
07/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMBA River Heritage Region PAC$2,000.00
07/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMissouri American Water Employees PAC$2,500.00
07/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMcGirl for State Rep$2,500.00
07/22/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeGregg Hartley$1,000.00
07/22/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeBrice Luetkemeyer$2,650.00
07/22/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeWilliam Nungesser$1,000.00
07/22/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMark Hadfield$1,500.00
07/22/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeSally Rackers$1,000.00
07/22/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoePat OMalley$1,000.00
07/22/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoePhyllis Willibrand$500.00
07/22/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeLeo Marshall$500.00
07/22/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeJay Reichard$500.00
07/22/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeBob Robuck$1,000.00
07/22/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeNexus PAC$2,650.00
07/22/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMO Cable PAC$1,150.00
07/22/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMBA River Heritage Region PAC$500.00
07/22/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMBA Pony Express Region PAC$500.00
07/22/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMBA Ozark Region PAC$500.00
07/22/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMBA Mark Twain Region PAC$500.00
07/22/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMBA State PAC$500.00
07/22/2020Lavender For State SenateRose-Lynn Sokol$500.00
07/22/2020Freedom IncorporatedGuardian Angles LLC$500.00
07/22/2020Freedom IncorporatedSharp Mark$1,000.00
07/22/2020Roberts For St LouisMissouri Energy Development Association$2,500.00
07/22/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlRobert Haar$600.00
07/22/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlSusan Knowles$600.00
07/22/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlRosenblum Schwartz & Fry$1,000.00
07/22/2020Citizens For DoganMissouri Architects PAC$500.00
07/22/2020Friends Of Steve HelmsMissouri Dental PAC$1,000.00
07/22/2020Friends Of Steve HelmsSt. Louis Area Hotel Assoc$500.00
07/22/2020Ritter for MissouriBarry Richard$500.00
07/22/2020Citizens For Elaine GannonBNSF Railway Co RAILPAC MO$1,000.00
07/22/2020Sonya Murray Anderson For MissouriSpirit of Missouri PAC$2,828.00
07/22/2020Merkel for MissouriAnita Watson$1,000.00
07/22/2020Bennie Cook for State RepresentativeH PAC$500.00
07/22/2020Page PACWestern Anesthesia Associates, Inc.$5,000.00
07/22/2020Page PACAlison Ferring$1,500.00
07/22/2020Page PACKelvin Westbrook$2,500.00
07/22/2020Page PACMichael Staenberg$1,800.00
07/22/2020Page PACAbe Adewale$1,250.00
07/22/2020Page PACNicole Adewale$1,250.00
07/22/2020South County ForwardUnited Food and Commercial Workers International Union AFL-CIO CLC$10,000.00
07/22/2020Carl Bettels for AssessorJim Hertzog$500.00
07/22/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanFernando Bermudez$1,100.00
07/22/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanRisa Zwerling$1,000.00
07/22/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanKathy Silverman$1,000.00
07/22/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanLawrence Friedman$500.00
07/22/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanGregory Patterson$500.00
07/22/2020Parson For MissouriSt Louis Area Hotel Association PAC$650.00
07/22/2020Plocher For MissouriBuild St. Louis PAC$2,000.00
07/22/2020Plocher For MissouriDealers Interested in Government$1,000.00
07/22/2020Friends for Rusty MacLachlanAngela Smith$3,534.00
07/22/2020Friends for Rusty MacLachlanMary Wynn$500.00
07/22/2020Saundra McDowell for MissouriNicholas Potter$500.00
07/22/2020Conservative Leadership for Southeast MissouriLincoln PAC$5,000.00
07/22/2020Conservative Leadership for Southeast MissouriBNSF Railway Company$5,000.00
07/22/2020Friends For Travis FitzwaterAT&T Missouri Employee Political Action Committee$650.00
07/22/2020Relax PACHUB Inc$3,500.00
07/22/2020Devine for JudgeElton Fay$500.00
07/22/2020Devine for JudgeAW Smith$2,650.00
07/22/2020Frank S DeVenuto Committee to ElectFrank DeVenuto$3,000.00
07/22/2020Committee to Elect Brad Daniels for SheriffAlexander Danner$500.00
07/22/2020Committee to Elect Brad Daniels for SheriffDavid Boone$500.00
07/22/2020Committee to Elect Tim McCoy, SheriffTom Hampton$500.00
07/22/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigAT&T Missouri$750.00
07/22/2020Citizens for David MartinDavid Martin$500.00
07/22/2020Razer For MissouriSupporters of Health Research and Treatments$1,650.00
07/22/2020Razer For MissouriMissouri Cattlemens Association PAC$1,000.00
07/22/2020Razer For MissouriHallmark Missouri PAC$1,000.00
07/22/2020Razer For MissouriMissouri Forest Products PAC$500.00
07/22/2020Alex Riley for State RepresentativeMissouri Beer Wholesalers Association PAC$500.00
07/22/2020Missouri Leadership FundARDA Resort Owners Coalition$1,000.00
07/22/2020Jim Musgraves for Boone CountyPaul Scheetz$500.00
07/22/2020Jean L Gardner Campaign AccountJean Gardner$764.40
07/22/2020Friends Of Ernie TrakasMarianne Ojile$500.00
07/22/2020Friends Of Ernie TrakasBrian Saus$500.00
07/22/2020Citizens For SimmonsAT & T Missouri Employee PAC$500.00
07/22/2020Friends of Matt WillisRandal Dent$536.07
07/22/2020Sander for MissouriSupporters of Health Research and Treatments$1,000.00
07/22/2020Team Robert PACCatalyst PAC$2,500.00
07/22/2020Lincoln PACARDA Resort Owners Coalition$1,000.00
07/22/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanKathy Swan$60,000.00
07/22/2020Page PACCentene Management Company$50,000.00
07/22/2020ASAPAC MO Federal CommitteeAmerican Society of Anesthesiologists Political Action Committee (ASA PAC)$25,000.00
07/22/2020Uniting Missouri PACAmerican Federation For Children$25,000.00
07/22/2020ColorOfChange PACColorOfChange PAC$30,000.00
07/22/2020Citizens For Elaine GannonDENNIS AND ELAINE GANNON$10,000.00
07/22/2020Missourians for HealthcareNorth Fund$19,000.00
07/22/2020Missourians for HealthcareAmerican Heart Association$22,924.13
07/22/2020IAFF FIREPAC VIC MissouriInternational Association of Fire Fighters Interested in Registration and Education PAC$20,000.00
07/22/2020Change STL PACJoseph Stieven II$5,200.00
07/22/2020South County ForwardUnited Food and Commercial Workers International Union AFL-CIO, CLC$10,000.00
07/22/2020Sander for MissouriCHRISTOPHER SANDER$7,166.67
07/22/2020HCA Missouri Good Government FundMidAmerica Division Office$50,000.00
07/22/2020UFCW Local 655 Elect ClubUFCW Local 655$5,158.80
07/22/2020Limited Government PACVoters for Good Government$15,000.00
07/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncFEAPAC of Missouri$7,500.00
07/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCheyenne International LLC$15,000.00
07/22/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncSPIRE MISSOURI INC$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 07/21/2020

07/21/2020MoCannTrade PACNew Growth Horizon$1,000.00
07/21/2020Truth in CampaignsARDA Resort Owners Coalition$1,000.00
07/21/2020Change STL PACCarpenters Help in the Political Process (CHIPP)$8,980.00
07/21/2020American Dream PACMissouri Cattlemens Association PAC$4,000.00
07/21/2020Darryl Gray for MissouriSonya Jenkins$1,000.00
07/21/2020Friends Of Raychel ProudieSheet Metal Workers Int'l Association Local Union #36 Political Education Account$500.00
07/21/2020Scott Evans for JudgeCarver & Michael$500.00
07/21/2020Hirth for JudgeFredrick John$1,500.00
07/21/2020Peter Merideth For Mo ProgressLiving Well PAC$500.00
07/21/2020Citizens for Ron CopelandPatricia Copeland$500.00
07/21/2020Beck For MissouriMachinists District #9 PAC$500.00
07/21/2020Finneran for MissouriKevin Rowe$2,650.00
07/21/2020Finneran for MissouriElizabeth Noble Revocable Trust$500.00
07/21/2020Finneran for MissouriCatherine Finneran$975.00
07/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriAnne Mcdonnell$2,650.00
07/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriHenry Van Ameringen$2,650.00
07/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriGreater KC AFL-CIO Project 2000$2,150.00
07/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriUnited Steelworkers of America Local 169-G PAC$2,000.00
07/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJohn Dubinsky$1,650.00
07/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriTeamsters Local 838$1,500.00
07/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriSheryl Harper$1,250.00
07/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJames Graham$1,000.00
07/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriKen Fichman$1,000.00
07/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriGriggs Injury Law, LLC$1,000.00
07/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriGlenn Norton$1,000.00
07/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriSimon Katz$1,000.00
07/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJim Holloran$1,000.00
07/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJanet Frane$1,000.00
07/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMike and Julie Holley$1,000.00
07/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriSamuel Koplar$1,000.00
07/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJames Schovanez$1,000.00
07/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDavid Harper$750.00
07/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriGreater Kansas City Women's Political Caucus Segregated Fund$500.00
07/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJoe Rice$500.00
07/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMarsha Taylor$500.00
07/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriNational Association of Letter Carriers Branch 343 Political Action Fund$500.00
07/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriTimothy Kniest$500.00
07/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDan Fahnestock$500.00
07/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriWill and Barbara Smith$500.00
07/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriSCOTT ROBERTS$500.00
07/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriTerry Chartrand$500.00
07/21/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriPamela Ash$500.00
07/21/2020Citizens For WiemannGM PAC Missouri$1,000.00
07/21/2020Citizens For WiemannAMECPAC$1,000.00
07/21/2020Citizens For WiemannDealers Interested in Government$2,000.00
07/21/2020Citizens For WiemannLathrop & Gage Consulting PAC$1,000.00
07/21/2020Citizens For WiemannMO CORN GROWERS ASSOCIATION STATE PAC$1,000.00
07/21/2020Eigel For MissouriLinda Reutzel$500.00
07/21/2020Citizens to Re-Elect Drury Sheriff, Doug Dirnberger TreasurerPratt Linda$700.00
07/21/2020Conservative Leadership of the OzarksTaxpayers in Support of Public Education$100,000.00
07/21/2020Conservative Leadership of the OzarksStonewall LLC$1,000.00
07/21/2020Citizens to Elect Mike PersonI.U.O.E local 513 Political & educational Fund$500.00
07/21/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanStonewall LLC$1,000.00
07/21/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanGary Rust$500.00
07/21/2020Friends of David ColeMissouri Forest Products PAC$1,000.00
07/21/2020Good Government for MissouriJohn Kalishman$1,000.00
07/21/2020Citizens to Elect David Mosley for SheriffJohn Mosley$500.00
07/21/2020Missouri Senate Campaign CommitteeCredit Union Political Action Committee$2,500.00
07/21/2020Missouri Senate Campaign CommitteeAMEC Pac$5,000.00
07/21/2020Firefighters of North County PACProfessional Firefighters of Eastern Missouri$3,500.00
07/21/2020Firefighters of North County PACBerkeley Union Firefighters Fund$1,500.00
07/21/2020Firefighters of North County PACMetro North Fire Fighters Fund$802.00
07/21/2020Firefighters of North County PACBlack Jack Union Firefighters Fund$1,080.00
07/21/2020Firefighters of North County PACDevin Marshall$810.00
07/21/2020Voters for Good GovernmentARDA Resort Owners Coalition$750.00
07/21/2020Schmitt For MissouriCredit Union Political Action Committee$1,500.00
07/21/2020Citizens for Doug ErvinOld Drum Conservative PAC$1,000.00
07/21/2020Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurHSLF of Missouri PAC$500.00
07/21/2020Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurMO Acte PAC$500.00
07/21/2020Committee To Elect Cindy Berne 2020Sheet Metal Workers$500.00
07/21/2020Sierra Club Missouri Political CommitteeJohn Feldman$500.00
07/21/2020Megan Green for St. LouisKenneth Kranzberg$500.00
07/21/2020Committee to Elect Zane McCaslinShelley Moses$674.00
07/21/2020Committee To Elect Paula BrownRFPD Union Shop Fund$500.00
07/21/2020Missourians for HealthcareHarvest Productions Inc.$780.00
07/21/2020Citizens for Dean VanSchoiackMissouri Beer Wholesalers Association PAC$500.00
07/21/2020Friends Of ShaulEdward Mullins$1,500.00
07/21/2020Friends Of ShaulDAN JONES$1,000.00
07/21/2020Friends Of ShaulMissouri Solutions$500.00
07/21/2020Manlove For MissouriThe Daiquiri Shop KC LLC$1,500.00
07/21/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerTerry Tatum$1,000.00
07/21/2020Citizen Engaged PACJOHN ELLIOTT$2,000.00
07/21/2020Citizen Engaged PACRON SCHIEBER$1,000.00
07/21/2020Citizen Engaged PACDagmar Wood$500.00
07/21/2020Lavender For State SenateAnn Konzen$500.00
07/21/2020Lavender For State SenateClaire Botnick$500.00
07/21/2020Citizens To Elect Doug RicheyLiving Well PAC$700.00
07/21/2020Roberts For St LouisPhysician Led Anesthesia PAC$1,000.00
07/21/2020Roberts For St LouisThe Benson Law Firm, LLC$500.00
07/21/2020Citizens For StumpeMARK KEMKER$500.00
07/21/2020Citizens For StumpeJeff Schnieders Construction Co.$650.00
07/21/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlHamilton Callison$1,000.00
07/21/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlJames Mabrey$600.00
07/21/2020Alex Lange STLCHIPP Political Account$2,600.00
07/21/2020Keep Missouri GreatAmerican Boiler & Mechanical$2,000.00
07/21/2020Committee to Elect Yolanda YoungMissouri NEA$1,000.00
07/21/2020Elad Gross For MissouriGina Bernstein$500.00
07/21/2020Elad Gross For MissouriCynthia Barchet$750.00
07/21/2020Friends Of Holly RehderMaverick Equity Partners LLC$1,000.00
07/21/2020Friends Of Holly RehderBNSF Railway Company RailPAC Missouri$2,000.00
07/21/2020Friends Of Holly RehderAudrey McIntosh$2,500.00
07/21/2020Friends Of Holly RehderRichard McIntosh$2,500.00
07/21/2020Sonya Murray Anderson For MissouriDarrell Proctor$5,000.00
07/21/2020Page PACSheet Metal Workers International Association Local Union No. 36$5,000.00
07/21/2020Page PACDOUGLAS BREWER$1,000.00
07/21/2020Ready By FiveDiane Kalishman$1,000.00
07/21/2020Committee To Elect Keri IngleTEAMSTERS LOCAL 245$2,000.00
07/21/2020Citizens For Tishaura O JonesWilliam Jones$500.00
07/21/2020Christopher PiattChristopher Piatt$4,000.00
07/21/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanSusan Rothschild$1,475.00
07/21/2020Baker For MissouriUnited Steelworkers Local 169G PAC$750.00
07/21/2020Citizens for Bridget Walsh MooreSheet Metal Workers Int'l Ass'n Local Union No. 36$500.00
07/21/2020Parson For MissouriDonald Howser Jr$1,650.00
07/21/2020Parson For MissouriSuzanne Howser$2,650.00
07/21/2020Parson For MissouriLuke Beaman$1,650.00
07/21/2020Parson For MissouriLeeAnn Beaman$1,060.00
07/21/2020Parson For MissouriMO Cable PAC$1,150.00
07/21/2020Citizens for Seely 2020Lisa Seely$800.00
07/21/2020Plocher For MissouriBNSF Railway Company RailPAC Missouri$1,000.00
07/21/2020Plocher For MissouriMissouri Dental PAC$1,000.00
07/21/2020Friends for Rusty MacLachlanRichard Pendleton$1,000.00
07/21/2020Phyllis Hardwick for MissouriMichele Watley$510.00
07/21/2020Committee to Elect Jimmy WilliamsJimmy Williams$2,000.00
07/21/2020Friends For Travis FitzwaterBNSF Railway Company RailPAC Missouri$1,000.00
07/21/2020McDaniel For State RepresentativeBNSF PAC$500.00
07/21/2020Eastside Forward PACMissouri First$1,000.00
07/21/2020Eastside Forward PACA Better Missouri PAC$1,500.00
07/21/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigThomas P Dunn$500.00
07/21/2020Committee to Elect Jamie Burger HD # 148BNSF Railway Company RAILPAC Moissouri Federal Committee$500.00
07/21/2020Tri-County PACMissouri Hospital Association$5,000.00
07/21/2020Lee Hilty for SheriffSHANNON COOPER$500.00
07/21/2020Razer For MissouriMO Cable PAC$500.00
07/21/2020Committee To Elect HouxAGC of MO Pac$1,000.00
07/21/2020Committee To Elect HouxCheyenne International$1,000.00
07/21/2020Committee To Elect HouxMO Criminal Defense Lawyers PAC$500.00
07/21/2020Shane Nelson for CommissionerJames Burt$500.00
07/21/2020Committee to Elect Brian LehmanMISSOURI CORN GROWERS$500.00
07/21/2020MO Chamber PACCrawford, Murphy & Tilly, Inc.$1,000.00
07/21/2020Committee to Elect Rocky SchumerRonald L Schumer$1,500.00
07/21/2020Committee to elect Tony HelmsJohn Page$1,000.00
07/21/2020Committee to Elect Doug Rader for SheriffJay Steed$2,000.00
07/21/2020MO Insurance Coalition PACNAMIC Administrative Fund$3,000.00
07/21/2020Citizens To Elect GrayIron Workers$500.00
07/21/2020St. Louis RisingPelopidas, LLC$99,583.66
07/21/2020Missouri Senate Campaign CommitteeSpire Missouri Inc.$10,000.00
07/21/2020Missouri Senate Campaign CommitteeCheyenne International LLC$10,000.00
07/21/2020Missourians for HealthcareNorth Fund$350,000.00
07/21/2020Missourians for HealthcareThe Fairness Project$150,000.00
07/21/2020Missouri Democratic State CommitteeShields For The City$10,000.00
07/21/2020No on 2 in AugustPelopidas, LLC$22,954.33
07/21/2020Patriot PACCL PAC$45,000.00
07/21/2020Brattin Brigade PACCL PAC$75,000.00
07/21/2020Conservative Citizens CoalitionARDA Resort Owners Coalition$750.00
07/21/2020A Stronger MissouriDemocratic Governors Association - Missouri$50,000.00
07/21/2020Missouri Leadership ForumSite System Landscaping$15,000.00
07/21/2020Missouri Leadership ForumT and N, Inc.$15,000.00
07/21/2020Team Robert PACJustice for All PAC$8,609.00
07/21/2020Conservative Leadership of the OzarksHoward Wood$10,000.00
07/21/2020A Better Missouri Political Action CommitteeAnheuser-Busch Cos, Inc.$75,000.00
07/21/2020Missouri FirstAltria Client Services LLC$25,000.00

Contribution Date: 07/20/2020

07/20/2020Michael Hebron - A Voice For AllSt. Louis Association of Realtors Political Action Committee$500.00
07/20/2020Citizens for VanoverRON SCHIEBER$1,000.00
07/20/2020American Dream PACCentral to Good Government PAC$5,000.00
07/20/2020American Dream PACHEALTH PAC$5,000.00
07/20/2020American Dream PACSt. Louis Area Hotel Association$1,000.00
07/20/2020American Dream PACMissouri Dental PAC$1,000.00
07/20/2020St. Louis ProgressSupporters of Health Research & Treatments$2,500.00
07/20/2020St. Louis ProgressJohn Wilbers sole prop dba john wilbers$2,500.00
07/20/2020Mike Moon For MissouriHenry Grieaedieck$1,000.00
07/20/2020Mike Moon For MissouriScott Beckwith$1,000.00
07/20/2020Mike Moon For MissouriKent Longley$1,000.00
07/20/2020Friends Of Charles GroetekeRocking J Ranch$1,000.00
07/20/2020Friends Of Wayne WallingfordMO Cable PAC$500.00
07/20/2020Friends Of Wayne WallingfordThe Rhoads Company LLC$500.00
07/20/2020Freedom's Promise PACARDA Resort Owners Coalition$1,000.00
07/20/2020Conservative Leaders of MissouriBJG Cattle Co., LLC$2,500.00
07/20/2020Conservative Leaders of MissouriBJC Cattle Co., LLC$2,500.00
07/20/2020Beck For MissouriDealers Interested in Government$500.00
07/20/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comKeenan Carlisle$500.00
07/20/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comWPG PAC$2,000.00
07/20/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comLAURA BELL$2,500.00
07/20/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comRenee Fordyce$500.00
07/20/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comJulie Lack$500.00
07/20/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comMBA River Heritage Region PAC$500.00
07/20/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comCH PARSONS JR$2,500.00
07/20/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comMark Kelley$2,500.00
07/20/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comQUINCY MURPHY$2,500.00
07/20/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comBuffy Raines$1,500.00
07/20/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comJohn Raines$1,500.00
07/20/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriIron Workers Local #396 Voluntary Fund$2,650.00
07/20/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriSamuel Wilson$1,000.00
07/20/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriGregg And Beth Lombardi$1,000.00
07/20/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJames Speiser$1,000.00
07/20/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDavid Westbrook$1,000.00
07/20/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriNeil Jaffe$1,000.00
07/20/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriSuzanne Schoomer$500.00
07/20/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriSam Meers$500.00
07/20/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriTom Burkemper$500.00
07/20/2020Eigel For MissouriSpire PAC$2,000.00
07/20/2020Eigel For MissouriDavid Gregory$1,000.00
07/20/2020Eigel For MissouriShow Me Growth PAC$2,500.00
07/20/2020Eigel For MissouriMOCANNTRADE$2,500.00
07/20/2020Eigel For MissouriJeff Walker Smith$2,500.00
07/20/2020Eigel For MissouriFreedoms Promise PAC$2,500.00
07/20/2020Eigel For MissouriThe Markel Family Trust$2,500.00
07/20/2020Eigel For MissouriRobert McCosh$2,500.00
07/20/2020Eigel For MissouriJeff E Smith$2,500.00
07/20/2020Eigel For MissouriSvetlana Aptekman$2,500.00
07/20/2020Eigel For MissouriJill Smith$2,500.00
07/20/2020Eigel For MissouriHSLF of Missouri PAC$500.00
07/20/2020Eigel For MissouriBetsy Kimes$500.00
07/20/2020Eigel For MissouriCL PAC$500.00
07/20/2020Eigel For MissouriTom Vogel Agency Inc$500.00
07/20/2020Elect Ron Huber CommitteeRaymond Gunter$500.00
07/20/2020Weber for SheriffFraternal Order of Police$2,000.00
07/20/2020Bondon For MissouriMO Energy Development Assoc. PAC$2,500.00
07/20/2020Bondon For MissouriJohnson & Johnson PAc$1,000.00
07/20/2020Friends Of Jeff ShawanMissouri Corn Growers Asso.$1,000.00
07/20/2020Citizens to Re-Elect Drury Sheriff, Doug Dirnberger TreasurerB S Farms$500.00
07/20/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisJiaMin Dierberg$2,600.00
07/20/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisJohn Bommarito$2,600.00
07/20/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisCharles Brennan$2,600.00
07/20/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisChristopher Hoffman$500.00
07/20/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisJoseph Von Kaenel$500.00
07/20/2020Change STL PACRobert Byrne Jr$4,800.00
07/20/2020Committee to Elect Brandi L. Baird Circuit JudgeBrandi Baird$4,500.00
07/20/2020Conservative Leadership of the OzarksCBH Services$2,500.00
07/20/2020Conservative Leadership of the OzarksBetter Schools for Missouri$5,000.00
07/20/2020Rizzo For MissouriMO BEV PAC$500.00
07/20/2020Southland ProgressDarryl Forte$1,500.00
07/20/2020Bob Burns For MissouriJohn F Eilerman Jr Revocable Trust$1,000.00
07/20/2020Friends of David ColeE D Mareth$2,500.00
07/20/2020Friends of David ColeJulia Mareth$2,500.00
07/20/2020Page For MissouriRobert Swarm$1,000.00
07/20/2020Page For MissouriTerry Crow$500.00
07/20/2020Friends of Trish GunbyTeamsters 245 PAF$2,000.00
07/20/2020Citizens for NanceForward Kearney$1,000.00
07/20/2020McKelvey for JudgeKaki Lang$2,429.00
07/20/2020CWA-COPE Political Contributions Federal CommitteeCommunications Workers of America- COPE PCC$6,450.00
07/20/2020Stoddard County Friends for SeymoreDon Seymore$2,700.00
07/20/2020Green for Circuit JudgeMark Kempker$2,500.00
07/20/2020Citizens for Vicki Lorenz EnglundWilliam Turner$500.00
07/20/2020Schmitt For MissouriHBS MO State PAC$1,000.00
07/20/2020Schmitt For MissouriSt. Louis County Police Association PAC$2,600.00
07/20/2020Schmitt For MissouriJoseph Blanton$500.00
07/20/2020Michael L Johnson for State RepLisa Althoff$1,000.00
07/20/2020MO Majority PAC LLCBJG CATTLE CO LLC$2,500.00
07/20/2020Missouri AG PACBJG Cattle Co.$2,500.00
07/20/2020Friends to Elect Brent JohnsonBrent Johnson$750.00
07/20/2020Friends to Elect Brent JohnsonChandria Johnson$750.00
07/20/2020Citizens For RossSt Louis Area Hotel Association PAC$500.00
07/20/2020Citizens For RossMORESPAC$500.00
07/20/2020Citizens For RossMissouri Dental PAC$1,500.00
07/20/2020Citizens For RossLincoln PAC$2,500.00
07/20/2020Citizens For RossSpire PAC$500.00
07/20/2020Friends of Steve LenivyCLAY JR FOR CONGRESS$700.00
07/20/2020KC Neighbors for ProgressMissouri Growth PAC$2,500.00
07/20/2020North Missouri Leadership PACFRIENDS OF THE 8TH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT$3,659.87
07/20/2020North Missouri Leadership PACRussell and Cindy Olaughlin$5,000.00
07/20/2020Bradley Miller for Public AdministratorCharlie Miller$500.00
07/20/2020Citizens for Dean VanSchoiackAmerican Democracy Alliance - Ridgely PAC$2,000.00
07/20/2020Citizens for Dean VanSchoiackMissouri Alliance for Freedom Grace River PAC$2,000.00
07/20/2020Friends Of ShaulCheyenne International LLC$1,000.00
07/20/2020Friends Of ShaulAGC of MO Pac$500.00
07/20/2020Friends Of ShaulCURO GROUP LLC$500.00
07/20/2020Friends Of ShaulJ & J Ventures Gaming Of MO LLC$500.00
07/20/2020Friends Of ShaulRelax PAC$500.00
07/20/2020Friends Of ShaulMissouri Senior PAC$1,500.00
07/20/2020Friends Of ShaulAT Government Strategies, LLC$500.00
07/20/2020Friends Of ShaulRiley Spence Management Company LLC$1,000.00
07/20/2020Friends Of ShaulDealers Interested in Government$500.00
07/20/2020Missouri Senior PACBJG Cattle Co., LLC$2,500.00
07/20/2020Committee to Elect Benny Earl Thomas H-124Merlyn Vandervort$500.00
07/20/2020Paulus for Positive Change 2020Stephen Paulus$1,000.00
07/20/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerReginald Johnson$600.00
07/20/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerCountess Price$500.00
07/20/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeJim Keeven$500.00
07/20/2020Lavender For State SenateAlaina Macia$1,000.00
07/20/2020Roberts For St LouisAndi Zekthi$1,500.00
07/20/2020Roberts For St LouisHBS MO State PAC$500.00
07/20/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncScott Haggerty$1,000.00
07/20/2020Riggs For MissouriLiving Well PAC$500.00
07/20/2020Paul Berry III for St. Louis CountyPaul Berry III for St. Louis County$12,000.00
07/20/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlJohn Hopkins$500.00
07/20/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlLouis Tallarini$1,000.00
07/20/2020Citizens for Good GovernmentProfessional Firefighters of TriCounty PAC$5,000.00
07/20/2020Friends Of Steve HelmsSolera Energy, LLC$500.00
07/20/2020Elad Gross For MissouriMark Hoofnagle$500.00
07/20/2020Show Me Growth PACARDA Resort Owners Coalition$1,000.00
07/20/2020Show Me Growth PACXcaliber International LTD LLC$2,500.00
07/20/2020KarlaEslingerForSenate.comConservative Leadership of the Ozarks$2,500.00
07/20/2020KarlaEslingerForSenate.comJeff Schrag$500.00
07/20/2020Ryan Johnson for Cass CountyLife, Liberty, and Property PAC$2,250.00
07/20/2020Progressives For Mary EntruptheLOUpac$2,600.00
07/20/2020Page PACKelvin Westbrook$2,500.00
07/20/2020Ready By FiveJulie Wood$5,000.00
07/20/2020Washington For Senate 9Evergy Power PAC-Missouri$2,500.00
07/20/2020Washington For Senate 9Missouri Energy Development Association$2,500.00
07/20/2020O'DonnellForMissouri.comA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
07/20/2020Citizens For Tishaura O JonesDorothy White-Coleman$500.00
07/20/2020Citizens For Tishaura O JonesSANDRA MOORE$500.00
07/20/2020Friends of Keith Dudley for SheriffPat OMalley$500.00
07/20/2020Baker For MissouriIronworkers$2,559.00
07/20/2020Ashcroft For MissouriFred Schmidt III$1,500.00
07/20/2020Ashcroft For MissouriSt. Louis Association of Realtors Pac$2,000.00
07/20/2020Citizens For MitchellMissouri Cattlemens Association PAC$500.00
07/20/2020Parson For MissouriGail Worth$1,000.00
07/20/2020Parson For MissouriJames Towery$500.00
07/20/2020Parson For MissouriBarrett Satterlee$1,000.00
07/20/2020Parson For MissouriBill Rowe$1,000.00
07/20/2020Parson For MissouriSharon Naught$500.00
07/20/2020Parson For MissouriJEFF MUTCHLER$500.00
07/20/2020Parson For MissouriRolfe McCoy$1,325.00
07/20/2020Parson For MissouriChris Goodson$1,000.00
07/20/2020Parson For MissouriScott Brothers$1,000.00
07/20/2020Parson For MissouriLee Allen$500.00
07/20/2020Parson For MissouriMissouri Organization of Defense Lawyers$1,000.00
07/20/2020Parson For MissouriMissouri Concrete Association PAC$1,000.00
07/20/2020Citizens for WoodyHunter Stull$2,000.00
07/20/2020Missouri C PACBLC Cattle Co., LLC$2,500.00
07/20/2020Conservative Leadership for Southeast MissouriDon Fields$3,000.00
07/20/2020Van Kelly For MissouriMike Roberts$1,000.00
07/20/2020Citizens To Elect Will Akin For SheriffFOP Lodge# 50 PAC$2,000.00
07/20/2020Southwest Missouri Conservative Values PACBNSF Railway Corporation$5,000.00
07/20/2020Ingrid Burnett For MissouriDavid Westbrook$500.00
07/20/2020Citizens for SharpFraternal Order of Police Lidge 5 PAC$2,000.00
07/20/2020Friends Of JusticeGrote and Associates Inc$500.00
07/20/2020Missouri Corn Growers Association State Political Action CommitteeMISSOURI SOYBEAN ASSOCIATION$5,000.00
07/20/2020MO Soybean Association State PAC (MO SoyPAC)Ray Carroll County Grain Growers, Inc.$1,200.00
07/20/2020Nancy Schneider for County CouncilMichael Kielty$500.00
07/20/2020Committee to Elect Wesley MobrayJerald Limbaugh$780.00
07/20/2020Committee to Elect Wesley MobrayWes Mobray$1,226.00
07/20/2020Friends for Tristan AsburyJames Keeney$500.00
07/20/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigAudrey McIntosh$2,500.00
07/20/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigRichard McIntosh$2,500.00
07/20/2020Citizens For GriesheimerMissouri Concrete Association PAC$500.00
07/20/2020Citizens to Elect Tracy BaldwinForward Kearney$1,000.00
07/20/2020#NorthCountyExcellenceHEALTH SYSTEMS INC$5,000.00
07/20/2020Committee to Elect ButcherAmerican Democracy Alliance- Ridgely PAC$2,500.00
07/20/2020Wood For CommissionerRON SCHIEBER$1,000.00
07/20/2020Citizens to Elect Darren WalkerLocal 148 International Union of Operating Engineers MO PAC$500.00
07/20/2020Razer For MissouriMissouri Growth PAC$2,500.00
07/20/2020Razer For MissouriMissouri Energy Development PAC$2,500.00
07/20/2020Old Drum Conservative PACARDA Resort Owners Coalition$1,000.00
07/20/2020Friends of Don BaragaryMissouri Beer Wholesalers Association$500.00
07/20/2020Fogle for MissouriBridget Dierks$500.00
07/20/2020Forward KearneyNorthwest Missouri Leasing, LLC$3,000.00
07/20/2020Citizens For Gretchen BangertMissouri NEA$500.00
07/20/2020Citizens For Gretchen BangertShamrock PAC$500.00
07/20/2020Friends to Elect Jim KalberlohCHIPP Political Account$2,000.00
07/20/2020Betteridge for HouseC Nelson Leonard$500.00
07/20/2020Glen Clark for Commissioner Eastern DistrictGlen Clark$700.00
07/20/2020Florissant Township Open Democratic ClubFriends For Gina Walsh$5,000.00
07/20/2020Democratic Governors Association - MissouriDemocratic Governors Association$50,000.00
07/20/2020Conservative Leadership of the OzarksTaxpayers in Support of Public Education$100,000.00
07/20/2020The Committee to Elect Richelle Christensen Grosvenor as Judge, Teddy Sue Allen, TreasurerRichelle Grosvenor$5,200.00
07/20/2020Mighty Missouri PACARDA Resort Owners Coalition$6,000.00
07/20/2020Committee to Re-Elect Patrick MullinsPatrick Mullins$1,200.00
07/20/2020Friends for Rusty MacLachlanCoalition For Building A Better Tomorrow$15,000.00
07/20/2020Page PACLawrence Chapman$10,000.00
07/20/2020American Dream PACSupporters of Health Research & Treatments$25,000.00
07/20/2020House Democratic Campaign CommitteeNicole Galloway for Missouri$25,000.00
07/20/2020Missourians for HealthcareMissouri Hospital Association$500,000.00
07/20/2020Six County PACTaxpayers in Support of Public Education$35,000.00
07/20/2020Conservative Leadership for Southeast MissouriMissouri Leadership Committee$15,000.00

Contribution Date: 07/19/2020

07/19/2020Team Teona McGhaw-Boure'Mary Anne Sedey$500.00
07/19/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriSteve Smith$2,650.00
07/19/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriClio Grant$500.00
07/19/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisAnnemarie Milton$2,600.00
07/19/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisMargaret Imo$2,600.00
07/19/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisThomas Morhaus$2,600.00
07/19/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisGary Sextro$1,000.00
07/19/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisJohn Grizzell$1,000.00
07/19/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisTimothy Redmond$500.00
07/19/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisRyan Winter$500.00
07/19/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisRobert McCulloch$500.00
07/19/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisJERRY HUNTER$500.00
07/19/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisRobert Gaughan$500.00
07/19/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisMainspring Strategies, LLC$500.00
07/19/2020Citizens to Elect David Mosley for SheriffCrystal Mosley$500.00
07/19/2020Faleti For MissouriWilliam Carson$750.00
07/19/2020Faleti For MissouriDavid Murphy$500.00
07/19/2020Faleti For MissouriMARK MORELAND$500.00
07/19/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerRaphael Morris$1,000.00
07/19/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerLINDA LOCKE$500.00
07/19/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlDouglas Phillips$600.00
07/19/2020Jean Peters Baker For ProsecutorBortnick & McKeon PC$500.00
07/19/2020Jean Peters Baker For ProsecutorJohn Quinn Attorney at Law$1,000.00
07/19/2020Page PACTelephone Contact$5,000.00
07/19/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanRoanoke Realty LLC$2,600.00
07/19/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanKevin And Jean Sullivan$1,000.00
07/19/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanJerome Gidlow$500.00
07/19/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanSteve & Miriam Singer$500.00
07/19/2020Parson For MissouriJerald Andrews$1,000.00
07/19/2020Phyllis Hardwick for MissouriSandra Stites$1,000.00
07/19/2020Phyllis Hardwick for MissouriCarol Hallquist$1,000.00
07/19/2020Friends of Ruth Ann Dickerson for SheriffJacqueline Ahrens$500.00
07/19/2020Ryan Miller Committee to Elect for SheriffVONNE KARRAKER$500.00

Contribution Date: 07/18/2020

07/18/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerSEIU Missouri State Counsel Pac$1,500.00
07/18/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerDavid Boger$1,000.00
07/18/2020Friends Of Rick BrattinBrett Dawson$500.00
07/18/2020Normandy Township Regular Democratic ClubClay for Congress$1,000.00
07/18/2020Friends Of Rick Brattinbnsf railway co railpac$1,000.00
07/18/2020Friends Of Rick BrattinConservatives United For MO PAC$2,100.00
07/18/2020Friends Of Barry HovisMichael L AND Terri Tomlin$500.00
07/18/2020Committee To Elect Chet Owen, Eastern District Commissioner, Barbara Conway Owen, TreasurerCommittee to Elect Chet Owen, Eastern District Commissioner, Barbara Conway Owen, Treasurer$800.00
07/18/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMark Turpin$2,650.00
07/18/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMark Turpin$2,500.00
07/18/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriRuss Riggan$2,300.00
07/18/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriAlison Beehr$500.00
07/18/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriRandall Palmer$500.00
07/18/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriNancie Hawke$500.00
07/18/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMarya Strand$500.00
07/18/2020Friends Of Jeff ShawanKathy Richardson$500.00
07/18/2020Committee To Elect Pierson JrSafer Families for Missouri$2,000.00
07/18/2020Committee To Elect Pierson JrShamberg, Johnson & Bergman$2,500.00
07/18/2020Committee To Elect Pierson JrRandy Charles Alberhasky Attorney at Law (Business Account) - PRIMARY$1,250.00
07/18/2020Citizens to Elect David Mosley for SheriffDarrin Frazier$500.00
07/18/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerNatoya Goule$2,000.00
07/18/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerMark Elliott$1,000.00
07/18/2020Citizens For Elaine GannonIron Workers Local 396 Voluntary Fund$2,559.00
07/18/2020Buchheit-Courtway for MissouriMO Republican Attorneys for Civil Justice PAC$500.00
07/18/2020Friends of Dean Wilson for AssessorHarry Roberts$500.00
07/18/2020Friends for Rusty MacLachlanLarry Lipscomb$5,000.00
07/18/2020Friends for Rusty MacLachlanPhil Melugin$5,000.00
07/18/2020Saundra McDowell for MissouriKevin Larkin$1,200.00
07/18/2020Friends of Patrick MoynihanMargaret Moynihan$1,170.00
07/18/2020Friends of Patrick MoynihanMargaret Moynihan$1,000.00
07/18/2020Committee to Elect ButcherMO Alliance for Freedom Grace River PAC$2,500.00
07/18/2020Razer For MissouriThe Grote Group LLC$1,000.00
07/18/2020Razer For MissouriCatalyst PAC$1,000.00
07/18/2020Friends of Don BaragaryMissouri Corn Growers Association State PAC$700.00
07/18/2020Haffner For MissouriBruce Fearon$2,000.00
07/18/2020Haffner For MissouriThe Grote Group PAC$500.00
07/18/2020Railsback for MissouriMissouri Cattlemen's Association$750.00
07/18/2020The Seitz Conservative CoalitionKevin Higgans$1,000.00
07/18/2020Friends For Chuck BasyeThe Grote Group PAC$500.00
07/18/2020Committee to Elect Justin HeadrickJustin Headrick$1,716.00
07/18/2020Taxpayers in Support of Public EducationCHIPP Political Account$100,000.00
07/18/2020CLCP PACChris Hammeren$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 07/17/2020

07/17/2020Friends Of Rick BrattinCaleb Rector$1,000.00
07/17/2020Michael Hebron - A Voice For AllJerome Jacobsmeyer$500.00
07/17/2020Melony Grote Campaign Fund, Dana Barker, TreasureSonya Gilbert$1,000.78
07/17/2020Committee to Elect Cynthia NugentUnited Steelworkers USW Local 169G PAC$500.00
07/17/2020Friends Of Rick BrattinMissouri Growth PAC$2,500.00
07/17/2020Ashley Aune for MissouriClay County Democratic Central Committee$2,000.00
07/17/2020Beck For MissouriJohn Simon$2,559.00
07/17/2020Beck For MissouriMargaret M Simon$2,559.00
07/17/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comMeagan Caldwell$2,500.00
07/17/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comKlay Nowlin$500.00
07/17/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comBen Sells$2,000.00
07/17/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comMarcello Balderrama$2,500.00
07/17/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comKerry Johnson$2,500.00
07/17/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comPaul Hayes$2,500.00
07/17/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comMO Majority PAC$2,500.00
07/17/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comMissouri AG PAC$2,500.00
07/17/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comJohn Story$500.00
07/17/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comErneest Story$500.00
07/17/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comMid-South Agri Services$500.00
07/17/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comDouglas Healy$500.00
07/17/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comJEFF BAZZELL$500.00
07/17/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comJOAN BAZZELL$500.00
07/17/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comMO BEV PAC$500.00
07/17/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comMissouri Assisted Living PAC$500.00
07/17/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comMissouri Pork PAC$500.00
07/17/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comST LOUIS AREA HOTEL ASSN PAC$500.00
07/17/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comMissouri Dental PAC$1,000.00
07/17/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comRQC PAC$2,500.00
07/17/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comMO DSV PAC$2,500.00
07/17/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comMissouri State Teachers Assn PAC$2,559.00
07/17/2020Scism For SenateHBS MO State PAC$1,500.00
07/17/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriRoofers Local #20 PAC$1,500.00
07/17/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMadeleine Elkins$1,000.00
07/17/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriTerry Lueckenhoff$1,000.00
07/17/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJo Ann Karll$500.00
07/17/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriCarol Lippman$500.00
07/17/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriGeorge Hulett$500.00
07/17/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriSimon Rose$500.00
07/17/2020Will Perry for State RepMichael McGill$1,000.00
07/17/2020Michelle Sherod for St. LouisMichelle Sherod$525.00
07/17/2020Bondon For MissouriMO ENERGY FUTURE PAC$1,000.00
07/17/2020Bondon For MissouriThe Grote Group LLC$2,000.00
07/17/2020Bondon For MissouriDowntown Council PAC$2,500.00
07/17/2020Bondon For MissouriChampion Brands LLC$1,000.00
07/17/2020Bondon For MissouriMMF Properties LLC$500.00
07/17/2020Bondon For MissouriDavid Lowe$2,500.00
07/17/2020Bondon For MissouriMatthew Lowe$2,500.00
07/17/2020Bondon For MissouriThe Madison PAC$2,500.00
07/17/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisMichael Reedy$2,600.00
07/17/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisMark Carlie$500.00
07/17/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisJohn Huhn$500.00
07/17/2020Rizzo For MissouriMissouri Asphalt Pavement Assn PAC$1,000.00
07/17/2020Bob Burns For MissouriJOSEPH TREADWAY$1,000.00
07/17/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanMO Assn of Nurse Anesthetists PAC$1,500.00
07/17/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanGerald Jones$1,000.00
07/17/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanJohn Rigdon$1,000.00
07/17/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanMissouri Assisted Living PAC$500.00
07/17/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanMO Acte PAC$500.00
07/17/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanMenlo Smith$2,500.00
07/17/2020Friends of David ColeHallmark Missouri PAC$1,000.00
07/17/2020Derron Black for AmericaMarcus Williams$777.00
07/17/2020Page For MissouriMichael Barton$600.00
07/17/2020Page For MissouriJennifer Slavik Lohman$1,000.00
07/17/2020Page For MissouriJohn Holds$500.00
07/17/2020Page For MissouriSam Wice$500.00
07/17/2020Friends of Trish GunbyJohn Dubinsky$500.00
07/17/2020Citizens to Elect Cleo Willis, Sr. Committeeman 19th WardRoy Pfautch$2,650.00
07/17/2020Fitzpatrick For MissouriCURTIS JARED$1,000.00
07/17/2020Fitzpatrick For MissouriStephen Plaster$1,000.00
07/17/2020Voters for Good GovernmentBetter Schools for Missouri$5,000.00
07/17/2020Citizens for Vicki Lorenz EnglundSteel Workers 169$750.00
07/17/2020Citizens For RossMO AC and Mechanical Contractors PAC$1,500.00
07/17/2020Friends Of Karen Digh AllenNed Digh$500.00
07/17/2020Friends Of Karen Digh AllenEsther Digh$500.00
07/17/2020Committee To Elect Paula BrownMO National Education Assoc-PAC$2,000.00
07/17/2020Missourians for HealthcareAmerican Cancer Society Cancer Action Network Inc.$20,000.00
07/17/2020Citizens for Dean VanSchoiackMissouri Realtors Pac, Inc.$1,546.00
07/17/2020Friends Of ShaulLarry Burmeister$500.00
07/17/2020Friends Of ShaulZachary Mangelsdorf$1,000.00
07/17/2020Committee to Elect Benny Earl Thomas H-124Benny Thomas$4,153.10
07/17/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerKarla Jurvetson$2,000.00
07/17/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerSANDRA MOORE$500.00
07/17/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerScott Murphy$500.00
07/17/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeBurson Snyder$1,000.00
07/17/2020Lavender For State SenateMargaret Simon$1,000.00
07/17/2020Freedom IncorporatedEastside Forward Progress PAC$3,500.00
07/17/2020Freedom IncorporatedForte Darryl$1,000.00
07/17/2020Freedom IncorporatedBrown Richard$750.00
07/17/2020Roberts For St LouisMissouri Growth PAC$2,500.00
07/17/2020Purple PACSedey Harper Westhoff, P.C. Attorneys at Law$1,250.00
07/17/2020WulffForMissouri.comWilliam Ziercher$750.00
07/17/2020Matt Bell for Saint LouisCharles Cloughly$1,000.00
07/17/2020Webb For House RepMissouri NEA$500.00
07/17/2020Webb For House RepI.U.O.E. Local 513 Political & Educational Fund$500.00
07/17/2020Webb For House RepWomen's Political Caucus EMPAC$1,000.00
07/17/2020Webb For House RepRobert Knickmeyer$750.00
07/17/2020Women For Justice PACActBlue Missouri$1,921.00
07/17/2020Women For Justice PACProtect Missouri Workers PAC$1,500.00
07/17/2020Bennie Cook for State RepresentativeFarmers AG Center LLC$1,000.00
07/17/2020Page PACJanet Williams$5,000.00
07/17/2020Washington For Senate 9Hallmark Missouri PAC$1,000.00
07/17/2020Carl Bettels for AssessorWestern Mo Leadership$500.00
07/17/2020Friends for FlakeStacey Blondin$500.00
07/17/2020Citizens For Tishaura O JonesFaith Sandler$500.00
07/17/2020Baker For MissouriGeorge W. Hulett$500.00
07/17/2020Baker For MissouriEllen Rippeto$1,000.00
07/17/2020Baker For MissouriDONALD BAKER$600.00
07/17/2020Parson For MissouriGerald Sprong$500.00
07/17/2020Parson For MissouriDAVID DUNCAN$1,000.00
07/17/2020Parson For MissouriGeorge Capps$1,000.00
07/17/2020Parson For MissouriMaurice Brubaker$1,000.00
07/17/2020Parson For MissouriJohn Baragiola III$1,000.00
07/17/2020Friends of Dean Wilson for AssessorAmerican Democracy Alliance Ridgely PAC$2,500.00
07/17/2020Plocher For MissouriAGC of MO Pac$1,000.00
07/17/2020Friends for Rusty MacLachlanBucky Buckner$1,250.00
07/17/2020Friends of Brent HampyBRENT HAMPY$500.00
07/17/2020Friends of Brent HampyBRENT HAMPY$750.00
07/17/2020Citizens for WoodyJacob Goede$500.00
07/17/2020Committee to Elect Chris Edgar for SheriffDouglas Mating$500.00
07/17/2020Patricia Pike For State Representative-126Rural Telecommunications Committee PAC$750.00
07/17/2020McDaniel For State RepresentativeSt. Charles Organization of Republicans$2,000.00
07/17/2020McDaniel For State RepresentativeThe Good Government Committee$2,000.00
07/17/2020Missouri Democratic State CommitteeCitizens to Elect Margo McNeil$746.21
07/17/2020Friends Of JusticeJim Bailey$500.00
07/17/2020Tom ReedSchmanke Law Office$1,000.00
07/17/2020Razer For MissouriPete Browne$500.00
07/17/2020Razer For MissouriST LOUIS ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS PAC$500.00
07/17/2020Razer For MissouriHSLF of Missouri PAC$500.00
07/17/2020Committee to Elect Donnie Kiefer Scott County Commissioner District 2Donald Kiefer$2,000.00
07/17/2020Committee to Elect Donnie Kiefer Scott County Commissioner District 2Donald Kiefer$1,798.36
07/17/2020Vote for MihalevichSTEVEN MEYER$2,000.00
07/17/2020Citizens For BrachtTerence Bracht$800.00
07/17/2020Committee to Elect CampbellJohn Campbell$1,000.00
07/17/2020Forte' For Jackson County Sheriff CommitteeAmalgamated Transit Union Local 1287$2,000.00
07/17/2020Forte' For Jackson County Sheriff CommitteeCHIPP Political Account$5,000.00
07/17/2020Committee to Elect James GohaganGail Griswold$2,000.00
07/17/2020Committee to Re-elect Eric KnoxJohn Kreisel$500.00
07/17/2020Citizens For Brad HudsonMissouri Realtors PAC Inc$500.00
07/17/2020Citizens to Elect Melinda James for AssessorAARON ENSOR$1,150.00
07/17/2020Committee to Elect Jamie Tolliver St. Louis County ExecutiveNaseem Shekhani$500.00
07/17/2020Friends to Elect Jim KalberlohMissouri Cattlemens Association$750.00
07/17/2020The Seitz Conservative CoalitionJo Davis$2,000.00
07/17/2020AGC of MO PACMC Industrial$500.00
07/17/2020AGC of MO PACJames H Drew Corp.$500.00
07/17/2020Committee To Elect Molly BalliewMolly Balliew$1,200.00
07/17/2020Committee To Elect Becky RuthMissouri Concrete Association PAC$500.00
07/17/2020Committee to Elect Michael RandazzoMAIYA BOYD$1,000.00
07/17/2020Roofers Local # 20 PACRoofers Local #20$1,296.59
07/17/2020Citizens For Elaine GannonDENNIS AND ELAINE GANNON$14,000.00
07/17/2020Green for Circuit JudgeDANIEL GREEN$10,000.00
07/17/2020Justice for All PACNorth Missouri Leadership PAC$5,500.00
07/17/2020Justice for All PACMissouri Senate Conservatives Fund$15,000.00
07/17/2020Team Robert PACMissouri Senate Conservatives Fund$100,000.00
07/17/2020Holly PACMissouri Senate Conservatives Fund$100,000.00
07/17/2020Friends for Rusty MacLachlanCoalition For Building A Better Tomorrow$7,500.00
07/17/2020Missourians for HealthcareAmerican Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, Inc.$20,000.00

Contribution Date: 07/16/2020

07/16/2020Friends Of Mark EllebrachtMissouri Hospital Assn PAC$500.00
07/16/2020MoCannTrade PACGF Biomass$1,000.00
07/16/2020Teamsters Local 618 Drive FundTeamsters Local 618 Drive Fund$500.00
07/16/2020Citizens For Bill PuettTom Cobb$500.00
07/16/2020The Good Folks For CooksonElvin Kingree$1,000.00
07/16/2020The Good Folks For CooksonDeborah Bell$2,500.00
07/16/2020Citizens for Rasheen AldridgeSEIU HealthCare Missouri PAC$500.00
07/16/2020Boggs for MissouriMissouri Cattleman's Association$750.00
07/16/2020Friends Of Rick BrattinMissouri Senate Leadership PAC$2,500.00
07/16/2020Friends Of Barry HovisMichael L Tomlin$500.00
07/16/2020Friends Of Mary Elizabeth ColemanBuild St Louis PAC INC$700.00
07/16/2020Friends Of Mary Elizabeth ColemanCharter Communications Inc. MO PAC$1,046.00
07/16/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriPaula Bakalar$2,000.00
07/16/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJim Atteberry$500.00
07/16/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJanet Stallmeyer$500.00
07/16/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriPam Grissom$500.00
07/16/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriClaire and Stanley Birge$500.00
07/16/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriGordon Shulman$500.00
07/16/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJohn Haney$500.00
07/16/2020Will Perry for State RepThe Good Government Committee$1,000.00
07/16/2020Committee to Elect Gary M Larson County Commissioner District 2Gary Larson$700.00
07/16/2020Michelle Sherod for St. LouisMichelle Sherod$1,270.90
07/16/2020Bondon For MissouriHITE, CHRISTOPHER$1,000.00
07/16/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisWilliam Cady$2,600.00
07/16/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisBill Ravensberg$1,000.00
07/16/2020Change STL PACVivienne Bess$500.00
07/16/2020Conservative Leadership of the OzarksExpand Missouri PAC$12,000.00
07/16/2020Conservative Leadership of the OzarksKECHMARK & MCCREIGHT PC$15,000.00
07/16/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanMichael Naeger$500.00
07/16/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanMichael Rampley$500.00
07/16/2020Friends of David ColeBNSF Railway Company RailPAC Missouri$1,559.00
07/16/2020Friends of David ColeMissouri Cattlemens Association PAC$2,500.00
07/16/2020Friends of David ColeMOSFA PAC Inc$2,559.00
07/16/2020Friends of David ColeMissouri Insurance Coalition PAC$2,559.00
07/16/2020Derron Black for AmericaAllen Simmons$770.00
07/16/2020ChadPerkins4MissouriKathy Lovell$1,000.00
07/16/2020Voters for Good GovernmentElectrical Workers Voluntary Political$3,500.00
07/16/2020Voters for Good GovernmentJulie Grimm$500.00
07/16/2020Citizens For RossDBA Missouri Senate Leadership PAC$1,000.00
07/16/2020Patrons Of Jeff PorterThe Madison PAC$2,000.00
07/16/2020Richardson for JudgeRichard and Betty Kampeter$500.00
07/16/2020KC Neighbors for ProgressBYRNE PELOFSKY$1,000.00
07/16/2020Friends Of ShaulMissouri Beer Wholesalers$750.00
07/16/2020Friends Of ShaulBNSF Railway Company PAC$1,000.00
07/16/2020Friends Of ShaulMissouri Prime Beef Packers LLC$1,000.00
07/16/2020Citizens to Elect Kurtis GregoryHealthPAC$500.00
07/16/2020Citizens to Elect Kurtis GregoryShamrock PAC$500.00
07/16/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerKhatib Waheed$500.00
07/16/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerDorothy White-Coleman$500.00
07/16/2020Lavender For State SenateRosalyn Kling$500.00
07/16/2020Citizens To Elect Doug RicheyMHA PAC$1,500.00
07/16/2020Roberts For St LouisUniversity Square Company$2,500.00
07/16/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlJohn Dockery$500.00
07/16/2020Committee to Elect HensleyKATHLEEN HENSLEY$2,000.00
07/16/2020Friends Of Holly RehderBryan Kiefer$500.00
07/16/2020Friends Of Holly RehderMO Cable PAC$2,000.00
07/16/2020Women For Justice PACLaborers Union Local #42 Voluntary Political Fund$2,000.00
07/16/2020Terry Cole for Scott County CommissionerTerry Cole$4,500.00
07/16/2020Committee to Elect Keys for SheriffJames Nave$2,000.00
07/16/2020Committee to Elect Keys for SheriffCody Roberts$1,000.00
07/16/2020Committee to Elect Keys for SheriffTim Keys$500.00
07/16/2020Page PACMichael Kennedy$5,000.00
07/16/2020Washington For Senate 9Catalyst PAC$1,000.00
07/16/2020South County ForwardUnited Food and Commercial Workers International Union AFL-CIO CLC$2,500.00
07/16/2020Committee To Elect Keri IngleUnited Transportation Union PAC$500.00
07/16/2020Heartland Action PACMHS Trust DTD$3,600.00
07/16/2020Citizens For Tishaura O JonesPlumbers and Pipefitters Local 562$500.00
07/16/2020The Seitz Conservative CoalitionSt. Charles Organization of Republicans$1,000.00
07/16/2020Go West For MissouriBernard Buckman$500.00
07/16/2020Parson For MissouriMichael McGill$1,000.00
07/16/2020Friends of Dean Wilson for AssessorMO Alliance for Freedom Grace River PAC$2,500.00
07/16/2020Saundra McDowell for MissouriJoe Burton$1,000.00
07/16/2020Friends of Michael DavisSt. Charles Organization of Republicans$2,000.00
07/16/2020Todd Smith for JudgeEric Smith$2,000.00
07/16/2020Western Missouri Leadership FundARDA Resort Owners Coalition$1,000.00
07/16/2020Western Missouri Leadership FundTower Loan of Missouri LLC$2,500.00
07/16/2020Friends of Ruth Ann Dickerson for SheriffMalanie Gutwein$1,000.00
07/16/2020Friends of Ruth Ann Dickerson for SheriffKenneth Evans$750.00
07/16/2020Friends of Ruth Ann Dickerson for SheriffRon Eftink$1,000.00
07/16/2020Committee to Elect Donnie Williams, Jr.ROSEMARY RIDDLE$500.00
07/16/2020Friends of Christine Hyman for MissouriMissouri NEA$500.00
07/16/2020Citizens for Heather DoddRichard Thomas$700.00
07/16/2020Bruce Sassmann Election CommitteeJohn Pepper$1,600.00
07/16/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigShamrock PAC$1,000.00
07/16/2020Committee to Elect Bill OttoMissouri NEA$1,000.00
07/16/2020Citizens For Judge KoeppenDaniel and Jennifer Mizell$850.00
07/16/2020Friends of Gwen ReedRoy Pfautch$2,650.00
07/16/2020Committee to Elect Tracy FosterHomer RIFFLE JR$700.00
07/16/2020Alex Riley for State RepresentativeCatalyst PAC$500.00
07/16/2020Friends of Don BaragaryTom Layne$500.00
07/16/2020Committee to Elect Paula WestViolet Corbett$500.00
07/16/2020Rogers For MissouriPolitical Action Committee for Health (HealthPAC)$500.00
07/16/2020Citizens For SimmonsDuane Marquart$500.00
07/16/2020Kendra Willis Hicks for Camden County TreasurerKendra Hicks$500.00
07/16/2020The Seitz Conservative CoalitionSt. Charles Orginization Of Republicans$1,000.00
07/16/2020MO Chamber PACSAK Construction$1,000.00
07/16/2020Friends Of Rusty BlackMO Realtors PAC$500.00
07/16/2020MO Cattlemens Association PACKella Gregory$1,285.00
07/16/2020MO Cattlemens Association PACSilver Springs Ranch$1,600.00
07/16/2020MO Cattlemens Association PACThummel Enterprises Inc$700.00
07/16/2020MO Cattlemens Association PACGary Sell$850.00
07/16/2020MO Cattlemens Association PACNicholas Asbury$2,930.00
07/16/2020MO Cattlemens Association PACDan Bailey Construction Inc.$1,150.00
07/16/2020MO Cattlemens Association PACBT Heinsz$2,570.00
07/16/2020MO Cattlemens Association PACJOHN CAUTHORN$675.00
07/16/2020MO Cattlemens Association PACBlake Crow$1,600.00
07/16/2020Ford Motor Company Civic Action Fund - MOFord Motor Company Civic Action Fund$30,000.00
07/16/2020Citizens to Elect Jack BushJack bush$1,200.00
07/16/2020Van Kelly For MissouriVAN KELLY$80,000.00
07/16/2020Terry Dotson for Cass County SheriffRobert Cutler$50,000.00
07/16/2020Voters for Good GovernmentKetchmark & McCreight, P.C.$15,000.00
07/16/2020Voters for Good GovernmentTaxpayer in Support of Public Education$35,000.00
07/16/2020Western Missouri Leadership FundThe Madison PAC$22,000.00
07/16/2020HBS MO State PACAltria Client Services$25,000.00
07/16/2020Missourians for HealthcareMissouri Hospital Association$18,993.00
07/16/2020Women For Justice PACLaborers Union Local #110 Voluntary Political Fund$10,000.00
07/16/2020UFCW Active Ballot Club-Missouri Federal CommitteeUnited Food and Commercial Workers International Union Active Ballot Club$10,000.00
07/16/2020Conservative Leadership of the OzarksExpand Missouri$12,000.00
07/16/2020Conservative Leadership of the OzarksKETCHMARK & MCCREIGHT P.C.$15,000.00
07/16/2020CLEAN MissouriSimon Law Firm, PC$10,000.00
07/16/2020Keep Government AccountableBrown and Crouppen PC$10,000.00
07/16/2020Safer Families for MissouriCoffey & Nichols LLC$7,500.00

Contribution Date: 07/15/2020

07/15/2020Friends Of Rick BrattinChris and Janice Patterson$1,750.00
07/15/2020Mike Moon For MissouriMO Republican Attorneys for Civil Justice PAC$2,500.00
07/15/2020Truth in CampaignsCheyenne International$2,000.00
07/15/2020Heavy Constructors Association Local PACSuperior Bowen$1,838.73
07/15/2020Heavy Constructors Association Local PACCLARKSON$849.96
07/15/2020Friends Of Raychel ProudieCigna Corp Missouri PAC Federal Committee$500.00
07/15/2020Friends For WindhamCigna Corp Missouri PAC Federal Committee$500.00
07/15/2020Committee to Elect Andy MooreYoung's General Cont$500.00
07/15/2020Choose Crews 2020Kris Crews$4,000.00
07/15/2020Mike Moon For MissouriMark Bronson - PRIMARY$2,500.00
07/15/2020Mike Moon For MissouriRoger Johnson$2,500.00
07/15/2020Mike Moon For MissouriBlake Heath$2,500.00
07/15/2020Mike Moon For MissouriDollar, Burns, & Becker, LC$2,500.00
07/15/2020Mike Moon For MissouriSherry Thompson$1,500.00
07/15/2020Mike Moon For MissouriLangdon and Emision$1,000.00
07/15/2020The Good Folks For CooksonJim Rainey$1,000.00
07/15/2020Committee To Elect Gail McCann BeattyGAIL MCCANN BEATTY$650.00
07/15/2020Friends Of Wayne WallingfordShamrock PAC$500.00
07/15/2020Friends Of Wayne WallingfordMBA River Heritage Region PAC$500.00
07/15/2020Friends Of Wayne WallingfordMissouri Insurance Coalition PAC$500.00
07/15/2020Friends Of Wayne WallingfordMissouri NEA$1,000.00
07/15/2020Friends Of Wayne WallingfordGeneral Motors Company PAC$500.00
07/15/2020Friends Of Wayne WallingfordBetter Schools For Missouri PAC$500.00
07/15/2020Friends Of Wayne WallingfordAGC of MO Pac$500.00
07/15/2020Friends Of Wayne WallingfordMissouri Realtors PAC Inc$2,046.00
07/15/2020Citizens For Derek GrierMBA Gateway Region PAC$500.00
07/15/2020Citizens For Derek GrierMO Optometric PAC$500.00
07/15/2020Citizens For Tony GaglianoSaint Louis Association of Realtors Political Action Committee$1,000.00
07/15/2020Friends Of Rick BrattinDollar, Burns, & Becker, LC$2,500.00
07/15/2020Friends Of Rick BrattinLangdon Emison$2,500.00
07/15/2020Friends Of Rick BrattinSanders Law$2,500.00
07/15/2020Friends Of Rick BrattinDoug Galant$1,000.00
07/15/2020Friends Of Steve FarmerWERNER STICHLING$1,000.00
07/15/2020Keep Government AccountableDavis, Bethune & Jones, LLC$25,000.00
07/15/2020The Committee to Elect James ShackelfordChristopher Gahagan$500.00
07/15/2020Canady for MissouriGreater Kansas City Womens Political Caucus$500.00
07/15/2020Committee to Elect Laura LoyaconoGreater Kansas City Women's Political$520.00
07/15/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenSvetlana Aptekman$2,500.00
07/15/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenJEFFREY SMITH$2,500.00
07/15/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenJill Smith$2,500.00
07/15/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenWalker Smith$2,500.00
07/15/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenBrian Kimes$2,500.00
07/15/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenWILL MARKEL$2,500.00
07/15/2020Beck For MissouriSprinkler Fitters Political Education and Legislative Committee$600.00
07/15/2020Friends Of Mary Elizabeth ColemanMissouri Association of Municipal Utilities$500.00
07/15/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriBob Stuber$1,100.00
07/15/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriGianna Jacobson$1,000.00
07/15/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriGail McFatrich$1,000.00
07/15/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriTim Fogerty$1,000.00
07/15/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriBill Cotner$1,000.00
07/15/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMICHAEL HOGAN$500.00
07/15/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJohn Wallach$500.00
07/15/2020Citizens For WiemannRichard McIntosh$2,046.00
07/15/2020Citizens For WiemannAudrey Hanson McIntosh$2,046.00
07/15/2020Eigel For MissouriMBA Capital Region PAC$500.00
07/15/2020Eigel For MissouriAmeren Missouri PAC$500.00
07/15/2020Eigel For MissouriMBA Mark Twain Region PAC$500.00
07/15/2020Eigel For MissouriMO Association of Municipal Utilities$500.00
07/15/2020Eigel For MissouriMBA Pony Express Region PAC$500.00
07/15/2020Eigel For MissouriMBA Gateway Region PAC$500.00
07/15/2020Eigel For MissouriBHA PAC$500.00
07/15/2020Eigel For MissouriMissouri Pork PAC$1,000.00
07/15/2020Eigel For MissouriHomes USA, LLC$1,000.00
07/15/2020Eigel For MissouriQuality EMS$1,000.00
07/15/2020Eigel For MissouriIAFF Firefighters$1,000.00
07/15/2020Eigel For MissouriKCFOP PAC$1,500.00
07/15/2020Eigel For MissouriSpirit of Missouri$1,500.00
07/15/2020Eigel For MissouriMissouri State Council Firefighters PAC$2,500.00
07/15/2020Eigel For MissouriRussell OLaughlin$2,500.00
07/15/2020Eigel For MissouriQuality Building PAC$2,500.00
07/15/2020Eigel For MissouriProfessional Firefighters of North St Louis County PAC$2,500.00
07/15/2020Eigel For MissouriCINDY OLAUGHLIN$2,500.00
07/15/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisChristopher Fischer$2,600.00
07/15/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisP&H Coatings LLC$2,600.00
07/15/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisSean Flower$1,000.00
07/15/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisJulius Adorjan$1,000.00
07/15/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisCharles Woodard$1,000.00
07/15/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisTwin Hollow Associates$1,000.00
07/15/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisHamilton Callisn$1,000.00
07/15/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisGOFFSTEIN, RASKAS, POMERANTZ, KRAUS & SHERMAN$500.00
07/15/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisLyte-Tronics LLC$500.00
07/15/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisDouglas Dowd$500.00
07/15/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisKristopher Schriefer$500.00
07/15/2020Friends of Jeffrey BoydGreg Korte$500.00
07/15/2020Friends of Jeffrey BoydTimothy ODonnell$500.00
07/15/2020Bob Burns For MissouriHoward L Chilcutt Trust$500.00
07/15/2020Better Schools for MissouriControl Technology & Solutions$1,500.00
07/15/2020Better Schools for MissouriSchoolStatus Inc$1,500.00
07/15/2020Better Schools for MissouriSapp Design Associates Architects PC$1,500.00
07/15/2020Better Schools for MissouriEllis Ellis Hammons & Johnson PC$1,000.00
07/15/2020Better Schools for MissouriBuxton Kubik Dodd Inc$1,500.00
07/15/2020Better Schools for MissouriGinger Gooch$500.00
07/15/2020Better Schools for MissouriQueen City Roofing & Contracting Co$500.00
07/15/2020Better Schools for MissouriOllis Akers Arney$1,000.00
07/15/2020Better Schools for MissouriRob Haik$1,500.00
07/15/2020Better Schools for MissouriToth & Associates$500.00
07/15/2020Better Schools for MissouriMed-Pay Inc$1,000.00
07/15/2020Better Schools for MissouriNabholz Construction Corporation$1,500.00
07/15/2020Better Schools for MissouriDeWitt & Associates Inc$1,500.00
07/15/2020Better Schools for MissouriEsterly Schneider & Associates Inc$500.00
07/15/2020Better Schools for MissouriBP Builders LLC$1,500.00
07/15/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanMichael Tomlin$2,000.00
07/15/2020Friends of David ColeAT&T Missouri Employee PAC$2,250.00
07/15/2020Friends of David ColeThe Madison PAC$1,500.00
07/15/2020Friends of David ColeDowntown Council PAC$2,500.00
07/15/2020Friends of David ColeMICHAEL BENNETT$2,500.00
07/15/2020Page For MissouriPeter Yoon$1,000.00
07/15/2020Faleti For MissouriAndrew Raby$1,000.00
07/15/2020Faleti For MissouriSly James$500.00
07/15/2020Faleti For MissouriLynn Chipperfield$500.00
07/15/2020Faleti For MissouriMARTHA HOGAN$500.00
07/15/2020Committee to Elect Jean PrettoBrotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen$500.00
07/15/2020Citizens for Vicki Lorenz EnglundGreater Kansas City Womens Political Caucus$500.00
07/15/2020Six County PACHEALTH SYSTEMS INC$5,000.00
07/15/2020Six County PACUFCW LOCAL 655 ELECT POLITICAL FUND$2,000.00
07/15/2020Six County PACBetter Schools for Missouri$1,500.00
07/15/2020"Together With Schaper"Electrical Workers Voluntary Political$1,000.00
07/15/2020Citizens For RossCigna Corporation Missouri PAC$1,000.00
07/15/2020Citizens For RossRichard McIntosh$2,500.00
07/15/2020Citizens For RossAudrey McIntosh$2,500.00
07/15/2020Citizens for Barry GlantzAndrew Thome$2,600.00
07/15/2020KC Neighbors for ProgressMissouri Realtors PAC$2,500.00
07/15/2020Friends Of Curtis TrentAudrey McIntosh$2,046.00
07/15/2020Friends Of Curtis TrentRichard McIntosh$2,046.00
07/15/2020Friends Of ShaulRQC PAC$1,000.00
07/15/2020Friends Of ShaulMissouri Dental PAC$750.00
07/15/2020Friends Of ShaulSupporters of Health Research and Treatments$1,000.00
07/15/2020Friends Of ShaulMissouri Beverage PAC$500.00
07/15/2020Friends Of ShaulDavid Mangelsdorf$1,000.00
07/15/2020Emily Weber For MissouriGKCWPC Separate Segregated Fund$520.00
07/15/2020Committee to Elect Teresa Sykes for Collector/Treasurer Livingston CountyTeresa Sykes$1,000.00
07/15/2020Committee to Elect Benny Earl Thomas H-124Benny Thomas$670.37
07/15/2020Committee to Elect Benny Earl Thomas H-124Benny Thomas$6,660.00
07/15/2020Boyer For AssessorRebecca Sager$500.00
07/15/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerSHARON TYUS$500.00
07/15/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerRobert Steele$2,000.00
07/15/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeDarrell Proctor$1,000.00
07/15/2020Lavender For State SenateLaborers Local 1104$500.00
07/15/2020Lavender For State SenateLocal 610 Political Action Comm. Fund$1,000.00
07/15/2020Lavender For State SenateMaureen Jordan$500.00
07/15/2020Lavender For State SenateNabil Ahmad$750.00
07/15/2020Roberts For St LouisAmalgamated Transit Union Local 1287$1,000.00
07/15/2020Roberts For St LouisWilbers Law Firm$2,500.00
07/15/2020Roberts For St LouisBosley & Associates$1,000.00
07/15/2020Roberts For St LouisOnder Law LLC$2,500.00
07/15/2020True North PACAGC of MO Pac$1,000.00
07/15/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlMatthew Villa$1,000.00
07/15/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlTerence Niehoff$500.00
07/15/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlMatthew Nicolo$600.00
07/15/2020Voters for Patty LewisGKCWPC Separate Segregated Fund$520.00
07/15/2020LaDonna Appelbaum For MissouriWPG Pack$500.00
07/15/2020Friends Of Holly RehderTony PAC$1,000.00
07/15/2020Friends Of Holly RehderSt Louis Area Hotel Association$1,000.00
07/15/2020Friends Of Holly RehderMBA River Heritage Region PAC$1,000.00
07/15/2020Friends Of Holly RehderMissouri Pork PAC$500.00
07/15/2020Friends Of Holly RehderMidwest Long Term Care Services$2,500.00
07/15/2020Citizens For Elaine GannonDavid & Glenna Mangelsdorf$500.00
07/15/2020Citizens For Elaine GannonMARVIN & ETHLYN DRURY$1,000.00
07/15/2020Page PACMarty Cancila Jeep Chrysler Ford Dodge$750.00
07/15/2020Page PACMcCormack Baron Salazar, Inc.$5,000.00
07/15/2020Washington For Senate 9KC BIZPAC THE PAC OF GREATER KC CHAMBER OF COMMERCE$2,500.00
07/15/2020Washington For Senate 9Kelvin Simmons$500.00
07/15/2020O'DonnellForMissouri.comLiving Well PAC$500.00
07/15/2020Committee to Elect Jesse LeimkuehlerJESSE LEIMKUEHLER$4,000.00
07/15/2020Citizens For Tishaura O JonesMaxine Clark$1,500.00
07/15/2020Committee To Elect Jon CarpenterTim Harris$1,000.00
07/15/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanAimee Murer$2,600.00
07/15/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanCincinnatus PAC$500.00
07/15/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanDaniel Fridman$500.00
07/15/2020Citizens For Shane RodenMissouri Realtors PAC, Inc$500.00
07/15/2020Committee To Elect Kris Scheperlegary waisner$1,000.00
07/15/2020Committee To Elect Kris ScheperleCalvin Broughton$500.00
07/15/2020Juden For SheriffMichael Rampley$500.00
07/15/2020Parson For MissouriRonald Beers$2,650.00
07/15/2020Friends for Rusty MacLachlanBucky Buckner$1,000.00
07/15/2020Missourians For ShieldsMissouri Organization of Defense Lawyers PAC$500.00
07/15/2020Patricia Pike For State Representative-126MO Medical PAC 1077$500.00
07/15/2020Patricia Pike For State Representative-126MO NEA PAC$500.00
07/15/2020Patricia Pike For State Representative-126MBA Ozark Regional PAC$500.00
07/15/2020Patricia Pike For State Representative-126Shamrock PAC$500.00
07/15/2020Families For Kimberly-Ann CollinsSt. Louis association of Realtors$500.00
07/15/2020Friends For Travis FitzwaterRural Telecmmunications Committee Political Action Committee$500.00
07/15/2020Ingrid Burnett For MissouriGKCWPC Separate Segregated Fund$520.00
07/15/2020Citizens for SchwadronMissouri Realtors PAC$1,000.00
07/15/2020Bruce Sassmann Election CommitteeEd Pepper$1,000.00
07/15/2020Friends Of Ron HicksMissouri Realtors PAC$500.00
07/15/2020Johnson for SheriffShirts Anonymous$500.00
07/15/2020Saint Charles Organization of RepublicansSt Charles County Republican Central Committee$4,500.00
07/15/2020Saint Charles Organization of RepublicansMorris Packaging LLC$2,000.00
07/15/2020Committee to Re-Elect Karen Guinn Laclede County Public AdministratorKaren Guinn$700.00
07/15/2020Shane Nelson for CommissionerCharlie Daniels$500.00
07/15/2020Shane Nelson for CommissionerGarrett Knasel$1,000.00
07/15/2020Shane Nelson for CommissionerJeff Fahrlander$500.00
07/15/2020Citizens to Elect Bradley JacksonKristin Jackson$1,571.14
07/15/2020Citizens To Elect Jay Mosley LLCMissouri NEA$500.00
07/15/2020Committee To Elect Becky RuthEnterprise Holdings Inc PAC$2,046.00
07/15/2020MO Republican PartyPelopidas LLC$25,000.00
07/15/2020Ford Motor Company Civic Action Fund - MOFord Motor Company Civic Action Fund$30,000.00
07/15/2020Perry For The PeopleRick Perry$18,000.00
07/15/2020Missouri Forward PACSPIRE MISSOURI INC$10,000.00
07/15/2020Missouri Forward PACLincoln PAC$10,000.00
07/15/2020Change STL PACElite Development$10,000.00
07/15/2020Change STL PACDaniel Guirl$10,000.00
07/15/2020Uniting Missouri PACMIDWEST CEMENT COMPANY INC$25,000.00
07/15/2020Missourians for a New ApproachNew Approach PAC$55,000.00
07/15/2020MO Leadership CommitteeTOM R BURCHAM III LLC$15,000.00
07/15/2020Conservative Leadership for Southeast MissouriMISSOURIANS FOR RESEARCH & INNOVATION$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 07/14/2020

07/14/2020Friends Of Mark EllebrachtMissouri NEA$1,000.00
07/14/2020St Louis Labor Council AFL-CIO Project 2000MO State Council of Machinists PAC$1,000.00
07/14/2020MoCannTrade PACCECB PC$1,000.00
07/14/2020Pietzman For The PeopleConservatives United for Missouri$2,100.00
07/14/2020Committee to Elect Ann ZimpferLabor's International Union of North America$2,046.00
07/14/2020Darryl Gray for MissouriJohn Kujawski$1,500.00
07/14/2020Committee to Elect Daniel RomineShamrock PAC$500.00
07/14/2020Wes Zongker for County CommissionerLinda Zongker$500.00
07/14/2020Citizens For Derek GrierHerb King$500.00
07/14/2020Citizens For Jeff HoelscherMO Realtors PAC$500.00
07/14/2020Friends for Eric HolmesSTEADFAST Construction Services$1,000.00
07/14/2020Beck For MissouriRoofers Local #20$1,000.00
07/14/2020Friends Of Mary Elizabeth ColemanTamberly Luechtefeld$1,000.00
07/14/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriBARBARA LEA$2,600.00
07/14/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriChip Shields$1,800.00
07/14/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJoe Fessler$1,200.00
07/14/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriIfeanyi Orizu$1,000.00
07/14/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJohn Hulston$1,000.00
07/14/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJames Malone$1,000.00
07/14/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriLarry Wright$1,000.00
07/14/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriM. Todd Strait$500.00
07/14/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriKaren & Steve Barney$500.00
07/14/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJo Grey$500.00
07/14/2020Will Perry for State RepSpirit of Missouri$500.00
07/14/2020Will Perry for State RepMary Shepard$500.00
07/14/2020Will Perry for State RepCARRIE YANSON$500.00
07/14/2020Bondon For MissouriCable PAC$2,000.00
07/14/2020UFCW Active Ballot Club-Missouri Federal CommitteeUnited Food and Commercial Workers International Union Active Ballot Club$1,000.00
07/14/2020Friends of Jeffrey BoydUnion Seventy Partnership$1,500.00
07/14/2020Committee To Elect Pierson JrHBS MO State PAC$500.00
07/14/2020Committee To Elect Pierson JrMO Cable PAC$500.00
07/14/2020Rizzo For MissouriCredit Union Pac$1,850.00
07/14/2020Rick Prather For AssessorRICK PRATHER$592.49
07/14/2020Franklin County Leadership PACHUSCH BLACKWELL STRATEGIES$1,000.00
07/14/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanMichelle Tomlin Ross$1,000.00
07/14/2020Holly PACSouthern Glazer's Wine and Spirits of Missouri$2,500.00
07/14/2020Hallmark Missouri PACHallmark Political Action Committee-HALLPAC$5,000.00
07/14/2020Hallmark Missouri PACDave Hall$5,000.00
07/14/2020Hallmark Missouri PACDon Hall Jr$5,000.00
07/14/2020Hallmark Missouri PACDonald Hall$5,000.00
07/14/2020Friends of David ColeJohnson & Johnson PAc$1,000.00
07/14/2020Friends of David ColeHBS MO State PAC$1,500.00
07/14/2020Derron Black for AmericaGolden Gate Funeral Services$1,500.00
07/14/2020Page For MissouriNancy Grove$1,000.00
07/14/2020Page For MissouriDonn Sorensen$500.00
07/14/2020Page For MissouriMichael Manalo$500.00
07/14/2020Friends of Trish GunbyLIUNA Pac Fund$2,046.00
07/14/2020Chris Brown for Missouri HouseKansasCity Reagional Ass. of Realtors$500.00
07/14/2020Chris Brown for Missouri HouseMissouri NEA$1,000.00
07/14/2020Citizens For RossOld Drum Conservative PAC$2,500.00
07/14/2020Citizens For RossMO Cable PAC$1,000.00
07/14/2020North Missouri Leadership PACEquifax$500.00
07/14/2020Citizens for Dean VanSchoiackRICHARD EBERSOLD$1,000.00
07/14/2020Citizens for Dean VanSchoiackRyan VanMeter$1,000.00
07/14/2020Citizens for Dean VanSchoiackRobert Crawford$2,000.00
07/14/2020Citizens for Dean VanSchoiackBRAD LAGER$2,000.00
07/14/2020Citizens for Dean VanSchoiackAlan Landes$2,000.00
07/14/2020Citizens for Dean VanSchoiackRandy Herzog$2,000.00
07/14/2020Friends Of ShaulLathrop Gage Consulting PAC$1,000.00
07/14/2020Citizens to Elect Kurtis GregoryViolett Corbett$500.00
07/14/2020Citizens to Elect Kurtis GregoryJim Stuck$500.00
07/14/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMissouri Forward PAC$2,650.00
07/14/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMissouri First PAC$2,000.00
07/14/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeShamrock PAC$2,500.00
07/14/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeRural Telecommunications PAC$1,500.00
07/14/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMissouri Beverage PAC$1,000.00
07/14/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeKaren Thompson$2,650.00
07/14/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeLynn Thompson$1,650.00
07/14/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeRobert Hartle$1,000.00
07/14/2020Lavender For State SenateRoofers Local #20$500.00
07/14/2020Lavender For State SenateAnne Bader$500.00
07/14/2020Lavender For State SenateSheila Greenbaum$500.00
07/14/2020WulffForMissouri.comKelly Taylor$850.00
07/14/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlInt'l Assoc Of Fire Fighters Local #73 PAC$500.00
07/14/2020Webb For House RepHelena Webb$704.70
07/14/2020Elad Gross For MissouriGlaziers Architectural Metal & Glassworkers Local Union #513 Political Action Fund$500.00
07/14/2020Elect WooldridgeC Nelson Leonard$500.00
07/14/2020Sonya Murray Anderson For MissouriConservative Citizens Coalition PAC$750.00
07/14/2020Sonya Murray Anderson For MissouriMavis Busiek$500.00
07/14/2020Committee to Elect Dennis LillyDonovan Dobbs$1,000.00
07/14/2020Washington For Senate 9HBS MO State PAC$1,000.00
07/14/2020Baker For MissouriSusan Even$500.00
07/14/2020Citizens for Bridget Walsh MooreL.I.U.N.A. Local 110 PAC Fund$2,046.00
07/14/2020Limited Government PACALLIANCE FOR PROGRESS LLC$2,500.00
07/14/2020Frank S DeVenuto Committee to ElectFrank DeVenuto$10,000.00
07/14/2020Friends of Ruth Ann Dickerson for SheriffKenneth Foeste$500.00
07/14/2020Friends of Ruth Ann Dickerson for SheriffMichael Tomlin$1,500.00
07/14/2020Citizens for Sheriff HarrellBL Holdings$1,600.00
07/14/2020Committee to Elect ButcherRICHARD EBERSOLD$1,000.00
07/14/2020Committee to Elect ButcherRandy Herzog$1,000.00
07/14/2020Committee to Elect ButcherAlan Landes$1,000.00
07/14/2020Committee to Elect ButcherRyan VanMeter$1,000.00
07/14/2020Committee to Elect ButcherBRAD LAGER$1,000.00
07/14/2020Wood For CommissionerKen Smith$500.00
07/14/2020Wood For CommissionerBrian Mertz$500.00
07/14/2020Alex Riley for State RepresentativeMO Society of Anesthesiologists PAC$500.00
07/14/2020Committee to Re-elect Eric KnoxSherryl Schofield$500.00
07/14/2020Committee to Re-elect Eric KnoxCharles Bonnett$500.00
07/14/2020Citizens For EgglestonMissouri Organization of Defense Lawyers Political Action Committee$500.00
07/14/2020Citizens For EgglestonMO Criminal Defense Lawyers PAC$500.00
07/14/2020Fogle for MissouriMissouri NEA$500.00
07/14/2020HNTB Missouri PAC - Federal CommitteeHNTB Corporation$2,000.00
07/14/2020Committee to Elect K. Gerald "Jerry" Swan CoronerK Gerald Swan$1,300.00
07/14/2020Team Robert PACOzark Anesthesia Associates Inc$2,500.00
07/14/2020AGC of MO PACWieser Concrete Products$1,400.00
07/14/2020AGC of MO PACSuperior Bowen$500.00
07/14/2020AGC of MO PACSubsurface Contractors$500.00
07/14/2020AGC of MO PACSitelines, Inc.$500.00
07/14/2020AGC of MO PACDamon Pursell$500.00
07/14/2020AGC of MO PACMississippi Valley Equipment$1,150.00
07/14/2020AGC of MO PACKCI Construction Company$500.00
07/14/2020AGC of MO PACCrawford, Murphy & Tilly$600.00
07/14/2020AGC of MO PACAmerican Bridge$500.00
07/14/2020AGC of MO PACACME Constructors$500.00
07/14/2020Committee To Elect Becky RuthCredit Union Pac$500.00
07/14/2020Committee To Elect Becky RuthMissouri NEA$500.00
07/14/2020Friends to Elect Justin SmithHeenan Construction$500.00
07/14/2020Florissant Township Open Democratic ClubCLAY JR FOR CONGRESS$2,000.00
07/14/2020CLEAN MissouriNorth Fund$85,000.00
07/14/2020Scism For SenateWilliam K Scism$100,000.00
07/14/2020Keep Government AccountableDavis, Bethune & Jones, LLC$25,000.00
07/14/2020Missourians for HealthcareMissouri Hospital Association$600,000.00
07/14/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCharles Marley$10,000.00
07/14/2020Change STL PACCarpenters Help in the Political Process$100,000.00
07/14/2020Great Outdoors PACSeven Points LLC$20,000.00

Contribution Date: 07/13/2020

07/13/2020Committee to Elect Wade KieferJackson County Dem. Committee$1,000.00
07/13/2020Missouri UnitedXcaliber International LTD LLC$2,500.00
07/13/2020MoCannTrade PACBootheel CannaCare$2,500.00
07/13/2020Citizens For Bill PuettAmerican Democracy Alliance PAC$2,500.00
07/13/2020Citizens For Bill PuettMissouri Alliance for Freedom Grace River PAC$2,500.00
07/13/2020Conservatives United for Missouri PACMagruder Paving, LLC$10,000.00
07/13/2020Committee to Elect Ann ZimpferInternational Union of Operating Engineers (I. U. O. E.) local 513$500.00
07/13/2020The Good Folks For CooksonJoe Scott$500.00
07/13/2020Citizens For Doug LensingRobert Sellenriek$500.00
07/13/2020Scott Evans for JudgeScott Evans$3,000.00
07/13/2020Citizens To Elect Reggie JonesJust Permanent Interest$2,600.00
07/13/2020Citizens For Derek GrierBuild St. Louis PAC$700.00
07/13/2020Friends of Shalonda WebbFire Fighters of North County$750.00
07/13/2020Freedom's Promise PACMissouri First$1,000.00
07/13/2020Freedom's Promise PACA BETTER MISSOURI$1,000.00
07/13/2020Freedom's Promise PACCapital Health Management INC$3,000.00
07/13/2020Freedom's Promise PACBuild St Louis PAC INC$1,000.00
07/13/2020Keep Government AccountableFARRIS FOR CONGRESS$923.14
07/13/2020St Louis Labor Council AFL-CIO Project 2000Sheet Metal Workers #36$1,000.00
07/13/2020St Louis Labor Council AFL-CIO Project 2000LIUNA 110$2,000.00
07/13/2020St Louis Labor Council AFL-CIO Project 2000Operating Engineers 148$2,000.00
07/13/2020St Louis Labor Council AFL-CIO Project 2000Gas Workers 11-6$500.00
07/13/2020St Louis Labor Council AFL-CIO Project 2000Plumbers 562$2,000.00
07/13/2020St Louis Labor Council AFL-CIO Project 2000Electrical Workers$2,000.00
07/13/2020St Louis Labor Council AFL-CIO Project 2000IUOE #513$1,000.00
07/13/2020St Louis Labor Council AFL-CIO Project 2000Heat & Frost Insulators and Allied Workers$500.00
07/13/2020Beck For MissouriRQC PAC$1,000.00
07/13/2020Beck For MissouriBrown and Crouppen PC$2,500.00
07/13/2020Friends Of Mary Elizabeth ColemanMissouri Insurance Coalition PAC$1,000.00
07/13/2020Sharp for HouseKansas City Regional Association of Realtors Missouri RPAC$500.00
07/13/2020Sharp for HouseMissouri NEA$500.00
07/13/2020Scism For SenateMBA River Heritage PAC$1,000.00
07/13/2020Scism For SenateMO Pork PAC$500.00
07/13/2020Scism For SenateMO Medical PAC$1,000.00
07/13/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDavid Lazaroff$1,000.00
07/13/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriRaymond Peters$1,000.00
07/13/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriBob McCoole$1,000.00
07/13/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJeff Dardick$500.00
07/13/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriThomas Bloom$500.00
07/13/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMaureen Jordan$500.00
07/13/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriSally Sandy$500.00
07/13/2020Citizens For WiemannBuild St. Louis PAC$1,000.00
07/13/2020Bondon For MissouriBuilders Association PAC$1,500.00
07/13/2020Bondon For MissouriMO Criminal Defense Lawyers PAC$1,000.00
07/13/2020Bondon For MissouriPhysician Led Anesthesia Care$1,000.00
07/13/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisDavid Hatfield$1,000.00
07/13/2020UFCW Active Ballot Club-Missouri Federal CommitteeUnited Food and Commercial Workers International Union Active Ballot Club$2,500.00
07/13/2020Friends Of Estes For AssessorModern Land Company LLC$1,000.00
07/13/2020Committee To Elect Pierson JrFirefighters Of North County Pac$2,500.00
07/13/2020Conservative Leadership of the OzarksBetter Schools for Missouri$4,000.00
07/13/2020Conservative Leadership of the OzarksMissouri State Teachers Assn Legislative$10,000.00
07/13/2020Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilDaniel Brumer$500.00
07/13/2020Bob Burns For MissouriSudhir Jain$500.00
07/13/2020Bob Burns For MissouriDarryl Jones$500.00
07/13/2020Bob Burns For MissouriPayne Family Homes LLC$1,000.00
07/13/2020Bob Burns For MissouriKen Stricker$500.00
07/13/2020Upchurch4MOGregory Upchurch$1,700.00
07/13/2020Citizens 4 Dr. Lisa ThomasSt. Charles Organization of Republicans$1,000.00
07/13/2020Best Friends For MissouriMissouri Realtors PAC$2,046.00
07/13/2020Best Friends For MissouriMissouri NEA$2,000.00
07/13/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanAndrew Buelow$600.00
07/13/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanMO NEA PAC$2,500.00
07/13/2020Missouri Right to Life Political Action CommitteeKnights of Columbus - Wardsville$500.00
07/13/2020Friends of David ColeKnasel Garrett$1,000.00
07/13/2020Good Government for MissouriColleen Millstone$1,000.00
07/13/2020ArtSchaaf4MO30Pamela Rhodes$2,000.00
07/13/2020Page For MissouriBARBARA TAYLOR$2,600.00
07/13/2020Page For MissouriAndrew C. Taylor$2,600.00
07/13/2020Page For MissouriNorman Erekson$500.00
07/13/2020Friends of Trish GunbyMaureen Jordan$500.00
07/13/2020Committee to Elect Jean PrettoKevin Rowe$1,000.00
07/13/2020Stoddard County Friends for SeymoreDon Seymore$1,000.00
07/13/2020Voters for Good GovernmentUFCW LOCAL 655 ELECT POLITICAL FUND$2,000.00
07/13/2020Voters for Good GovernmentMHA HealthPAC$1,000.00
07/13/2020Terry Dotson for Cass County SheriffStan Redford$2,000.00
07/13/2020Terry Dotson for Cass County SheriffJim Lillig$1,500.00
07/13/2020Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurMissouri NEA$2,500.00
07/13/2020Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurMBA Pony Express Region PAC$1,000.00
07/13/2020Richardson for JudgeBill White$500.00
07/13/2020North Missouri Leadership PACFord Motor Company Civic Action Fund - MO$2,500.00
07/13/2020Friends Of Phil ChristofanelliBuild St Louis PAC$700.00
07/13/2020Friends Of Phil ChristofanelliMO DSV PAC$500.00
07/13/2020Citizens for Dean VanSchoiackMissouri Pork PAC$500.00
07/13/2020Citizens for Dean VanSchoiackKansas City Regional Association of Realtors Rpac$500.00
07/13/2020Citizens for Dean VanSchoiackMissouri Cattlemen's Association PAC$1,000.00
07/13/2020Friends Of ShaulBuild St. Louis PAC$700.00
07/13/2020Citizens to Elect Kurtis GregoryMARK CURTIS$500.00
07/13/2020Friends of Mark BehlmannFirefighters Of North County Pac$750.00
07/13/2020Lavender For State SenateWilliam Hirsch$500.00
07/13/2020Lavender For State SenateBrown and Crouppen PC$2,500.00
07/13/2020Lavender For State SenateRobert Southard$500.00
07/13/2020Roberts For St LouisMO DSV PAC$1,000.00
07/13/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlConway Partnership$1,000.00
07/13/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlJohn Stupp$1,000.00
07/13/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlAlan Wright$775.00
07/13/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlJoseph Von Kaenel$500.00
07/13/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlTodd Waelterman$1,000.00
07/13/2020Henderson For MissouriBuild St Louis PAC$700.00
07/13/2020Henderson For MissouriMO DSV PAC$1,000.00
07/13/2020KarlaEslingerForSenate.comRobert Orscheln$1,250.00
07/13/2020KarlaEslingerForSenate.comWilliam Orscheln$1,250.00
07/13/2020Page PACArmstrong Teasdale$3,650.00
07/13/2020Page PACWeber Chevrolet$2,500.00
07/13/2020Page PACEnterprise Holdings Inc, Political Action Committee$5,000.00
07/13/2020Page PACSpirit of Missouri$5,000.00
07/13/2020Washington For Senate 9Missouri Land Title Political Action Committee$500.00
07/13/2020Washington For Senate 9Missouri Rental Dealers Association PAC$500.00
07/13/2020Parson For MissouriScott Rhodes$2,000.00
07/13/2020Parson For MissouriMark Rhodes$2,000.00
07/13/2020Parson For MissouriRoger Moser$500.00
07/13/2020Parson For MissouriMichael Mooney$1,000.00
07/13/2020Parson For MissouriMary Libla$1,000.00
07/13/2020Parson For MissouriRobert Hoffmann$1,150.00
07/13/2020Plocher For MissouriCHEYENNE$1,000.00
07/13/2020Plocher For MissouriMissouri Architects PAC$1,000.00
07/13/2020Plocher For MissouriSPIRE Political Action Committee$1,500.00
07/13/2020Citizens for WoodySt. Charles County Republican Central Committee$1,000.00
07/13/2020Barnes For State Representative - Dist 28thMissouri Realtors PAC, Inc$500.00
07/13/2020MBA River Heritage Region PACKevin Cook$9,590.00
07/13/2020McDaniel For State RepresentativeMissouri Assocation of Municipal Utilities$500.00
07/13/2020McDaniel For State RepresentativeSpire PAC$500.00
07/13/2020Ingrid Burnett For MissouriTeamsters Local Union 541$2,000.00
07/13/2020Committee to Elect James P. "Jimmy" NashJay and Patricia Elardo$500.00
07/13/2020Committee to Elect James P. "Jimmy" NashJames and Angelina Ransom$1,000.00
07/13/2020Friends of Ruth Ann Dickerson for SheriffJason Crowell$500.00
07/13/2020MO Soybean Association State PAC (MO SoyPAC)Missouri Corn Growers Association$5,000.00
07/13/2020Rick Walter for SheriffPaul Ruff$700.00
07/13/2020Hurlbert for MissouriMissouri United PAC$1,000.00
07/13/2020Citizens for Sheriff HarrellDavid James$500.00
07/13/2020Bill Kidd For MissouriMO NEA-PAC$1,000.00
07/13/2020Committee to Elect Gary StroudGary Stroud$1,000.00
07/13/2020Friends Of Raychel ProudieFirefighters Of North County Pac$500.00
07/13/2020Lee Hilty for SheriffKevin Paxman$500.00
07/13/2020Razer For MissouriMissouri NEA$500.00
07/13/2020Razer For MissouriMBA Truman Region PAC$500.00
07/13/2020Committee to Elect NuberTrue United Republicans United$500.00
07/13/2020Friends of Alan CookChris Dumm$500.00
07/13/2020Committee to Re-Elect Diane Thomsen, Mark Thomsen, TreasurerMark and or Diane Thomsen$1,000.00
07/13/2020Friends to Elect Jim KalberlohMissouri Pork PAC$500.00
07/13/2020MO Chamber PACOrscheln Managment Co.$15,000.00
07/13/2020MO Chamber PACLEANN CHILTON$500.00
07/13/2020Missouri Senate Conservatives FundAmerican Federation For Children$122,000.00
07/13/2020Robert Foster for Southern CommissionerRobert Foster$1,000.00
07/13/2020Janet Thompson for Boone CountyDavid Horner$500.00
07/13/2020Conservative Citizens CoalitionW E SHOEHIGH,LLC PUBLIC AFFAIRS CONSULTING$750.00
07/13/2020Missourians for HealthcareCompass Health$25,000.00
07/13/2020Eastside Forward PACCHIPP Political Action Committee$10,000.00
07/13/2020New Approach PACNew Approach PAC$55,000.00
07/13/2020Missouri Senate Conservatives FundAmerican Federation of Children$122,000.00
07/13/2020No on 2 in AugustPelopidas, LLC$69,697.82
07/13/2020MO Chamber PACOrscheln Management Company$15,000.00
07/13/2020MBA River Heritage Region PACThe Bank of Missouri$9,590.00

Contribution Date: 07/12/2020

07/12/2020Friends For Brad AndersFloyd Hatfield$600.00
07/12/2020Boggs for MissouriDustin Schnake$500.00
07/12/2020Holden for MissouriSt. Charles Organization of Republicans$1,000.00
07/12/2020The Committee to Elect James ShackelfordClay County Democratic Central Committee$2,000.00
07/12/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenBNSF RAIL PAC$559.00
07/12/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenSTL Hotel Association PAC$1,000.00
07/12/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenMO BEV PAC$500.00
07/12/2020Friends of Luke HagedornOzark Mountain Leadership PAC$2,046.00
07/12/2020Committee To Elect Chet Owen, Eastern District Commissioner, Barbara Conway Owen, TreasurerCommittee to Elect Chet Owen, Eastern District Commissioner, Barbara Conway Owen, Treasurer$500.00
07/12/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriAbigail Owen$1,000.00
07/12/2020Citizens to Elect David Mosley for SheriffDavid Mosley$2,500.00
07/12/2020Faleti For MissouriChimeodo Uche$1,500.00
07/12/2020Faleti For MissouriBrian Jones$500.00
07/12/2020Lavender For State SenateSteven Groves$500.00
07/12/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlVincent Schoemehl$500.00
07/12/2020Citizens for Sheriff HarrellBL Holdings$3,900.00
07/12/2020Citizens to Elect Joe DurnallThelma Vanhooser$500.00
07/12/2020Majority ForwardCHIPP Political Account$100,000.00

Contribution Date: 07/11/2020

07/11/2020Teri Powers for STLRoberts Brothers Properties$867.50
07/11/2020Committee to Elect Tucker HerrellDrew Stubblefield$500.00
07/11/2020Boggs for MissouriMitch Boggs$900.00
07/11/2020Boggs for MissouriTimothy Stewart$500.00
07/11/2020Friends Of Rick BrattinLori Toth$500.00
07/11/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisChristine Hudson$1,000.00
07/11/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisJames Hudson$1,000.00
07/11/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisBellerive Cemetery LLC$1,000.00
07/11/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisRichard Hudson$1,000.00
07/11/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisGrace Hudson$500.00
07/11/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisMegan Schuler$500.00
07/11/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisMargaret Hudson$500.00
07/11/2020Friends of Jeffrey BoydJeff Rainford$500.00
07/11/2020Bob Burns For MissouriCarol Rossfeld$1,000.00
07/11/2020Missourians For Cody SmithMBA Capitol Region PAC$500.00
07/11/2020Missourians For Cody SmithAGC of MO Pac$1,000.00
07/11/2020Friends of David ColeSouthwest Missouri Leadership PAC$2,500.00
07/11/2020Page For MissouriLauren Rice$500.00
07/11/2020Voters for Good GovernmentMissouri State Teachers Association-Legislative Impact Committee$5,000.00
07/11/2020Gonzales 2020 Vision For A Brighter 8thMBE Environmental Solutions LLC$2,059.96
07/11/2020Citizens to Elect Kurtis GregoryMissouri Cattlemens Association PAC$1,000.00
07/11/2020Voters for Patty LewisMissouri NEA$500.00
07/11/2020Women For Justice PACActBlue Missouri$960.50
07/11/2020Citizens For Elaine GannonMO NEA-PAC$2,500.00
07/11/2020Citizens For Elaine GannonMo Bankers Assn$1,000.00
07/11/2020Buchheit-Courtway for MissouriShamrock PAC$500.00
07/11/2020Buchheit-Courtway for MissouriUFCW Local 655 Elect Political PAC$2,000.00
07/11/2020Washington For Senate 9Nate Hogan$500.00
07/11/2020Saundra McDowell for MissouriMark Muller$2,650.00
07/11/2020Citizens for Sheriff HarrellBL Holdings$1,000.00
07/11/2020Committee to Elect Jason ShafferMark Parrish$1,000.00
07/11/2020Friends for Ed LewisCheyenne International$500.00
07/11/2020Forte' For Jackson County Sheriff CommitteeJohn P O Connor$1,000.00
07/11/2020MO Cattlemens Association PACSHANNON COOPER$1,000.00
07/11/2020MO Cattlemens Association PACThomas Richard$1,360.00
07/11/2020MO Cattlemens Association PACGreg Sharpe$1,000.00
07/11/2020MO Cattlemens Association PACDustin Schnake$500.00
07/11/2020MO Cattlemens Association PACDean VanSchoiack$680.00
07/11/2020Truth in CampaignsSimmons Hanly Conroy, LLC$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 07/10/2020

07/10/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisJ. Randal Mayer$2,600.00
07/10/2020Mike Moon For MissouriBrenda Henry$2,500.00
07/10/2020Mike Moon For MissouriBelinda Wormington$2,000.00
07/10/2020Mike Moon For MissouriJacob Vaughn Trucking$1,000.00
07/10/2020Mike Moon For MissouriSusan Hill$500.00
07/10/2020Mike Moon For MissouriKelley Carr$500.00
07/10/2020Citizens to elect Joe Combs for State Representative of District 155Better Schools for Missouri$500.00
07/10/2020Dean ManuelEmbree Electric$500.00
07/10/2020Boggs for MissouriLandan Williams$500.00
07/10/2020Citizens For Tony GaglianoDavidson Enterprises, Inc$1,500.00
07/10/2020Friends Of Rick BrattinBill Testerman$500.00
07/10/2020Friends Of Rick BrattinEvergy Power PAC$1,000.00
07/10/2020The Committee to Elect James ShackelfordKevin Rowe$1,000.00
07/10/2020Friends of Luke HagedornMissouri's Energy Future PAC$1,000.00
07/10/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comJim Burke$500.00
07/10/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriTimothy Kelly$1,000.00
07/10/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDarien Arnstein$500.00
07/10/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriEileen Edelman$500.00
07/10/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisJ. Mayer$2,600.00
07/10/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisJohn Kilo$1,500.00
07/10/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisJohn Vatterott$1,000.00
07/10/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisJan Hibbs$1,000.00
07/10/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisKevin Beckman$1,000.00
07/10/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisKenneth Kranzberg$500.00
07/10/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisJohn Cusumano$500.00
07/10/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisDavid Farrell$500.00
07/10/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisRichard Piatchek$500.00
07/10/2020Friends of Jeffrey BoydRoy Ptfautch$2,650.00
07/10/2020Jacque Sample for MissouriDiana Baldwin$500.00
07/10/2020Conservative Leadership of the OzarksPHYSICIAN LED ANESTHESIA CARE PAC$1,000.00
07/10/2020Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilKevin Gunn$500.00
07/10/2020Franklin County Leadership PACEquifax Inc$1,000.00
07/10/2020Bob Burns For MissouriCharles Brennan$1,000.00
07/10/2020Bob Burns For MissouriSimple Storage Solutions$2,500.00
07/10/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanMo Assn of Municipal Utilities$500.00
07/10/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanMO Insurance Coalition PAC$1,000.00
07/10/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanMBA River Heritage Region PAC$1,000.00
07/10/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanRichard Steele$500.00
07/10/2020Friends of David ColeMo TRUCK PAC$1,000.00
07/10/2020Page For MissouriStephen Schmidt$500.00
07/10/2020Page For MissouriThomas Forget$500.00
07/10/2020Page For MissouriDavid Dobmeyer$1,000.00
07/10/2020Page For MissouriPaul Buse$500.00
07/10/2020Page For MissouriBasem Abdeen$500.00
07/10/2020Friends of Trish GunbyTHOMAS GUNN$500.00
07/10/2020Friends of Trish GunbyAnthony Corey$1,000.00
07/10/2020McKelvey for JudgeJENNIFER BAHR$1,000.00
07/10/2020Committee to Elect Vicky Fish Gentry County Public Administrator, Mary Noble TreasurerVicky Fish$500.00
07/10/2020Green for Circuit JudgeJennifer Bukowsky$500.00
07/10/2020Schmitt For MissouriMissouri First PAC$2,000.00
07/10/2020Terry Dotson for Cass County SheriffStephen Moore$500.00
07/10/2020Sharpe For RepMissouri Pork PAC$500.00
07/10/2020"Together With Schaper"Missouri's Energy Future PAC$1,000.00
07/10/2020Elect Ben BakerRural Telecommunications Committee$500.00
07/10/2020KC Neighbors for ProgressCHIPP Political Account$5,000.00
07/10/2020Missourians for HealthcareLinda Honigfort$500.00
07/10/2020Missourians for HealthcareMissouri Coalition for Primary Health Care$5,000.00
07/10/2020Committee to Elect Benny Earl Thomas H-124Lloyd Downard$1,000.00
07/10/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerCardina Johnson$500.00
07/10/2020Lavender For State SenateThe Schlueter Trust$500.00
07/10/2020Lavender For State SenateOBrien Law Firm - PRIMARY$2,500.00
07/10/2020Roberts For St LouisOBrien Law Firm - PRIMARY$2,500.00
07/10/2020WulffForMissouri.comRon Baird$500.00
07/10/2020Matt Bell for Saint LouisBrian Horneyer$500.00
07/10/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlBARBARA TAYLOR$2,500.00
07/10/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlAndrew C. Taylor$2,500.00
07/10/2020Friends Of Holly RehderKeith Davidson$2,250.00
07/10/2020KarlaEslingerForSenate.comJoe Richardson$500.00
07/10/2020KarlaEslingerForSenate.comRON DARRAH$1,000.00
07/10/2020KarlaEslingerForSenate.comMark Collins$500.00
07/10/2020Washington For Senate 9Randy Charles Alberhasky Attorney at Law (Business Account) - PRIMARY$1,250.00
07/10/2020Washington For Senate 9White, Graham, Buckley & Carr$1,250.00
07/10/2020Washington For Senate 9Roberts, Wooten & Zimmer$1,000.00
07/10/2020Washington For Senate 9Robb & Robb$2,500.00
07/10/2020Washington For Senate 9Shamberg, Johnson & Bergman$2,500.00
07/10/2020Washington For Senate 9Emmet Pierson$500.00
07/10/2020O'DonnellForMissouri.comMilton Rudi$500.00
07/10/2020Citizens For Tishaura O JonesCharles Stewart$500.00
07/10/2020Citizens For Tishaura O JonesAlison Ferring$500.00
07/10/2020Baker For MissouriRick Shang$500.00
07/10/2020Baker For MissouriMary Neal$500.00
07/10/2020Baker For MissouriKevin Rowe$1,000.00
07/10/2020Baker For MissouriJames R. Dowd$500.00
07/10/2020Wolfin for MissouriNicholas Gibson$2,000.00
07/10/2020Wolfin for MissouriErnie Gibson$2,000.00
07/10/2020Citizens For MitchellRick Delcamp$625.00
07/10/2020Parson For MissouriJanna Tarbox$500.00
07/10/2020Parson For MissouriGeorge Hruza$1,000.00
07/10/2020Douglas Countians for Ben PeeblesDavid Slechter$500.00
07/10/2020Citizens for WoodyJASON MITCHELL$500.00
07/10/2020Conservative Leadership for Southeast MissouriHEALTH SYSTEMS INC$5,000.00
07/10/2020Citizens To Elect Will Akin For SheriffSheryl Giambalvo$500.00
07/10/2020Committee to Re-Elect Kellie J. VestalKellie Vestal$500.00
07/10/2020Committee to Elect James P. "Jimmy" NashRoger Michael Ellis$1,000.00
07/10/2020Western Missouri Leadership FundHealthPAC$2,500.00
07/10/2020Palamand For MehlvilleVenki Palamand$756.79
07/10/2020Palamand For MehlvilleDavid Gralike$500.00
07/10/2020Friends of Ruth Ann Dickerson for SheriffMary Shepard$500.00
07/10/2020Nancy Schneider for County CouncilSaint Charles County Association of Realtors PAC$500.00
07/10/2020Citizens for Sheriff HarrellMilitia Armament$2,427.00
07/10/2020Bruce Sassmann Election CommitteeEd Pepper$1,000.00
07/10/2020#NorthCountyExcellenceNexus PAC$1,000.00
07/10/2020Wood For CommissionerDale Werts$500.00
07/10/2020Friends of Gwen ReedJust Permanent Interests, PAC$1,900.00
07/10/2020Citizens to Elect Joe DurnallDeskin Scale Company$500.00
07/10/2020Committee To Elect HouxCredit Union Pac$500.00
07/10/2020Citizens For BrachtTerence Bracht$700.00
07/10/2020Citizens For HinsonLincoln PAC$2,500.00
07/10/2020HealthPACJolie Justus$500.00
07/10/2020Team Robert PACBUILD St. Louis PAC, Inc.$1,000.00
07/10/2020Team Robert PACCapital Health Management, Inc.$2,500.00
07/10/2020Team Robert PACPT PAC of Missouri$3,000.00
07/10/2020Team Robert PACMissouri Association of Nurse Anesthetists PAC$2,500.00
07/10/2020Team Robert PACA Better Missouri PAC$2,500.00
07/10/2020Team Robert PACWPG PAC$1,000.00
07/10/2020Team Robert PACALLIANCE FOR PROGRESS LLC$5,000.00
07/10/2020Team Robert PACSouth Central Manufacturing Corp$1,500.00
07/10/2020Pollitt For House Of RepresentativesMHA (Health PAC)$500.00
07/10/2020Citizens To Elect Alan GrayMissouri NEA$500.00
07/10/2020Marcy Oerly for AssessorMarcy Oerly$2,800.00
07/10/2020Taxpayers in Support of Public EducationCHIPP Political Account$100,000.00
07/10/2020Missourians for HealthcareNorth Fund$1,500,000.00
07/10/2020Missourians for HealthcareNorth Fund$88,000.00
07/10/2020Missourians for HealthcareMissouri Hospital Association$16,538.00
07/10/2020Travis Smith for Representative.comTravis Smith$10,000.00
07/10/2020Mighty Missouri PACMissouri Growth PAC$10,000.00
07/10/2020The Madison PACCHIPP Political Account$100,000.00

Contribution Date: 07/09/2020

07/09/2020Doll for MissouriMo TRUCK PAC$500.00
07/09/2020Citizens For Bill PuettLarry Goins$1,000.00
07/09/2020Citizens For Bill PuettJames Robinson$1,000.00
07/09/2020Darryl Gray for MissouriStarsky Wilson$500.00
07/09/20203rd Ward Regular Democratic OrganizationAble Oil and Gas$2,500.00
07/09/2020Citizens for Rasheen AldridgeHealthPAC$500.00
07/09/2020Friends Of Charles GroetekePete Vetter$500.00
07/09/2020Committee To Elect David EvansMissouri Dental PAC$1,000.00
07/09/2020Friends Of Steve FarmerThurman, Howard, Weber, Senkel & Norrick, LLC$500.00
07/09/2020Beck For MissouriMissouri Dental PAC$500.00
07/09/2020Beck For MissouriSupporters of Health Research and Treatments$650.00
07/09/2020Beck For MissouriUnited Transportation Union PAC$559.00
07/09/2020Beck For MissouriJoyce Aboussie$2,046.00
07/09/2020Finneran for MissouriMichael Silverman$1,000.00
07/09/2020Finneran for MissouriGina Bremehr$500.00
07/09/2020Friends Of Mary Elizabeth ColemanHealthPAC$750.00
07/09/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJeff McDonnell$2,500.00
07/09/2020Committee To Elect Roger BarnesRoger Barnes$875.00
07/09/2020House Democratic Campaign CommitteeStephen Butz$1,500.00
07/09/2020Bondon For MissouriMO Association of Municipal Utilities$500.00
07/09/2020Bondon For MissouriLiving Well PAC$500.00
07/09/2020Bondon For MissouriPT - PAC of MO$500.00
07/09/2020Bondon For MissouriRural Telecommunications Committee PAC$1,000.00
07/09/2020Bondon For MissouriKC Southern Employee PAC$2,559.00
07/09/2020Bondon For MissouriMO BEV PAC$500.00
07/09/2020Bondon For MissouriRQC PAC$1,600.00
07/09/2020Bondon For MissouriMO RES PAC$500.00
07/09/2020Bondon For MissouriSt. Louis Hotel Association PAC$750.00
07/09/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisElizabeth Hudson$600.00
07/09/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisPat and Ken Schutte$500.00
07/09/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisDon Sherman$500.00
07/09/2020Dirk Deaton For MissouriShamrock PAC$500.00
07/09/2020Committee to Elect Brandi L. Baird Circuit JudgeBrandi Baird$4,000.00
07/09/2020Committee To Elect Pierson JrMissouri Dental PAC$500.00
07/09/2020Committee To Elect Pierson JrUFCW Local 655 Elect. Political Fund$2,000.00
07/09/2020Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilUFCW LOCAL 655 ELECT POLITICAL FUND$1,000.00
07/09/2020Bob Burns For MissouriForrest Miller$600.00
07/09/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanDuc Nguyen$500.00
07/09/2020Friends of David ColeWilliam Kilroy$500.00
07/09/2020Friends of David ColeMissouri Dental PAC$1,000.00
07/09/2020Friends of David ColeMissouri Criminal Defense Lawyers PAC$1,000.00
07/09/2020Friends of David ColeJeff Layman$1,000.00
07/09/2020Page For MissouriElie Azrak$500.00
07/09/2020Page For MissouriJOHN HICKEY$500.00
07/09/2020Page For MissouriLabib Haddad$500.00
07/09/2020Page For MissouriTheodore Sanditz$500.00
07/09/2020Friends of Trish GunbyUTU PAC$500.00
07/09/2020Friends Of Alan GreenVincent Pierce$500.00
07/09/2020Committee to Elect Jean PrettoCHARLIE OREILLY$1,000.00
07/09/2020Voters for Good GovernmentMissouri and Kansas Laborers' PAC$2,500.00
07/09/2020Voters for Good GovernmentALLIANCE FOR PROGRESS LLC$2,500.00
07/09/2020Citizens for Vicki Lorenz EnglundUnited Transportation Union PAC$1,000.00
07/09/2020Graham for 139 MO Dist RepJim Kreider$1,000.00
07/09/2020"Together With Schaper"BAC ADC of Eastern MO PAC Fund$500.00
07/09/2020Citizens for PhiferUFCW LOCAL 655 ELECT POLITICAL FUND$500.00
07/09/2020Richardson for JudgeGary Schell$1,000.00
07/09/2020Friends Of Phil ChristofanelliMo TRUCK PAC$1,000.00
07/09/2020Friends Of Phil ChristofanelliSupporters of Health Research and Treatments$1,000.00
07/09/2020Friends Of Phil ChristofanelliMissouri Dental Political Action Committee$500.00
07/09/2020Committee To Elect Paula BrownUFCW Local 655 Elect Club$500.00
07/09/2020Missourians for HealthcareMissouri Coalition for Primary Health Care$5,000.00
07/09/2020Citizens for Dean VanSchoiackThe Pasture Cafe$500.00
07/09/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMatt Blunt$1,000.00
07/09/2020International Union of Painters & Allied Trades PAT Federal PACIUPAT Political Action Together Political Committee$1,250.00
07/09/2020Committee to re-elect Tim Davis Gentry County Sheriff, Amber Davis, TreasurerJohn Richmond$500.00
07/09/2020Roberts For St LouisMissouri Dental PAC$500.00
07/09/2020Committee To Elect Doug ClemensMHA-PAC$500.00
07/09/2020Henderson For MissouriSupporters of Health Research Treatments$1,041.00
07/09/2020Henderson For MissouriMissouri Dental PAC$1,000.00
07/09/2020The Downtown Council Political Action CommitteeKansas City Southern$2,000.00
07/09/2020Friends Of Steve HelmsA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
07/09/2020Friends Of Steve HelmsMissouri First$500.00
07/09/2020Friends Of Steve HelmsPT-PAC of Missouri$1,000.00
07/09/2020Friends Of Steve HelmsResidential Care Facility PAC$500.00
07/09/2020Friends Of Steve HelmsPHYSICIAN LED ANESTHESIA CARE PAC$1,046.00
07/09/2020Citizens For Elaine GannonJEFFREY & SUSAN SCHAEFFER$1,000.00
07/09/2020Citizens to Elect Carl Hefner SheriffElvin Kingree$500.00
07/09/2020Citizens to Elect Carl Hefner SheriffBobby Blair$500.00
07/09/2020Page PACRobert Klahr$1,000.00
07/09/2020Page PACDaniel Godar$1,000.00
07/09/2020Washington For Senate 9Missouri Dental PAC$500.00
07/09/202029th Senate District Leadership PACALLIANCE FOR PROGRESS LLC$2,500.00
07/09/2020Wolfin for MissouriCorey Gibson$2,000.00
07/09/2020Parson For MissouriChris Williams$1,500.00
07/09/2020Parson For MissouriKAREN JOHNSON$1,000.00
07/09/2020Parson For MissouriAllen Brooks$500.00
07/09/2020Parson For MissouriJanet Bell$1,500.00
07/09/2020Parson For MissouriBaldbrow LLC$500.00
07/09/2020Friends of Dean Wilson for AssessorBRAD LAGER$1,000.00
07/09/2020Friends of Terry ThompsonMissouri Pork PAC$500.00
07/09/2020Friends of Terry ThompsonMissouri Realtors Pac, Inc.$1,000.00
07/09/2020Friends for Rusty MacLachlanCuplpepper Record and Storage LLC$500.00
07/09/2020Safer Families for MissouriMike Campbell$670.00
07/09/2020Patricia Pike For State Representative-126MO Hospital Association PAC$500.00
07/09/2020Ingrid Burnett For MissouriSupporters of Health Research & Treatmentss$500.00
07/09/2020Friends of John VossAnand Patel$1,000.00
07/09/2020Friends of John VossAnissa Patel$2,000.00
07/09/2020Citizens for Cardona FribisBrian Haskins$1,000.00
07/09/2020Todd Smith for JudgeBruce Rotton$1,000.00
07/09/2020Friends Of Kip KendrickMO Realtors PAC$500.00
07/09/2020Citizens for Sheriff HarrellJackie Fera$1,000.00
07/09/2020Bill Kidd For MissouriMO Association of Municipal Utilities$500.00
07/09/2020Committee to Elect Bill OttoUnited Transportation Union Political Action Committee (UTU-PAC)$500.00
07/09/2020Citizens for Megan ThompsonBrian Costello$500.00
07/09/2020Citizens For Judge KoeppenNancy Koeppen$2,000.00
07/09/2020Razer For MissouriKansas City Regional Association of Realtors Missouri RPAC$1,000.00
07/09/2020Razer For MissouriRCQ PAC$1,000.00
07/09/2020Razer For MissouriSt Louis Area Hotel Association PAC$500.00
07/09/2020Razer For MissouriMORESPAC$500.00
07/09/2020Razer For MissouriMissouri Association of Municipal Utilities$500.00
07/09/2020Razer For MissouriLocal Union 124 Political Fund$500.00
07/09/2020Alex Riley for State RepresentativeMO Criminal Defense Lawyers Political Action Committee$500.00
07/09/2020Vote to Elect Jeff Riddle For County CommissonerJeff Riddle$2,500.00
07/09/2020Railsback for MissouriMissouri Hospital Assocation$500.00
07/09/2020Committee to Re-Elect Diane Thomsen, Mark Thomsen, TreasurerMark and or Diane Thomsen$860.00
07/09/2020The Seitz Conservative CoalitionMaia Gage$800.00
07/09/2020HealthPACGary Fulbright$700.00
07/09/2020Central to Good Government PACC.B. of Boone County$5,000.00
07/09/2020Citizens To Elect GrayUFCW Local 655$500.00
07/09/2020MO Cattlemens Association PACCallaway Montgomery Cattlemen's$3,000.00
07/09/2020Green for Circuit JudgeDANIEL GREEN$25,000.00
07/09/2020Brattin Brigade PACCL PAC$50,000.00
07/09/2020Table Rock Conservative PACCL PAC$25,000.00
07/09/2020Patriot PACCL PAC$50,000.00
07/09/2020Make Liberty Win-Federal CommitteeMake Liberty Win$275,000.00
07/09/2020Nancy Schneider for County CouncilNANCY SCHNEIDER$10,000.00
07/09/2020House Democratic Campaign CommitteeCHIPP Political Account$50,000.00
07/09/2020Keep Government AccountableSimmons Hanly Conroy, LLC$25,000.00
07/09/2020Keep Government AccountableIUOE Local 513 Political and Education Fund$10,000.00
07/09/2020Midwest Region Laborers' Political League Education FundLaborers Supplemental Dues Fund$7,313.70
07/09/2020Citizens For Elaine GannonDENNIS AND ELAINE GANNON$25,000.00
07/09/2020Keep Government AccountableStrong, Garner & Bauer, PC$10,000.00
07/09/2020Keep Government AccountableLangdon Emison$20,000.00

Contribution Date: 07/08/2020

07/08/2020MoCannTrade PACTHF Partners$1,000.00
07/08/2020MoCannTrade PACFocus Partners$1,000.00
07/08/2020Missouri SMART TD PACMissouri SMART TD PAC$10,000.00
07/08/2020Committee To Elect Gail McCann BeattyGAIL MCCANN BEATTY$500.00
07/08/2020Citizens For Tony GaglianoCarl Bolm$1,000.00
07/08/2020Canady for MissouriURSULA TERRASI$500.00
07/08/2020Beck For MissouriMandel and Mandel LLP$1,000.00
07/08/2020Beck For MissouriGerald Fitzgerald$2,059.00
07/08/2020Beck For MissouriBart Baumstark$2,059.00
07/08/2020Beck For MissouriChristopher Thoran$2,559.00
07/08/2020Hannegan For State RepresentativeSpirit of Missouri$500.00
07/08/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriBenjamin Defeo$500.00
07/08/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriHoward Cavner$500.00
07/08/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriAbby Beard$500.00
07/08/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisSHEILA KANTOR$1,000.00
07/08/2020Dirk Deaton For MissouriPHYSICIAN LED ANESTHESIA CARE PAC$500.00
07/08/2020Friends of Jeffrey BoydSouth Side Property$500.00
07/08/2020Committee To Elect Pierson JrTeamsters Local Union 688 PAC$2,500.00
07/08/2020Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilAsim Raza$1,000.00
07/08/2020Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilIUPAT Political Action Together Political Committee$500.00
07/08/2020Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilHealth Care Realty, LLC$1,000.00
07/08/2020Better Schools for MissouriSean Thouvenot$1,500.00
07/08/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanShamrock PAC$1,000.00
07/08/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanSoutheast Holdings LLC$1,500.00
07/08/2020Missourians For Cody SmithRual Telecommunications Committee PAC$500.00
07/08/2020Friends of David ColeRQC PAC$1,000.00
07/08/2020Friends of David ColeMO DSV PAC$1,500.00
07/08/2020Page For MissouriByron Delear$1,000.00
07/08/2020Page For MissouriCharles Nester$1,000.00
07/08/2020Page For MissouriJoan Shaffer$500.00
07/08/2020Friends of Trish GunbyMo TRUCK PAC$500.00
07/08/2020Friends of Trish GunbyEric Holland$500.00
07/08/2020Friends of Trish GunbyIUOE Local 513 P&E Fund$500.00
07/08/2020BUILD St. Louis PAC, Inc.Henges Interiors$5,000.00
07/08/2020BUILD St. Louis PAC, Inc.Ferguson Enterprises Inc.$500.00
07/08/2020BUILD St. Louis PAC, Inc.Beck/Allen Cabinetry$1,250.00
07/08/2020McKelvey for JudgeMatthew Rielley$500.00
07/08/2020CWA-COPE Political Contributions Federal CommitteeCommunications Workers of America- COPE PCC$2,750.00
07/08/2020Faleti For MissouriLaura Welch$2,650.00
07/08/2020Faleti For MissouriSharalyn Saks$1,650.00
07/08/2020Faleti For MissouriRon Saks$950.00
07/08/2020Voters for Good GovernmentSt. Louis Building Trades PAC$500.00
07/08/2020Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurGood Government for Missouri PAC$1,000.00
07/08/2020"Together With Schaper"I.U.O.E. LOCAL 513$500.00
07/08/2020Megan Green for St. LouisSharalyn Saks$500.00
07/08/2020Missourians for HealthcareJOHN WALKER$500.00
07/08/2020Missourians for HealthcareHealth Care Issues Committee of the MHA$200,000.00
07/08/2020Missourians for HealthcareMissouri Coalition for Primary Health Care$5,000.00
07/08/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMBA Gateway Region PAC$500.00
07/08/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMBA Ozark Region PAC$2,000.00
07/08/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncHealthPAC$5,000.00
07/08/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMissouri Insurance Coalition PAC$1,000.00
07/08/2020Lavender For State SenateCWA-COPE Missouri Checking$1,000.00
07/08/2020Roberts For St LouisSpooner and Perkins, PC$1,250.00
07/08/2020Roberts For St LouisMHA HealthPAC$1,000.00
07/08/2020Henderson For MissouriMo TRUCK PAC$500.00
07/08/2020KarlaEslingerForSenate.comMissouri NEA$2,000.00
07/08/2020Jean Peters Baker For ProsecutorPaul Seyferth$5,000.00
07/08/2020Page PACIUPAT Political Action Together Political Committee$1,000.00
07/08/2020Washington For Senate 9Builders Assn PAC, KC Chapter$2,000.00
07/08/2020Washington For Senate 9Spooner & Perkins$1,250.00
07/08/2020Washington For Senate 9Theodore Corless$500.00
07/08/2020Friends for FlakeCarl Bolm$1,000.00
07/08/2020David Lenihan for Senate.comMISSOURI SENATE CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE$2,559.00
07/08/2020David Lenihan for Senate.comMissouri Forward PAC$2,559.00
07/08/2020David Lenihan for Senate.comCarpenters Help in the Political Process$2,500.00
07/08/2020David Lenihan for Senate.comFranklin County Leadership PAC$2,500.00
07/08/2020David Lenihan for Senate.comPJM Consulting II LLC$1,000.00
07/08/2020David Lenihan for Senate.comJames Prater$1,000.00
07/08/2020David Lenihan for Senate.comMissouri Insurance Coalition PAC$1,000.00
07/08/2020David Lenihan for Senate.comCatalyst PAC$1,000.00
07/08/2020David Lenihan for Senate.comMissouri Medical PAC$1,000.00
07/08/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanAlan Witte$500.00
07/08/2020Juden For SheriffOne Thirty Nine Group$500.00
07/08/2020Juden For SheriffCape Girardeau Firefighters for Responsible Government$1,000.00
07/08/2020Juden For SheriffJason Coalter$1,000.00
07/08/2020Juden For SheriffOpulenza Group LLC$1,500.00
07/08/2020Citizens for Seely 2020Lisa Seely$2,000.00
07/08/2020Missourians For ShieldsGood Government for Missouri PAC$500.00
07/08/2020Saundra McDowell for MissouriRennie Robbins$500.00
07/08/2020Phyllis Hardwick for MissouriCharles Hatfield$500.00
07/08/2020Phyllis Hardwick for MissouriAdam Hawf$500.00
07/08/2020Friends For Travis FitzwaterMissouri Realtors PAC$1,000.00
07/08/2020Ingrid Burnett For MissouriMo TRUCK PAC$500.00
07/08/2020Friends Of Kip KendrickGood Govt for MO PAC$500.00
07/08/2020Friends Of Kip KendrickPfizer MO PAC$1,000.00
07/08/2020MO Soybean Association State PAC (MO SoyPAC)Renewable Energy Group$500.00
07/08/2020Nancy Schneider for County CouncilJeffrey Sandcork$500.00
07/08/2020Committee to Elect Eldon GrissomLawrence Ciesemier$500.00
07/08/2020Meyer for Southern CommissionerKevin Meyer$500.00
07/08/2020Citizens for Sheriff HarrellCharles Hobby$500.00
07/08/2020Friends of Christine Hyman for MissouriSt. Charles County Dem Central Committee$650.00
07/08/2020Committee to Elect Jamie Burger HD # 148Missouri Pork PAC$500.00
07/08/2020Committee to Elect Marlene TerryJust Permanent Interests$1,000.00
07/08/2020Committee to Elect ButcherKatherine Bradley$500.00
07/08/2020Wood For CommissionerJay Felton$500.00
07/08/2020Citizens To Elect Bruce DegrootMBA Mark Twain Region PAC$1,000.00
07/08/2020Vote for MihalevichEd Storey$500.00
07/08/2020Patti York for County CouncilJudy - Bob Burns$500.00
07/08/2020Friends Of Ernie TrakasGeorgeann Rudi$2,000.00
07/08/2020Railsback for MissouriROGER FOREMAN$500.00
07/08/2020Committee to Elect O'Bannon for Western District CommissionerMaryellen McVicker$500.00
07/08/2020MO Society of Anesthesiologists Political Action CommitteeOzark Anesthesia Associates Inc$25,000.00
07/08/2020Missouri A/C and Mechanical ContractorsAir Comfort Service$4,900.00
07/08/2020Central to Good Government PACC. B. of Jefferson City$10,000.00
07/08/2020Central to Good Government PACC.B. of Jefferson City$10,000.00
07/08/2020Citizens for a Better District 1Carpenters Help in the Political Process (CHIPP)$10,000.00
07/08/2020Six County PACCHIPP Political Account$100,000.00
07/08/2020Team Robert PACCL PAC$50,000.00
07/08/2020Heartland Action PACThe Driscoll Firm, P.C.$10,000.00
07/08/2020Page PACOBrien Law Firm - PRIMARY$10,000.00
07/08/2020MO Society of Anesthesiologists Political Action CommitteeOzark Anesthesia Associates$25,000.00
07/08/2020Southwest Missouri Conservative Values PACMissouri Forwad PAC$50,000.00
07/08/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncOzark Gateway Leadership PAC$25,000.00
07/08/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, Inc417 Pac$19,000.00
07/08/2020Missourians for HealthcareHealth Care Issues Committee of the Missouri Hospital Association$200,000.00

Contribution Date: 07/07/2020

07/07/2020Quality Building PACFairway Management, Inc.$5,000.00
07/07/2020Quality Building PACCapital Health Management, Inc.$5,000.00
07/07/2020Quality Building PACFairway Construction Co. Inc.$5,000.00
07/07/2020Laborers Local 660-PACLaborers Local 660$1,169.00
07/07/2020Missouri SMART TD PACMissouri SMART TD PAC$4,900.00
07/07/2020Citizens for AtchisonMO Pork Assoc$500.00
07/07/2020Friends Of Rick BrattinVoters for Good Government PAC$2,500.00
07/07/2020Friends of Luke HagedornMark Kelley$500.00
07/07/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comShamrock PAC$2,000.00
07/07/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comPharmacist PAC of MO$500.00
07/07/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comHilary Black$1,000.00
07/07/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comSpirit of Missouri$2,500.00
07/07/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comMissouri Medical Pac 1077$2,559.00
07/07/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comRyan Moore$500.00
07/07/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comWilliam Brooks$500.00
07/07/2020Friends Of Mary Elizabeth ColemanSprit of Missouri$1,000.00
07/07/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriEric Schmitz$1,000.00
07/07/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriAnne Bedwinek$650.00
07/07/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJo Ann Putnam Scholes$500.00
07/07/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriTom and Nancy Dornan$500.00
07/07/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJohn O'Reilly$500.00
07/07/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriEileen Friday$500.00
07/07/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriPamela Wald$500.00
07/07/2020Friends of Jeffrey BoydFred Weber$2,000.00
07/07/2020Committee to Elect Brandi L. Baird Circuit JudgeBrandi Baird$4,000.00
07/07/2020Committee To Elect Pierson JrHSLF of Missouri PAC$500.00
07/07/2020Committee To Elect Pierson JrShamrock PAC$1,000.00
07/07/2020Committee To Elect Pierson JrNexus PAC$1,000.00
07/07/2020Conservative Leadership of the OzarksCEO Financial Services Inc$1,000.00
07/07/2020Conservative Leadership of the OzarksBetter Schools for Missouri$3,500.00
07/07/2020Rick Prather For AssessorDan Roling$500.00
07/07/2020Rick Prather For AssessorANNA EWERS$3,000.00
07/07/2020Rick Prather For AssessorMark Randolph$500.00
07/07/2020Committee to Elect Joe WasmerPhelps Angus$1,130.00
07/07/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanChristine Schoolman$1,000.00
07/07/2020Missourians For Cody SmithMissouri Medical Pac 1077$500.00
07/07/2020Friends of David ColeMissouri Farm Bureau Federation State PAC$1,000.00
07/07/2020Friends of David ColeVictor Head$500.00
07/07/2020Friends of David ColeShamrock PAC$1,000.00
07/07/2020Good Government for Missouridavid roberts$1,000.00
07/07/2020Good Government for MissouriGerry Greiman$1,000.00
07/07/2020SteveWest4MissouriSteve West$2,500.00
07/07/2020Page For MissouriHillary Bean$500.00
07/07/2020Page For MissouriAshley Featherston$500.00
07/07/2020Committee to Elect Jean PrettoTeamsters Local Union 688 PAC$500.00
07/07/2020ChadPerkins4MissouriBrad Sparks$1,500.00
07/07/2020Committee To Elect Cindy Berne 2020Shamrock PAC$1,000.00
07/07/2020Missourians for HealthcareMO Coalition for Community Behavioral Healthcare$50,000.00
07/07/2020Missourians for HealthcareMissouri Coalition for Primary Health Care$5,000.00
07/07/2020Friends Of ShaulMissouri First$500.00
07/07/2020Friends Of ShaulA BETTER MISSOURI$500.00
07/07/2020Roberts For St LouisBoyd, Kenter, Thomas & Parrish. LLC$1,000.00
07/07/2020Roberts For St LouisLarson Law LLC$1,250.00
07/07/2020Roberts For St LouisShamrock PAC$1,000.00
07/07/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncNate Johnson$660.00
07/07/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncRobert Bax$820.00
07/07/2020Henderson For MissouriA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
07/07/2020Doll for MissouriMissouri Realtors PAC$500.00
07/07/2020Citizens For Elaine GannonMO & KS LABORERS PAC$2,500.00
07/07/2020Page PACAll Star Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram$1,250.00
07/07/2020Friends of KimbrowSpirit of America PAC$500.00
07/07/2020Washington For Senate 9Shamrock PAC$1,500.00
07/07/2020Washington For Senate 9HSLF of Missouri, PAC$500.00
07/07/2020Washington For Senate 9Boyd, Kenter Thomas & Parrish$1,500.00
07/07/2020Washington For Senate 9Larson Law Firm$1,250.00
07/07/2020Washington For Senate 9Placzek, Winget & Placzek$2,500.00
07/07/2020John H. Haake Branch 343 National Association of Letter Carriers Political Action FundRichard Rhyner$500.00
07/07/2020Parson For MissouriJOSEPH SHEPPARD$1,000.00
07/07/2020Parson For MissouriOral Micham$1,000.00
07/07/2020Parson For MissouriDoug Libla$2,600.00
07/07/2020Parson For MissouriRenee Fordyce$500.00
07/07/2020Friends of Dean Wilson for AssessorApril Bruder$1,000.00
07/07/2020Friends of Dean Wilson for AssessorAlan Landes$1,000.00
07/07/2020Friends of Dean Wilson for AssessorRandy Herzog$1,000.00
07/07/2020Saundra McDowell for MissouriBrian Fey$500.00
07/07/2020McGirl For State RepMissouri Funeral Director PAC$500.00
07/07/2020Families For Kimberly-Ann CollinsMissouri & Kansas Laborers PAC$500.00
07/07/2020Ingrid Burnett For MissouriShamrock PAC$1,000.00
07/07/2020Todd Smith for JudgeMarilyn Smith$2,000.00
07/07/2020Todd Smith for JudgeByron Smith$2,000.00
07/07/2020Palamand For MehlvilleDan Fowler$500.00
07/07/2020Nancy Schneider for County CouncilRobert Affholder$500.00
07/07/2020Citizens for Sheriff HarrellBL Holdings$1,800.00
07/07/2020Rudy Veit For State RepresentativeMO Realtors PAC$1,000.00
07/07/2020Bruce Sassmann Election CommitteeMissouri Funeral Directors, PAC$500.00
07/07/2020Bruce Sassmann Election CommitteeMissouri Realtors PAC$500.00
07/07/2020Wood For CommissionerJohn Wilson$1,000.00
07/07/2020Committee To Elect John BlackGood Government for Missouri PAC$500.00
07/07/2020Committee to Elect Hank SmytheOliver Station, LLC dba The Bean Counter$500.00
07/07/2020Citizens To Elect Bruce DegrootAGC of MO Pac$500.00
07/07/2020Dottie Bailey For MissouriRichard McIntosh$500.00
07/07/2020Railsback for MissouriMISSOURI PORK PRODUCERS$500.00
07/07/2020Committee to Elect Jamie Tolliver St. Louis County ExecutiveNational Women's Political Caucus$500.00
07/07/2020Perry For The PeopleJan sinn Brunner$750.00
07/07/2020Perry For The PeopleJohn Brunner$750.00
07/07/2020Citizens for Vernon BettsSt Louis Teachers Local 420$500.00
07/07/2020Taxpayers in Support of Public EducationCommittee in Support of Public Education$71,515.67
07/07/2020American Dream PACSpire Missouri Inc.$10,000.00
07/07/2020Purple PACCHIPP Political Account$100,000.00
07/07/2020Professional Fire Fighters of Eastern Missouri 2665 PAC FundProfessional Firefighters of Eastern Missouri$8,300.00
07/07/2020Committee to Elect Tom Van CampCommittee To Elect Tom Van Camp 4Th District$5,678.68
07/07/2020Missourians for HealthcareThe Fairness Project$16,209.08
07/07/2020Missourians for HealthcareMissouri Coalition for Community Behavioral Healthcare$50,000.00
07/07/2020Truth in CampaignsALLIANCE FOR PROGRESS LLC$10,000.00
07/07/2020MO Opportunity PACCentene Corporation$50,000.00
07/07/2020Table Rock Conservative PACOnder Law LLC$50,000.00
07/07/2020Living Well PACMARF$24,500.00
07/07/2020Missouri SMART TD PACSMART TD PAC$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 07/06/2020

07/06/2020Majority ForwardCredit Union Political Action Committee$1,500.00
07/06/2020Citizens for VanoverRyan Paulus$500.00
07/06/2020Committee for Securing Student SuccessUniversal Construction Company, Inc.$1,000.00
07/06/2020Friends Of Rick BrattinMO Republican Attorneys for Civil Justice PAC$2,500.00
07/06/2020Committee to Elect Laura LoyaconoBeth Jacobson$1,000.00
07/06/2020Beck For MissouriSafer Families for Missouri$1,500.00
07/06/2020Beck For MissouriMissouris Energy Future PAC$500.00
07/06/2020Beck For MissouriProtect Missouri Workers PAC$500.00
07/06/2020Beck For MissouriTRi County Labor Legislative Club$1,000.00
07/06/2020Friends Of Mary Elizabeth ColemanMissouri American Water Employees PAC$500.00
07/06/2020Friends Of Mary Elizabeth ColemanPG PAC$500.00
07/06/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriSteven Groves$1,650.00
07/06/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriBert Berkley$1,000.00
07/06/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJeff and Deannna Burns$1,000.00
07/06/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriColleen Haas$650.00
07/06/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriL.D. and Marilyn Harsin$500.00
07/06/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriStephen W. Skrainka$500.00
07/06/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDaniel Blegen$500.00
07/06/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriRichard Rhyne$500.00
07/06/2020House Democratic Campaign CommitteeMary Neal$1,000.00
07/06/2020Bondon For MissouriPharmacist PAC of MO$500.00
07/06/2020Bondon For MissouriKC Regional Associates$1,500.00
07/06/2020Friends of Jeffrey BoydSadie Woodling$1,000.00
07/06/2020Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilProtect Missouri Workers PAC$1,500.00
07/06/2020Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilMissouri Energy Future PAC$500.00
07/06/2020Rizzo For MissouriMBA Truman Region PAC$1,000.00
07/06/2020Rizzo For MissouriKansas City Regional Association of Realtors (RPAC)$1,000.00
07/06/2020Franklin County Leadership PACHealthPAC$5,000.00
07/06/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanMO Pork PAC$500.00
07/06/2020Conservative Future FundHealthPAC$5,000.00
07/06/2020Friends of David ColePHYSICIAN LED ANESTHESIA CARE PAC$2,500.00
07/06/2020Committee to Elect Karen PlanalpKaren Planalp$850.00
07/06/2020Green for Circuit JudgeLarry Rusk$500.00
07/06/2020Green for Circuit JudgeJerry Green$500.00
07/06/2020Voters for Good GovernmentBetter Schools for Missouri$5,000.00
07/06/2020Voters for Good GovernmentShamrock PAC$2,000.00
07/06/2020Schmitt For MissouriJohn Danforth$2,000.00
07/06/2020Committee To Elect Robert SaulsMissouri Realtors PAC Inc$500.00
07/06/2020Mighty Missouri PACHUSCH BLACKWELL STRATEGIES$1,000.00
07/06/2020Mighty Missouri PACEquifax Inc$1,000.00
07/06/2020Mighty Missouri PACWinton Policy Group LLC$1,500.00
07/06/2020Gregory For MissouriAtlas Strategy Group LLC$1,000.00
07/06/2020Gregory For MissouriMissouri CPA PAC$500.00
07/06/2020Gregory For MissouriMissouri Realtors Pac, Inc.$1,546.00
07/06/2020Gregory For MissouriMSA State PAC$2,000.00
07/06/2020Gregory For MissouriSPIRE Political Action Committee$1,000.00
07/06/2020Committee to Elect Ian MackeyProtect Missouri Workers PAC$1,000.00
07/06/2020North Missouri Leadership PACRegional Missouri Bank$500.00
07/06/2020North Missouri Leadership PACBrian and Kristen Baker$2,000.00
07/06/2020Expand MissouriHEALTH SYSTEMS INC$5,000.00
07/06/2020Committee To Elect Paula BrownProtect Missouri Workers PAC$1,000.00
07/06/2020Committee To Elect Paula BrownMissouris Energy Future PAC$500.00
07/06/2020Missourians for HealthcareHealth Care Issues Committee of the MHA$600,000.00
07/06/2020Lindley for CoronerDeborah Lindley$4,500.00
07/06/2020Manlove For MissouriKANSAS CITY REGIONAL ASSOC OF REALTORS$500.00
07/06/2020Manlove For MissouriBuilders' Assoc PAC$500.00
07/06/2020Committee to Elect Teresa Sykes for Collector/Treasurer Livingston CountyTeresa Sykes$1,000.00
07/06/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerRobert Steele$1,000.00
07/06/2020Lavender For State SenateNancy Sherherd$500.00
07/06/2020Lavender For State SenateSafer Families for Missouri$1,500.00
07/06/2020WPG PACWinton Policy Group LLC$4,000.00
07/06/2020Roberts For St LouisSt Louis County Police Association PAC$500.00
07/06/2020Roberts For St LouisProtect Missouri Workers PAC$500.00
07/06/2020Roberts For St LouisSafer Families for Missouri$1,700.00
07/06/2020Roberts For St LouisRoberts, Wooten & Zimmer$2,500.00
07/06/2020Roberts For St LouisMissouri Energy Futures PAC$1,500.00
07/06/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncGus Wetzel$550.00
07/06/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncJohn Hill$550.00
07/06/2020Missouri Realtors PAC, IncSHELLEY HARE$550.00
07/06/2020WulffForMissouri.comANGELA GRIMM$500.00
07/06/2020Citizens to Elect Tom Mayes SheriffThomas Mayes$500.00
07/06/2020Citizens For DoganMissouri Medical PAC$500.00
07/06/2020Friends Of Steve HelmsMissouri Medical Pac 1077$500.00
07/06/2020Friends Of Holly RehderJeff Layman$1,000.00
07/06/2020Ozark Gateway Leadership PACHUSCH BLACKWELL STRATEGIES$1,000.00
07/06/2020Citizens For Elaine GannonMichael McGirl$2,500.00
07/06/2020Citizens For Elaine GannonCHIPP PAC$2,559.00
07/06/2020Citizens For Elaine GannonMOSFA PAC$2,500.00
07/06/2020Citizens to Elect Carl Hefner SheriffSemo Services$2,500.00
07/06/2020Page PACProtect Missouri Workers PAC$5,000.00
07/06/2020Page PACDonald Suggs$5,000.00
07/06/2020Washington For Senate 9RQC PAC$1,000.00
07/06/2020Washington For Senate 9Missouri's Energy Future PAC$2,000.00
07/06/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanHEARTLAND ACTION PAC$2,600.00
07/06/2020Stidham for Stoddard CountyEasy Pawn$752.50
07/06/2020Ashcroft For MissouriDan Hinkle$500.00
07/06/2020Go West For MissouriTyler West$1,400.00
07/06/2020Go West For MissouriIndependant Electrical Contractors PAC$500.00
07/06/2020Citizens For MitchellMissouri United$1,000.00
07/06/2020Citizens For MitchellWayne Yocum$1,000.00
07/06/2020Parson For MissouriNoel Shull$500.00
07/06/2020Parson For MissouriBuddy Roberts$1,000.00
07/06/2020Parson For MissouriJoseph Moore$500.00
07/06/2020Parson For MissouriPeter Goldschmidt$1,500.00
07/06/2020Parson For MissouriCarl Glassman$2,650.00
07/06/2020Parson For MissouriTHOMAS BROWN$500.00
07/06/2020Parson For MissouriTW Martin & Co$2,600.00
07/06/2020Parson For MissouriMike Martin & Co$2,600.00
07/06/2020Parson For MissouriMartin Farms$2,600.00
07/06/2020Parson For MissouriDavid Martin & Co$2,600.00
07/06/2020Friends of Dean Wilson for AssessorJennifer VanMeter$1,000.00
07/06/2020Citizens for WoodyKansas City Regional Association of Realtors PAC$500.00
07/06/2020Missourians For ShieldsKansas City Regional Association of Realtors PAC$500.00
07/06/2020Van Kelly For MissouriJason Jones$500.00
07/06/2020Ingrid Burnett For MissouriSafer Families for Missouri$500.00
07/06/2020Todd Smith for Judgenorman smith$2,000.00
07/06/2020Todd Smith for JudgeJoesph Murray$1,000.00
07/06/2020MO Soybean Association State PAC (MO SoyPAC)Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives$500.00
07/06/2020Nancy Schneider for County CouncilVoters for Good Government$500.00
07/06/2020Supporters of Grant GillettGreg Sherwood$1,000.00
07/06/2020Citizens for Sheriff HarrellBL Holdings$4,125.00
07/06/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigMBA Pony Express Region PAC$1,500.00
07/06/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigMBA Truman Region PAC$1,000.00
07/06/2020Bill Kidd For MissouriKC Regional Association of Realtors$500.00
07/06/2020Friends of Willard HaleyMissouri Pork Producers PAC$500.00
07/06/2020Committee to Elect Bill OttoKevin Rowe$1,000.00
07/06/2020#NorthCountyExcellenceSimmons Hanly Conroy, LLC$5,000.00
07/06/2020Wood For CommissionerDave Rittman$500.00
07/06/2020Razer For MissouriMissouri Medical PAC$1,000.00
07/06/2020Citizens To Elect Bruce DegrootSpire PAC$1,500.00
07/06/2020Committee to Elect Elizabeth MitchellCarol Jackson$908.31
07/06/2020Nevels for Public AdministratorBrad Walden$500.00
07/06/2020Shane Nelson for CommissionerMIKE CUNNINGHAM$500.00
07/06/2020Committee to Elect CampbellJohn Campbell$500.00
07/06/2020Railsback for MissouriKim Dotson$2,000.00
07/06/2020Railsback for MissouriMark Dotson$2,000.00
07/06/2020MO Chamber PACOrscheln Managment Co.$2,500.00
07/06/2020Pharmacist Political Action Committee of MissouriRandy Meents$500.00
07/06/2020Committee to Elect HoughtonGreg Houghton$500.00
07/06/2020Schnelting For MissouriMissouri Realtors PAC$1,796.00
07/06/2020Park Hills Citizens for Prop PKinch Jones$2,000.00
07/06/2020Van Kelly For MissouriVAN KELLY$16,150.00
07/06/2020Page PACI.U.O.E. Local 513 Political & Educational Fund$10,000.00
07/06/2020Voters for Good GovernmentElectrical Workers Voluntary Political$15,000.00
07/06/2020Lathrop Gage Consulting Political Action CommitteeSouthern Glazer's Wine and Spirits of Missouri$65,000.00
07/06/2020Conservative Leadership of the OzarksHEALTH SYSTEMS INC$10,000.00
07/06/2020Justice for All PACVoters for Good Government$40,000.00
07/06/2020Protect Missouri Workers PACSimmons Hanly Conroy, LLC$20,000.00
07/06/2020UAW Region 5 Midwest States Political Action Committee (PAC) (MO)UAW Region 4 Exchange Account$6,000.00
07/06/2020No on 2 in AugustPelopidas, LLC$18,982.26
07/06/2020Conservative Future FundHealthPAC$10,000.00
07/06/2020Franklin County Leadership PACHealthPAC$10,000.00
07/06/2020Missourians for HealthcareHealth Care Issues Committee of the Missouri Hospital Association$600,000.00
07/06/2020Uniting Missouri PACAugust A. Busch III$50,000.00

Contribution Date: 07/05/2020

07/05/2020Missouri UnitedMissouri Hospital Association$2,500.00
07/05/2020Friends of ShumwayKevin Rowe$1,000.00
07/05/2020Burgess 4 MissouriSheet metal workers Int. association Local no 36$500.00
07/05/2020Peter Merideth For Mo ProgressCredit Union Pac$500.00
07/05/2020Beck For MissouriRockwood Labor Club$1,000.00
07/05/2020Eigel For MissouriCredit Union Pac$1,500.00
07/05/2020Committee to Elect Scott McAdamsTracy Gideon$2,700.00
07/05/2020Committee to Elect Scott McAdamsSteve Wyrick Film Productions$10,000.00
07/05/2020Friends of David ColeJ Peter Ricketts$2,559.00
07/05/2020Page For MissouriRockwood Labor Club$1,000.00
07/05/2020Faleti For MissouriMichael Holmes$2,000.00
07/05/2020Faleti For MissouriKimberly Norwood$500.00
07/05/2020Buchheit-Courtway for MissouriCHIPP Political Account$2,000.00
07/05/2020O'DonnellForMissouri.comMBA River Heritage Region PAC$500.00
07/05/2020O'DonnellForMissouri.comMBA Gateway Region PAC$500.00
07/05/2020O'DonnellForMissouri.comAGC of MO Pac$500.00
07/05/2020O'DonnellForMissouri.comCheyenne International LLC$1,000.00
07/05/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanPatricia Hannum$1,000.00
07/05/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanHenry Mohrman$500.00
07/05/2020Citizens for WoodyGlen Woody$1,000.00
07/05/2020Rost For CommissionerEd Straatmann$680.00
07/05/2020Citizens for Sheriff HarrellMike Krigbaum$500.00
07/05/2020Wood For CommissionerAnton Luetkemeyer$500.00
07/05/2020Wood For CommissionerRennie Robbins$500.00
07/05/2020Fogle for MissouriJORDAN TAYLOR$1,000.00
07/05/2020Fogle for MissouriTeamsters Local Union 688$1,000.00

Contribution Date: 07/04/2020

07/04/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriDeanna Ronchetti$500.00
07/04/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisRobert Bax$1,000.00
07/04/2020Lavender For State SenateVictoria Heil$500.00
07/04/2020Haffner For MissouriSpire PAC$1,000.00
07/04/2020JOHNSON & JOHNSON PAC MISSOURI (affiliated with Johnson & Johnson Federal PAC)Johnson & Johnson PAc$20,000.00

Contribution Date: 07/03/2020

07/03/2020Friends Of Peggy McGaughMissouri Realtors PAC Inc$1,000.00
07/03/2020"Together With Schaper"TRi County Labor Legislative Club$500.00
07/03/2020"Together With Schaper"Dale and Brenda Schaper$500.00
07/03/2020Citizens for VanoverSandra Thomas$500.00
07/03/2020Truth in CampaignsBUILD St. Louis PAC, Inc.$1,000.00
07/03/2020Committee to Elect Brent CampbellDaniel Campbell$2,000.00
07/03/2020Mike Moon For MissouriCINDY OLAUGHLIN$1,000.00
07/03/2020Mike Moon For MissouriThomas Fisk$500.00
07/03/2020Citizens For NeelyKatherine Coots$500.00
07/03/2020Patriots For CollinsDavid Collins$500.00
07/03/2020Burgess 4 MissouriCHIPP Political Account$2,000.00
07/03/2020Committee to Elect J. WatsonGuy Slay$500.00
07/03/2020Friends of Luke HagedornSharon Hagedorn$1,000.00
07/03/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriTeamsters Local 618 Drive Fund PAC$1,500.00
07/03/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriLynne Kipnis$1,000.00
07/03/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJeremy Eaton$500.00
07/03/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriRaphael and Jillian Thomadsen$500.00
07/03/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriErin Lawrence$500.00
07/03/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMiriam Wilhelm$500.00
07/03/2020Citizens For WiemannSpirit of Missouri$1,500.00
07/03/2020Citizens For WiemannCheyenne International LLC$1,000.00
07/03/2020Citizens For WiemannMissouri Association of Municipal Utilities$500.00
07/03/2020Eigel For MissouriAaron Baker$500.00
07/03/2020Eigel For MissouriRandy Schilling$500.00
07/03/2020Friends Of Erica HoffmanIronworkers Local 396 Political Action Committee$500.00
07/03/2020McDonough for JudgeWilliam Christopher McDonough$4,800.00
07/03/2020McDonough for JudgePatrick Coyne$2,600.00
07/03/2020Rizzo For MissouriMissouri NEA$500.00
07/03/2020Committee for KoonsCurtis Koons$4,500.00
07/03/2020Conservative Future FundHealthPAC$2,500.00
07/03/2020Friends of David ColeMissouri Association of Municipal Utilities$500.00
07/03/2020Derron Black for AmericaTerrence Dunn$1,000.00
07/03/2020Committee to Elect Jean PrettoCHIPP PAC$2,000.00
07/03/2020Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurInternational Union of Elevator Constructors Local No. 3 PAC Fund$500.00
07/03/2020Committee To Elect Cindy Berne 2020St. Charles County Democratic Central Committee$650.00
07/03/2020Citizens For RossJW Phillips$500.00
07/03/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeBradford Epple$2,000.00
07/03/2020Roberts For St LouisMPUA$500.00
07/03/2020Citizens For StumpeStanley Koenigsfeld$500.00
07/03/2020Citizens For StumpeMJDZ, INC$500.00
07/03/2020Kansas City Southern Employees PAC (Federal Committee)KCS Employees PAC$5,000.00
07/03/2020Buchheit-Courtway for MissouriPlumbers and Pipefitters Local 562 Political Education Fund$500.00
07/03/2020Washington For Senate 9Missouri State Council of Fire Fighters PAC$1,000.00
07/03/2020Washington For Senate 9MORESPAC$500.00
07/03/2020Juden For SheriffTim Merideth$500.00
07/03/2020Parson For MissouriLinda Porter$500.00
07/03/2020Parson For MissouriRobert Borgmann$500.00
07/03/2020Plocher For MissouriMissouri Pork PAC$1,000.00
07/03/2020Plocher For MissouriMissouri Realtors PAC$2,046.00
07/03/2020Wright For MissouriWPG PAC$500.00
07/03/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigSusan Bennet$2,500.00
07/03/2020Committee to Elect Bill OttoSt Charles County Democratic Central Committee$650.00
07/03/2020Friends of Don BaragaryMissouri Pork PAC$1,000.00
07/03/2020Citizens for Aaron WilsonMr-Mrs Gary Kribbs$1,000.00
07/03/2020The Committee to Elect Richelle Christensen Grosvenor as Judge, Teddy Sue Allen, TreasurerRichelle Grosvenor$900.00
07/03/2020Committee to Elect Doug Rader for SheriffBart Kay$500.00
07/03/2020St. Louis RisingPelopidas, LLC$73,157.26
07/03/2020St. Louis RisingPelopidas, LLC$74,583.33

Contribution Date: 07/02/2020

07/02/2020Tammy Harty for 33 District MO SenateKevin Rowe$1,000.00
07/02/2020Committee to Elect Larry Fish Clinton Co SheriffIRA FOGG$2,000.00
07/02/2020Committee to Elect Larry Fish Clinton Co SheriffMICHAEL OCONNER$1,000.00
07/02/2020Committee to Elect Ann ZimpferSheet Metal Workers Int'l Ass'n$500.00
07/02/2020Committee to Elect Ann ZimpferKevin Rowe$1,000.00
07/02/2020Committee to Elect Larry Fish Clinton County SheriffIRA FOGG$2,000.00
07/02/2020Committee to Elect Larry Fish Clinton County SheriffMICHAEL OCONNER$1,000.00
07/02/2020Darryl Gray for MissouriST LOUIS ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS PAC$500.00
07/02/2020Darryl Gray for MissouriMissouri Realtors PAC$1,000.00
07/02/2020St. Louis Progress3G Investments$500.00
07/02/2020St. Louis Progressst louis policee officers assoc$500.00
07/02/2020St. Louis ProgressALLIANCE FOR PROGRESS LLC$5,000.00
07/02/2020Choose Crews 2020Kris Crews$1,141.64
07/02/2020Webb for Missouriarthur fox$2,046.00
07/02/2020Webb for Missourisoo fox$2,046.00
07/02/2020Plocher For MissouriMSA State PAC$1,000.00
07/02/2020Committee for Securing Student SuccessMKEC Engineers$500.00
07/02/2020Friends Of Rick BrattinRichard and Joyce Moore$500.00
07/02/2020Citizens for Ron CopelandMissouri Pork PAC$500.00
07/02/2020Committee to Elect Laura LoyaconoKathryn Holland$1,000.00
07/02/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenMissouri Realtors PAC$999.00
07/02/2020Friends Of Caleb RowdenClay Bethune$500.00
07/02/2020Friends of Luke HagedornLuke Hagedorn$2,000.00
07/02/2020jasonbeanforsenate.comVanessa McGarity$1,000.00
07/02/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriColleen Haas$1,000.00
07/02/2020Friends Of Erica HoffmanKevin Rowe$1,000.00
07/02/2020Friends Of Erica HoffmanSheetmetal Workers International Association Local 36 Political Action Committee$500.00
07/02/2020Citizens to Re-Elect Drury Sheriff, Doug Dirnberger TreasurerR K Gibson$500.00
07/02/2020McDonough for JudgeThomas Schwartz$2,650.00
07/02/2020Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilMaxine Clark$500.00
07/02/2020Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilLatigo L.C.$1,000.00
07/02/2020Kelli Dunaway for County CouncilTeamsters Local 688 Political Action Committee$500.00
07/02/2020Rizzo For MissouriMissouri Concrete Association PAC$500.00
07/02/2020Franklin County Leadership PACMISSOURI SOYBEAN ASSOCIATION$5,000.00
07/02/2020Bob Burns For MissouriEdith Quick$500.00
07/02/2020Conservative Future FundHealthPAC$5,000.00
07/02/2020Missourians For Cody SmithCredit Union Pac$1,000.00
07/02/2020Derron Black for AmericaLipari Bros. Sun Fresh$500.00
07/02/2020Page For MissouriJeffrey Thomasson$500.00
07/02/2020ChadPerkins4MissouriCHIPP Political Account$2,000.00
07/02/2020Green for Circuit JudgeShane Farrow$1,000.00
07/02/2020Fitzpatrick For MissouriMichael Combs$500.00
07/02/2020Fitzpatrick For MissouriFred McQueary$500.00
07/02/2020Schmitt For MissouriBlonie Dudney$2,500.00
07/02/2020"Together With Schaper"Sheet Metal Workers Int'l Ass'n Local Union NO 36$500.00
07/02/2020Rogers for ProgressLaw Office of R Brent Hankins PC$500.00
07/02/2020Committee To Elect Paula BrownTeamsters Local Union No 688 Political Action Committee$1,000.00
07/02/2020Missourians for HealthcareMissouri Coalition for Primary Health Care$5,000.00
07/02/2020Committee to Elect Jamie L HomeyerJamie Homeyer$1,000.00
07/02/2020Lavender For State SenateKevin Rowe$1,000.00
07/02/2020Committee To Elect Doug ClemensMO NEA-PAC$500.00
07/02/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlMichael Shanahan$2,600.00
07/02/2020Elad Gross For MissouriSherry Buchanan$500.00
07/02/2020KarlaEslingerForSenate.comBetter Schools for Missouri$2,500.00
07/02/2020KarlaEslingerForSenate.comMissouri State Teachers Assn Legislative$2,559.00
07/02/2020KarlaEslingerForSenate.comCarol Silvey$500.00
07/02/2020Citizens For Elaine GannonBuild St Louis PAC$1,000.00
07/02/2020Page PACOzark Anesthesia Associates$5,000.00
07/02/2020Page PACKeith Williamson$5,000.00
07/02/2020Page PACJohn McDonnell$5,000.00
07/02/2020MO State Council of Fire Fighters PACMissouri State Council of Fire Fighters$1,802.30
07/02/2020Washington For Senate 9Dealers Interested in Government$1,000.00
07/02/2020Washington For Senate 9Missouri Pork PAC$500.00
07/02/2020Committee To Elect Keri IngleTeamsters Local 688$1,000.00
07/02/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanNancy Shepherd$600.00
07/02/2020Baker For MissouriRobert Rothschild Jr$500.00
07/02/2020Parson For MissouriD John Sauer$2,650.00
07/02/2020Parson For MissouriCarolyn Hays$675.00
07/02/2020Parson For MissouriExpand Missouri$2,500.00
07/02/2020Plocher For MissouriPHYSICIAN LED ANESTHESIA CARE PAC$1,000.00
07/02/2020Plocher For MissouriRural Telecommunications Committee PAC$750.00
07/02/2020Plocher For MissouriMSA State PAC$2,000.00
07/02/2020Plocher For MissouriXcaliber MO PAC$500.00
07/02/2020Plocher For MissouriMissouri American Water Employees PAC$750.00
07/02/2020Plocher For MissouriCredit Union Political Action Committee$2,000.00
07/02/2020Missourians For ShieldsBuilders Association PAC$500.00
07/02/2020Saundra McDowell for MissouriGive it to God Ministries$1,000.00
07/02/2020Phyllis Hardwick for MissouriKate Gallen$500.00
07/02/2020Committee to Elect David Powell Ray Co Eastern CommissionerDavid Powell$2,000.00
07/02/2020Friends of John VossWeston Voss$500.00
07/02/2020Friends of John VossJason Coalter$1,000.00
07/02/2020Friends of Kari L ChesneyKevin Rowe$1,000.00
07/02/2020Connor Nowalk for MissouriJosh Gibbs$500.00
07/02/2020Friends Of Kip KendrickAssn of MO Electric Coops PAC$500.00
07/02/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigMO BEV PAC$500.00
07/02/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigMissouri Assisted Living PAC$500.00
07/02/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigMISSOURI SENATE CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE$2,559.00
07/02/2020Razer For MissouriCredit Union Pac$1,500.00
07/02/2020Vote for MihalevichKyle Shimmens$500.00
07/02/2020Citizens For BrachtTerence Bracht$600.00
07/02/2020Jessica DeVoto For MissouriKevin Rowe$1,000.00
07/02/2020Citizens For EgglestonSpire PAC$1,000.00
07/02/2020Citizens For EgglestonMissouri CPA PAC$500.00
07/02/2020Citizens For EgglestonMissouri Realtors PAC$500.00
07/02/2020The Seitz Conservative CoalitionBrian Seitz$500.00
07/02/2020Missouri Senate Conservatives FundAmerican Federation For Children$150,000.00
07/02/2020Committee To Elect Ann KelleyJasper County Republican Central Committee$2,000.00
07/02/2020MO Cattlemens Association PACAxiom Strategies LLC$1,500.00
07/02/2020Page PACPATRICK MURPHY$10,000.00
07/02/2020Humane Society Legislative Fund of Missouri PACChuck Laue$20,000.00
07/02/2020Nexus PACInvenergy LLC$10,000.00
07/02/2020Franklin County Leadership PACMO Majority PAC$10,000.00
07/02/2020Franklin County Leadership PACSpirit of Missouri$7,500.00
07/02/2020House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMighty Missouri PAC$50,000.00
07/02/2020Missourians for HealthcareMissouri Hospital Association$13,356.00
07/02/2020Missouri Senate Conservatives FundAmerican Federation of Children$150,000.00
07/02/2020DougPacUnited Association Political Education Missouri Committee - Federal Committee$25,000.00

Contribution Date: 07/01/2020

07/01/2020Committee to Elect Wayne BladesWayne and Marchia Blades$1,420.00
07/01/2020Civil PACPublic School Allies$30,000.00
07/01/2020Choose Crews 2020Kris Crews$4,000.00
07/01/2020Boone Countians For Fred ParryJeff and Tracey Herigon$500.00
07/01/2020Boone Countians For Fred ParryBrad Boswell$500.00
07/01/2020Boone Countians For Fred ParryMichael Szewczyk$500.00
07/01/2020Boone Countians For Fred ParryKevin and Amy Sprouse$2,700.00
07/01/2020Burgess 4 MissouriMISSOURI AND KANSAS LABORERS PAC$2,000.00
07/01/2020Holden for MissouriMary Lou Beasley$500.00
07/01/2020Jeff Oswald for SheriffJeff Oswald$800.00
07/01/2020Citizens For Derek GrierMO CPA PAC$500.00
07/01/2020Citizens For Derek GrierPT-PAC of MO$500.00
07/01/2020Citizens For Derek GrierRural Telecommunications Committee PAC$500.00
07/01/2020Friends Of Rick BrattinJohn Brunner$1,750.00
07/01/2020Friends Of Rick BrattinJanell Brunner$1,750.00
07/01/2020Citizens For Jeff HoelscherKenny Hoelscher$1,000.00
07/01/2020Citizens For Jeff HoelscherJanice Hoelscher$500.00
07/01/2020Friends of Shalonda WebbShalonda Webb$1,113.24
07/01/2020Conservative Leaders of MissouriPhoenix Home Care and Hospice$4,582.33
07/01/2020Conservative Leaders of MissouriPhoenix Home Care and Hospice$4,583.33
07/01/2020Committee to Elect Marlon AndersonMarlon Anderson$3,700.00
07/01/2020Committee to Elect Christopher Wertz for Randolph County SheriffArt Riley LLC$1,000.00
07/01/2020Beck For MissouriStrong, Garner & Bauer, PC$2,500.00
07/01/2020Beck For MissouriSaint Louis Area Hotel Association PAC$500.00
07/01/2020Beck For MissouriGreater Kansas City Building & Construction Trades Council Political Education Account$500.00
07/01/2020Beck For MissouriAmeren Missouri PAC$500.00
07/01/2020Beck For MissouriMBA Gateway Region PAC$500.00
07/01/2020Finneran for MissouriAnanth Selliyan$500.00
07/01/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriMelissa & Matt Sauter$500.00
07/01/2020Nicole Galloway For MissouriJoanthan Sperber$500.00
07/01/2020Citizens For WiemannAGC of MO Pac$1,000.00
07/01/2020Citizens For WiemannMBA Capitol Region PAC$500.00
07/01/2020Citizens For WiemannMBA Gateway Region PAC$500.00
07/01/2020Citizens For WiemannMBA Mark Twain Region PAC$500.00
07/01/2020Citizens For WiemannMBA River Heritage Region PAC$500.00
07/01/2020House Democratic Campaign CommitteeCHARLIE OREILLY$1,000.00
07/01/2020Mark Mantovani for St LouisBlair Ward$500.00
07/01/2020Friends of Jeffrey BoydSCD INVESTMENTS III$2,000.00
07/01/2020Friends of Jeffrey BoydSita$750.00
07/01/2020Friends of Jeffrey BoydBroadway Redevelopment$750.00
07/01/2020Friends of Jeffrey BoydSt Louis Police Association PAC$500.00
07/01/2020Committee to Elect Brandi L. Baird Circuit JudgeBrandi Baird$4,000.00
07/01/2020Committee To Elect Pierson JrSt Louis Area Hotel Association PAC$500.00
07/01/2020Committee To Elect Pierson JrMORESPAC$500.00
07/01/2020Committee To Elect Pierson JrMissouri NEA$2,500.00
07/01/2020Committee To Elect Pierson JrAmeren Missouri PAC$1,000.00
07/01/2020Committee To Elect Pierson JrPOL PAC$1,500.00
07/01/2020Committee To Elect Pierson JrGeneral Motors PAC MO Federal Committee$1,000.00
07/01/2020Morrison For SheriffRichard Carr$1,000.00
07/01/2020Conservative Leadership of the OzarksMissouri Realtor PAC$2,500.00
07/01/2020Franklin County Leadership PACSpire$5,000.00
07/01/2020Franklin County Leadership PACMLPA Legislative Fund$1,000.00
07/01/2020Friends Of Kathy SwanRonald Gladney$500.00
07/01/2020Friends of David ColeMORESPAC$500.00
07/01/2020Friends of David ColeRural Telecommunications Commitee PAC$1,000.00
07/01/2020Friends of David ColeSt. Louis Area Hotel Association$750.00
07/01/2020Friends of David ColeKansas City Southern Employee PAC$2,559.00
07/01/2020Friends of David ColeMOFOP PAC$500.00
07/01/2020Good Government for MissouriBarry Sharon$500.00
07/01/2020ArtSchaaf4MO30Arthur Schaaf$2,000.00
07/01/2020Page For MissouriBruce Darrough$500.00
07/01/2020Faleti For MissouriJason Wilson$1,000.00
07/01/2020Faleti For MissouriAl Werner$500.00
07/01/2020Faleti For MissouriIzzy Newmark$500.00
07/01/2020Committee to Elect Jean PrettoTeamsters Local 6$500.00
07/01/2020ChadPerkins4MissouriQuality Building PAC$500.00
07/01/2020Voters for Good GovernmentHealth Systems, Inc.$5,000.00
07/01/2020Committee to Elect Joanna JasperJoanna Jasper$3,000.00
07/01/2020MO Majority PAC LLCPhoenix Home Care & Hospice$4,583.34
07/01/2020Missouri AG PACPhoenix Home Care & Hospice$4,583.33
07/01/2020"Together With Schaper"Missouri NEA$500.00
07/01/2020Citizens For MurphyMissouri Realtors PAC Inc$1,546.00
07/01/2020Citizens For MurphyMBA Gateway Region PAC$500.00
07/01/2020Citizens For RossMBA Ozark Region PAC$1,000.00
07/01/2020Citizens For RossMORESPAC$500.00
07/01/2020Friends Of Phil ChristofanelliMBA Gateway Region PAC$500.00
07/01/2020Bradley Miller for Public AdministratorBradley Miller$518.95
07/01/2020Friends Of Suzie PollockMO Realtors PAC$500.00
07/01/2020Committee To Elect Paula BrownTri-County Labor Legislative Club$500.00
07/01/2020Missourians for HealthcareMissouri Coalition for Primary Health Care$5,000.00
07/01/2020Manlove For MissouriCredit Union Pac$750.00
07/01/2020Missouri Senior PACPhoenix Homecare & Hospice$4,583.34
07/01/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerSt Louis Teachers Local 420$1,000.00
07/01/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeCarla Grewe$770.00
07/01/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeGary Grewe$2,349.43
07/01/2020Lavender For State SenateTeamsters Local 838 Political Action Fund$500.00
07/01/2020Lavender For State SenateGallagher Davis$1,250.00
07/01/2020Lavender For State SenateStrong, Garner & Bauer, PC$2,500.00
07/01/2020Roberts For St LouisMissouri Architects PAC$750.00
07/01/2020Roberts For St LouisSt Louis Area Hotel Association PAC$500.00
07/01/2020Roberts For St LouisStrong, Garner & Bauer, PC$2,500.00
07/01/2020Roberts For St LouisRobb & Robb LLC$2,500.00
07/01/2020Roberts For St LouisRosenblum Schwartz & Fry$500.00
07/01/2020Friends Of Adrian PlankCHIPP Political Account$2,000.00
07/01/2020Henderson For MissouriMO Assoc. of Nurse Anesthetists PAC$500.00
07/01/2020Henderson For MissouriMissouri First$500.00
07/01/2020Henderson For MissouriMissouri NEA$500.00
07/01/2020Henderson For MissouriAGC of MO Pac$500.00
07/01/2020Committee to Elect Yolanda YoungKC Biz PAC$500.00
07/01/2020KarlaEslingerForSenate.comMissouri Realtor PAC$2,500.00
07/01/2020Ryan Johnson for Cass CountyCarl and Debbie Bearden$1,500.00
07/01/2020Missouri Growth PACBLC Cattle Co LLC$2,500.00
07/01/2020Missouri Growth PACPhoenix Home Care & Hospice$4,583.34
07/01/2020Sonya Murray Anderson For MissouriGene McKeen$500.00
07/01/2020Page PACMichael Holmes$5,000.00
07/01/2020Washington For Senate 9St. Louis Area Hotel Association PAC$500.00
07/01/2020Heartland Action PACJohn Paul Dubinsky$2,000.00
07/01/2020Citizens For Tishaura O JonesSt Louis Teacher Local 420 Cope Contribution Fund$500.00
07/01/2020Committee to Elect Joey Auxier for Phelps County Commissionermultiple individuals$560.00
07/01/2020Citizens For Jake ZimmermanLuckett Maynard$500.00
07/01/2020Parson For MissouriJane Wiese$2,650.00
07/01/2020Parson For MissouriHarold Wiese$2,650.00
07/01/2020Parson For MissouriLarry OReilly$500.00
07/01/2020Parson For MissouriWilliam Kapp$2,650.00
07/01/2020Parson For MissouriMaryBeth Kapp$2,650.00
07/01/2020Parson For MissouriMissouri Limestone Producers Assoc PAC$2,000.00
07/01/2020Friends Of Rob VescovoMO Soybean Assocation State PAC$1,000.00
07/01/2020Friends of Brent HampyBRENT HAMPY$2,000.00
07/01/2020Missouri C PACPhoenix Home Health Care & Hospice$4,583.33
07/01/2020Phyllis Hardwick for MissouriArthur Rock$2,064.00
07/01/2020St Louis Association of Realtors-PACMissouri Realtors PAC, Inc$726.25
07/01/2020Citizens To Elect Will Akin For SheriffGerald Wickland$944.76
07/01/2020Citizens To Elect Will Akin For SheriffJanice Groom$500.00
07/01/2020MBA River Heritage Region PACKevin Cook$9,725.00
07/01/2020MBA River Heritage Region PACKevin Cook$2,551.00
07/01/2020Friends Of Jeff KnightCheyenne International, LLC$1,000.00
07/01/2020Citizens for SharpBoyd McGathey PayPal$500.00
07/01/2020Connor Nowalk for MissouriMajor Baisden$500.00
07/01/2020Rick Walter for SheriffRick Walter$700.00
07/01/2020Rick Walter for SheriffRick Walter$500.00
07/01/2020MADA Dealers Interested In GovernmentHONDA OF FRONTENAC$570.00
07/01/2020Committee to Elect Eldon GrissomEldon Grissom$541.54
07/01/2020Supporters of Grant GillettJeff Lance$1,000.00
07/01/2020Boone Countians For Fred ParryAmy Brummett$500.00
07/01/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigBHA PAC$500.00
07/01/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigMPGA Propane PAC$500.00
07/01/2020Friends Of Andrew KoenigRural Telecommunications PAC$1,500.00
07/01/2020Carolan for CommissionerKAREN CAROLAN$3,500.00
07/01/2020Wood For CommissionerSandra Thomas$1,000.00
07/01/2020Committee To Elect John BlackSPIRE Political Action Committee$1,000.00
07/01/2020Matthew Thornhill for JudgeRuth Beerup$1,000.00
07/01/2020Matthew Thornhill for JudgeMichael Shelton$1,000.00
07/01/2020Matthew Thornhill for JudgeKathy Eckhard$1,000.00
07/01/2020Matthew Thornhill for JudgeJeff Sandcork$500.00
07/01/2020Razer For MissouriSpire PAC$1,500.00
07/01/2020Razer For MissouriHome Builders Association of Kansas City PAC$500.00
07/01/2020Joe Adams For MissouriCHIPP Political Account$2,000.00
07/01/2020Alex Riley for State RepresentativeMissouri Architects Political Action Committee$500.00
07/01/2020Micah Rousey CommissionerMicah Rousey Commissioner$1,300.15
07/01/2020Will Barger For SheriffWILLIAM BARGER$500.00
07/01/2020Marr for Eastern CommissionerJohn Marr$500.00
07/01/2020Fogle for MissouriTeamsters Local Union No 541$2,000.00
07/01/2020Fogle for MissouriCHIPP Political Account$2,000.00
07/01/2020Committee to Elect Brian LehmanBrian Lehman$661.27
07/01/2020Committee To Elect Will ShackelfordMissouri Pork Association$500.00
07/01/2020Committee To Elect Will ShackelfordMO. Soybean Association$500.00
07/01/2020Committee To Elect Will ShackelfordMissouri Corn Growers Association$500.00
07/01/2020Committee To Elect Will ShackelfordMissouri Cattlemens Association$500.00
07/01/2020Committee to Elect Steve Foster, Western District CommissionerCharlotte Kemp$500.00
07/01/2020Uniting Missouri PACMissouri Realtors PAC Inc$2,500.00
07/01/2020Elect Rob BruceConservatives United for Missouri$4,500.00
07/01/2020Committee to Elect Jonathan Borges Northern CommissionerJonathan Borges$750.00
07/01/2020Wendy W. Howe for Public AdministratorWendy Howe$947.00
07/01/2020Wendy W. Howe for Public AdministratorWendy Howe$2,500.00
07/01/2020Committee to Elect Michael RandazzoMichael Randazzo$4,000.00
07/01/2020Committee to Elect Michael RandazzoJohn Eccher$500.00
07/01/2020Tracy Grundy for MissouriKevin Rowe$1,000.00
07/01/2020Committee To Elect Jason ChipmanCredit Union Pac$500.00
07/01/2020Committee To Elect Ann KelleyRural Telecommunications Committee$500.00
07/01/2020Committee To Elect Ann KelleyLiving Well PAC$500.00
07/01/2020Friends For Vic AbundisElva Abundis$676.79
07/01/2020Patriot PACCL PAC$50,000.00
07/01/2020Voters for Good GovernmentAmericans for Limited Government$390,000.00
07/01/2020XCaliber MOPACLee Levinson$15,000.00
07/01/2020XCaliber MOPACBruce Taylor$15,000.00
07/01/2020Conservative Leadership of the OzarksHEALTH SYSTEMS INC$10,000.00
07/01/2020MBA River Heritage Region PACSouthern Bank$9,725.00
07/01/2020Keep Missouri GreatDealers Interested in Government$10,000.00
07/01/2020Missouri AFL-CIO Committee on Political EducationMissouri State AFL-CIO$5,802.18

Contribution Date: 06/30/2020

06/30/2020Citizens For Kristi FulneckyKristi Fulnecky$49,653.72
06/30/2020Mike Moon For MissouriVeterans for Good Govt.$2,500.00
06/30/2020Washington For Senate 9Ameren Missouri PAC$500.00
06/30/2020Elect Rob BruceMonte Cannon$1,000.00
06/30/2020Elect Rob BruceMike Cannon$1,000.00
06/30/2020WulffForMissouri.comVoters for Good Government$1,200.00
06/30/2020Barrett for SenateBob Glatczak$500.00
06/30/2020Barrett for SenateJoshua Barrett$500.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Kimberly GardnerMark Elliott$3,500.00
06/30/2020Washington For Senate 9Eddie Williams III$700.00
06/30/2020Washington For Senate 9Better Schools For Missouri PAC$1,000.00
06/30/2020Scism For SenateMOFOP PAC$500.00
06/30/2020Teamsters Local Union No. 541 PACTeamsters Local Union 541$2,407.17
06/30/2020Friends for Mary Pat Carl3300 S Kinghighway Capital$2,600.00
06/30/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlMary Stieven$2,500.00
06/30/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlDavid Wilkinson$500.00
06/30/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlTricia Theil$500.00
06/30/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlCharles Thal$750.00
06/30/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlStacy Schicker$2,600.00
06/30/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlTricia Schicker$1,000.00
06/30/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlJohn Schicker$1,000.00
06/30/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlLuke Reynolds$1,000.00
06/30/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlTom Magee$500.00
06/30/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlGreg Hantak$500.00
06/30/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlWilliam Gmerek$500.00
06/30/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlRamona Gau$1,500.00
06/30/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlPatrick Berry$1,000.00
06/30/2020Friends for Mary Pat CarlRobert Ahrens$500.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMeredith Borgmeyer$895.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeDAN BORGMEYER$2,150.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeIrl Scissors$500.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeJASON HULETT$600.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeJASON HULETT$2,000.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMissouri Corn Growers Association$2,150.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMissouri Insurance Coaliton PAC$1,650.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeHUB Employees PAC$1,250.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeRelax PAC$1,250.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMissouri Insurance PAC$1,019.38
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeTheresa Gach$1,500.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeDavid Gach$1,500.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMartin Lyons$1,500.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeWarner Baxter$1,500.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeDebby Clausen$1,300.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeRick Blattner$1,000.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMICHAEL GIBBONS$1,000.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeShirley Lieber$1,000.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeRodney Thomas$1,000.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeJames Lewis$1,000.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeDana Goldschmidt$1,000.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMark Birk$1,000.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeRobert Neff$1,000.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeDonny Beasley$1,000.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMark Lindgren$1,000.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeGlenn Campbell$1,000.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeChonda Nwamu$1,000.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMark Rhodes$750.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeScott Rhodes$750.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoePeter Goldschmidt$650.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeKevin DeGraw$500.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeLisa Ann Nielsesn$500.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeDAN HEGEMAN$500.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeJanet OConnell$500.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeDan Crouse$500.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeErnest Dempsey$500.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeBrian Barrett$500.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeGeralynn Lord$500.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeDavid Loesch$500.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeTara Oglesby$500.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeTheresa Shaw$500.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeJohn Rhea$500.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeKevin Anders$500.00
06/30/2020Citizens To Elec