Gov. Pat Quinn vetoes the so-called ‘Uber bill’

Uber is a local matter and should be regulated at the local level. At least that’s the way Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn views Uber and other ridesharing transportation services like it.

Quinn today vetoed Illinois State Legislature House Bill 4075, which had become known around the state as the “Uber bill.” The bill would have imposed statewide regulations on commercial ridesharing services and prevented local governments across Illinois from adopting rules that fit their respective communities.

Quinn framed his action today as part of his agenda to protect consumers, create jobs and drive Illinois’ economy forward. Quinn is running for re-election in November against Republican candidateBruce Rauner.

Noted Quinn: “The principal of home rule is an important one. I am vetoing this legislation because it would have mandated a one-size-fits all approach to a service that is best regulated at the local level.”

By way of example, Quinn pointed to a new ordinance in Chicago that goes into effect Tuesday and includes a set of regulations related to licensure, insurance, background checks, vehicle inspections and operating hours for drivers at commercial ridesharing services.

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Source: Chicago Business Journal