Casas to Tour China As Eisenhower Fellow

ST. LOUIS – Kate Casas, the senior director of government relations for the Gate Way Group, will travel across the Pacific Ocean in October to tour the People’s Republic of China after earning a coveted fellowship.

The longtime lobbyist was chosen as one of 10 people from around the nation to participate in the 2015 Zhi-Xing Eisenhower Fellowship program. The Eisenhower Fellowship program, founded in the 1950s, aims to bridge divides between nations by sending representative middle career professionals from the United States to foreign countries and vice versa.

“They really focus on personal development, but also what sorts of things can they bring back to their community,” she said. “I fully understand that their government is very different from ours, but I think both of us have a lot of things to learn from one another.Casas says the program is designed to foster understanding between the two nations involved.

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Source: Missouri Times