As required by Missouri law, every recipient of a political contribution in excess of $5,000 ($500 for candidate committees) must report it to the Missouri Ethics Commission within 48 hours. Anytime a contribution is made we twitter about it, labeling it 'CFtweet'. This page shows an archive of the last 90 days of CFtweets - we report all contributions at or exceeding $500. To keep track of the latest campaign finance contributions, follow us on twitter at @GWLobbyist.

The Gate Way Group is the lobbying as association management division of Pelopidas, LLC. All lobbyist and campaign finance updates are identical to those previously displayed on @pelopidas and www.pelopidas.com.

$14,239,647 - total CFTweets, last 90 days

All transactions below are sorted by the contribution date. The contribution date is often different from the reported date. By law committees have up to 48 hours to report a contribution. All the information below is solely for informational purposes. Please refer to the Missouri Ethics Committee for official information.

Contribution Date: 11/11/2019

11/11/2019Health Care Issues Committee of the Missouri Hospital AssociationLake Regional Health System$15,510.00

Contribution Date: 11/08/2019

11/08/2019Missourians for HealthcareThe Fairness Project$19,795.45
11/08/2019MO DRIVE FUNDDRIVE Committee$55,000.00

Contribution Date: 11/07/2019

11/07/2019Wood For CommissionerDagmar Wood$10,000.00
11/07/2019DougPacTeamsters Local 618 Drive Fund$10,000.00
11/07/2019Keep Government AccountableHolman Schiavone LLC$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 11/06/2019

11/06/2019Missourians for HealthcareMissouri Jobs with Justice Voter Action$73,344.00
11/06/2019Uniting Missouri PACThe Madison PAC$5,100.00
11/06/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCitizens to Elect Doug Richey$5,001.00
11/06/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCitizens to Elect Bruce DeGroot$5,001.00
11/06/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncFriends Of Phil Christofanelli$5,001.00
11/06/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncFriends for Travis Fitzwater$5,001.00
11/06/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncPatterson for Missouri$10,000.00
11/06/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncPlocher for Missouri$10,000.00
11/06/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncFriends of Curtis Trent$10,000.00
11/06/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMISSOURIANS FOR CODY SMITH$10,000.00
11/06/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCitizens For Wiemann$10,000.00
11/06/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncFriends of Elijah Haahr$10,000.00
11/06/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncFriends of Rob Vescovo$12,000.00
11/06/2019TEAMSTERS LOCAL 618 DRIVE FUNDDRIVE Committee$10,000.00
11/06/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncFriends of Mary Elizabeth Coleman$5,001.00
11/06/2019Teamsters Local Union No 688 Political Action CommitteeDRIVE Committee - FEC ID#C00032979$25,000.00
11/06/2019Keep Government AccountableIUOE Local 513 Political and Education Fund$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 11/05/2019

11/05/2019Missouri Democratic State CommitteeSchupp For Senate$10,000.00
11/05/2019MO Opportunity PACMidwest Petroleum Company$10,000.00
11/05/2019Uniting Missouri PACMO Optometric PAC$15,000.00

Contribution Date: 11/04/2019

11/04/2019MO Republican PartyUniting Missouri PAC$25,000.00
11/04/2019Uniting Missouri PACMissouri Beer Wholesalers Assn PAC$10,000.00
11/04/2019MO Opportunity PACEvergreen Investments, LLC$10,000.00
11/04/2019Justice for All PACCL PAC$5,001.00
11/04/2019Nexus PACParic Corporation$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 11/02/2019

11/02/2019Professional Fire Fighters of Eastern Missouri 2665 PAC FundProfessional Firefighters of Eastern Missouri$9,600.00
11/02/2019FREEDOM INCORPORATEDMark Sharp$500.00

Contribution Date: 11/01/2019

11/01/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncColonial Management Group, LP$2,500.00
11/01/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncRAI Services Company$5,000.00
11/01/2019American Dream PACAmeren Missouri$12,500.00

Contribution Date: 10/31/2019

10/31/2019MISSOURI SENATE CAMPAIGN COMMITTEEBlue Cross & Blue Shield of Kansas City$10,000.00
10/31/2019MISSOURI SENATE CAMPAIGN COMMITTEEBurns & McDonnell$20,000.00
10/31/2019MO Opportunity PACSLBS Limited Partnership$10,000.00
10/31/2019BOLD PACAccel Entertainment Gaming LLC$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 10/30/2019

10/30/2019Committee for LibertyAugust A. Busch III$50,000.00
10/30/2019MO Cattlemens Association PACMissouri Corn Growers Association$9,000.00

Contribution Date: 10/29/2019

10/29/2019Missouri Patient Advocacy Council PACJefferson City Medical Group, PC$25,000.00
10/29/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncLiberty Utilities Services Corporation$1,000.00
10/29/2019Scism For SenateWilliam Scism$100,000.00

Contribution Date: 10/28/2019

10/28/2019MO Opportunity PACAugust A. Busch III$50,000.00

Contribution Date: 10/27/2019

10/27/2019Page PACWestern Anesthesiology Associates, Inc.$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 10/25/2019

10/25/2019Holly PACRex A. Sinquefield$50,000.00
10/25/2019Missouri Health Plan Association PACComprehensive Health Management Inc.$50,000.00
10/25/2019Uniting Missouri PACTCD INC$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 10/24/2019

10/24/2019FREEDOM INCORPORATEDSharp John$500.00
10/24/2019Friends of Trish GunbyHOUSE VICTORY COMMITTEE$1,000.00
10/24/2019MISSOURI SENATE CAMPAIGN COMMITTEEAnheuser-Busch Companies$25,000.00
10/24/2019MISSOURI SENATE CAMPAIGN COMMITTEEGrow Missouri$10,000.00
10/24/2019MISSOURI SENATE CAMPAIGN COMMITTEECheyenne International LLC$10,000.00
10/24/2019MO Opportunity PACKEVIN KNASEL$25,000.00
10/24/2019Viceroy PACGolden Entertainment$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 10/23/2019

10/23/2019Businesses for a Better JoplinMELISSA HOGAN$500.00
10/23/2019Friends of Trish GunbySEIU MISSOURI STATE COUNCIL PAC$1,000.00
10/23/2019Friends of Trish GunbyMissouri Democratic State Committee$2,000.00
10/23/2019Friends of Trish GunbyDaw Properties LLC$500.00
10/23/2019MO State Council of Fire Fighters PACMissouri State Council of Fire Fighters$2,105.60
10/23/2019Mighty Missouri PACMissouri American Water Employees PAC$500.00
10/23/2019Mighty Missouri PACUnitedHealth Group, Inc.$2,500.00
10/23/2019Midwest Region Laborers' Political League Education FundLaborers Supplemental Dues Fund$8,555.50

Contribution Date: 10/22/2019

10/22/2019Missouri Central Labor Council PACAFL-CIO COPE$8,538.89
10/22/2019Friends Of Jeff ShawanJeff Shawan$50,000.00
10/22/2019MO Cattlemens Association PACMISSOURI SOYBEAN ASSOCIATION$18,964.26

Contribution Date: 10/21/2019

10/21/2019Citizens for the Promotion of Sports Tourism at the Lake of the OzarksBW Jacks LLC dba Backwater Jacks$1,000.00
10/21/2019Great Outdoors PACSeven Points LLC$4,500.00
10/21/2019House Victory CommitteeAWL Inc$1,000.00
10/21/2019Friends of Trish GunbyMichael Staenberg$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACTruman Valley Healthcare Inc dba Windsor Healthcare & Rehab Center$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Springfield West LLC dba Wilson's Creek Nursing & Rehab$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Willard LLC dba Willard Care Center$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Clinton LLC dba Westwood Living Center$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Warrenton Inc dba Warrenton Manor$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Independence LLC dba Truman Gardens$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Troy LLC dba Troy Manor$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Tipton LLC dba Tipton Oak Manor$2,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of South Kansas City LLC dba Timberlake Care Center$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of North Columbia LLC DBA The Villa at Blue Ridge$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Kimberling City LLC dba Tablerock Healthcare$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Sweet Springs DBA Sweet Springs Villa$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Maysville LLC dba Sunset Home$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Strafford Inc dba Strafford Care Center$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of St James LLC dba St James Living Center$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Farmington LLC dba St Francois Manor$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACSpringfield Villa dba N & R of Springfield Montclair LLC$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of South Hampton LLC dba South Hampton Place$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Republic LLC dba Sonshine Manor$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Smithville LLC dba Smithville Living Center$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Silex Inc dba Silex Community Care$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Branson LLC dba Shepherd of the Hills Living Center$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Mansfield LLC dba Rocky Ridge Manor$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Jefferson City LLC dba River City Living Community$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACMalden N & R LLC dba Ridgeview Living Center$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Christian Republic LLC dba Republic Nursing & Rehab$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACPotosi Manor Inc dba Potosi Manor$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Hollister LLC dba Point Lookout Nursing & Rehab$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Mexico LLC dba Pin Oaks Living Center$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Columbia LLC dba Parkside Manor$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACPacific Manor LLC DBA Pacific Care Center$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Crane LLC dba Ozark Mountain Regional Healthcare$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Oak Grove LLC dba Oak Grove Nursing & Rehab$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Nixa LLC DBA Nixa Nursing & Rehab$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACNM of Nashua LLC DBA New Mark Care Center$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of New Madrid DBA New Madrid Living Center$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Odessa LLC dba New Haven Living Center$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Nevada LLC dba Nevada Nursing & Rehab$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Monticello Inc dba Monticello House$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of California West LLC DBA Moniteau Care Center$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Moberly Inc dba Moberly Nursing & Rehab$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Miner Inc dba Miner Nursing Center$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Anderson LLC dba McDonald County Living Center$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Maryville LLC dba Maryville Living Center$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Poplar Bluff Inc dba Mark Twain Caring Center$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACVienna Nursing & Rehab LLC dba Maries Manor$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Malden LLC dba Malden Nursing Center$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Lincoln County Inc dba Lincoln County Nursing & Rehab$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of St Charles LLC dba Lewis & Clark Gardens$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Lebanon South LLC dba Lebanon South Nursing & Rehab$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Lebanon North LLC dba Lebanon North Nursing & Rehab$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Green Haven LLC DBA Jordan Creek Nursing & Rehab$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Joplin LLC dba Joplin Gardens$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Jonesburg Inc dba Jonesburg Nursing & Rehab$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Platte City Inc dba Hillview Nursing & Rehab$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACHillcrest Care Center Inc dba Hillcrest Care Center$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Hermitage LLC dba Hermitage Nursing & Rehab$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Hartville DBA Hartville Care Center$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACWashington N & R LLC dba Grandview Healthcare Center$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Chillicothe Inc dba Grand River Health Care$1,000.00
10/21/2019Shamrock PACN & R of Seymore Inc dba Glenwood Healthcare$1,000.00
10/21/2019HealthPACTina Garrison$1,000.00
10/21/2019HealthPACTravis Capers$2,000.00
10/21/2019MAJORITY FORWARDSouthwestern Bell Telephone LP d/b/a AT&T Missouri$10,000.00
10/21/2019Uniting Missouri PACPrime Inc$24,700.00
10/21/2019Uniting Missouri PACUnitedHealth Group Inc$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 10/18/2019

10/18/2019Todd Smith for JudgeTODD SMITH$25,000.00
10/18/2019Citizens for the Promotion of Sports Tourism at the Lake of the OzarksOzarks Amphitheater, LLC$500.00
10/18/2019Sharp for HouseKC BizPAC, the Political Action Committee of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce$500.00
10/18/2019Sharp for HouseCarpenters Help in the Political Process$2,000.00
10/18/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncAWL, Inc.$1,000.00
10/18/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMissouri Cable Telecommunications Association$5,000.00
10/18/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncUnitedHealth Group Inc.$5,000.00
10/18/2019Friends of Trish GunbyMissouri Alliance For Animal Legislation PAC$500.00
10/18/2019GREATER KC BLDG & CONSTRUCTION TRADES-PECGreater Kansas City Building Trades Council - Member Dues$2,890.82
10/18/2019MO State Council of Fire Fighters PACSt Louis Firefighters Local No 73 PAC$1,000.00
10/18/2019HealthPACHospital Services Group$1,600.00

Contribution Date: 10/17/2019

10/17/2019Friends of Trish GunbyLeslie Corey$2,000.00
10/17/2019CWA-COPE Political Contributions Federal CommitteeCommunications Workers of America- COPE PCC$1,000.00
10/17/2019Pitman For MissouriCatalyst PAC$500.00
10/17/2019Association of MO Electric Cooperatives (AMEC PAC)Associated Electric Cooperative$10,000.00
10/17/2019American Property Casualty Insurance Association Political AccountAmerican Property Casualty Insurance Association$10,166.00

Contribution Date: 10/16/2019

10/16/2019Citizens for the Promotion of Sports Tourism at the Lake of the OzarksFirst Bank of the Lake$1,000.00
10/16/2019Friends of Trish GunbyMissouri NEA$2,000.00
10/16/2019Friends of Trish GunbyNancy Grove$1,500.00
10/16/2019Friends of Trish GunbyJAMES MURPHY$500.00
10/16/2019Friends of Trish GunbyMichael Silverman$500.00
10/16/2019MO State Council of Fire Fighters PACMissouri State Council of Fire Fighters$4,000.00
10/16/2019HealthPACKristen DeHart$1,000.00
10/16/2019Pitman For MissouriST LOUIS ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS$500.00
10/16/2019Pitman For MissouriLeadership for America$500.00
10/16/2019Pitman For MissouriDealers Interested in Government$1,000.00
10/16/2019Justice for All PACCL PAC$5,001.00

Contribution Date: 10/15/2019

10/15/2019Citizens for the Promotion of Sports Tourism at the Lake of the OzarksPoverty Flats, Inc. dba Blair's Landing$1,000.00
10/15/2019Citizens for the Promotion of Sports Tourism at the Lake of the OzarksMain Street of Poverty Flats, Inc.$1,000.00
10/15/2019Cupps for HouseMissouri United$500.00
10/15/2019Vote 2020New Venture Fund$11,010.00

Contribution Date: 10/14/2019

10/14/2019Citizens for the Promotion of Sports Tourism at the Lake of the OzarksJeffrey's/ Super Jam's LLC.$1,000.00
10/14/2019House Victory CommitteeMissouri Cable Telecommunications Association$1,000.00
10/14/2019House Victory CommitteeCommittee to Elect Robert Sauls$1,000.00
10/14/2019Missourians for HealthcareMissouri Health Care for All$19,064.00
10/14/2019American Dream PACHEALTH PAC$10,000.00
10/14/2019American Dream PACSupporters of Health Research & Treatments$10,000.00
10/14/2019Conservative Future FundCL PAC$5,001.00

Contribution Date: 10/13/2019

10/13/2019Friends of Trish GunbyJoe Pereles$500.00

Contribution Date: 10/12/2019

10/12/2019Friends of Trish GunbyGordon Philpott$500.00

Contribution Date: 10/11/2019

10/11/2019FREEDOM INCORPORATEDYoung Yolanda$1,000.00
10/11/2019Unite STLNancy Rice$817.20
10/11/2019House Victory CommitteeNexus PAC$5,000.00
10/11/2019Friends of Trish GunbyAccess MO$2,500.00
10/11/2019Friends of Trish GunbyAndrew Mundwiller$500.00
10/11/2019SATER FOR SENATELiberty Utilities PAC$500.00
10/11/2019Missourians for HealthcareAdvocates of Planned Parenthood of the St Louis Region & Southwest Missouri$5,772.00

Contribution Date: 10/10/2019

10/10/2019Friends of Trish GunbyCynthia Metcalfe$1,000.00
10/10/2019HealthPACPoplar Bluff Regional Medical Center$1,000.00
10/10/2019Pitman For MissouriMO DSV PAC$500.00
10/10/2019Catalyst PACRS, LLC$10,000.00
10/10/2019Uniting Missouri PACBRIAN AND BARBARA SATTERTHWAITE$6,000.00
10/10/2019American Property Casualty Insurance Association Political AccountAmerican Property Casualty Insurance Association$5,896.00
10/10/2019Missourians for HealthcareSEIU Healthcare$20,000.00

Contribution Date: 10/09/2019

10/09/2019Citizens for the Promotion of Sports Tourism at the Lake of the OzarksKinderhook Resort LLC, dba Old Kinderhook$1,000.00
10/09/2019Missourians for HealthcareMissouri Organizing and Voter Engagement Collaborative$11,239.60
10/09/2019Missourians for HealthcareThe Fairness Project$42,198.47
10/09/2019MAJORITY FORWARDCharter Communications$6,000.00
10/09/2019MAJORITY FORWARDCigna Holding Company$6,000.00
10/09/2019JW Leadership FundBlueCross and BlueShield of Kansas City$10,000.00
10/09/2019Keep Government AccountableMary Sherman$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 10/08/2019

10/08/2019Citizens for the Promotion of Sports Tourism at the Lake of the OzarksBaxter's Lakeside Grille$500.00
10/08/2019Citizens for the Promotion of Sports Tourism at the Lake of the OzarksBridal Cave Development Co Inc.$5,000.00
10/08/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMissouri Realtor's PAC, Inc.$5,000.00
10/08/2019American Dream PACPace-O-Matic Inc.$12,500.00
10/08/2019American Dream PACPace-O-Matic$12,500.00

Contribution Date: 10/07/2019

10/07/2019Sharp for HousePUBLIC SAFETY CONCERN$500.00
10/07/2019Committee to Elect Yolanda YoungJACKSON COUNTY DEMOCRATIC COMMITTEE$500.00
10/07/2019Mednax Inc PAC Missouri - Federal CommitteeMEDNAX, INC. FEDERAL POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE$40,000.00

Contribution Date: 10/06/2019

10/06/2019Friends of Trish GunbyMary Anne Sedey$1,000.00

Contribution Date: 10/04/2019

10/04/2019Businesses for a Better JoplinGil Stevens$1,000.00
10/04/2019Kasoff for STLMICHAEL LEWIS$1,000.00
10/04/2019Pitman For MissouriMissouri Hospital Association$1,000.00
10/04/2019MO Opportunity PACXcaliber International LTD., LLC$15,000.00
10/04/2019Missourians for Research and InnovationJames McDonnell$17,900.00

Contribution Date: 10/03/2019

10/03/2019Missouri State Assessors Association PACMissouri State Assessor's Association$5,830.76
10/03/2019SEIU MISSOURI STATE COUNCIL PACSEIU MO/KS State Council$2,000.00
10/03/2019St Louis Association of Realtors-PACMissouri Realtors Pac, Inc.$2,007.25
10/03/2019St Louis Association of Realtors-PACMissouri Realtors Pac, Inc.$2,112.25
10/03/2019St Louis Association of Realtors-PACMissouri Realtors Pac, Inc.$996.80
10/03/2019Cupps for HouseMissouri Realtors Political Action Committee. Inc$1,926.00
10/03/2019House Victory CommitteeIan Mackey$500.00
10/03/2019Pitman For MissouriMissouri Realtors Pac, Inc.$926.00
10/03/2019American Property Casualty Insurance Association Political AccountAmerican Property Casualty Insurance Association$16,092.00
10/03/2019Uniting Missouri PACCigna$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 10/02/2019

10/02/2019Citizens for the Promotion of Sports Tourism at the Lake of the OzarksAll Pro Homes$1,000.00
10/02/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCharter$17,000.00
10/02/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncJerry Bednyak$5,000.00
10/02/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncSouthern Glazer's Wine and Spirits, LLC$15,000.00
10/02/2019Friends of Trish GunbyAmy Dubman$1,000.00
10/02/2019Pitman For MissouriResidential Care Facility PAC$500.00
10/02/2019MILA PACSecurity Finance of Missouri, LLC$5,400.00
10/02/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncSouthern Glazer's Wine and Spirits LLC$15,000.00
10/02/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCharter Communications$17,000.00
10/02/2019Keep the Promise PACShow Me Success Missouri$36,472.74

Contribution Date: 10/01/2019

10/01/2019Friends of Trish GunbyCraig Hollander$1,000.00
10/01/2019Cigna Corporation Missouri PAC - Federal CommitteeCigna Corporation Political Action Committee$50,000.00
10/01/2019American Dream PACEldon Nursing Center Inc.$25,000.00
10/01/2019Uniting Missouri PACFELLOWSHIP NURSING HOME INC$40,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/30/2019

09/30/201929th Senate District Leadership PACMidwest Computer Service of MO$500.00
09/30/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrRobert Hoffman$1,000.00
09/30/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrJeff Davis$500.00
09/30/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrMark Pelikan$500.00
09/30/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrChris Wolf$1,000.00
09/30/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrHITE, CHRISTOPHER$1,000.00
09/30/2019Friends Of Scott BurnhamFank Freudenthal$500.00
09/30/2019Friends Of Scott BurnhamSunshine Electronics Display$4,000.00
09/30/2019Friends Of Scott BurnhamRobert Norton$2,500.00
09/30/2019Friends Of Scott BurnhamPat OMalley$1,000.00
09/30/2019Friends Of Scott BurnhamClark Hampton$2,000.00
09/30/2019Michelle Sherod for St. LouisMichelle Sherod$2,400.00
09/30/2019Michelle Sherod for St. LouisCharles Stewart$500.00
09/30/2019Michelle Sherod for St. LouisQuality Building PAC$1,250.00
09/30/2019Michelle Sherod for St. LouisCitizens for New Health Care Concepts$1,250.00
09/30/2019Megan Green for St. LouisJames Lyonfields$500.00
09/30/2019Megan Green for St. LouisScott Intagliata$500.00
09/30/2019Elect Ben BakerJohn Branham$1,000.00
09/30/2019Elect Ben BakerBRUCE ANDERSON$500.00
09/30/2019Elect Ben BakerCary Marion$500.00
09/30/2019Elect Ben BakerChris Marion$500.00
09/30/2019Elect Ben BakerBonnie Clayton$1,000.00
09/30/2019Elect Ben BakerMitch Boggs$500.00
09/30/2019Elect Ben BakerBRENDA MYERS$600.00
09/30/2019Elect Ben BakerTom Lake$2,000.00
09/30/2019Elect Ben BakerChris Hawkins$500.00
09/30/2019Elect Ben BakerShawna Slinkard$2,000.00
09/30/2019Fogle for MissouriMike Eaton$1,000.00
09/30/2019Onder For MissouriCheyenne International LLC$2,500.00
09/30/2019Onder For MissouriXcaliber MO PAC$500.00
09/30/2019Onder For MissouriSurgery by Surgeons PAC$1,000.00
09/30/2019Onder For MissouriSHC PAC$2,500.00
09/30/2019Onder For MissouriMO Republican Attorneys for Civil Justice PAC$1,000.00
09/30/2019Onder For MissouriMO Optometric PAC$1,000.00
09/30/2019Onder For MissouriMO Energy Development Assoc Gateway PAC$1,250.00
09/30/2019Onder For MissouriMO Cable PAC$1,000.00
09/30/2019Onder For MissouriMissouri Realtors PAC$500.00
09/30/2019Onder For MissouriMissouri Podiatry PAC$500.00
09/30/2019Onder For MissouriMissouri Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Assn PAC$500.00
09/30/2019Onder For MissouriMissouri Medical PAC$2,500.00
09/30/2019Onder For MissouriMissouri CPA PAC$750.00
09/30/2019Onder For MissouriMissouri American Water Employees PAC$500.00
09/30/2019Onder For MissouriMHA PAC for Health$1,500.00
09/30/2019Onder For MissouriLathrop Gage Consulting PAC$1,000.00
09/30/2019Onder For MissouriGrow Missouri$1,000.00
09/30/2019Onder For MissouriAMEC Pac$500.00
09/30/2019Onder For MissouriA Better Missouri PAC$1,000.00
09/30/2019MBA MARK TWAIN REGION PACCharles Brazeale$1,000.00
09/30/2019Citizens 4 Dr. Lisa ThomasDr Lisa Thomas$4,950.00
09/30/2019Citizens For WiemannMO Optometric PAC$1,500.00
09/30/2019Citizens For WiemannMO AMERICAN WATER EMPLOYEES PAC$1,000.00
09/30/2019Citizens For WiemannCharter Communications Inc MO PAC$1,000.00
09/30/2019Citizens For WiemannMO Beer Wholesalers Assoc PAC$1,000.00
09/30/2019Citizens For WiemannAmeren MO PAC$500.00
09/30/2019Citizens For WiemannGrey Eagle Distributors LLC$500.00
09/30/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCStephanie Wooldridge$1,035.00
09/30/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCAndrew Engelhart$2,148.00
09/30/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCCole Currier$1,000.00
09/30/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCNicolle Cashman$1,252.00
09/30/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCAshlee Martin$1,054.00
09/30/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCDena Stockstill$835.00
09/30/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCGus Wetzel$1,095.00
09/30/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCRhonda Ahern$1,899.00
09/30/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCBillie Holman$900.00
09/30/2019Citizens For HoskinsMissouri Realtors PAC$500.00
09/30/2019Citizens For HoskinsLinda Mickey$500.00
09/30/2019Citizens For HoskinsMISSOURI COIN OPERATORS ASSOCIATION PAC$2,500.00
09/30/2019Citizens For HoskinsViolet Corbett$1,000.00
09/30/2019Citizens For HoskinsDM ARWOOD$500.00
09/30/2019Citizens For HoskinsMSA State PAC$1,000.00
09/30/2019Citizens For HoskinsNexus PAC$1,000.00
09/30/2019Schmitt For MissouriJala Enterprises LLC$500.00
09/30/2019Schmitt For MissouriJames McDonnell$1,000.00
09/30/2019Schmitt For MissouriNexus PAC$2,650.00
09/30/2019Schmitt For MissouriJohn Riffle$1,000.00
09/30/2019Schmitt For MissouriBrian Hogan$1,000.00
09/30/2019Schmitt For MissouriRichard Walsh$1,000.00
09/30/2019Schmitt For MissouriEdwin Callison$2,500.00
09/30/2019Schmitt For MissouriLaw Offices Of Al W. Johnson$500.00
09/30/2019Schmitt For MissouriJohn Capps$500.00
09/30/2019Schmitt For MissouriPaige Kampeter$1,000.00
09/30/2019Schmitt For MissouriMary Jane Bodine$2,650.00
09/30/2019Schmitt For MissouriChris Goodson$1,000.00
09/30/2019Committee for KC JobsLathrop Gage LLP$1,000.00
09/30/2019Friends Of Kathy SwanCR Talbert$1,000.00
09/30/2019Friends Of Kathy SwanShamela Armour$1,000.00
09/30/2019Friends Of Kathy SwanMSTA Legislative Impact Committee$1,000.00
09/30/2019Friends Of Kathy SwanMartha Hamilton$1,000.00
09/30/2019Maggie Nurrenbern for MissouriMichael Amash$500.00
09/30/2019Citizens For Rocky MillerMO First PAC$500.00
09/30/2019Citizens For Rocky MillerA BETTER MO PAC$500.00
09/30/2019Citizens For Rocky MillerSpire PAC$1,000.00
09/30/2019Citizens For Rocky MillerMEDA Gateway PAC$500.00
09/30/2019Committee To Elect HouxRick Heidner$2,000.00
09/30/2019Missouri American Water Company Employees Political Action CommitteeMCON, LLC$1,000.00
09/30/2019SWMO Healthcare CommitteeCerner Corporation$1,250.00
09/30/2019Hirth for JudgeAndy Hirth$5,000.00
09/30/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoePatrick Dubbert$2,600.00
09/30/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeChandra Prasad$1,000.00
09/30/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeJohn Mccormick$1,000.00
09/30/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMICHAEL CONLEY$2,600.00
09/30/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeCentral to Good Government PAC$1,000.00
09/30/2019Gannon For Jefferson CountyClifford Gannon$600.00
09/30/2019Fitzpatrick For MissouriStacey Cox$2,500.00
09/30/2019Fitzpatrick For MissouriRobert Cox$2,500.00
09/30/2019Fitzpatrick For MissouriHolly Cox$2,500.00
09/30/2019Fitzpatrick For MissouriPatrick Cox$2,500.00
09/30/2019Fitzpatrick For MissouriCourtney Fadler$2,650.00
09/30/2019Fitzpatrick For MissouriBen Fadler$2,650.00
09/30/2019Fitzpatrick For MissouriJennifer McCreight$2,650.00
09/30/2019Fitzpatrick For MissouriScott McCreight$2,650.00
09/30/2019Fitzpatrick For MissouriSusan Ketchmark$2,650.00
09/30/2019Fitzpatrick For MissouriMichael Ketchmark$2,650.00
09/30/2019Fitzpatrick For MissouriMissouri Leadership Forum$2,650.00
09/30/2019House Victory CommitteeSCHMICKLE, BENJAMIN$5,000.00
09/30/2019MCCREERY FOR MISSOURIMerck PAC Merck & Co Inc. Employees Missouri PAC$500.00
09/30/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurMissouri Beer Wholesalers Association$1,000.00
09/30/2019Friends for Mary Pat CarlMatthew Schelp$500.00
09/30/2019Committee to Elect Tommie Pierson Sr.Nexus PAC/Matthew McBride Treasurer$500.00
09/30/2019Missourians for a Responsible BudgetMissouri Leadership Forum$2,350.00
09/30/2019Voters for Patty LewisPatricia Lewis$1,000.00
09/30/2019Mike Moon For MissouriCL PAC$2,500.00
09/30/2019Mike Moon For MissouriTable Rock Conservative PAC$2,500.00
09/30/2019Mike Moon For MissouriBillPac$2,500.00
09/30/2019Parson For MissouriMarkham Zobrist$500.00
09/30/2019Parson For MissouriWarren Wood$500.00
09/30/2019Parson For MissouriTrent Wacker$750.00
09/30/2019Parson For MissouriJoseph Vernaci$500.00
09/30/2019Parson For MissouriKellie Thompson$750.00
09/30/2019Parson For MissouriShawn Schukar$1,000.00
09/30/2019Parson For MissouriBelle Schmidt$2,650.00
09/30/2019Parson For MissouriChonda Nwamu$1,000.00
09/30/2019Parson For MissouriKarthik Muthusamy$1,000.00
09/30/2019Parson For MissouriMichael Moehn$1,000.00
09/30/2019Parson For MissouriGwendolyn Mizell$500.00
09/30/2019Parson For MissouriMike Marquart$1,000.00
09/30/2019Parson For MissouriMartin Lyons$1,000.00
09/30/2019Parson For MissouriGeralynn Lord$500.00
09/30/2019Parson For MissouriMark Lindgren$1,000.00
09/30/2019Parson For MissouriEric Kozak$500.00
09/30/2019Parson For MissouriGeorge Justice$500.00
09/30/2019Parson For MissouriMary Heger$1,000.00
09/30/2019Parson For MissouriMichael Freese$2,600.00
09/30/2019Parson For MissouriSharon Davis$500.00
09/30/2019Parson For MissouriJulie Ann Coyne$500.00
09/30/2019Parson For MissouriJohn Clark$1,000.00
09/30/2019Parson For MissouriDavid Chalk$500.00
09/30/2019Parson For MissouriBernard Buckman$500.00
09/30/2019Parson For MissouriMark Birk$1,000.00
09/30/2019Parson For MissouriAjay Arora$500.00
09/30/2019Parson For MissouriMissouri Energy Development Association Gateway PAC$2,650.00
09/30/2019Parson For MissouriMissouri Energy Development Association$2,650.00
09/30/2019Parson For MissouriMerck & Co Employees MO PAC$1,000.00
09/30/2019Missouri Forward PACCFM Insurance$5,000.00
09/30/2019Missouri Forward PACKansas City Power & Light$5,000.00
09/30/2019Missouri Forward PACEvans & Dixon, LLC$750.00
09/30/2019Missouri Forward PACAmeren Missouri PAC$1,315.48
09/30/2019Missouri Forward PACMissouri Insurance Coalition PAC$750.00
09/30/2019Missouri Forward PACCuro Group, LLC$1,000.00
09/30/2019Missouri Forward PACColumbia Insurance Group$750.00
09/30/2019Missouri Forward PACMissouri Realtors PAC$750.00
09/30/2019Missouri Forward PACSPIRE MISSOURI INC$5,000.00
09/30/2019Missouri Forward PACShamrock PAC$1,000.00
09/30/2019Missouri Forward PACMOSFA PAC, Inc$2,000.00
09/30/2019Missouri Forward PACSt. Louis Area Hotel Association PAC$2,000.00
09/30/2019Missouri Forward PACCharter Communications$5,000.00
09/30/2019Missouri Forward PACWinton Policy Group, LLC$1,000.00
09/30/2019Missouri Forward PACTDC Group$1,000.00
09/30/2019Missouri Forward PACCenturytel, Inc$1,500.00
09/30/2019Missouri Forward PACMissouri Optometric PAC$2,000.00
09/30/2019Missouri Forward PACEmery Sapp & Sons, Inc.$1,000.00
09/30/2019Missouri Forward PACOrscheln Management Co.$2,500.00
09/30/2019The Good Folks For CooksonJonathan Murray$500.00
09/30/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCommittee to Elect Bruce DeGroot$3,000.00
09/30/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCommittee To Elect Houx$2,000.00
09/30/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncKCFOP PAC$750.00
09/30/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMOFOP PAC$1,000.00
09/30/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncWest Central Missouri Regional Lodge #50$750.00
09/30/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncAxiom Strategies, LLC$2,500.00
09/30/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncRQC PAC$7,500.00
09/30/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMISSOURI DSV PAC$7,500.00
09/30/2019Access MOJulie Stern$500.00
09/30/2019Access MOBrent Sandweiss$500.00
09/30/2019Committee to Elect Bishop DavidsonCarli Conklin$1,038.73
09/30/2019Committee to Elect Bishop DavidsonTeresa Davidson$791.69
09/30/2019Committee to Elect Bishop DavidsonRobin Davidson$1,975.61
09/30/2019Citizens For RossMissouri Realtors PAC$500.00
09/30/2019Citizens For RossCatalyst PAC$2,500.00
09/30/2019Friends Of Curtis TrentCenturyLink MO Federal Employees PAC$500.00
09/30/2019Friends Of Curtis TrentCatalyst PAC$2,000.00
09/30/2019Roberts For St LouisDavid Lotsoff$500.00
09/30/2019Madam for AmericaSAVORY MCCLENDON, L.L.C.$1,500.00
09/30/2019MO Insurance Coalition PACTravelers Indemnity Co$25,000.00
09/30/2019Bondon For MissouriCerner PAC MO- Federal Committee$1,500.00
09/30/2019Missourians For O'LaughlinSURGERY BY SURGEONS$500.00
09/30/2019Missourians For O'LaughlinJohnson and Johnson$500.00
09/30/2019Missourians For O'LaughlinJerry Bednyak$1,000.00
09/30/2019FRIENDS OF RUSTY BLACKLiberty Utilities PAC$500.00
09/30/2019Committee To Elect Becky RuthMissouri AG PAC$500.00
09/30/2019Friends Of Rick BrattinConservative Citizens Coalition PAC$2,500.00
09/30/2019Friends Of Rick BrattinREX RECTOR$500.00
09/30/2019Conservative Solutions for Missouri PACMissouri C PAC$1,000.00
09/30/2019Friends Of JusticeEDDY JUSTICE$1,845.77
09/30/2019Friends Of JusticeCatalyst$2,500.00
09/30/2019Rizzo For MissouriBHA PAC$500.00
09/30/2019DougPacPfizer Inc.$1,000.00
09/30/2019Craig Fishel For State RepresentativeWPG PAC$500.00
09/30/2019FRIENDS OF HOLLY REHDERCatalyst PAC$2,500.00
09/30/2019FRIENDS OF HOLLY REHDERNexus PAC$1,000.00
09/30/2019FRIENDS OF HOLLY REHDERMissouri Realtors PAC Inc$500.00
09/30/2019Missouri Senate Leadership PACALLIANCE FOR PROGRESS LLC$2,500.00
09/30/2019Friends Of Nick SchroerLeadership for America$500.00
09/30/2019Friends Of Nick SchroerWPG PAC$500.00
09/30/2019Friends Of Nick SchroerMissouri Nurses Assn PAC$500.00
09/30/2019Friends Of Nick SchroerMissouri Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Assn PAC$500.00
09/30/2019MBA OZARK REGION PACScott Brothers$2,100.00
09/30/2019Page For MissouriMGA PAC$1,000.00
09/30/2019Page For MissouriGovernment Affairs Committee St. Louis Chapter National Electrical Contractors Association$1,000.00
09/30/2019Page For MissouriThomas Minogue$500.00
09/30/2019Page For MissouriThomas Litz$500.00
09/30/2019Page For MissouriBenjamin Lampert$500.00
09/30/2019Page For MissouriRandall Clark$500.00
09/30/2019Page For MissouriRichard Callow$500.00
09/30/2019Page For MissouriElliot Korn$500.00
09/30/2019Page For MissouriJohn Temporiti$500.00
09/30/2019Page For MissouriChristopher Young$1,000.00
09/30/2019Page For MissouriJeff Ciaramita$1,500.00
09/30/2019Page For MissouriJeffrey Johnston$2,000.00
09/30/2019Page For MissouriEbrahim Moshiri$1,000.00
09/30/2019Page For MissouriJeffrey Carter$1,000.00
09/30/2019MISSOURI SENATE CAMPAIGN COMMITTEEColonial Management Group LP$2,500.00
09/30/2019MISSOURI SENATE CAMPAIGN COMMITTEECerner Corporation$5,000.00
09/30/2019Uniting Missouri PACWorld Wide Technology Holding Co Inc$100,000.00
09/30/2019American Dream PACW-K Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac$2,000.00
09/30/2019American Dream PACAdvanced Medical Supply Service$5,000.00
09/30/2019American Dream PACRQC PAC$5,000.00
09/30/2019American Dream PACNucor Missouri PAC$1,000.00
09/30/2019American Dream PACMO State Council of Fire Fighters PAC$20,000.00
09/30/2019American Dream PACMO DSV PAC$5,000.00
09/30/2019Vote 2020Telephone Contact Inc$5,000.00
09/30/2019Vote 2020Aboussie & Associates Inc$5,000.00
09/30/2019MAJORITY FORWARDPeter Werner$500.00
09/30/2019MAJORITY FORWARDBatholomew Baumstauk$1,600.00
09/30/2019MAJORITY FORWARDChristopher Thoron$1,500.00
09/30/2019MAJORITY FORWARDGerald Fitzgerald$1,500.00
09/30/2019Missourians For Mike CierpiotCerner PAC Mo Federal Comm$1,000.00
09/30/2019Hegeman For MissouriMO ASSOC of Nurse Anesthetists PAC$500.00
09/30/2019Hegeman For MissouriPT-PAC OF MISSOURI$500.00
09/30/2019Hegeman For MissouriLathrop Gage Consulting PAC$1,000.00
09/30/2019Hegeman For MissouriMissouri CPA PAC$1,000.00
09/30/2019Hegeman For MissouriMissouri Medical PAC$1,000.00
09/30/2019Hegeman For MissouriMO Optometric PAC$1,000.00
09/30/2019Hegeman For MissouriPOL PAC$1,000.00
09/30/2019Hegeman For MissouriHY-VEE EMPLOYEES PAC FEDERAL COMMITTEE MO$2,500.00
09/30/2019Hegeman For MissouriCerner PAC MO-Federal Committee$1,000.00
09/30/2019Hegeman For MissouriAMECPAC$500.00
09/30/2019Hegeman For MissouriSurgery by Surgeons PAC$1,000.00
09/30/2019Hegeman For MissouriAGC of MO Pac$1,500.00
09/30/2019Hegeman For MissouriCheyenne Intl LLC$2,500.00
09/30/2019Hegeman For MissouriHealthPAC$2,650.00
09/30/2019Hegeman For MissouriLiving Well PAC$750.00
09/30/2019Hegeman For MissouriWPG PAC$1,000.00
09/30/2019Hegeman For MissouriMO PETROLEUM MARKETERS & C STORE ASSN PAC$500.00
09/30/2019Hegeman For MissouriShamrock PAC$2,500.00
09/30/2019Hegeman For MissouriMAPAC$500.00
09/30/2019Hegeman For MissouriMissouri American Water Employees PAC$1,000.00
09/30/2019Keep Government AccountableGerald Hazelbauer$5,000.00
09/30/2019CITIZENS FOR CRYSTAL QUADECentury Link MO Federal Employees PAC$500.00
09/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriBrendan Donelon$2,650.00
09/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriDennis Marker$2,650.00
09/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriMary Gadbois$2,650.00
09/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriTeamsters Joint Council 13 D.R.I.V.E. Political Fund$2,650.00
09/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriJon Galloway$2,650.00
09/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriMICHAEL KELLEY$2,650.00
09/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriHARRY FEIRMAN$2,500.00
09/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriWilliam Hirsch$2,150.00
09/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriBryan Fisher$2,000.00
09/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriDonald L. Flora$1,500.00
09/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriSarah Starnes$1,000.00
09/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriAimee Davenport$1,000.00
09/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriBritton Jobe$1,000.00
09/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriKelvin Walls$1,000.00
09/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriC. Mike McFatrich$1,000.00
09/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriOxenhandler Law, LLC$750.00
09/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriBelinda Fender$505.00
09/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriKatherine Hummel$500.00
09/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriBrigid McCauley$500.00
09/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriZane Cagle$500.00
09/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriDavid Leuthold$500.00
09/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriJan Swaney$500.00
09/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriWesley Rogers$500.00
09/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriAmy Wachs$500.00
09/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriLS Development Services, LLC$500.00
09/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriDavid Allen$500.00
09/30/2019Citizens For MitchellDoug Sutton$500.00
09/30/2019Team Justin BrownCentury Link PAC$500.00
09/30/2019Team Justin BrownMO Insurance Coalition PAC$1,000.00
09/30/2019Team Justin BrownMOFSA PAC$1,500.00
09/30/2019Team Justin BrownNorthern Trust$1,000.00
09/30/2019Team Justin BrownMHA PAC$2,500.00
09/30/2019Team Justin BrownSpire PAC$1,250.00
09/30/2019Team Justin BrownThe Rhoads Company LLC$500.00
09/30/2019Team Justin BrownThe Grote Group LLC$500.00
09/30/2019Team Justin BrownMO Amusement Machine Operators$2,500.00
09/30/2019Team Justin BrownAGC of MO Pac$1,000.00
09/30/2019Team Justin BrownSpirit of MO$2,500.00
09/30/2019Team Justin BrownMO Asphalt Pavement Assn PAC$1,000.00
09/30/2019Team Justin BrownMO Realtors PAC$500.00
09/30/2019Team Justin BrownMLPA Legislative Fund$500.00
09/30/2019Citizens for Anne SchweitzerBrian KInman$500.00
09/30/2019Citizens for Anne SchweitzerGordon Schweitzer$500.00
09/30/2019Citizens for Anne SchweitzerStephen Butz$1,000.00
09/30/2019Alex Riley for State RepresentativeWPG PAC$500.00
09/30/2019Gregory For MissouriJohnson & Johnson PAC - Missouri$500.00
09/30/2019Gregory For MissouriMissouri CPA PAC$500.00
09/30/2019Gregory For MissouriEnterprise Holdings, Inc. Political Action Committee$500.00
09/30/2019Gregory For MissouriMissouri Dental Political Action Committee$500.00
09/30/2019Gregory For MissouriAMECPAC$500.00
09/30/2019Gregory For MissouriLiving Well PAC$500.00
09/30/2019Gregory For MissouriPayne Family Homes$500.00
09/30/2019Gregory For MissouriSupporters of Health Research and Treatment$1,000.00
09/30/2019Gregory For MissouriMissouri AG PAC$2,000.00
09/30/2019Gregory For MissouriA Better Missouri Political Action Committee$1,000.00
09/30/2019Gregory For MissouriMissouri First$750.00
09/30/2019Gregory For MissouriMo Association of Nurse Anesthetists Political Action Committee$1,000.00
09/30/2019Gregory For MissouriPT-PAC OF MISSOURI$1,600.00
09/30/2019Gregory For MissouriBUILD ST LOUIS PAC INC.$1,500.00
09/30/2019Gregory For MissouriMcBride & Son Management LLC$1,000.00
09/30/2019MO Opportunity PACBernard Nash$500.00
09/30/2019MO Opportunity PACSusan McCollum$5,000.00
09/30/2019MO Opportunity PACMajor Brands Inc. Political Action Committee$5,000.00
09/30/2019MO Opportunity PACJerry Kilgore$500.00
09/30/2019MO Opportunity PACLori Kalani$500.00
09/30/2019MO Opportunity PACGlobal Tel*Link Corporation$2,500.00
09/30/2019MO Opportunity PACCigna Holding Company$5,000.00
09/30/2019MO Opportunity PACBruning Law Group LLC$2,000.00
09/30/2019MO Opportunity PACChristopher Allen$500.00
09/30/2019Missourians For ShieldsMerck & Co Inc Employees Missouri PAC Fed Com$500.00
09/30/2019Missourians For ShieldsEvergy Power PAC-Missouri$500.00
09/30/2019Teamsters Local Union 541 Political Action FundTeamsters Local Union 541$2,518.15
09/30/2019Friends Of Mark EllebrachtALLIANCE FOR PROGRESS LLC$500.00
09/30/2019Show Me Growth PACThe Simon Law Firm, P.C.$5,000.00
09/30/2019Show Me Growth PACPT-PAC OF MISSOURI$2,000.00
09/30/2019Show Me Growth PACALLIANCE FOR PROGRESS LLC$2,500.00
09/30/2019RAZER FOR MISSOURIMissouri American Water Employees PAC$500.00
09/30/2019Michelle Sherod for St. LouisMichelle Sherod$10,000.00
09/30/2019FRIENDS OF WAYNE WALLINGFORDRobert Hartle$1,000.00
09/30/2019Elad Gross For MissouriElad Gross$10,050.54
09/30/2019Patterson For OakvilleJoseph Patterson$8,172.16
09/30/2019CONSULTING ENGINEERS COUNCIL OF MO- PACBartlett & West, Inc.$500.00
09/30/2019Friends Of Scott BurnhamScott Burnham$50,000.00
09/30/2019Grow MissouriRex A. Sinquefield$100,000.00
09/30/2019Uniting Missouri PACAmeren Missouri$25,000.00
09/30/2019American Dream PACMissouri State Council of Fire Fighters PAC$20,000.00
09/30/2019Catalyst PACComprehensive Health Management Inc.$50,000.00
09/30/2019MO Opportunity PACEC I Fund LLC$10,000.00
09/30/2019House Victory CommitteeCigna Holding Company$6,000.00
09/30/2019Keep Government AccountableSTL Citizens for Responsible Government$7,500.00
09/30/2019Keep Government AccountableThomas A. McDonnell$10,000.00
09/30/2019MO Opportunity PACProfessional Fire Fighters of Eastern Missouri Local 2665 PAC Fund$5,001.00
09/30/2019MO Insurance Coalition PACThe Travelers Indemnity Company$25,000.00
09/30/2019Uniting Missouri PACJohn Danforth$10,000.00
09/30/2019Lathrop Gage Consulting Political Action CommitteeSouthern Glazer's Wine and Spirits, LLC$65,000.00
09/30/2019Megan Green for St. LouisMegan Green$7,000.00
09/30/2019Uniting Missouri PACBARBARA B TAYLOR$35,000.00
09/30/2019Uniting Missouri PACAndrew C Taylor$35,000.00
09/30/2019Uniting Missouri PACWORLD WIDE TECHNOLOGY HOLDING CO LLC$100,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/29/2019

09/29/2019LaDonna Appelbaum For MissouriByron Delear$1,000.00
09/29/2019Fogle for MissouriChandler Carlson$2,000.00
09/29/2019Citizens 4 Dr. Lisa ThomasLattice Medical Solutions$2,000.00
09/29/2019Friends Of Kathy SwanRobert Fox$1,000.00
09/29/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurPeggy Schmitt$500.00
09/29/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurJoseph Pereles$500.00
09/29/2019Sharp for HouseTaxpayers Unlimited, Inc.$1,000.00
09/29/2019Friends of John VossMike Himmelberg$1,000.00
09/29/2019Page For MissouriStephen Smith$500.00
09/29/2019Page For MissouriMaxine Clark$1,000.00
09/29/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriKris Farmer$2,650.00
09/29/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriKara Braudis$1,000.00
09/29/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriPeggy Schmitt$500.00
09/29/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriKerry Hirth$500.00
09/29/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriChris Grant$500.00
09/29/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriJulie Murphy Finn$500.00
09/29/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriRobert Blake$500.00
09/29/2019Regional Leadership PACMACFPD Campaign$2,282.61
09/29/2019Save The PaseoJohn Bordeau$500.00
09/29/2019FRIENDS FOR GINA WALSHA Better Missouri PAC$1,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/28/2019

09/28/2019Ashcroft For MissouriJ. Michael Medart$1,000.00
09/28/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrChristopher Bond$500.00
09/28/2019LaDonna Appelbaum For MissouriDaniel Smith$625.00
09/28/2019Michelle Sherod for St. LouisRobert Tillman$500.00
09/28/2019Citizens for Doug ErvinJordan Bernstein$500.00
09/28/2019Friends For Travis FitzwaterEvergy Power PAC$1,500.00
09/28/2019Friends For Travis FitzwaterMerck Employees Political Action Committee$500.00
09/28/2019Friends Of Kathy SwanRoss Bennett$1,000.00
09/28/2019Friends Of Kathy SwanDan Drury$1,000.00
09/28/2019Friends Of Kathy SwanAndrew Moore$1,000.00
09/28/2019Friends Of Lincoln HoughCerner PAC MO Federal Committee$1,000.00
09/28/2019Friends for Rusty MacLachlanJohn Buckner$807.90
09/28/2019Friends for Rusty MacLachlanJohn Buckner$1,000.00
09/28/2019Friends Of Rob VescovoMissouri Alliance for Animal Legislation$500.00
09/28/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeSusan Stegeman$500.00
09/28/2019Bill Hardwick For MissouriDAVID DAY$712.00
09/28/2019Bill Hardwick For MissouriJimmie Smith$500.00
09/28/2019Bill Hardwick For MissouriDAVID DAY$500.00
09/28/2019Sharp for HouseOlufemi Sharp$500.00
09/28/2019Elad Gross For MissouriCHARLIE OREILLY$500.00
09/28/2019theLOUpacAnheuser-Busch Companies$647.50
09/28/2019Friends Of Rick BrattinCL PAC$2,500.00
09/28/2019Friends Of Rick BrattinBrattin Brigade PAC$2,500.00
09/28/2019Missourians for Tina GoodrickDavid Martin$1,000.00
09/28/2019Friends Of Andrew KoenigMerck & Co., Inc. Employees Missouri PAC Federal Committee$500.00
09/28/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriAbby Long$2,650.00
09/28/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriJanet Stallmeyer$1,500.00
09/28/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriScot Boulton$1,000.00
09/28/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriVic Arnold$1,000.00
09/28/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriAimee Morrison$500.00
09/28/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriMarty Seaton$500.00
09/28/2019Alex Riley for State RepresentativeAlex Riley$3,700.00
09/28/2019Bill Kidd For MissouriA BETTER MISSOURI$500.00
09/28/2019Bill Kidd For MissouriALLIANCE FOR PROGRESS LLC$500.00
09/28/2019Chris Brown for Missouri HouseBecky Miller$500.00
09/28/2019Chris Brown for Missouri HouseBrandon Oots$500.00
09/28/2019Uniting Missouri PACBelle Hart Schmidt LLC$7,350.00

Contribution Date: 09/27/2019

09/27/2019Michelle Sherod for St. LouisSusan Montee$500.00
09/27/2019Michelle Sherod for St. LouisLurlean Hayes$1,000.00
09/27/2019Munzinger For Missouri 136Susan Cohen$1,000.00
09/27/2019Riggs For MissouriCurtis Burton$500.00
09/27/2019Southeast Missouri Conservatives PACMissouri American Water Employees PAC$500.00
09/27/2019Southeast Missouri Conservatives PACShamrock PAC$1,000.00
09/27/2019Southeast Missouri Conservatives PACHealthPAC$1,000.00
09/27/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCLarry Apple$1,000.00
09/27/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCMerry Anne Rutledge$975.00
09/27/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCGilbert Jones$1,000.00
09/27/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCDouglas Andrews$905.00
09/27/2019Citizens For HoskinsJerry Franklin$500.00
09/27/2019Friends Of Suzie PollockLake Ozark Marine Dealers PAC$500.00
09/27/2019Friends Of Suzie PollockMHA PAC$1,000.00
09/27/2019Friends Of Suzie PollockSurgery by Surgeons PAC$500.00
09/27/2019BUILD St. Louis PAC, Inc.Steven Hays$1,000.00
09/27/2019BUILD St. Louis PAC, Inc.CMS Homes LLC$1,000.00
09/27/2019Friends for Rusty MacLachlanStephanie Montgomery$1,000.00
09/27/2019Friends for Rusty MacLachlanRichard Pendleton$1,000.00
09/27/2019House Victory CommitteeLohr Distributing Co$556.07
09/27/2019Tim Lohmar For Prosecuting AttorneyTIM LOHMAR$800.00
09/27/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurDennis Waits$500.00
09/27/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurSharalyn Saks$500.00
09/27/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurMissouri State Council of Machinist PAC$500.00
09/27/2019Friends for Mary Pat CarlAlicia McDonnell$1,000.00
09/27/2019WPG PACWinton Policy Group$4,000.00
09/27/2019Parson For MissouriOral Micham$1,000.00
09/27/2019Parson For MissouriJune Kummer$2,000.00
09/27/2019Parson For MissouriChris Graham$2,000.00
09/27/2019Parson For MissouriSam Boland$2,600.00
09/27/2019Parson For MissouriAlexandra Boland$2,600.00
09/27/2019Parson For MissouriGail's Harley Davidson$1,000.00
09/27/2019Parson For MissouriSt Charles County Association of Realtors PAC$500.00
09/27/2019Beck For MissouriCigna Corporation Missouri PAC$500.00
09/27/2019The Good Folks For CooksonStephen Cookson$2,000.00
09/27/2019Missourians For Cody SmithMO Alliance for Animal Legislation$500.00
09/27/2019Annie Rice For STLInternational Association of Firefighters Local #73$500.00
09/27/2019FRIENDS OF HOLLY REHDERKathy Vancil$2,500.00
09/27/2019FRIENDS OF HOLLY REHDERBuce Vancil$1,500.00
09/27/2019FRIENDS OF HOLLY REHDERLouis Gianquinto$500.00
09/27/2019FRIENDS OF HOLLY REHDERBill Copeland$500.00
09/27/2019FRIENDS OF HOLLY REHDERJohnson & Johnson PAc$500.00
09/27/2019FRIENDS OF HOLLY REHDERHoward Wood$1,000.00
09/27/2019FRIENDS OF HOLLY REHDERFred Schuerenberg$500.00
09/27/2019FRIENDS OF HOLLY REHDERAlan Keenan$500.00
09/27/2019CITIZENS FOR HINSONLincoln PAC$5,000.00
09/27/2019Page For MissouriLaborers International Union of North America Local No. 42 PAC Fund$500.00
09/27/2019TEAMSTERS JOINT COUNCIL NO 13 DRIVE POLITICAL FUNDTeamsters Joint Council #13$500.00
09/27/2019Scism For SenateNick Gibson$2,500.00
09/27/2019Scism For SenateAmy Gibson$2,500.00
09/27/2019Scism For SenateCory Gibson$2,500.00
09/27/2019Scism For SenateTadao Gibson$2,500.00
09/27/2019LABORERS UNION LOCAL #42 VOLUNTARY POLITICAL FUNDLaborers' Local 42$2,500.00
09/27/2019Missourians For Mike CierpiotFranklin County Leadership PAC$1,000.00
09/27/2019Missourians For Mike CierpiotEnterprise Holdings Inc PAC$1,500.00
09/27/2019Missourians For Mike CierpiotKiel Center Partners LP$2,500.00
09/27/2019Missourians For Mike CierpiotMissouri Growth PAC$500.00
09/27/2019Cotton Walker For JudgeTricia Workman$500.00
09/27/2019Cotton Walker For JudgeDAVID TURNER$500.00
09/27/2019Cotton Walker For JudgeKen Theroff$500.00
09/27/2019Cotton Walker For JudgeLorelei Schwartz$500.00
09/27/2019Cotton Walker For JudgeRobert Robuck$500.00
09/27/2019Cotton Walker For JudgeDavid Minton$500.00
09/27/2019Cotton Walker For JudgeMIKE FARMER$500.00
09/27/2019Cotton Walker For JudgeMARC ELLINGER$500.00
09/27/2019Cotton Walker For JudgeRich Aubuchon$500.00
09/27/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriTerry McDonald$1,000.00
09/27/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriMont Levy$1,000.00
09/27/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriBill Berkley$1,000.00
09/27/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriRonald Bremer$500.00
09/27/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriKarleen Hoerr$500.00
09/27/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriDavis Neal$500.00
09/27/2019Friends for Ed LewisSherry Russell$500.00
09/27/2019Central to Good Government PACCentral Bank of Sedalia$2,000.00
09/27/2019CONSULTING ENGINEERS COUNCIL OF MO- PACRobert Gilbert$500.00
09/27/2019Missouri Senate Leadership PACCL PAC$10,000.00
09/27/2019Keep Government AccountableUNITED AUTO WORKERS V CAP$30,000.00
09/27/2019Uniting Missouri PACRex A. Sinquefield$250,000.00
09/27/2019House Victory CommitteeUAW V CAP$30,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/26/2019

09/26/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrMNG 2005 Inc.$2,500.00
09/26/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrKiel Center Partners LP$2,000.00
09/26/2019Lincoln PACCarey & Danis LLC$2,500.00
09/26/2019Michelle Sherod for St. LouisMaxine Clark$2,225.00
09/26/2019Michelle Sherod for St. LouisPriscilla Hill-Ardoin$1,500.00
09/26/2019Michelle Sherod for St. LouisJohn Holt$1,000.00
09/26/2019Rogers For MissouriA Better Missouri Political Action Committee$500.00
09/26/2019Friends Of Phil ChristofanelliGrow Missouri$1,000.00
09/26/2019Friends Of Phil ChristofanelliCPA PAC$500.00
09/26/2019Friends Of Phil ChristofanelliMO Optemetric PAC$500.00
09/26/2019Friends Of Phil ChristofanelliMissouri Hospital Association$500.00
09/26/2019Citizens for Doug ErvinJoyce Ervin$500.00
09/26/2019Eigel For MissouriTatum Martin$2,500.00
09/26/2019Eigel For MissouriLaredo Hospitality Management LLC a subsidiary of Illinois Cafe & Service Company$2,500.00
09/26/2019Eigel For MissouriMO Energy Development Association Stateline PAC$2,500.00
09/26/2019Eigel For MissouriCheyenne International$2,500.00
09/26/2019Eigel For MissouriDebbie Baker$1,000.00
09/26/2019Eigel For MissouriGreat Outdoors PAC$1,000.00
09/26/2019Eigel For MissouriJames McNutt Life Trust$1,000.00
09/26/2019Eigel For MissouriLynn Wallis$1,000.00
09/26/2019Eigel For MissouriMO DSV PAC$1,000.00
09/26/2019Eigel For MissouriLathrop Gage Consulting PAC$1,000.00
09/26/2019Eigel For MissouriAMEC Pac$1,000.00
09/26/2019Eigel For MissouriMissouri CPA PAC$750.00
09/26/2019Eigel For MissouriMATT PAC$500.00
09/26/2019Eigel For MissouriMo AC & Mechanical Contractors PAC$500.00
09/26/2019Eigel For MissouriThomas Kolb$500.00
09/26/2019Eigel For MissouriMO Petroleum Marketers$500.00
09/26/2019Eigel For MissouriMO Rep Attorneys for Civil Justice PAC$500.00
09/26/2019Friends of David ColeRussell Cole$2,500.00
09/26/2019Friends of David ColeCarrie Sampson$676.06
09/26/2019Friends of David ColeTERRY NEFF$2,500.00
09/26/2019Friends of David ColeTina Hierholzer$500.00
09/26/2019Friends of David ColeKEVIN WILSON$500.00
09/26/2019Friends of David ColeAndy Wood$1,000.00
09/26/2019Citizens For HoskinsCasey Cochran$500.00
09/26/2019Citizens For HoskinsStephen Westhead$1,000.00
09/26/2019Citizens For HoskinsLaura Mitchell$500.00
09/26/2019Tesson Ferry Democratic OrganizationPROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATS OF LEMAY$2,070.08
09/26/2019Friends Of Kathy SwanBetter Schools For Missouri PAC$1,000.00
09/26/2019Maggie Nurrenbern for MissouriCharles Cuda$500.00
09/26/2019BUILD St. Louis PAC, Inc.P & A Drywall Supply$1,000.00
09/26/2019BUILD St. Louis PAC, Inc.Kingbridge Homes LLC$1,000.00
09/26/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeRobert OLoughlin$2,600.00
09/26/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeJAMES MARCUM$500.00
09/26/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeJames Mathewson$500.00
09/26/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeDavid Goodson$1,000.00
09/26/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMICHAEL BROWN$500.00
09/26/2019Tim Lohmar For Prosecuting AttorneyOld Hickory Golf Club$760.00
09/26/2019Tim Lohmar For Prosecuting AttorneyBrad Burkemper$560.00
09/26/2019Tim Lohmar For Prosecuting AttorneyScott Cooper$500.00
09/26/2019Tim Lohmar For Prosecuting AttorneyKurt Jellinek$540.00
09/26/2019Tim Lohmar For Prosecuting AttorneyShawn Saale$560.00
09/26/2019Tim Lohmar For Prosecuting AttorneyTroy Robertson$500.00
09/26/2019Tim Lohmar For Prosecuting AttorneySt Charles Co Paramedic Assoc Comm Outreach$560.00
09/26/2019FRIENDS OF CALEB ROWDENMerck and CO Employee PAC$500.00
09/26/2019FRIENDS OF CALEB ROWDENJohnson and Johnson PAC$1,000.00
09/26/2019FRIENDS OF CALEB ROWDENNexus PAC$2,500.00
09/26/2019FRIENDS OF CALEB ROWDENLathrop Gage Consulting PAC$1,000.00
09/26/2019FRIENDS OF CALEB ROWDENMissouri Land title PAC$500.00
09/26/2019FRIENDS OF CALEB ROWDENMichael Staloch$500.00
09/26/2019FRIENDS OF CALEB ROWDENJerry Kennett$500.00
09/26/2019Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes PACRobin Blake$500.00
09/26/2019New Approach MissouriPaul Bocci$531.18
09/26/2019New Approach MissouriPaul Bocci$837.63
09/26/2019Believe in Life and Liberty - BILL PACDonald Rosemann$500.00
09/26/2019Believe in Life and Liberty - BILL PACCMG Colonial Management Group, LP$2,500.00
09/26/2019Believe in Life and Liberty - BILL PACSilvertree Companies, LLC$500.00
09/26/2019Believe in Life and Liberty - BILL PACCapital Health Management$5,000.00
09/26/2019Believe in Life and Liberty - BILL PACGold Rush$5,000.00
09/26/2019Believe in Life and Liberty - BILL PACCerner Corporations$2,500.00
09/26/2019Believe in Life and Liberty - BILL PACMontery Park Nursing Center$500.00
09/26/2019Friends for Mary Pat CarlThomas Hayes - GENERAL$500.00
09/26/2019Friends of John VossDeward Voss$2,000.00
09/26/2019Parson For MissouriLeland Jones$500.00
09/26/2019Beck For MissouriDiane Beck$500.00
09/26/2019Beck For MissouriGerald Fitzgerald$500.00
09/26/2019Beck For MissouriMissouri State Council of Machinist PAC$500.00
09/26/2019Beck For MissouriRobert Baker$500.00
09/26/2019Beck For MissouriBuilding Trades Political Education Fund$500.00
09/26/2019The Good Folks For CooksonJoshua Rice$1,000.00
09/26/2019The Good Folks For CooksonSean Rice$1,000.00
09/26/2019Access MOWENDI ALPER-PRESSMAN$500.00
09/26/2019Access MORosella Samson$500.00
09/26/2019Access MOJoe Pereles$1,000.00
09/26/2019Access MOKaren Handelman$500.00
09/26/2019Missouri Federation of Women's Democratic Clubs7th District Womens Democratic Club$1,000.00
09/26/2019Bondon For MissouriMO DENTAL POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE$1,000.00
09/26/2019Friends Of Hannah KellyCentral Bank of the Ozarks$500.00
09/26/2019Elad Gross For MissouriDaniel Lambrecht$2,500.00
09/26/2019Friends Of Rick BrattinMark Muller$2,500.00
09/26/2019Truth in CampaignsShamrock PAC$2,500.00
09/26/2019Rizzo For MissouriPowerful Performance Solutions$1,000.00
09/26/2019Rizzo For MissouriSWMW Law$2,500.00
09/26/2019Rizzo For MissouriStrong, Garner & Bauer, PC$2,500.00
09/26/2019Rizzo For MissouriDollar, Burns,& Becker, L.C.$2,500.00
09/26/2019Rizzo For MissouriAMECPAC$500.00
09/26/2019Rizzo For MissouriFred Dreiling$500.00
09/26/2019Rizzo For MissouriEvergy Power PAC - Missouri$500.00
09/26/2019Rizzo For MissouriGreat Outdoors PAC$1,000.00
09/26/2019Rizzo For MissouriLathrop Gage Consulting PAC$500.00
09/26/2019Rizzo For MissouriCenturyLink MO Employees PAC$500.00
09/26/2019Rizzo For MissouriMike White$500.00
09/26/2019Rizzo For MissouriJohnson & Johnson PAC - Missouri$500.00
09/26/2019Friends Of Raychel ProudieViceroy PAC$1,000.00
09/26/2019Brian Williams For MissouriHealthPAC$2,000.00
09/26/2019Brian Williams For MissouriJohnson and Johnson PAC MO$500.00
09/26/2019Committee To Elect Pierson JrNexus PAC/Matthew McBride Treasurer$1,000.00
09/26/2019Committee To Elect Pierson JrNexus PAC/Matthew McBride Treasurer$500.00
09/26/2019Page For MissouriBuilding Trades Political Education Fund$500.00
09/26/2019Page For MissouriJeff Rainford$1,000.00
09/26/2019Uniting Missouri PACLIBERTY UTILITIES SERVICES CORP$2,500.00
09/26/2019Uniting Missouri PACMARY JANE REINHARDT$1,000.00
09/26/2019Uniting Missouri PACJerry M Hunter$600.00
09/26/2019Uniting Missouri PACRICHARD MARK$1,000.00
09/26/2019Uniting Missouri PACDENNIS W WEISENBORN$500.00
09/26/2019Uniting Missouri PACS Mark Brawley$500.00
09/26/2019Uniting Missouri PACJOSEPH M POWER$500.00
09/26/2019Uniting Missouri PACFADI M DIYA$1,000.00
09/26/2019Uniting Missouri PACKevin DeGraw$500.00
09/26/2019Uniting Missouri PACDavid Wakeman$500.00
09/26/2019Uniting Missouri PACKEVIN D ANDERS$500.00
09/26/2019Uniting Missouri PACKrista Bauer$500.00
09/26/2019Uniting Missouri PACMARK J FRONMULLER$500.00
09/26/2019Uniting Missouri PACWARNER L BAXTER$2,000.00
09/26/2019Uniting Missouri PACTARA K OGLESBY$500.00
09/26/2019Uniting Missouri PACKBA Investments LLC$1,500.00
09/26/2019Uniting Missouri PACASPLUNDH CONSTRUCTION LLC$1,000.00
09/26/2019Uniting Missouri PACDavid Mason & Associates$1,000.00
09/26/2019Uniting Missouri PACSABRE INDUSTRIES$1,600.00
09/26/2019Uniting Missouri PACCentrex Electrical Supply Corp$1,000.00
09/26/2019Uniting Missouri PACMCDONALDS #7686 & #12208$1,000.00
09/26/2019Uniting Missouri PACDEPPE FARMS INC$500.00
09/26/2019Uniting Missouri PACMissouri Chamber PAC$500.00
09/26/2019Page PACOzark Anesthesia Associates Inc.$2,600.00
09/26/2019American Dream PACWitte Bros Exchange Inc.$2,500.00
09/26/2019American Dream PACT and N Inc.$1,000.00
09/26/2019American Dream PACELCO$1,000.00
09/26/2019American Dream PACE.J.A. TRUCKING INC.$1,000.00
09/26/2019American Dream PACDrury Displays Inc.$1,000.00
09/26/2019American Dream PACDon Brown Chevrolet$1,000.00
09/26/2019American Dream PACBright & Associates$1,000.00
09/26/2019American Dream PACBommarito West County$2,600.00
09/26/2019Missourians For Mike CierpiotBrett Emison$2,000.00
09/26/2019Missourians For Mike CierpiotM Blake Heath LLC$2,000.00
09/26/2019Missourians For Mike CierpiotTheodore D. Barnes,Attorney at Law$2,000.00
09/26/2019Missourians For Mike CierpiotHolman Schiavone LLC$2,000.00
09/26/2019Missourians For Mike CierpiotMO Republican Attorneys for Civil Justice PAC$2,500.00
09/26/2019Missourians For Mike CierpiotSWMW Law$2,500.00
09/26/2019Missourians For Mike CierpiotStrong, Garner & Bauer, PC$2,500.00
09/26/2019Missourians For Mike CierpiotSanders Law$2,500.00
09/26/2019Missourians For Mike CierpiotDollar, Burns, & Becker, LC$2,500.00
09/26/2019Keep Government AccountableCarlos Perez$2,500.00
09/26/2019CITIZENS FOR CRYSTAL QUADESupporters of Health Research & Treatments$2,000.00
09/26/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriEdward Petersheim$1,000.00
09/26/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriChristopher Gahagan$1,000.00
09/26/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriMatthew Uhrig$750.00
09/26/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriDaniel Salveter$675.00
09/26/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriRichard Grant$500.00
09/26/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriTim Sweeny$500.00
09/26/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriRichard Rhyne$500.00
09/26/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriSANDRA BOLLINGER$500.00
09/26/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriThomas Dornan$500.00
09/26/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriJohn Fox$500.00
09/26/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriKen and Sharen Hunt$500.00
09/26/2019Citizens For MitchellAshley Dooms$500.00
09/26/2019Citizens For MitchellClinton Mitchell$2,000.00
09/26/2019MO Opportunity PACMcBride & Son Management LLC$5,000.00
09/26/2019True North PACTeamsters 245 Political Action Fund$2,500.00
09/26/2019RESIDENTIAL CARE FACILITY PAC (RCF-PAC)Blue Hills Rest Home Inc$500.00
09/26/2019CITIZENS FOR EGGLESTONJohnson & Johnson PAc$500.00
09/26/2019RAZER FOR MISSOURIStrong, Garner & Bauer, PC$1,000.00
09/26/2019RAZER FOR MISSOURISWMW Law$1,000.00
09/26/2019RAZER FOR MISSOURITaxpayers Unlimited, Inc.$500.00
09/26/2019RAZER FOR MISSOURIBrightergy Advanced Energy PAC$500.00
09/26/2019RAZER FOR MISSOURIDollar, Burns, & Becker, LC$1,000.00
09/26/2019Lincoln County Democrat ClubSt Louis-Kansas City Carpenters Regional Council 1401$500.00
09/26/2019Old Drum Conservative PACMissouri CPA PAC$1,500.00
09/26/2019Western Missouri Leadership FundRichard DeStefane$2,500.00
09/26/2019Dave Griffith For State RepresentativeMissouri Truck PAC$500.00
09/26/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncRQC PAC$7,500.00
09/26/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMO DSV PAC$7,500.00
09/26/2019American Dream PACMissouri Leadership Forum$12,350.00
09/26/2019Keep Government AccountableSWMW Law$25,000.00
09/26/2019Keep Government AccountableStrong, Garner & Bauer, PC$25,000.00
09/26/2019Keep Government AccountableOperating Engineers Local 101 PAC$50,000.00
09/26/2019Viceroy PACGolden Entertainment$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/25/2019

09/25/2019Ashcroft For MissouriColleen Wasinger$500.00
09/25/2019Ashcroft For MissouriDANIEL MCGINNIS$1,000.00
09/25/2019Sonya Murray Anderson For MissouriEloise Austin$500.00
09/25/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrMissouri Growth PAC$1,000.00
09/25/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrMissouri Senior PAC$1,500.00
09/25/2019TEAMSTERS LOCAL 618 DRIVE FUNDTeamsters Local 618 DRIVE$500.00
09/25/2019Donald B Mayhew FSRAMEC Pac$500.00
09/25/2019Megan Green for St. LouisRachel DSouza-Siebert$1,000.00
09/25/2019Elect Ben BakerRudolph Farber$1,000.00
09/25/2019MO Osteopathic PACJeffrey Davis$540.00
09/25/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCJanet Judd$1,593.34
09/25/2019Conservative Leaders of MissouriGardner Capital$25,000.00
09/25/2019Schmitt For MissouriJerome Schlichter$1,000.00
09/25/2019Friends Of Kathy SwanJerry Stone$1,000.00
09/25/2019Citizens to Elect Kurtis GregorySUE ELLEN STOUFFER$500.00
09/25/2019SAINT CHARLES ORGANIZATION OF REPUBLICANSThe Doctors Management Company$1,000.00
09/25/2019Friends Of Rob VescovoJohnson & Johnson PAC-Missouri$1,000.00
09/25/2019Citizens To Elect Mike Kehoemichael tucker$1,300.00
09/25/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeEdith Verslues$1,000.00
09/25/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeSusan Beine$2,650.00
09/25/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeRobert Beine$2,650.00
09/25/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeAMECPAC$1,600.00
09/25/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeFred Beuckman III$500.00
09/25/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeDavid Spence$2,650.00
09/25/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMary Sinclair$2,600.00
09/25/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeThomas Suntrup$1,000.00
09/25/2019Tim Lohmar For Prosecuting AttorneyBoehmer Law$560.00
09/25/2019Tim Lohmar For Prosecuting AttorneyLaw Office of Casey Coats$500.00
09/25/2019Tim Lohmar For Prosecuting AttorneyRay Juengst$500.00
09/25/2019FRIENDS OF CALEB ROWDENCaleb Arthur$1,000.00
09/25/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurCynthia Metcalfe$1,000.00
09/25/2019Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes PACBelinda Fender$500.00
09/25/2019Friends for Mary Pat CarlSara Neill$1,500.00
09/25/2019Beck For MissouriCynthia Metcalfe$1,000.00
09/25/2019Missourians For Cody SmithLiving Well PAC$2,000.00
09/25/2019Access MOSharyn Essman$500.00
09/25/2019Committee to Elect Bishop DavidsonJoe Bridwell$1,000.00
09/25/2019Dottie Bailey For MissouriCheyenne International LLC$500.00
09/25/2019Dottie Bailey For MissouriViceroy PAC$1,000.00
09/25/2019Dottie Bailey For MissouriEnterprise Holdings Inc PAC$500.00
09/25/2019Dottie Bailey For MissouriA BETTER MISSOURI$500.00
09/25/2019IBEW Local 1464 CopeKansas City Power & Light Company$1,064.50
09/25/2019Friends of Trish GunbyTeamsters 618 PAC$1,000.00
09/25/2019Friends of Trish GunbyProfessional Fire Fighters of Eastern Missouri Local 2665$1,000.00
09/25/2019Lavender For State SenateCynthia Metcalf$1,000.00
09/25/2019Lavender For State SenateSharalyn Saks$500.00
09/25/2019Families For Kimberly-Ann CollinsClarence Rufus$500.00
09/25/2019Friends Of Rick BrattinCINDY OLAUGHLIN$2,500.00
09/25/2019Rizzo For MissouriMO BEV PAC$1,000.00
09/25/2019Rizzo For MissouriRural Telecommunications Committee - PAC$1,000.00
09/25/2019Scott Sifton For MissouriM. BLAKE HEATH, TRAIL ATTORNEY LLC$1,000.00
09/25/2019Friends Of Nick SchroerRobert Hoffman$1,000.00
09/25/2019Page For MissouriBader Abdeen$500.00
09/25/2019Page For MissouriEastern Missouri Laborers' Educational & Benevolent Fund$500.00
09/25/2019Page For MissouriProtect Missouri Workers PAC$2,500.00
09/25/2019Page For MissouriKevin Gunn$1,000.00
09/25/2019Page For MissouriMACK BRADLEY$500.00
09/25/2019Page For MissouriMissouri American Water Employees PAC$1,000.00
09/25/2019Scism For SenateBob Biene$2,500.00
09/25/2019MISSOURI SENATE CAMPAIGN COMMITTEELeggett & Platt Inc.$5,000.00
09/25/2019Friends Of Jeff ShawanDanielle Johnson$1,000.00
09/25/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriLee Kling$2,150.00
09/25/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriMartina McLarney$500.00
09/25/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriNicole Knepper$500.00
09/25/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriJoe Larrew$500.00
09/25/2019Citizens for Anne SchweitzerDavid H Gold$500.00
09/25/2019Citizens for Anne SchweitzerAnne Schweitzer$1,000.00
09/25/2019HBS MO State PACFHC Management$2,500.00
09/25/2019Conservative Leaders of MissouriMARK GARDNER$25,000.00
09/25/2019Friends Of Mark EllebrachtUnited Transportation Union PAC$500.00
09/25/2019Friends Of Mark EllebrachtNicholas Hinrichs$1,000.00
09/25/2019Friends Of Mark EllebrachtMissouri Dental PAC$500.00
09/25/2019RAZER FOR MISSOURISHC PAC$2,500.00
09/25/2019Western Missouri Leadership FundTI Carnegie Village, LLC$2,500.00
09/25/2019MO State Council of Fire Fighters PACIAFF FIREPAC VIC MISSOURI$10,000.00
09/25/2019American Property Casualty Insurance Association Political AccountAmerican Property Casualty Insurance Association$33,442.00

Contribution Date: 09/24/2019

09/24/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrEnterprise Holdings, Inc. Political Action Committee$1,000.00
09/24/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrMissouri Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Assn PAC$500.00
09/24/2019Megan Green for St. LouisChristopher Layloff$1,000.00
09/24/2019Rogers For MissouriChristopher Gahagan$1,000.00
09/24/2019Committee To Elect Shalonn `Kiki` CurlsA Better Missouri PAC$1,000.00
09/24/2019Committee To Elect Shalonn `Kiki` CurlsPT PAC of Missouri$500.00
09/24/2019Committee To Elect Shalonn `Kiki` CurlsLiving Well PAC$500.00
09/24/2019Citizens For Tishaura O JonesStinson Leonard Street LLP$750.00
09/24/2019Citizens for Doug ErvinOra Reynolds$1,000.00
09/24/2019Friends of David ColeConnie Johnson$500.00
09/24/2019Maggie Nurrenbern for MissouriPaul Guastello$1,000.00
09/24/2019Plocher For MissouriMissouri Dental PAC$500.00
09/24/2019Plocher For MissouriGrey Eagle Distributors$500.00
09/24/2019Plocher For MissouriMBWA PAC$1,000.00
09/24/2019Missouri American Water Company Employees Political Action CommitteeC.E. Bollmeier Co, Inc.$500.00
09/24/2019Citizens to Elect Kurtis GregoryTom Blumhorst$500.00
09/24/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMichael Rottler$1,000.00
09/24/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMissouri Leadership Forum$2,650.00
09/24/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMissouri Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Association PAC$500.00
09/24/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeSteven Sellenriek$2,000.00
09/24/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMark Roden$1,000.00
09/24/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeDALE LUDWIG$1,000.00
09/24/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeJack Wisor$500.00
09/24/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeKURTIS DANIELS$500.00
09/24/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeSondra Miltenberger$500.00
09/24/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeDiane Saale$500.00
09/24/2019Committee To Elect ReedRAF-2901-LLC$2,600.00
09/24/2019Hill For MissouriMissouri AG PAC$500.00
09/24/2019Citizens To Elect Bruce DegrootMissouri CPA PAC$500.00
09/24/2019Tim Lohmar For Prosecuting AttorneyDonatelli's Bistro$560.00
09/24/2019Tim Lohmar For Prosecuting AttorneyFuchs Law Firm LLC$500.00
09/24/2019FRIENDS OF CALEB ROWDENMissouri CPA PAC$1,500.00
09/24/2019FRIENDS OF CALEB ROWDENCentral to Good Government PAC$1,000.00
09/24/2019FRIENDS OF CALEB ROWDENJon Sundvold$500.00
09/24/2019FRIENDS OF CALEB ROWDENJay Lindner$500.00
09/24/2019FRIENDS OF CALEB ROWDENBob Wagner$500.00
09/24/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurMO Optometric PAC$1,000.00
09/24/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurBrandon Boulware$500.00
09/24/2019Friends of John VossSteve Green$500.00
09/24/2019Friends of John VossCHARLES BLATTNER III$500.00
09/24/2019Friends of John VossAndrew Moore$500.00
09/24/2019Friends of John VossColleen Farrar$500.00
09/24/2019Friends of John VossAnand Patel$1,000.00
09/24/2019Parson For MissouriBrad Ekstam$2,600.00
09/24/2019The Good Folks For CooksonMartin Michel$500.00
09/24/2019The Good Folks For CooksonJoy Cookson$1,000.00
09/24/2019The Good Folks For CooksonMarkel Yarbro$700.00
09/24/2019Freedom's Promise PACGrow Missouri$1,000.00
09/24/2019Access MOJane Katcher$500.00
09/24/2019Friends Of Curtis TrentCaleb Arthur$700.00
09/24/2019McGirl For State RepGlennon Bequette$500.00
09/24/2019Friends Of Hannah KellyCaleb Arthur$500.00
09/24/2019Friends Of Hannah KellyMary Shed$750.00
09/24/2019Friends of Trish GunbyTeamsters Local 682 PAC$1,000.00
09/24/2019Lavender For State SenateScott Stern$500.00
09/24/2019Lavender For State SenateJoesph Tiernan$2,500.00
09/24/2019Committee To Elect Chris CarterA Better Missouri / Political Action Committee$500.00
09/24/2019Committee to Elect Ian MackeyMissouri Hospital Association PAC$1,000.00
09/24/2019Scott Sifton For MissouriTheodore D. Barnes,Attorney at Law$1,000.00
09/24/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateSarah Hagedorn$2,500.00
09/24/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateNathaniel Hagedorn$2,500.00
09/24/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateRachel Arthur$1,000.00
09/24/2019Page For MissouriDanny Ludeman$2,600.00
09/24/2019Page For MissouriInternational Union of Elevator Constructors Local No. 3 PAC$500.00
09/24/2019Page For MissouriCindy Brinkley$2,100.00
09/24/2019Page For MissouriCarol Rossfeld$1,000.00
09/24/2019Citizens For FalknerShamrock PAC$500.00
09/24/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriPeggy Griswold$2,650.00
09/24/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriTeamsters 245 PAF$2,650.00
09/24/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriLyn Griswold$2,650.00
09/24/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriGlaziers, Architectural, MEtal & Glassworkers Local Union #513$1,000.00
09/24/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriBrian Brooks$1,000.00
09/24/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriLinda Lyle$1,000.00
09/24/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriAlexia Norris$500.00
09/24/2019Citizens For MitchellMissouri Rental Dealers Association PAC$500.00
09/24/2019SPRINKLER FITTERS LOCAL #314 POLITICAL FUNDSprinkler Fitters Local 314$1,436.23
09/24/2019BOLD PACSupporters of Health Research & Treatments$5,000.00
09/24/2019BOLD PACBPV Hldgs Blk 350$2,500.00
09/24/2019BOLD PACThe Doctors Management Company$1,000.00
09/24/2019BOLD PACXcaliber International LTD LLC$2,500.00
09/24/2019BOLD PACKansas City Live LLC$2,500.00
09/24/2019Friends Of Kip KendrickJohnson & Johnson PAc$500.00
09/24/2019The Committee To Elect Steve ButzA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
09/24/2019The Committee To Elect Steve ButzMHA PAC for Health$500.00
09/24/2019RAZER FOR MISSOURIKansas City Regional Association of Realtors Missouri RPAC$1,000.00
09/24/2019RAZER FOR MISSOURIPT PAC of Missouri$500.00
09/24/2019RAZER FOR MISSOURIA Better Missouri PAC$750.00
09/24/2019Western Missouri Leadership FundMidwest Long Term Care Services, LLC$2,500.00
09/24/2019MISSOURI WOMENS HEALTH PACSandra Ahlum$1,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/23/2019

09/23/2019Citizens for the Promotion of Sports Tourism at the Lake of the OzarksLake Regional Health Sysytems$10,000.00
09/23/2019Citizens for the Promotion of Sports Tourism at the Lake of the OzarksCentral Bank of Lake of the Ozarks$10,000.00
09/23/2019Citizens for the Promotion of Sports Tourism at the Lake of the OzarksLake of the Ozarks Convention and Visitors Bureau$5,000.00
09/23/2019Citizens for the Promotion of Sports Tourism at the Lake of the OzarksLAKE REGIONAL HEALTH SYSTEMS$10,000.00
09/23/2019Citizens for the Promotion of Sports Tourism at the Lake of the OzarksDriftwood Hospitality$1,000.00
09/23/2019Citizens for the Promotion of Sports Tourism at the Lake of the OzarksState Farm Insurance Marcus Sykora$1,000.00
09/23/201929th Senate District Leadership PACLes Jacobs Ford$1,500.00
09/23/2019Munzinger For Missouri 136JACK HEMBREE$500.00
09/23/2019MBA MARK TWAIN REGION PACCharles Brazeale$1,252.00
09/23/2019Citizens 4 Dr. Lisa ThomasDr George Hubbell$500.00
09/23/2019Citizens For WiemannThe Madison PAC$2,000.00
09/23/2019Citizens For WiemannAssociated General Contractors of MO PAC$1,000.00
09/23/2019Citizens For WiemannCheyenne International LLC$1,000.00
09/23/2019Lucas For KCRandal Romack$500.00
09/23/2019Freedom of Road Riders-PACLocal 42$555.00
09/23/2019Freedom of Road Riders-PACLocal 15$500.00
09/23/2019Freedom of Road Riders-PACLocal 3$1,000.00
09/23/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCCarrie Mertensmeyer$760.25
09/23/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCRonna Wilson$550.00
09/23/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCLisa Wolken$635.25
09/23/2019Citizens For LovascoMissouri AG PAC$500.00
09/23/2019Plocher For MissouriGreg Johnston$2,000.00
09/23/2019Plocher For MissouriMissouri Soybean PAC$1,000.00
09/23/2019Plocher For MissouriMissouri Senior PAC$600.00
09/23/2019Plocher For MissouriSHC PAC$2,000.00
09/23/2019MILA PACBrundage Management Company, Inc.$1,360.00
09/23/2019Committee To Elect HouxViceroy PAC$2,000.00
09/23/2019Committee To Elect HouxMO Majority PAC$1,000.00
09/23/2019Citizens to Elect Kurtis GregoryA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
09/23/2019BUILD St. Louis PAC, Inc.McLaren Grading Inc.$2,500.00
09/23/2019BUILD St. Louis PAC, Inc.John Bardgett & Associates$1,000.00
09/23/2019Missouri Alliance PACOzark Anesthesia Associates$2,500.00
09/23/2019Friends for Rusty MacLachlanCheryl Westerman$1,000.00
09/23/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeDanny Kehoe$613.79
09/23/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeSteven Roden$1,000.00
09/23/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeLarry Kolb$500.00
09/23/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeLiberty Utilities Political Action Committee$2,000.00
09/23/2019Fitzpatrick For MissouriSupporters of Health Research & Treatments$2,500.00
09/23/2019Fitzpatrick For MissouriGary Grewe$2,000.00
09/23/2019St Louis County Police Association PACSt. Louis County Police Association, FOP Lodge 111$3,000.00
09/23/2019Cupps for HouseA BETTER MISSOURI$500.00
09/23/2019House Victory CommitteeThe Doctors Management Company$2,500.00
09/23/2019Citizens for Integrity and AccountabilityThe Doctors Management Company$1,000.00
09/23/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurDouglass Noland$500.00
09/23/2019Friends for Mary Pat CarlEd Bushmeyer$500.00
09/23/2019Missourians for a Responsible BudgetSupporters of Health Research & Treatments$5,000.00
09/23/2019Friends of John VossJames Limbaugh$500.00
09/23/2019Parson For MissouriGlenn Mitchell$2,600.00
09/23/2019Parson For MissouriJohn Brennan$500.00
09/23/2019Parson For MissouriNoel Shull$1,000.00
09/23/2019Parson For MissouriMarilyn Schnuck$1,000.00
09/23/2019Parson For MissouriRodger Riney$2,650.00
09/23/2019Parson For MissouriPaula Riney$2,650.00
09/23/2019Parson For MissouriSteven Rasche$1,000.00
09/23/2019Parson For MissouriRobert OBrien$2,650.00
09/23/2019Parson For MissouriJERRY HUNTER$1,000.00
09/23/2019Parson For MissouriDana Hockensmith$2,000.00
09/23/2019Parson For MissouriMark Darrell$1,000.00
09/23/2019Parson For MissouriScott Carter$2,000.00
09/23/2019Parson For MissouriMary Jane Bodine$2,650.00
09/23/2019Parson For MissouriJesse Bodine$2,650.00
09/23/2019Parson For MissouriCentral to Good Government PAC$2,500.00
09/23/2019Beck For MissouriTeamsters Local Union 688 Political Action Committee$2,000.00
09/23/2019Friends Of Mary Elizabeth ColemanTHE GROTE GROUP$1,000.00
09/23/2019The Good Folks For CooksonRon Dowd$800.00
09/23/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncLiberty Utilities Services Corporation$5,000.00
09/23/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncHealth Systems, Inc.$5,000.00
09/23/2019Committee to Elect Yolanda YoungA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
09/23/2019Access MOLowell Aptman$1,000.00
09/23/2019Citizens For Jake ZimmermanCathy Steele$2,600.00
09/23/2019Citizens for Rasheen AldridgeA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
09/23/2019Friends of Trish GunbyMelanie Schmickle$500.00
09/23/2019Lavender For State SenateTeamsters Local Union 688 PAC$2,500.00
09/23/2019Lavender For State SenatePainters & Glaziers District 58$1,500.00
09/23/2019FRIENDS OF SHAULHealthPAC$500.00
09/23/2019Friends Of Rick BrattinMike Smith$500.00
09/23/2019Committee To Elect Pierson JrLiving Well PAC$500.00
09/23/2019Committee To Elect Pierson JrA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
09/23/2019Committee To Elect Pierson JrJ&J Ventures Gaming of Mo LLC$500.00
09/23/2019Luetkemeyer For SenatePHYSICIAN LED ANESTHESIA CARE PAC$2,500.00
09/23/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateJohnson & Johnson PAC Missouri$750.00
09/23/2019Friends Of Andrew KoenigSt. Louis Area Hotel Association PAC$1,000.00
09/23/2019Page For MissouriDonald Arnold$2,600.00
09/23/2019Uniting Missouri PACWCHIV PROPERTIES LLC$500.00
09/23/2019Uniting Missouri PACSCHROEPFER WELL DRILLING INC$500.00
09/23/2019Uniting Missouri PACCMS Homes LLC$1,000.00
09/23/2019Missourians For Mike CierpiotALLIANCE FOR PROGRESS LLC$1,000.00
09/23/2019Missourians For Mike CierpiotA Better Missouri PAC$1,000.00
09/23/2019Missourians For Mike CierpiotMissouri Realtors PAC$500.00
09/23/2019HealthPACSamuel Laney$500.00
09/23/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriTeamsters Local Union 688 PAC$2,650.00
09/23/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriCarol Ann Haake$1,000.00
09/23/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriStephen Hawkins$500.00
09/23/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriDonald Sievert$500.00
09/23/2019Citizens to Elect Mike PersonJohn Bardgett & Associates$500.00
09/23/2019CWA-COPE Political Contributions Federal CommitteeCommunications Workers of America- COPE PCC$2,750.00
09/23/2019Friends of Don BaragaryWilliam Johnston$1,000.00
09/23/2019Citizens For Brad HudsonCarol Hudson$500.00
09/23/2019H-PACThe Simon Law Firm, P.C.$5,000.00
09/23/2019Holly PACAugust Busch$5,000.00
09/23/2019Western Missouri Leadership FundMO DSV PAC$5,000.00
09/23/2019Western Missouri Leadership FundRQC PAC$5,000.00
09/23/2019Citizens To Elect Jay Mosley LLCA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
09/23/2019CONSULTING ENGINEERS COUNCIL OF MO- PACSmith & Company$747.50
09/23/2019Building Communities PAC IncO'Reilly Development Company, LLC$19,800.00
09/23/2019Uniting Missouri PACCL PAC$25,000.00
09/23/2019Uniting Missouri PACMISSOURI SOYBEAN ASSOCIATION$25,000.00
09/23/2019Uniting Missouri PACDairy Farmers of America$20,000.00
09/23/2019HealthPACSWMO Healthcare Committee$6,000.00
09/23/2019MO Society of Anesthesiologists Political Action CommitteeOzark Anesthesia Associates Inc$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/22/2019

09/22/2019WIELAND NOWMissouri Insurance Coalition PAC$1,750.00
09/22/2019Tony PACMOSFA PAC INC$2,000.00
09/22/2019Parson For MissouriKye Pietoso$1,000.00
09/22/2019Parson For MissouriSAM LICKLIDER$500.00
09/22/2019Missourians For Cody SmithJohnson & Johnson PAc$500.00
09/22/2019Committee to Elect Bishop DavidsonKyle Maples$2,000.00
09/22/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriLinda Randall$1,350.00
09/22/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriGerald Hazelbauer$1,350.00
09/22/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriAsbestos Workers Political Account$500.00
09/22/2019Save The PaseoDavid Gibson$500.00
09/22/2019Pollitt For House Of RepresentativesMissouri First$500.00
09/22/2019Pollitt For House Of RepresentativesViolet Corbett$500.00

Contribution Date: 09/21/2019

09/21/2019Megan Green for St. LouisDavid Boger$1,000.00
09/21/2019WIELAND NOWPT PAC of Missouri$500.00
09/21/2019WIELAND NOWMissouri First$500.00
09/21/2019WIELAND NOWMO Assn of Nurse Anestetisits PAC$500.00
09/21/2019WIELAND NOWA Better Missouri PAC$1,000.00
09/21/2019Friends Of Kathy SwanALLIANCE FOR PROGRESS LLC$1,500.00
09/21/2019Friends Of Kathy SwanDavid Westrich$1,000.00
09/21/2019Bondon For MissouriEnterprise Holdings Inc PAC$750.00
09/21/2019Jamison for MissouriKim Jamison$1,000.00
09/21/2019Pitman For MissouriShow Me Growth PAC$1,000.00
09/21/2019Citizens for OwenLiving Well PAC$500.00
09/21/2019Citizens for OwenMissouri First$500.00
09/21/2019Citizens for OwenA Better Missouri PAC$500.00

Contribution Date: 09/20/2019

09/20/2019COMMERCE BANCSHARES INC PACJohn Kemper$541.66
09/20/2019COMMERCE BANCSHARES INC PACCharles Kim$500.01
09/20/2019Megan Green for St. LouisJoan Bray$500.00
09/20/2019Munzinger For Missouri 136Jeff Munzinger$500.00
09/20/2019Missouri Federation of College RepublicansMenlo Smith$1,000.00
09/20/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMichael Dempsey$1,300.00
09/20/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMichael Woessner$1,250.00
09/20/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeChuck Kempton$500.00
09/20/2019Tim Lohmar For Prosecuting AttorneyCreve Couer Firefighters Outreach Fund$560.00
09/20/2019Stephens For State RepMerck & Co, Inc.$500.00
09/20/2019Voters for Patty LewisPatricia Lewis$3,000.00
09/20/2019Access MOColleen Millstone$1,000.00
09/20/2019Mitten For MissouriMHA HealthPAC$1,500.00
09/20/2019Madam for AmericaThe Holliday Law Firm$500.00
09/20/2019Committee To Elect Paula BrownJoyce Aboussie$500.00
09/20/2019Bondon For MissouriMissouri Rental Dealers Association PAC$500.00
09/20/2019Bondon For MissouriMissouri Land title PAC$500.00
09/20/2019Friends of Trish GunbyCHIPP PAC$2,000.00
09/20/2019Friends of Trish GunbyGerald Axelbaum$1,000.00
09/20/2019Friends of Trish Gunbydavid roberts$1,000.00
09/20/2019Lavender For State SenateJohn Wilbers$2,500.00
09/20/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACJOSEPH PESANSKY$714.29
09/20/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMARC CALIJAN$1,250.00
09/20/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACGary Cunningham$5,000.00
09/20/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACEric Schonhoff$625.00
09/20/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACPETER FREY$500.00
09/20/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACJohn Wyatt$714.29
09/20/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACSusan Best$500.00
09/20/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACHoward Puterman$500.00
09/20/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACSCOTT LERCH$555.56
09/20/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACDOUGLAS COUGHLAN$625.00
09/20/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACCHARLES MASLIN$500.00
09/20/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACJeffrey Haughey$675.01
09/20/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACD. TURNER$555.56
09/20/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACDAVID LAMONTE$714.29
09/20/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMichael Humphrey$500.00
09/20/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACBridget Long$5,000.00
09/20/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACDavid Litzau$555.56
09/20/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMICHAEL FILOMENA$625.00
09/20/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACSHAUN SHERMAN$625.00
09/20/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACCASEY BARNES$500.00
09/20/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACJohn Campbell$500.00
09/20/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACANWAR ISMAEL$3,000.00
09/20/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMARK MCMAHON$500.00
09/20/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACKelly Hunt$555.56
09/20/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACDaniel Artone$714.29
09/20/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACAndrew Dolloph$500.00
09/20/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACPHILIP SKOROPAD$780.00
09/20/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACPAUL EVON$555.56
09/20/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACJoseph Cardello$714.29
09/20/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMichelle Kay$500.00
09/20/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACJEFFREY KROGEN$625.00
09/20/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACDAVID SHOOP$625.00
09/20/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACPHILLIP LAY$555.56
09/20/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACAlan Kahn$555.56
09/20/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMARK MCDARIS$555.56
09/20/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACScott Skarstad$555.56
09/20/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACBRYAN CALLOWAY$714.29
09/20/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACBrett Frazee$500.00
09/20/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACKevin Morrissey$500.00
09/20/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMICHAEL GERGES$500.00
09/20/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACSTEPHEN MCNAIR$625.00
09/20/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACNATONYA DEMULLING$500.00
09/20/2019Lyda Krewson Leadership PAC (aka Lyda PAC)theLOUpac$4,000.00
09/20/2019Citizens To Elect Doug RicheyEvergy Power PAC MO$500.00
09/20/2019Citizens To Elect Doug RicheyCerner PAC$500.00
09/20/2019Citizens To Elect Doug RicheyLiving Well PAC$750.00
09/20/2019Citizens To Elect Doug RicheyA BETTER MISSOURI$500.00
09/20/2019Citizens To Elect Doug RicheyTOM COX$1,000.00
09/20/2019Citizens To Elect Doug RicheyPhil Hutchison$500.00
09/20/2019Citizens To Elect Doug RicheyJeff Hocker$500.00
09/20/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateCarla Grewe$2,600.00
09/20/2019Page For MissouriJoyce Aboussie$2,100.00
09/20/2019Page For MissouriBasem Abdeen$500.00
09/20/2019Page For Missouri3100 South LLC$2,500.00
09/20/2019American Dream PACThe Doctors Mgmt Co$2,500.00
09/20/2019MAJORITY FORWARDEnterprise Holdings PAC$3,000.00
09/20/2019MAJORITY FORWARDSpire Missouri$5,000.00
09/20/2019MAJORITY FORWARDTDC Group$2,500.00
09/20/2019MO COALITION FOR FAIR COMPETITIONSheet Metal Workers Local 36$550.00
09/20/2019MO COALITION FOR FAIR COMPETITIONAC Systems Incorporated$500.00
09/20/2019Lyda Krewson for MayorKingswest LLC$2,600.00
09/20/2019Lyda Krewson for MayorKingswest II LLC$2,400.00
09/20/2019MOTruck PACDitat$510.00
09/20/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriWendell Hoskins$2,500.00
09/20/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriTeamsters Local 6 Political Action Fund$2,500.00
09/20/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriAmy Gossett$1,000.00
09/20/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriCarolyn A. Landry$1,000.00
09/20/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriGail Carson$1,000.00
09/20/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriStacy Jurado-Miller$500.00
09/20/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriJonathan Sperber$500.00
09/20/2019Citizens for Anne SchweitzerRichard Callow$500.00
09/20/2019Alex Riley for State RepresentativeMODL PAC$1,000.00
09/20/2019MO State Council of Fire Fighters PACSouthern MO Professional Firefighters PAC$2,000.00
09/20/2019Citizens for OwenMark Ringenberg$500.00
09/20/2019Old Drum Conservative PACCerner Corporation$2,500.00
09/20/2019ROOFERS LOCAL # 20 PACRoofers Local #20$616.33
09/20/2019MO Opportunity PACRex A. Sinquefield$250,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/19/2019

09/19/2019Friends of David ColeGregg Hartley$500.00
09/19/2019Schmitt For MissouriLaura Shaughnessy$2,650.00
09/19/2019Schmitt For MissouriPaul Shaughnessy$2,650.00
09/19/2019Schmitt For MissouriRobert Byrne$1,000.00
09/19/2019Schmitt For MissouriRonald Sprouse$1,000.00
09/19/2019Schmitt For MissouriRichard Uihlein$2,650.00
09/19/2019Schmitt For MissouriW. Stephen Maritz$850.00
09/19/2019Democratic Committee for Missouri 32nd Senatorial DistrictELLIOTT DENNISTON$1,500.00
09/19/2019Maggie Nurrenbern for MissouriSTEVE WOLCOTT$500.00
09/19/2019Committee To Elect HouxJacqueline Bardgett$548.95
09/19/2019Committee To Elect HouxXcaliber MO PAC$500.00
09/19/2019Committee To Elect HouxBUILD St. Louis PAC, Inc.$1,500.00
09/19/2019Committee To Elect HouxMcBride and Sons Management, LLC$1,000.00
09/19/2019Committee To Elect HouxA Better Missouri PAC$1,000.00
09/19/2019Committee To Elect HouxMO ASSOC of Nurse Anesthetists PAC$750.00
09/19/2019Committee To Elect HouxPT PAC of MO$500.00
09/19/2019Committee To Elect HouxMissouri First PAC$500.00
09/19/2019Committee To Elect HouxEnterprise Holding PAC$500.00
09/19/2019Committee To Elect HouxPayne Family Homes, LLC$500.00
09/19/2019Committee To Elect HouxALLIANCE FOR PROGRESS LLC$500.00
09/19/2019Missouri American Water Company Employees Political Action CommitteeZ-Specialty Products$500.00
09/19/2019Missouri American Water Company Employees Political Action CommitteeWarning Lites of St. Louis$1,000.00
09/19/2019Heavy Constructors Association Local PACSuperior Bowen$1,089.39
09/19/2019Heavy Constructors Association Local PACODONNELL$707.51
09/19/2019Heavy Constructors Association Local PACJM Fahey$500.00
09/19/2019Friends for Rusty MacLachlanWayne Morelock$1,000.00
09/19/2019Hill For MissouriLarry Newman$500.00
09/19/2019Hill For MissouriPremier Design Group LLC$2,000.00
09/19/2019Hill For MissouriMHA PAC for Health$2,000.00
09/19/2019Hill For MissouriEnterprise Holdings PAC$1,000.00
09/19/2019MCCREERY FOR MISSOURIA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
09/19/2019Tim Lohmar For Prosecuting AttorneyWeber Law Firm$500.00
09/19/2019O'DonnellForMissouri.comMHA PAC$500.00
09/19/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurTeamsters Local Union No. 41 Political Action Fund$2,500.00
09/19/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurRural Hospital Group, LLC$1,000.00
09/19/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurMissouri Dental PAC$1,000.00
09/19/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurKansas City Regional Association of Realtors Rpac$1,000.00
09/19/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurIBEW Local 53 Voluntary Political Fund$1,500.00
09/19/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurBill Hirsch$500.00
09/19/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurPatty Garney$500.00
09/19/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurEnergy Power PAC - Missouri$1,500.00
09/19/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurFred Dreiling$500.00
09/19/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurCERNER CORPORATION PAC$1,000.00
09/19/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurBert Berkley$500.00
09/19/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurBaldwin and Vernon$500.00
09/19/2019BOYER FOR ASSESSORDavid Mangelsdorf$500.00
09/19/2019Voters for Patty LewisJEFFREY HACKMAN$500.00
09/19/2019Beck For MissouriStephen Butz$500.00
09/19/2019Missourians For Cody SmithCerner PAC$1,000.00
09/19/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncNorfolk Southern Corporation Good Government Fund$1,500.00
09/19/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCITIZENS FOR JEFF COLEMAN$3,000.00
09/19/2019Access MOEdward Levy$500.00
09/19/2019Mitten For MissouriALLIANCE FOR PROGRESS LLC$500.00
09/19/2019Citizens For SimmonsMO Realtors PAC$500.00
09/19/2019Citizens For SimmonsA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
09/19/2019Bondon For MissouriMissouri Beer Wholesalers Association PAC$1,500.00
09/19/2019Bondon For MissouriCommittee for Quality Healthcare$500.00
09/19/2019Bondon For MissouriKCP&L Power PAC- MO$2,500.00
09/19/2019Friends Of Hannah KellyMO. SOYBEAN ASSOCIATION STATE PAC$1,000.00
09/19/2019Friends of Trish GunbyLIUNA LOCAL 110 PAC$500.00
09/19/2019Friends of Trish GunbyInternational Union of Elevator Construction Workers Local 3 PAC$500.00
09/19/2019Lavender For State SenateAngela Gabel$500.00
09/19/2019Lavender For State SenateTEAMSTERS LOCAL 245 PAC$2,500.00
09/19/2019Evergy Employee PowerPAC - MissouriEvergy Employee PowerPAC$5,000.00
09/19/2019FRIENDS OF HOLLY REHDERJohn Story$500.00
09/19/2019FRIENDS OF HOLLY REHDERLonnie Ponder$500.00
09/19/2019FRIENDS OF HOLLY REHDERBrenda King$500.00
09/19/2019FRIENDS OF HOLLY REHDERDan Jennings$1,000.00
09/19/2019FRIENDS OF HOLLY REHDERDavid Craig$500.00
09/19/2019FRIENDS OF HOLLY REHDERHarriet Craig$2,500.00
09/19/2019FRIENDS OF HOLLY REHDERJoe Blanton$500.00
09/19/2019FRIENDS OF HOLLY REHDERBruce Barnes$500.00
09/19/2019FRIENDS OF HOLLY REHDERMark Rhoads$500.00
09/19/2019FRIENDS OF HOLLY REHDERMissouri Medical PAC$1,000.00
09/19/2019FRIENDS OF HOLLY REHDERMissouri Land and Title PAC$500.00
09/19/2019FRIENDS OF HOLLY REHDERMO AC & Mechanical Contractors$750.00
09/19/2019FRIENDS OF HOLLY REHDERGrow Missouri$500.00
09/19/2019FRIENDS OF HOLLY REHDERCheyenne International INC$1,000.00
09/19/2019FRIENDS OF HOLLY REHDERAGC of MO Pac$500.00
09/19/2019FRIENDS OF HOLLY REHDERLiving Well PAC$500.00
09/19/2019FRIENDS OF HOLLY REHDERClayton Vandivort$500.00
09/19/2019Scott Sifton For MissouriSchlichter, Bogard & Denton$500.00
09/19/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateMO Society of Anesthesiologists Political Action Committee$2,500.00
09/19/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateCitizens for New Health Care Concepts$1,000.00
09/19/2019Friends Of Andrew KoenigNexus PAC$1,000.00
09/19/2019Friends Of Andrew KoenigFreedom's Promise PAC$2,500.00
09/19/2019Friends Of Andrew KoenigBUILD St. Louis PAC, Inc.$1,000.00
09/19/2019Friends Of Andrew KoenigMissouri First$500.00
09/19/2019Page For MissouriAnnette Mandel - PRIMARY$1,000.00
09/19/2019Page For MissouriSam Wice$500.00
09/19/2019Scism For SenateBennie Ryburn$2,500.00
09/19/2019Uniting Missouri PACCARL M BOUCKAERT$5,000.00
09/19/2019Uniting Missouri PACMissouri American Water Employees PAC$5,000.00
09/19/2019Uniting Missouri PACMCM Law LLC$500.00
09/19/2019Uniting Missouri PACSteven M Stone$2,600.00
09/19/2019Uniting Missouri PACUniversity Square Company$2,600.00
09/19/2019Uniting Missouri PACBuford L Farrington$1,000.00
09/19/2019Uniting Missouri PACWILLIAM W ECKELKAMP$2,600.00
09/19/2019Uniting Missouri PACMargaret Eckelkamp$2,600.00
09/19/2019Uniting Missouri PACBonnie Eckelkamp$2,600.00
09/19/2019Uniting Missouri PACL.B. ECKELKAMP JR$2,600.00
09/19/2019Uniting Missouri PACJUDITH E TOBBEN$2,600.00
09/19/2019Uniting Missouri PACROBERT M TOBBEN$2,600.00
09/19/2019Uniting Missouri PACCissell Mueller Company LLC$2,500.00
09/19/2019Uniting Missouri PACCerner Corporation$5,000.00
09/19/2019AGC of MO PACInterface Construction Corporation$500.00
09/19/2019Citizens For FalknerA BETTER MISSOURI$500.00
09/19/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriCHRISTINE FRANZESE$1,000.00
09/19/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriClancy Parks$1,000.00
09/19/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriBill and Debbie Sheals$500.00
09/19/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriJay Baumohl$500.00
09/19/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriVictoria R Wilson$500.00
09/19/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriChristine Kemper$500.00
09/19/2019Franklin County Leadership PACSpire$5,000.00
09/19/2019MO State Council of Fire Fighters PACIAFF FIREPAC VIC MISSOURI$10,000.00
09/19/2019True North PACTDC Group$2,000.00
09/19/2019Save The PaseoBryon Johnmeyer$500.00
09/19/2019The Committee To Elect Steve ButzAGCMO PAC$500.00
09/19/2019MLPA Legislative FundGreg Bailey$800.00
09/19/2019MLPA Legislative FundDean Manuel$600.00
09/19/2019MLPA Legislative FundJeff Barnett$600.00
09/19/2019MLPA Legislative FundLance Green$1,250.00
09/19/2019MLPA Legislative FundJeryl Light$1,250.00
09/19/2019MLPA Legislative FundMike Larkin$1,850.00
09/19/2019MLPA Legislative FundCapital Holding Company$600.00
09/19/2019MLPA Legislative FundRoland Machinery Co$600.00
09/19/2019United Steel Workers Local 11-6 Gasworkers Voluntary PACDave Safarian$600.00
09/19/2019American Property Casualty Insurance Association Political AccountAmerican Property Casualty Insurance Association$39,125.00
09/19/2019Table Rock Conservative PACCL PAC$100,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/18/2019

09/18/2019JOHNSON & JOHNSON PAC MISSOURI (affiliated with Johnson & Johnson Federal PAC)Johnson & Johnson Federal Employee PAC$10,000.00
09/18/2019Elect Ben BakerRICHARD VOLK$500.00
09/18/2019Patterson For MissouriJohnson and Johnson PAC - Missouri$500.00
09/18/2019Missouri Democratic State CommitteeRuss Carnahan for Missouri$500.00
09/18/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCCynthia Fox$750.00
09/18/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCGreg Deline$1,050.00
09/18/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCBrandon Glascock$620.00
09/18/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCAshley Hester$620.00
09/18/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCJeff Radmer$655.00
09/18/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCMariah Carmichael$725.00
09/18/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCDennis Jordan$1,015.00
09/18/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCMonica Hansman$560.00
09/18/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCSean Moore$865.00
09/18/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCMike Hill$800.00
09/18/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCFord Mendenhall$500.00
09/18/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCKenneth Hubble$545.00
09/18/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCElizabeth Mendenhall$1,175.00
09/18/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCTotal Lending Concepts$610.00
09/18/2019Democratic Committee for Missouri 32nd Senatorial DistrictSherry Buchanan$500.00
09/18/2019Citizens For LovascoA Better Missouri Political Action Committee$500.00
09/18/2019International Union of Painters & Allied Trades PAT Federal PACIUPAT Political Action Together Political Committe$2,500.00
09/18/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMo TRUCK PAC$1,000.00
09/18/2019Missourians For Vic AllredMissouri Restaurant Associaton PAC$2,000.00
09/18/2019Businesses for a Better JoplinSharon Beshore$500.00
09/18/2019Tim Lohmar For Prosecuting AttorneyChris Robertson$560.00
09/18/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurTeamsters Local 6 Political Action Fund$2,500.00
09/18/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurSheet Metal Workers Local No. 2 Legislative Action Committee$1,000.00
09/18/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurHeavy Construction Laborers Local Union #663 PAC$2,500.00
09/18/2019Friends Of Alan GreenKajal Patel$500.00
09/18/2019Voters for Patty LewisKenneth Boyle$500.00
09/18/2019Friends of John VossJAMES MAUER$1,000.00
09/18/2019Friends of John VossBob Fox$500.00
09/18/2019Beck For MissouriTeamsters Local Union No. 41 Political Education Fund$2,500.00
09/18/2019Friends Of Curtis TrentJohnson & Johnson PAC - Missouri$750.00
09/18/2019417 PACThe Doctors Company$2,000.00
09/18/2019CITIZENS FOR DOGANMissouri First$500.00
09/18/2019CITIZENS FOR DOGANA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
09/18/2019Lavender For State SenateDaniel Sokol$500.00
09/18/2019Lavender For State SenateHelen DeWulf$500.00
09/18/2019Lavender For State SenateTeamsters Local Union 41$2,500.00
09/18/2019Lavender For State SenatePeggy Cochran$500.00
09/18/2019Lavender For State SenateKathleen Bibbins$500.00
09/18/2019Lavender For State SenateNancy Grove$1,000.00
09/18/2019Evergy Employee PowerPAC - MissouriEvergy Employee PowerPAC$5,000.00
09/18/2019Sarah Unsicker For State RepresentativeSurgery by Surgeons PAC$500.00
09/18/2019Sarah Unsicker For State RepresentativeA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
09/18/2019HealthPACStephen Mackin$1,500.00
09/18/2019HealthPACSean Hogan$1,100.00
09/18/2019HealthPACEric Eoloff$1,200.00
09/18/2019HealthPACJeffrey Ciaramita$1,000.00
09/18/2019HealthPACEric Ammons$1,100.00
09/18/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriMissouri State Council of Machinist PAC$2,650.00
09/18/2019Franklin County Leadership PACMo AC & Mechanical Contractors PAC$1,000.00
09/18/2019Bill Kidd For MissouriAmeren Missouri PAC$500.00
09/18/2019Bill Kidd For MissouriMo Energy Development Asssoc State Line Political Action Committee$2,000.00
09/18/2019North Missouri Leadership PACThe Doctors Management Company$1,000.00
09/18/2019Ozark Gateway Leadership PACWarrenton Oil Company$1,000.00
09/18/2019Friends of Don BaragaryJanice Cary$500.00
09/18/2019Friends of Don BaragaryRoy Cary Livestock & Machinery$500.00
09/18/2019Citizens For Nathan TateMO Optometric PAC$750.00
09/18/2019Citizens For Nathan TateA BETTER MISSOURI$500.00
09/18/2019MO Opportunity PACClinical Reference Laboratory$10,000.00
09/18/2019Uniting Missouri PACAnheuser-Busch Companies$25,000.00
09/18/2019Team Robert PACCL PAC$10,000.00
09/18/2019Missourians for a Responsible BudgetCL PAC$35,000.00
09/18/2019JOHNSON & JOHNSON PAC MISSOURI (affiliated with Johnson & Johnson Federal PAC)JOHNSON & JOHNSON POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE$10,000.00
09/18/2019Ozark Gateway Leadership PACMissouri Growth PAC$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/17/2019

09/17/2019Ashcroft For MissouriHarry Roberts$1,000.00
09/17/2019Ashcroft For MissouriClayton Buntrock$2,000.00
09/17/2019Ashcroft For MissouriPatrick Modlin$1,000.00
09/17/2019Ashcroft For MissouriPat OMalley$1,000.00
09/17/2019Ashcroft For MissouriColin Hoffman$1,011.00
09/17/2019Ashcroft For MissouriAlfred Purcell$1,000.00
09/17/2019Ashcroft For MissouriDavid Bradley$1,000.00
09/17/2019Ashcroft For MissouriGerald Sprong$500.00
09/17/2019Ashcroft For MissouriChris Habiger$1,000.00
09/17/2019Lincoln PACTDCGROUP$1,000.00
09/17/2019Committee To Elect Doug ClemensMO Hospital Association$500.00
09/17/2019Committee To Elect Doug ClemensIUPAT PAC$500.00
09/17/2019Committee to Elect Wiley Price IVMissouri Healthcare Association$500.00
09/17/2019Riggs For MissouriMissouri Hospital Association$1,000.00
09/17/2019Citizens For Shane RodenHealthPAC$1,000.00
09/17/2019Friends Of Glen KolkmeyerAGC of MO Pac$500.00
09/17/2019Citizens For HoskinsMissouri Medical Political Action Committee 1077$1,000.00
09/17/2019Citizens For HoskinsLiberty Utilities PAC$500.00
09/17/2019Citizens For HoskinsCharter Communication Inc MO PAC$2,500.00
09/17/2019Citizens For HoskinsMissouri Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Assn. (MPCA) PAC$500.00
09/17/2019Citizens For HoskinsXcaliber MO PAC$500.00
09/17/2019Citizens For HoskinsMo AC & Mechanical Contractors PAC$500.00
09/17/2019Citizens For HoskinsMO Republican Attorneys for Civil Justice PAC$500.00
09/17/2019Citizens For HoskinsMissouri American Water Employees PAC$500.00
09/17/2019Citizens For HoskinsCatalyst PAC$500.00
09/17/2019Citizens For HoskinsEvergy Power PAC - Missouri$1,500.00
09/17/2019Citizens For HoskinsLaredo Hospitality Management LLC$2,500.00
09/17/2019Citizens For HoskinsMO Cable PAC$1,000.00
09/17/2019Citizens For HoskinsMO Energy Development Assoc Gateway Political Action Committee$2,500.00
09/17/2019Citizens For HoskinsNorthern Trust$2,000.00
09/17/2019Citizens For HoskinsJ & J Ventures Gaming Of MO LLC$2,500.00
09/17/2019SWMO Healthcare CommitteeGrote and Associates$1,250.00
09/17/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeDonald Suftko$1,000.00
09/17/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeJohn Londoff$1,000.00
09/17/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeTricia Theil$1,000.00
09/17/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeRobert Bates$500.00
09/17/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeDebby Clausen$1,250.00
09/17/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoePatricia Willett$2,650.00
09/17/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeDaniel Sinclair$2,600.00
09/17/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeJohn Schicker$1,000.00
09/17/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMajor Motor Co LLC - Mike Moore$1,000.00
09/17/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeSteven Phillips$1,000.00
09/17/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeThomas Detwiler$600.00
09/17/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMJ Schnieders$500.00
09/17/2019Bill Hardwick For MissouriOzark Mountain Leadership PAC$500.00
09/17/2019Citizens To Elect Bruce DegrootSurgery by Surgeons PAC$1,000.00
09/17/2019Tim Lohmar For Prosecuting AttorneySteven McDonough$560.00
09/17/2019Tim Lohmar For Prosecuting AttorneyEndodontics of Greater St Louis$500.00
09/17/2019FRIENDS OF CALEB ROWDENEvergy Power PAC - Missouri$1,500.00
09/17/2019Believe in Life and Liberty - BILL PACLaredo Hospitality Management LLC$10,000.00
09/17/2019Voters for Patty LewisAaron Lewis$2,000.00
09/17/2019Friends of John VossBetty Voss$2,000.00
09/17/2019Parson For MissouriDOLPH WOODMAN$1,000.00
09/17/2019Friends Of Mary Elizabeth ColemanDave Snively$1,574.01
09/17/2019Friends Of Hannah KellyAMECPAC$500.00
09/17/2019Friends of Trish GunbyHOUSE VICTORY COMMITTEE$1,000.00
09/17/2019Friends of Trish GunbyMaureen Jordan$500.00
09/17/2019Lavender For State SenateStanley Vriezelaar$1,000.00
09/17/2019Friends Of Rick BrattinBelieve In Life and Liberty PAC$2,500.00
09/17/2019Missouri UnitedBPV Hldgs Blk 350$1,250.00
09/17/2019Missouri UnitedKansas City Live, LLC$1,250.00
09/17/2019Scott Sifton For MissouriStrong, Garner & Bauer, PC$2,650.00
09/17/2019Scott Sifton For MissouriVan Zanten & Onik, LLC$1,000.00
09/17/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateBNSF Railway Company RailPAC Missouri$2,500.00
09/17/2019Page For MissouriIUPAT Political Action Together Political Committee$1,000.00
09/17/2019MO Majority PAC LLCNationwide Mutual Insurance Company$5,000.00
09/17/2019Scism For SenateErnie Gibson$2,500.00
09/17/2019Scism For SenateBrenda Gibson$2,500.00
09/17/2019Uniting Missouri PACThe Doctors Management Company$2,500.00
09/17/2019Page PACOzark Anesthesia Associates Inc.$2,400.00
09/17/2019Missourians for HealthcareThe Fairness Project$3,062.80
09/17/2019Missourians For Mike CierpiotMO Optometric PAC$1,000.00
09/17/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriTERRY NEFF$2,650.00
09/17/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriBritton Hunter$1,000.00
09/17/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriEvergy Power PAC$1,000.00
09/17/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriLinda Headrick$500.00
09/17/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriNatalie & Aaron Krawitz$500.00
09/17/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriGene Bushmann$500.00
09/17/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriGwendolyn Cooke$500.00
09/17/2019Citizens For RoddyHARTNETT REYES-JONES LLC$500.00
09/17/2019MO Opportunity PACCheyenne International LLC$15,000.00
09/17/2019Missourians For ShieldsA BETTER MISSOURI$500.00
09/17/2019Missourians For ShieldsLiving Well PAC$500.00
09/17/2019Missourians For ShieldsPT-PAC$500.00
09/17/2019H-PACThe Doctors Management Company$1,000.00
09/17/2019CITIZENS TO ELECT ALAN GRAYA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
09/17/2019Friends Of Kip KendrickAMECPAC$500.00
09/17/2019Citizens for OwenRandy Eaton$500.00
09/17/2019MO Manufactured Housing Institute Inc.CHAMPION HOME BUILDERS$1,500.00
09/17/2019Old Drum Conservative PACCENTURYTEL Inc.$1,000.00
09/17/2019Old Drum Conservative PACGrow Missouri$1,000.00
09/17/2019Old Drum Conservative PACMO DSV PAC$1,000.00
09/17/2019Old Drum Conservative PACCarnegie Village Rehabilitation & Health Care Center$500.00
09/17/2019Old Drum Conservative PACGreat Outdoors PAC$1,000.00
09/17/2019FRIENDS OF WAYNE WALLINGFORDMissouri Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Assn PAC$500.00
09/17/2019FRIENDS OF WAYNE WALLINGFORDMO Optometric PAC$1,000.00
09/17/2019Dave Griffith For State RepresentativeACG of MO PAC$500.00
09/17/2019Dave Griffith For State RepresentativeXcaliber MO PAC$500.00
09/17/2019Dave Griffith For State RepresentativeMissouri Medical PAC$500.00
09/17/2019Dave Griffith For State RepresentativeMissouri Realtor PAC$500.00
09/17/2019CONSULTING ENGINEERS COUNCIL OF MO- PACTrekk Design Group, LLC$1,570.00
09/17/2019Believe in Life and Liberty - BILL PACLaredo Hospitality Management LLC a subsidiary of Illinois Cafe & Service Company$10,000.00
09/17/2019MO Opportunity PACCL PAC$25,000.00
09/17/2019MO Opportunity PACCheyenne International, LLC$15,000.00
09/17/2019MO Opportunity PACAmeren Missouri$15,000.00
09/17/2019Old Drum Conservative PACCL PAC$25,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/16/2019

09/16/2019Lincoln PACColonial Management Group LP$2,500.00
09/16/2019Lincoln PACMissouri Podiatry PAC$500.00
09/16/2019Lincoln PACXcaliber MO PAC$500.00
09/16/2019Lincoln PACDealers Interested in Government$1,000.00
09/16/2019Lincoln PACKum & Go$2,500.00
09/16/2019LaDonna Appelbaum For MissouriAGCMO$500.00
09/16/2019Patterson For MissouriMissouri Wholesalers Association$500.00
09/16/2019Friends For Travis FitzwaterAGC of MO Pac$500.00
09/16/2019Citizens For HoskinsMissouri Rental Dealers Association PAC$500.00
09/16/2019Friends Of Kathy SwanMO Cable PAC$500.00
09/16/2019Friends Of Kathy SwanCharles Shields$500.00
09/16/2019Friends Of Lincoln HoughCatalyst PAC$500.00
09/16/2019Friends Of Lincoln HoughMissouri Realtors PAC Inc$500.00
09/16/2019Friends Of Lincoln HoughMo AC & Mechanical Contractors PAC$500.00
09/16/2019Friends Of Lincoln HoughMLPA Legislative Fund$500.00
09/16/2019Friends Of Lincoln HoughCenturyLink MO Federal Employees PAC$500.00
09/16/2019Friends Of Lincoln HoughSpire PAC$1,250.00
09/16/2019Friends Of Lincoln HoughMissouri Medical Pac 1077$1,000.00
09/16/2019Friends Of Lincoln HoughThe Grote Group LLC$1,000.00
09/16/2019Friends Of Lincoln HoughMissouri Insurance Coalition PAC$1,000.00
09/16/2019Friends Of Lincoln HoughLiberty Utilities PAC$1,000.00
09/16/2019Friends Of Lincoln HoughMissouri American Water Employees PAC$1,000.00
09/16/2019Friends Of Lincoln HoughWPG PAC$1,000.00
09/16/2019Friends Of Lincoln HoughAGC of MO Pac$1,500.00
09/16/2019Friends Of Lincoln HoughJerry Bednyak$2,000.00
09/16/2019Friends Of Lincoln HoughMOSFA PAC$2,500.00
09/16/2019Friends Of Lincoln HoughMissouri Amusement Machine Operations LLC$2,500.00
09/16/2019Friends Of Lincoln HoughSpirit of Missouri PAC$2,500.00
09/16/2019Plocher For MissouriSteve Stogel$500.00
09/16/2019Plocher For MissouriAmeren Missouri PAC$500.00
09/16/2019Plocher For MissouriMO Energy Development Assoc PAC$2,000.00
09/16/2019Plocher For MissouriViceroy PAC$2,000.00
09/16/2019SWMO Healthcare Committeecommerce bank$1,250.00
09/16/2019Friends for Rusty MacLachlanMATTHEW BAILEY$2,000.00
09/16/2019Friends for Rusty MacLachlanDanny Downs$1,000.00
09/16/2019Friends for Rusty MacLachlanRob Halk$500.00
09/16/2019Friends for Rusty MacLachlanBrett Godfrey$500.00
09/16/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeRod Burnett$1,000.00
09/16/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoePaul Beykirch$500.00
09/16/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeDavid Furnell$500.00
09/16/2019Tim Lohmar For Prosecuting AttorneyRyan Law Firm$560.00
09/16/2019Tim Lohmar For Prosecuting AttorneyThe McDonough Law Firm LLC$900.00
09/16/2019Tim Lohmar For Prosecuting AttorneyBrockmeyer Law Offices$700.00
09/16/2019Tim Lohmar For Prosecuting AttorneyThe Tillman Law Firm$500.00
09/16/2019FRIENDS OF CALEB ROWDENNexus PAC$2,500.00
09/16/2019FRIENDS OF CALEB ROWDENMissouri American Water Employee PAC$1,500.00
09/16/2019FRIENDS OF CALEB ROWDENSurgery by Surgeons PAC$1,000.00
09/16/2019FRIENDS OF CALEB ROWDENCharter Communications Inc MO PAC$1,500.00
09/16/2019FRIENDS OF CALEB ROWDENBetter Missouri PAC$1,000.00
09/16/2019FRIENDS OF CALEB ROWDENMissouri First PAC$500.00
09/16/2019FRIENDS OF CALEB ROWDENJack Bragg$500.00
09/16/2019FRIENDS OF CALEB ROWDENLloyd Carmichael$500.00
09/16/2019FRIENDS OF CALEB ROWDENRoy Pfautsch$1,500.00
09/16/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurPlumbers Local 8 PAC$500.00
09/16/2019Citizens For MorrisMO REALTOR PAC$500.00
09/16/2019Parson For MissouriKevin Kast$2,500.00
09/16/2019Parson For MissouriJohn Curtis$500.00
09/16/2019Parson For MissouriERIC WULFF$2,600.00
09/16/2019Parson For MissouriJohn Wilbers$2,600.00
09/16/2019Parson For MissouriGerald Wiegmann$2,500.00
09/16/2019Parson For MissouriDavid Whitman$1,000.00
09/16/2019Parson For MissouriFrancis Trulaske$2,000.00
09/16/2019Parson For MissouriKenneth Stricker$1,000.00
09/16/2019Parson For MissouriMichael Smith$500.00
09/16/2019Parson For MissouriKeith Schneider$1,000.00
09/16/2019Parson For MissouriMichael Plackemeier$500.00
09/16/2019Parson For MissouriGeraldine Osborn$1,000.00
09/16/2019Parson For MissouriThomas Muzzey$1,000.00
09/16/2019Parson For MissouriRoger Moser$1,000.00
09/16/2019Parson For MissouriMara Meyers$1,000.00
09/16/2019Parson For MissouriMatthew Kramer$1,200.00
09/16/2019Parson For MissouriChad Hartle$1,000.00
09/16/2019Parson For MissouriCynthia Fox$2,500.00
09/16/2019Parson For MissouriKevin Faulkner$1,000.00
09/16/2019Parson For MissouriJames Droste$1,000.00
09/16/2019Parson For MissouriErnest Dempsey$1,000.00
09/16/2019Parson For MissouriTodd Coppage$500.00
09/16/2019Parson For MissouriHoward Chilcutt$1,000.00
09/16/2019Parson For MissouriRobert Burns$2,500.00
09/16/2019Parson For MissouriJudy Burns$2,500.00
09/16/2019Parson For MissouriJames Brennan$2,500.00
09/16/2019Parson For MissouriRudy Beck$1,000.00
09/16/2019Parson For MissouriDaniel Barnard$1,000.00
09/16/2019Parson For MissouriKannacare LLC$1,000.00
09/16/2019Parson For MissouriMissouri Solutions$500.00
09/16/2019Beck For MissouriOnderLaw$2,500.00
09/16/2019Beck For MissouriTeamsters 245 PAF$2,500.00
09/16/2019Missourians For Cody SmithMO CPA PAC$750.00
09/16/2019Missourians for Effective Leadership PACBurns & McDonnell International Inc.$42,000.00
09/16/2019Dottie Bailey For MissouriMO Cable PAC$500.00
09/16/2019Dottie Bailey For MissouriMissouri Realtors PAC$500.00
09/16/2019Prosperous Missouri PACThe Doctors Management Co.$2,000.00
09/16/2019Citizens For Jake ZimmermanSt. Louis association of Realtors$500.00
09/16/2019CL PACGreg Johnston$2,500.00
09/16/2019MO Insurance Coalition PACThe Doctors Management Company$1,000.00
09/16/2019Dickinson For KCERIK DICKINSON$500.00
09/16/2019Bondon For MissouriHY VEE INC EMPLOYEES PAC$500.00
09/16/2019VOTERS FOR GOOD GOVERNMENTPeter F. Herschend$2,500.00
09/16/2019Friends of Trish GunbySt. Louis Ass'n of Realtors PAC$500.00
09/16/2019Friends of Trish GunbyMissouri SMART TD PAC$500.00
09/16/2019Lavender For State SenateTeamsters Local #6 PAC$2,500.00
09/16/2019FRIENDS OF SHAULRob Miller$1,000.00
09/16/2019FRIENDS OF SHAULHy-Vee Employees PAC$500.00
09/16/2019FRIENDS OF SHAULMissouri Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Assoc PAC$1,000.00
09/16/2019Rizzo For MissouriMissouri Beer Wholesalers Association$1,000.00
09/16/2019Committee to Elect Ian MackeyIan Mackey$625.00
09/16/2019Friends Of Jeff KnightCrystal Webster$1,000.00
09/16/2019Friends Of Jeff KnightWILLIAM HEDIGER IV$668.00
09/16/2019Friends Of Jeff KnightJAMES RYAN WILLIAMS$1,000.00
09/16/2019Friends Of Jeff KnightTIMOTHY AND AMY FILA$1,000.00
09/16/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateMerck & Co Inc Employee Missouri PAC FED COM$500.00
09/16/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateMissouri Beer Wholesalers Association$1,000.00
09/16/2019Uniting Missouri PACA BETTER MISSOURI$2,500.00
09/16/2019Lyda Krewson for MayorRichard Fister$500.00
09/16/2019Lyda Krewson for MayorAsim Raza$500.00
09/16/2019Lyda Krewson for MayorSchlichter, Bogard & Denton$1,000.00
09/16/2019Lyda Krewson for MayorSheet Metal Workers Local 36 Political Education Account$500.00
09/16/2019Lyda Krewson for MayorPOL PAC$1,000.00
09/16/2019Lyda Krewson for MayorMissouri AFL-CIO COPE$500.00
09/16/2019Lyda Krewson for MayorCOMMERCE BANCSHARES INC PAC$1,000.00
09/16/2019Lyda Krewson for MayorBuilding Trades PAC$500.00
09/16/2019CITIZENS FOR CRYSTAL QUADEUnited Transportation Union PAC$500.00
09/16/2019CITIZENS FOR CRYSTAL QUADEHealthPAC$2,000.00
09/16/2019CITIZENS FOR CRYSTAL QUADECredit Union Pac$500.00
09/16/2019Mighty Missouri PACThe Doctors Management Company$2,000.00
09/16/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriJames Pitt$1,500.00
09/16/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriLaura Sloan$505.00
09/16/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriSmith Family Farms$500.00
09/16/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriMary Ann Shaw$500.00
09/16/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriLinda Schroeder$500.00
09/16/2019Bill Kidd For MissouriShamrock PAC$500.00
09/16/2019JW Leadership FundKansas City Live LLC$1,250.00
09/16/2019JW Leadership FundBPV Holdings Blk 350$1,250.00
09/16/2019Conservative Citizens CoalitionCL PAC$10,000.00
09/16/2019CITIZENS FOR EGGLESTONMissouri Society of Certified Public Accountants$500.00
09/16/2019Old Drum Conservative PACThe Doctors Management Company$500.00
09/16/2019Friends Of Steve HelmsMissouri CPA PAC$500.00
09/16/2019MISSOURI SENATE CAMPAIGN COMMITTEESpire Missouri Inc.$10,000.00
09/16/2019MISSOURI SENATE CAMPAIGN COMMITTEECharter Communications$12,500.00
09/16/2019Missourians for Effective Leadership PACBurns & McDonnell Inc.$42,000.00
09/16/2019Conservative Citizens CoalitionCL PAK$10,000.00
09/16/2019CL PACDavid Steward$50,000.00
09/16/2019Brattin Brigade PACCL PAC$100,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/15/2019

09/15/2019Riggs For MissouriLiving Well PAC$750.00
09/15/2019Show Me Leadership PACMissouri American Water Employees PAC$1,000.00
09/15/2019Treece For MayorBo Fraser$500.00
09/15/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeLV Sexton$2,000.00
09/15/2019Yvonne Reeves Chong for Us CommitteeChristopher Kramer$500.00
09/15/2019Beck For MissouriROCKWOOD LABOR CLUB$500.00
09/15/2019MLPACWorld Acceptance Corporation$3,080.00
09/15/2019Lavender For State SenateNina Needleman$1,000.00
09/15/2019Lavender For State SenateBarbara Feiner$500.00
09/15/2019Citizens To Elect GrayCity Wireless$800.00
09/15/2019Citizens To Elect GrayKATHLEEN RATCLIFFE$500.00
09/15/2019Bennie Cook for State RepresentativeClarence Dailing$1,000.00
09/15/2019Page For MissouriPowerful Performance Solutions LLC$500.00
09/15/2019Missourians For Mike CierpiotCPA PAC$750.00
09/15/2019Keep Government AccountableMissouri SMART TD PAC$5,000.00
09/15/2019Megan Green For St LouisVince Schoemehl$500.00

Contribution Date: 09/14/2019

09/14/2019Skelton for MissouriMarjorie Sable/ George Smith$500.00
09/14/2019MWLC PACShirley Breeze$500.00
09/14/2019FRIENDS OF CALEB ROWDENAubrey Rowden$2,500.00
09/14/2019FRIENDS OF CALEB ROWDENClarius$2,500.00
09/14/2019Pick Wick 4 Clay County Sheriff Wick PickardCash Fund Raiser$736.00
09/14/2019FRIENDS OF RUSTY BLACKEL Reed$500.00
09/14/2019Friends Of Lane RobertsMissouri Medical PAC$500.00
09/14/2019Friends Of Andrew KoenigPAC Of The Missouri Society Of Certified Public Accountants$1,000.00
09/14/2019Rudy Veit For State RepresentativeAGC of MO Pac$500.00
09/14/2019Mighty Missouri PACAmerican Federation of Children$10,000.00
09/14/2019CITIZENS FOR EGGLESTONCenturyLink Employees PAC$500.00
09/14/2019STOPP Committee (Stop Taxing Our Personal Property)Mildred Schell$3,000.00
09/14/2019Mighty Missouri PACAmerican Federation For Children$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/13/2019

09/13/2019Citizens For Chris LievsayHeather Colbert$2,000.00
09/13/2019Elect Ben BakerDARRELL GRUVER$2,000.00
09/13/2019Haffner For MissouriXcaliber MO PAC$500.00
09/13/2019WIELAND NOWCPA-PAC$500.00
09/13/2019Team Clarence LibertyUSA Name Tape LLC$500.00
09/13/2019Citizens for Doug ErvinScott Cole$1,000.00
09/13/2019Friends For Travis FitzwaterMO Cable PAC$500.00
09/13/2019Friends of David ColeBonnie Douglas$500.00
09/13/2019Show Me Leadership PACThe Doctors Management Company$500.00
09/13/2019Schmitt For MissouriKaren Shaughnessy$2,650.00
09/13/2019Schmitt For MissouriJames Shaughnessy$2,650.00
09/13/2019Missouri Federation of College RepublicansVicky Hartzler for Congress$500.00
09/13/2019Maggie Nurrenbern for MissouriBlake Green$500.00
09/13/2019Citizens For Derek GrierNexus PAC$1,000.00
09/13/2019Citizens For Derek GrierNEWMAN$500.00
09/13/2019Citizens For Derek GrierMHA$500.00
09/13/2019Citizens For Derek GrierPT-PAC of MO$500.00
09/13/2019Citizens For Derek GrierMissouri Growth PAC$500.00
09/13/2019Citizens For Derek GrierA BETTER MO PAC$500.00
09/13/2019Citizens For Derek GrierCheyenne International LLC$500.00
09/13/2019Citizens For Derek GrierMO DENTAL PAC$500.00
09/13/2019Heavy Constructors Association Local PACCLARKSON$533.79
09/13/2019Citizens for Vernon BettsJeffrey Montgomery$1,000.00
09/13/2019SWMO Healthcare CommitteeTyson Johns$1,250.00
09/13/2019SWMO Healthcare CommitteeCentral Bank of the Ozark$500.00
09/13/2019Friends Of Rob VescovoHY-VEE EMPLOYEES PAC FEDERAL COMMITTEE MO$2,000.00
09/13/2019Friends Of Rob VescovoMO Energy Development Association Gateway PAC$2,000.00
09/13/2019Friends Of Rob VescovoGrow Missouri$1,000.00
09/13/2019Friends Of Rob VescovoMissouri Insurance Coalition PAC$1,000.00
09/13/2019Friends Of Rob VescovoMORESPAC$1,000.00
09/13/2019Friends Of Rob VescovoNexus PAC$1,000.00
09/13/2019Friends Of Rob VescovoMICHAEL GIBBONS$1,000.00
09/13/2019Friends Of Rob VescovoEnterprise Holdings, Inc. PAC$1,000.00
09/13/2019Friends Of Rob VescovoAmeren Missouri PAC$500.00
09/13/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMichael Detwiler$2,650.00
09/13/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMary Detwiler$1,000.00
09/13/2019House Victory CommitteeStephen Butz$500.00
09/13/2019House Victory CommitteeCredit Union Pac$500.00
09/13/2019House Victory CommitteeA BETTER MISSOURI$2,500.00
09/13/2019Voters for Patty LewisJohn Adams$500.00
09/13/2019Parson For MissouriHarold Westhues$1,000.00
09/13/2019Parson For MissouriKevin Van De Ven$2,500.00
09/13/2019Parson For MissouriMichael Trammell$550.00
09/13/2019Parson For MissouriJohn Swearingen$1,250.00
09/13/2019Parson For MissouriGary Simons$500.00
09/13/2019Parson For MissouriTamera Richardet$1,000.00
09/13/2019Parson For MissouriBryan Matson$500.00
09/13/2019Parson For MissouriMarion Lucas$550.00
09/13/2019Parson For MissouriStephanie Lager$2,600.00
09/13/2019Parson For MissouriBRAD LAGER$2,600.00
09/13/2019Parson For MissouriRandy Herzog$2,600.00
09/13/2019Parson For MissouriSue Heckart$500.00
09/13/2019Parson For MissouriJeff Hartman$500.00
09/13/2019Parson For MissouriBRENT HAMPY$500.00
09/13/2019Parson For MissouriRANDALL EATON$500.00
09/13/2019Parson For MissouriEmma Curry$500.00
09/13/2019Parson For MissouriRobert Crawford$2,600.00
09/13/2019Parson For MissouriJoseph Close$500.00
09/13/2019Parson For MissouriMICHAEL BROWN$500.00
09/13/2019Parson For MissouriRonnie Boeschen$500.00
09/13/2019Parson For MissouriPaul Beykirch$500.00
09/13/2019Parson For MissouriWestern Missouri Leadership Fund$950.00
09/13/2019Missourians For Cody SmithSupporters of Health Research & Treatments$1,000.00
09/13/2019Missourians For Cody SmithPOL PAC$1,500.00
09/13/2019Missourians For Cody SmithNexus PAC$1,000.00
09/13/2019Missourians For Cody SmithMORESPAC$1,000.00
09/13/2019Missourians For Cody SmithMO Insurance Coalition PAC$500.00
09/13/2019Missourians For Cody SmithEnterprise Holdings Inc. PAC$1,000.00
09/13/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMissouri Renewable Fuels Association State PAC$1,000.00
09/13/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMissouri Corn Growers Association State PAC$1,000.00
09/13/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMISSOURI SOYBEAN ASSOCIATION$10,000.00
09/13/2019Committee to Elect Bishop DavidsonTeresa Davidson$1,000.00
09/13/2019Dirk Deaton For MissouriXcaliber MO PAC$500.00
09/13/2019MO Insurance Coalition PACLiberty Mutual$5,000.00
09/13/2019Committee To Elect Becky RuthXcaliber$500.00
09/13/2019Rizzo For MissouriSheet Metal Workers Local No.2 PAC$1,000.00
09/13/2019Missouri A/C and Mechanical ContractorsC.J. Seliga & Company$500.00
09/13/2019Missouri A/C and Mechanical ContractorsKirkwood Heating & Air Conditioning Co., Inc.$500.00
09/13/2019Missouri A/C and Mechanical ContractorsPeters Heating & A/C, Inc.$1,500.00
09/13/2019Citizens For Jeff ColemanMissouri Medical Pac 1077$500.00
09/13/2019Citizens For Jeff ColemanLathrop Gage Consulting PAC$500.00
09/13/2019Citizens For Jeff ColemanDon Hall Sr$1,000.00
09/13/2019Citizens For Jeff ColemanDon Hall Jr$1,000.00
09/13/2019Citizens For Jeff ColemanDave Hall$1,000.00
09/13/2019Uniting Missouri PACKingbridge Homes LLC$1,000.00
09/13/2019Uniting Missouri PACFLOWER & FENDLER INC$1,000.00
09/13/2019Uniting Missouri PACConsort Homes LLC$1,000.00
09/13/2019Uniting Missouri PACALLEN ROOFING & SUPPLY CO INC$1,000.00
09/13/2019Uniting Missouri PACFISCHER & FRICHTEL CUSTOM HOMES$1,000.00
09/13/2019Uniting Missouri PACJ.R. MAYER MANAGEMENT INC$1,000.00
09/13/2019Uniting Missouri PACSTRATEGIC ADVISORS LLC$1,000.00
09/13/2019Uniting Missouri PACMichael C Todt PC$1,000.00
09/13/2019Uniting Missouri PACConsort Building Tennessee LLC$1,000.00
09/13/2019Uniting Missouri PACKAPB LLC$1,000.00
09/13/2019Uniting Missouri PACRSI Kitchen & Bath$1,000.00
09/13/2019Uniting Missouri PACMO Assessment Services LLC$1,500.00
09/13/2019Uniting Missouri PACBrinkmann Constructors$2,000.00
09/13/2019Uniting Missouri PACSpooner Law LLC$2,000.00
09/13/2019Uniting Missouri PACPayne Family Homes LLC$2,000.00
09/13/2019Uniting Missouri PACT.R. Hughes Homes$2,500.00
09/13/2019Uniting Missouri PACVOTERS FOR GOOD GOVERNMENT$2,500.00
09/13/2019Uniting Missouri PACCole & Associates Inc$5,000.00
09/13/2019Uniting Missouri PACDAVIDSON LOGISTICS$2,500.00
09/13/2019Uniting Missouri PACMissouri AG PAC$1,000.00
09/13/2019Uniting Missouri PACBuild St Louis PAC$6,500.00
09/13/2019MAJORITY FORWARDHealth Systems Inc.$5,000.00
09/13/2019JEFF HARRIS FOR CIRCUIT JUDGESheet Metal Workers Local No 2$500.00
09/13/2019Mighty Missouri PACWarrenton Oil Company$1,000.00
09/13/2019Mighty Missouri PACHoffman Brothers$500.00
09/13/2019Mighty Missouri PACCheyenne International LLC$2,500.00
09/13/2019HealthPACBrady Dubois$675.00
09/13/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriDan DeFeo$1,000.00
09/13/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriGary Murphy$500.00
09/13/2019Committee To Elect Jon CarpenterSheet Metal Workers local 2 PAC$500.00
09/13/2019Bill Kidd For MissouriIAFF Local 781 Legislative PAC$1,000.00
09/13/2019LABORERS LOCAL 660-PACLaborers Local 660$1,157.00
09/13/2019Friends Of Mark EllebrachtCitizens for Integrity and Accountability PAC$2,000.00
09/13/2019FRIENDS FOR GINA WALSHLiberty Utilities PAC$500.00
09/13/2019Citizens for OwenJim Hutcheson$500.00
09/13/2019Citizens for OwenKyle McClure$500.00
09/13/2019Citizens for OwenJim Mitchell$500.00
09/13/2019RAZER FOR MISSOURIJeanne Mihail$500.00
09/13/2019Committee to Elect Rick Roeber to the 34thRuth Roeber$500.00
09/13/2019ROOFERS LOCAL # 20 PACRoofers Local #20$717.02
09/13/2019Mighty Missouri PACMissouri C PAC$10,000.00
09/13/2019American Property Casualty Insurance Association Political AccountAmerican Property Casualty Insurance Association$74,579.00
09/13/2019Uniting Missouri PACAmerican Federation For Children$10,000.00
09/13/2019Uniting Missouri PACBuild St Louis PAC INC$6,500.00
09/13/2019Uniting Missouri PACJH Berra Construction Co Inc$10,000.00
09/13/2019Uniting Missouri PACMcBride & Son Management LLC$10,000.00
09/13/2019Uniting Missouri PACDrury Development Corporation$25,000.00
09/13/2019Uniting Missouri PACBurns McDonnell$25,000.00
09/13/2019Midwest Region Laborers' Political League Education FundLaborers Supplemental Dues Fund$8,177.93
09/13/2019Committee for LibertyCL PAC$25,000.00
09/13/2019Freedom's Promise PACCL PAC$25,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/12/2019

09/12/2019Michelle Sherod for St. LouisCarol Tate$1,000.00
09/12/2019Haffner For MissouriMo Assoc of Nurse Anes PAC$500.00
09/12/2019Haffner For MissouriMissouri First$500.00
09/12/2019Haffner For MissouriA Better Missouri PAC$750.00
09/12/2019Haffner For MissouriALLIANCE FOR PROGRESS LLC$1,000.00
09/12/2019WIELAND NOWLiberty Utilities PAC$500.00
09/12/2019Haden For State RepresentativeMissouri Medical Pac 1077$500.00
09/12/2019Friends of David ColeDavid Spence$500.00
09/12/2019Friends of David ColeJOHN HANCOCK$945.84
09/12/2019Friends of David ColeJonathan Prouty$945.92
09/12/2019Treece For MayorMark & Carol Stevenson$2,500.00
09/12/2019CITIZENS FOR RIDDLEMissouri CPA PAC$1,000.00
09/12/2019BUILD St. Louis PAC, Inc.McBride Homes$5,000.00
09/12/2019Citizens for Vernon BettsJames Bauer$500.00
09/12/2019Friends Of Rob VescovoMBA CAPITOL REGION PAC$500.00
09/12/2019Friends Of Rob VescovoMBA OZARK REGION PAC$500.00
09/12/2019Friends Of Rob VescovoMBA PONY EXPRESS REGION PAC$500.00
09/12/2019Friends Of Rob VescovoMBA RIVER HERITAGE REGION PAC$500.00
09/12/2019Friends Of Rob VescovoDon Sr Hall$1,000.00
09/12/2019Friends Of Rob VescovoDon Jr Hall$1,000.00
09/12/2019Friends Of Rob VescovoDavid Hall$1,000.00
09/12/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeWilliam Shumake$500.00
09/12/2019Fitzpatrick For MissouriRex A. Sinquefield$2,600.00
09/12/2019Fitzpatrick For MissouriDON BEDELL$2,500.00
09/12/2019Fitzpatrick For MissouriCentral to Good Government PAC$2,500.00
09/12/2019House Victory CommitteePG PAC$500.00
09/12/2019House Victory CommitteeAMECPAC$2,000.00
09/12/2019House Victory CommitteeSafer Families for Missouri$1,000.00
09/12/2019House Victory CommitteeFriends of Judy Morgan$500.00
09/12/2019House Victory CommitteeFriends of Richard Brown$500.00
09/12/2019House Victory CommitteeXcaliber International LTD LLC$2,000.00
09/12/2019House Victory CommitteeOnder Law$2,500.00
09/12/2019House Victory CommitteeCharter Communications$7,000.00
09/12/2019House Victory CommitteeCommittee to Elect Doug Clemens$500.00
09/12/2019Friends To Elect Brandon EllingtonPOL PAC$2,225.00
09/12/2019Beck For MissouriWilliam Vierling$1,000.00
09/12/2019Beck For MissouriGlaziers, Architectural Metal & Glassworkers Local Union #513 Political Action Fund$500.00
09/12/2019Citizens for Vicki Lorenz EnglundVicki Englund$1,000.00
09/12/2019BHA PACBrent Hemphill and Associates INC$5,001.00
09/12/2019MLPACEmpire Finance Co LLC$680.00
09/12/2019Friends of Trish GunbyRandy Charles Alberhasky Attorney at Law (Business Account) - PRIMARY$1,000.00
09/12/2019Friends of Trish GunbyThe Gorny Law Firm LC$500.00
09/12/2019Friends of Trish GunbyMark E. Moreland Attorney At Law LLC$1,000.00
09/12/2019Friends of Trish GunbyMANDEL & MANDEL LLP$500.00
09/12/2019Lavender For State SenateU.A.W. Region 5$1,000.00
09/12/20199th Ward DemocratsThe Fattened Caf$558.00
09/12/20199th Ward DemocratsJefferson Underground$1,000.00
09/12/2019Rizzo For MissouriMO AFL-CIO Committee on Political Education$600.00
09/12/2019Rizzo For MissouriCharter Communications Inc MO PAC$2,000.00
09/12/2019Rizzo For MissouriThe Rhoads Company LLC$500.00
09/12/2019Glen Clark for Commissioner Eastern DistrictGlen Clark$500.00
09/12/2019Pitman For MissouriEnterprise Holdings, Inc. Political Action Committee$500.00
09/12/2019Scott Sifton For MissouriDollar, Burns, & Becker, LC$2,600.00
09/12/2019Brian Williams For MissouriSHC PAC$2,500.00
09/12/2019Brian Williams For MissouriCharter Communication Inc MO PAC$1,000.00
09/12/2019Brian Williams For MissouriMO Optometric PAC$1,000.00
09/12/2019Rogers for ProgressDollar, Burns, & Becker, LC$1,000.00
09/12/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateCatalyst PAC$1,000.00
09/12/2019Henderson For MissouriLIUNA LOCAL 110 PAC$1,000.00
09/12/2019Page For MissouriLIUNA Local 110 PAC Fund$1,000.00
09/12/2019Page For MissouriEd Ferguson$1,000.00
09/12/2019Page For MissouriKenneth Mares$1,500.00
09/12/2019MAJORITY FORWARDCaesars Enterprise Services LLC$2,500.00
09/12/2019Missourians For Mike CierpiotMissouri Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Assn PAC$500.00
09/12/2019Credit Union Political Action Committee of MissouriMissouri Credit Union$5,000.00
09/12/2019Team Justin BrownLOMDA PAC$500.00
09/12/2019Alex Riley for State RepresentativeSteven Ward$1,000.00
09/12/2019Boggs for MissouriLynn Boggs$2,000.00
09/12/2019Boggs for MissouriBryanna Stewart$1,000.00
09/12/2019MO State Council of Fire Fighters PACLocal 757 Fire PAC$1,000.00
09/12/2019Physician Led Anesthesia Care PACWestern Anesthesiology Associates Inc$25,000.00
09/12/2019Friends Of Kip KendrickAGC of MO Pac$500.00
09/12/2019Citizens for OwenGORDON KINNE$1,000.00
09/12/2019Great Outdoors PACSeven Points LLC$5,000.00
09/12/2019Associated Industries of Missouri Political Action CommitteeAnheuser-Busch Companies$3,700.00
09/12/2019House Victory CommitteeCharter Communiciations$7,000.00
09/12/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMISSOURI SOYBEAN ASSOCIATION$10,000.00
09/12/2019Physician Led Anesthesia Care PACWestern Anesthesiology Associates, Inc.$25,000.00
09/12/2019BHA PACHemphill and Associates Inc.$5,001.00

Contribution Date: 09/11/2019

09/11/2019Citizens for the Promotion of Sports Tourism at the Lake of the OzarksCentral Bank of Lake of the Ozarks$10,000.00
09/11/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrCommerce Bancshares, Inc. PAC$1,000.00
09/11/2019Committee To Elect Doug ClemensHSLF PAC$750.00
09/11/2019Michelle Sherod for St. LouisJackie Joyner Kersee$2,500.00
09/11/2019WIELAND NOWMPCA PAC$500.00
09/11/2019WIELAND NOWMissouri Medical PAC$1,000.00
09/11/2019WIELAND NOWMEDA Gateway PAC$1,250.00
09/11/2019WIELAND NOWCHEYENNE$1,000.00
09/11/2019CITIZENS FOR RIDDLESurgery by Surgeons PAC$1,000.00
09/11/2019Committee to Elect Carl Rose SheriffDavid Glaus$500.00
09/11/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeRudolph Veit$1,000.00
09/11/2019Citizens To Elect Bruce DegrootHBS MO State PAC$1,000.00
09/11/2019Tim Lohmar For Prosecuting AttorneyThe Bahn Law Firm$560.00
09/11/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurGreg Johnston$2,500.00
09/11/2019Citizens For GriesheimerCheyenne International, LLC$500.00
09/11/2019Beck For MissouriHSLF of Missouri PAC$750.00
09/11/2019Missourians For Cody SmithMissouri First$500.00
09/11/2019Missourians For Cody SmithMO Optometric PAC$1,000.00
09/11/2019Missourians For Cody SmithMO ASSOCIATION OF NURSE ANESTHETISTS PAC$500.00
09/11/2019Missourians For Cody SmithA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
09/11/2019Nexus PACHITE, CHRISTOPHER$5,000.00
09/11/2019Citizens For RossJ and J Ventures Gaming of MO LLC$500.00
09/11/2019Citizens For RossThe Rhoads Company LLC$500.00
09/11/2019Citizens For RossCheyenne International LLC$1,000.00
09/11/2019Citizens For RossSurgery by Surgeons PAC$1,000.00
09/11/2019Citizens For RossNexus PAC$1,000.00
09/11/2019Citizens For RossMO Republican Attorneys for Civil Justice PAC$500.00
09/11/2019Citizens For RossAMEC Pac$500.00
09/11/2019Citizens For RossGrow Missouri$500.00
09/11/2019Citizens For RossJerry Bednyak$1,000.00
09/11/2019Citizens For RossMO Cable PAC$1,000.00
09/11/2019Citizens For RossLarry Newman$500.00
09/11/2019Citizens For RossMissouri Petroleum Marketers and Convience Store MPCA PAC$500.00
09/11/2019Citizens For RossMissouri Medical Pac 1077$1,000.00
09/11/2019Citizens For RossMissouri CPA PAC$1,000.00
09/11/2019Better Schools for MissouriMoASBO$1,500.00
09/11/2019Dirk Deaton For MissouriMBA OZARK REGION PAC$500.00
09/11/2019Dirk Deaton For MissouriJ&J Ventures Gaming of Mo LLC$500.00
09/11/2019Dirk Deaton For MissouriHBS MO State PAC$500.00
09/11/2019Dirk Deaton For MissouriGrow Missouri$500.00
09/11/2019Dirk Deaton For MissouriJerry Bednyak$500.00
09/11/2019Friends Of Eric BurlisonSURGERY BY SURGEONS$1,000.00
09/11/2019Friends Of Eric BurlisonMissouri Realtors PAC, Inc$500.00
09/11/2019Friends Of Eric BurlisonMissouri Nurses Assoc. PAC$500.00
09/11/2019Friends Of Eric BurlisonMissouri CPA PAC$500.00
09/11/2019Friends Of Eric BurlisonMHA - healthpac$500.00
09/11/2019Friends Of Eric BurlisonLiberty Utilities PAC$1,000.00
09/11/2019Friends Of Eric BurlisonGrow Missouri$1,000.00
09/11/2019Friends Of Eric BurlisonCitizens for New Health Care Concepts$500.00
09/11/2019Friends Of Eric BurlisonCatalyst PAC$500.00
09/11/2019Friends Of Eric BurlisonAMECPAC$500.00
09/11/2019Friends Of Hannah KellyAGC of MO Pac$500.00
09/11/2019Friends of Trish GunbyDLCC$1,500.00
09/11/2019Lavender For State SenateMiranda Pratt$2,500.00
09/11/2019Lavender For State SenateUNITED STEEL WORKERS DISTRICT 11$1,000.00
09/11/2019Rizzo For MissouriJerry Bednyak$1,000.00
09/11/2019GREATER KC BLDG & CONSTRUCTION TRADES-PECGreater Kansas City Building Trades Council - Member Dues$2,890.82
09/11/2019Page For MissouriRamis Gheith$1,500.00
09/11/2019Page For MissouriMr. W. Dudley McCarter$500.00
09/11/2019MISSOURI SENATE CAMPAIGN COMMITTEENorthern Trust$5,000.00
09/11/2019MISSOURI SENATE CAMPAIGN COMMITTEELeggett & Platt Inc.$5,000.00
09/11/2019MISSOURI SENATE CAMPAIGN COMMITTEEAmeren Missouri$5,000.00
09/11/2019Uniting Missouri PACCallis$950.00
09/11/2019Uniting Missouri PACSTUBBLEFIELD ENTERPRISES INC$500.00
09/11/2019Uniting Missouri PACMarcum Hauling Inc$1,750.00
09/11/2019Uniting Missouri PACTravelers$500.00
09/11/2019Uniting Missouri PACMARSHALLS INC$2,500.00
09/11/2019Uniting Missouri PACVIEBROCK SALES & SERVICE LLC$2,550.00
09/11/2019Uniting Missouri PACDITZFELD TRANSFER INC$2,500.00
09/11/2019Uniting Missouri PACFarmers Bank of Lincoln$2,500.00
09/11/2019Uniting Missouri PACBEAMANS OZARK INDUSTRIES$2,500.00
09/11/2019Uniting Missouri PACThe Citizens Farmers Bank$2,500.00
09/11/2019Uniting Missouri PACNucor Missouri PAC$500.00
09/11/2019Uniting Missouri PACCentral Missouri Physical Therapy$2,500.00
09/11/2019Uniting Missouri PACRosenblum Schwartz & Fry PC$500.00
09/11/2019Uniting Missouri PACArtemis Properties LLC$2,500.00
09/11/2019Uniting Missouri PACRetina Contracting Inc$2,500.00
09/11/2019Uniting Missouri PACNAYAK PLASTIC SURGER PC$1,000.00
09/11/2019Uniting Missouri PACTMT DEVELOPMENT LLC$2,600.00
09/11/2019Uniting Missouri PACKING & MCNAMEE LLC$1,000.00
09/11/2019Uniting Missouri PACCHERRY PICK DIAMONDS LLC$500.00
09/11/2019Uniting Missouri PACBommarito West County$2,600.00
09/11/2019Uniting Missouri PACHRW Inc$500.00
09/11/2019Uniting Missouri PACWood & Huston Bank$500.00
09/11/2019Uniting Missouri PACLOTSPEICH AUTOMOTIVE$500.00
09/11/2019Uniting Missouri PACDUGANS PAINT & FLOORING$1,050.00
09/11/2019Uniting Missouri PACDONS TRUCK TOWING & TRUCK WASH INC$2,500.00
09/11/2019Uniting Missouri PACHUSCH BLACKWELL STRATEGIES$1,000.00
09/11/2019Uniting Missouri PACDealers Interested in Government$1,500.00
09/11/2019Uniting Missouri PACBLACKFORD & SUZANNE BRAUER$10,000.00
09/11/2019American Dream PACThe Dental Anesthesia Center$1,000.00
09/11/2019American Dream PACSunset Ford$1,500.00
09/11/2019American Dream PACColonial Management Group LP$2,500.00
09/11/2019American Dream PACProf Fire Fighters of Eastern MO PAC$5,001.00
09/11/2019MAJORITY FORWARDUAW Region 5 PAC$1,000.00
09/11/2019MAJORITY FORWARDNorthern Trust$2,500.00
09/11/2019MAJORITY FORWARDColoniall Management Group LP$2,500.00
09/11/2019MAJORITY FORWARDSHC PAC$2,500.00
09/11/2019MAJORITY FORWARDAGC of MO Pac$5,000.00
09/11/2019MAJORITY FORWARDSafer Families for Missouri$1,000.00
09/11/2019MAJORITY FORWARDCredit Union Political Action Committee$500.00
09/11/2019MAJORITY FORWARDHCA Good Government Fund$7,500.00
09/11/2019Missourians For Mike CierpiotThe Gorny Law Firm$2,000.00
09/11/2019Missourians For Mike CierpiotMissouri Medical Pac 1077$1,000.00
09/11/2019Missourians For Mike CierpiotMissouri Rental Dealers Assoc PAC$500.00
09/11/2019Missourians For Mike CierpiotAMECPAC$500.00
09/11/2019Missourians For Mike CierpiotMO Cable PAC$1,000.00
09/11/2019Missourians For Mike CierpiotMO Energy Development Assoc Gateway PAC$1,250.00
09/11/2019Missourians For Mike CierpiotCentury Link Mo Frd Employee PAC$500.00
09/11/2019Missourians For Mike CierpiotHy-Vee Employee Fed Comm PAC$500.00
09/11/2019Ingrid Burnett For MissouriHSLF of Missouri PAC$1,000.00
09/11/2019Keep Government AccountableJOE GROFF$1,000.00
09/11/2019Kansas Area Council HBA-PACHOME BUILDERS ASSOC OF GREATER KC-PAC$2,500.00
09/11/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriDenny Schoemehl$1,000.00
09/11/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriLisa Ring$1,000.00
09/11/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriMike Backer$1,000.00
09/11/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriJoel Glassman$500.00
09/11/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriSchuyler Metlis$500.00
09/11/2019Team Robert PACGold Rush Amusements$5,000.00
09/11/2019Team Robert PACFarmers AG Center LLC$5,000.00
09/11/2019Team Robert PACAlliance for Progross LLC$2,500.00
09/11/2019Dave Marshak Election CommitteeHoward Roofing$1,000.00
09/11/2019Elect Bill WhiteSurgery by Surgeons PAC$1,000.00
09/11/2019Elect Bill WhiteSt Louis Area Hotel Association$500.00
09/11/2019Elect Bill WhiteMO Optometric PAC$1,500.00
09/11/2019Elect Bill WhiteMissouri Medical Political Action Committee$1,000.00
09/11/2019Elect Bill WhiteLiberty Utilities PAC$1,000.00
09/11/2019Elect Bill WhiteCenturyLink MO Federa Employees PAC$500.00
09/11/2019Holly PACMallinckrodt LLC PAC$1,000.00
09/11/2019Citizens for OwenKurt Keltner$1,000.00
09/11/2019Friends Of Steve HelmsMissouri Medical Pac 1077$500.00
09/11/2019Culpepper For Blue SpringsVicki Licata$1,000.00
09/11/2019MISSOURI SENATE CAMPAIGN COMMITTEEHallmark Cards Inc.$10,000.00
09/11/2019American Dream PACProfessional Fire Fighters of Eastern Missouri Local 2665 PAC$5,001.00
09/11/2019Uniting Missouri PACBLACKFORD AND SUZANNE BRAUER$10,000.00
09/11/2019MO Opportunity PACSpire Missouri Inc.$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/10/2019

09/10/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrMissouri Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Assn PAC$500.00
09/10/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrMO Energy Development Assoc State Line PAC$2,000.00
09/10/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrMissouri Dental PAC$2,000.00
09/10/2019Haffner For MissouriMO Cable PAC$500.00
09/10/2019FRIENDS OF MICHAEL BERNSKOETTERMissouri Medical PAC$1,000.00
09/10/2019FRIENDS OF MICHAEL BERNSKOETTERMissouri American Water Employees PAC$500.00
09/10/2019FRIENDS OF MICHAEL BERNSKOETTERMissouri Rental Dealers Assoc PAC$500.00
09/10/2019FRIENDS OF MICHAEL BERNSKOETTERJohnson & Johnson PAC-Missouri$500.00
09/10/2019Committee To Elect John BlackMO Cable PAC$500.00
09/10/2019Citizens 4 Dr. Lisa ThomasMissouri Medical PAC$2,000.00
09/10/2019Southeast Missourians For MorseMissouri Hospital Association$500.00
09/10/2019Missouri Democratic State CommitteeMachinist District # 9 PAC$600.00
09/10/2019Friends of David ColeMO Criminal Defense Lawyers Political Action Committee$500.00
09/10/2019Friends of David ColeMissouri Organization of Defense Lawyers Political Action Committee$500.00
09/10/2019Friends of David ColeTONY FEATHER$1,000.00
09/10/2019Friends of David ColeEnterprise Holdings, Inc. Political Action Committee$2,500.00
09/10/2019Friends of David ColeTimothy Drury - PRIMARY$1,000.00
09/10/2019Citizens For Cheri Toalson ReischA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
09/10/2019Romine For SenateMO RENTAL DEALERS ASSN$500.00
09/10/2019Romine For SenateMPCA PAC$500.00
09/10/2019Plocher For MissouriMissouri Petroleum Marketers & Convience Store Assn. PAC$1,000.00
09/10/2019Committee To Elect HouxMissouri Petroleum & Convenience Store Assn. PAC$500.00
09/10/2019Committee To Elect HouxAMECPAC$500.00
09/10/2019Committee To Elect HouxHBS MO State PAC$500.00
09/10/2019Committee To Elect HouxSupporters of Health Research & Treatments$1,000.00
09/10/2019Committee To Elect HouxMissouri Realtor PAC$500.00
09/10/2019Committee To Elect HouxAGC of MO Pac$500.00
09/10/2019Committee To Elect HouxMissouri Medical Pac 1077$500.00
09/10/2019Committee To Elect HouxCheyenne International$1,000.00
09/10/2019Committee To Elect HouxNorthern Trust$1,000.00
09/10/2019Committee To Elect HouxJ & J Ventures Gaming of MO, LLC$500.00
09/10/2019Friends Of Rob VescovoJerry Bednyak$2,000.00
09/10/2019Friends Of Rob VescovoHBS MO State PAC$1,000.00
09/10/2019Friends Of Rob VescovoMO Cable PAC$1,000.00
09/10/2019Friends Of Rob VescovoMissouri CPA PAC$1,000.00
09/10/2019Friends Of Rob VescovoCredit Union Pac$1,000.00
09/10/2019Friends Of Rob VescovoSurgery by Surgeons PAC$1,000.00
09/10/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMissouri Dental Political Action Committee$2,500.00
09/10/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMO Energy Development Assoc Gateway Political Action Committee$2,650.00
09/10/2019Cupps for HouseWPG PAC$500.00
09/10/2019MCCREERY FOR MISSOURICharter Communication Inc. MO PAC$1,000.00
09/10/2019MCCREERY FOR MISSOURISafer Families for Missouri$500.00
09/10/2019MCCREERY FOR MISSOURIHumane Society Legislative Fund of MO PAC$1,000.00
09/10/2019Tim Lohmar For Prosecuting AttorneyBaue Funeral Homes$560.00
09/10/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurSurgery by Surgeons PAC$500.00
09/10/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurSHC PAC$2,500.00
09/10/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurPG PAC$750.00
09/10/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurMissouri SMART TD PAC$1,000.00
09/10/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurMissouri Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Assn. (MPCA) PAC$500.00
09/10/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurHY-VEE EMPLOYEES PAC FEDERAL COMMITTEE MO$500.00
09/10/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurCredit Union Political Action Committee$500.00
09/10/2019Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes PACNicole Monnier$500.00
09/10/2019People For SolonA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
09/10/2019Missourians For Cody SmithMO ENERGY DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION$2,000.00
09/10/2019Missourians For Cody SmithGrow Missouri$1,000.00
09/10/2019Missourians For Cody SmithXcaliber MO PAC$500.00
09/10/2019Missourians For Cody SmithPG PAC$500.00
09/10/2019Missourians For Cody SmithMPCA PAC$500.00
09/10/2019Missourians For Cody SmithMO Medical PAC 1077$1,000.00
09/10/2019Missourians For Cody SmithCenturyLink MO Fed Employees PAC$500.00
09/10/2019Missourians For Cody SmithAmeren MO PAC$500.00
09/10/2019Missourians For Cody SmithAGC of MO Pac$1,000.00
09/10/2019Sierra Club Missouri Political CommitteeCharles and Mary Beth OReilly$1,000.00
09/10/2019Friends Of Curtis TrentMissouri Dental Political Action Committee$500.00
09/10/2019Roberts For St LouisMissouri American Water Employees Political Action Committee$500.00
09/10/2019Citizens For SimmonsAmeren Missouri PAC$500.00
09/10/2019Citizens For SimmonsMO Cable PAC$500.00
09/10/2019Committee To Elect Jill SchuppAMECPAC$500.00
09/10/2019Committee To Elect Jill SchuppSurgery by Surgeons PAC$500.00
09/10/2019Committee To Elect Jill SchuppMissouri CPA PAC$500.00
09/10/2019Committee To Elect Jill SchuppMissouri State Council of Macahinist PAC$500.00
09/10/2019Bondon For MissouriSurgery by Surgeons PAC$500.00
09/10/2019Bondon For MissouriALLIANCE FOR PROGRESS LLC$1,000.00
09/10/2019Bondon For MissouriA Better Missouri PAC$1,000.00
09/10/2019Bondon For MissouriMissouri First PAC$750.00
09/10/2019Bondon For MissouriLiving Well PAC$500.00
09/10/2019Bondon For MissouriMO Association of Nurse Anethetists PAC$750.00
09/10/2019Bondon For MissouriPT-PAC$500.00
09/10/2019Friends Of Eric BurlisonMissouri Petroleum Marketers$500.00
09/10/2019Friends Of Hannah KellyMissouri Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Association PAC$500.00
09/10/2019Friends Of Hannah KellyWPG PAC$500.00
09/10/2019Friends Of Hannah KellyMissouri Nurses Association$500.00
09/10/2019FRIENDS OF RUSTY BLACKHBS MO State PAC$1,000.00
09/10/2019Lavender For State SenateMissouri Land Title Trust PAC$500.00
09/10/2019Lavender For State SenateJeremy Lafaver$500.00
09/10/2019Lavender For State SenateAmy Gossett$750.00
09/10/2019Committee To Elect Becky RuthCheyenne International LLC$500.00
09/10/2019Committee To Elect Becky RuthAGC of Missouri$2,000.00
09/10/2019Committee To Elect David EvansWinton Policy Group PAC$500.00
09/10/2019Pitman For MissouriWPG PAC$500.00
09/10/2019Scott Sifton For MissouriDIPasquale Moore LLC$1,000.00
09/10/2019Scott Sifton For MissouriWPG PAC$1,000.00
09/10/2019Scott Sifton For MissouriMICHAEL GIBBONS$500.00
09/10/2019Scott Sifton For MissouriTricia Workman$500.00
09/10/2019Committee To Elect Pierson JrUnited Transporation Union PAC$1,000.00
09/10/2019Committee To Elect Pierson JrMissouri Rental Dealers Association PAC$500.00
09/10/2019Committee To Elect Pierson JrInternational Union of Elevator Constructors Local No. 3 PAC Fund$500.00
09/10/2019Committee To Elect Pierson JrSHC PAC$2,500.00
09/10/2019Committee To Elect Pierson JrSurgery by Surgeons PAC$500.00
09/10/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateMPCA PAC$500.00
09/10/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateMO Energy Development Assoc State Line PAC$1,250.00
09/10/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateWPG PAC$1,000.00
09/10/2019Friends Of Andrew KoenigSurgery by Surgeons PAC$1,000.00
09/10/2019Friends Of Andrew KoenigCINDY OLAUGHLIN$2,500.00
09/10/2019Friends Of Andrew KoenigMO Republican Attorneys for Civil Justice PAC$500.00
09/10/2019Friends Of Andrew KoenigMO Petroleum Marketers + Convenience Store Assoc PAC$500.00
09/10/2019Friends Of Andrew KoenigMissouri American Water Employees PAC$500.00
09/10/2019Friends Of Andrew KoenigCharter Communications Inc MO PAC$2,500.00
09/10/2019Friends Of Andrew KoenigCatalyst PAC$500.00
09/10/2019Scism For SenateKent Scism$500.00
09/10/2019Uniting Missouri PACSusan Eckelkamp$2,500.00
09/10/2019Humane Society Legislative Fund of Missouri PACStray Dog Capital$13,000.00
09/10/2019Rudy Veit For State RepresentativeHealthPAC$500.00
09/10/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriRita Cortes$1,000.00
09/10/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriJulie Holley$500.00
09/10/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriJOSEPH EASTER$500.00
09/10/2019Friends of Ryan JonesRyan Jones$1,000.00
09/10/2019Missourians For ShieldsHBS MO State PAC$500.00
09/10/2019Missourians For ShieldsCharter Communication MO PAC$1,000.00
09/10/2019Missourians For ShieldsMO Republican Attorneys for Civil Justice PAC$500.00
09/10/2019Friends For Chris Dodson DinkinsMissouri Hospital Association PAC$500.00
09/10/2019Friends For Chris Dodson DinkinsMissouri Medical Political Actin Committee 1077$500.00
09/10/2019Friends Of Mark EllebrachtMOFSA$1,000.00
09/10/2019Friends Of Kip KendrickWPG PAC$500.00
09/10/2019Friends Of Kip KendrickMPCA PAC$500.00
09/10/2019RAZER FOR MISSOURIMissouri Rental Dealers Association PAC$500.00
09/10/2019RAZER FOR MISSOURIMO Criminal Defense Lawyers PAC$500.00
09/10/2019Living Well PACWalgreen Co.$5,000.00
09/10/2019FRIENDS OF LEE'S SUMMITFirefighter's For Progress$1,000.00
09/10/2019Justus For KCCerner PAC$750.00
09/10/2019IAFF FIREPAC VIC MissouriInternational Association of Fire Fighters Interested in Registration and Education PAC$10,000.00
09/10/2019Missourians for HealthcareNorth Fund$500,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/09/2019

09/09/2019IAFF FIREPAC VIC MissouriInternational Association of Fire Fighters Interested in Registration and Education PAC$10,000.00
09/09/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrMissouri CPA PAC$1,000.00
09/09/2019Park4PlatteKyle Johanson$500.00
09/09/2019Citizens For Tishaura O JonesTHE LOU PAC$647.50
09/09/2019Citizens For Tishaura O JonesKingswest LLC$500.00
09/09/2019Citizens For Tishaura O JonesSt Louis Fire Fighter PAC Local 73$500.00
09/09/2019Citizens For Tishaura O JonesWardell Carter$1,500.00
09/09/2019Citizens For Tishaura O JonesMichael Woods$500.00
09/09/2019Citizens For Tishaura O JonesLouis Boyd$500.00
09/09/2019Citizens For Tishaura O JonesBrian Murphy$750.00
09/09/2019Citizens 4 Dr. Lisa ThomasDrs Lent C and Sandra Johnson and Ahlum$500.00
09/09/2019Eigel For MissouriGREG KELLER$1,000.00
09/09/2019Missouri Growth PACLG3$1,000.00
09/09/2019Patrons Of Jeff PorterXcaliber MO PAC$500.00
09/09/2019SWMO Healthcare CommitteeRobert McDowell$1,250.00
09/09/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeAnn Dolan$2,500.00
09/09/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeRobert Seal Jr$500.00
09/09/2019House Victory CommitteeCitizens for Crystal Quade$5,000.00
09/09/2019House Victory CommitteeHealthPAC$3,500.00
09/09/2019House Victory CommitteeIntegrity Development$1,000.00
09/09/2019WPG PACWinton Policy Group$7,000.00
09/09/2019WPG PACWinton Policy Group$500.00
09/09/2019Citizens For GriesheimerAGC of MO Pac$1,000.00
09/09/2019Citizens For GriesheimerCharter Communication Inc MO PAC$1,000.00
09/09/2019Parson For MissouriMarissa Mills$2,650.00
09/09/2019Parson For MissouriThomas Whittaker$500.00
09/09/2019Parson For MissouriCecil Weeks$500.00
09/09/2019Parson For MissouriKathy Vancil$1,000.00
09/09/2019Parson For MissouriMarc Taormina$1,000.00
09/09/2019Parson For MissouriSharon Stackelhouse$1,000.00
09/09/2019Parson For MissouriScott Smith$1,000.00
09/09/2019Parson For MissouriThomas Shireman$1,500.00
09/09/2019Parson For MissouriBen Sharp$1,000.00
09/09/2019Parson For MissouriMatthew Mills$2,550.00
09/09/2019Parson For MissouriNancy Mayer$500.00
09/09/2019Parson For MissouriDustin Mayer$500.00
09/09/2019Parson For MissouriDon Lux$1,000.00
09/09/2019Parson For MissouriWilliam Kilroy$1,000.00
09/09/2019Parson For MissouriWayne Jean$500.00
09/09/2019Parson For MissouriKathryn Hoflander$1,000.00
09/09/2019Parson For MissouriDon Hall Sr$2,650.00
09/09/2019Parson For MissouriDon Hall Jr$2,650.00
09/09/2019Parson For MissouriJenny Erdman$1,000.00
09/09/2019Parson For MissouriTerrence Dunn$1,000.00
09/09/2019Parson For MissouriWendy Doyle$500.00
09/09/2019Parson For MissouriLaura Campbell$1,000.00
09/09/2019Parson For MissouriJoseph Campbell$1,000.00
09/09/2019Parson For MissouriErin Brower$500.00
09/09/2019Parson For MissouriCantor Injury Law$1,000.00
09/09/2019Parson For MissouriCatalyst PAC$2,500.00
09/09/2019Beck For MissouriSafer Families for Missouri$500.00
09/09/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMONSANTO COMPANY$5,000.00
09/09/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncNorfolk Southern Corporation$1,000.00
09/09/2019Citizens For RossMick Plummer$2,500.00
09/09/2019McGirl For State RepMissouri CPA PAC$500.00
09/09/2019Friends Of Sandy CrawfordShamrock PAC$1,000.00
09/09/2019Friends Of Sandy CrawfordMISSOURI ASSOCIATION OF INS AGENTS MAPAC$500.00
09/09/2019Committee To Elect Paula BrownSafer Families for Missouri$500.00
09/09/2019Friends Of Don RoneMO Rep Attorneys PAC$500.00
09/09/2019Lavender For State SenateSafer Families for Missouri$500.00
09/09/2019Friends Of Rodger L ReedyExcalibur MO PAC$500.00
09/09/2019Truth in CampaignsTDC Group$1,000.00
09/09/2019Friends Of Raychel ProudieGregg Keller$500.00
09/09/2019National Federation of Independent Business Missouri Political Action CommitteeSpecialty Products & Services Inc$550.00
09/09/2019Scott Sifton For MissouriBrett Emison$2,500.00
09/09/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateWarren K. Erdman$1,500.00
09/09/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateThe Rhoads Company LLC$500.00
09/09/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateMissouri Amusement Machine Operators LLC$2,500.00
09/09/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateThe Grote Group LLC$500.00
09/09/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateSurgery by Surgeons PAC$2,500.00
09/09/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateShamrock PAC$2,500.00
09/09/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateMOSFA PAC$2,500.00
09/09/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateSPIRE Political Action Committee$1,250.00
09/09/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateCenturyLink MO Federal Employees PAC$500.00
09/09/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateMissouri Insurance Coalition PAC$1,500.00
09/09/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateMissouri Insurance PAC$2,500.00
09/09/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateSpirit of Missouri$2,500.00
09/09/2019Friends Of Jeff ShawanMHA PAC$500.00
09/09/2019Uniting Missouri PACWilliam H Darr$50,000.00
09/09/2019Uniting Missouri PACHy-Vee Inc$1,000.00
09/09/2019Uniting Missouri PACPHYSICIAN LED ANESTHESIA CARE PAC$2,500.00
09/09/2019MAJORITY FORWARDElectrical Workers Voluntary Political$3,000.00
09/09/2019MAJORITY FORWARDBuilding Trades Political Education Fund$500.00
09/09/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriJoan and Gary Sr. Burger$1,000.00
09/09/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriDan Wald$1,000.00
09/09/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriMary Jane Judy$500.00
09/09/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriMARK ABELS$500.00
09/09/2019Committee To Elect Jon CarpenterMBA TRUMAN REGION PAC$500.00
09/09/2019Mo Medical - PACMichael ODell$500.00
09/09/2019Committee to Elect Rick Roeber to the 34thJohn Wilson Brumbelow Rev Liv Trust$500.00
09/09/2019Missourians for HealthcareThe Fairness Project$9,249.94
09/09/2019Uniting Missouri PACHerzog Contracting Corp$250,000.00
09/09/2019Uniting Missouri PACCL PAC$75,000.00
09/09/2019Uniting Missouri PACMissouri Senior PAC$10,000.00
09/09/2019Uniting Missouri PACMOSFA PAC INC$5,001.00
09/09/2019Uniting Missouri PACSPIRE MISSOURI INC$10,000.00
09/09/2019Uniting Missouri PACRivertown Enterprises INC$25,000.00
09/09/2019Uniting Missouri PACRightCHOICE Managed Care Inc$25,000.00
09/09/2019Uniting Missouri PACWilliam Darr$50,000.00
09/09/2019UFCW Local 655 Elect ClubUFCW Local 655$5,911.08
09/09/2019MAJORITY FORWARDAmeren Missouri$10,000.00
09/09/2019Missouri Leadership ForumWarrenton Oil Company$15,000.00
09/09/2019WPG PACWinton Policy Group LLC$7,000.00
09/09/2019Operating Engineers Local 101 Political FundOperating Engineers Local 101 Kansas Political Action Committee$60,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/08/2019

09/08/2019Citizens For Gretchen BangertIUPAT$500.00
09/08/2019Parson For MissouriCorey Newman$1,000.00
09/08/2019Parson For MissouriPernankel Nayak$500.00
09/08/2019Parson For MissouriTravis Liebig$500.00
09/08/2019Parson For MissouriTyler Frank$500.00
09/08/2019Parson For MissouriFrancis Forst$500.00
09/08/2019Parson For MissouriKevin Fisher$500.00
09/08/2019Lavender For State SenateDonna Moog$2,500.00
09/08/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateLarry Newman$1,000.00
09/08/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriINGRID BURNETT$500.00
09/08/2019Gregory For MissouriSt Louis Home Health$600.00
09/08/2019Megan Green For St LouisAnn Konzen$500.00

Contribution Date: 09/07/2019

09/07/2019Patterson For MissouriSURGERY BY SURGEONS$1,000.00
09/07/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeM John Hopkins$1,000.00
09/07/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeKaren Diestelkamp$1,000.00
09/07/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMenlo Smith$2,000.00
09/07/2019Friends Of Mary Elizabeth ColemanAnn Wagner$1,500.00
09/07/2019Committee To Elect Keri IngleDaniel Blegen$1,000.00
09/07/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriEllen Schapiro$1,000.00
09/07/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriAmanda Andrade$500.00
09/07/2019Uniting Missouri PACW K GMC$5,100.00

Contribution Date: 09/06/2019

09/06/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrMissouri Medical Political Action Committee 1077$1,000.00
09/06/2019Friends Of Phil ChristofanelliSt. Louis Area Hotel Association$500.00
09/06/2019Friends Of Phil ChristofanelliCHEYENNE$1,000.00
09/06/2019Friends Of Phil ChristofanelliMissouri AG PAC$500.00
09/06/2019Friends Of Phil ChristofanelliMORESPAC$500.00
09/06/2019Friends Of Phil ChristofanelliTricia Workman$500.00
09/06/2019Friends Of Phil ChristofanelliMike Gibbons$500.00
09/06/2019Friends Of Phil ChristofanelliNexus PAC$500.00
09/06/2019Committee To Elect Ann KelleyMissouri Medical Political Action Committee 1077$500.00
09/06/2019Committee To Elect Robert SaulsABC General Fund Missouri Federal Committee$500.00
09/06/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCPaul Dizmang$655.00
09/06/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCRebecca Buehler$655.00
09/06/2019Committee for KC JobsStar Development Corp$1,000.00
09/06/2019Committee for KC JobsGeorge Birt$1,000.00
09/06/2019Committee for KC JobsPolsinelli$1,000.00
09/06/2019Romine For SenateAMECPAC$500.00
09/06/2019Heat & Frost Insulators Local 27 Political Education CommitteeHeat & Frost Insulators Local 27$1,679.63
09/06/2019Patrons Of Jeff PorterMissouri Medical PAC$500.00
09/06/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeKerry Holekamp$2,650.00
09/06/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeGary McMullin$500.00
09/06/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeAMECPAC$1,000.00
09/06/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurDianne Shumaker$1,000.00
09/06/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurRoofers Local #20$500.00
09/06/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurKendall Hunt$500.00
09/06/2019Friends Of Mary Elizabeth ColemanSurgery by Surgeons PAC$500.00
09/06/2019Missourians For Cody SmithMBA OZARK REGION PAC$2,000.00
09/06/2019Friends Of Curtis TrentAMECPAC$1,150.00
09/06/2019Better Schools for Missourimccta$1,500.00
09/06/2019Better Schools for MissouriMASSP$1,500.00
09/06/2019Better Schools for MissouriMASA$1,500.00
09/06/2019Better Schools for MissouriMAESP$1,500.00
09/06/2019Friends Of Rodger L ReedyLathrop-Gage Consulting$500.00
09/06/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMATTHEW LAWLOR$500.00
09/06/2019Rizzo For MissouriInternational Union of Elevator Constructors Local 3 PAC$500.00
09/06/2019Rizzo For MissouriMo TRUCK PAC$500.00
09/06/2019Rizzo For MissouriMAPAC - MO Association of Insurance Agents$500.00
09/06/2019Rizzo For MissouriMissouri American Water Employees PAC$500.00
09/06/2019CITIZENS FOR SCHATZMO Medical PAC$2,500.00
09/06/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateJerry Bednyak$2,000.00
09/06/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateMissouri American Water Employees PAC$1,000.00
09/06/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateMissouri Medical Political Action Committee$2,500.00
09/06/2019Henderson For MissouriAGC of MO Pac$500.00
09/06/2019Henderson For MissouriMO American Water Employee PAC$500.00
09/06/2019Page For MissouriSLC Holdings, LLC$2,600.00
09/06/2019Friends Of Jeff ShawanJerry Bednyak$1,000.00
09/06/2019Friends Of Jeff ShawanMissouri Medical Pac 1077$500.00
09/06/2019American Dream PACKansas City Live LLC$1,250.00
09/06/2019American Dream PACJE Dunn Construction Company$2,500.00
09/06/2019American Dream PACBPV Hldgs Blk 350$1,250.00
09/06/2019Friends of Nola WoodAlois Pruente$1,000.00
09/06/2019MAJORITY FORWARDMissouri AFL CIO COPE$500.00
09/06/2019Keep Government AccountableColleen Millstone$2,500.00
09/06/2019Keep Government AccountablePALADIN ENERGY STRATEGIES LLC$5,000.00
09/06/2019Keep Government AccountableIUOE Local 513 Political and Education Fund$5,000.00
09/06/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriBrock Bukowsky$2,650.00
09/06/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriPaul Russell$2,650.00
09/06/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriSHC PAC$2,600.00
09/06/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriBrian Cooke$2,600.00
09/06/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriMichael Angelides$2,600.00
09/06/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriJOHN SIMMONS$2,600.00
09/06/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriProtect Missouri Workers PAC$2,500.00
09/06/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriKevin Carlie$2,000.00
09/06/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriJo Anna Pollock$2,000.00
09/06/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriIUOE LOCAL 513 POLITICAL EDUCATIONAL FUND$1,650.00
09/06/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriRonald Herron$1,000.00
09/06/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriOperative Plasterers' and Cement Masons' Local Union 518 PAC$1,000.00
09/06/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriCentral to Good Government PAC$1,000.00
09/06/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriJo Ann Karll$1,000.00
09/06/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriWarren Copple$1,000.00
09/06/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriMatthew Petersen$1,000.00
09/06/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriSharalyn Saks$500.00
09/06/2019HBS MO State PACKansas City Southern Railway$2,500.00
09/06/2019Mo Medical - PACDavid Barbe$1,000.00
09/06/2019American Property Casualty Insurance Association Political AccountAmerican Property Casualty Insurance Association$121,952.00
09/06/2019POL PACJ.E. Dunn Construction Company$10,000.00
09/06/2019Keep Government AccountableVolunteer Political Fund Pipe Fitters Local Union 533$30,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/05/2019

09/05/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrGrow Missouri$1,000.00
09/05/2019Committee To Elect Doug ClemensTom and Martha Hooper$500.00
09/05/2019Patterson For MissouriCerner PAC - MO Federal Committee$1,000.00
09/05/2019Friends For Travis FitzwaterCharter Communication Inc MO PAC$1,000.00
09/05/2019Friends For Travis FitzwaterWPG PAC$1,000.00
09/05/2019Friends For Travis FitzwaterTimothy Drury - PRIMARY$500.00
09/05/2019Lucas For KCJohn Weeks$1,500.00
09/05/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCLisa Adkins$1,020.50
09/05/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCSandra Grassmuck$1,677.00
09/05/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCJennifer Hill$1,264.25
09/05/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCKevin Goffstein$949.00
09/05/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCMark Ottinger$536.25
09/05/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCMarilyn Gibson$581.75
09/05/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCSusan Torbeck$572.00
09/05/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCRebecca Klein$786.50
09/05/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCMelissa Boaz$672.75
09/05/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCMelinda Movick$1,179.75
09/05/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCMatt Becker$1,608.75
09/05/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCTheresa Gander$1,472.25
09/05/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCRichard Stokes$1,069.25
09/05/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCAlyson Story$594.75
09/05/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCMindy West$692.25
09/05/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCShelly Clark$1,269.45
09/05/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCJerrold Hopping$825.50
09/05/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCKristie Weber$942.50
09/05/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCCort Schneider$845.00
09/05/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCLeah Petras$533.00
09/05/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCCynthia Fox$3,259.75
09/05/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCMelissa Palitzsch$845.00
09/05/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCMaureen Blondin$858.00
09/05/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCMerle Schneider$1,592.50
09/05/2019Friends of David ColeSARA HARGIS$1,000.00
09/05/2019Friends of David ColeJames Combs$500.00
09/05/2019Schmitt For MissouriJerry Jost$2,650.00
09/05/2019Friends Of Kathy SwanMO DSV PAC$1,000.00
09/05/2019Maggie Nurrenbern for MissouriRyan Paulus$500.00
09/05/2019Greene County Democratic Central CommitteeRaymond Crespo$500.00
09/05/2019SWMO Healthcare CommitteeCassidy and Associates$1,250.00
09/05/2019FREEDOM PACMissouri Senate Conservatives Fund$1,000.00
09/05/2019Tim Lohmar For Prosecuting AttorneyArmstrong Teasdale LLP$500.00
09/05/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurSusan Ketchmark$2,500.00
09/05/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurChris Gahagan$500.00
09/05/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurCharter Communication Inc. MO PAC$2,500.00
09/05/2019Voters for Patty LewisKevin Westrope$1,000.00
09/05/2019Beck For MissouriUFCW LOCAL 655 ELECT POLITICAL FUND$1,000.00
09/05/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCommittee To Elect Houx$3,500.00
09/05/2019FREE AND FAIR ELECTION FUNDMissouri Senate Conservatives Fund$1,000.00
09/05/2019Friends Of Curtis TrentGrow Missouri$1,500.00
09/05/2019Friends Of Curtis TrentEd Pinegar$2,000.00
09/05/2019Citizens For Jake ZimmermanMilton Goldenberg$1,500.00
09/05/2019MO Insurance Coalition PACAce American Insurance Co$5,000.00
09/05/2019Committee To Elect Keri IngleFred Dreiling$500.00
09/05/2019Friends Of Hannah KellyDON BEDELL$1,000.00
09/05/2019Rizzo For MissouriCerner PAC$1,000.00
09/05/2019Rizzo For MissouriMissouri Rental Dealers Assn PAC$500.00
09/05/2019Rizzo For MissouriMissouri Land title PAC$500.00
09/05/2019Rizzo For MissouriMO Assn of Insurance & Financial Advisors PAC$500.00
09/05/2019Pitman For MissouriRepublican Central Committee of St. Louis County$2,000.00
09/05/2019Scott Sifton For MissouriSWMW Law$2,600.00
09/05/2019Scott Sifton For MissouriHawk Legal Enterprises, LLC$1,000.00
09/05/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateCerner PAC MO - Federal Committee$2,500.00
09/05/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateMissouri Podiatry Political Action Commitee$500.00
09/05/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateXcaliber MO PAC$500.00
09/05/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateMAPAC$500.00
09/05/2019Page For MissouriAlex Mammen$1,000.00
09/05/2019Page For MissouriKathy Perryman$500.00
09/05/2019Uniting Missouri PACHowe Properties$1,000.00
09/05/2019Uniting Missouri PACMcCown Gordon Construction$1,000.00
09/05/2019Uniting Missouri PACCozad Company LLC$1,000.00
09/05/2019Uniting Missouri PACKENNEY TEAM LLC$2,000.00
09/05/2019Uniting Missouri PACBILL KENNEY & ASSOCIATES INC$2,500.00
09/05/2019Uniting Missouri PACHCA MISSOURI GOOD GOVERNMENT FUND$5,000.00
09/05/2019Uniting Missouri PACRedford Construction Inc$5,000.00
09/05/2019Uniting Missouri PACJOHNSTON RE HOLDINGS LLC$5,000.00
09/05/2019Missouri Chiropractors PACScott Smith$516.00
09/05/2019Missouri Chiropractors PACJeffrey Ness$725.00
09/05/2019MAJORITY FORWARDAmeren Missouri$2,066.19
09/05/2019MO COALITION FOR FAIR COMPETITIONJohnstone Supply$500.00
09/05/2019UFCW Active Ballot Club-Missouri Federal CommitteeUnited Food and Commercial Workers International Union Active Ballot Club$500.00
09/05/2019Missourians For Mike CierpiotShamrock PAC$1,000.00
09/05/2019Missourians For Mike CierpiotMissouri American Water Employee PAC$1,000.00
09/05/2019Citizens For FalknerMissouri Hospital Association$500.00
09/05/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriDebby Dodge$500.00
09/05/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriJulie Wood$500.00
09/05/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriJeff Jones$500.00
09/05/2019FirePAC 3133IAFF Local 3133$2,940.00
09/05/2019Missouri SMART TD PACMissouri SMART TD PAC$13,000.00
09/05/2019Missouri SMART TD PACSMART TD PAC$13,000.00
09/05/2019FRIENDS OF WAYNE WALLINGFORDC R Talbert$1,000.00
09/05/2019FRIENDS OF WAYNE WALLINGFORDRobert Hartle$500.00
09/05/2019Uniting Missouri PACSupporters of Health Research & Treatments$37,500.00
09/05/2019Uniting Missouri PACSUMMIT VIEW FARMS$6,000.00
09/05/2019Uniting Missouri PACKansas City Power & Light$15,000.00
09/05/2019Uniting Missouri PACPenn National Gaming Inc$15,000.00
09/05/2019Uniting Missouri PACKetchmark & McCreight PC$50,000.00
09/05/2019Missourians for HealthcareMissouri Hospital Association$250,000.00
09/05/2019American Dream PACSpire Missouri Inc.$10,000.00
09/05/2019Friends Of Jeff ShawanJeff Shawan$50,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/04/2019

09/04/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrHY Vee Employees PAC$2,000.00
09/04/2019Friends of David ColeHBS MO State PAC$1,000.00
09/04/2019Friends of David ColeLathrop Gage Consulting PAC$1,000.00
09/04/2019Treece For MayorKAG Enterprises$1,000.00
09/04/2019Friends Of Rory RowlandEDWIN JOHNSON$1,000.00
09/04/2019Patrons Of Jeff PorterHBS MO State PAC$500.00
09/04/2019Friends for Rusty MacLachlanWILLIAM MOORE$1,000.00
09/04/2019Friends for Rusty MacLachlanBekebrede Homes LLC$500.00
09/04/2019Friends for Rusty MacLachlanQ & Company LLC$500.00
09/04/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeGREG HOBEROCK$2,600.00
09/04/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeJERRY HUNTER$1,000.00
09/04/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMissouri American Water Employees PAC$1,000.00
09/04/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeJohn Capps$500.00
09/04/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeKenneth Suelthaus$1,000.00
09/04/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeGary Grewe$2,600.00
09/04/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeCarla Grewe$2,600.00
09/04/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeHITE, CHRISTOPHER$2,650.00
09/04/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeGeneral Motors Company Political Action Committee$2,500.00
09/04/2019Bunch For KCJERRY RIFFEL$500.00
09/04/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurMike Ketchmark$2,500.00
09/04/2019Beck For MissouriPlumbers and Pipefitters Local 562 Political Education Fund$1,000.00
09/04/2019Beck For MissouriHBS Missouri State PAC$500.00
09/04/2019Beck For MissouriHeat & Frost Insulators & Allied Workers Local No. 1 Political Fund Account$1,500.00
09/04/2019Elect Tim BrinkerLincoln PAC$4,500.00
09/04/2019Friends Of Mary Elizabeth ColemanHBS MO State PAC$500.00
09/04/2019Committee to Elect Bishop DavidsonBishop Davidson$1,330.00
09/04/2019Pick Wick 4 Clay County Sheriff Wick PickardBob Roth$1,000.00
09/04/2019Friends Of Curtis TrentHBS MO State PAC$1,000.00
09/04/2019Lavender For State SenateMissouri State Counsil of Machinist PAC$500.00
09/04/2019Lavender For State SenateSally Barker$500.00
09/04/2019Missouri AG PACPhoenix Home Care$5,500.00
09/04/2019Missouri A/C and Mechanical ContractorsAnton's Air Conditioning and Heating$1,500.00
09/04/2019Missouri A/C and Mechanical ContractorsRhymes Corporation$1,500.00
09/04/2019CITIZENS FOR SCHATZHy-Vee PAC$2,500.00
09/04/2019Scott Sifton For MissouriOBrien Law Firm - PRIMARY$1,600.00
09/04/2019Scott Sifton For MissouriMark E. Moreland Attorney and Law LLC$500.00
09/04/2019Rogers for ProgressMark Jess$500.00
09/04/2019Rogers for ProgressMitch Burgess$500.00
09/04/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateMo TRUCK PAC$1,000.00
09/04/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateHBS MO State PAC$1,000.00
09/04/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateNexus PAC$2,500.00
09/04/2019Friends Of Nick SchroerA Better Missouri PAC$1,000.00
09/04/2019Friends Of Nick SchroerALLIANCE FOR PROGRESS LLC$500.00
09/04/2019Friends Of Nick SchroerMHA PAC for Health$1,500.00
09/04/2019Friends Of Nick SchroerAMEC Pac$500.00
09/04/2019Friends Of Nick SchroerMOFOP PAC$500.00
09/04/2019Friends Of Nick SchroerRQC PAC$500.00
09/04/2019Friends Of Nick SchroerMissouri Realtors PAC$500.00
09/04/2019Friends Of Nick SchroerGreat Outdoors PAC$1,000.00
09/04/2019Friends Of Nick SchroerMissouri AG PAC$1,000.00
09/04/2019Friends Of Nick SchroerGeneral Motors Company PAC$2,000.00
09/04/2019Friends Of Nick SchroerMBA GATEWAY REGION PAC$500.00
09/04/2019Friends Of Nick SchroerPOL PAC$1,500.00
09/04/2019Friends Of Nick SchroerMissouri Beer Wholesalers Assoc$750.00
09/04/2019Friends of Nola WoodMichael R Smith$500.00
09/04/2019Friends of Nola WoodDavid Lightner$500.00
09/04/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriJanet Archer$1,000.00
09/04/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriRebecca Pruett$1,000.00
09/04/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriGregg Lombardi$500.00
09/04/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriMichael Sigler$500.00
09/04/2019Boggs for MissouriLaredo Boggs$1,000.00
09/04/2019A Better Missouri Political Action CommitteeAnheuser-Busch Cos, Inc.$5,000.00
09/04/2019Missourians for HealthcareHealth Forward Foundation$750,000.00
09/04/2019Missourians for HealthcareBJC Healthcare$250,000.00
09/04/2019CL PACDavid Steward$735,000.00
09/04/2019Missouri FirstQC Holdings Inc.$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/03/2019

09/03/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrPG PAC$750.00
09/03/2019Lincoln PACHealthPAC$2,500.00
09/03/2019Lincoln PAChealth systems$5,000.00
09/03/2019Michelle Sherod for St. LouisRonald Sherod$2,500.00
09/03/2019Michelle Sherod for St. LouisJoseph Shepard$2,500.00
09/03/2019Citizens For Tishaura O JonesMandel & Mandel LLC$1,000.00
09/03/2019Committee To Elect Robert SaulsBoyd Kenter LLC$500.00
09/03/2019Committee To Elect Robert SaulsTaxpayers Unlimited, Inc.$500.00
09/03/2019Wright For MissouriNEW ERA BANK$500.00
09/03/2019Friends For Travis FitzwaterMO Optometric PAC$1,000.00
09/03/2019Friends For Travis FitzwaterAMECPAC$500.00
09/03/2019Missouri Democratic State CommitteeMissouri DRIVE Fund$5,000.00
09/03/2019Citizens to Elect Tracy BaldwinCRAIG PORTER$1,000.00
09/03/2019Romine For SenateMO Cable PAC$1,000.00
09/03/2019Friends Of Lincoln HoughWilliam Darr$2,500.00
09/03/2019Plocher For MissouriMissouri State Council of Firefighters PAC$500.00
09/03/2019SWMO Healthcare CommitteeGrooms Office Environments$2,500.00
09/03/2019SWMO Healthcare CommitteeHUSCH BLACKWELL STRATEGIES$1,250.00
09/03/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeJustin Hopkins$600.00
09/03/2019WPG PACWinton Policy Group$4,000.00
09/03/2019Parson For MissouriLaura Mitchell$2,600.00
09/03/2019Parson For MissouriDouglas Mitchell$1,600.00
09/03/2019Parson For MissouriJames Durham$500.00
09/03/2019Friends Of Mary Elizabeth ColemanMO Cable PAC$500.00
09/03/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMissouri Hospital Association$2,500.00
09/03/2019PG PACThe Penman Group$5,000.00
09/03/2019Friends Of Hannah KellyKansas City Regional Association of Realtors$500.00
09/03/2019Lavender For State SenateMichael McCallum$500.00
09/03/2019St. Charles County Association of REALTORS Political Action CommitteeMissouri Realtors Pac, Inc.$3,444.60
09/03/2019St. Charles County Association of REALTORS Political Action CommitteeMissouri Realtors Pac, Inc.$4,750.00
09/03/2019Citizens To Elect Doug RicheyCarol Remy$500.00
09/03/2019CITIZENS FOR SCHATZMBA River Heritage PAC$2,500.00
09/03/2019CITIZENS FOR SCHATZMO Cable PAC$1,000.00
09/03/2019Scott Sifton For MissouriJeffrey Singer$500.00
09/03/2019Scott Sifton For MissouriThe Sumner Law Group$1,000.00
09/03/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateMBA PONY EXPRESS REGION PAC$1,000.00
09/03/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateAmerican Family Insurance Missouri Political Action Committee$1,000.00
09/03/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateThe Madison PAC$2,500.00
09/03/2019Page For MissouriUFCW LOCAL 655 ELECT POLITICAL FUND$2,600.00
09/03/2019It Starts Today MissouriProgressive Multiplier Action Fund$15,000.00
09/03/2019Missourians For Mike CierpiotMAPAC$500.00
09/03/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriMichael Stewart$2,000.00
09/03/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriAudrey Horne$1,000.00
09/03/2019Citizens For Dan StacyMichael Smith$1,000.00
09/03/2019Jobs with Justice Ballot FundSusan Talve$500.00
09/03/2019Missourians For ShieldsHealthPAC$2,000.00
09/03/2019IBEW Local 53 Voluntary Political FundIBEW Local 53$4,000.00
09/03/2019CONSULTING ENGINEERS COUNCIL OF MO- PACOates Associates, Inc.$1,000.00
09/03/2019Missourians for HealthcareProspects for Missouri$396,465.64
09/03/2019Spirit of MissouriMISSOURI SOYBEAN ASSOCIATION$7,500.00
09/03/2019Vote 2020Missouri NEA$10,000.00
09/03/2019Nexus PACMcCormack Baron Salazar, Inc.$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 09/02/2019

09/02/2019Citizens For Derek GrierMO CPA PAC$500.00
09/02/2019LABOR'S EDUCATION AND POLITICAL CLUB INDEPENDENT CORPORATIONGreater KC Building & Trades Commission$1,250.00
09/02/2019Elad Gross For MissouriSarah Rose$500.00
09/02/2019Lavender For State SenateRobert Rothschild Jr.$500.00
09/02/2019Friends Of Andrew KoenigSpire PAC$1,500.00
09/02/2019Friends Of Andrew KoenigMO Soybean Association State PAC (MO SoyPAC)$1,000.00
09/02/2019Friends Of Andrew KoenigMO Optometric PAC$500.00
09/02/2019Friends Of Andrew KoenigMo AC & Mechanical Contractors PAC$500.00
09/02/2019Friends Of Andrew KoenigMissouri Senior PAC$1,500.00
09/02/2019Friends Of Andrew KoenigDealers Interested in Government$1,000.00
09/02/2019Missouri Chiropractors PACKelley Kirchner$1,190.00
09/02/2019Missouri Chiropractors PACBrian McIntyre$1,630.00

Contribution Date: 09/01/2019

09/01/2019Citizens for Good GovernmentWright City Fire$620.00
09/01/2019Committee To Elect Keri IngleALLIANCE FOR PROGRESS LLC$500.00
09/01/2019Friends Of JusticeMissouri Optometric Association$500.00
09/01/2019Pitman For MissouriMissouri United$500.00
09/01/2019Citizens For Dan StacyKenda Tomes$500.00
09/01/2019Megan Green For St LouisSommer Property Investments$900.00
09/01/2019CL PACDavid Steward$100,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/31/2019

08/31/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeDAVID DOLAN$2,500.00
08/31/2019Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes PACKathryn Allen$750.00
08/31/2019CITIZENS FOR SCHATZMO Senior PAC$1,500.00
08/31/2019Keep Government AccountableAnne Watt$500.00
08/31/2019Teamsters Local Union 541 Political Action FundTeamsters Local Union 541$2,746.97
08/31/2019MLPA Legislative FundMURPHY TRACTOR & EQUIPMENT CO INC$1,250.00
08/31/2019MLPA Legislative FundCT Fike Co$600.00
08/31/2019HCA MISSOURI GOOD GOVERNMENT FUNDMidAmerica Division Office$50,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/30/2019

08/30/2019WIELAND NOWMOSFA PAC INC$2,500.00
08/30/2019Citizens 4 Dr. Lisa ThomasDr Lisa Thomas$9,000.00
08/30/2019Citizens 4 Dr. Lisa ThomasRep Dr Keith Frederick$500.00
08/30/2019Freedom of Road Riders-PACLocal 24$748.41
08/30/2019Schmitt For MissouriJEANETTE PRENGER$1,500.00
08/30/2019Schmitt For MissouriTHOMAS BROWN$500.00
08/30/2019Schmitt For MissouriJ. Brett Gordon$1,500.00
08/30/2019Schmitt For MissouriKansas City Southern Employee PAC$1,000.00
08/30/2019Schmitt For MissouriWarren K. Erdman$1,650.00
08/30/2019Committee To Elect ReedJeff Rainford$1,000.00
08/30/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurShamrock PAC$2,500.00
08/30/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurMo TRUCK PAC$1,500.00
08/30/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurMissouri American Water Employees PAC$750.00
08/30/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurMAPAC$500.00
08/30/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurBuilders' Association Political Action Committee$1,000.00
08/30/2019Stephens For State RepSupporters of Health Research & Treatments$2,000.00
08/30/2019Stephens For State RepA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
08/30/2019Stephens For State RepLiving Well PAC$500.00
08/30/2019Stephens For State RepAmerican Hospital Association$2,000.00
08/30/2019Beck For MissouriBob Fox$500.00
08/30/2019Beck For MissouriJoseph Tiernan$2,500.00
08/30/2019Friends Of Mary Elizabeth ColemanCheyeene International, LLC$1,000.00
08/30/2019Bondon For MissouriMissouri Medical Political Action Committee$2,500.00
08/30/2019STL ApprovesDylan Hirsch-Shell$1,000.00
08/30/2019Lavender For State SenateJulia Mauldin$500.00
08/30/2019Truth in CampaignsCheyenne International$2,000.00
08/30/2019Pitman For MissouriCheyenne International LLC$500.00
08/30/2019CITIZENS FOR SCHATZDealers Interested In Govt$1,000.00
08/30/2019Friends Of Lane RobertsViceroy PAC$500.00
08/30/2019AGC of MO PACMcCarthy Building Companies$500.00
08/30/2019MO COALITION FOR FAIR COMPETITIONSheet Metal Workers Local 36$500.00
08/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriMichael Favilla$2,000.00
08/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriJohn Richardson$2,000.00
08/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriJames Huss$2,000.00
08/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriSarah Burns$1,000.00
08/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriSheri Ewing$1,000.00
08/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriScott Lincoln$1,000.00
08/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriEric Johnson$1,000.00
08/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriMICHAEL MARTIN$1,000.00
08/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriKaren & John John$1,000.00
08/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriRandy Vontz$1,000.00
08/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriBranson Wood$1,000.00
08/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriCharles Van Dyke$1,000.00
08/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriMatthew Devoti$500.00
08/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriDan Ball$500.00
08/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriWilliam Koenigsdorf$500.00
08/30/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriRichard Dowd$500.00
08/30/2019Franklin County Leadership PACCasey's General Store$500.00
08/30/2019Franklin County Leadership PACKansas City Live LLC$2,500.00
08/30/2019Franklin County Leadership PACBPV Holdings Blk 350$2,500.00
08/30/2019Friends For Ryana Parks-ShawMissourians for Effective Leadership PAC$1,500.00
08/30/2019MLPA Legislative FundConstruction & Aggregate Products Inc$1,250.00
08/30/2019Megan Green For St LouisJacob Lyonfields$1,500.00
08/30/2019Megan Green For St LouisSharayln Saks$1,000.00
08/30/2019Citizens 4 Dr. Lisa ThomasLisa Thomas$9,000.00
08/30/2019HealthPACQuality Healthcare Committee for$7,300.00
08/30/2019HealthPACCommittee for Quality Healthcare$7,300.00
08/30/2019Missouri Leadership ForumCraftsmen Management, LLC$15,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/29/2019

08/29/2019Committee To Elect John BlackPolitical Action Committee for Health Care$2,000.00
08/29/2019Committee To Elect John BlackWPG PAC$500.00
08/29/2019Citizens 4 Dr. Lisa ThomasDr Lisa Thomas$1,000.00
08/29/2019Skelton for MissouriDana Sandweiss$500.00
08/29/2019Friends of David ColeMO Assoc. of Nurse Anesthetists Political Action Committee$500.00
08/29/2019Friends of David ColeA BETTER MISSOURI$750.00
08/29/2019Friends of David ColePT-PAC OF MISSOURI$500.00
08/29/2019Romine For SenatePT PAC of Missouri$500.00
08/29/2019Romine For SenateMO Assn Nurse Anesthetists PAC$500.00
08/29/2019Romine For SenateBetter Missouri$500.00
08/29/2019Friends For Jered TaylorMissouri Hospital Association PAC$1,000.00
08/29/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeWilliam Holekamp$2,650.00
08/29/2019Cupps for HouseYoung Guns Missouri PAC$1,000.00
08/29/2019House Victory CommitteeByron Delear$500.00
08/29/2019House Victory CommitteeDes Peres Physical Therapy$500.00
08/29/2019House Victory CommitteeRyan Zeigur$500.00
08/29/2019Citizens To Elect Bruce DegrootCheyenne International LLC$1,000.00
08/29/2019Citizens To Elect Bruce DegrootViceroy PAC$600.00
08/29/2019Citizens To Elect Bruce DegrootAGC of MO Pac$500.00
08/29/2019Parson For MissouriDalton Wright$1,000.00
08/29/2019Parson For MissouriMark Windsor$2,000.00
08/29/2019Parson For MissouriBrennon Willard$1,000.00
08/29/2019Parson For MissouriBradley Willard$2,600.00
08/29/2019Parson For MissouriJames Stuever$500.00
08/29/2019Parson For MissouriMargaret Russell$1,000.00
08/29/2019Parson For MissouriKim Russell$1,000.00
08/29/2019Parson For MissouriDoug Russell$1,600.00
08/29/2019Parson For MissouriRobert North$500.00
08/29/2019Parson For MissouriLarry Newman$1,000.00
08/29/2019Parson For MissouriRichard Morris$500.00
08/29/2019Parson For MissouriJason Mayer$500.00
08/29/2019Parson For MissouriCarl Lowe$1,000.00
08/29/2019Parson For MissouriStephen Ehrhardt$1,000.00
08/29/2019Parson For MissouriDarwin Edwards$500.00
08/29/2019Parson For MissouriSteven Carr$1,000.00
08/29/2019Parson For MissouriJim Carr$2,600.00
08/29/2019Parson For MissouriGeorge Carr$1,000.00
08/29/2019Parson For MissouriJudith Benage$1,000.00
08/29/2019Parson For MissouriNakhle Asmar$500.00
08/29/2019Parson For MissouriRandy Anast$500.00
08/29/2019Beck For MissouriUnited Transportation Union Political Action Committee$1,000.00
08/29/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncFriends of Nick Schroer$16,800.00
08/29/2019Friends Of Curtis TrentA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
08/29/2019Friends Of Sandy CrawfordMO HOSPITAL ASSN PAC HEALTHPAC$2,500.00
08/29/2019Committee To Elect Keri IngleShamrock PAC$500.00
08/29/2019Sain For MissouriMissouri SMART TD PAC$500.00
08/29/2019Friends of Trish GunbyPlumbers and Pipefitters 562 Political Education Fund$500.00
08/29/2019Friends of Trish GunbyPete Werner$1,000.00
08/29/2019Lavender For State SenateUTU PAC$1,000.00
08/29/2019Lavender For State SenateCommunication Workers of America Local 6300 District 6 Committee On Political Education (CWA-COPE$500.00
08/29/2019Missouri UnitedThe Healing Center LLC$1,000.00
08/29/2019Missouri UnitedCuro Group, LLC$500.00
08/29/2019Missouri UnitedCharter Communications$2,000.00
08/29/2019Missouri UnitedALLIANCE FOR PROGRESS LLC$2,500.00
08/29/2019CITIZENS FOR SCHATZMO Soybean Assn State PAC$1,000.00
08/29/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateMissouri Realtors PAC$500.00
08/29/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateCommittee for Quality Healthcare$1,000.00
08/29/2019Citizens For MurphyMissouri Realtors PAC$500.00
08/29/2019Page For MissouriIron Workers Local No. 396 Voluntary Fund$2,600.00
08/29/2019MAJORITY FORWARDMO Optometric PAC$1,000.00
08/29/2019MAJORITY FORWARDHeat & Frost Insulators Local 1 Political Fund$2,000.00
08/29/2019Lyda Krewson for MayorPlumbing Industry Council Local PAC$1,000.00
08/29/2019CITIZENS FOR CRYSTAL QUADEMO Optometric PAC$1,000.00
08/29/2019CITIZENS FOR CRYSTAL QUADEMissouri American Water Employees PAC$1,000.00
08/29/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriJM Lecointre$1,000.00
08/29/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriBelinda Fender$500.00
08/29/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriThomas Schneider$500.00
08/29/2019Missourians For ShieldsShamrock PAC$500.00
08/29/2019Regional Leadership PACMACFPD Campaign$5,000.00
08/29/2019Friends Of Steve HelmsWPG PAC$500.00
08/29/2019HealthPACAlan Greimann$700.00
08/29/2019Midwest Region Laborers' Political League Education FundLaborers Supplemental Dues Fund$8,377.46

Contribution Date: 08/28/2019

08/28/2019Missouri Senior PACPhoenix Home Care$5,500.00
08/28/2019Southeast Missouri Conservatives PACVANNESS ORTHOPEDICS & SPORTS MEDICINE INC$500.00
08/28/2019Southeast Missouri Conservatives PACMissouri State Council Fire Fighters PAC$1,000.00
08/28/2019Southeast Missouri Conservatives PACNEW ERA BANK$500.00
08/28/2019Southeast Missouri Conservatives PACSAM SCISM MOTORS INC$500.00
08/28/2019Southeast Missouri Conservatives PACMark Windsor$500.00
08/28/2019Southeast Missouri Conservatives PACHealthcare Leadership Committee$500.00
08/28/2019Lucas For KCTimothy Dunn$1,000.00
08/28/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCJillian Butler$780.00
08/28/2019Committee for KC JobsRau Construction$1,000.00
08/28/2019Committee for KC JobsRouse Frets White Goss Gentile Rhodes, PC$1,000.00
08/28/2019Committee for KC JobsSprint$5,000.00
08/28/2019Plocher For MissouriAMECPAC$500.00
08/28/2019Missouri Growth PACPhoenix Home Care$5,500.00
08/28/2019Patrons Of Jeff PorterAMECPAC$500.00
08/28/2019Patrons Of Jeff PorterNexus PAC$1,000.00
08/28/2019Hirth for JudgeMary Ann Franks$500.00
08/28/2019Friends Of Rob VescovoMO Majority PAC$2,000.00
08/28/2019Friends Of Rob VescovoMissouri Growth PAC$2,000.00
08/28/2019Friends Of Rob VescovoMissouri C PAC$2,000.00
08/28/2019Friends Of Rob VescovoMissouri Senior PAC$2,000.00
08/28/2019Friends Of Rob VescovoMissouri AG PAC$2,000.00
08/28/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoePAUL MCKEE$500.00
08/28/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeDonald McGinnitey$1,000.00
08/28/2019Committee To Elect ReedEastern Missouri Laborers'$2,000.00
08/28/2019House Victory CommitteeMO Optometric PAC$3,500.00
08/28/2019House Victory CommitteeHEALTH SYSTEMS INC$5,000.00
08/28/2019House Victory CommitteeMO COUNCIL OF SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS PAC$1,500.00
08/28/2019House Victory CommitteeEnterprise Holdings Inc PAC$5,000.00
08/28/2019House Victory CommitteeSarah Unsicker for State Representative$500.00
08/28/2019House Victory CommitteeMissouri American Water Employees PAC$1,000.00
08/28/2019House Victory CommitteeAGC of MO Pac$3,500.00
08/28/2019Missouri C PACPhoenix Home Care$5,500.00
08/28/2019Parson For MissouriRobert D. Blitz$2,650.00
08/28/2019Parson For MissouriHBS MO State PAC$1,000.00
08/28/2019Beck For MissouriSheet Metal Workers International Association Local Union 36 Political Education Account$500.00
08/28/2019Bondon For MissouriShamrock PAC$2,500.00
08/28/2019Bondon For MissouriMo TRUCK PAC$500.00
08/28/2019Bondon For MissouriMA PAC$500.00
08/28/2019Bondon For MissouriMissouri Optometric PAC$500.00
08/28/2019theLOUpacAnheuser-Busch Companies$15,000.00
08/28/2019Friends of Kim LinharesMichael Urban$500.00
08/28/2019Citizens To Elect GrayIron Workers Local No. 396$2,600.00
08/28/2019Citizens For Karla MayMichael Polsky$2,500.00
08/28/2019Missouri A/C and Mechanical ContractorsMark IV Refrigeration$500.00
08/28/2019Missouri A/C and Mechanical ContractorsKeeven Heating & Cooling$2,000.00
08/28/2019Missouri A/C and Mechanical ContractorsBudget Heating, Cooling and Plumbing$1,000.00
08/28/2019Missouri A/C and Mechanical ContractorsAll Air Systems Heating and Cooling$1,000.00
08/28/2019FRIENDS OF HOLLY REHDERAugust A. Busch III$2,500.00
08/28/2019FRIENDS OF HOLLY REHDERFEAPAC of Missouri$1,000.00
08/28/2019Citizens For Jeff ColemanShamrock PAC$500.00
08/28/2019Citizens For Jeff ColemanVictory PAC$1,000.00
08/28/2019MO Majority PAC LLCPhoenix Home Care$5,500.00
08/28/2019MISSOURI SENATE CAMPAIGN COMMITTEEGeneral Motors Company PAC$2,500.00
08/28/2019MISSOURI SENATE CAMPAIGN COMMITTEEJE Dunn Construction Company$2,500.00
08/28/2019Association of MO Electric Cooperatives (AMEC PAC)Northeast Missouri Electric Power Cooperative$5,000.00
08/28/2019American Dream PACCURO GROUP LLC$500.00
08/28/2019Lyda Krewson for MayorRabbi Susan Talve$500.00
08/28/2019Lyda Krewson for MayorAmy Levin$1,000.00
08/28/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriDana Sandweiss$2,500.00
08/28/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriAndrew Williams$2,000.00
08/28/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriTimothy Thompson$2,000.00
08/28/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriRebecca Nelson$500.00
08/28/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriSal Hernandez$500.00
08/28/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriMarty and Emily Seaton$500.00
08/28/2019Boggs for MissouriTaylor Fitzgerald$1,200.00
08/28/2019Nexus PACMotacann Corporation$4,000.00
08/28/2019Missouri AG PACPhoenix Home Care$5,500.00
08/28/2019theLOUpacAnheuser Busch Companes$15,000.00
08/28/2019American Property Casualty Insurance Association Political AccountAmerican Property Casualty Insurance Association$126,332.00
08/28/2019Nexus PACInvenergy LLC$20,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/27/2019

08/27/2019Citizens For Lakeysha BosleyMO Association of Nurse Anesthetists$500.00
08/27/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrPolitical Action Committee for Health$2,650.00
08/27/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrSHC PAC$2,500.00
08/27/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrPT-PAC OF MISSOURI$500.00
08/27/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrMO ASSOCIATION OF NURSE ANESTHETISTS PAC$500.00
08/27/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrA BETTER MO PAC$1,000.00
08/27/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrMissouri First$1,000.00
08/27/2019Missouri Democratic State CommitteeEnterprise Holdings, Inc. PAC$10,000.00
08/27/2019Missouri Democratic State CommitteePipe Fitters Local Union 533 Volunteer Pol Fund$900.00
08/27/2019Missouri Democratic State CommitteeLabor's Educational & Political Club$500.00
08/27/2019Missouri Democratic State CommitteeDebra Carnahan 4 St. Louis$500.00
08/27/2019Missouri Democratic State CommitteePowerful Performance Solutions. LLC$750.00
08/27/2019Missouri Democratic State CommitteeDemocratic Campaign Committee Of St. Louis$1,500.00
08/27/2019Missouri Democratic State CommitteeMissouri AFL-CIO COPE$2,500.00
08/27/2019Missouri Democratic State CommitteeTeamsters Local Union No 541$700.00
08/27/2019Missouri Democratic State CommitteeBaker for Missouri$750.00
08/27/2019Lucas For KCGordon Lansford$1,000.00
08/27/2019Lucas For KCMatt Roney$1,000.00
08/27/2019Lucas For KC19th and Oak LLC$3,325.00
08/27/2019Friends of David ColeMissouri C PAC$500.00
08/27/2019Show Me Leadership PACProtect Missouri Workers PAC$2,500.00
08/27/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeKatie Snider$2,600.00
08/27/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoePatrick Dean$1,000.00
08/27/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeBARBARA TAYLOR$2,650.00
08/27/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeAndrew C. Taylor$2,650.00
08/27/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMichael Moehn$1,000.00
08/27/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeWarner Baxter$2,650.00
08/27/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeStacy Schicker$2,600.00
08/27/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeCarlo Merlo III$2,500.00
08/27/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMICHAEL BROWN$1,000.00
08/27/2019House Victory CommitteeMBA RIVER HERITAGE REGION PAC$500.00
08/27/2019House Victory CommitteeMBA GATEWAY REGION PAC$500.00
08/27/2019House Victory CommitteeMBA MARK TWAIN REGION PAC$500.00
08/27/2019House Victory CommitteeMBA PONY EXPRESS REGION PAC$500.00
08/27/2019House Victory CommitteeMBA TRUMAN REGION PAC$500.00
08/27/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurRosana Privitera Biondo$1,000.00
08/27/2019Beck For MissouriNancy Grove$2,500.00
08/27/2019Beck For MissouriSHC PAC$2,500.00
08/27/2019Friends Of Curtis TrentMO ASSOCIATION OF NURSE ANESTHETISTS PAC$500.00
08/27/2019Citizens For Jake ZimmermanSHC PAC$2,500.00
08/27/2019Dirk Deaton For MissouriViceroy PAC$2,000.00
08/27/2019IBEW Local 1464 CopeKansas City Power & Light Company$1,062.50
08/27/2019Committee To Elect Paula BrownProtect Missouri Workers PAC$500.00
08/27/2019Friends Of Eric BurlisonMO Optometric PAC$1,000.00
08/27/2019Friends Of Hannah KellyLiving Well PAC$2,000.00
08/27/2019Friends Of Hannah KellyPT-PAC OF MISSOURI$500.00
08/27/2019Friends Of Hannah KellyMAONA PAC$500.00
08/27/2019Lavender For State SenateSHC PAC$1,000.00
08/27/2019DougPacHealth Systems, Inc.$5,000.00
08/27/2019Committee To Elect Pierson JrCITIZENS FOR NEW HEALTHCARE CONCEPTS$1,000.00
08/27/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateAndy Taylor$2,500.00
08/27/2019Uniting Missouri PACTriad Bank$5,000.00
08/27/2019Uniting Missouri PACRockwood Management Corporation$5,000.00
08/27/2019Uniting Missouri PACCentral Missouri Physical Therapy$5,000.00
08/27/2019Uniting Missouri PACRepublic Services Inc$2,500.00
08/27/2019Uniting Missouri PACHUSCH BLACKWELL STRATEGIES$1,500.00
08/27/2019Uniting Missouri PACMissouri Growth PAC$1,500.00
08/27/2019JEFF HARRIS FOR CIRCUIT JUDGEPaul Redfearn III$500.00
08/27/2019Keep Government AccountableLawrence Friedman$500.00
08/27/2019Keep Government AccountableThomas Litz$1,000.00
08/27/2019Keep Government AccountableKELLY SCHOEMEHL$500.00
08/27/2019Keep Government AccountableThomas Minogue$1,000.00
08/27/2019Keep Government AccountableRichard Waidmann$1,000.00
08/27/2019Keep Government AccountableLiz Blackwell$500.00
08/27/2019Keep Government AccountableThompson Coburn LLP$7,500.00
08/27/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriAmy Levin$2,650.00
08/27/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriJoseph Tiernan$2,600.00
08/27/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriTaylor Kerns$2,600.00
08/27/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriDavid Patterson Silver Wolf$2,150.00
08/27/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriTodd Gampp$2,000.00
08/27/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriDrew Sealey$2,000.00
08/27/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriSusan Rothschild$1,000.00
08/27/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriSusan Block$1,000.00
08/27/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriMary and Mike Chiles$1,000.00
08/27/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriKara Turner and Robert Newmark$1,000.00
08/27/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriRon Weil$500.00
08/27/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriNorman K. Womer$500.00
08/27/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriGarrett Webb$500.00
08/27/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriJohn Kalishman$500.00
08/27/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriRobert Endicott$500.00
08/27/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriBrady and Anne Deaton$500.00
08/27/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriMargo McNeil$500.00
08/27/2019Vote for MihalevichTONY FEATHER$500.00
08/27/2019Vote for MihalevichLee and Sherri Wilbers$500.00
08/27/2019Vote for MihalevichRick and Julie Prather$500.00
08/27/2019Vote for MihalevichDebra Brown$500.00
08/27/2019SPRINKLER FITTERS LOCAL #314 POLITICAL FUNDSprinkler Fitters Local 314$1,096.48
08/27/2019BOLD PACO'Reilly Auto Parts$500.00
08/27/2019BOLD PACMed-Pay Inc$1,500.00
08/27/2019BOLD PACSun Solar LLC$2,500.00
08/27/2019BOLD PACGild Corporation$500.00
08/27/2019Regional Leadership PACMACFPD Campaign$5,000.00
08/27/2019Citizens for OwenMBA OZARK REGION PAC$1,000.00
08/27/2019Citizens for OwenMBA RIVER HERITAGE REGION PAC$1,500.00
08/27/2019Crawford County Republican Central CommitteeHealth Care Leadership$500.00
08/27/2019Missouri Democratic State CommitteeEnterprise Holdings, Inc. Political Action Committee$10,000.00
08/27/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncBurns & McDonnell$30,000.00
08/27/2019Missouri Senior PACPhoenix Home Care$5,500.00
08/27/2019Missouri C PACPhoenix Home Care$5,500.00
08/27/2019House Victory CommitteeHCA MISSOURI GOOD GOVERNMENT FUND$7,500.00
08/27/2019MO Majority PAC LLCPhoenix Home Care$5,500.00
08/27/2019American Dream PACMISSOURI SOYBEAN ASSOCIATION$10,000.00
08/27/2019Missouri Growth PACPhoenix Home Care$5,500.00
08/27/2019Missouri Leadership ForumThe Larson Group, Inc.$15,000.00
08/27/2019BOLD PACDrury Development Corporation$7,400.00
08/27/2019BOLD PACViceroy PAC$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/26/2019

08/26/2019Ashcroft For MissouriTracy Mitchell$500.00
08/26/2019Sonya Murray Anderson For MissouriLathrop & Gage$500.00
08/26/2019Friends Of Richard BrownSupporters of Health Research & Treatments$500.00
08/26/2019Citizens For Tishaura O JonesKOPLAR PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LLC$1,500.00
08/26/2019Citizens For Tishaura O JonesFIRE RETIREES$500.00
08/26/2019Citizens For Tishaura O JonesCommerce Bancshares PAC$750.00
08/26/2019Citizens For Tishaura O JonesSt. Louis Ass'n of Realtors PAC$1,000.00
08/26/2019Lucas For KCLisa Garney$3,325.00
08/26/2019Lucas For KCJimmy Frantze$1,000.00
08/26/2019Lucas For KCKelley Hrabe$1,000.00
08/26/2019Lucas For KCCharles Atwell$500.00
08/26/2019Lucas For KCThomas Whittaker$1,000.00
08/26/2019Lucas For KCNathaniel Hagedorn$3,325.00
08/26/2019Lucas For KCJERRY RIFFEL$1,000.00
08/26/2019Lucas For KCPowerful Performance Solutions LLC$1,000.00
08/26/2019Lucas For KCHusch Blackwell LLP$500.00
08/26/2019Lucas For KCHARDWICK LAW FIRM LLC$1,000.00
08/26/2019Lucas For KCGreater Kansas City AFL-CIO$1,000.00
08/26/2019Lucas For KCMcCownGordon PAC$1,000.00
08/26/2019Lucas For KCGreater Kansas City Building & Construction Trades Council PAC$500.00
08/26/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCEast Central Board Of REALTORS$1,000.00
08/26/2019Citizens For HoskinsMO DSV PAC$1,000.00
08/26/2019Citizens For HoskinsMOSFA PAC$2,500.00
08/26/2019Citizens For HoskinsAMECPAC$500.00
08/26/2019Plocher For MissouriAaron Baker$1,000.00
08/26/2019Citizens For Derek GrierGeorge Capps$500.00
08/26/2019Good Government for MissouriGerry Greiman$1,000.00
08/26/2019Citizens to Elect Kurtis GregoryBRIAN MILES$1,000.00
08/26/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeDavid Seibel$500.00
08/26/2019Tim Lohmar For Prosecuting AttorneyBurke Wulff Luber Crosby & Briscoe$700.00
08/26/2019Beck For MissouriSupporters of Health Research & Treatments$2,000.00
08/26/2019Missouri Coin Operators Association PACACI dba Amusement Concepts Inc.$1,250.00
08/26/2019Missouri Coin Operators Association PACVENDING ENTERPRISES, INC. DBA MIDWEST ENTERPRISES$1,125.00
08/26/2019Missouri Coin Operators Association PACO.K. Novelty Co., Inc.$925.00
08/26/2019Missouri Coin Operators Association PACBFC Enterprises, Inc.$1,150.00
08/26/2019MO Insurance Coalition PACAuto Club Enterprises$600.00
08/26/2019Jamison for MissouriRichard Rhyne$500.00
08/26/2019Lavender For State SenateByron Delear$500.00
08/26/2019Springfield Good Government CommitteeBass Pro Shops$743.00
08/26/2019GREATER KC BLDG & CONSTRUCTION TRADES-PECGreater Kansas City Building Trades Council - Member Dues$2,890.82
08/26/2019Scott Sifton For MissouriMANDEL & MANDEL LLP$1,000.00
08/26/2019Scott Sifton For MissouriMichael Polsky$2,500.00
08/26/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateSupporters of Health Research and Treatment$2,000.00
08/26/2019Friends of Jamilah NasheedSupporters of Health Research & Treatments$2,500.00
08/26/2019Page For MissouriSupporters of Health Research & Treatments$500.00
08/26/2019Page For MissouriPlumbers and Pipefitters Local 562 Political Education Fund$2,000.00
08/26/2019Viceroy PACGolden Entertainment$30,000.00
08/26/2019Uniting Missouri PACSusan Eckelkamp$2,500.00
08/26/2019St. Louis Progress3G Investments$1,500.00
08/26/2019St. Louis ProgressSCD Investments 6$2,500.00
08/26/2019St. Louis ProgressMBE Environmental Solutions$1,500.00
08/26/2019Keep Government AccountableDonna Smith$500.00
08/26/2019Keep Government AccountableTimothy Stern$5,000.00
08/26/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriDaniel Blouin$2,000.00
08/26/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriKenneth Danzinger$2,000.00
08/26/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriDeborah Rosenthal$2,000.00
08/26/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriPaul Kalsbeek$1,000.00
08/26/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriTruman Allen$1,000.00
08/26/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriJames Carman$500.00
08/26/2019FRIENDS OF WAYNE WALLINGFORDJerry Stone$500.00
08/26/2019Associated Industries of Missouri Political Action CommitteeEnterprise Holdings, Inc. PAC$5,000.00
08/26/2019CWA-COPE Political Contributions Federal CommitteeCommunications Workers of America- COPE PCC$2,660.00
08/26/2019No Bans on ChoiceACLU of Missouri$10,208.38
08/26/2019Viceroy PACGolden Entertainment$10,000.00
08/26/2019Viceroy PACGolden Entertainment$20,000.00
08/26/2019Keep Government AccountableThompson Coburn LLP$7,500.00

Contribution Date: 08/25/2019

08/25/2019Michelle Sherod for St. LouisLacinda Thornton$500.00
08/25/2019Citizens For Tishaura O JonesSt Louis Fire Fighter PAC Local 73$500.00
08/25/2019Lucas For KCWESLEY FIELDS$500.00
08/25/2019Missouri Federation of College RepublicansTimothy Drury - PRIMARY$500.00
08/25/2019Citizens to Elect Kurtis GregoryMargaret Topel$500.00
08/25/2019Lavender For State SenateBob Fox$500.00
08/25/2019Lavender For State SenateMarjory Russell$500.00
08/25/2019Friends Of Jeff KnightThe Grote Group LLC$500.00
08/25/2019Friends Of Jeff KnightMissouri American Water Employees PAC$500.00
08/25/2019Friends Of Jeff KnightMissouri Beer Wholesalers Association$750.00
08/25/2019Keep Government AccountableLynn Chipperfield$1,000.00
08/25/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriSuzanne Schoomer$500.00

Contribution Date: 08/24/2019

08/24/2019Lucas For KCRobert Saltsman$1,500.00
08/24/2019MO PODIATRY PACSherie Anderson$500.00
08/24/2019MO PODIATRY PACDan Park$1,000.00
08/24/2019MO PODIATRY PACPatrick McShane$500.00
08/24/2019Citizens For SpencerMHA PAC for Health$500.00
08/24/2019Friends of Rex LarsonEd Fowler$500.00
08/24/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriSteve Stroade$1,000.00
08/24/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriDaniel Blegen$1,000.00
08/24/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriRyan Murphy$1,000.00
08/24/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriMargaret Holly$500.00
08/24/2019Vote for MihalevichMichael and Claudia Kehoe$500.00

Contribution Date: 08/23/2019

08/23/2019Ashcroft For MissouriPfizer Missouri PAC$1,000.00
08/23/201929th Senate District Leadership PACBattery Outfitters, Inc.$2,000.00
08/23/2019Committee To Elect Doug ClemensCommunication Workers of America COPE$750.00
08/23/2019WIELAND NOWShelter Ins MO State PAC$500.00
08/23/2019Committee To Elect Robert SaulsIron workers Local 10$500.00
08/23/2019St Louis Police Officers Assoc PACSt. Louis Police Officers Association$3,000.00
08/23/2019Lucas For KCRandal Romack$500.00
08/23/2019Lucas For KCJohn David EK$1,500.00
08/23/2019Lucas For KCStephen Dunn$1,000.00
08/23/2019Schmitt For MissouriJohn Beem$1,000.00
08/23/2019Maggie Nurrenbern for MissouriEmily Dixon$1,900.00
08/23/2019Friends Of Rory RowlandCredit Union Pac$1,000.00
08/23/2019Fitzpatrick For MissouriSOUTHWEST MISSOURI LEADERSHIP PAC$2,000.00
08/23/2019Fitzpatrick For MissouriViolet Corbett$500.00
08/23/2019Fitzpatrick For MissouriKAY HOFLANDER$500.00
08/23/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurMissouri State Council of Fire Fighters PAC$1,000.00
08/23/2019Missourians for a Responsible BudgetCURO GROUP LLC$500.00
08/23/2019Mike Moon For MissouriKurt Hellweg$1,000.00
08/23/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCitizens for Ross$600.00
08/23/2019Dottie Bailey For MissouriMO Independent Bankers Assoc PAC$500.00
08/23/2019Friends Of Curtis TrentMissouri State Council of Fire Fighters PAC$500.00
08/23/2019McGirl For State RepJim Robart$500.00
08/23/2019Lavender For State SenateGeorge Mitchell$500.00
08/23/2019Missouri A/C and Mechanical ContractorsSt. Louis Heating & Air Conditioning$2,000.00
08/23/2019Team ClancyKate Casas$500.00
08/23/2019Scott Sifton For MissouriOrtwerth Law LLC$1,000.00
08/23/2019Keep Government AccountableRose Sokol$500.00
08/23/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriTroy Doles$1,000.00
08/23/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriDon Dagenais$750.00
08/23/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriDK Hirner$500.00
08/23/2019CWA-COPE Political Contributions Federal CommitteeCommunications Workers of America- COPE PCC$2,250.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACKelly Hunt$555.56
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACDaniel Artone$714.29
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACAndrew Dolloph$500.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACERIN BARNHOUSE$500.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACDaniel Roth$1,000.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACCHRISTOPHER WEIMER$1,300.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACPAUL EVON$555.56
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACJoseph Cardello$714.29
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMichelle Kay$500.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACJEFFREY KROGEN$625.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACDAVID SHOOP$625.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACPHILLIP LAY$555.56
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACAlan Kahn$555.56
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMARK MCDARIS$555.56
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACScott Skarstad$555.56
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACBRYAN CALLOWAY$714.29
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACBrett Frazee$500.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACKevin Morrissey$500.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMICHAEL GERGES$500.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACSTEPHEN MCNAIR$625.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACNATONYA DEMULLING$500.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACJOSEPH PESANSKY$714.29
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACEric Schonhoff$625.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACNATHAN NEES$500.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACRichard Russell$500.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACPETER FREY$500.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACJohn Wyatt$714.29
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACSusan Best$500.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACHoward Puterman$500.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACSCOTT LERCH$555.56
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACDOUGLAS COUGHLAN$625.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACCHARLES MASLIN$500.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACJeffrey Haughey$675.01
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACD. TURNER$555.56
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACDAVID LAMONTE$714.29
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMichael Humphrey$500.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACDavid Litzau$555.56
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACMICHAEL FILOMENA$625.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACSHAUN SHERMAN$625.00
08/23/2019Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PACCASEY BARNES$500.00
08/23/2019Mighty Missouri PACReal Missouri PAC$17,801.29

Contribution Date: 08/22/2019

08/22/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrMELISSA HOGAN$500.00
08/22/2019Lucas For KCOra Reynolds$1,000.00
08/22/2019Lucas For KCMark Ebbitts$500.00
08/22/2019Lucas For KCMilton Grin$1,000.00
08/22/2019Lucas For KCBill Gautreaux$2,000.00
08/22/2019Lucas For KCJEANETTE PRENGER$500.00
08/22/2019Lucas For KCMike White$1,325.00
08/22/2019Lucas For KCDavid Frantze$500.00
08/22/2019Lucas For KCLewis Rice LLC$1,000.00
08/22/2019Lucas For KCBricklayers & Allied Craftworkers$500.00
08/22/2019Lucas For KCBUILDERS ASSOCIATION PAC$1,000.00
08/22/2019Treece For MayorMike Burnam$500.00
08/22/2019Democratic Committee for Missouri 32nd Senatorial DistrictELLIOTT DENNISTON$4,443.00
08/22/2019Maggie Nurrenbern for MissouriChris Dixon$2,000.00
08/22/2019MO Republican PartySam Fox$5,000.00
08/22/2019MO Republican PartyFriends of Curtis Trent$500.00
08/22/2019MO Republican PartyWasinger For County Council$500.00
08/22/2019MO Republican PartyST LOUIS ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS$5,000.00
08/22/2019Missouri American Water Company Employees Political Action CommitteeO.J. Laughlin Plumbing Co.$2,500.00
08/22/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeJesse Bodine$2,000.00
08/22/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeBetty Conley$500.00
08/22/2019Tim Lohmar For Prosecuting AttorneyLennt Kagan$760.00
08/22/2019Citizens For RossMO Senior PAC$1,000.00
08/22/2019Friends Of Curtis TrentGORDON KINNE$500.00
08/22/2019McGirl For State RepDonald Becker$500.00
08/22/2019417 PACViceroy PAC$5,000.00
08/22/2019CITIZENS FOR ED EMERYMissouri Asso of Municipal Utilities$1,000.00
08/22/2019Friends of Trish GunbyJohn Simon$500.00
08/22/2019National Federation of Independent Business Missouri Political Action CommitteeDynamic Sales Co Inc$2,500.00
08/22/2019Scott Sifton For MissouriMargaret Simon$2,600.00
08/22/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateSandi Liechti$1,000.00
08/22/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateDavid Liechti$1,000.00
08/22/2019Keep Government AccountableSUSAN HENDIN$500.00
08/22/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriAnn Mesle$1,000.00
08/22/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriCindy Walker$1,000.00
08/22/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriLabor's Educational & Political Club Independent PAC$1,000.00
08/22/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriSharon Schattgen$1,000.00
08/22/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriDiane Levine$1,000.00
08/22/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriBrian & Holly Schafer$1,000.00
08/22/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriLee Naas$1,000.00
08/22/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriRichard King$1,000.00
08/22/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriMary Ann Shaw$500.00
08/22/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriJean Chase$500.00
08/22/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriJeff Schrag$500.00
08/22/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriMike Teel$500.00
08/22/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriThomas Stern$500.00
08/22/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriBarry T. Cervantes$500.00
08/22/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriJudy Putzel$500.00
08/22/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriKenneth Mares$500.00
08/22/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriRyan Furniss$500.00
08/22/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriGLENN KOENEN$500.00
08/22/2019Ozark Mountain Leadership PACCuro Group, LLC$500.00
08/22/2019MO DRIVE FUNDDRIVE Committee$5,000.00
08/22/2019HealthPACGenette Nicholas$500.00

Contribution Date: 08/21/2019

08/21/2019Team Clarence LibertyMemorial Chapels & Crematory$500.00
08/21/2019Committee To Elect Robert SaulsLocal 53 Voluntary Political Fund$1,000.00
08/21/2019Lucas For KCKevin Pistilli$1,000.00
08/21/2019Friends of David ColeStanley Kelly$500.00
08/21/2019Don't Tread on MO PACChouteau PAC$500.00
08/21/2019Southwest Missouri Patriot PACEllen Nichols$500.00
08/21/2019Friends Of Kathy SwanThe Grote Group LLC$500.00
08/21/2019Friends Of Kathy SwanEnterprise Holdings Inc PAC$500.00
08/21/2019Maggie Nurrenbern for MissouriIBEW Local 53 Voluntary Political Fund$500.00
08/21/2019Friends For Hardy BillingtonMissouri Independent Bankers Association PAC$500.00
08/21/2019Plocher For MissouriCHEYENNE$1,000.00
08/21/2019Plocher For MissouriAGC of MO Pac$1,000.00
08/21/2019Plocher For MissouriMO Majority PAC$1,000.00
08/21/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeKathryn Hoflander$500.00
08/21/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeDavid Hall$2,650.00
08/21/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeDon Hall Jr$2,650.00
08/21/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeDon Hall Sr$2,650.00
08/21/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMO Optometric PAC$1,000.00
08/21/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeTerrence Dunn$1,000.00
08/21/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeDon Vanderfeltz$500.00
08/21/2019Tim Lohmar For Prosecuting AttorneyJOHN KNUDSEN$560.00
08/21/2019Tim Lohmar For Prosecuting AttorneyWirecraft Manufacturing$560.00
08/21/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurLisa Pelofsky$500.00
08/21/2019Friends Of Mary Elizabeth ColemanLathrop Gage Consulting PAC$1,000.00
08/21/2019Citizens For SommerPolitical Action Committee for Health (HealthPAC)$500.00
08/21/2019Citizens For RossMissouri American Water Employees PAC$500.00
08/21/2019Friends Of Curtis TrentMissouri Podiatry Political Action Committee$500.00
08/21/2019Friends Of Curtis TrentXcaliber MO PAC$500.00
08/21/2019Springfield Good Government CommitteeThe Bank of Missouri$556.00
08/21/2019Committee To Elect Pierson JrCWA Local 6300$1,250.00
08/21/2019Committee To Elect Pierson JrSpire PAC$1,000.00
08/21/2019Committee To Elect Pierson JrPOL PAC$1,000.00
08/21/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateMissouri Independent Bankers Political Action Committee$500.00
08/21/2019Page For MissouriSheet Metal Workers International Association Local No. 36$2,000.00
08/21/2019Friends Of Jeff ShawanTruman Lemons$2,000.00
08/21/2019Uniting Missouri PACAnheuser-Busch Companies$1,050.00
08/21/2019Missourians For Mike CierpiotMHA PAC$500.00
08/21/2019Missourians For Mike CierpiotMHA PAC$1,000.00
08/21/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriShane Hampton$2,600.00
08/21/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriKimberly Olson$2,000.00
08/21/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriBridget Hoy$1,000.00
08/21/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriKen Dubinsky$1,000.00
08/21/2019Hy-Vee Employees PAC Federal Committee - MissouriHy-Vee, Inc. Employees PAC$17,550.00
08/21/2019Hy-Vee Employees PAC Federal Committee - MissouriHy-Vee, Inc. Employees PAC (I.D. 6282)$17,550.00
08/21/2019American Property Casualty Insurance Association Political AccountAmerican Property Casualty Insurance Association$80,510.00
08/21/2019Vote 2020Missouri Win$25,000.00
08/21/2019Believe in Life and Liberty - BILL PACRex A. Sinquefield$75,000.00
08/21/2019Keep Government AccountableIRON WORKERS LOCAL NO 10 POLITICAL ACTION FUND$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/20/2019

08/20/2019Citizens For Lakeysha BosleyA BETTER MISSOURI$500.00
08/20/2019Sonya Murray Anderson For MissouriCheyenne International LLC$1,000.00
08/20/2019Sonya Murray Anderson For MissouriMO Soybean PAC$500.00
08/20/2019Sonya Murray Anderson For MissouriViceroy PAC$1,000.00
08/20/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrMOFOP PAC$500.00
08/20/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrHal Higdon$500.00
08/20/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrRudolph Veit$1,500.00
08/20/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrMichael Stephens$1,000.00
08/20/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrMO Soybean Association State PAC (MO SoyPAC)$1,000.00
08/20/2019Citizens For Donna BaringerA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
08/20/2019Committee to Elect Wiley Price IVA BETTER MISSOURI$500.00
08/20/2019Michelle Sherod for St. LouisKevin Gunn$500.00
08/20/2019Michelle Sherod for St. LouisEbony Sherod$500.00
08/20/2019Citizens For Tishaura O JonesClayborne, Sabo and Wagner LLP$1,000.00
08/20/2019Citizens For Tishaura O JonesDarryl Jones$500.00
08/20/2019Patterson For MissouriA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
08/20/2019Committee To Elect John BlackMissouri Realtors Political Action Committee, Inc$500.00
08/20/2019Committee To Elect Robert SaulsA BETTER MISSOURI$500.00
08/20/2019Lucas For KCRoshann Parris$1,000.00
08/20/2019Lucas For KCBarnett Helzberg$1,000.00
08/20/2019Lucas For KCDaniel Pfeifer$500.00
08/20/2019Lucas For KCChristopher Bond$500.00
08/20/2019Lucas For KCJames Bowers$3,325.00
08/20/2019Lucas For KCCarpenters Help in the Political Process PAC$3,325.00
08/20/2019Schmitt For MissouriTammy Bukowsky$1,325.00
08/20/2019Schmitt For MissouriBrock Bukowsky$1,325.00
08/20/2019Missouri Federation of College RepublicansBlaine for Congress$2,000.00
08/20/2019Romine For SenateMO Senior PAC$1,000.00
08/20/2019Romine For SenateMissouri Soybean Assn PAC$1,000.00
08/20/2019Friends For Jered TaylorA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
08/20/2019Friends For Jered TaylorLathrop Gage Consulting PAC$1,000.00
08/20/2019Friends For Jered TaylorMissouri Realtors PAC$500.00
08/20/2019Friends Of Rory RowlandA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
08/20/2019O'DonnellForMissouri.comA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
08/20/2019Friends For WindhamA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
08/20/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurNexus PAC$1,000.00
08/20/2019Friends Of Alan GreenA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
08/20/2019Citizens For GriesheimerMO ASSOCIATION OF NURSE ANESTHETISTS PAC$500.00
08/20/2019Citizens For GriesheimerA Better Missouri PAC$750.00
08/20/2019Citizens For GriesheimerMissouri First$500.00
08/20/2019Citizens For GriesheimerLiving Well PAC$750.00
08/20/2019Friends Of Barry HovisA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
08/20/2019Fight For Reform-MissouriEnd Citizens United Non-Federal$4,900.00
08/20/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncCommittee To Elect Houx$2,500.00
08/20/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncAMECPAC$5,000.00
08/20/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMISSOURI SOYBEAN ASSOCIATION$2,000.00
08/20/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncMallinckrodt LLC PAC$500.00
08/20/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncBlue Cross Blue Shield - Kansas City$10,000.00
08/20/2019Citizens For RossMO Majority PAC$500.00
08/20/2019Friends Of Curtis TrentMissouri Soybean Association State PAC$500.00
08/20/2019Friends Of Curtis TrentMissouri First$500.00
08/20/2019Roberts For St LouisA Better Missouri Political Action Committee$500.00
08/20/2019Friends Of Sandy CrawfordMO AMERICAN WATER EMPLOYEES PAC$1,000.00
08/20/2019KC BizPAC The Political Action Committee of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce in Partnership with the Civic Council of Greater Kansas CityBurns & McDonnell$3,500.00
08/20/2019Committee To Elect Paula BrownA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
08/20/2019Friends Of Hannah KellyA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
08/20/2019Sain For MissouriA BETTER MISSOURI$500.00
08/20/2019Friends Of Don RoneA better Mo$500.00
08/20/2019Lavender For State SenateHeat & Frost Insulators & Allied Workers Local No. 1 PAC$500.00
08/20/2019Friends Of Rodger L ReedyA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
08/20/2019Truth in CampaignsHealth Systems Inc.$5,000.00
08/20/2019Committee to Elect Ian MackeyA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
08/20/2019Friends Of Raychel ProudieA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
08/20/2019Citizens For Karla MayBryan Cave PAC$500.00
08/20/2019Team ClancyLIUNA Local 110$1,000.00
08/20/2019Team ClancyOnder Law, LLC$750.00
08/20/2019Craig Fishel For State RepresentativeCheyenne International LLC$500.00
08/20/2019Craig Fishel For State RepresentativeMO Realtors PAC$500.00
08/20/2019Craig Fishel For State RepresentativeViceroy PAC$500.00
08/20/2019Friends Of Lane RobertsShamrock PAC$500.00
08/20/2019Friends Of Jeff ShawanColby Robertson$500.00
08/20/2019Uniting Missouri PACSteven Busch$2,600.00
08/20/2019Pietzman For The PeopleA BETTER MISSOURI$500.00
08/20/2019Keep Government AccountableSusan Stiritz$2,500.00
08/20/2019Keep Government AccountableCathy Steele$1,000.00
08/20/2019Keep Government AccountableJean Gentry$1,000.00
08/20/2019Keep Government AccountableAnne Bader$2,500.00
08/20/2019Keep Government AccountableCassius Parsons$500.00
08/20/2019Keep Government AccountableWilliam Siedhoff$500.00
08/20/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriBenjamin Sandler$2,500.00
08/20/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriStephen and Miriam Singer$1,000.00
08/20/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriRicky Leblanc$1,000.00
08/20/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriDana Plonka$600.00
08/20/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriHarvey Harris$500.00
08/20/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriRon Bremer$500.00
08/20/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriCharles and Karen Berry Elbert$500.00
08/20/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriDon Rogge$500.00
08/20/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriMichael Biggers$500.00
08/20/2019Citizens For Brad HudsonLiving Well PAC$500.00
08/20/2019Regional Leadership PACMACFPD Campaign$5,000.00
08/20/2019Friends Of Steve HelmsMO Optometric PAC$750.00
08/20/2019Friends Of Steve HelmsMissouri Realtors PAC Inc$500.00
08/20/2019Central to Good Government PACCentral Bank of Sedalia$2,500.00
08/20/2019Sharp for HouseGREG LEVER$500.00
08/20/2019Megan Green For St LouisArthur Lieber$500.00
08/20/2019CWA-COPE Political Contributions Federal CommitteeCommunications Workers of America- COPE PCC$750.00
08/20/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncFriends of Nick Schroer$16,800.00
08/20/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncBlue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City$10,000.00
08/20/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncQC Holdings Inc.$10,000.00
08/20/2019House Republican Campaign Committee, IncAnheuser-Busch Companies$15,000.00
08/20/2019Missourians for a Responsible BudgetNexus PAC$5,200.00
08/20/2019Nexus PACParic Corporation$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/19/2019

08/19/2019Ashcroft For MissouriEnterprise Holdings Inc. PAC$1,000.00
08/19/2019Ashcroft For MissouriCentene Corporation PAC$2,650.00
08/19/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrHEART OF AMERICA BEVERAGE$750.00
08/19/2019Riggs For MissouriA Better Missouri PAC$500.00
08/19/2019Citizens For Tishaura O JonesEC 1 Fund LLC$1,000.00
08/19/2019Eigel For MissouriAlliance for Prosperity$1,500.00
08/19/2019Eigel For MissouriJ & J Ventures Gaming Of MO LLC$2,500.00
08/19/2019Eigel For MissouriCURO GROUP LLC$2,500.00
08/19/2019Eigel For MissouriMBA River Heritage PAC$1,500.00
08/19/2019Eigel For MissouriMBA Capital Region PAC$1,000.00
08/19/2019Eigel For MissouriLiving Well PAC$1,000.00
08/19/2019Eigel For MissouriA Better Missouri PAC$1,000.00
08/19/2019Eigel For MissouriMissouri First$750.00
08/19/2019Eigel For MissouriCatalyst PAC$500.00
08/19/2019Eigel For MissouriPT PAC of Missouri$500.00
08/19/2019Lucas For KCCharles Cuda$1,000.00
08/19/2019Lucas For KCRon Jury$500.00
08/19/2019Lucas For KCSalvatore Panettiere$500.00
08/19/2019Lucas For KCJeff Krum$3,325.00
08/19/2019Lucas For KCErik Murray$1,000.00
08/19/2019Lucas For KCRon Waldbillig$500.00
08/19/2019Lucas For KCW Welsh$1,000.00
08/19/2019Lucas For KCCharles Shields$1,000.00
08/19/2019Lucas For KCDaniel Blegen$2,000.00
08/19/2019Lucas For KCMichael Burke$1,000.00
08/19/2019Lucas For KCChristopher Dandurand$1,000.00
08/19/2019Lucas For KCPOL PAC$3,325.00
08/19/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCSandi Zwingle$580.00
08/19/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCBrian Russell$580.00
08/19/2019MISSOURI REALTORS PAC, INCElisha Hoerstkamp$800.00
08/19/2019Treece For MayorScott Atkins$1,000.00
08/19/2019Treece For MayorTom Atkins Investments$1,000.00
08/19/2019Treece For MayorPOL PAC$1,000.00
08/19/2019Plocher For MissouriMissouri First$1,000.00
08/19/2019Plocher For MissouriA Better Missouri PAC$1,000.00
08/19/2019Plocher For MissouriBuild St. Louis PAC$1,500.00
08/19/2019Plocher For MissouriMO ASSOCIATION OF NURSE ANESTHETISTS PAC$750.00
08/19/2019Plocher For MissouriLiving Well PAC$1,000.00
08/19/2019Plocher For MissouriPT PAC of Missouri$1,600.00
08/19/2019Plocher For MissouriMissouri Dental Hygienists PAC$500.00
08/19/2019Plocher For MissouriEnterprise Holdings PAC$500.00
08/19/2019Plocher For MissouriWGA PAC$1,000.00
08/19/2019Committee To Elect HouxWPG PAC$750.00
08/19/2019Heavy Constructors Association Local PACSuperior Bowen$1,609.89
08/19/2019Heavy Constructors Association Local PACODONNELL$879.27
08/19/2019Heavy Constructors Association Local PACCLARKSON$694.14
08/19/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeChad Davis$1,186.92
08/19/2019Fitzpatrick For MissouriBelinda Wormington$2,650.00
08/19/2019Fitzpatrick For MissouriTony Wormington$2,650.00
08/19/2019Fitzpatrick For MissouriMike Kampeter$2,650.00
08/19/2019Fitzpatrick For MissouriPfizer Missouri PAC$1,000.00
08/19/2019Fitzpatrick For MissouriRussell Gant$500.00
08/19/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurMichael Polsky$2,500.00
08/19/2019Committee To Elect Lauren ArthurMHA PAC$2,000.00
08/19/2019Beck For MissouriShamrock PAC$2,500.00
08/19/2019Missourians For Cody SmithMO AMERICAN WATER EMPLOYEES PAC$500.00
08/19/2019Citizens For RossPT PAC of Missouri$2,500.00
08/19/2019Citizens For RossMO ASSOCIATION OF NURSE ANESTHETISTS PAC$2,500.00
08/19/2019Citizens For RossA Better Missouri PAC$2,500.00
08/19/2019Citizens For RossBuild St Louis PAC$1,500.00
08/19/2019Citizens For RossLiving Well PAC$1,000.00
08/19/2019Citizens For RossMissouri First PAC$1,000.00
08/19/2019Citizens For RossEnterprise Holdings Inc PAC$500.00
08/19/2019Citizens For RossMissouri Dental Hygienists PAC$500.00
08/19/2019Citizens For RossJoseph Meyerott$1,000.00
08/19/2019Citizens For RossFlotron and McIntosh$2,500.00
08/19/2019Friends of Trish GunbyLangdon Emison$500.00
08/19/2019Fire Fighters Committee To ElectLake Area Firefighters Association$3,400.00
08/19/2019Lavender For State SenateLaurie Hoff$500.00
08/19/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateMPLA Legislative Fund$500.00
08/19/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateViceroy PAC$2,500.00
08/19/2019Page For MissouriCarol Klein$1,000.00
08/19/2019TEAMSTERS JOINT COUNCIL NO 13 DRIVE POLITICAL FUNDTeamsters Joint Council #13$500.00
08/19/2019Keep Government AccountableThomas Bergmann$500.00
08/19/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriAmy Garrett$2,600.00
08/19/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriBenjamin Goldstein$2,000.00
08/19/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriCourtney Gregory$2,000.00
08/19/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriStanley Vriezelaar$1,650.00
08/19/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriAnita Robb$1,000.00
08/19/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriKathleen Bibbins$1,000.00
08/19/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriMyles Epperson$1,000.00
08/19/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriJaye Shyken$1,000.00
08/19/2019MO State Council of Fire Fighters PACMissouri State Council of Fire Fighters$2,334.20
08/19/2019Friends for FlakeMatt Flake$500.00
08/19/2019Ozark Gateway Leadership PACMissouri Majority PAC$8,000.00
08/19/2019Elect Bill WhiteShamrock PAC$1,000.00
08/19/2019Elect Bill WhiteMissouri State Council of Fire Fighters PAC$1,500.00
08/19/2019Elect Bill WhiteMissouri American Water Employees PAC$1,000.00
08/19/2019Elect Bill WhiteAmeren Missouri PAC$500.00
08/19/2019Committee to Elect Rick Roeber to the 34thGene Brumbelow$500.00
08/19/2019Ozark Gateway Leadership PACMO Majority PAC$8,000.00
08/19/2019Ozark Gateway Leadership PACMissouri Amusement Machine Operators LLC$10,000.00
08/19/2019Missourians for HealthcareSixteen Thirty Fund$24,050.00
08/19/2019Lathrop Gage Consulting Political Action CommitteeKum & Go$15,000.00
08/19/2019Missouri Leadership ForumRoden's Landscaping, Inc.$15,000.00
08/19/2019Missouri Leadership ForumSellenriek Construction, Inc.$15,000.00
08/19/2019Missouri Leadership ForumT and N, Inc.$15,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/18/2019

08/18/2019Committee To Elect Robert SaulsIAFF Local 781 Legislative PAC$1,000.00
08/18/2019Lucas For KCJohn McDaniel$1,000.00
08/18/2019Lavender For State SenateMichelle Zielinski$500.00
08/18/2019IAFF Local 781 Legislative PACCommittee to Elect Robert Sauls$1,000.00
08/18/2019IAFF Local 781 Legislative PACBill Kidd for Missouri$1,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/17/2019

08/17/2019Schmitt For MissouriAmy Sprouse$2,650.00
08/17/2019Schmitt For MissouriKevin Sprouse$2,650.00
08/17/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMichelle Todt$1,000.00
08/17/2019Friends of Kari L ChesneyThomas Devlin$1,000.00
08/17/2019Citizens for Sheriff HarrellBehlmann Automotive$500.00
08/17/2019Citizens for Sheriff HarrellAnn Williams$619.00
08/17/2019Citizens for Sheriff HarrellMNM Investments$640.00
08/17/2019Citizens for Sheriff HarrellRichard Harrell$500.00
08/17/2019Citizens for Sheriff HarrellRick Little$500.00
08/17/2019Citizens for Sheriff HarrellAndy Kothe$500.00
08/17/2019Citizens for Sheriff HarrellHarrell Farms$650.00
08/17/2019Citizens for Sheriff HarrellChristopher Horn$600.00
08/17/2019Citizens for Sheriff HarrellJohn Harrell$600.00

Contribution Date: 08/16/2019

08/16/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrFriends of Missouri State University PAC$500.00
08/16/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrMissouri Association of Municipal Utilities$500.00
08/16/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrMAPAC Missouri Association of Insurance Agents$500.00
08/16/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrMissouri Chamber PAC$500.00
08/16/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrMo AC & Mechanical Contractors PAC$1,000.00
08/16/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrShamrock PAC$1,000.00
08/16/2019LaDonna Appelbaum For MissouriMissouri Hospital Association$500.00
08/16/2019WIELAND NOWCredit Union Pac$500.00
08/16/2019Patterson For MissouriShamrock PAC$500.00
08/16/2019Lucas For KCKenneth Block$1,000.00
08/16/2019Lucas For KCJAMES TIPPIN$2,000.00
08/16/2019Treece For MayorJohn Wright$500.00
08/16/2019Treece For MayorTHM Investments$1,000.00
08/16/2019Citizens To Elect Karla EslingerShamrock PAC$500.00
08/16/2019Heavy Constructors Association Local PACJM Fahey$500.00
08/16/2019Friends Of Rory RowlandShamrock PAC$500.00
08/16/2019Hirth for JudgeThomas Devlin$500.00
08/16/2019Friends for Rusty MacLachlanMatt and Shelley Wehner$1,000.00
08/16/2019Friends for Rusty MacLachlanRamsey Building Company LLC$500.00
08/16/2019Bunch For KCCarpenters Help in the Political Process$1,800.00
08/16/2019Committee To Elect ReedIaff Local 73$2,600.00
08/16/2019Parson For MissouriRussell Childers$1,000.00
08/16/2019Citizens For RossDiane Pierce$2,500.00
08/16/2019Citizens For RossSteve Pierce$2,500.00
08/16/2019Citizens For RossJustin Shelby$2,500.00
08/16/2019Friends Of Curtis TrentShamrock PAC$1,000.00
08/16/2019Peter Merideth For Mo ProgressHealthPAC$500.00
08/16/2019MO Insurance Coalition PACBlue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City$750.00
08/16/2019Sain For MissouriShamrock PAC$500.00
08/16/2019Friends of Trish GunbyTheodore D. Barnes,Attorney at Law$500.00
08/16/2019Friends Of Larry ArnowitzJanet Rainford$500.00
08/16/2019Lavender For State SenateMary Anne Sedey$1,000.00
08/16/2019Truth in CampaignsMHA PAC$2,500.00
08/16/2019Friends Of JusticeThomas Newman$750.00
08/16/2019Friends Of JusticeMissouri Realtors PAC Inc$1,000.00
08/16/2019Luetkemeyer For SenateMissouri Chamber PAC$2,500.00
08/16/2019Henderson For MissouriGovernment Affairs Committee National Electrical Assn$500.00
08/16/2019MO COALITION FOR FAIR COMPETITIONGateway Air Conditioning Contractors$500.00
08/16/2019MO COALITION FOR FAIR COMPETITIONCrescent Parts & Equip Co Inc$500.00
08/16/2019American Property Casualty Insurance Association Political AccountAmerican Property Casualty Insurance Association$4,804.00
08/16/2019Credit Union Political Action Committee of MissouriCommunityAmerica Credit Union$1,400.00
08/16/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriPaul Dix$2,600.00
08/16/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriTed Gianaris$2,600.00
08/16/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriRandy Cohn$2,600.00
08/16/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriAbigail Beard$500.00
08/16/2019Bill Kidd For MissouriWPG PAC$500.00
08/16/2019Boggs for MissouriCyra McKinney$2,000.00
08/16/2019Boggs for MissouriDoug McKinney$2,000.00
08/16/2019Boggs for MissouriKarena Fitzgerald$2,000.00
08/16/2019JW Leadership FundRightCHOICE Managed Care, Inc.$5,000.00
08/16/2019MO Opportunity PACDON BEDELL$2,500.00
08/16/2019ROOFERS LOCAL # 20 PACRoofers Local #20$1,369.96
08/16/2019Keep Government AccountableCynthia Metcalfe$7,500.00

Contribution Date: 08/15/2019

08/15/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrMissouri Realtors PAC$2,600.00
08/15/2019Friends Of Elijah HaahrDealers Interested in Government$2,000.00
08/15/2019Committee To Elect Doug ClemensPaul Miller$500.00
08/15/2019LaDonna Appelbaum For MissouriA BETTER MISSOURI$500.00
08/15/2019Riggs For MissouriMissouri Association of Nurse Anesthetits$500.00
08/15/2019Citizens For Tishaura O JonesNexus PAC$2,000.00
08/15/2019Patterson For MissouriMo TRUCK PAC$500.00
08/15/2019Friends of Dale CarterGROUNDS & EMKE$500.00
08/15/2019Greene County Democratic Central CommitteePeggy Lee$500.00
08/15/2019Citizens To Elect Karla EslingerMissouri Realtors PAC$500.00
08/15/2019Committee To Elect HouxGregory Porter$1,000.00
08/15/2019SWMO Healthcare CommitteeWinton Policy Group LLC$1,250.00
08/15/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeEvergy Power PAC Missouri$2,500.00
08/15/2019Citizens To Elect Mike KehoeMike DeCola - PRIMARY$1,000.00
08/15/2019Manlove For MissouriMHA$500.00
08/15/2019Beck For MissouriMissouri Truck PAC$500.00
08/15/2019Friends Of Mary Elizabeth ColemanMO Association of Nurse Anesthesists$500.00
08/15/2019Friends Of Curtis TrentMissouri Realtors PAC$500.00
08/15/2019Friends of Trish GunbySelden Trimble$500.00
08/15/2019FRIENDS OF RUSTY BLACKNancy Jackson$1,000.00
08/15/2019Committee To Elect David EvansMissouri Realtors PAC$500.00
08/15/2019Henderson For MissouriMo TRUCK PAC$500.00
08/15/2019Page For MissouriNexus PAC$2,600.00
08/15/2019Friends Of Jeff ShawanBarbara Mueller$500.00
08/15/2019Keep Government AccountableAnita Robb$5,000.00
08/15/2019Keep Government AccountableGary Robb$5,000.00
08/15/2019Keep Government AccountableRobb and Robb LLC$10,000.00
08/15/2019Keep Government AccountableKM ENTERPRISES LLC$5,000.00
08/15/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriChristopher Guinn$2,600.00
08/15/2019HBS MO State PACMillercoors$2,500.00
08/15/2019JW Leadership FundMissouri REALTORS PAC Inc.$2,000.00
08/15/2019Citizens For Brad HudsonMissouri REALTORS PAC Inc.$500.00
08/15/2019Chouteau PACAmerican Democracy Alliance - Ridgely PAC$15,000.00
08/15/2019American Democracy Alliance - Ridgely PACChouteau PAC$15,000.00
08/15/2019Keep Government AccountableRobb & Robb LLC$10,000.00

Contribution Date: 08/14/2019

08/14/2019Michelle Sherod for St. LouisMichael Reagan$2,500.00
08/14/2019Michelle Sherod for St. LouisNeil Peterson$1,250.00
08/14/2019Citizens For WiemannMO Majority PAC$2,000.00
08/14/2019Citizens For WiemannMissouri C PAC$2,000.00
08/14/2019Citizens For WiemannMBA RIVER HERITAGE REGION PAC$1,000.00
08/14/2019Citizens For WiemannMBA CAPITOL REGION PAC$1,000.00
08/14/2019Citizens For WiemannAssoc of MO Electric Coops PAC$500.00
08/14/2019Citizens For WiemannEnterprise Holdings PAC$500.00
08/14/2019Citizens For WiemannSt Charles Co Assoc Realtors PAC$500.00
08/14/2019Missouri Democratic State CommitteeTeamsters Local Union # 41$700.00
08/14/2019Missouri Democratic State CommitteeTeamsters Local Union No. 688$700.00
08/14/2019Missouri Democratic State CommitteeTeamsters 245 PAF$700.00
08/14/2019Lucas For KCRosana Biondo$500.00
08/14/2019Lucas For KCTerrance Dunn$2,500.00
08/14/2019Friends of David ColeMO Optometric PAC$500.00
08/14/2019Friends For Jered TaylorMissouri Beer Wholesalers$750.00
08/14/2019Voters for Patty LewisLabors Education & Political Club Independent PAC$500.00
08/14/2019Citizens For RossMO Optometric PAC$1,500.00
08/14/2019Pick Wick 4 Clay County Sheriff Wick PickardBob Roth$2,000.00
08/14/2019Committee To Elect David Wood RepresentativeMISSOURI DSV PAC$2,000.00
08/14/2019Elad Gross For MissouriJohn Boyd$1,000.00
08/14/2019Lavender For State SenateCHRIS KELLY$600.00
08/14/2019Lavender For State SenateMichael Kearney$500.00
08/14/2019Schnelting For MissouriJon Lauer$500.00
08/14/2019Rizzo For MissouriComcast Financial Agency Corporation$2,000.00
08/14/2019Henderson For MissouriElectrical Workers Voluntary PAC$500.00
08/14/2019Page For MissouriSaint Louis Labor Council AFL-CIO$500.00
08/14/2019Mighty Missouri PACMissouri AG PAC$3,000.00
08/14/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriMelissa Schopfer$2,600.00
08/14/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriPaul Cook$1,000.00
08/14/2019Nicole Galloway For MissouriKATHERINE MYERS$1,000.00
08/14/2019Vote for MihalevichSTEVEN MEYER$500.00
08/14/2019Team Justin BrownAMECPAC$2,500.00
08/14/2019MO State Council of Fire Fighters PACMissouri State Council of Fire Fighters$4,000.00
08/14/2019Elect Bill WhiteMissouri Eagle LLC$500.00
08/14/2019Elect Bill WhiteMissouri Beer Wholeselers Association PAC$1,000.00
08/14/2019Elect Bill WhiteMICHAEL GIBBONS$1,000.00
08/14/2019Friends for Ed LewisCharla Funk$500.00
08/14/2019Committee to Elect Rita Heard DaysIUPAT$1,000.00
08/14/2019MO RESTAURANT ASSOCIATION PACMRA - Greater St. Louis Chapter$500.00
08/14/2019ST LOUIS LABOR COUNCIL AFL-CIO PROJECT 2000Greater St. Louis Labor Council$700.00
08/14/2019Citizens for Sheriff HarrellRichard Harrell$1,054.13
08/14/2019Nexus PACNexus Group$5,000.00
08/14/2019HealthPACPaul Kempinski$1,000.00
08/14/2019St Louis Association of Realtors-PACMissouri Realtors PAC, Inc$1,907.50
08/14/2019Missouri Club for Growth Political Action CommitteeRex A. Sinquefield$150,000.00
08/14/2019MO ARCHITECTS-PACAmerican Institute of Architects of Missouri$8,000.00