Gate Way Advantage

The Gate Way Group represents the only full service, open access advocacy and association management firm in Missouri that offers access to an integrated network of experts and options for businesses, coalitions, associations, and cause related clients.  We have an unmatched level of resources to manage issues and organizations at any level of desired engagement, ranging from basic monitoring to advanced digital media production and spokesperson training.

We go where influence is spread and decisions are made; a location that is rapidly changing in a new mobile and digital world.

Fifteen years ago, only media companies employed media experts and the vast majority of influence was conducted through face to face negotiations and signed letters.

Today, technology has forced every business, organization, and advocate to have a media component due to the increasingly high percentage of information, influence, and decisions that are spread through online articles, YouTube videos, email, text, and smartphone applications.

The Gate Way Group represents a rare synergy between veteran strategists and tech-savvy professionals who are uniquely positioned to help our clients open the right doors, at the right time, with the right message.

Our team combines over fifty years of lobbying and corporate strategy experience with an innovative advocacy team who understands the complexities of mobile and digital media platforms. We were among the first advocacy teams to adopt Facebook and Twitter and we are the only firm that offers a full time media production studio.

Whether it is an early morning hearing, late night filibuster, or weekend Facebook post, the Gate Way Group is the team that is always powered on to report and react in real time. From traditional hallway tactics to digital media production, we are committed to advancing your brand through the most effective channels of communication and strategies.

In Missouri, there are over 1,500 pieces of legislation filtering through 197 elected officials and 100 new regulations proposed by over 20 state departments and agencies. On average, 25% of the legislature has been elected for less than two years and over 90% of all lawmakers are engaging on issues through Facebook, Twitter, and other digital and mobile platforms.