A Brief Look Ahead at Missouri’s 2015 Veto Session

After numerous news stories, discussions and social media observations on the culture of the Missouri Capitol, attention finally turns to the business of state government as lawmakers return Wednesday for their annual veto session.

Aside from their plans to override several of Gov. Jay Nixon’s vetoes, Republicans in the Missouri Senate will also be choosing a new leader.

Just over a month ago, Tom Dempsey, R-St. Charles, resigned from the Senate, leaving the president pro-tem’s post vacant. Fellow Republican Ron Richard of Joplin quickly announced his intention to seek the post.

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Unemployment time table

Once that’s settled, Senate members and their counterparts in the Missouri House are expected to take up a number of bills for override attempts.

They include House Bill 150, which would tie unemployment benefits to the state’s jobless rate, specifically cutting the benefit period to 13 weeks if the jobless rate drops below 6 percent. The House overrode that veto on the final day of the regular session, but the Senate couldn’t get to it before time ran out, leading Nixon to tell reporters back in May that they’ve blown their shot.

“They had their chance to do it, just like the House did it, they had their chance (and) chance has come and gone … it’s the law,” Nixon said. “They don’t get it both ways … you only get one bite at the apple.”

Senate Republicans disagree and still plan to bring up the unemployment compensation bill for an override vote.

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Source: STL Public Radio