As required by Missouri law, every recipient of a political contribution in excess of $5,000 ($500 for candidate committees) must report it to the Missouri Ethics Commission within 48 hours. Anytime a contribution is made we twitter about it, labeling it 'CFtweet'. This page shows an archive of the last 90 days of CFtweets - we report all contributions at or exceeding $500. To keep track of the latest campaign finance contributions, follow us on twitter at @GWLobbyist.

The Gate Way Group is the lobbying as association management division of Pelopidas, LLC. All lobbyist and campaign finance updates are identical to those previously displayed on @pelopidas and www.pelopidas.com.

$5,341,583 - total CFTweets, last 90 days

All transactions below are sorted by the contribution date. The contribution date is often different from the reported date. By law committees have up to 48 hours to report a contribution. All the information below is solely for informational purposes. Please refer to the Missouri Ethics Committee for official information.

Contribution Date: 03/22/2019

03/22/2019FREEDOM INCORPORATEDMichael Ketchmark$53,363.00
03/22/2019MO Opportunity PACJeffrey L Cook$25,000.00
03/22/2019American Property Casualty Insurance Association Political AccountAmerican Property Casualty Insurance Association$32,996.00

Contribution Date: 03/21/2019

03/21/2019Shurita Thomas-Tate for School BoardCourageous Family Group, LLC$500.00
03/21/2019Friends Of Dale CarterI.A.F.F. Local 3133$1,000.00
03/21/2019Hagewood For MissouriCHIPP Political Account$500.00
03/21/2019Williams For KCOG Investment$1,000.00
03/21/2019Williams For KCRalph Reid$500.00
03/21/2019Scott Evans for ProsecutorJosh Moore$500.00
03/21/2019Friends for Tim LoweryMissouri Association of Career Fire Protection Districts$1,000.00
03/21/2019Elect Anne MarshallAnne Marshall$500.00
03/21/2019Proposition K.I.D.S.CTS Group$1,025.94
03/21/2019SHIELDS FOR THE CITYTrey Bowen$1,575.00
03/21/2019Friends Of SJSDNews-Press & Gazette Co.$24,500.00
03/21/2019Unite STLCHIPP Political Account$125,000.00

Contribution Date: 03/20/2019

03/20/2019Pasley Puts Kids FirstSaint Joseph Business PAC$500.00
03/20/2019Committee To Elect Rick Krawiecki MayorRick Krawiecki$500.00
03/20/2019Fowler For Kansas CityVolunteer Political Fund$1,000.00
03/20/2019Campbell For Kansas CityDavid Wiley$1,000.00
03/20/2019Vote for BrostLarry Brost$1,650.00
03/20/2019Foundations for Our FutureForward Lees Summit$1,000.00
03/20/2019Maryland Heights Paramedics and Firefighters to Re-elect Tom CarterNEIL BRUNTRAGER$750.00
03/20/2019Maryland Heights Paramedics and Firefighters to Re-elect Tom CarterFirefighters Of North County Pac$500.00
03/20/2019Mike Allen for LSR7Vince Seif$1,000.00
03/20/2019Friends of SPSMercy Hospital$10,000.00
03/20/2019SEIU MISSOURI STATE COUNCIL PACSEIU MO/KS State Council$5,000.00
03/20/2019City of Fountains CommitteeKevin Westrope$10,000.00
03/20/2019United Food & Commercial Workers Local #655 Elect Political Action FundUFCW Local 655$6,006.56

Contribution Date: 03/19/2019

03/19/2019Shurita Thomas-Tate for School BoardABC Creative, LLC$1,200.00
03/19/2019Civil PACPublic School Allies$20,000.00
03/19/2019Fowler For Kansas CityKC BIZ OAC$1,675.00
03/19/2019Campbell For Kansas CityWilliam Pallucca$1,500.00
03/19/2019Friends of Joyce TownsendJoyce Townsend$3,100.00
03/19/2019Scott Evans for ProsecutorTim Evans$500.00
03/19/2019Citizens for CenterHollis + Miller Architects$1,083.00
03/19/2019JOE VOLLMER FOR ALDERMANSansone Group LLC$500.00

Contribution Date: 03/18/2019

03/18/2019Fowler For Kansas CityConstruction and General Laborers Local 264 PAC$500.00
03/18/2019Committee to Re-elect Ed RyanShow Me Growth PAC$2,500.00
03/18/2019Campbell For Kansas CityRichard Hughes$500.00
03/18/2019STJ Business PACMeierhoffer Funeral Home$1,000.00
03/18/2019STJ Business PACProServ Business Systems$5,000.00
03/18/2019Friends for Tim LoweryBiondo Hauling & Sewer$500.00
03/18/2019Friends for Tim LoweryRay Johnson$500.00
03/18/2019Committee to Elect AzierePOLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE$500.00
03/18/2019Josh Voyles for MayorRiggs LLC - (Robert Riggs)$500.00
03/18/2019Committee to Elect Bart HaberstrohRandall and Sylvia Schilling$1,000.00
03/18/2019Committee to Elect Rita CortesNeil Sosland$500.00
03/18/2019Committee to Elect Rita CortesGary Cortes$500.00
03/18/2019GREATER KC BLDG & CONSTRUCTION TRADES-PECGreater Kansas City Building Trades Council - Member Dues$2,140.82
03/18/2019Friends Of SJSDNodaway Valley Bank$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 03/17/2019

03/17/2019Elect Anne MarshallJennifer Lohman$850.00

Contribution Date: 03/16/2019

03/16/2019Fowler For Kansas CityUnited Steelworkers District 11 PAC$500.00
03/16/2019MBA RIVER HERITAGE REGION PACThe Bank of Missouri$7,601.00

Contribution Date: 03/15/2019

03/15/2019Fowler For Kansas CityGreater Kansas City Building & Construction Trades Council PAC$500.00
03/15/2019STJ Business PACDeluxe Truck Stop$1,000.00
03/15/2019Committee to Elect Bart HaberstrohMike and Kim Hannegan$500.00
03/15/2019Vote Yes For Raytown SchoolsHollis and Miller Architects$1,818.14
03/15/2019Friends of SPSSRC Holdings Corporation$7,500.00
03/15/2019MO STATE TEACHERS ASSOC LEGISLATIVE IMPACT COCentral Region Teachers Association$7,500.00
03/15/2019Michelle ChamberlainConference Technologies, Inc.$6,500.00

Contribution Date: 03/14/2019

03/14/2019Committee to Elect Dr. Sheila Powell-WalkerFerguson-Florissant School District National Education Association$500.00
03/14/2019Friends of Joyce TownsendJerry or Donna Hollingsworth$1,080.00
03/14/2019Committee to Elect Greg WaltersLocal Union #124, IBEW Voluntary Political Fund$1,000.00
03/14/2019Elect Anne MarshallJennifer Lohman$1,000.00
03/14/2019SHIELDS FOR THE CITYLarry Sells$2,000.00
03/14/2019LABORERS LOCAL 660-PACLaborers Local 660$1,139.00
03/14/2019American Property Casualty Insurance Association Political AccountAmerican Property Casualty Insurance Association$90,747.00
03/14/2019Jackson County CaresJEWISH FAMILY SERVICES$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 03/13/2019

03/13/2019Shurita Thomas-Tate for School BoardCarolyn Hembree$600.00
03/13/2019Fowler For Kansas CityKCFOP PAC$1,575.00
03/13/2019Friends for Tim LoweryCarShield$1,500.00
03/13/2019Citizens for CenterManaged Energy Systems, LLC$1,000.00
03/13/2019Mims For AldermanConstruction & Gener Laborers' Local 264$1,000.00
03/13/2019Believe in Life and Liberty - BILL PACRex A. Sinquefield$75,000.00
03/13/2019MO Opportunity PACNancy A Arnoldy$25,000.00

Contribution Date: 03/12/2019

03/12/2019MO STATE COUNCIL OF FIRE FIGHTERS PACMissouri State Council of Fire Fighters$4,000.00
03/12/2019Committee to Elect Julie Schwetz for MayorJulie Schwetz$500.00
03/12/2019Friends for Tim LoweryRFPD Union Shop Fund$500.00
03/12/2019Friends for Tim LoweryKurt Syberg$804.93
03/12/2019Friends for Tim LoweryGlenn Otto$663.00
03/12/2019Friends for Tim LowerySteve Lewis$500.00
03/12/2019Friends for Tim LoweryCharles Briggs$1,113.00
03/12/2019Tharp for Blue Springs School BoardIron Workers Local #10 Political Action Committee$500.00
03/12/2019Karen Best for MayorCharles W Herbster$1,000.00
03/12/2019EMILY'S LIST-MISSOURIEMILY's List$2,000.00
03/12/2019Rick Thode for School BoardRick Thode$1,668.73
03/12/2019Progress KCPolsinelli$10,000.00
03/12/2019General Motors Company PAC Missouri - Federal CommitteeGeneral Motors Company Political Action Committee$20,000.00

Contribution Date: 03/11/2019

03/11/2019Friends Of Dale CarterJim Dingman$500.00
03/11/2019MO Leadership CommitteeVICKI SCHNEIDER$500.00
03/11/2019Campbell For Kansas CityRoper DeGarmo$750.00
03/11/2019SHIELDS FOR THE CITYKC BizPAC$2,775.00
03/11/2019Committee to Elect Rita CortesMary McLean$700.00
03/11/2019Stand Up MissouriSecurity Finance of Missouri, LLC$5,625.00
03/11/2019Citizens for Sheriff HarrellRichard Harrell$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 03/10/2019

03/10/2019Scott Evans for ProsecutorScott Evans$3,000.00
03/10/2019Elect Anne MarshallAnne Marshall$1,500.00
03/10/2019Committee to Elect Bart HaberstrohRandall Schilling$500.00

Contribution Date: 03/09/2019

03/09/2019Citizens For Clayton SchoolsClayton School District PTO Council$7,607.94

Contribution Date: 03/08/2019

03/08/2019Committee to Elect Julie StutterheimDavid Darr$500.00
03/08/2019Elect Edward Bell CommitteeThomas McCullough$500.00
03/08/2019Hedrick for LSR7 BOETravis Kenney$500.00
03/08/2019Citizens for CenterNavitas$1,000.00
03/08/2019Committee to Elect Larry MiltonService with a smile$1,732.50
03/08/2019Friends of Tim MergenthalerRepublic Services$500.00
03/08/2019Karen Best for MayorJames Thompson$1,000.00
03/08/2019Karen Best for MayorThomas Treat$500.00
03/08/2019FIRE PAC 3133IAFF Local 3133$1,357.50
03/08/2019FIRE PAC 3133IAFF Local 3133$1,312.50
03/08/2019FIRE PAC 3133IAFF Local 3133$1,350.00
03/08/2019Friends of Jay AtkinsWPG PAC$1,000.00
03/08/2019Rick Thode for School BoardRick Thode$1,747.75
03/08/2019American Property Casualty Insurance Association Political AccountAmerican Property Casualty Insurance Association$15,275.00
03/08/2019MO BEVERAGE PACHeartland Coca Cola$7,173.88
03/08/2019MO BEVERAGE PACPepsi Beverages Company of St. Louis$5,223.14
03/08/2019MO INSURANCE COALITION PACCFM Insurance$8,250.00

Contribution Date: 03/07/2019

03/07/2019Committee to Re-elect Ed RyanTESSON FERRY TOWNSHIP REPUBLICAN CLUB$500.00
03/07/2019Friends for Tim LoweryUnited Union of Roofers$500.00
03/07/2019Friends for Tim LoweryPlumbers & Pipefitters Local 562 Political Edu. Fund$1,000.00
03/07/2019Mike Allen for LSR7Ed Lipowicz$520.00
03/07/2019Kevin McConnell For Ward Three AldermanDan Ruda$500.00
03/07/2019Friends to Elect Mike UttHome Builders Association$500.00
03/07/2019American Property Casualty Insurance Association Political AccountAmerican Property Casualty Insurance Association$135,559.00

Contribution Date: 03/06/2019

03/06/2019Friends Of Dale CarterRancho Grande Cantina$500.00
03/06/2019Friends Of Dale CarterChristine Trainer$500.00
03/06/2019MO Leadership CommitteeTOM R BURCHAM III LLC$2,000.00
03/06/2019Citizens to Elect Paula Savarino for STLCC Board of TrusteesJoe Boccardi$1,000.00
03/06/2019Foundations for Our FutureWoodland Trails Development Co$500.00
03/06/2019Friends Of SJSDPete and Staci Gray$10,000.00
03/06/2019AGC of MO PACFabick CAT$6,000.00

Contribution Date: 03/05/2019

03/05/2019CITIZENS TO ELECT CAROL HOWARDAnthony Zanti$800.00
03/05/2019Campbell For Kansas CityBrian Stewart$500.00
03/05/2019Committee To Re-Elect Bobby SmithSt. Louis County Black Firefighters Association$2,575.00
03/05/2019Josh Voyles for MayorGeorge and Geraldine Burr$500.00
03/05/2019Committee To Elect Anthony SmithSt. Louis County Black Firefighters Asssociation$2,575.00
03/05/2019Sierra Club Missouri Political CommitteeRoss Hunt$500.00
03/05/2019Citizens for CenterBannister Transformation & Development LLC$1,000.00
03/05/2019Citizens for CenterRed Bridge Properties, Inc.$1,000.00
03/05/2019KC BizPAC The Political Action Committee of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce in Partnership with the Civic Council of Greater Kansas CityBlue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City$5,000.00
03/05/2019Committee to Elect Larry MiltonPaul Stepp$500.00
03/05/2019JOE VOLLMER FOR ALDERMANJoe-K Used Cars$500.00
03/05/2019JOE VOLLMER FOR ALDERMAN5051 Southwest LLC$500.00
03/05/2019Karen Best for MayorStephen Critchfield$500.00
03/05/2019Karen Best for MayorROBERT HUELS$500.00
03/05/2019IBEW Local 53 Voluntary Political FundIBEW Local 53$4,000.00
03/05/2019Uniting Missouri PACAssociation of Dental Support Organizations$10,000.00
03/05/2019Uniting Missouri PACChristian Prada$7,500.00
03/05/2019Committee To Elect ReedGDC INTEGRATION, INC$10,000.00
03/05/2019Progress KCKansas City Live LLC$10,000.00
03/05/2019Progress KCTHE DEBRUCE FOUNDATION$25,000.00

Contribution Date: 03/04/2019

03/04/2019Friends for Tim LowerySheet Metal Workers International Association Local 36$500.00
03/04/2019Johnson for MayorAaron Cregger$500.00
03/04/2019Citizens for CenterKatie Allen$500.00

Contribution Date: 03/03/2019

03/03/2019Rick Thode for School BoardRick Thode$988.20
03/03/2019Vote Yes For Raytown SchoolsGuin Mundorf, LLC$500.00

Contribution Date: 03/02/2019

03/02/2019Kling for CouncilBuild St. Louis, PAC, Inc.$500.00
03/02/2019Maryland Heights Paramedics and Firefighters to Re-elect Tom CarterMaryland Heights Firefighters$4,000.00
03/02/2019Citizens for CenterMissouri NEA$500.00
03/02/2019Citizens for CenterReeves-Wiedeman Company$500.00

Contribution Date: 03/01/2019

03/01/2019HEATHER HALL FOR CITY COUNCILJoseph Tutera$1,000.00
03/01/2019HEATHER HALL FOR CITY COUNCILLucille Tutera$1,000.00
03/01/2019HEATHER HALL FOR CITY COUNCILKenneth Block$500.00
03/01/2019HEATHER HALL FOR CITY COUNCILBlock Capital Corporation$500.00
03/01/2019HEATHER HALL FOR CITY COUNCILWilliam Frantze$500.00
03/01/2019HEATHER HALL FOR CITY COUNCILSarah Miller$500.00
03/01/2019HEATHER HALL FOR CITY COUNCILProfessional Services$1,575.00
03/01/2019Elect Anne MarshallAnne Marshall$1,225.00
03/01/2019Josh Voyles for MayorSt. Louis Association of Realtors Political Action Community$2,600.00
03/01/2019Heat & Frost Insulators Local 27 Political Education CommitteeHeat & Frost Insulators Local 27$1,515.43
03/01/2019Rick Thode for School BoardRick Thode$1,167.30
03/01/2019Friends of SPSSpringfield Area Chamber of Commerce$10,000.00
03/01/2019Friends of SPSPioneer Outdoors$12,300.00
03/01/2019Missourians For Mike CierpiotMIKE CIERPIOT$20,000.00
03/01/2019Midwest Region Laborers' Political League Education FundLaborers Supplemental Dues Fund$6,415.36
03/01/2019PT-PAC OF MISSOURICentral Missouri Physical Therapy$7,500.00

Contribution Date: 02/28/2019

02/28/2019Fowler For Kansas CityInternational Association of Fire Fighters Local 42 PAC$1,675.00
02/28/2019CITIZENS FOR BAYLESS OPPORTUNITIESBuilding Resource Studio$500.00
02/28/2019CITIZENS FOR BAYLESS OPPORTUNITIESPipe & Duct Systems$750.00
02/28/2019Friends for Tim LoweryKim Tucci$1,000.00
02/28/2019Friends for Tim LoweryGlenn Travers$3,500.00
02/28/2019Hales for UCityNicholas Benassi$500.00
02/28/2019Maryland Heights Paramedics and Firefighters to Re-elect Tom CarterRob Daus$1,500.00
02/28/2019Teamsters Local Union 541 Political Action FundTeamsters Local Union 541$1,342.68
02/28/2019Friends of Jay AtkinsHBS MO State PAC$500.00
02/28/2019Friends of Jay AtkinsRenee Hulshof$500.00
02/28/2019Friends of Jay AtkinsJay Reichard$500.00
02/28/2019Committee To Elect Tom BauerST LOUIS ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS$500.00
02/28/2019American Property Casualty Insurance Association Political AccountAmerican Property Casualty Insurance Association$58,364.00

Contribution Date: 02/27/2019

02/27/2019Elect Ed Crow Liberty Township TreasurerEd Crow$500.00
02/27/2019Our Students FirstKELLY SILVEY$1,000.00
02/27/2019St Louis Association of Realtors-PACMissouri Realtors Pac, Inc.$2,577.58
02/27/2019St Louis Association of Realtors-PACMissouri Realtors Pac, Inc.$2,448.25
02/27/2019St Louis Association of Realtors-PACMissouri Realtors Pac, Inc.$3,250.10
02/27/2019St Louis Association of Realtors-PACMissouri Realtors Pac, Inc.$4,745.83
02/27/2019Citizens for CenterS&S Service Center$500.00
02/27/2019JOE VOLLMER FOR ALDERMANEd Polich$1,500.00
02/27/2019Friends Of Jeff ShawanJeff Shawan$100,000.00
02/27/2019Lyda Krewson for MayorPearl Capital Management LLC$9,000.00
02/27/2019MO Opportunity PACHusch Blackwell LLP$10,000.00
02/27/2019Regional Leadership PAC5051 Southwest LLC$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 02/26/2019

02/26/2019Fowler For Kansas CityCassidy McCrite$500.00
02/26/2019MACFPD CAMPAIGN COMMITTEEMissouri Association of Career Fire Protection Dist$5,000.00
02/26/2019Citizens to Elect Jim ThomasJim Thomas$2,000.00
02/26/2019Karen Best for MayorDarren Abbott$1,000.00
02/26/2019IBEW Local 53 Voluntary Political FundIBEW Local 53$4,000.00
02/26/2019GREATER KC BLDG & CONSTRUCTION TRADES-PECGreater Kansas City Building Trades Council - Member Dues$2,890.82
02/26/2019Missouri Democratic State CommitteeGreene County Democratic Central Committee$7,620.00

Contribution Date: 02/25/2019

02/25/2019STJ Business PACNodaway Vaalley Bank$1,500.00
02/25/2019Vote for BrostLarry Brost$1,003.70
02/25/2019Committee to Elect Dinah L. TatmanDon Musick, III$500.00
02/25/2019Citizens for CenterHillyard, Inc.$500.00
02/25/2019Citizens for CenterSharon Nibbelink$500.00
02/25/2019JOE VOLLMER FOR ALDERMANJames Elsman$500.00
02/25/2019Karen Best for MayorRichard Huffman$1,000.00
02/25/2019Committee to Elect Rita CortesMary McLean$1,500.00
02/25/2019Wood For CommissionerEric Wood$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 02/23/2019

02/23/2019Committee to Re-elect Ed RyanArchimages, Inc.$500.00
02/23/2019FRIENDS OF LARRY ARNOWITZGateway title company Inc.$500.00

Contribution Date: 02/22/2019

02/22/2019Shurita Thomas-Tate for School BoardJOHN OKE-THOMAS$500.00
02/22/2019Fowler For Kansas CityPete Browne$500.00
02/22/2019STJ Business PACNews-Press & Gazette Company$1,000.00
02/22/2019John Feighert Committee to Elect for City CouncilJohn Feighert$1,000.00
02/22/2019Citizens for CenterLippert Mechanical Service, Inc.$1,000.00
02/22/2019Karen Best for MayorJoseph Joyce$2,000.00
02/22/2019Karen Best for MayorCristal Hedrick$2,000.00
02/22/2019Friends of Jay AtkinsEmily Smith$500.00
02/22/2019MO Opportunity PACRex A. Sinquefield$250,000.00
02/22/2019Voters Organized Through Education StL (aka Vote-StL PAC)Joseph Wingate Fold Society Inc$25,000.00

Contribution Date: 02/21/2019

02/21/2019Debbie Cook for OFallon City CouncilMeghan Thomas$1,500.00
02/21/2019Citizens For Better Streets And ParksCHIPP Political Account$2,500.00
02/21/2019Foundations for Our FutureLangsford Development Inc$1,000.00
02/21/2019SHIELDS FOR THE CITYAllan Hallquist$1,200.00
02/21/2019Citizens To Elect Shameem Clark HubbardAnthony Thompson$500.00
02/21/2019Citizens To Elect Jeffrey L BoydClaude Brown LLC$500.00
02/21/2019CITIZENS TO ELECT CAROL HOWARDPlanet Fitness$960.50
02/21/2019KC BizPAC The Political Action Committee of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce in Partnership with the Civic Council of Greater Kansas CityBurns & McDonnell$5,000.00
02/21/2019Graves Garrett, LLC PACChouteau PAC$25,000.00
02/21/2019American Property Casualty Insurance Association Political AccountAmerican Property Casualty Insurance Association$13,847.00

Contribution Date: 02/20/2019

02/20/2019Our Students FirstMary Tweedie$1,000.00
02/20/2019Kevin McConnell For Ward Three AldermanHCW Development Company$500.00
02/20/2019Tharp for Blue Springs School BoardSheet Metal Workers Leagal Action Committee$500.00
02/20/2019Megan Green For St LouisMegan Green$10,000.00
02/20/2019SPENCER FOR ALDERMANAGC of MO Pac$500.00
02/20/2019SPENCER FOR ALDERMANSt. Louis Association of Realtors Pac$500.00
02/20/2019Megan Green For St LouisJake Lyonfields$1,000.00
02/20/2019COMMITTEE TO RE-ELECT SAM MOORESt Louis Assoc of Realtors$500.00
02/20/2019Debra Carnahan 4 STLEdward Dowd Jr$500.00
02/20/2019Megan Green For The 15Th WardMegan Green$10,000.00
02/20/2019Ford Motor Company Civic Action Fund - MOFord Motor Company Civic Action Fund$25,000.00

Contribution Date: 02/19/2019

02/19/2019Shurita Thomas-Tate for School BoardThe Courageous Church$1,038.73
02/19/2019Friends Of Dale CarterF.O.P. Lodge 50$1,000.00
02/19/2019CHARLES TAYLOR FOR SPSTeamsters Local$1,000.00
02/19/2019Paid for by Ken FredericksonKenneth Frederickson$2,000.00
02/19/2019Committee To Elect ReedLaborers Union Local #110 Voluntary Political Fund$10,000.00
02/19/2019Hickey For St LouisPlumbers & Pipefitters Local 562 Political Education Fund$1,000.00
02/19/2019Megan Green For St LouisVincent Schoemehl Jr.$500.00
02/19/2019Megan Green For St LouisKenny Jones$500.00
02/19/2019Citizens To Elect Shameem Clark HubbardCHIPP Political Acct$1,500.00
02/19/2019Citizens To Elect Jeffrey L BoydMildred Clines$500.00
02/19/2019Voters Organized Through Education StL (aka Vote-StL PAC)Joseph Wingate Folk Society Inc$75,000.00
02/19/2019JOE VOLLMER FOR ALDERMANJeff Rainford$1,000.00
02/19/2019JOE VOLLMER FOR ALDERMANJohn Bommarito$500.00
02/19/2019JOE VOLLMER FOR ALDERMANDan Abel$500.00
02/19/2019JOE VOLLMER FOR ALDERMANInternational Assoc of FireFighters Local 73$500.00
02/19/2019JOE VOLLMER FOR ALDERMANDavid Vollenweider$500.00
02/19/2019JOE VOLLMER FOR ALDERMANPeter Williams$750.00
02/19/2019JOE VOLLMER FOR ALDERMANChris Gambaro$500.00
02/19/2019JOE VOLLMER FOR ALDERMAN3300 Kingshighway LLC$500.00
02/19/2019JOE VOLLMER FOR ALDERMANAlec Schicker$500.00
02/19/2019JOE VOLLMER FOR ALDERMANJohn Schicker$500.00
02/19/2019JOE VOLLMER FOR ALDERMANSt Louis Assoc of Realtors$500.00
02/19/2019JOE VOLLMER FOR ALDERMANChas & P Inc$500.00
02/19/2019JOE VOLLMER FOR ALDERMANL.I.U.N.A. Local 110$1,000.00
02/19/2019JOE VOLLMER FOR ALDERMANN D Consulting Group LLC$500.00
02/19/2019JOE VOLLMER FOR ALDERMANAT&T iMissouri$500.00
02/19/2019JOE VOLLMER FOR ALDERMANCentrex Strategies$500.00
02/19/2019JOE VOLLMER FOR ALDERMANAGC of MO Pac$500.00
02/19/2019JOE VOLLMER FOR ALDERMANtheLOUpac$2,500.00
02/19/2019JOE VOLLMER FOR ALDERMANChippewa Holdings LLC$500.00
02/19/2019Committee To Elect Lorie Cavincarolyn mcmahon$600.00
02/19/2019KC BizPAC The Political Action Committee of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce in Partnership with the Civic Council of Greater Kansas CityStinson Leonard Street$5,000.00
02/19/2019AGC of MO PACTwehous Excavating Company, Inc.$1,007.00
02/19/2019AGC of MO PACTaos Constsruction Co.$1,007.00
02/19/2019AGC of MO PACDamon Pursell$1,054.00
02/19/2019AGC of MO PACLockton Companies$547.00
02/19/2019AGC of MO PACKirby-Smith Machinery, Inc.$1,054.00
02/19/2019AGC of MO PACCornerstone Bonding / Insurance$1,175.00
02/19/2019AGC of MO PACCollins & Hermann, Inc.$2,800.00
02/19/2019AGC of MO PACBSI Constructors, Inc.$1,054.00
02/19/2019AGC of MO PACBloomsdale Excavating Co., Inc.$1,054.00
02/19/2019AGC of MO PACAlberici Constructors, Inc.$1,054.00
02/19/2019Voters Organized Through Education StL (aka Vote-StL PAC)Joseph Wingate Folk Society Inc.$75,000.00
02/19/2019CenturyLink Missouri Federal Employees Political Action CommitteeCenturyLink Inc. Employees Political Action Committee$12,000.00

Contribution Date: 02/18/2019

02/18/2019Shurita Thomas-Tate for School BoardTEAMSTERS LOCAL 245$1,000.00
02/18/2019Forward KearneyNorthwest Missouri Leasing, LLC$2,000.00
02/18/2019Citizens for Michelle HarrisClark Cole$500.00
02/18/2019Friends Of Jamilah NasheedSusan McCollum$1,000.00
02/18/2019Tonya Finley-McCaw For 22nd Ward AlderwomanAlice Floros$500.00
02/18/2019Debra Carnahan 4 STLALAN MANDEL$500.00
02/18/2019MO ASSISTED LIVING PACCentury Pines Assisted Living$1,000.00
02/18/2019MO ASSISTED LIVING PACBlue Hills Rest Home Inc$1,000.00
02/18/2019Lyda Krewson for MayorMarilyn Fox$10,000.00
02/18/2019Lyda Krewson for MayortheLOUpac$10,000.00
02/18/2019MO Opportunity PACRudolph E Farber$15,000.00

Contribution Date: 02/17/2019

02/17/2019Campbell For Kansas CityDanny Nina Campbell$500.00
02/17/2019Megan Green For St LouisKristen Bushko$500.00
02/17/2019Debra Carnahan 4 STLJoan Silber$500.00

Contribution Date: 02/16/2019

02/16/2019Citizens To Elect Shameem Clark HubbardDelmar Laurel LLC$1,235.00
02/16/2019Debra Carnahan 4 STLMark Colao$500.00
02/16/2019Friends Of Michael G CorcoranEBZ Corporation$500.00
02/16/2019Friends Of Chris KellyColumbia Marketing Group$950.00
02/16/2019Canady For KCGregory Watt$500.00
02/16/2019Friends for Tim LoweryRay Howell$1,000.00
02/16/2019Friends for Tim LoweryUFCW Local 655$500.00
02/16/2019Joe Miller for Clayton School BoardRobert Fox$1,000.00
02/16/2019Reed For MayorGregory Porter$1,000.00
02/16/2019Justus For KCHBS MO State PAC$1,000.00
02/16/2019Justus For KCGary Long$500.00
02/16/2019Justus For KCAnne Post$500.00
02/16/2019Justus For KCKEVIN SWEENEY$3,325.00
02/16/2019Justus For KCRoshann Parris$500.00
02/16/2019Justus For KCSUSAN GORDON$500.00
02/16/2019Justus For KCSandy Geduldig$500.00
02/16/2019Justus For KCMike Lyon$500.00
02/16/2019Justus For KCJames Townsend$1,500.00
02/16/2019Justus For KCRandall Nay$500.00
02/16/2019Miller For MayorKEVIN SWEENEY$1,000.00
02/16/2019Miller For MayorLisa Schellhorn$500.00
02/16/2019Miller For MayorMissourians for Effective Leadership PAC$3,150.00
02/16/2019Miller For MayorScott Miller$1,000.00
02/16/2019Miller For MayorJacqueline Massman$1,000.00
02/16/2019Miller For MayorHenry Massman$500.00
02/16/2019Miller For MayorVrwc Llc$3,150.00
02/16/2019Miller For MayorJohn Jantsch$1,000.00
02/16/2019Miller For MayorRoger Ideker$1,000.00
02/16/2019Progress KCHelix$1,000.00
02/16/2019Progress KCPopulous Group LLC$2,500.00
02/16/2019Progress KCSprint$5,000.00
02/16/2019Progress KCLockton$5,000.00
02/16/2019Lucas For KCDana Strueby$1,000.00
02/16/2019Lucas For KCCourtney Dedon$1,500.00
02/16/2019Lucas For KCStewart Stein$500.00
02/16/2019Committee To Elect Andrea BoughJoe Bednar$500.00
02/16/2019Wagner For Kansas CityW R Welsh$1,000.00
02/16/2019Wagner For Kansas CityKorb Maxwell$1,000.00
02/16/2019Wagner For Kansas CityChase Simmons$500.00
02/16/2019Friends of Theresa (Gatson) KellyMatthew Gabrielson$1,000.00
02/16/2019Friends of SPSMark McQueary$500.00
02/16/2019Friends of SPSGreat Southern Bank$2,500.00
02/16/2019Friends of SPSBill's Electric, Inc.$1,000.00

Contribution Date: 02/15/2019

02/15/2019Great Outdoors PACSeven Points LLC$3,500.00
02/15/2019FRIENDS OF CHRISTINE INGRASSIAHusch Blackwell LLP$500.00
02/15/2019FRIENDS OF CHRISTINE INGRASSIALaborers Union of NA Local 42 PAC$500.00
02/15/2019CITIZENS TO ELECT CAROL HOWARDSt Louis-Kansas City Carpenters Regional Council$2,680.00
02/15/2019Committee to Elect Nan JohnstonF&C Development Inc$500.00
02/15/2019Reed For MayorDavid Ross$500.00
02/15/2019COMMITTEE FOR THE FUTUREPatrick Doty$500.00
02/15/2019COMMITTEE FOR THE FUTURERonald Stenger$500.00
02/15/2019COMMITTEE FOR THE FUTUREMichael Breeding$500.00
02/15/2019COMMITTEE FOR THE FUTUREBlevins Asphalt Company$500.00
02/15/2019COMMITTEE FOR THE FUTUREHaden Cowherd and Bullock LLC$500.00
02/15/2019COMMITTEE FOR THE FUTURESteelman Transportation$500.00
02/15/2019COMMITTEE FOR THE FUTUREThe Larson Group Inc$500.00
02/15/2019COMMITTEE FOR THE FUTURESummit Truck Group$500.00
02/15/2019COMMITTEE FOR THE FUTUREGreat Southern Bank$500.00
02/15/2019COMMITTEE FOR THE FUTUREFour Corners Development LLC$1,000.00
02/15/2019COMMITTEE FOR THE FUTUREBrent Davis$1,000.00
02/15/2019COMMITTEE FOR THE FUTUREMed-Pay Inc$1,000.00
02/15/2019COMMITTEE FOR THE FUTUREHamra Management Company LLC$1,000.00
02/15/2019COMMITTEE FOR THE FUTUREHamilton Builders LLC$1,000.00
02/15/2019COMMITTEE FOR THE FUTUREEmery Sapp & Sons Inc$1,000.00
02/15/2019COMMITTEE FOR THE FUTURECJW Transportation Cnsults$1,000.00
02/15/2019COMMITTEE FOR THE FUTUREConco Campanies$1,000.00
02/15/2019COMMITTEE FOR THE FUTURECentral Bank of the Ozarks$1,000.00
02/15/2019COMMITTEE FOR THE FUTUREMattax Neu Prater Eye Center$1,000.00
02/15/2019COMMITTEE FOR THE FUTUREcommerce bank$1,000.00
02/15/2019Justus For KCATT Missouri Employee PAC$1,000.00
02/15/2019Justus For KCGARVERPAC$500.00
02/15/2019Justus For KCAnges Otto$500.00
02/15/2019Justus For KCRachel Baker$500.00
02/15/2019Justus For KCPaul Russell$500.00
02/15/2019Miller For MayorSUNDAY SIRAGUSA$500.00
02/15/2019Lucas For KCMark Moberly$2,000.00
02/15/2019Vote Yes On Prop EAmerican Boiler & Mechanical$2,000.00
02/15/2019Proposition K.I.D.S.Control Technology Solutions$1,590.00
02/15/2019Wagner For Kansas CityStephen Block$750.00
02/15/2019Andrew Lear For City CouncilAshley LaRocque$1,000.00
02/15/2019Miller for St. Louis Public SchoolsLeadership for Educational Equity$1,000.00
02/15/2019Bunch For KCJay Bruemmer$500.00
02/15/2019Yes On SPainters Union$500.00
02/15/2019Firefighters of North County PACBlack Jack Union Firefighters Fund$8,040.00
02/15/2019United Food & Commercial Workers Local #655 Elect Political Action FundUFCW Local 655$6,043.14

Contribution Date: 02/14/2019

02/14/2019KC BizPAC The Political Action Committee of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce in Partnership with the Civic Council of Greater Kansas CityDickinson Financial Corporation$5,000.00
02/14/2019Committee To Elect ReedAndrew C. Taylor$2,500.00
02/14/2019Committee To Elect ReedADAM BETZ$2,500.00
02/14/2019Citizens To Elect Shameem Clark HubbardKaram Inc, DBA West End Market$500.00
02/14/2019Citizens To Elect Shameem Clark HubbardAlliance for Elderley HealthCare$1,500.00
02/14/2019Debra Carnahan 4 STLUniversity Square Company$1,500.00
02/14/2019Michael McDonough for MayorBRUCE WEDEL$1,000.00
02/14/2019Justus For KCSteve Foutch$500.00
02/14/2019Phil Glynn For MayorParker and Son Development LLC$1,754.35
02/14/2019Miller For MayorChuck Lillis$500.00
02/14/2019Miller For MayorScott King$500.00
02/14/2019Jolley For KCPlumbers & Gas Fitters Local Union #8 PAC$1,000.00
02/14/2019Lucas For KCLathrop Gage LLP$1,000.00
02/14/2019Lucas For KCVicki Block$1,000.00
02/14/2019Lucas For KCMichael Schnitzer$500.00
02/14/2019Lucas For KCRyan Dykal$500.00
02/14/2019Friends for Mike PersonMichael Person$500.00
02/14/2019Schilling For City CouncilHoward Cavner$1,000.00
02/14/2019Fowler For Kansas CityMissourians for Effective Leadership PAC$1,575.00
02/14/2019Friends For Ryana Parks-ShawRyana Parks-Shaw$1,500.00
02/14/2019Friends For Ryana Parks-ShawMichael Shaw$500.00
02/14/2019Citizens for Pam HillKris Wright$4,500.00
02/14/2019Miller for St. Louis Public SchoolsRoss Elliott$500.00
02/14/2019BRIAN HASEK FOR MAYORMike and Fran Cook$500.00
02/14/2019Citizens for Judy BowmanWILLIAM MILLS$2,000.00
02/14/2019Friends of SPSJeff and Alexis Chiles$1,000.00
02/14/2019Friends of SPSMike Swann MD LLC$1,000.00
02/14/2019Friends of SPSMedTrakRX$2,500.00
02/14/2019Friends of SPSGrooms Office Environments$1,000.00
02/14/2019KC BizPAC The Political Action Committee of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce in Partnership with the Civic Council of Greater Kansas CityShook Hardy & Bacon$5,000.00
02/14/2019CLEAN MissouriAction Now Initiative$85,000.00

Contribution Date: 02/13/2019

02/13/2019Committee To Elect ReedLaborers' International Union Local 42$10,000.00
02/13/2019Committee To Elect ReedCraig Kennedy$1,500.00
02/13/2019Citizens To Elect Lisa MiddlebrookInt'l Assoc. of FIre Fighters Local #73 St. Louis Fire Fighters P.A.C.$500.00
02/13/2019Citizens To Elect Lisa MiddlebrookSt. Louis Association of Realtors Political Action Committee$500.00
02/13/2019Heather Navarro For The 28th WardPete Rothschild$1,000.00
02/13/2019FRIENDS OF CHRISTINE INGRASSIABrian Estey$500.00
02/13/2019Citizens To Elect Jeffrey L BoydSt Loius Association of Realtors$500.00
02/13/2019Friends Of Jake BantonSt Louis Fire Fighters PAC$500.00
02/13/2019Friends Of Jake BantonTerry Crow$500.00
02/13/2019Friends Of Jake BantonGateway Clippers Holding LLC$500.00
02/13/2019St Louis Association of Realtors-PACMissouri Realtors PAC, Inc$11,402.30
02/13/2019COMMITTEE TO RE-ELECT SAM MOOREInt'l Assoc of Fire Fighters Local #73$500.00
02/13/2019Canady For KCMissourians for Effective Leadership PAC$3,150.00
02/13/2019Friends for Tim LoweryTeamster Joint Council 13$1,000.00
02/13/2019Friends for Tim LoweryJoseph Monahan$500.00
02/13/2019Justus For KCMissourians for Effective Leadership PAC$3,150.00
02/13/2019Justus For KCAshok Gupta$1,000.00
02/13/2019Justus For KCThomas A. McDonnell$3,325.00
02/13/2019Justus For KCJean McDonnell$3,325.00
02/13/2019Phil Glynn For MayorSusannah Evans$1,000.00
02/13/2019Miller For MayorDoug Hall$500.00
02/13/2019YesCapeSchoolsBrockmiller Construction$2,500.00
02/13/2019Lucas For KC10 Broadway LLC$3,325.00
02/13/2019Lucas For KCMissourians for Effective Leadership PAC$3,150.00
02/13/2019Lucas For KCGraham-Andebrhan LLC$500.00
02/13/2019Lucas For KCBoulware Law LLC$1,000.00
02/13/2019Lucas For KCCourtney Dedon$500.00
02/13/2019Lucas For KCAustin Rainwater$500.00
02/13/2019Committee to Elect Matthew BellowsMatt Bellows$500.00
02/13/2019Wagner For Kansas CityMatt Covington$500.00
02/13/2019Smith for City CouncilDeana Smith$500.00
02/13/2019Friends of SPSSpringfield Striping and Sealing$500.00
02/13/2019Friends of SPSSGC Foodservice$5,000.00
02/13/2019Friends of SPSRTM Engineering Consultants$500.00
02/13/2019Friends of SPSBill Kirkman$500.00
02/13/2019Friends of SPSPenmac$2,500.00
02/13/2019Friends of SPSPalmerton and Parrish$500.00
02/13/2019Friends of SPSOzarks Coca Cola$1,000.00
02/13/2019Friends of SPSDavid and Beth Hall$1,000.00
02/13/2019Friends of SPSLori Nilsen$1,000.00
02/13/2019Friends of SPSBill and Debra Hart$1,000.00
02/13/2019Friends of SPSErlen Group$500.00
02/13/2019Friends of SPSCrossland Construction$500.00
02/13/2019Friends of SPSJerry and Shara Cash$500.00
02/13/2019Citizens for Great SchoolsSt Louis Carpenters$2,500.00
02/13/2019Committee To Elect ReedLaborers' International Union$10,000.00
02/13/2019Committee To Elect ReedEastern Missouri Laborers' Educational & Benevolent Fund$10,000.00
02/13/2019Progress KCWilliam Gautreaux$25,000.00
02/13/2019Progress KCJohn Sherman$50,000.00

Contribution Date: 02/12/2019

02/12/2019LABORERS LOCAL 660-PACLaborers Local 660$1,129.00
02/12/2019LOCAL 682 TEAMSTERS PACIBT D.R.I.V.E.$962.50
02/12/2019Committee To Elect Darryl Gray 18th Ward3 G Investments LLC$1,000.00
02/12/2019Megan Green For St LouisGateway Clippers Holding LLC$500.00
02/12/2019Megan Green For St LouisTerry Crow$500.00
02/12/2019Citizens To Elect Laura BaerLaura Baer$10,000.00
02/12/2019FRIENDS OF CHRISTINE INGRASSIAAndrew L Yawitz$600.00
02/12/2019Friends Of Bret NarayanTHE LOU PAC$2,500.00
02/12/2019FRIENDS OF LARRY ARNOWITZtheLOUpac$1,500.00
02/12/2019FRIENDS OF LARRY ARNOWITZSt.Louis Association of Realtors/ Political Action Committee$500.00
02/12/2019Citizens To Elect Jeffrey L BoydtheLOUpac$2,000.00
02/12/2019Friends Of Jake BantontheLOUpac$2,500.00
02/12/2019Debra Carnahan 4 STLThe LouPAC$2,500.00
02/12/2019Debra Carnahan 4 STLRita Kirkland$500.00
02/12/2019Debra Carnahan 4 STLMICHAEL COLONA$500.00
02/12/2019Debra Carnahan 4 STLJohn Bailey$1,000.00
02/12/2019Citizens to Elect John BowmanMissouri AFL-CIO COPE$500.00
02/12/2019Friends Of Tom OldenburgtheLOUpac$1,000.00
02/12/2019Josh Voyles for MayorGale Preston$500.00
02/12/2019Austin For MayorPenfields Business Centers LLC$500.00
02/12/2019Citizens For Chris LievsayHOME BUILDERS ASSOC OF KANSAS CITY$500.00
02/12/2019Justus For KCChristopher McHugh$500.00
02/12/2019Justus For KCMartina McLarney$3,325.00
02/12/2019Justus For KCDebra Shore$500.00
02/12/2019Miller For MayorBruce Waugh$500.00
02/12/2019Miller For MayorDavid Reeves$500.00
02/12/2019Miller For MayorKevin Connor$500.00
02/12/2019Lucas For KCPrice Brothers Management Company$675.00
02/12/2019Lucas For KCAndrew Goodwin$500.00
02/12/2019Dan Borgmeyer For MayorGeorge Sturmon$500.00
02/12/2019Dan Borgmeyer For MayorThomas Glosier$550.00
02/12/2019SHIELDS FOR THE CITYGayle Krigel$1,500.00
02/12/2019SHIELDS FOR THE CITYJames Bowers$775.00
02/12/2019SHIELDS FOR THE CITYFrancis Uryasz$500.00
02/12/2019SHIELDS FOR THE CITYMcCownGordon PAC$1,000.00
02/12/2019SHIELDS FOR THE CITYKatherine Fox$500.00
02/12/2019SHIELDS FOR THE CITYMissourians for Effective Leadership PAC$2,625.00
02/12/2019SHIELDS FOR THE CITYRobert Hernandez$2,775.00
02/12/2019SHIELDS FOR THE CITYSharon Beaird$500.00
02/12/2019SHIELDS FOR THE CITYAhmed Awad$1,200.00
02/12/2019Committee To Elect Leroy CarterLeroy Carter$1,609.00
02/12/2019Johnson for MayorPRUDENCE JOHNSON$2,600.00
02/12/2019MO STATE COUNCIL OF FIRE FIGHTERS PACMissouri State Council of Fire Fighters$2,711.87
02/12/2019Missourians for Abe McGullRonald and Lezah Stenger$500.00
02/12/2019Citizens for Clark, Holly Girgin TreasurerDavid Clark$500.00
02/12/2019Friends Of Dale CarterHome Builders Association$1,000.00
02/12/2019Lorelei Schwartz for School BoardCHUCK HATFIELD$500.00
02/12/2019Ericson for CouncilGalen Ericson$1,100.00
02/12/2019theLOUpacAnheuser-Busch Companies$50,000.00

Contribution Date: 02/11/2019

02/11/2019Committee To Elect HubbardRandy Hubbard$2,477.27
02/11/2019Friends Of Jamilah NasheedTD4 ELECTRICAL LLC$2,500.00
02/11/2019Sunni Hutton For Ward 20Sarah Frei$500.00
02/11/2019Michael Hebron - A Voice For AllMorning to Midnight Media$2,475.00
02/11/2019Megan Green For St LouisThe Vine Company$500.00
02/11/2019Citizens To Elect Shameem Clark HubbardCHIPP Political Acct$1,000.00
02/11/2019Citizens To Elect Jeffrey L BoydUniversity Square Company$2,000.00
02/11/2019Keri Tracy Nettles for School BoardKeri Nettles$1,500.00
02/11/2019Treece For MayorUFCW Local 655 Elect pac$500.00
02/11/2019Committee to Elect Nan JohnstonDAVID RITTMAN$1,000.00
02/11/2019Justus For KCRobb Heineman$1,000.00
02/11/2019Justus For KCDavid Erickson$500.00
02/11/2019Justus For KCCathi Brain$500.00
02/11/2019Justus For KCMarcia Corbett$1,000.00
02/11/2019Justus For KCRobert Claassen$650.00
02/11/2019Justus For KCSusanne Shutz$500.00
02/11/2019Justus For KCMichael Axelrod$1,433.62
02/11/2019Phil Glynn For MayorKevin Allen$500.00
02/11/2019Miller For MayorTerence O'Leary$500.00
02/11/2019Miller For MayorMark Concannon$1,000.00
02/11/2019Miller For MayorMark Basso$500.00
02/11/2019Progress KCDavid Lockton$2,000.00
02/11/2019Lucas For KCGlennen Taylor$1,000.00
02/11/2019Lucas For KCLinda Forbush$1,000.00
02/11/2019Lucas For KCKinner Properties LLC$1,000.00
02/11/2019Lucas For KCRyan Triebel$500.00
02/11/2019Dan Borgmeyer For MayorRobert Boles$1,000.00
02/11/2019Citizens for Austin KyserAustin Kyser$500.00
02/11/2019Vote Grant Watkins DavisGrant Watkins Davis$1,000.00
02/11/2019MO STATE COUNCIL OF FIRE FIGHTERS PACMissouri State Council of Fire Fighters$4,000.00
02/11/2019Citizens To Elect Randy PogueForward Kearney$1,500.00
02/11/2019Smith For Ward 3Ralph Caraffa$500.00
02/11/2019Friends of Tim MergenthalerDENNIS JR MERGENTHALER$600.00
02/11/2019Jane Quick for NKCMike White$1,000.00
02/11/2019Yes On SProp S Signs$1,835.00
02/11/2019Friends of SPSParagon Architecture$3,000.00
02/11/2019Citizens for Great SchoolsClearview PTSO$1,350.00
02/11/2019Friends Of Jamilah NasheedSafer Families for Missouri$10,000.00
02/11/2019MO Opportunity PACXcaliber International LTD., LLC$15,000.00

Contribution Date: 02/10/2019

02/10/2019Committee To Elect Teri Powers 24th Ward AldermanSteve Roberts Sr$999.81
02/10/2019Canady For KCAmanuel Tekle$500.00
02/10/2019Canady For KCEileen Orloff$3,325.00
02/10/2019Canady For KCMajor Baisden$3,325.00
02/10/2019Friends for Tim LoweryTimothy Phillip$500.00
02/10/2019Friends for Tim LoweryNathan Bennett$1,491.81
02/10/2019Friends for Tim LoweryChristina Bennett$1,491.81
02/10/2019Phil Glynn For MayorDeepika Polineni$3,300.00
02/10/2019Phil Glynn For MayorNirmal Veeramachaneni$825.00
02/10/2019Lucas For KCDouglas M. Price$500.00
02/10/2019Citizens for A Better ParkvilleTim Stammann$1,000.00
02/10/2019Andrew Lear For City CouncilAlea Kilgore$2,000.00
02/10/2019BRIAN HASEK FOR MAYORLon Holden$500.00

Contribution Date: 02/09/2019

02/09/2019Justus For KCJeremy Lafaver$500.00
02/09/2019Phil Glynn For MayorKathleen Moore$500.00
02/09/2019Lucas For KCRichard Sloss$500.00
02/09/2019Shaping Our Future CommitteeCBC Real Estate Group LLC$1,000.00
02/09/2019Shaping Our Future CommitteeStor Safe Warehouses$1,000.00
02/09/2019Shaping Our Future CommitteeGladstone Economic Betterment Council$1,556.94
02/09/2019Shurita Thomas-Tate for School BoardCarolyn Hembree$600.00
02/09/2019Miller for St. Louis Public Schoolsregan heiserman$500.00
02/09/2019Miller for St. Louis Public SchoolsLisa Perkins$500.00
02/09/2019COMMITTEE TO ELECT LEE BARNES JRKCFOP Political Action Committee$2,625.00
02/09/2019COMMITTEE TO ELECT LEE BARNES JR4627 Madison LLC$1,500.00

Contribution Date: 02/08/2019

02/08/2019Committee To Elect ReedJeff Rainford$1,000.00
02/08/2019Friends Of Jamilah NasheedMissouris Future$5,000.00
02/08/2019Friends Of Jamilah NasheedCheyenne International LLC$1,000.00
02/08/2019Annie Rice For STLSaint Louis Association of Realtors$500.00
02/08/2019Citizens To Elect Shameem Clark HubbardRichard Maly$500.00
02/08/2019C Sharp Redmon For 6th Wardhattie braxton$525.00
02/08/2019Coleman For Equity3G Investments LLC$1,162.56
02/08/2019Debra Carnahan 4 STLJAG Commercial Properties LLC$500.00
02/08/2019Justus For KCCharles Caisley$1,000.00
02/08/2019Justus For KCTerry Bassham$1,000.00
02/08/2019Miller For MayorMorton Sosland$500.00
02/08/2019Miller For MayorPaul Holewinski$500.00
02/08/2019Miller For MayorMichael Fenske$500.00
02/08/2019Miller For MayorKevin Childress$500.00
02/08/2019Miller For MayorGrant Burcham$500.00
02/08/2019Miller For MayorWilliam Berkley$1,000.00
02/08/2019Jolley For KCGarver PAC$500.00
02/08/2019Lucas For KCBlock Multifamily Group LLC$500.00
02/08/2019Lucas For KCHenry Thomas$500.00
02/08/2019Citizens for A Better ParkvilleRisa Reuscher$1,000.00
02/08/2019Neighbors to Re-Elect Ro HendonBrent Miles$500.00
02/08/2019Andrew Lear For City CouncilSpringfield Good Government Committee$4,750.00
02/08/2019Civic Progress Action CommitteeMercy$7,500.00

Contribution Date: 02/07/2019

02/07/2019Committee to Elect Cira Duffe, James "Mike" Barrett, TreasurerJames Barrett$1,000.00
02/07/2019Committee To Elect ReedEdward Throop$500.00
02/07/2019Megan Green For St LouisMARK MANTOVANI$500.00
02/07/2019Megan Green For St LouisSharalyn Saks$1,000.00
02/07/2019Megan Green For St LouisSchlichter, Bogard & Denton$500.00
02/07/2019Megan Green For St LouisRonnie Vinton$500.00
02/07/2019Debra Carnahan 4 STLJoseph Murphy$500.00
02/07/2019Debra Carnahan 4 STLRyan McHugh$500.00
02/07/2019Phil Glynn For MayorSandra Handley$500.00
02/07/2019Miller For MayorDavid Fenley$500.00
02/07/2019Fowler For Kansas CityGarver PAC$500.00
02/07/2019Nexus PACMcCormack Baron Salazar, Inc.$5,000.00

Contribution Date: 02/06/2019

02/06/2019Citizens For A Fire Safe CommunitySean Johnson$500.00
02/06/2019Committee To Elect ReedHAZEL BROWN$1,000.00
02/06/2019Friends Of Jamilah NasheedLee Kling$1,000.00
02/06/2019Friends Of Jamilah NasheedRosalyn Kling$1,000.00
02/06/2019Hickey For St LouisALAN MANDEL$500.00
02/06/2019Tonya Finley-McCaw For 22nd Ward AlderwomanALAN MANDEL$500.00
02/06/2019SPENCER FOR ALDERMANWJL Companies$1,500.00
02/06/2019Megan Green For St LouisJames Lyonfield$1,000.00
02/06/2019Megan Green For St LouisSEIU HealthCare Missouri PAC$2,500.00
02/06/2019Megan Green For St LouisSEIU MISSOURI STATE COUNCIL PAC$1,500.00
02/06/2019Friends Of Jake BantonJohn Dubinsky$500.00
02/06/2019Reed For MayorLiz Serpa$500.00
02/06/2019LABORERS UNION LOCAL #42 VOLUNTARY POLITICAL FUNDLaborers Local No. 42$10,000.00
02/06/2019Justus For KCHoward Barewin$500.00
02/06/2019Justus For KCJason Swords$2,000.00
02/06/2019Justus For KCTeresa Miller$500.00
02/06/2019Justus For KCStephen Stroade$3,325.00
02/06/2019Justus For KCKevin Bryant$2,279.00
02/06/2019Justus For KCKorb Maxwell$1,500.00
02/06/2019Justus For KCRoxsen Koch$750.00
02/06/2019Justus For KCSanford Krigel$500.00
02/06/2019Justus For KCRob Gray$1,000.00
02/06/2019Justus For KCKris Barefield$1,000.00
02/06/2019Phil Glynn For MayorLeslie Fields$1,000.00
02/06/2019Lucas For KCZachary Crowell$500.00
02/06/2019Friends of Jim OsiaJames Osia$750.00
02/06/2019Committee To Elect Andrea BoughKC Fraternal Order of Police PAC$2,625.00
02/06/2019Committee To Elect Andrea BoughPlumbers and Gas Fitters 8 PAC$1,000.00
02/06/2019Citizens For BFTFJohn Ward$500.00
02/06/2019Friends of SPSMed-Pay$5,000.00
02/06/2019Friends of SPSH Design$5,000.00
02/06/2019Friends of SPSBuxton Kubik Dodd$5,000.00
02/06/2019Friends of SPSAmprod Holdings, Inc.$1,000.00
02/06/2019LABORERS UNION LOCAL #42 VOLUNTARY POLITICAL FUNDLaborers' Local No. 42$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 02/05/2019

02/05/2019Committee to Elect Dinah L. TatmanTERRY WILSON$1,275.00
02/05/2019Friends Of Jamilah NasheedSEIU MISSOURI STATE COUNCIL PAC$1,500.00
02/05/2019Megan Green For St LouisKenny Jones$500.00
02/05/2019Friends Of Michael G CorcoranLou Behnken$500.00
02/05/2019Yes For Prop RConcord Elementary PTG$1,000.00
02/05/2019LOCAL 610 POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE FUNDIBT Drive Committee$1,270.43
02/05/2019Treece For MayorCitizens for Good Government$1,500.00
02/05/2019Treece For MayorTeamsters Local 688 PAC$2,500.00
02/05/2019Treece For MayorLocal 610 PAC$500.00
02/05/2019Treece For MayorCHUCK HATFIELD$500.00
02/05/2019Treece For MayorWILLIAM SHOEHIGH$1,000.00
02/05/2019Canady For KCTerrell Jolly$500.00
02/05/2019Committee to Elect Nan JohnstonScott Lehr$500.00
02/05/2019Citizens for Scott HerbigScott Herbig$500.00
02/05/2019Justus For KCZach Bickel$500.00
02/05/2019Justus For KCDale Smith$500.00
02/05/2019Justus For KCMarcia Corbett$1,000.00
02/05/2019Miller For MayorJeff Simon$500.00
02/05/2019Miller For MayorJerry Reece$500.00
02/05/2019Miller For MayorJEANETTE PRENGER$1,000.00
02/05/2019Miller For MayorKevin McGinnis$500.00
02/05/2019Miller For MayorJonathan Kemper$500.00
02/05/2019Miller For MayorReesa Helzberg$500.00
02/05/2019Miller For MayorFrank Friedman$500.00
02/05/2019Miller For MayorCarl Cleveland III$1,000.00
02/05/2019Lucas For KCDavid Rismiller$500.00
02/05/2019SHIELDS FOR THE CITYRichard Bryant$500.00
02/05/2019Fowler For Kansas CityLisa Pelofsky$500.00
02/05/2019Andrew Lear For City CouncilTaylor Martin Group, LLC$750.00
02/05/2019COMMITTEE TO ELECT LEE BARNES JRBlock Real Estate Services, LLC$1,500.00
02/05/2019Friends of SPSDoug Neff$500.00
02/05/2019Friends Of Dale CarterDennis R. Waits, Attorney At Law$500.00
02/05/2019LOCAL 41 POLITICAL ACTION FUNDDRIVE Committee$17,470.00

Contribution Date: 02/04/2019

02/04/2019Committee To Elect ReedAT&T Missouri Employee PAC$1,000.00
02/04/2019Friends Of Jamilah NasheedSEIU HealthCare Missouri PAC$2,500.00
02/04/2019SPENCER FOR ALDERMANMark Cusamano$500.00
02/04/2019FRIENDS OF LARRY ARNOWITZAT&T Missouri/Employee Political Action Committee$500.00
02/04/2019Citizens To Elect Jeffrey L BoydUniversity Square Company$2,000.00
02/04/2019Friends Of Jake BantonSclichter Bogard & Denton LLP$500.00
02/04/2019Committee To Elect Scott TaylorJoyce Aboussie$1,000.00
02/04/2019COMMITTEE FOR THE FUTUREEwing Signal Construction LLC$500.00
02/04/2019COMMITTEE FOR THE FUTUREGuaranty Bank$500.00
02/04/2019COMMITTEE FOR THE FUTUREElite Promotions Inc$500.00
02/04/2019COMMITTEE FOR THE FUTUREPenmac Staffing Services$500.00
02/04/2019COMMITTEE FOR THE FUTURESMC Packaging Group$500.00
02/04/2019COMMITTEE FOR THE FUTURESam Hamra$500.00
02/04/2019COMMITTEE FOR THE FUTUREOzarks Coca Cola$1,000.00
02/04/2019COMMITTEE FOR THE FUTUREHartman & Company$1,000.00
02/04/2019COMMITTEE FOR THE FUTUREHunter Chase & Associates$1,000.00
02/04/2019COMMITTEE FOR THE FUTUREOlsson$1,000.00
02/04/2019COMMITTEE FOR THE FUTUREJack Henry & Assocaites Inc$1,000.00
02/04/2019COMMITTEE FOR THE FUTUREPalmerton & Parrish Inc$1,000.00
02/04/2019COMMITTEE FOR THE FUTURETransland$1,000.00
02/04/2019COMMITTEE FOR THE FUTURETrailiner Corp$1,000.00
02/04/2019COMMITTEE FOR THE FUTURECrawford Murphy & Tilly Inc$1,000.00
02/04/2019COMMITTEE FOR THE FUTURECharles OReilly Jr$1,000.00
02/04/2019COMMITTEE FOR THE FUTUREKeesag Baron MD$2,500.00
02/04/2019Justus For KCJoyce Aboussie$500.00
02/04/2019Justus For KCJames Price$500.00
02/04/2019Justus For KCDebbie Sosland Edelman$500.00
02/04/2019Justus For KCROBERT HUGHES$500.00
02/04/2019Justus For KCSteven Cardenas$1,000.00
02/04/2019Justus For KCElizabeth Berkebile$500.00
02/04/2019Justus For KCDavid Fenley$3,325.00
02/04/2019Miller For MayorChuck Koester$1,000.00
02/04/2019Miller For MayorEverett Kerr$500.00
02/04/2019Miller For MayorSusie Corbin$1,000.00
02/04/2019Miller For MayorCopaken Brooks LLC$500.00
02/04/2019Progress KCBoulevard Brewing Company$1,000.00
02/04/2019Lucas For KCDavid Fenley$1,000.00
02/04/2019SHIELDS FOR THE CITYDavid Fenley$1,000.00
02/04/2019Campbell For Kansas CityChristopher Gahagan$1,000.00
02/04/2019Friends of Joyce TownsendCitizens To Elect Jerry Hollingsworth$1,080.00
02/04/2019Smith for City CouncilDeana Smith$500.00
02/04/2019Citizens to Elect Tiffany Frautschi AldermanSusan Barrett$500.00
02/04/2019Nexus PACShelter Mutual Insurance Company$4,000.00
02/04/2019Andrew Lear For City CouncilEddie Marmouget$500.00
02/04/2019Andrew Lear For City CouncilRon Stenger$500.00
02/04/2019Citizens for Judy BowmanMark Hense$500.00
02/04/2019Elect Anne MarshallJill Hauck$500.00
02/04/2019Jane Quick for NKCJason Kumb$1,000.00
02/04/2019Citizens For Fran GriffinMildred Clines$500.00
02/04/2019Friends of SPSRodney Loomer$500.00
02/04/2019Friends of SPSJeff and Marcia Johnson$500.00
02/04/2019Friends of SPSPeter F Herschend$1,000.00
02/04/2019Friends of SPSRon Stenger$1,000.00
02/04/2019Friends of SPSJohn Youngblood Motors$500.00
02/04/2019Friends of SPSJeffrey Hutchens$2,500.00
02/04/2019Friends of SPSRansom Ellis$500.00
02/04/2019Friends of SPSEllis, Ellis Hammons and Johnson$2,500.00
02/04/2019Friends of SPSConco Companies$1,000.00
02/04/2019Friends of SPSCentral Bank$1,000.00
02/04/2019Friends of SPSTHOMAS CARLSON$500.00
02/04/2019BNSF Railway Company RAILPAC Missouri - Federal CommitteeBNSF Railway Company RAILPAC$48,090.00
02/04/2019KC Forward ProgressProgress KC$48,155.70
02/04/2019Uniting Missouri PACPenn National Gaming Inc$10,000.00
02/04/2019MO Opportunity PACDaniel J Ludeman$10,000.00
02/04/2019Believe in Life and Liberty - BILL PACDavid Steward$75,000.00

Contribution Date: 02/03/2019

02/03/2019Miller For MayorSteven Stites$500.00
02/03/2019Miller For MayorJoyce Hrinya$500.00
02/03/2019Dan Borgmeyer For MayorCal Schneider$500.00
02/03/2019Citizens for A Better ParkvilleNancy Saulsbury$1,500.00

Contribution Date: 02/02/2019

02/02/2019Citizens for Michelle HarrisMichael Rechan$1,000.00
02/02/2019Friends Of Tom OldenburgJanice Starbuck$500.00
02/02/2019Friends Of Tom OldenburgJames Stubblefield$825.00
02/02/2019Committee To Elect Scott TaylorBK Properties LLC$500.00
02/02/2019Committee To Elect Scott TaylorBRES LLC$500.00
02/02/2019Committee To Elect Scott TaylorAl Figuly$500.00
02/02/2019Committee To Elect Scott TaylorPete Browne$500.00
02/02/2019Committee To Elect Scott TaylorDavid Frantze$500.00
02/02/2019Committee To Elect Scott TaylorLarry Bridges$500.00
02/02/2019Committee To Elect Scott TaylorGeorge Birt$500.00
02/02/2019Committee To Elect Scott TaylorMCBCO Brewery LLC$500.00
02/02/2019Committee To Elect Scott TaylorAL Huber$500.00
02/02/2019Citizens For Chris LievsayCHARLES M CIERPIOT$500.00
02/02/2019Justus For KCKaren Fenaroli$1,000.00
02/02/2019Justus For KCKarl Zobrist$500.00
02/02/2019Citizens for A Better ParkvilleMike Farrar$5,000.00
02/02/2019Friends of Theresa (Gatson) KellyShauna Schroeder$1,000.00
02/02/2019Friends of SPSConnelly Plumbing$500.00
02/02/2019Friends of SPSWinter and Marshall Kinne$500.00
02/02/2019Friends of SPSGary Schafer$1,500.00

Contribution Date: 02/01/2019

02/01/2019Mike Allen for LSR7ROBERT GOURLEY$500.00
02/01/2019Heat & Frost Insulators Local 27 Political Education CommitteeHeat & Frost Insulators Local 27$1,512.49
02/01/2019Committee To Elect Tom BauerTOM BAUER$10,000.00
02/01/2019Committee to Elect BullockCommittee to Elect Hubbard$500.00
02/01/2019Friends Of Jamilah NasheedDavid Gralike$2,500.00
02/01/2019Friends Of Jamilah NasheedNexus PAC$5,000.00
02/01/2019Friends Of Jamilah NasheedRegional Strategies LLC$500.00
02/01/2019Friends Of Jamilah NasheedThomas Nellums$500.00
02/01/2019Friends Of Jamilah NasheedEfficacy Consulting$500.00
02/01/2019Friends Of Jamilah NasheedRJ Hauling LLC$500.00
02/01/2019Friends Of Jamilah NasheedKevin Buchek$500.00
02/01/2019Friends Of Jamilah NasheedMichael Duffy$500.00
02/01/2019Friends Of Jamilah NasheedAnne Moroh$2,600.00
02/01/2019Friends Of Jamilah NasheedKristen Hite$2,500.00
02/01/2019Friends Of Jamilah NasheedHITE, CHRISTOPHER$2,500.00
02/01/2019Friends Of Jamilah NasheedHome PAC$500.00
02/01/2019Friends Of Jamilah NasheedClaire C. McCaskill$2,500.00
02/01/2019Committee To Elect Tony PecinovskyTony Pecinovsky$500.00
02/01/2019Leata Price Land CampaignKingsway Center Partnership$950.00
02/01/2019Citizens To Elect Jeffrey L BoydNorthside Regeneration LLC$500.00
02/01/2019Citizens To Elect Jeffrey L BoydtheLOUpac$500.00
02/01/2019AGC of MO PACVictor Phillips Company$500.00
02/01/2019AGC of MO PACMissouri Petroleum Products$500.00
02/01/2019AGC of MO PACLuby Equipment Services$500.00
02/01/2019AGC of MO PACDaniel Kemna$3,000.00
02/01/2019AGC of MO PACFabick CAT$500.00
02/01/2019Reed For MayorOG Investment$3,325.00
02/01/2019Justus For KCDORANNE HUDSON$500.00
02/01/2019Justus For KCGary Robb$2,000.00
02/01/2019Justus For KCBrad Honnold$1,000.00
02/01/2019Justus For KCJon Copaken$500.00
02/01/2019Justus For KCSheryl Vickers$500.00
02/01/2019Miller For MayorRichard Rhyne$1,000.00
02/01/2019Miller For MayorRosana Privitera Biondo$1,000.00
02/01/2019Miller For MayorDavid Knopke$500.00
02/01/2019Lucas For KCGeron Pendleton$1,000.00
02/01/2019Wagner For Kansas CityDelta Quad Holdings LLC$500.00
02/01/2019Fowler For Kansas CityDouglas Doll$1,675.00
02/01/2019Citizens for Nick TrupianoHammond, Shinners, Turcotte, Larrew & Young, P.C.$500.00
02/01/2019TEAMSTERS JOINT COUNCIL NO 13 DRIVE POLITICAL FUNDTeamsters Joint Council No. 13 DRIVE$500.00
02/01/2019BRIAN HASEK FOR MAYORGT Investment Holdings$1,000.00
02/01/2019Friends of Theresa (Gatson) KellyTheresa (Gatson) Kelly$1,000.00
02/01/2019Friends of SPSWhitaker Publishing$500.00
02/01/2019Friends of SPSTransland$500.00
02/01/2019Friends of SPSOlsson Associates$3,000.00
02/01/2019Friends of SPSCHARLIE OREILLY$2,000.00
02/01/2019Friends of SPSNForm Architecture$1,000.00
02/01/2019Friends of SPSAlina and Darren Lehnert$1,000.00
02/01/2019Friends of SPSGuaranty Bank$500.00
02/01/2019Friends of SPSDewitt & Associates$1,000.00

Contribution Date: 01/31/2019

01/31/2019Ameren Missouri Political Action CommitteeAmeren FED PAC$4,645.23
01/31/2019Teamsters Local Union 541 Political Action FundTeamsters Local Union 541$2,130.04
01/31/2019Friends Of Tom OldenburgAlicia Zamminer$500.00
01/31/2019Friends Of Chris KellyAndrew & Cynthia Beverley$600.00
01/31/2019Friends for Tim LoweryTerri Harris$3,500.00
01/31/2019Friends for Tim LoweryGary O Neal$1,000.00
01/31/2019Friends for Tim LoweryBrad Purcell$500.00
01/31/2019Friends for Tim LowerySean Mayer$500.00
01/31/2019Friends for Tim LoweryBrad Purcell$897.33
01/31/2019Friends for Tim LoweryGary O Neal$897.32
01/31/2019Friends for Tim LoweryNATHAN BARTLETT$897.32
01/31/2019Reed For MayorMarvin Williams$1,000.00
01/31/2019Committee to Elect Julie Schwetz for MayorWilliam Riggins$500.00
01/31/2019Miller For MayorDaniel Hogerty$500.00
01/31/2019Miller For MayorBert Berkley$1,000.00
01/31/2019Citizens for Sean FlowerMatt and Sue Iovaldi$500.00
01/31/2019Citizens for Sean FlowerGary Bieg$500.00
01/31/2019Citizens for Sean FlowerKen and Darlene Diekmann$500.00
01/31/2019Lucas For KCAlexandra Muesenfechter$500.00
01/31/2019Lucas For KCBlake May$500.00
01/31/2019ELECT SHELDON JOHNSON CANDIDATE COMMITTEEElect Sheldon Johnson Candidate Committee$600.00
01/31/2019Wagner For Kansas CityForest Tyson$1,000.00
01/31/2019Campbell For Kansas CityDan Woodall$500.00
01/31/2019Campbell For Kansas CityVercie Lark$1,000.00
01/31/2019Heavy Constructors Association Local PACSuperior Bowen$1,011.38
01/31/2019Heavy Constructors Association Local PACO'Donnell and Sons$662.72
01/31/2019Heavy Constructors Association Local PACClarkson Construction$988.50
01/31/2019Committee To Elect Tom Van Camp 4th DistrictDiamond Girls Bartenders$500.00
01/31/2019Citizens for Great SchoolsCitizens Bank$500.00
01/31/2019Citizens for Great SchoolsHeritage Community Bank$500.00

Contribution Date: 01/30/2019

01/30/2019Committee To Elect ReedDavid Sweeney$500.00
01/30/2019Committee To Elect ReedSchlichter, Bogard & Denton$2,500.00
01/30/2019Annie Rice For STLIUPAT$500.00
01/30/2019Citizens To Elect Shameem Clark HubbardGlenn Kirkland$500.00
01/30/2019Friends Of Bret NarayanIUPAT Political Action together$600.00
01/30/2019FRIENDS OF LARRY ARNOWITZIUPAT Political Action Together/Political Committee$500.00
01/30/2019Debra Carnahan 4 STLHenry Humphrey$700.00
01/30/2019Friends Of Tom OldenburgJared Minkoff$500.00
01/30/2019Friends Of Manny Abarca For KCIUPAT-Political Action Together-Political Committee$500.00
01/30/2019Justus For KCGRAHAM ANDEBRHAN LLC$500.00
01/30/2019Justus For KCShirley Pryor$1,000.00
01/30/2019Jolley For KCKCFOP PAC$1,575.00
01/30/2019Lucas For KCJohn Sand$1,000.00
01/30/2019Lucas For KCGeorge Ngengwe$1,000.00
01/30/2019Lucas For KCNick Bloch$1,000.00
01/30/2019Lucas For KCJeremy Suhr$500.00
01/30/2019Committee To Elect Andrea BoughGrant Davis$1,800.00
01/30/2019Andrew Lear For City CouncilGORDON KINNE$500.00
01/30/2019Citizens for Jim OttomeyerSt. Charles Relators Political Action Committee$500.00
01/30/2019Friends of SPSInterpres Building Solutions$1,000.00
01/30/2019Friends Of Dale CarterWilliam Wrisinger$500.00
01/30/2019Progress KCThe Civic Council of Greater Kansas City$25,000.00
01/30/2019Progress KCHALLMARK CARDS INC$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 01/29/2019

01/29/2019Paid for by Ken FredericksonKenneth Frederickson$1,058.83
01/29/2019Paid for by Ken FredericksonKenneth Frederickson$3,000.00
01/29/2019Friends Of Jamilah NasheedL. Elizabeth Holliday$500.00
01/29/2019Committee To Elect Tony PecinovskySEIU MISSOURI STATE COUNCIL PAC$500.00
01/29/2019Hickey For St LouisSEIU MISSOURI STATE COUNCIL PAC$500.00
01/29/2019Tonya Finley-McCaw For 22nd Ward AlderwomanSEIU MISSOURI STATE COUNCIL PAC$500.00
01/29/2019Citizens To Elect Laura BaerLaura Baer$2,500.00
01/29/2019FRIENDS OF LARRY ARNOWITZSEIU Missouri State Council Pac.$500.00
01/29/2019Friends Of Jake BantonTimothy Drury - PRIMARY$1,000.00
01/29/2019COMMITTEE TO RE-ELECT SAM MOORESEIU Missouri State Council$500.00
01/29/2019Reed For MayorCharlie Robinson$500.00
01/29/2019Justus For KCThomas Haas$500.00
01/29/2019Miller For MayorLynne O'Connell$1,000.00
01/29/2019Miller For MayorDavid Frantze$500.00
01/29/2019Miller For MayorDan Dickinson$1,000.00
01/29/2019SHIELDS FOR THE CITYWalter Guth$500.00
01/29/2019BUILDERS ASSOCIATION PACStraub Construction Company, Inc.$525.00
01/29/2019BUILDERS ASSOCIATION PACStaco Electric Company$525.00
01/29/2019BUILDERS ASSOCIATION PACGeorge J. Shaw Construction Co.$525.00
01/29/2019BUILDERS ASSOCIATION PACHarenLaughlin Construction$525.00
01/29/2019BUILDERS ASSOCIATION PACGrand Construction Company LLC$525.00
01/29/2019BUILDERS ASSOCIATION PACHarold G. Butzer, Inc.$525.00
01/29/2019BUILDERS ASSOCIATION PACSite Rite Construction Co.$500.00
01/29/2019Wagner For Kansas CityRaymond R Brock JR Rev LVG Trust$500.00
01/29/2019Wagner For Kansas CityIron Workers Local No. 396 Voluntary Fund$500.00
01/29/2019Wagner For Kansas CityKrista Arias$1,000.00
01/29/2019Missourians for Abe McGullSam Hamra$500.00
01/29/2019Nate Hogan for KC KidsKeith Gary$1,000.00
01/29/2019Friends of SPSHunter Chase$1,000.00
01/29/2019Friends of SPSHILAND DAIRY$1,000.00
01/29/2019Friends of SPSHartman Construction$1,000.00
01/29/2019Ericson for CouncilCarla Scott$1,000.00
01/29/2019Missouri FirstRepublic Services$30,000.00
01/29/2019Nexus PACParic Corporation$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 01/28/2019

01/28/2019Committee To Elect ReedBabylon Construction LLC$500.00
01/28/2019International Union of Painters & Allied Trades PAT Federal PACIUPAT Political Action Together Political Committee$25,000.00
01/28/2019Annie Rice For STLAGC of MO Pac$500.00
01/28/2019Citizens To Elect Lisa MiddlebrookAGC of MO Pac$500.00
01/28/2019FRIENDS OF LARRY ARNOWITZAGC of Mo.Pac$500.00
01/28/2019Citizens To Elect Jeffrey L BoydAssociated General Contractors of Missouri$500.00
01/28/2019Debra Carnahan 4 STLLiana Goetz$500.00
01/28/2019Committee to Elect Julie Schwetz for MayorSteve Blalock$500.00
01/28/2019Justus For KCAngelo Trozzolo$1,000.00
01/28/2019Justus For KCStephen Block$500.00
01/28/2019Miller For MayorJames Wyrsch$500.00
01/28/2019YesCapeSchoolsIDA Board$1,550.00
01/28/2019Lucas For KCKenneth Block$2,500.00
01/28/2019SHIELDS FOR THE CITYStephen Block$500.00
01/28/2019International Union of Painters & Allied Trades PAT Federal PACIUPAT Political Action Together Political Committe$25,000.00
01/28/2019Campbell For Kansas CityMike Campbell$500.00
01/28/2019Shurita Thomas-Tate for School BoardANNIE BUSCH$519.52
01/28/2019Missourians for Abe McGullJohn and Elizabeth Raidel$500.00
01/28/2019Tamara Fusco for NPSTamara Fusco$600.00
01/28/2019Friends of SPSClif and Gail Smart$500.00
01/28/2019Citizens for Matt SwansonSt. Charles County Association of Realtors$500.00
01/28/2019Citizens for Great SchoolsHTH Companies$1,500.00
01/28/2019Citizens for Great SchoolsRobert Zick$500.00

Contribution Date: 01/27/2019

01/27/2019Justus For KCCarla Grant$500.00
01/27/2019Miller For MayorKate Faerber$1,000.00
01/27/2019Elect Anne MarshallNancy Badia$1,000.00
01/27/2019Elect Anne MarshallChris & Abby Marshall$500.00

Contribution Date: 01/26/2019

01/26/2019Treece For MayorCitizens for a Safe Columbia$1,000.00
01/26/2019Michael McDonough for MayorJeff Vance$1,000.00
01/26/2019Friends For Ryana Parks-ShawClaude Peterson$500.00
01/26/2019Stephan Gordon For City CouncilChad Gordon$500.00
01/26/2019Stephan Gordon For City CouncilNate Gordon$500.00
01/26/2019COMMITTEE TO ELECT LEE BARNES JRMissourians for Effective Leadership PAC$2,625.00
01/26/2019Committee to Elect Britton FerrellKevin Mainord$500.00
01/26/2019Committee to Elect Britton FerrellNancy Thurmond$1,000.00
01/26/2019MO Republican PartyFRIENDS OF DIEHL$25,000.00
01/26/2019MO Republican PartyFriends of Caleb Jones$10,000.00
01/26/2019MO Republican PartyFriends of Robert Cornejo$15,000.00
01/26/2019Uniting Missouri PACIAFF FIREPAC VIC MISSOURI$50,000.00

Contribution Date: 01/25/2019

01/25/2019GREATER KC BLDG & CONSTRUCTION TRADES-PECGreater Kansas City Building Trades Council - Member Dues$2,890.82
01/25/2019Committee To Elect Tony PecinovskyAdolfo Herrera-Neal$1,250.00
01/25/2019SPENCER FOR ALDERMANCHIPP Political Account$1,000.00
01/25/2019SPENCER FOR ALDERMANSt. Louis Fire Fighters PAC$1,000.00
01/25/2019Megan Green For St Louisdavid roberts$1,000.00
01/25/2019FRIENDS OF CHRISTINE INGRASSIAJosh Udelhofen$500.00
01/25/2019Coleman For EquityPaul Fehler and Nadia Ghasedi$500.00
01/25/2019Debra Carnahan 4 STLCelinda Lake$500.00
01/25/2019Canady For KCmarion pierson$500.00
01/25/2019Michael McDonough for MayorFRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICE LODGE 50$1,000.00
01/25/2019Friends to Re-Elect William EsterlinePattonville Professional Firefighters$5,000.00
01/25/2019Justus For KCSandra Schermerhorn$500.00
01/25/2019Silvey For JudgeHBS MO State PAC$500.00
01/25/2019Schilling For City CouncilTEAMSTERS LOCAL 245$1,000.00
01/25/2019Yes On SConference Technologies Inc.$2,000.00
01/25/2019Civic Progress Action CommitteeEnterprise Holdings Inc. PAC$13,000.00
01/25/2019Civic Progress Action CommitteeCentene Management Company LLC$13,000.00

Contribution Date: 01/24/2019

01/24/2019Committee to Elect BullockCommittee to Elect Hubbard$739.13
01/24/2019Friends Of Jamilah NasheedCarol Rossfeld$500.00
01/24/2019FRIENDS OF CHRISTINE INGRASSIAMark Ratterman$500.00
01/24/2019FRIENDS OF LARRY ARNOWITZUnion Seventy Partnership$1,000.00
01/24/2019Debra Carnahan 4 STLJen Goetz$500.00
01/24/2019Friends Of Elmer OteyDavid L Steward$2,500.00
01/24/2019Friends for Tim LoweryMichael Lunatto$900.00
01/24/2019Justus For KCBlake Oshiro$500.00
01/24/2019Phil Glynn For MayorWendy Powell$500.00
01/24/2019Phil Glynn For MayorAshok Attaluri$500.00
01/24/2019Teamsters Local Union No 688 Political Action CommitteeTeamsters International Union DRIVE$10,168.75
01/24/2019Lucas For KCJennifer Clarkson$3,325.00
01/24/2019Committee To Elect Andrea BoughJohn Edgar$500.00
01/24/2019Nexus PACShelter Mutual Insurance Company$4,000.00
01/24/2019Uniting Missouri PACGOLD RUSH AMUSEMENTS INC$7,500.00
01/24/2019Teamsters Local Union No 688 Political Action CommitteeDRIVE - Committee - FEC ID #C00032979$10,168.75

Contribution Date: 01/23/2019

01/23/2019FRIENDS OF LARRY ARNOWITZLaborers International of N.A.Local 42$500.00
01/23/2019FRIENDS OF LARRY ARNOWITZDavid Luce$500.00
01/23/2019Debra Carnahan 4 STLtheLOUpac$2,500.00
01/23/2019Debra Carnahan 4 STLJames Sherman$1,000.00
01/23/2019Debra Carnahan 4 STLBobby Moon$500.00
01/23/2019Debra Carnahan 4 STLJohn McElwain$1,000.00
01/23/2019Debra Carnahan 4 STLThomas Carnahan$1,000.00
01/23/2019Debra Carnahan 4 STLJean Carnahan$1,000.00
01/23/2019Debra Carnahan 4 STLANGELA BROWN$1,000.00
01/23/2019Debra Carnahan 4 STLVanessa Antoniou$1,000.00
01/23/2019Treece For MayorGreg Johnston$5,000.00
01/23/2019Treece For MayorGateway Government Relations LLC$500.00
01/23/2019LABORERS UNION LOCAL #42 VOLUNTARY POLITICAL FUNDLaborers Local No. 42$4,950.00
01/23/2019Justus For KCSillman Group LLC$2,500.00
01/23/2019Justus For KCCentric Projects LLC$500.00
01/23/2019Justus For KCBrendan Donelon$500.00
01/23/2019Lucas For KCW.E. Jr. Clarkson$825.00
01/23/2019COMMITTEE TO ELECT LEE BARNES JRProfessional Services$2,625.00
01/23/2019Citizens for Great SchoolsRuth Wood$500.00
01/23/2019Citizens for Great SchoolsSouth Point PTC$2,000.00

Contribution Date: 01/22/2019

01/22/2019Cook for CenterSam Cook$563.94
01/22/2019Sunni Hutton For Ward 20William Crandall$500.00
01/22/2019Citizens To Elect Shameem Clark HubbardGeorge Roberts$500.00
01/22/2019FRIENDS OF LARRY ARNOWITZtheLOUpac$1,000.00
01/22/2019Friends Of Jake BantontheLOUpac$2,500.00
01/22/2019Debra Carnahan 4 STLCatherine Tiffany$500.00
01/22/2019Debra Carnahan 4 STLSean Gagen$500.00
01/22/2019Treece For MayorBrotherhood of Locomotive Engineers & Trainmen$1,000.00
01/22/2019Treece For MayorTeamsters Local 600--Freight$500.00
01/22/2019Justus For KCQuivira Investment Management$500.00
01/22/2019Justus For KCGarrison Hassenflu$500.00
01/22/2019Progress KCGEORGE LOPEZ$500.00
01/22/2019International Union of Painters & Allied Trades PAT Federal PACIUPAT Political Action Together Political Committe$5,000.00
01/22/2019Andrew Lear For City CouncilWilliam Hale$500.00
01/22/2019Yes On SLaborers International Local 110$1,000.00
01/22/2019KC BizPAC The Political Action Committee of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce in Partnership with the Civic Council of Greater Kansas CityGreater KC Chamber of Commerce - reimb. from KC Southern$5,000.00
01/22/2019KC BizPAC The Political Action Committee of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce in Partnership with the Civic Council of Greater Kansas CityBurns & McDonnell$5,000.00
01/22/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncPenn National Gaming, Inc.$7,500.00

Contribution Date: 01/21/2019

01/21/2019Friends for Tim LowerySteve Ruff$1,298.92
01/21/2019Committee To Elect Scott TaylorHoward Barewin$500.00
01/21/2019Justus For KCPASQUALE TROZZOLO$1,000.00
01/21/2019Justus For KCJohn Dobies$500.00
01/21/2019Miller For MayorSusan Schilling$500.00
01/21/2019Dan Borgmeyer For MayorRobert Affholder$1,000.00
01/21/2019Citizens for A Better ParkvilleJason Maki$1,200.00
01/21/2019KC BizPAC The Political Action Committee of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce in Partnership with the Civic Council of Greater Kansas CityJE Dunn$5,000.00

Contribution Date: 01/20/2019

01/20/2019Hickey For St LouisPlumbers & Pipefitters Local 562 Political Education Fund$1,000.00
01/20/2019Citizens To Elect Shameem Clark HubbardKevin Riggs$500.00
01/20/2019Citizens To Elect Shameem Clark HubbardCedric Kyles$1,000.00
01/20/2019Friends Of Bret NarayanLIUNA Local 110 PAC Fund$500.00
01/20/2019FRIENDS OF LARRY ARNOWITZKelsy Vollmer$500.00
01/20/2019Friends Of Tom OldenburgPeter Sullivan$500.00
01/20/2019Friends Of Chris KellyRobbie & Ali Price$500.00
01/20/2019Treece For MayorJohn Ashford$1,000.00
01/20/2019Treece For MayorJeremy Root$500.00
01/20/2019Lucas For KCLisa Pelofsky$1,000.00
01/20/2019Shurita Thomas-Tate for School BoardCourageous Family Group, LLC$500.00
01/20/2019Citizens For RonkoskiRobert Ronkoski$600.00
01/20/2019KC BizPAC The Political Action Committee of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce in Partnership with the Civic Council of Greater Kansas CityMcCownGordon Construction$5,000.00

Contribution Date: 01/19/2019

01/19/2019Re-elect Hark for MayorReliant Care Management Co LLC$1,500.00
01/19/2019Friends of SPSTodd and Betty Parnell$1,000.00
01/19/2019SPENCER FOR ALDERMANJeanne Kirkton$500.00
01/19/2019Friends Of Jake BantonEADS Group LLC$500.00
01/19/2019Megan Green For St LouisScott Intagliata$1,500.00

Contribution Date: 01/18/2019

01/18/2019Committee To Elect HubbardRandy Hubbard$1,000.00
01/18/2019Committee To Elect Scott TaylorLinda Nicholson$1,000.00
01/18/2019Justus For KCRebecca Pruett$500.00
01/18/2019Progress KCKIT BOND STRATEGIES LLP$2,500.00
01/18/2019Progress KCWAGSTAFF CARTMELL LLP$1,000.00
01/18/2019Friends of Joyce TownsendJoyce Townsend$600.00
01/18/2019Quillin for AldermanMichael Quillin$500.00
01/18/2019Andrew Lear For City CouncilCHARLIE OREILLY$500.00
01/18/2019Wayne Jones for School BoardM & M Wrecker Co$500.00
01/18/2019Committee To Elect ReedUnited Food & Commercial Workers Local #655 Elect Political Action Fund$2,500.00
01/18/2019Hickey For St LouisMike Hart$500.00
01/18/2019FRIENDS OF CHRISTINE INGRASSIASPIRE Political Action Committee$500.00
01/18/2019Megan Green For St LouisPhillip Weeks$500.00
01/18/2019MO INSURANCE COALITION PACNationwide Mutual Insurance Company$10,000.00
01/18/2019Midwest Region Laborers' Political League Education FundLaborers Supplemental Dues Fund$6,639.12
01/18/2019Missouri Leadership ForumDrury Development Corporation$7,500.00

Contribution Date: 01/17/2019

01/17/2019Committee to Elect Bob Hancock MayorBob Hancock$1,249.94
01/17/2019Treece For MayorTeamsters Local 6$500.00
01/17/2019Committee To Elect Wallace Hartsfield IIMike White$500.00
01/17/2019Committee To Elect Wallace Hartsfield IIJames Bowers$500.00
01/17/2019Justus For KCAllison Bergman$500.00
01/17/2019Citizens for Good GovernmentGlendale Professional Firefighters$5,000.00
01/17/2019Committee to Elect Rita CortesRita Cortes$500.00
01/17/2019Friends Of Jake BantonThomas Peterson$1,500.00
01/17/2019Leata Price Land CampaignEd Cosby$500.00
01/17/2019Jeffery Hill For St LouisEMILY BECK$600.00
01/17/2019Committee To Elect Darryl Gray 18th WardIIUNA Local 110$1,000.00
01/17/2019Megan Green For St LouisArthur Lieber$500.00
01/17/2019Megan Green For St LouisDana Sandweiss$500.00
01/17/2019Sunni Hutton For Ward 20Sarah Frei$500.00
01/17/2019Friends Of Bret NarayanEADS Group LLC$500.00
01/17/2019Fair MissouriRepublican State Committee$50,000.00

Contribution Date: 01/16/2019

01/16/2019LABORERS LOCAL 660-PACLaborers Local 660$1,132.00
01/16/2019Committee to Elect Kenneth GreenAddington Stewart$500.00
01/16/2019Treece For MayorTeamsters Joint Council 13 DRIVE$1,500.00
01/16/2019Committee To Elect Scott TaylorMarshall Miller$1,136.70
01/16/2019Justus For KCKirk Isenhour$1,325.00
01/16/2019Justus For KCDouglas Anning$675.00
01/16/2019Justus For KCVincent Bryant$1,000.00
01/16/2019Progress KCBNIM$1,000.00
01/16/2019Silvey For JudgeOzark Mountain Leadership PAC$1,000.00
01/16/2019Fowler For Kansas CityHERBERT HARDWICK$500.00
01/16/2019Shurita Thomas-Tate for School BoardThe Courageous Church$500.00
01/16/2019Leata Price Land CampaignMichael Holmes$500.00
01/16/2019Friends Of Henry Gray36th Ward Pac$500.00
01/16/2019CITIZENS TO ELECT CAROL HOWARDBoilermakers Local 27 PAC$500.00
01/16/2019C Sharp Redmon For 6th WardKahla Henry$500.00
01/16/2019Progress KCGreater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce$25,000.00
01/16/2019IAFF FIREPAC VIC MissouriInternational Association of Fire Fighters Interested in Registration and Education PAC$50,000.00

Contribution Date: 01/15/2019

01/15/2019Committee to Elect Dr. Sheila Powell-WalkerGRADE A FOR CHANGE$807.50
01/15/2019Justus For KCAnnise Parker$500.00
01/15/2019Phil Glynn For MayorSheryl Vickers$500.00
01/15/2019Miller For MayorJohn Bordeau$1,000.00
01/15/2019Committee To Elect Andrea BoughLewis Rice LLC$1,080.00
01/15/2019Wagner For Kansas CityChristopher Todd$500.00
01/15/2019Johnson for PattonvilleOnline Media Interactive, LLC$1,261.99
01/15/2019Andrew Lear For City CouncilBRIAN ALLEN$500.00
01/15/2019Westfall For City CouncilVanessa Thomas$500.00
01/15/2019Citizens for Great SchoolsBank of Washington$1,000.00
01/15/2019United Food & Commercial Workers Local #655 Elect Political Action FundUFCW Local 655$6,043.14
01/15/2019COMMITTEE TO RE-ELECT SAM MOORECrown Wholesale Co$1,000.00
01/15/2019Committee To Keep Houston SmilingAmerican Dental Association$3,000.00
01/15/2019Debra Carnahan 4 STLDebra Carnahan$1,500.00
01/15/2019Citizens To Elect Jeffrey L BoydJeff Rainford$500.00

Contribution Date: 01/14/2019

01/14/2019Citizens for Michelle HarrisSharalyn Saks$1,000.00
01/14/2019Committee To Elect Scott TaylorCase Dorman$500.00
01/14/2019Friends Of Ben KeathleySarah Keathley$500.00
01/14/2019Miller For MayorTom McCullough$500.00
01/14/2019Miller For MayorDay Kerr$1,000.00
01/14/2019Fowler For Kansas CityOra Reynolds$750.00
01/14/2019KC BizPAC The Political Action Committee of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce in Partnership with the Civic Council of Greater Kansas CityHallmark$5,000.00
01/14/2019Committee To Elect ReedTodd Weaver$3,000.00
01/14/2019Committee To Elect ReedSummers Properties LLC$2,500.00
01/14/2019Friends Of Jake BantonJacob Banton$900.00
01/14/2019Leata Price Land CampaignCAROLYN SEWARD$500.00
01/14/2019The Committee To Elect Edward McFowlandSmoothLight Productions LLC.$700.00
01/14/2019The Committee To Elect Edward McFowlandCalcaterra Enterprise LLC$500.00
01/14/2019Phil Glynn For MayorPhilip Glynn$43,000.00

Contribution Date: 01/13/2019

01/13/2019Committee To Elect Lorie Cavincarolyn mcmahon$1,700.00

Contribution Date: 01/12/2019

01/12/2019Dan Borgmeyer For MayorRay Mungenast$500.00

Contribution Date: 01/11/2019

01/11/2019Committee To Elect Lorie CavinRANDY MUNTON$1,000.00
01/11/2019Treece For MayorTeamsters Local 41 PAF$2,500.00
01/11/2019Progress KCCENTRIC$1,000.00
01/11/2019Citizens for A Better ParkvilleJason Maki$600.00
01/11/2019Citizens to Elect Jim ThomasJim Thomas$3,000.00
01/11/2019Committee To Elect ReedRobert Clark$5,000.00
01/11/2019Leata Price Land CampaignVito Lentini$500.00
01/11/2019Hickey For St LouisPete Rothschild$2,000.00
01/11/2019Friends Of Bret NarayanIRON WORKERS LOCAL NO 396$500.00
01/11/2019Committee To Elect Lorie CavinRandy Mutton$1,000.00
01/11/2019Citizens for a Safer St. LouisGreat Saint Louis Inc$80,000.00

Contribution Date: 01/10/2019

01/10/2019Treece For MayorCharles Drury Jr$2,600.00
01/10/2019Committee To Elect Wallace Hartsfield IIWallace Hartsfield$500.00
01/10/2019Committee To Elect Wallace Hartsfield IIMarion Harris$500.00
01/10/2019Justus For KCShirley Goza$500.00
01/10/2019Justus For KCMitch Burgess$1,000.00
01/10/2019Phil Glynn For MayorMark Van Blaricum$1,000.00
01/10/2019Richard Ollis For City CouncilBryan Magers$500.00
01/10/2019Progress KCECCO Select$5,000.00
01/10/2019Lucas For KCBlue Nile Contractors Inc.$2,500.00
01/10/2019Wayne Jones for School BoardWAYNE JONES$1,020.00
01/10/2019Friends Of Jake BantonMilagros Banton$500.00
01/10/2019Citizens To Elect Shameem Clark HubbardGreg Johnston$1,000.00
01/10/2019Megan Green For St LouisDavid Boger$1,000.00
01/10/2019HealthPACMidAmerica Division Office$6,100.00

Contribution Date: 01/09/2019

01/09/2019Treece For MayorTeamsters Local 541 PAF$2,500.00
01/09/2019Justus For KCKevin Gunn$500.00
01/09/2019Justus For KCRICHARD EBERSOLD$1,650.00
01/09/2019Justus For KCChris Garibaldi$1,000.00
01/09/2019Committee To Elect Andrea BoughDavid Frantze$500.00
01/09/2019Jeffery Hill For St LouisPhillip Weeks$600.00
01/09/2019KC BizPAC The Political Action Committee of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce in Partnership with the Civic Council of Greater Kansas CityiTEDIUM$585.00
01/09/2019KC BizPAC The Political Action Committee of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce in Partnership with the Civic Council of Greater Kansas CityCharles Shields$500.00
01/09/2019House Victory CommitteeHCA MISSOURI GOOD GOVERNMENT FUND$7,500.00

Contribution Date: 01/08/2019

01/08/2019IBEW Local 53 Voluntary Political FundIBEW Local 53$4,000.00
01/08/2019Canady For KCGloria Dooley$1,000.00
01/08/2019Joe Miller for Clayton School BoardSteve Fox$500.00
01/08/2019Michael McDonough for MayorMissouri Assoc. of Career Fire Protection Districts$1,000.00
01/08/2019Stacey Johnson-Cosby For Kansas CityGraham-Andebrhan LLC$750.00
01/08/2019Stacey Johnson-Cosby For Kansas CityKansas City Regional Association of Realtors$829.04
01/08/2019Dan Borgmeyer For MayorTerry Ohlms$500.00
01/08/2019Fowler For Kansas CityDavid Fenley$500.00
01/08/2019Megan Green For St LouisMichael Berg$1,000.00
01/08/2019Megan Green For St LouisMary Neal$500.00
01/08/2019KC BizPAC The Political Action Committee of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce in Partnership with the Civic Council of Greater Kansas CityD.D. Ranch Leawood$5,000.00
01/08/2019KC BizPAC The Political Action Committee of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce in Partnership with the Civic Council of Greater Kansas CityPolsinelli$5,000.00

Contribution Date: 01/07/2019

01/07/2019Justus For KCJS COL LLC$1,200.00
01/07/2019Citizens for Sean FlowerJeff Busam$1,000.00
01/07/2019Fowler For Kansas CityHenok Tekeste$1,000.00
01/07/2019TEAMSTERS JOINT COUNCIL NO 13 DRIVE POLITICAL FUNDTeamsters Joint Council No. 13 DRIVE$500.00
01/07/2019Citizens To Elect Randy PogueTIMOTHY HARRIS$1,000.00
01/07/2019Hickey For St LouisDolores Hickey$1,000.00
01/07/2019Hickey For St LouisPat Hickey$3,500.00
01/07/2019Citizens To Elect Shameem Clark HubbardUniversity Square Company$2,600.00
01/07/2019Committee to Elect Britton FerrellKeith Edwards$500.00
01/07/2019Missourians for Responsible EnergyKansas City Power & Light$5,484.25

Contribution Date: 01/06/2019

01/06/2019Committee To Elect Scott TaylorPaul Worcester$500.00
01/06/2019Campbell For Kansas CityJustin Griffis$1,000.00
01/06/2019Elect Anne MarshallAnne Marshall$500.00
01/06/2019SPENCER FOR ALDERMANWJL Companies$1,500.00

Contribution Date: 01/05/2019

01/05/2019Treece For MayorEastern Missouri Laborers' Educational & Benevolent Fund$2,500.00
01/05/2019Jolley For KCMatthew Roney$500.00
01/05/2019Citizens for A Better ParkvilleJason Maki$503.94
01/05/2019Citizens for Michelle OhleyMcBride & Son Management LLC$1,000.00
01/05/2019Friends Of Jake BantonMichael Banton$1,000.00
01/05/2019Friends Of Jake BantonThomas Jones$1,000.00
01/05/2019Friends Of Jake BantonMargaret Schmandt$2,000.00
01/05/2019Annie Rice For STLDavid Boger$3,000.00
01/05/2019Hickey For St LouisJOHN HICKEY$500.00
01/05/2019Missouri Forward PACIsle of Capri - Boonville$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 01/04/2019

01/04/2019Committee To Elect Scott Taylorbrandon buckley$500.00
01/04/2019Committee To Elect Scott TaylorJim Thomas$500.00
01/04/2019Committee to Elect Dr Zella WilliamsDavid Combs$500.00
01/04/2019Justus For KCGuy Creveling$1,000.00
01/04/2019Friends For David NelsonHoward Nelson$1,000.00
01/04/2019HEATHER HALL FOR CITY COUNCILMissourians for Effective Leadership PAC$1,575.00
01/04/2019HEATHER HALL FOR CITY COUNCILFred Logan$500.00
01/04/2019Citizens To Elect Randy PogueDanie King$2,500.00
01/04/2019Citizens To Elect Randy PogueCorba King$2,500.00
01/04/2019Elect Anne MarshallAnne Marshall$500.00
01/04/2019Advance MissouriMissouri Republican Party$10,750.00
01/04/2019Friends Of Jamilah NasheedLee Kling$1,000.00
01/04/2019Friends Of Jamilah NasheedMANDEL & MANDEL LLP$1,000.00
01/04/2019Committee to Elect Britton FerrellElott Raffety$500.00
01/04/2019Advance MissouriMissouri Republican Party$40,750.00
01/04/2019MISSOURI SENATE CAMPAIGN COMMITTEEIsle of Capri Casino Boonville$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 01/03/2019

01/03/2019Reed For MayorGipson for Assembly$2,000.00
01/03/2019Justus For KCRobert Grossman$500.00
01/03/2019Committee To Elect Andrea BoughMike White$1,000.00
01/03/2019FRIENDS OF CHRISTINE INGRASSIAStephen Acree$500.00
01/03/2019Nexus PACRightCHOICE Managed Care Inc.$25,000.00
01/03/2019POL PACPolsinelli$60,000.00

Contribution Date: 01/02/2019

01/02/2019Citizens for Sean FlowerDonald Flower$750.00
01/02/2019Sierra Club Missouri Political CommitteeKay Drey$500.00
01/02/2019Citizens For SAFE MedicineLees Summit Cares$1,000.00
01/02/2019Megan Green For St LouisPeter Travers$500.00
01/02/2019Professional Firefighters of Central St. Louis County PACProfessional Firefighters of Eastern Missiouri PAC$6,400.00
01/02/2019American Dream PACSix PAC$16,105.68
01/02/2019American Dream PACMissouri Republican Leadership PAC$12,631.78
01/02/2019American Dream PACMissourians for Responsible & Better Government$11,342.13
01/02/2019American Dream PACHealth Systems Inc.$25,000.00
01/02/2019Civic Progress Action CommitteeAmeren Missouri$7,500.00
01/02/2019Uniting Missouri PACMICHAEL AND SUSAN KETCHMARK$50,000.00
01/02/2019Uniting Missouri PACMissouri Health Plan Association PAC$10,000.00
01/02/2019Uniting Missouri PACHunter Engineering Company$20,000.00
01/02/2019Uniting Missouri PACRICK JR AND CARLOTA HOLTON$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 01/01/2019

01/01/2019Heat & Frost Insulators Local 27 Political Education CommitteeHeat & Frost Insulators Local 27$1,871.50
01/01/2019Miller For MayorDon Munce$500.00
01/01/2019Hales for UCityKim Tucci$500.00
01/01/2019Tony Jacob for RaytownELISA BREITENBACH$500.00

Contribution Date: 12/31/2018

12/31/2018Yes On SFox C-6 CTA$1,000.00
12/31/2018Citizens For SAFE MedicinePat Rowe Kerr$3,000.00
12/31/2018Friends Of Cassandra L DeCluePhilip DeClue$1,000.00
12/31/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACThomas Boyle$550.00
12/31/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACJohn O'Donnell$4,160.00
12/31/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACShelley Roither$2,000.00
12/31/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACSusan Lombardo$2,300.00
12/31/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACBRIAN OTTMAN$2,500.00
12/31/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACLEE CAIN$500.00
12/31/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACRandal Narike$5,000.00
12/31/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACRaymond Wagner$750.00
12/31/2018Heavy Constructors Association Local PACSuperior Bowen$530.48
12/31/2018Heavy Constructors Association Local PACCLARKSON$553.89
12/31/2018Teamsters Local Union 541 Political Action FundTeamsters Local Union 541$2,349.56
12/31/2018Miller For MayorAnne St Peter$3,325.00
12/31/2018Miller For MayorLinda Smart$500.00
12/31/2018Miller For MayorJeffrey Rinne$500.00
12/31/2018Miller For MayorJohn Mitchell$1,000.00
12/31/2018Miller For MayorGregg Johnson$500.00
12/31/2018Miller For MayorAnn Anthony$2,000.00
12/31/2018SCOTT SIFTON FOR MISSOURIDavid Riedel$500.00
12/31/2018SCOTT SIFTON FOR MISSOURIRed Oak Resorts LLC$1,200.00
12/31/2018SCOTT SIFTON FOR MISSOURIMissouri Health Plan Association PAC$2,500.00
12/31/2018SCOTT SIFTON FOR MISSOURIMark Bronson$1,000.00
12/31/2018SCOTT SIFTON FOR MISSOURIAmerican Family Insurance Mo PAC$1,000.00
12/31/2018Friends Of Jamilah Nasheedlarry cohn$500.00
12/31/2018Phil Glynn For MayorDodie Jacobi$1,000.00
12/31/2018Phil Glynn For MayorSean Caffery$500.00
12/31/2018Justus For KCFRH LLC$2,185.36
12/31/2018Justus For KCTeresa Woody$1,000.00
12/31/2018Justus For KCWilliam Talbert$3,000.00
12/31/2018Justus For KCJustin Johl$500.00
12/31/2018Justus For KCTroy Stremming$750.00
12/31/2018Justus For KCKevin McGinnis$500.00
12/31/2018Justus For KCPatrick Starke$1,000.00
12/31/2018Justus For KCChristie Jess$500.00
12/31/2018Justus For KCKirk Presley$1,000.00
12/31/2018Justus For KCMichael Henry$500.00
12/31/2018Justus For KCJudith Heeter$500.00
12/31/2018Justus For KCJohn McGurk$500.00
12/31/2018Justus For KCBrian Noland$1,200.00
12/31/2018Justus For KCJeffrey Edmondson$500.00
12/31/2018Justus For KCLarry Jacob$500.00
12/31/2018Justus For KCAlexander Edelman$500.00
12/31/2018Justus For KCDan Nilsen$500.00
12/31/2018Justus For KCJames Bartimus$2,000.00
12/31/2018Justus For KCAnnie Presley$500.00
12/31/2018Lucas For KCScott Higgins$2,500.00
12/31/2018Lucas For KCTom Porto$500.00
12/31/2018Lucas For KCJeffrey McCarther$675.00
12/31/2018People For SolonReed Hastings$1,000.00
12/31/2018Sain For MissouriBarry Aycock$500.00
12/31/2018Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeDavid Sinclair$2,000.00
12/31/2018Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMissouri Forest Products PAC$1,000.00
12/31/2018Friends Of Chris KellyR O & Stella Maly$2,500.00
12/31/2018Committee To Elect Melissa RobinsonMissourians for Effective Leadership PAC$1,575.00
12/31/2018Friends Of Tom OldenburgHusch Blackwell LLP$1,000.00
12/31/2018Friends for Tim LoweryGlenn Travers$3,500.00
12/31/2018Wagner For Kansas CityGeorge Gates$1,000.00
12/31/2018Friends Of Peggy McGaughMissouri Hospital Association$500.00
12/31/2018Citizens For Ken McClureGORDON KINNE$500.00
12/31/2018Jasper County Republican Central CommitteeCommittee to Elect Ron Richard$2,990.00
12/31/2018MISSOURI SENATE CAMPAIGN COMMITTEEQC Holdings Inc.$10,000.00
12/31/2018House Republican Campaign Committee, IncSun Solar LLC$8,000.00
12/31/2018Progress KCHusch Blackwell LLP$10,000.00
12/31/2018Treece For MayorCarpenters Helping in the Political Process (CHIPP Political Account)$10,000.00
12/31/2018Citizens to Protect Tax Revenues and JobsPenn National Gaming, Inc.$161,781.99
12/31/2018Truth in CampaignsALLIANCE FOR ECONOMIC PROGRESS$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 12/30/2018

12/30/2018Committee To Elect ReedNorman Owens$1,000.00
12/30/2018Committee To Elect Tony PecinovskyTony Pecinovsky$500.00
12/30/2018Miller For MayorAxentadvance Capital$2,500.00
12/30/2018Friends Of Mary Elizabeth ColemanMBA GATEWAY REGION PAC$500.00
12/30/2018SCOTT SIFTON FOR MISSOURIAsim Raza$1,000.00
12/30/2018SCOTT SIFTON FOR MISSOURIScott Intagliata$500.00
12/30/2018SCOTT SIFTON FOR MISSOURIMari Evans$2,500.00
12/30/2018Justus For KCChristopher Beal$3,325.00
12/30/2018Justus For KCJames Townsend$1,500.00
12/30/2018Justus For KCBilly Clarkson$3,325.00
12/30/2018CLEAN MissouriMark Potashnick$1,000.00
12/30/2018Professional Firefighters of Tri-County PACProfessional Firefighters of Eastern Missiouri PAC$1,400.00

Contribution Date: 12/29/2018

12/29/2018Parson For MissouriDonald Ross$5,000.00
12/29/2018Justus For KCMorton Sosland$500.00
12/29/2018Justus For KCNicholas Swingos$500.00
12/29/2018Justus For KCSUSAN GORDON$500.00

Contribution Date: 12/28/2018

12/28/2018Yes On SDan Kroupa$500.00
12/28/2018Uniting Missouri PACPfizer INC$10,000.00
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACPAUL O'RANGERS$750.00
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACTODD STANSBURY$833.30
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMICHELLE BOSCH$1,000.00
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACJOSEPH PESANSKY$833.30
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMICHAELA MARTINEZ$650.00
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACTRISTAN FACER$675.00
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACJames Nelson$1,166.63
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACBRIAN MCHENRY$555.00
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACJames Mccarthy$500.00
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMichael Cullen$520.33
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACBRIAN ROTHERY$500.00
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACKELLY TOFOLO$700.00
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACBRIAN SCHLUETER$2,000.00
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACSTEVEN TUDELA$5,000.00
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACBrendon Ross$520.83
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMichael Pugh$5,000.00
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACRYAN TODD$3,000.00
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACFrank Thurman$625.00
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMarie Artim$500.00
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACTHOMAS BERUTTI$714.26
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACRobert Wilson$2,500.00
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMICHAEL HAWKINS$555.52
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMARC CALIJAN$625.00
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACRyan Johnson$555.52
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACJoseph Cardello$1,000.00
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACNICOLLE BAKER$500.00
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACNIKLOS NOVOTNY$500.00
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACRobert Krenzelok$833.33
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMichelle Kay$625.00
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACSUSAN WALSER$500.00
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACThomas Caccamo$3,000.00
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACJEFFREY KROGEN$583.33
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACDAVID SHOOP$833.33
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACThomas Chelew$2,300.00
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMARK MCDARIS$833.33
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACScott Skarstad$1,000.00
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACTHOMAS GRESHAM$1,000.00
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACBRYAN CALLOWAY$800.00
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACBrett Frazee$833.33
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACKevin Morrissey$833.33
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMICHAEL GERGES$500.00
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACSusan Best$500.00
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACRYAN WINKELS$1,000.00
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACSTEPHEN MCNAIR$625.00
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACNATONYA DEMULLING$800.00
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACDOUGLAS COUGHLAN$833.30
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACKEVIN BASS$625.00
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACDaniel Artone$500.00
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACDAVID LAMONTE$625.00
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACKevin Moore$714.26
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMichael Humphrey$500.00
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACScott Vaccaro$500.00
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMICHAEL FILOMENA$1,000.00
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACDean Thompson$5,000.00
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACLAURIE BANGS$1,666.66
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACIRA SHERMAN$500.00
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACADAM PARKER$1,250.00
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACTODD STOCKTON$5,000.00
12/28/2018Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACChad Iken$714.29
12/28/2018Committee To Elect ReedHamilton Hospitality$2,000.00
12/28/2018Citizens To Elect Jeffrey L BoydGlobal 9 LLC$500.00
12/28/2018Springfield Good Government CommitteeGreat Southern Bank$1,136.00
12/28/2018Committee To Elect Shalonn `Kiki` CurlsMissouri Health Plan Association PAC$1,000.00
12/28/2018Phil Glynn For MayorPatrick Reavey$500.00
12/28/2018Phil Glynn For MayorMichael Yonke$500.00
12/28/2018Missourians for a Responsible BudgetMissouri Health Plan Association PAC$5,000.00
12/28/2018Justus For KCDavid Epstein$1,325.00
12/28/2018Justus For KCRob Sullivan$500.00
12/28/2018Justus For KCSandra Mellinger$1,000.00
12/28/2018Justus For KCCathy Jambrosic$500.00
12/28/2018Justus For KCSusan Atkins$500.00
12/28/2018Lucas For KCJosef Loeffler$1,000.00
12/28/2018Lucas For KCRobert Hoffman$500.00
12/28/2018MBA MARK TWAIN REGION PACCharles Brazeale$600.00
12/28/2018Citizens For Better Streets And ParksCochran$1,000.00
12/28/2018Wagner For Kansas CityGeorge Reeder$3,000.00
12/28/2018Wagner For Kansas CityJoshua Garry$1,000.00
12/28/2018MO PORK-PACBoehringer Ingelheim$1,000.00
12/28/2018MO PORK-PACMERCK$500.00
12/28/2018MO PORK-PACMurphy Family Ventures$900.00
12/28/2018MO PORK-PACWin Win LLC$900.00
12/28/2018MO Petroleum Marketers + Convenience Store Assoc PACBill's Imperial, Inc$1,325.00
12/28/2018MO Independent Bankers Assoc PACFarmers Bank of Lincoln$1,000.00
12/28/2018MBA OZARK REGION PACShaun Burke$500.00
12/28/2018MBA CAPITOL REGION PACBobby Schatzer$1,262.00
12/28/2018House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCitizens for Kevin Corlew$500.00
12/28/2018Uniting Missouri PACPfizer Inc.$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 12/27/2018

12/27/2018Friends of SPSTOM PRATER$1,000.00
12/27/2018Friends Of Cassandra L DeClueCassandra DeClue$500.00
12/27/2018Citizens To Elect Jeffrey L BoydUnion Seventy Partnership$2,500.00
12/27/2018SCOTT SIFTON FOR MISSOURIMO Society of Anesthesiologists PAC$1,000.00
12/27/2018SCOTT SIFTON FOR MISSOURIKCP&L Power PAC - Missouri$1,000.00
12/27/2018SCOTT SIFTON FOR MISSOURIMichael Honigfort$500.00
12/27/2018SCOTT SIFTON FOR MISSOURIPatrick Hagerty$1,000.00
12/27/2018SCOTT SIFTON FOR MISSOURINancy Grove$500.00
12/27/2018SCOTT SIFTON FOR MISSOURIGreater Kansas City Building & Construction Trades Council$1,000.00
12/27/2018SCOTT SIFTON FOR MISSOURIRichard Burke$500.00
12/27/2018Friends Of Jamilah NasheedGarrett Webb$1,500.00
12/27/2018Phil Glynn For MayorKaren Holland$1,000.00
12/27/2018Phil Glynn For MayorJason Swords$3,125.00
12/27/2018Justus For KCBlock Real Estate Services LLC$2,000.00
12/27/2018Justus For KCBK Properties LLC$1,000.00
12/27/2018Justus For KCJennifer Price$500.00
12/27/2018Justus For KCJames Marchesano$500.00
12/27/2018Justus For KCEdward Stevens$3,325.00
12/27/2018Justus For KCJoel Pelofsky$1,000.00
12/27/2018Justus For KCShirley Bush Helzberg$1,650.00
12/27/2018Justus For KCJohn Bardgett$1,000.00
12/27/2018Justus For KCAngela Rizzo$1,000.00
12/27/2018Justus For KCDonald Hall$1,000.00
12/27/2018Ameren Missouri Political Action CommitteeAmeren FED PAC$4,716.34
12/27/2018Committee To Elect Andrea BoughDavid Skeens$500.00
12/27/2018Citizens For Jim ArnottBrent Davis$1,000.00
12/27/2018Missouri Senate Conservatives FundTeam Justin PAC$1,352.72
12/27/2018Missouri Senate Conservatives FundTeam Cindy PAC$4,296.98
12/27/2018Advance MissouriAmerican Democracy Alliance$68,000.00
12/27/2018AX-PACMissouri Senate Conservatives Fund$686.52
12/27/2018Friends of SPSQuality Schools for Kids$21,895.91
12/27/2018Senate Conservatives FundMissouri Senate Conservatives Fund$1,832.52
12/27/2018FREEDOM PACMissouri Senate Conservatives Fund$18,000.00

Contribution Date: 12/26/2018

12/26/2018Uniting Missouri PACMCCORMACK BARON SALAZAR INC$5,000.00
12/26/2018Uniting Missouri PACDIVERSICARE MANAGEMENT SERVICES$1,500.00
12/26/2018Uniting Missouri PACBIRCHPOINTE HEALTH & REHABILITATION$3,335.00
12/26/2018Uniting Missouri PACJAMES RIVER NURSING & REHABILITATION$3,335.00
12/26/2018Uniting Missouri PACMAGNOLIA SQUARE NURSING & REHAB$3,335.00
12/26/2018Uniting Missouri PACLARUS REAL ESTATE I LLC$2,500.00
12/26/2018Uniting Missouri PACTHE SUMMIT INC$1,250.00
12/26/2018Uniting Missouri PACCLARA MANOR NURSING HOME INC$1,250.00
12/26/2018Uniting Missouri PACMYERS NURSING HOME INC$1,250.00
12/26/2018Uniting Missouri PACJOHNSON COUNTY CARE INC$1,250.00
12/26/2018Uniting Missouri PACCORI MANOR HEALTHCARE & REHAB CENTER LLC$5,000.00
12/26/2018Uniting Missouri PACGRAND MANOR NURSING & REHAB CENTER LLC$5,000.00
12/26/2018Uniting Missouri PACNHC/OP LP$5,000.00
12/26/2018Uniting Missouri PACNorthport Health Services$2,200.00
12/26/2018Uniting Missouri PACCRESTWOOD HEALTH CARE CENTER LLC$5,000.00
12/26/2018Uniting Missouri PACFOUR SEASONS LIVING CENTER LLC$5,000.00
12/26/2018Uniting Missouri PACTamm Ave Grill LLC$2,500.00
12/26/2018Uniting Missouri PACDON BEDELL$5,000.00
12/26/2018Uniting Missouri PACJames Juckette$1,150.00
12/26/2018Freedom of Road Riders-PACLocal 14$1,500.00
12/26/2018Freedom of Road Riders-PACLocal 24$1,000.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriMissouri Energy Development Association Gateway PAC$2,600.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriMO Society of Anesthesiologists PAC$2,600.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriWarner Baxter$2,600.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriMissouri Energy Development Association Stateline PAC$2,330.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriDAVID MASON$2,000.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriAmeren Missouri PAC$1,300.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriKenneth Baker$1,000.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriMark Birk$1,000.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriFadi Diya$1,000.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriMary Heger$1,000.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriMark Lindgren$1,000.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriMartin Lyons JR$1,000.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriMichael Moehn$1,000.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriGregory Nelson$1,000.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriShawn Schukar$1,000.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriIrl Scissors$1,000.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriHBS MO State PAC$500.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriMICHAEL WINTER$500.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriKevin Anders$500.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriKrista Bauer$500.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriS Mark Brawley$500.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriKendall Coyne$500.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriSharon Davis$500.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriKevin DeGraw$500.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriJerry Grant$500.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriRobert Lord$500.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriK Douglas Mertens$500.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriL Russell Mitten$500.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriChonda Nwamu$500.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriTara Oglesby$500.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriJoseph Power$500.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriTimothy Reagan$500.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriTheresa Shaw$500.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriPatrick Smith$500.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriBruce Steinke$500.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriStephen Veile$500.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriDavid Wakeman$500.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriDennis Weisenborn$500.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriWarren Wood$500.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriGary Forsee$2,600.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriSherry Forsee$2,600.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriCamilla Brauer$2,600.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriMissouri American Water Employees PAC$2,600.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriSteven Brackney$2,600.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriBill Krittenbrink$2,600.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriRaymond Wagner Jr$2,600.00
12/26/2018Parson For MissouriMichelle Kay$2,000.00
12/26/2018Miller For MayorKevin Pistilli$1,000.00
12/26/2018Miller For MayorBARBARA NELSON$500.00
12/26/2018Miller For MayorPaul Koontz$500.00
12/26/2018Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurMissouri Health Plan Association PAC$1,500.00
12/26/2018Justus For KCMichael Cole$500.00
12/26/2018Justus For KCStephen Kellerman$500.00
12/26/2018Lucas For KCJonathan Kemper$1,000.00
12/26/2018Eigel For MissouriMissouri AC and Mechanical Contractors$2,000.00
12/26/2018Citizens for Judy BowmanDavid Flick$5,000.00
12/26/2018MO Opportunity PACA Better Missouri PAC$1,500.00
12/26/2018Committee To Elect Andrea BoughDenise Drake$500.00
12/26/2018Wagner For Kansas CityAlan L Landes LLC$3,325.00
12/26/2018Wagner For Kansas CityWilliam Royster$1,000.00
12/26/2018Wagner For Kansas CityMcCownGordon PAC$750.00
12/26/2018MO Republican PartyTimothy Drury - PRIMARY$5,415.16
12/26/2018Citizens to Protect Tax Revenues and JobsPenn National Gaming, Inc.$101,363.38
12/26/2018Lorna Frahm For County Executivelorna frahm$2,710.51
12/26/2018Uniting Missouri PACBRAD BEDELL$7,500.00
12/26/2018Uniting Missouri PACHSI Benefit Systems LLC$10,000.00
12/26/2018Uniting Missouri PACMO DSV PAC$10,000.00
12/26/2018Uniting Missouri PACRQC PAC$7,500.00