LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: Price Transparency

Posted by Dave Berry

Gate Way Group Contact: David Jackson 

Price Transparency in Health Care: The Kansas City Star ran a series of articles in December that zeroed in on hospital employed physicians, facility fees, and price transparency in health care. This week, Senator Jason Holsman (D-Kansas City), filed legislation that would allow patients to find out how much they will be charged for a procedure before it is performed in a hospital or ambulatory surgery center (ASC). If passed, Senate Bill 684 would require hospitals and ASC’s to send the following information to the Department of Health and Senior Services for the 100 most frequently reported admissions:

  • Amount that will be charged to a patient who pays in full without public or private insurance
  • Average negotiated settlement on the amount that will be charged to a patient
  • The amount of Medicaid reimbursement for each procedure, including claims and pro rata supplemental payments
  • The amount of Medicare reimbursement for each procedure
  • The average reimbursement from private health insurance companies

More links on this issue: Birth costs bounce 10-fold as hospitals bill in random way (KC Star); CMS data show wide variation in hospital billing; Missouri graded ‘F’ for transparency in health care costs.