As Redistricting Heats Up, Central Florida at Heart of Battle


Tallahassee – Central Florida’s congressional districts are essentially caught in a virtual tug-of-war between state lawmakers and the Florida Supreme Court. That was clear from the deliberations of lawmakers in a special redistricting session Tuesday, as several legislators bashed the court’s decision to throw out the previous maps and mandate the current Congressional District 5 running from Jacksonville to Orlando instead run horizontally from Jacksonville to Tallahassee.

Republican legislators took particular issue with the court ordering the east-west district, which was favored by Democratic groups and the League of Women Voters, which brought the redistricting lawsuit. “If the Florida Supreme Court is basically drawing a map and they know that the map is drawn by partisan Democratic operatives…how are the justices who do that complying with the constitution?” said Sen. Rob Bradley, R-Fleming Island.

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Source: Orlando Sentinel