Legislative Update (VIDEO): Health Care

Posted by Dave Berry

Subject: “Assistant Physician” Proposal for Rural Access

Gate Way Group Contact: David Jackson

Representative Keith Frederick, D.O, an orthopedic surgeon from Rolla, is advocating for a new “assistant physician” license in Missouri in an attempt to increase access to care in rural areas. Dr. Frederick introduced this concept along with several other proposals for Missouri’s Medicaid program during a press conference Monday afternoon with House Speaker Tim Jones (R-Eureka) and Representative Jim Neely, D.O. (R-Cameron). Under his proposal, a provider could apply for an “Assistant Physician” licensure in Missouri if they have graduated from medical school, passed their boards, and are still waiting to “match” into a residency program to finish their specialty training.

Assistant Physicians would practice under the same guidelines as advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) and physician assistants (PAs) in a collaborative practice model that would be regulated by the State Board of Healing Arts, which oversees all physicians in the state. To qualify for this licensure, assistant physicians would also have to practice in underserved areas throughout the state.

Link to House Bill 1793, sponsored by Representative Keith Frederick, D.O. (R-Rolla)

Link to Senate Bill 847, sponsored by Senator Rob Schaaf, D.O. (R-St. Joseph)