92 New Laws Take Effect Today in Missouri

As of today, there are 92 new laws on the books in Missouri.

All of them were passed by the Missouri House and Senate during the 2015 regular session, and all but two were signed by Governor Jay Nixon. Lawmakers passed Senate Bill 24 by overriding Nixon’s veto. The new law shortens the lifetime eligibility for welfare recipients in Missouri from five years to three years and nine months. Although most of the provisions in SB24 officially takes effect today, the shorter eligibility period won’t kick in until January 1st, 2016.

House Bill 137 also becomes law today, which Nixon allowed to take effect without his signature. It modifies a number of provisions within the competitive bidding process.

The new law that’s probably generated the most headlines is Senate Bill 5, which enacts numerous reforms within the municipal court system in Missouri and further limits the percentage of revenue from traffic fines local governments can use in their budgets. It was sponsored by Senator Eric Schmitt, R-Glendale.

Other new laws include House Bill 515, which makes changes to the police retirement systems in St. Louis and Kansas City. Specifically, it finishes the transfer of police control from state to city in St. Louis by dissolving the board of police commissioners and transferring its duties to the chief of police and to the board of trustees for the police retirement system. It was sponsored by Representative Mike Leara, R-Sunset Hills.

House Bill 501 requires sex education materials to include information on sexual predators, online predators, and the “consequences of inappropriate text messaging.” It was sponsored by Representative Genise Montecillo, D-St. Louis.

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Source: STL Public Radio