Dispute on taxes looms again in Jefferson City

Posted by Dave Berry

Several proposals in the works, promising renewal of GOP-Nixon battles

Rep. T.J. Berry cut to the chase: Gov. Jay Nixon is a hypocrite.

A snowstorm had sent staff home from the Capitol this past Tuesday, but Berry remained in his office. The real storm — the one between him and the governor over taxes — is still coming.

The Kearney Republican sponsored House Bill 253 last year. The divisive tax-cut legislation was passed by the General Assembly in the spring but vetoed by Nixon, sparking a summerlong battle between the governor and Republicans.

An effort to override the veto fell short in September. But Berry is back with a new bill and ready to try again.

Nixon, a Democrat, focused much of his opposition to last year’s bill on provisions that would have gotten rid of sales tax exemptions for prescription drugs and textbooks. There were also concerns that income tax cuts in the bill would have applied retroactively.

Source: News-Leader.com

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