Cierpiot ascends to Floor Leader post

Saint Louis, Mo. — Missouri House Republicans elected Rep. Mike Cierpiot, R-Kansas City, to the post of Majority Floor Leader at their summer caucus today.

Cierpiot previously served as assistant majority floor leader under Rep. Todd Richardson. But when Richardson was elected Speaker of the House following the resignation of Rep. John Diehl, Cierpiot briefly took over the MFL role for the final hours of the legislative session.

“I’m humbled to have the trust of the caucus and am committed to helping our members achieve their goals,” Cierpiot said. “I want to thank Representative Cornejo for a positive race.”

Cornejo said he looked forward to working with Cierpiot.

“Mike and I both ran a positive campaign and showed a good contrast to our caucus of where we could go,” Cornejo said. “I look forward to working with Mike on addressing some of the concerns that our members brought up in my one-on-one discussions during the race.”

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Source: Missouri Times