Confusion over ‘historic agreement’ on school transfers leaves House Budget Committee frustrated

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — The House Budget Committee held a hearing Monday afternoon to ascertain and assess an agreement reached on tuition for transfer students in June of 2015 between St Louis area superintendents.

Gov. Jay Nixon announced the “historic agreement” in June, but the hearing involved quite a bit of wrangling over whether or not the agreement actually existed in writing, an urgent concern for the lawmakers since it involved hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars and the livelihoods of thousands of students.

Under current Missouri law, students attending unaccredited school districts may transfer to better schools nearby at the cost of the failed school. But with wide range of per-student costs between public schools in the St. Louis area, some public schools publicly cried that they were taking a huge financial loss by accepting transfer students at the sending district rate. State lawmakers, who have spent the last two years attempting to forge a bill that will deal with transfer students and survive a gubernatorial veto, have long debated whether some kind of cap should be placed on tuition costs for transfers.

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Source: Missouri Times