#goMO: This Week’s Top 10 Social Media Posts in Missouri Politics


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A snapshot of issues, people, events, and organizations “on the go” each Wednesday….

As a result of rapid advancements in technology, everyone and everything is on the go around the clock. Issues are moving faster and opposition is always powered on, ultimately changing the way state and federal legislators, lobbyists, and special interest groups advocate on a daily basis.

As you may know, Wednesday is often times the busiest day in the state legislature and a pivotal point when momentum can be either gained or lost. Each Wednesday during the 2014 legislative session, the Gate Way Group (@GWLobbyist) will list the top #goMO social media posts for a quick look at who and what is on the move in Missouri. This will include trending ideas, debates, momentum shifts, pictures, and humor exchanged on social media.

This week’s picks made by

 Deanna Hemphill, Partner at the Gate Way Group (@HemphillDeanna)

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